Friday, September 30, 2016

Tom Keegan: Jayhawks take small steps toward respectability

Kansas quarterback Ryan Willis (13) communicates with the Jayhawks' sideline during the second quarter on Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016 at Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock, Texas.

Kansas quarterback Ryan Willis (13) communicates with the Jayhawks' sideline during the second quarter on Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016 at Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock, Texas.


— The road losing streak reached 37 games. The perplexing quarterback rotation continued. The hurry-up offense still has a round-peg, square-hole feel to it for a perpetual underdog. And the offensive line, even at full strength, is too weak for the Big 12.

Still, even with no shortage of imperfections, Kansas’ 55-19 loss to Texas Tech played in front of a Jones AT & T Stadium crowd and national, Fox Sports 1 TV audience, didn’t breed hoplessness the way the previous two games had.

Moral victory, no. Embarrassment? Not that either. Consider it progress, baby-step style with a qualifer here and there.

Kansas didn’t beat itself this time with sloppy play and didn’t turn it over until Montell Cozart threw an interception with 6:34 left in the game. The special teams stood out and the defense had a long stretch of respectability.

OK, so the bar for progress is set low for a football program that has lost its last 40 games outside its home stadium, including three at neutral Arrowhead Stadium.

But really, it didn’t feel as bad as the final score.

Kansas made a game of it, pulling within 28-19 on Matthew Wyman’s 35-yard field goal with 7:22 left in the third quarter and could have come closer but for a false-start penalty on guard Jacob Bragg on first-and-goal from the 4-yard line, followed by an intentional grounding penalty on Ryan Willis, who split time with starter Montell Cozart.

First-and-goal from the 4-yard line is no time to hurry, but the Jayhawks always look to be in a hurry, an approach worth questioning given that the more possessions there are in any sport, the more it favors the favorite. Kansas hasn’t been the favorite in a road game since Mark Mangino was coach.

For a quick moment, the possibility of an upset drifted through the air.

After the initial shock of facing Kliff Kingsbury’s Air Raid offense executed by big, accurate quarterback Patrick Mahomes II and a fleet of receivers, the Kansas defense executed its game plan well. Tech put 14 points on the board in the first 5:05, but after that made it tougher on Mahomes than a lot of defenses do.

Strangely, once Mahomes suffered an injury, backup Nic Shimonek shredded the Kansas secondary.

But again, the failure of the Kansas offense to go on a roll when the defense had its strong stretch of productivity.

Playing two quarterbacks, Cozart as starter and a lot of back and forth from there, doesn’t lend itself to a QB getting on a roll, but head coach/offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach David Beaty doesn’t see it that way.

“Everybody thinks they know who should be our quarterback, but I’m with them every day in practice,” Beaty said. “We evaluate them every day. We make our decision based on what we see every day ... If it were crystal clear who is first, we would make that decision. We would.”

Cozart has kept the starting assignment based on being the team’s best quarterback in practice, Beaty said, but emerging tight end Ben Johnson wanted to make sure nobody was labeling him just a “practice player.”

“Everybody has his day,” Johnson said. “Telly has days when he’s on fire. He’s had games when he’s on fire. There are other factors that go into it. It’s not just the quarterback.”

Other factors such as a young offensive line.

“That’s one of them,” Johnson said. “We also have young wide receivers.”

Playing two quarterbacks every game creates the potential to divide a team, but no evidence exists of that happening yet. But it still would be interesting to see what Willis could do given an entire game, even behind a line that plays at a disadvantage every week.

— See what people were saying about KU's matchup against Texas Tech during’s live coverage.

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Blake Phillips 6 years ago

Kansas needs one more year of recruiting..... hopefully they can land some 4 stars like they did this year. I really feel that our core playmakers are mostly underclassmen, which is great news. The few freshman that are playing are looking better than some of our previous players in those positions who were juniors (who left program) or seniors that graduated. ALL VERY GOOD SIGNS. For Beaty.... he needs to weather the storm, hit the recruiting trail & land an equally impressive recruiting roster in the offseason....... if he does this, I really think 5 wins could be feasible next year. I still feel like we will pull one upset by end of year, most likely K-state.

Randy Bombardier 6 years ago

Surely there is some potential walk on already on campus who doesn't know it yet but he can execute better than either Willis or Cozart. How many high school quarterbacks do you suppose attend KU? Time to scout the intramural student games. I was appalled at what I saw from our quarterbacks. Is this ability or coaching?

