Saturday, November 4, 2017

Jayhawks crushed by Baylor, remain in last place in Big 12

The Baylor defense drags down Kansas running back Khalil Herbert (10) during the first quarter on Saturday, Sept. 4, 2017 at Memorial Stadium.

The Baylor defense drags down Kansas running back Khalil Herbert (10) during the first quarter on Saturday, Sept. 4, 2017 at Memorial Stadium.


In a game between the bottom two teams in the Big 12 Conference, the Kansas football team stumbled into some of the same problems that have plagued the team all season. A multiple touchdown deficit at halftime. The offense never found the end zone.

By the end of Saturday’s game against Baylor, the Jayhawks stood alone in last place of the Big 12, losing 38-9 at Memorial Stadium against a previously winless opponent.

Behind true freshman quarterback Charlie Brewer, in his first career start, Baylor (1-8, 1-6 Big 12) snapped its winless skid to open the season with three touchdown drives in the second quarter. The Jayhawks (1-8, 0-6 Big 12) never recovered.

Kansas starting quarterback Carter Stanley completed 17 of 33 passes for 155 yards and an interception. Peyton Bender replaced Stanley midway through the fourth quarter with the game out of reach. Receiver Steven Sims had seven receptions for 42 yards, hounded by Baylor’s secondary when he tried to run after the catch.

The Jayhawks averaged 4.2 yards per play, which included 126 rushing yards on 33 attempts. Khalil Herbert had 71 yards on 10 carries. Forty-three of those yards were on his longest play.

When Kansas moved the ball inside of the red zone twice, the offense was held to a pair of field goals. KU kicker Gabriel Rui made 3 of his 4 attempts, including a long of 43 yards.

Brewer, a former SMU commit, was 23 of 29 passing for 315 yards and three scores. He tossed a nine-yard touchdown pass to Ish Wainright, a former Baylor basketball player, at the end of the fourth quarter. Baylor receiver Denzel Mims had five catches for 122 yards.

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David Beaty talks about the 'more than frustrating' loss to Baylor

Kansas football coach David Beaty talks about the team's disappointment in a 38-9 loss to Baylor on Saturday and the need for scoring touchdowns on offense instead of settling for field goals.

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Here’s a quick look back at some of the action:

The game turned when: Baylor scored touchdowns on three straight drives at the end of the first half. After the Bears had trouble moving the ball in the first quarter, they responded with 21 points before halftime.

Following Rui’s first field goal, Baylor put together a 3-play, 75-yard drive to take a lead it would never relinquish. Denzel Mims had a 56-yard catch-and-run, and Brewer completed the scoring drive with 26-yard touchdown pass to Gavin Holmes.

Afterward, the Bears never lost their rhythm. Brewer tossed another 25-yard touchdown pass to Jordan Feuerbacher and Holmes added a four-yard rushing score with a little more than two minutes remaining in the first half.

With a 21-6 lead at halftime, Baylor’s lead was never threatened in the second half.

Offensive highlight: In the middle of the second quarter, trailing by 11 points, Stanley stood in the pocket and connected on a 36-yard pass to receiver Evan Fairs over the middle of the field.

It pushed the Jayhawks all the way down the 15-yard line, but they couldn’t take advantage of the play and settled for a 40-yard field goal from Rui. Fairs’ catch was KU’s longest pass of the day.

Defensive highlight: In the first quarter, KU’s defense held the Bears to 15 plays for 52 yards, which included three punts. Most of that success was through the Jayhawks’ run defense with junior linebacker Joe Dineen making a couple of stops in the backfield.

The strong start from KU’s defense, however, didn’t last long with several miscues in the second quarter.

Key stat: 3rd down conversions. Kansas was an abysmal 3-of-16 on third down Saturday (20 percent), which led to a trio of three-and-out punts. It especially hurt the Jayhawks inside of the red zone, where they were forced to settle for field goals instead of hunting for touchdowns.

By comparison, Baylor was only 7-of-16 on third downs. On the Bears’ second scoring drive, they converted a pair of 3rd-and-4 opportunities. During the third scoring drive, right before the end of the first half, they secured a first down on 3rd-and-10.

Up next: The Jayhawks will go on the road to play Texas at 5 p.m. next Saturday at Darrel K Royal Stadium. KU has lost 44 consecutive road games dating back to 2009. It’s tied for the longest streak in FBS history, along with Western State (1926-36).



14:24 — Gabriel Rui 38 field goal. Fifteen-play drive for 75 yards, in 4:55. (KU 3, BU 0.)

