Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bill Self: First summer practice ‘encouraging’


The Kansas Jayhawks ran through their first World University Games practice on Monday. It lasted almost two hours in KU’s practice gym.

“Day One was actually very encouraging,” KU coach Bill Self said. “Of course the guys had a lot of bounce, and we didn’t go real hard, but we looked athletic and threw it all over the gym. For the most part, the returning guys did a good job helping Lagerald (Vick) and Carlton (Bragg). It was a good day.”

“Felt great to get back on the court with my brothers!” junior point guard Frank Mason III tweeted.

At the Otto Schnellbacher/Jayhawk Club Golf Classic in Topeka on Monday, Self told 580 Radio that KU would practice with officials several days to get used to FIBA rules.

“There are only 20 qualified officials (for FIBA competition) in the United States. We found that out when we were trying to get officials for the Sprint Center games (June 23, 26 vs. Canada) that fit the criteria,” Self said. “The biggest deal is the 24-second clock, eight seconds to get past half court. On a foul in front court it resets to 14 if it’s under 14 as opposed to going back to 24. So you’ll be playing with a short clock a lot of the time. It’ll give us a chance to soft press back to zone, maybe switching man to zone in the middle of a possession to keep teams off balance. It’ll give us a chance to look at some things that maybe can help us down the road.”


Mick Allen 7 years ago

Was it a misprint or did Coach actually say he would implement some zone? It makes sense with the 24 second clock, a switch in mid possession could cause some confusion for the opponent and cause them some delay in getting into the correct offense as the seconds tick off. As many on this site have opined it can be helpful to us during the season to switch it to a zone on occasion because of foul trouble, inability to cover man to man etc. It could make us more versatile, although we all know that Coach will always fall back on the aggressive, physical man to man when he has the right defensive personnel.

Trent Rose 7 years ago

Self did actually use a zone in the 2012 NCAA tournament. It was a triangle and two, but it was successful. So I would say he wouldn't do it, but it is rare. I believe they did it back then because of depth issues. But you are right, if he has the personnel to be physical - he will always play man to man.

Dale Rogers 7 years ago

He also used it against North Carolina in the tournament awhile back. I remember a reporter asking Roy Williams what he thought about that zone and he didn't even realize we'd gone to zone. Zone isn't prevalent here but it is used now and then. Didn't we use it some against Baylor and maybe other teams this past season?

Harlan Hobbs 7 years ago

Both of you are right on target. Furthermore, with the college shot clock going to 30 seconds, the zone might come into more use for the reasons that Mick points out.

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