Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Self: KU’s alternate uniforms will stick around

Alternate Kansas University men’s basketball uniforms, worn Monday at Iowa State, left, and Saturday against Kansas State, right, may be here to stay, KU coach Bill Self said on his radio show Tuesday.

Alternate Kansas University men’s basketball uniforms, worn Monday at Iowa State, left, and Saturday against Kansas State, right, may be here to stay, KU coach Bill Self said on his radio show Tuesday.


It looks as if the alternate jerseys Kansas University’s basketball players have worn the last two games are turning into permanent jerseys ... at least for the remainder of the 2013-14 season.

“Because I personally, and our players personally, prefer those to what we have been wearing,” KU coach Bill Self said Tuesday on his weekly ‘Hawk Talk’ radio show, explaining the switch in fashion. “Not that what we’ve been wearing (during nonconference season) has been bad, we just prefer these to be better. If the color schemes allow us to wear them like they did last night, I’d anticipate you seeing those uniforms moving forward the rest of the year,” Self added.

The Jayhawks wore gray uniforms during Monday’s 77-70 victory at Iowa State after wearing cream colored jerseys with the script word, ‘Jayhawks’ on the front in Saturday’s 86-60 home win over Kansas State.

“I think the grays are gorgeous,” Self said.

He’s not as big a fan of the jerseys worn in nonconference play and during the conference opener at Oklahoma.

“The uniforms we have now are probably my least favorite uniforms that we’ve had since I’ve been here, without question,” Self said. “So I wanted to make sure we got other (alternate) uniforms to wear. It’s not anybody’s fault; I agreed to it.”

Self did say he’s generally in favor of a no-frills look at KU.

“Going forward, our uniforms are going to be solely traditional and we’re not going to have any of this stuff other schools are going to,” Self said, ostensibly referring to some of the camo/neon uniforms teams like KU sampled last season.

“I’m not into marketing and understanding all the ins and outs of that ... I think there are so many things done through apparel that’s so positive for so many places. You see what’s happened at Oregon, and Baylor has done some things. Louisville has done some things (in wacky color combinations and neon). Even Nike came out with a line last year where all the teams wore something totally different than what they have ever done before.

“I think those things are great and I do think kids enjoy them, but for us, it doesn’t fit to who we are as much as it does with some other people. Not everybody can boast of having the history and tradition that we have. It doesn’t mean we won’t do some things periodically, because we will and I’ll tick people off who say, ‘Why are you going to wear this for this one game?’ There will be some things going on we agreed to do with adidas periodically because that’s part of the contract. We’re happy to do so, but the core of who we are needs to stand strictly from a tradition standpoint.”

Self was asked if the players liked the alternate jerseys. “We shot about 55 percent both games, so they liked ’em,” he said with a laugh. “They thought they were great.”

Color schemes in arena: Fans who attend Saturday’s KU-Oklahoma State game (3 p.m., Allen Fieldhouse) are encouraged to take part in the “I am Crimson, I am Blue, We are the Phog” festivities to create a patterned Crimson and Blue color scheme in the stands.

Fans will be provided complimentary extra-large T-shirts upon arrival to their seats, limit one per person. The T-shirt giveaway was made possible by Kansas Athletics, The Oread, The Eldridge, Bliss Sports, Ultimate Athletics and also by the game title sponsor, First National Bank.

In addition to the free T-shirts, a 360-degree photo will be taken following the alma mater and the Rock Chalk Chant. The image will be over 26 billion pixels in size.

The interactive photo, sponsored by the Kansas Department of Transportation’s “You Drink You Drive You Lose” campaign and powered by Blakeway Worldwide Panoramas, will allow fans to find and tag themselves. The interactive photo will be available on Monday after the event. A map detailing the crimson and blue sections is available here.

Burgers for everybody: The Jayhawk players, who arrived by bus in Lawrence at 3:30 a.m. Tuesday, did not practice. “Actually they are going to eat a meal together at The Wheel,” Self said of Tuesday night dinner. “The guys are in good spirits. That was a big win for us last night.”