Cora Smith 6 years ago

Running a hurry up offense that doesn't hurry up is totally frustrating. I think Cozart either panics or doesn't see the whole field. Willis wasn't much better. I actually thought Carter Stanley had more zip on his passes than the other two. Why did we keep throwing that sideline pass on first down? It rarely worked. The defense did decent but can not stay on the field that long. Unfortunately, I don't see another win this year.

Brett McCabe 6 years ago

The QB rotation is idiotic. Beaty's insistence on the approach suggests that he's stubborn.

His offense doesn't fit the skills of his QB's and the offense is worse this year than last year. It should be better. Beaty looks lost on the sideline and it shows in the play selection.

Arizona State put 55 on TTU. Louisiana Tech put 45 on 'em. That was probably the worst defense we will see the rest of this season. In the memorable words of Victor Alexander "this sh*t ain't workin' coach".

Given an extra half-week to right the ship and this is what we come up with? The same thing, just with three more days of practice?

Mike Barnhart 6 years ago

In a national ranking of quarterbacks, none of our guys would rank in the TOP 200... maybe not the top 300! (Outside of the few games Michael Cummings played) we haven't had a legitimate college quarterback since Todd Reesing. How is that possible???

In two recruiting classes, Beaty's inability to scrounge up anything resembling a quarterback is a real indictment of his sterling reputation.

Jim Stauffer 6 years ago

Boys, this is not a talent deficiency. It is a coaching deficiency.

Bryce Landon 6 years ago

At QB, yes, there's a problem with coaching. At other positions, no, the deficiency is at a talent. We still don't have a full roster like other Power 5 teams, and we've suffered numerous injuries along the way, including at least four last night.

Joe Ross 6 years ago

I want to pick a side here, but I dont know how you look at a player who's messing up and decide what the root cause of his issue is. How do you look at a player and say, "not THIS, but THAT" with certainty? How do we know that it's not BOTH?

Jim Stauffer 6 years ago

This is the very same Beaty who adamantly stated we will not have a QB controversy. And if Montell could find his way we would not. Beaty is forced to play a kid he does not want to play in Willis because he is a gutty kid who can occasionally make a play. It is obvious Willis is not the typical "team" player. Maybe if the coach just turned it over to him he could be an arrogant producer instead of the perfect teammate.

Kevin Robert Fest 6 years ago

I was so disappointed when I saw that Cozart was going to be the starter when the game started I couldn't

Kevin Robert Fest 6 years ago

I was so disappointed when I saw that Cozart was going to be the starter when the game started I couldn't understand what the coach was thinking who cares how well a player practices all week if it's obvious on the first drive that the quarterback doesn't know what he is doing why keep going back to the fact that he had a good practice all week. Even the commentators were saying that he wasn't going through all of his progressions and couldn't even complete easy throws to wide open receivers. Willis missed a lot of throws as well, but until that offensive line gets better I don't know who they can put it out there. Defense looked great at times I was really impressed but the problem is is when you blitz that much the rest of the defense has to play man-to-man I just don't think we have the talent to do that for most of the game and it showed sadly at the end of the game you could tell the defense was worn down. Offensive line could be a lot better with the transfer from Alabama next year but they have to get Talent across the line coaches said they were out recruiting during the bye week they should just be looking at offensive linemen right now.

Ashwin Rao 6 years ago

The decisions by Beaty are appalling. Stanley has seemed like the best game QB, and he still does not get the starter job. What do we have to lose? Even though I am not a Bowen fan, I feel that he kept us respectably close for most of the game. I hate to say this (I hate the turnover we have had at Coaching), but this is definitely not working out. No new approach, just new way of describing the same thing (old wine a new bottle).

Randy Bombardier 6 years ago

Brett, I was thinking the exact same thing ...but then I saw Willis and was appalled. Still, I think he just needs to stick with one guy, period. It does nothing for either to be rotating. I also wonder how this has affected the receivers, if they run the routes differently for the different QBs. Of course they ought not but maybe they're trying to help out.

I don't see Willis making the quick throws. Even his down field throws need work. I only saw second half but will watch the first half before I can say I would prefer one over the other. From what I did see I cannot explain how any D1 program can have such poor play out of the most vital position.

Brett McCabe 6 years ago

I've been a staunch supporter of Willis. I saw a lot from him last year and really felt that, given the starter position, he would grow this year. Beaty had other plans and has, effectively, gotten into Willis's head.

