Stories for January 1, 2017


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Baylor blasts Jayhawks

When teams fall behind, they often try to shoot themselves back into games and lose focus on executing offensively. Kansas did that Sunday, and it played right into No. 3 Baylor’s hands.

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The Americanization of KU's Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk

With a name like Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk, with all of those vowels, consonants, sounds and syllables, it’s unlikely that the KU junior who was among the Jayhawks’ best players during the non-conference portion of the 2016-17 schedule will be mistaken for an American any time soon. But that does not mean the player who Jayhawks everywhere call “Svi” has not become Americanized. By Matt Tait

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Tom Keegan: Frank Mason playing better now than Sherron Collins ever did

The inevitable comparisons came early in Frank Mason’s career. The icy stare he brings to competition. The pitbull mentality. The blend of strength and quickness.

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2016 Sports Photos of the Year

For me, without question, most of the images from the playing field that stand out at the end of each year usually aren't the electrifying dunks or the diving touchdowns. Many of them don't even have a ball anywhere in the photo. I think I speak for most photojournalists when I say that the storytelling moments, whether humorous, melancholy, deflating or uplifting are the ones that most of us are looking for.