Selden honored: KU’s Wayne Selden on Tuesday was named Wayman Tisdale national freshman of the week for games ending the week of Jan. 12. The award is presented by’s Jeff Borzello in partnership with the U.S. Basketball Writers Association. On Monday, Selden was named the Big 12 Conference newcomer of the week, the Athlon Sports national freshman of the Week and the Dick Vitale Diaper Dandy of the week.

Self on Joel Embiid’s being called for a technical foul for pulling down on the jersey of DeAndre Kane on Monday: “He made the one bad play where he lost his composure big-time against K-State (ejected for flagrant 2 foul). That play yesterday was not a bad play. People make a big deal about that. The only reason it was a technical is because deadball contact fouls have to be technicals. He is learning. He is growing up. He does have a little fight to him, a little orneriness. That’s good to see because I didn’t think he’d played with as much aggression the last couple games as he should be playing with.”


Phil Leister 9 years ago

Self is blunt and to the point about his feelings regarding the uniforms. I happen to completely agree with him and love both the new uniforms. Great decision.

Steve Zimmerman 9 years ago

Keep it coming! We've got a W every time a new design was revealed so far. I don't mind the military-looking either! It seems to have positive side-effect on our team's spirits (j/k).

Max Ledom 9 years ago

I just want to know where we can buy them! Also I heard we might break out black uniforms but now that seems contradictory to what Bill said about more traditional. But I think black jerseys would be mean.

P.S. What happened to our black unis and powder blue unis on the football team? I loved those.

Kye Clark 9 years ago

Someone provided a link to a story on I think and it said that they wouldn't hit retail shelves until next fall.

Jonathan Allison 9 years ago

I'm very surprised by Bill's comments about the uni's. He's never been a fan of alternate uniforms in the past and always preferred the regular suits.

Now he's saying that the regular uniforms this year are his least favorite, which I can understand because they are a little of a departure from what we've worn before, and that the new alternates are gorgeous. I agree and also liked the alternates. But I at least hope, like Brett said, that they have an alternate blue uniform; I would like to see them flip the color scheme on the Jayhawks uniforms with a blue jersey and white script. I don't really want to see KU in phog (grey) for every remaining away game all season. I really like the chalk jerseys, but the cursive "Jayhawks" seems a little gimmicky to be wearing them in Allen Fieldhouse all year.

Robert Brock 9 years ago

The regular unis look like they were designed for Duke.

Jonathan Allison 9 years ago

I didn't realize it but you can actually see Koach K's eyebrows where the red shoulder peaks over the adidas logo and flag on the collarbone area.

Cameron Cederlind 9 years ago

Woah, you can see his mouth too, that single pixel at the bottom of the B.

Suzi Marshall 9 years ago

"gorgeous" Did that come from Bill or a referemce tp Cindy's opinion?

Kristen Brown 9 years ago

I love the "I am Crimson, I am Blue, We are the Phog" campaign. That will go perfectly with ESPN's Home Court week where they are highlighting the bests home courts in the country. One thing I might add to the list is I hope every professor is showing the backflip in class to the students this week. We are going to need a rowdy bunch. I would love to have the atmosphere rival the Georgia Tech game or even better the last Missouri game. Those two games were out of control insane. It will be paramount that the fans do their part Saturday to help and rattle Smart and company, because I do think that Nash is capable of being distracted by the fans.

Thomas Michaud 9 years ago

Really like the style, minimalism, and combo of history+modern feel of both uniforms. Love that the pinstripes are text vs. lines. I agree (from an earlier post) that the gray pinstripe uniforms would look nice in blue (as an alternate road uniform)—the script uniform would also look nice reversed (blue and white lettering)

Both would make nice T-Shirt designs. I have a (faded) blue shirt with the Jayhawk written in script (with a large Jayhawk on back) and love wearing it.

Aaron Paisley 9 years ago

The KU Store on the athletics page has both new looks available as T-shirts. I think they're about $25 apiece.

Eric TheCapn 9 years ago

I really hope the gray doesn't catch on. Allen Fieldhouse looks better in crimson and blue, not

Aaron Paisley 9 years ago

I don't mind the gray, but I agree that there color scheme didn't work well on TV. The only change I would make the gray ones is to make the numbers and letters red outlined in white so that it would be easier to read on TV.