That said, you are right. At some point, the QB has to perform.

Mike Nicco 6 years ago

I have to wonder if this is why Likens was demoted. Was there a disagreement between the two over Willis and Cozart?

Calvin Miller 6 years ago

The limited public information was that Beaty wanted a more up-tempo, air-raid type offense. Except Beaty doesn't know how to call plays in an air-raid offense, or maybe any offense, for that matter. Offense was more productive last season with Likens calling plays.

David Kemp 6 years ago

The problems are way too numerous, but common themes are horrific play calling, offensive line that can't block, qbs that aren't d1 caliber and a coach who has no idea what he is doing. It's too ad because it looks like are skilled position players are decent, but either have no blocking or anybody who can get them the ball. Beaty will not be our coach in 2 years. Don't care how many players he recruits, he can't coach. On the other hand Bowen and the defense at least seem to show flashes.

Brett McCabe 6 years ago

Bowen has shown as the D.C. what we would have benefitted from if he had been hired to replace Weiss. The stability of having him as the D.C. has allowed us to develop a true Big-12 caliber defense, even with a short roster. He would have done the same on the offensive side of the ball.

Calvin Miller 6 years ago

? a true B12 caliber defense? Ku currently ranks 92/128 in FBS total defense. With the toughest part of the schedule ahead. If and when Bowen can consistently coach a defense that ranks at least midway in the conference, he you caould begin to say that he's a quality DC.
He's better this season, but he still has a long way to go. And how would he develop offensive success? WHo would work as OC under him?

Jim Stauffer 6 years ago

Hey guys, we are all disappointed in the process Beaty is currently going through with his choice of who he puts on the field. Eventually he will get sufficient talent to trust and put them out there. It is obvious Willis is in the doghouse and I can see some selfishness in him instead of deferring praise to his teammates when things go well. He is immature and also feels he is not secure in his relationship with Coach. We have problems there. As a result of Cozart's inability to play QB at this level and Beaty's current dislike of Willis, it appears the job should be handed to Stanley by default.

Kevin Robert Fest 6 years ago

The quarterback offensive line and receivers all operate on timing and Rhythm each time you put a new one in the timing is adjusted for that players Cadence and whether he's a pocket passer or running option quarterback. When one is playing the other one is sitting on the sidelines cooling off between series his arm isn't as effective as it would be if he just stayed in the game. I also believe that's why we have a lot of false starts and holding penalties based on the fact that Cozart will run and Willis will stay in the pocket and the offensive line has to adjust a play for either one. No don't get me wrong the offensive line is bad. Inexperienced young players players playing out of their natural position lacking strength weight height and natural ability I don't care who you put in a quarterback they're going to be rushing throws throwing off their back foot until the offensive line gets better the quarterback Position will not get better. And Beatys clueless play-calling isn't helping things either he has no idea what he's doing on offense I'm sorry.

Kevin Robert Fest 6 years ago

But at least the players got the nice new cushy locker room to sooth their egos in.

Kevin Robert Fest 6 years ago

Okay guys to be perfectly honest I live in California so whatever I see or hear comes from the Internet or what I see on TV when I watch the games what am I missing about Willis since you guys are closer to the program living in the midwest or in Kansas. Is he a bad teammate? Do the coaches not like him I keep seeing things on the message boards about him being a selfish player could someone please elaborate.

Brent Held 6 years ago

I know Willis has looked shaky but how can you say you'd be more comfortable with Stanley in at QB? The only basis you have to go off of is when we put him in against 2nd and 3rd stringers when the game is already decided at that point. Like Tom said, we just need 4 quarters of Willis, absolutely no Cozart, and then we will know what we have in him. If it is another really bad outcome then yes, i would then be open to putting Stanley in and seeing what he can do.

Mike Nicco 6 years ago

Constantly bringing Willis in when we are already 2 touchdowns behind can not be helpful.

Pat Sullivan 6 years ago

Today for our presentation in front of a multi-million dollar client, I'm gonna let a couple of my guys switch back and forth. They both did great in rehearsals and while I know that one of them is clearly better than the other in high pressure situations, I just can't commit. I know it might confuse and upset the client. Hell, we might lose the business, then my job and my boss's job but that's a risk I'm willing to take.


Mike Nicco 6 years ago

And then you're going to blame them because they can not separate themselves from the other during practice.

