Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No. 6-ranked recruit Myles Turner to visit KU for Texas Tech game


Myles Turner, a 6-foot-11 senior center from Trinity High in Euless, Texas, will make an official recruiting visit to Kansas University for next Wednesday’s Senior Night game against Texas Tech, reported today.

He’s ranked No. 6 nationally by reports he also will visit Duke on March 5. Turner is also considering Texas, Kentucky, Oklahoma State, SMU, Arizona and Ohio State.


Sandeep Kalburgie 8 years, 7 months ago

Hmm - I have a strong feeling that he will commit to KU IF and ONLY IF Embiid declares for the draft.

Suzi Marshall 8 years, 7 months ago

"strong feeling" feeling is needed since Self and Turner basically stated that as fact.

Jonathan Allison 8 years, 7 months ago

If that's the case, then I hope that he ends up at SMU.

Mike Crosbie 8 years, 7 months ago

I second that...great to see Larry doing a great job !!!

Erich Hartmann 8 years, 7 months ago

Man, I'd love to see Year2's development of Joel Embiid. Freshman inconsistencies and learning curves are a reality of Div.1 ball, and we've been working our way thru that this season, somehow climbing into the top10 again...but imagine most of this team experienced next year...and we are adding Cliff and Kelly already. While Wiggins is all but gone for sure, we have hope of keeping Embiid & Selden 1 more year...

Jack Wilson 8 years, 7 months ago

Well, Turner would be committing to a place that he would not be guaranteed a starting spot -- Ellis and Alexander as tandem 4s, similar to Jackson and Arthur, could win the day.

Count me as believer that this is a better bet -- unless Embiid and Ellis both turn pro, Turner will not come to KU. Ellis isn't turning pro, so I think Turner is a major, major long shot.

Again, the position thing isn't as important as is the competition for starting post spots. Turner could really feel that KU is the best spot for him, and thus potential playing time competition might be secondary. But barring that, I can't imagine that a top 5 guy comes to a place that there is a 50-50 chance (battling Alexander) that he might not start.

Robert Brock 8 years, 7 months ago

There is no chance that Turner could beat out Cliff for a starting spot. Alexander is the kind of big that Coach Self loves: he battles like crazy for position and he can flat-out rebound! Turner is more of a "finesse" player.

Suzi Marshall 8 years, 7 months ago

Turner is an Austin type finesse player. Alexander is a power player along the TRob line.

Tom Gillaspie 8 years, 7 months ago

Turner and Alexander would not be battling for the same starting spot. Turner is a five and Alexander is a four.

Tom Gillaspie 8 years, 7 months ago

If Embiid does go to the league, Turner will be in a Jayhawk uniform next year. This will be true regardless of Ellis ( who has almost no chance of going to the league this year) and Alexander. This is of course my opinion, but I would bet "some" money on the outcome.
Any bets on White still being a Jayhawk next year? I would say the odds are slim to none.

Jack Wilson 8 years, 7 months ago

I'm always puzzled by folks that continue to think/insist that there is such a significant distinction between the 5 and the 4 with coach Self that simply because one player is a 5, that player would undoubtedly play over a 4 in the post.

As noted above, Self has started two 4s before. We won a national championship doing it. He brought our true 5 (Kaun) off the bench. Self started two 4s, Marcus and Markieff Morris in 2010-11, and he had another 4 (TRob) first off the bench. And in 2006-07, Wright and Arthur played more minutes in the post than Kaun. That season, Kaun averaged 17 minutes a game. Again, two 4s on the floor most of the time. How much more evidence does one need?

Tom, you state it as if Turner would simply come in and the "5" spot would be his, and he would start. History says Self will start the two best post players, regardless of whether you call them a 5 or a 4. Thus my point that Turner would be coming in unsure of having a starting spot, even if Embiid leaves (unless Ellis leaves too, which is unlikely).

Joe Baker 8 years, 7 months ago

HEM- Yes, Self will play the two best posts. He will play 5 without Embiid and some 4 with Embiid. I think wherever he goes it will be a major transition. He needs to look at Embiid and Black's early season starting roles. Black started due to experience. Embiid learned and started later.
I think you send a pretty negative message to kids when you speak in terms of "starting." Starting is totally dependent on the player. If he goes to OSU (either osu), he will still have a learning curve to learn and a huge adjustment to D1 play. When he visits, Wiggins, Embiid, and Selden must get in his hear and explain the whole "starting" crap so that he understands there is really no difference between whether you start or whether you play. PT to me is more important than "starting." Black would go along way to explain his role too as the more "experienced" D1 player on the team at this point too.