Eric TheCapn 9 years ago

The gray look good close up, but not on TV. They make us look like K-State from above; gray is not a school color. Plus, there won't be many games we can get away with wearing such a light color on the road. So, redesign the blue ones (or crimson) if you want—because how you perform is ALL about the jerseys you wear—but stick to school colors.

“Going forward, our uniforms are going to be solely traditional," Self said. Ah yes, traditional KU gray....

Eric Morton 9 years ago

White is not a school color either, yet we have worn it forever. Gray has become an acceptable neutral color in sports.

Eric TheCapn 9 years ago

Basically all home teams wear white, it's kind of our requirement. We didn't even wear the gray ones at home, so now our jerseys are white at home and gray on the road? How does that make sense for KU?

Eric TheCapn 9 years ago

Don't get up the one jersey (road) that CAN be a school color.

Jennifer Nikkila Pressgrove 9 years ago

Aren't K-State's home unis gray? KU will have to have something different for that game.

Aaron Paisley 9 years ago

The gray that KSU wears is a lot darker than the gray ones KU just wore.

Kyle Coffey 9 years ago

I am a huge fan of both the cream and gray colored jerseys. Very old school look, but yet still looks great. The only games that KU will be able to wear the gray jerseys are either at home or on the road at Baylor. They usually wear yellow at home. All of the other games the home team will wear either white or gray colored jerseys. I think Bill will try to get another alternate jersey in there that is blue or possibly red that they can wear on the road as the next home game won't be for another week and a half on the 25th at TCU.

Kyle Coffey 9 years ago

I personally love the 2 new uniforms. Will be tough to wear grays again because Baylor is only team that doesn't wear a white or gray at home. I bet Bill will whip up a blue or red jersey like the grays to wear on the road. The next road game is in a week and a half at TCU on the 25th..

Greg Lux 9 years ago

I guess I am to old for todays fashion .. KU's colors are Crimson and Blue and I personally like Red, White and Blue uniforms. But if they need to use the gray one then I guess I, like a lot of things in todays world, will get use to them.

Tony Bandle 9 years ago


1] Before I express my opinion, I want to hear what Perry Ellis has to say...after all, he is a fashion expert.

2] I am sure the fact that the alternative uni's are from Adidas has nothing to do with them being "georgeous".

3] Actually, to my mind, the alternative away jerseys look silver..which is really cool!!

4] Whenever I ate a good meal at The Wheel, I always left in good spirits as I stumbled up the hill to Stephenson Hall. :)

5] It would have been great if Jo Jo had pulled down Kane's shorts instead of his jersey!!

6] One alternative uniform proposal I would put forward would be to copy Dr.Naismith's first team shirts with a blue block letter KANSAS on the chest.

7] JUST A NOTE. Prior to last night's action, the sum total record of those teams that KU has already played stood at 189 - 60 for a winning percentage of .750 plus!!!

Suzi Marshall 9 years ago

The sum total record of those teans that has beat KU is 57-7 for a winning percentage of 89.1%. All ranked in the top 12. All could have and should have been wins.

By the way. KU's rankings are:

RP! - 1 ESPN's PBI - 4 Pomroy - 9 AP - 15 USA Today Coaches - 18

Looks like Kansas is sitting on a 3 seed with clear hopes of a 2. If we run the table a 1 is still in play.

Jonathan Allison 9 years ago

If we run the table we'll be a #1 seed with a great shot at the overall #1 or #2 if zona doesn't lose. The Big 10 teams should continue to beat eachother up. Zona could win out, but it'll be tough to wear that #1 through a long PAC 12 season. We'd be ahead of an undefeated 'Chita State team based on schedule strength.

Suzi Marshall 9 years ago

Arizona and 'Chita State (SDSU) can very well run the table. 'Cuse will also be a tough team to hold out of the 1 slot. If the Big 10 sends a 3 or 4 loss team to Selection Sunday, they will bet a 1 slot.

The Committee probably learned a lesson with the Zaggs so it will be interesting to see what they do with an undefeated WSU vs a 4 loss Kansas. Wouldn't that set up an interesting situation if we got the 1 and WSU a 2 and placed us both in the MW Regional!

RJ King 9 years ago

'Chita State (SDSU) ???