David Robinett 6 years ago

Nobody is happy with the offense right now including me. But let's face it it's a lack of talent. We did see flashes of a better future with the young guys like Dorrance Armstrong and Mike Lee. The big picture is we kept Texas Tech under their average despite the fact we had not much offense. Overall I agree with Keegan it was baby steps towards respectability.

Robert Brock 6 years ago

I would like to see Cozart on the sidelines carrying a clipboard.

Joe Ross 6 years ago

“Everybody thinks they know who should be our quarterback, but I’m with them every day in practice,” Beaty said. “We evaluate them every day. We make our decision based on what we see every day ... If it were crystal clear who is first, we would make that decision. We would.”

Beaty may have to be fired.

Cozart may be best in practice. I dont know. Im not there. But clearly he is not the best in games. You dont get wins or even official stats tacked on to your record for your team practices. Cozart simply must not be able to handle the pressure in games, which is where Beaty has a disconnect. Willis or Stanley could be the best quarterbacks if he showed some commitment to them. Sure they make mistakes too, but as everyone here has been saying red-facedly, Cozart does not have the potential to grow out of his mistakes. The remaining QBs on the roster do. And would, were it not for the frustrating level of Beaty's loyalty to ineptitude.

Having said that, the game wasn't ALL bad. The defense performed well for 2.5 quarters. It's a start. The offense even showed flashes in the pan.

We could be making more progress than what we have though. And that's the most frustrating thing to me.

Eliott Reeder 6 years ago

Reminds me of the classic scenario of Jeremy Case on the basketball team. EVERYONE said he was the most incredible 3 shooter in practices (kind of like they say about Svi now) and that he was lights out all day on the scout team. But come game time, when he got in and chucked up a couple of misses, Self would pull him, and at the end of the day he got very little PT over the course of his career. My point being, Self knows how to coach. You don't stay on the court (or field) if you are not producing, I don't care a bit about how amazing you may be with a safety jersey on during practice sessions.

Marius Rowlanski 6 years ago

Maybe. If it isn't clear who should be the starting quarterback to the team's head coach then I think that's a problem.

Even if it isn't clear the head coach should never make that statement. It surely won't help the confidence of anyone playing offense. The HC needs to be a leader and not add any fuel to the quarterback debate.

Solid post Joe

David Robinett 6 years ago

I agree on the problem of indecision on QBs -- even if they are equal, he should pick one (Willis or Stanley) and go with them -- reps = comfort.

I totally disagree that Beaty needs to be fired. He is upgrading the talent, and will also grow with the job. It's absolutely clear we cannot continue the coaching carousel.

Kyle Sybesma 6 years ago

We all knew this was a dumpster fire when Beaty took over. Or based on the comments above, maybe you didn't know. Weis gutted this program. We barely held on to beat SEMO in his final year. Last year we lost to South Dakota State (and no that's not the school that's won multiple national championships). We were 20+ scholarships short when Beaty took over. That can't be fixed in one year. He's only had one recruiting class. I don't count his 2 month scramble to fill roster spots when he was hired.

I'll admit that I was expecting more improvement on the field but I think other things had to improve first. Off the field improvements had to improve first. Recruiting (check), Culture (check), Weight Room (check).

Look at where the talent comes from. Gonzalez (Jr), Harrell (R-Fr), Patrick (So), Stanly (R-Fr), Willis (So), Lee (Fr), Sims (So), Dineen (Jr), Wise (So), Armstrong (So), Herbert (Fr). Next year we'll have a better recruiting class and two transfers from Alabama.

Considering the direction Weis was moving in, this IS moving in the right direction. It may be slow but Beaty is not going anywhere and Art Briles ain't walking through that door. Zenger knows he cannot fire Beaty with out getting himself fired. AD's do not get to make five coaching decisions.

Garry Wright 6 years ago

Your comments make more sense than most of the others. We did see some improvement last night. That's about all we can ask for at this stage, baby steps, but they are steps. The barrel was empty when Beaty took over. It's starting to improve however slowly. Beaty needs at least five years to see any respectability in the team. But I still think we are going to surprise someone this year. Patience is the key thing right now. First time head coach, empty barrel, several years of going the wrong direction. What is everyone expecting, miracles?

Brett McCabe 6 years ago

Not miracles. Visible signs of improvement on the field. We were within a score of Tech late into the game last year. They didn't actually have to even score a point in the second half to win the game this year.