13:15 — Gavin Holmes 26 pass from Charlie Brewer. Connor Martin Kick. Three-play drive for 75 yards, in 1:09. (BU 7, KU 3.)

7:03 — Jordan Feuerbacher 25 pass from Brewer. Martin kick. Nine-play drive for 74 yards, in 4:31. (BU 14, KU 3.)

4:18 — Rui 40 field goal. Seven-play drive for 41 yards, in 2:37. (BU 14, KU 6.)

2:29 — Gavin Holmes 4 run. Martin kick. Five-play drive for 56 yards, in 1:42. (BU 21, KU 6.)


10:39 — Rui 43 field goal. Eleven-play drive for 64 yards, in 4:17. (BU 21, KU 9.)

2:51 — Terrence Williams 1 run. Martin kick. Ten-play drive for 54 yards, in 4:39. (BU 28, KU 9.)


8:45 — Martin 38 field goal. Eight-play drive for 35 yards, in 4:28. (BU 31, KU 9.)

2:31 — Ish Wainwright 9 pass from Brewer. Martin kick. Nine-play drive for 49 yards, in 4:46. (BU 38, KU 9.)

— See what people were saying about the game during's live coverage.

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Lloyd Kinnison 5 years ago

Enough AD, HC, DC, and OC must be replaced immediately, the present football staff and athletic director are an embarrassment to KU. Monday is too soon!

Armen Kurdian 5 years ago

This team is so bad. So many missed throws, missed assignments, miscommunications, and for the love of God, you don't even pretend to have any self-respect by just running out the clock and at least TRYING to score one touchdown.

I really wanted to believe in Coach Beatty. I wanted to believe he had the right attitude. Bill Self would do a better job coaching this team.

Eight years we have had to suffer this crap. I really do have better things to do w/my Saturdays.

Daniel Kennamore 5 years ago

So, this has to be what triggers the firings right?

Bryce Landon 5 years ago

Since Mark Mangino was forced to resign, we have all endured a lot of wretched football from the Jayhawks. We watched as Turner Gill treated his guys like a high school team and undid everything Mangino had done before. We watched as Charlie Weis treated his guys like an NFL team when they weren't capable of playing like it. Now we've watched as David Beaty has treated his guys like - I don't know what - and ran KU football even deeper into the ground than Gill or Weis combined.

By Year 3 of a rebuild, you should be improved enough to win four games in a season and handle your business against a winless Baylor team. When you not only can't handle your business against the Bears but get blown out by them - in your own stadium, no less - that, for me, is the very last straw.

I am done with Kansas football. I am effing sick of the losing, the bad play, the losing, the blowout scores, the losing, the incompetent coaching, the losing, the overpaid and underachieving coaches and athletic directors, and did I mention the losing? I am fed up with all of it. Nothing is changing, nothing is getting better, and there's no reason to believe it ever will. I have no confidence that David Beaty can turn this program around, and I have no confidence that Sheahon Zenger can hire a coach capable of turning it around. I don't care who gets fired, I don't care who gets hired, I don't care who gets recruited or who transfers in or out of this program. I. Don't. Care. Anymore. There is no fixing Kansas football. So I am done being a Kansas football fan. I'm not going to bother with the last three games of this season, and I will not watch or listen to another KU football game again until I see from the news that real, legitimate, tangible progress is being made.

And before some of you start coming after me as you inevitably will with "don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out", understand this: I have endured as much bad football the past eight or so seasons as you have. I've lasted a lot longer as a KU football fan than could be expected considering how putrid we've been. I stuck with them through the winless season in 2015. And how has my loyalty been rewarded? With more losing - often to teams that no Power 5 program should have any business losing to, and usually in blowout fashion. The time I have spent on KU football is not paying off in any way, shape, or form, and I'm not going to waste my time on it or get my hopes up for KU football anymore.

I will continue to be a Kansas basketball fan, and you'll still see me on these boards in the basketball articles; but from this day forward, I am going to spend Saturdays during the fall doing more productive things with my time - perhaps even following the Iowa Hawkeyes football team. I don't need this pile of crap anymore.

See you all next Tuesday for the Fort Hays State game.

Lee Sears 5 years ago

Bryce, I couldn't have said it better myself. I have lost nearly 10 years of having any joy watching college football. All KU fans would be happy with a few wins and being competitive in every game. This is totally unacceptable. It's not like we couldn't afford it. We have paid out millions and have received absolutely nothing for our money. This University is making a grave mistake by not taking this program more serious. When the conferences are realigned again, we will get stuck in a conference like the Missouri Valley, and will lose any prestige we once had. This is sad.