I think 'Chita State Plastic's abbreviation of Wichita State - shortened by all of one character :-)

Suzi Marshall 9 years ago

very fast typing on my part. I was trying to make the point that if things play out there are 5 solid number 1 options. It would be tough for Kansas to get a 1 this year if things play out as expected...and hoped. If it came down to and undefeated WSU, a one loss SDSU, and a 4 loss KU, who would you think the committe would select? Even if Kansas had a 1 RPI and 3 BPI.

Aaron Paisley 9 years ago

Colorado is not in the top 12 and with them losing Dinwiddie for the year, they probably won't be ranked much longer.

Suzi Marshall 9 years ago

you are right, they dropped like a rock with the Washington loss and Dinwiddle going out. We also went up 8 spots to #10 in today's ESPN new Power Rankings. Putting us firmly on the 3 line, for now.

Cary Ediger 9 years ago

Love the new uniforms, shows the tradition and history of KU.

The "Pay Heed. The game you love began here. Respect those who came before you. Make their legacy your own. Because destiny favors the dedicated. And rings don't replace work. In this game you don't get what you want. You get what you earn. We are Kansas. Together we rise. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!" in the pinstripe lettering is amazing.

Robert Robinson 9 years ago

Sweet! The alternative uniforms are awesome. I love the cream ones

RJ King 9 years ago

I'm only able to watch the Hawks on TV, and I too love the cream! Don't know how they look in person but - the SF Giants also wear cream at home - for whatever reason the color is gorgeous on the tube.

Brandon Mahon 9 years ago

The good thing about Bills comments makes me feel like he will be around for a very very long time. Knock on wood, fingers crossed. I do not mind the regular jerseys, but if the team likes these new ones more and we keep winning than Heck lets do it. I do hope they come out with another jersey, kind of like they did with the Crimson jerseys a few years back especially when Mario, Rush, and Collins were around even a little bit of Taylor and Relefords time. I think a black jersey might be cool, but for sure a blue road throw back. There has only been one uniform i didnt care for and that was the all Dark Blue last season.

Tony Bandle 9 years ago

I'm not sure what Jay ate but due to his involvement with the Defense Dept. and Homeland Security, Jaybate had to drop from this site because, for reasons of National Security, his true identity could not be revealed. Even I, as his personal architectural advisor, have no idea where he has been placed under maximum security conditions.

Suzi Marshall 9 years ago

perhaps Jaybate's real name was Tyler Self.

RJ King 9 years ago

Doubt it. No way Tyler Self had vast inside knowledge of either SM North or SM South circa 1971-'72.

Suzi Marshall 9 years ago

the point being he or she could have been someone close to the program. There were several of those kind of posters. My theory on all that is the KU Athletic Department put the heat on the LJW because too many leaks were coming through the post.

Ryan Houston 9 years ago

I think they should make a Blue version with red lettering of the home uniforms. And use the grays as the alternate.

RJ King 9 years ago

Red on blue (or blue on red) creates an optical illusion of vibrations. Only with VERY thick white outlines - otherwise very uncomfortable to read.

Jonathan Allison 9 years ago

It would at least be better this. But might look a little too gatorish

Aaron Paisley 9 years ago

I like the design of both uniforms, but on the gray ones I would like to see the color scheme on the numbers and letters switched to red outlined in white to make it easier to read the names and numbers on TV. Blue and red versions of each jersey would be cool to see too.

Benz Junque 9 years ago

Cool, I needed a new blue KU shirt. Looking forward to Saturday's game.

Bryce Landon 9 years ago

So where are the red uniforms? I want to see Kansas in red, especially when we go to Allen Fieldhouse West (ERRRRRR) Bramlage Coliseum.

Jonathan Allison 9 years ago

Bill Self has NEVER liked red uniforms

Steve Brown 9 years ago

Love new gray and cream. In very olden times when I was student our home uniforms were blue with Red numbers, made norm and MU wear white. Pizzed him off. Actually that year we never wore white, home or away.

Miguel Colón 9 years ago

Is it wrong that at 40 I am as excited as a child on Christmas day waiting to buy these new uniforms???

Robert Lewis 9 years ago

Not a fan of the alternate jersey's at all. The grey one's especially were awful. I was surprised by HC comments but do understand that the kids like to do 'something a little different' as we all did at that age.

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