The offense against Ohio, Memphis and TTU has been anemic - no better than last year. The defense, not surprisingly, seems to be surging.

I don't think anyone is looking for miracles, and most give credit to Beaty for improved recruiting (though this class is not yet signed) but there are no excuses for being worse in year two than in year one.

Raymond Wright 6 years ago

well. they didn't win a single game last year so they are a tiny bit better. The Defense is pretty good. If they didn't have only 2 minutes rest between series they wouldn't fade so bad in the second half of games.

Brock Wells 6 years ago

Thank you Kyle! I was as upset as anybody about Cozart trotting on the field for the first possession but this was the first game in the Beaty era (besides R.I.) that gave me hope for the future. I even heard the announcers of FOXS1 say that KU could win a Big 12 game this year; and I agree, if the offense improves, we can win this year. The job Bowen has done is remarkable because we have a legit Big 12 defense. So it's ridiculous calling for HC Beaty to be fired this year!

Bryce Landon 6 years ago

If Kansas does win a Big 12 game this year, it will be against Iowa State.

And yes, we cannot call for David Beaty's firing. We just can't. No coach worth his salt will want to come here if Beaty isn't given 5-6 years. We would be considered radioactive.

Bryce Landon 6 years ago

Weis didn't create this pile of crap by himself. Turner Gill started it, and Weis did next to nothing to change it. Weis wasn't moving the program in any direction - which is the same as going in the wrong direction.

Marius Rowlanski 6 years ago

100% correct. Weis just had the big name coming in and makes an easy target.

Raymond Wright 6 years ago

Weis destroyed it. Gill just hurt it.

Brett McCabe 6 years ago

Who cares what Gill and Weis did? The job, now, is to improve the program.

Marius Rowlanski 6 years ago

When ranked 121st out of 128 FBS teams - seems if the goal is to improve - it shouldn't take much but yet we've been wallowing at the bottom for several years now.

I really admire those fans who will NOT give up on this team. Can't wait to see how many 'fans' jump on the bandwagon once we do start winning.

Steve Corder 6 years ago

As disturbing as the QB issue, I believe there exists another more profound problem. A potentially devastating train wreck might be on the December horizon. Namely, another round of assistant coach defections could signal deep departmental problems that dwarf the playing field issues and the W-L record.

I hope my concern is misplaced!

Joe Ross 6 years ago

I want to understand your comment better. Could you define "...departmental problems"? And is your fear based on something you've heard or is it a general fear of "what if"?

Steve Corder 6 years ago

Joe, I have no ears in the athletic department what-so-ever. It is not so much about what if scenarios but a general uneasiness from what I have read about assistant coaches who have left after 1 year and those who have had some responsibilities, minor as they may appear, removed this season & transferred to coach Beaty (who I personally like). It takes great skill to manage people (employees) the size of today's college football staff in addition to young kids.

"Departmental problems" refer to relationships being strained within the football staff and the AD, who ultimately deals with it. As with other businesses, there exists a private network of contacts these coaches have as a potential go-to for another job. So, there is a "what if": If a new & inexperienced head coach cannot keep his staff happy (or able to see the light at the end of the W-L tunnel) then you have the "train wreck".

Dale Rogers 6 years ago

It's "crystal clear" that Cozart's game performance does not match that practice performance. It's time to give the ball to Willis or even to give Stanley more opportunity to show what he can do in game situations. What's there to lose at this point?

Ryan Woods 6 years ago

Am I the only one who felt good after this game? Other than the first two drives, the defense played great. The 4th quarter issue was an obvious lack of enough scholarship players. We've finally started applying pressure on opposing QB's with blitzes and unique looks instead of giving them all day to throw. Which makes the defense finally fun to watch. Texas Tech had gone some x amount of games of throwing up 55 plus points, and KU had a chance to take that from them. KU has a lot of young talent on the team and recruiting continues to go well. Rock Chalk

Garry Wright 6 years ago

I agree with you. See my post about four posts previous to yours. When the year started out it seems that many were saying that they'd be happy with any signs of improvement. We are seeing such signs but so many are being very negative. After the past few years I think we have to be pleased with any steps of improvement. We are coming out of a very deep hole. As long as we are seeing any measure of improvement I think we need to continue to exercise patience.

Ryan Woods 6 years ago

Sorry Garry, missed your post. I had read so many negative comments that I started to just glaze over every other person. I'm glad there are others who are happy to see the improvements, no matter how small they may be.

