Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Stowers, Bolton expected back


A few Kansas University football players missed last week’s victory over Iowa State, and a few more went down during the game. KU interim head coach Clint Bowen said Tuesday that defensive linemen Keon Stowers and Andrew Bolton were expected back for Saturday and that a few others could play as well.

“We’re getting better on that front,” Bowen said. “Very, very hopeful. Keon will be in there, Bolton will be back in there, (OL) Joe Gibson battled through and continues to play, (RB) De’Andre Mann has a chance to get back in this week. Our biggest concern is (OL) Ngalu (Fusimalohi).”

Bowen listed Fusimalohi, KU’s starting left guard, as questionable and said freshman Junior Visinia would start in his place if Fusimalohi can’t play.


John Randall 8 years, 2 months ago

Typically Bowen – calling them like they are and looking for bright spots (not for excuses). Maybe more forthrightness and character than a head coach can afford to have, but admirable on the responsibility front.

I'm one fan who isn't exactly 100% convinced Clint is our anointed saviour – but I'll be holding any other decision on the head coaching position over the hottest part of the fire if there is any drop in the enthusiastic effort and attitude we've seen this last month from the players he has been tasked to lead –– out of the wilderness Lew Perkins created and Charley Weis struggled in until finally crapping out and just giving up.

At least with Clint we are seeing some things move in a positive direction, and I believe it would be hard find anyone more likely to (however slowly) keep that direction as more important than quick-fix maneuvers. Acquiring the talent and depth to move into the thick of this conference won't happen any other way. Even reincarnating Todd Riesing would be dependent on solid, basic players all across the field.

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