Adam Engelbrecht 5 years ago

I mean, come on, this has got to be it. It has to be.

I'm not sure how people are feeling about Stanley today because he didn't have a great game, but I'm also not sure Bender should be in there either. Stanley's decision making is still piss poor, and he was wildly inaccurate today. He had a really bad game.

How on earth we don't run Herbert more is beyond me. Every time he touched the ball he was on the verge of breaking a big run, and yet they only gave it to him a few times. So sickening to watch this crap.

It was very obvious the team gave up in the third quarter. Even Joe Dineen was showing his displeasure between plays. I feel so bad for the few guys that are really pretty dang good, work their butts off, and get this as a result. The staff must go, along with Zenger. There is no other answer. No more excuses about giving Beaty more time.

Richard Hernandez 5 years ago

I can't add anything. everyone on here is so right.these guys are not coached to play division 1 football. Not mentally or physically!

Austin Lopez 5 years ago

Time for Beaty and Zenger to pack there bags! This is not tolerated! Kansas fans might as well keep flying more banners until they are gone. Like I said last week, everyone that's frustrated with the Football program, Please be kind enough to call or email the chancellor of Kansas. Douglas A. Girod, Email: Phone: 785-864-3131. If you care about the Kansas football program voice your concerns.

Andy Tweedy 5 years ago

No need to call the chancellor, people have voiced their concerns in the form of thousands upon thousands of empty seats!

Adam Engelbrecht 5 years ago

Respectfully, I disagree. People SHOULD be calling and emailing him. Something must be done.

Andy Tweedy 5 years ago

I completely disagree with this sentiment. Not enough Jimmy's and Joe's to win the conference? Sure. Not enough to go to a bowl game? Maybe. Certainly not enough to make us forget Todd Reesing and Aqib Talib. But not enough to beat directional schools from the MAC? NO WAY!!! I refuse to believe we're getting our heads kicked in by superior talent every single week, something else is wrong here.

Brett McCabe 5 years ago

Tell that to Army, Navy and Air Force, and CMU and Ohio.

Lucky for us, we have a Texas recruiting guru in charge.

Layne Pierce 5 years ago

A regular degree of competitiveness, is that too much to ask? We just got our hats handed to us by a winless team. Let that sink in for a moment. A winless team just creamed us.

Yes, Stanley did not have a good game, but why did we not run more, more options, Stanley can run, design more plays for him. Have him roll out and throw some. Our line is atrocious. Plain and simple. There are a lot of guys with potential, but no performance.

The team simply did not come to play today, when the tuture of ku football, and the future of their staff was in question. Significance, the staff does not really have the support of the team. What else can you think? Fact is we are going backwards, not forwards.

As a person I truly like Coach Beatty, but he is simply not up to the job. God knows who is, but he is not, and now when you ask yourself, you mean, we would start all over, the incredibly painful answer is why not, we are no where close to the answer anyway.

Give us a touch coach, who disciplines with time on the field, and who demands attention to detail, and football dedication. Strangely this bunch reminds me of the Bob Valesente teams that routinely would get delay of time penalties because they could not get the plays figured out on the sideline.

As a sport, as a business, as the all important factor in where we end up when the next conference shuffle goes on, as just something that represents KU, we can and we must do better.

Rock Chalk

Bill McGovern 5 years ago

Terrible, just terrible. I need a break from this monstrosity! Thank goodness basketball season is here, this football program fiasco is way too depressing. Taking steps backwards is not acceptable. I've been wearing this brown paper sack over my head for too long. I'm convinced that KU doesn't give a rip about the football program, and uses the success of the basketball program to cover up the football failures.

David Kemp 5 years ago

Can’t wait for all those pro Beaty posters to spin on this mess. And no Stanley is not the answer. He was taken to school by a true fr staring his first game. This was their game to rise and show what they were made of and it was a complete belly flop. Recruiting or not this can’t be tolerated one more year.

Austin Lopez 5 years ago

So where are those individuals that were complaining about how most of us was wrong for wanting the AD, AND HC GONE??? I'm hearing crickets.

David Kemp 5 years ago

I agree Austin and just listen to the post game Beaty is just painful to listen to. They are always prepared, one play away, these kids don’t need to get up for next game because they buy in?, always saying other team was prepared and ran schemes that worked perfect against us?, this is madness and we will get pummeled in these last 3 games.

Austin Lopez 5 years ago

This team plays with no pride and all that falls on the HC!

Chris Browning 5 years ago

It's too bad our 1AA/D2 talent has to play a D1 schedule. Texas recruiting Guru my foot.