Marius Rowlanski 6 years ago

Both of you guys should be applauded. Staying optimistic on a team going through the roughest patch in the history of the program cannot be easy. Plus, there is a lot of young talent moving up through the ranks. That's where the culture can be changed.

Michael Lorraine 6 years ago

Except for the QB situation I was encouraged by what I saw.

John Waszak 6 years ago

How can anyone that saw this game, or any game, that the opposing team hangs 55 points and over 600 total yards on, honestly say that the defense played great? Were all 55 points scored by special teams or defensive points? Who did the score against? I believe the answer is the Defense.

Kevin Robert Fest 6 years ago

I also agree that assistant coaches will be leaving Beaty is acting like a new mother-in-law sticking his nose into everything, the scariest thought is, is who will come to his staff knowing his reputation for stripping coaches publicly of their duties. On the positive side Mike Lee, who is supposed to be a senior in high school right now, was impressive, granted made some mistakes but sound tackling and geez he cant hit everyone that hard every game or he's wont make it through a season. Bean and Armstrong Wise we have the makings of a young D line now lets get an O line and see what happens.

Michael Maris 6 years ago

I have to say, I didn't get to see the beginning of the game. When I got home and turned the game on, the Jayhawks were already down. This was ckose to the end of the 1st Quarter. I seen the Saftey and then the offense seemed to have gained some steam. As Steven Sims scored the 1st TD off of the pass from Willis. Then, Cozart was granted an opportunity to get another chance to finish an offensive drive off of the fumbled punt return. The off sides by the OL'man killed the momentum for the entire offensive mindset of the entire team (including th defensive unit), when the Jayhawks only were able to get a field goal on that offensive possession. From that point on, the game went truly south for the Jayhawks.

And, I have no idea as to how well Carter Stanley can perform against legitimate 1st team defensive units, because we have yet to see him placed in such an offensive situation.

So, if the offensive coaching staff have no confidence in C. Stanley at this point. Then, it's going to be a LONGGGGG rest of the season.

In conclusion, Clint Bowen's unit is progressing along nicely.

Rock Chalk!

Terry N Tom Denner 6 years ago

KU is not cut out for the hurry up offense. Its time for coach Bean Brain to realize this. Why oh WHY does this Bean Brain insist on starting Cold Fart Cozart ? Please Bean Brain Beaty answer this. KU had high hopes on this Stanly Carter kid so why the HELL not start him? What the HELL Bean Brain Beaty do you have to loose ? its time to stop this damn 2 QB BS !! Tom

Michael Lorraine 6 years ago

Thumbs down Tom.

The only way I could agree with your childish name calling is if he had committed a crime or tarnished the university in some manner.

Terry N Tom Denner 6 years ago

Okay, I shouldn't have call Cozart a cold fart or Beaty Bean Brain. As for tarnishing KU is that both are not cutout for the jobs. Bench one and fire the other. LSU coach is available now. KU needs to stop getting losers for coaches. Zenger needs to step down as well. Between him and Perkins they both have set KU back a good 2 decades in becoming a respectable football program. Tom

David A. Smith 6 years ago

Where are all of the Bowen detractors today? You see, HE has the most longevity of anyone associated with KU football, and as a result of having had the opportunity, has put together a very fine product. I think the lesson there is rather obvious.....

Calvin Miller 6 years ago

?Wut? Ttech had 621 yds offense, 34 first downs, and both QBs threw for 4 TDs each. That's a "very fine product??" The lesson is that the defense is better, but still has a long way to go. The offense is worse than last year.

David A. Smith 6 years ago

Absolutely. We held them below their season average in points without 3 of our top defensive performers. The statistics you site are not in a vacuum. NO defense should be on the field as long as they were and be expected to do what they did. What was the score in the 3rd quarter? 28-16. Did you see the defensive line play, and the constant presence in the backfield?If we would have had sustained drives and more scores, the stats you site would have been very different. Watch TTU the rest of the year, and see the way they shred OU, Texas, OSU, and Baylor. Yes, they need to improve...but that was the best defensive performance of a KU team in quite some time. They pass the eyeball test in many ways. The "lesson" is that Bowen is showing us that a coaching carousel is not needed. Ample time and tools will do just fine.

Raymond Wright 6 years ago

has KU ever had a great d under Bowen? None I remember

Brett McCabe 6 years ago

Name three KU defenses that could be labeled "great" without looking something up on Wikipedia. Give me a break.

Dale Rogers 6 years ago

Bold, underscore, and italics for your last sentence, "Ample time and tools will do just fine."

John Waszak 6 years ago

Calvin, you are correct sir.. Although I do like Bowen and pulled for him to be HC. This was not because I felt he was a good DC, but, because he bleeds KANSAS and I felt from what I saw last year that he could coach, lead, manage this program. As for being a good or great DC I think hes so so. He's had many opportunities and still I see many fundamentals, all the way down to sound tackling to be lacking...

Bryan Mohr 6 years ago

The problem is coaching. The perpetual blame game of the previous coach "leaving the cupboard bare" is a farce. To hear some people, the cupboard has been bare since Glen Mason. That's simply not true. The talent hasn't been good since Mangino, but a good coach would turn those guys into a competitive bunch even if they still lose games. KU needs to hire a coach that has been a proven winner as a head coach in a power conference. The only way KU can accomplish this is to hire someone who has some baggage. A guy other schools don't want. Mike Leach was fired because of the abuse allegation, but Washington State hired him. There's guys like Bo Pelini, Art Briles, Jim Leavitt, and, of course, Mark Mangino. Briles will get a better offer than KU. But, other schools have hired good, proven coaches that made big mistakes in the past. KU can do the same, and should, because it certainly isn't going to attract any proven winners with flawless pasts. Zenger hires a guy that has never been a head coach at this level and is basically a wide receivers coach with a little OC experience. It was a huge gamble, and appears to be a losing one. I'm so tired of it all that it shouldn't matter to me anyone. If KU is just going to hire another dud, then forget it, just leave Beaty as the head coach for the next decade so I won't hear the "cupboard was bare" excuse.

Randy Bombardier 6 years ago

Louisville didn't do too bad hiring their old coach with baggage.

This carousel guys started when we prematurely fired Turner Gill. That was panic by the person who should be the least panicked. You don't fire a coach after two years...ever.

Michael Lorraine 6 years ago

I agree. Firing Gill was a mistake. At the very least he was a good recruiter.

Sean Kelly 6 years ago

With the QB and Pass Protection issues, Beaty should seriously consider putting his version of the Air Raid on the back burner, for now and move to a run oriented scheme.

Run blocking is a lot easier than pass protection plus they have a nice stable of backs. Let this young offensive line fire out and release some frustration instead of living each offensive series back on their heels. Mix in some play action, as well as using Ben Johnson and crew with quick slants might go a long way in building confidence, not to mention giving the defense a chance to catch a breath and absorb some sideline coaching.

What better way to build some team toughness than developing the ability to run the ball right down their throats? B12 defenses tend to be on the smallish side as they're built for speed-just look at KU's linebacking corps. Beaty needs to learn to adapt and play to his roster's strength.

As the "great" Don Rumsfeld observed, " you go to war with the army you've got, not the one you want.." or something close to that.

At some point, we can only hope that Beaty will get tired of trying to pound that square peg into that narrow, round hole and ADAPT!

Lance Hobson 6 years ago

The situation is dire. We should be in full panic mode. We weren't this bad in the 80s or any time in our history. We're about as bad off as SMU after the death penalty. We're at risk of not being good again for decades. Where is Mangino? Or anyone who can fix this. Dire.

Jeff Soisson 6 years ago

Like or don't the the quarterbacks, what the heck is first and 10, second and 8 and third and 8. That is play calling coaching issues, poor. Beaty can't coach offense. These stupid sideways throws for no yards is a joke. Go down the field. Run straight ahead, throw down the field.

Defense I thought did well considering the offense wanted to 3 and out in 12 seconds. If we want to slow opponent offenses, us playing fast is not really working! I was excited to be in a game in the 3rd quarter at Tech, well done!

If I see another game where we have 15 quarterback substitutions that is it. Ridiculous. I really think it does not help. Look at what Texas does, their Willis plays to the 20 yard line and their Cozart takes it home. That makes more sense. You can't just swap without reason randomly, we need rhythm.

David,'I think you are great Beaty and I am a big fan', 6 and 6 is all we will ever ask of you. Bowl eligible. At this point, maybe 2 wins (+Iowa State) but man, maybe not another! You don't need to win the big 12, get us to a bowl and we will love you. Are you trying to do too much??? Win 6!

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