Bob Bowles 5 years ago

KU prof lives close by and I've got acquainted with him as we walk our dogs. He says he has quit going to the games not because of the lousy football but he hates seeing his student athletes be embarrassed. That struck a chord with really sucks for we alumni but it has got to be awful for those kids.

Another point he can take a kid with decent talent and by good coaching (teaching) you can make something out of him and the team.....sounds like the Bill Snyder playbook.

I went to the KSU game last week and thought we had a chance was I wrong.

Firing is the obvious answer but who would want to take over this program......

Brett McCabe 5 years ago

What you hope for these kids, and this will sound trite, but you hope that this is a character-building experience. That they'll look inward, be strong and keep fighting, no matter the outcome.

Chris Bailey 5 years ago

OMG! We lost to a winless sh$t team! Great! Yeah they’re F’ing done! If we don’t have firings this next week something is wrong.

5 years ago

we have covered 2 spreads all year: SEMO & kst. at least we know enough to make $ off this wretchedness. vegas line dropped, from opening at 11, to 8. Even the gd Sharps have no idea how bad we are. but We do! $$$$

Michael Maris 5 years ago

Dave Doeren, will your family and you please come back to Lawrence, Kansas?

Andy Tweedy 5 years ago

We should have hired him when he was at Northern Illinois! Not making that hire was a mistake then and it's a mistake now. I just wonder if he'd even take this job any more.

Paul Brittain 5 years ago

That's a hard "no". Have you seen the way he has NC State playing these days? Why would he give that up for the very worst P5 coaching job to be had?

Chris Browning 5 years ago

How about not hiring Pirate Mike Leach when we went after Weiss? Look what he has done at Washington State...Washington State?!?!?!?!?......

Austin Lopez 5 years ago

I'm not asking for 9-10 win seasons, I'm realistic I know this is Kansas all I'm asking for as a fan is a team that plays with pride, keep the games competitive, I'm fine with 5-8 win seasons. I just want some freaking effort is that to much to ask for? All I see is this team giving up! If these guys was playing for my HC back in high school they would be running so many sprints for giving up, my coach used to always say we might not be the most talented team but we will be the toughest team.

Andy Tweedy 5 years ago

My wife says I have the patience of a saint! But I'm just so over this regime, I can't take it any more. Empty seats, embarrassing headlines, wasted fall Saturday afternoons sitting in front of the TV! This whole thing just sucks!!! I'm not smart enough to know all the solutions, but it sure seems this is broken beyond repair!

Thomas Green 5 years ago

It’s not just that we lost...I expected that, but again lost in a blowout fraught with ineptness at a level I thought was impossible or unattainable. There is no doubt that more talent is necessary, but IMHO that talent would also be wasted by this current regime. Maybe now the BMD’s will understand what is necessary and just. Still not holding my breath, but it’s all I want for an early Christmas present!

John Fitzgerald 5 years ago

I said 42-17 Baylor. I wasn’t too far off. Good job Beaty and Zenger.

Humpy Helsel 5 years ago

Now let's see...Isn't this the same Baylor beaten at home by Liberty coached by former fired KU coach Turner Gill? Or am I mistaken?

John Thomas 5 years ago

Yes it 2 years he had 5 wins but didn't get a 3rd year to see if there was any improvement...Beatty has 3 wins in almost 3 years....good job Zenger (sarcasm), time to go

Armen Kurdian 5 years ago

I'm with all of those who said they tried and tried and tried to hang in there, be fans, be positive, and hopeful. I really, really wanted to believe this team was pulling itself out. But after eight years, tens of millions of dollars, we have nothing to show for it. This is absolutely wretched and I am sick of seeing this crap every week.

Let's remember we have also lost to FCS teams twice in this span. IN our own stadium.

I don't see any other fix other than getting rid of everyone and completely starting from ground zero.

David Kemp 5 years ago

Agree starting over can’t be any worse than 10th place and not competitive.

Austin Bergstrom 5 years ago

A few weeks ago when I read a lot of comments of us beating Baylor I posted a comment that Baylor can score and will beat us by 30. Missed it by a point!

Kim Mandle 5 years ago

This group of coaches and players is unsightly. This gob of nightmarish football affairs is pathetic This sitting in the stands and being forced to listen to the band(s) competing with the massive speakers for ear-shattering noise awards is painful.

It mostly is a nightmare.

We do have some players with talent and a few who love the game, but the development of others is missing. The coaches seem lost, perhaps completely overwhelmed.

We need to rid ourselves of the AD before hiring a coach. Give Beaty another year as he inherited a discolored pile of discolored crimson and blue. Allow the new AD to get settled and get a feel for KU athletics.

Complete a few changes to upgrade Memorial Stadium. Forget the 300-plus million dollar remake.


Jeff Coffman 5 years ago

Each game costs $135000, is we had fired hi. After game 3 like we should have, it would have saved the university almost $1million of the $3.2 mm buyout. Of course if we did t resign a coach with 2 wins over 2 years we could have bought him out for $1.6.

This is why Zenger should be fired and if Girod waits anymore he should start feeling his seat warm up more.

Mike Barnhart 5 years ago

Because we have a new chancellor, dorking around with Zenger and Beaty for another season or two isn't necessary. The new chancellor can wash his hands of "someone else' mistakes" and hire a quality AD who can then successfully convince the right head coach that the recent problems were the fault of previous administrations.


David Kemp 5 years ago

UAB bowl eligible after no program for 2 years!

Brett McCabe 5 years ago

A couple of observations....

One: We purposely went to the east side (student side) of the stands to watch today. Stunned by the empty seats on the Alumni side. I've been to a lot of KU games. This was the worst attended I've ever seen. Not even close. Don't care about the announced attendance. The crowd today was less than 10,000.

Two: Look at Baylor's two-deep. 42 out of 44 are FR or SO. Don't want to hear about how young we are, or how low in scholarships we are.

Couldn't believe how flat the team was. No spark at all.

Austin Lopez 5 years ago

Start naming replacements! Who can we get in here to fix this mess?

Brett McCabe 5 years ago

By the way...... Turner Gill, Charlie Weis, David Beaty. Name another Power Five program in the country that would have hired any one of them.

Lew Perkins should be required to pay one year of Zenger's buyout and Zenger should be required to pay all of Beaty's.

Matt Campbell, proven successful coach. Glen Mason, proven successful coach. Mark Mangino, proven successful coach. Bill Snyder, proven successful coach. Matt Ruhle, proven successful coach. Turner Gill? Nope. Charlie Weis? Fired. David Beaty? Not so much.

Not shocking to see the program fail when we can't even get the basics right.

John Thomas 5 years ago

Say what you want about Gill but he beat Baylor this year....with a lot less scholarship players than what KU Baylor too

Brett McCabe 5 years ago

I will give Gill credit for being the best of the three, by a lot. And you are right about his success at Liberty. And talking about Gilbert Brown having the last laugh, I'm guessing that in the Gill household there is at least a little measure of satisfaction based on the results of two games Baylor played this year.

My point is that, at the time, Gill wouldn't have been a candidate anywhere else. Had he coached at Buffalo a couple more years, and solidified a winning record, he definitely would have been on the radar. And, I think, a couple more years at Buffalo would have been good for him as a head coach. He seems to have found the right fit at Liberty and I'm guessing he stays there awhile. If he ventures back out into FBS, my guess it will be at a religious school like Baylor, SMU, etc. That might be a good fit for him.

Austin Lopez 5 years ago

Where is Mr. Bryan Mohr at? Wasn't he making all them excuses for the football team now that they got there butts kicked by Baylor he know where to be found?

David Kemp 5 years ago

I don’t think you will hear from any of the pro Beaty crowd. Their argument is a losing proposition. Today at the pressor Beaty was finally making excuses saying Baylor was never as far down as we were in 2015. Problem coach is it’s 2017.

Bryan Mohr 5 years ago

I think you got the wrong person. Look at my comment history. I've been campaigning for Mangino's return for years. To no avail. Futility. I think too many years have passed for that now... Mangino retired? I've been posting lists of Beaty replacements since the loss to Ohio. I don't have much to say about the Baylor loss. It should speak for itself. I'm tired. Tired of posting solutions that never happen.

David Kelley-Wood 5 years ago

I can't stop despising Lew,

But it's useless to say,

So I'll just live my life in dreams of yesterday.

2007 - Kansas 76 - Nebraska 39

Bill McGovern 5 years ago

Todd Reesing had an arm like a Howitzer.

Barry Weiss 5 years ago

There is no pretty way to paint this picture. KU football sucks and has gone to its lowest level. Not even Gill or Weiss was this bad. We just got our A handed to us, at HOME, by a winless team. We were not even competitive with the next to last worse team in the b-12. We do not even belong in the b-12 as a football team.

Len Shaffer 5 years ago

Others have mentioned how sad it is that players like Joe Dineen have to suffer through this mess. But one player that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere is Gabriel Rui. Does anyone remember when KU lost a number of games because they couldn't make field goals consistently?

We now have a solid, consistently reliable kicker, and it makes no difference.

It all is so damn depressing ...

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