Joe Baker 8 years, 7 months ago

(cont.) Wherever Turner lands, he will have to decide if he wants to "start" or log some OJT pt. I'm beginning to question the whole Embiid factor too. If the kid wants to start and Embiid returns, then KU will not be his choice. If he wants to log some pt and learn with Embiid, then KU will be the best option for him. OJT is huge for a kid like Turner. He's young, raw, and like Embiid eager to learn. He wants to be the best big he can become. He needs to weigh each program's success with bigs. He needs to review the history of each program and determine which program is the best of the best. Dook develops bigs, but are they already NBA or did they get developed and trained for the NBA. Dook doesn't have a good rep for bigs. I can't stress this enough about dook. They have a freaking 5' something guard that is coaching their bigs. I've never understood why any big man would want to be developed and coached by a little guard. He's never played post or knows what a big must do to thrive. Parker is not a Turner type big either. Texas and Rick Barnes doesn't develop much either in terms of bigs. The only big that stands out that would influence Turner to Texas in my opinion would be LaMarcus Aldridge. But he was already NBA ready. Barnes just gave him some pt. Aldridge also played with an NBA ready cast at Texas too. I think Turner needs to understand which program has the best chance to develop him and win a championship. Again, Texas hasn't won a B12 championship or a NC with all the talent they've had over the years, even Aldridge and Durant. Barnes isn't a very good coach or program if you're a big looking to develop and not just get pt. I think Ohio St is in the same boat as UT with Thad Matta too. I would copy and paste UT's history of big development. Where is Sullinger? Yeah, Matta did a great job with him. Lastly, Ok St is a joke. Matta has done a Thad bit more than UT. Ford can't recruit or develop a big to save his life. Don't get me started on uk either. I don't have time.
So, if he wants pt, then he can go anywhere he wants and get that immediately. If he wants to be developed by the best of the best, KU is his unbiased choice. I would say that even if I wasn't a KU homer. I think it's fact.

Joe Baker 8 years, 7 months ago

My take on Turner is easy and not desperate. I say with Embiid, our chances are 50/50 and without Embiid, at least 99.99%. I guess for all the pundits, nothing is for sure. And for the realist or skeptics, you might say they see Embiid leaving and KU missing on Turner. I'd say that's a bit too negative and you haven't been reading much on his recruiting. But this is D1 recruiting and anything is possible.

Tom Gillaspie 8 years, 7 months ago

Valid points on Self playing the best 5 man rotation. However, the definition for Self has (and I assume always will be) been defense. When playing two fours, and using the scenarios you refer to, the key is they could play defense inside and outside. So far, Perry is questionable on the inside and pretty horrible on the outside. Cliff and Myles are total unknowns at this point. Whether Myles would start, I still believe he would play a lot of minutes. Self has shown he will go away from two "fours" when defensive ability dictates.

Jack Wilson 8 years, 7 months ago

Good posts .. appreciate the dialogue here.

Joe: Clearly, no doubt, Self prefers to have a pure 5 like Withey, Aldrich, and Embiid. So if that is the best option, he'd play a pure 5.

Where I perhaps separate a bit is the idea that any top 5 dude, likely OAD would consciously decide to go somewhere where he might not start -- whether it's Kansas, Duke, or the Garden of Eden.

I think sometimes we (all of us) get caught up in the aura of Kansas. Aldrich, Withey, Kaun -- three centers under Self. Who's the NBA starter there?

The starting thing is not "crap." Look who plays all the minutes now. PT is directly related to starting. The starters play the most minutes. I would totally buy in if Turner were rated #25 and was a three year player. But this is most likely his one year shot.

Tom: I agree that defense is a big deal for Self. But we have our two weakest defensive players as starters right now, correct (Tharpe and Ellis). Other things go into "starting", and trump defense. I would just suspect this -- Ellis will start. And then if we got both Alexander and Turner, the better overall player would start.

Ok then, Tom, you said you'd bet -- how about this: I'll change my avatar to anything you want me to change it to for a month if Embiid leaves, Ellis stays, and Turner does come to KU. But if in that same scenario, Turner goes elsewhere, I pick your avatar. Deal?

Tom Gillaspie 8 years, 7 months ago

Okay Jack, it's a deal. But, the avatar can't be anything even remotely related to Mizery. So, if Embiid leaves and Ellis stays, and Turner doesn't pick KU - where does he go? I can't imagine Duke with Okafor already signed - OK State, not historically a great place for bigs (especially in recent times), Ohio State, Texas, Kensucky, SMU? It will be interesting to see how it all plays out, as usual. My preference and "dream" is that Joel decides to stay another year and the Turner issue becomes moot.

Vernon Riggs 8 years, 7 months ago

And before anyone says it, Ellis is not a #3...not in HCBS's high/low offense. At Kansas the #3 is closer to a #2 in style.

Aaron Paisley 8 years, 7 months ago

My gut says Embiid comes back next and Turner and Mudiay make for a great duo for Larry Brown at SMU next year. Nothing to back up those claims, just my gut feeling.

Dirk Medema 8 years, 7 months ago

Would love to see Larry get both, on top of some good recruits and beginning to win already.

Oh, and would love to see Jo back for another year of conditioning and development of more subtleties of post-play. I think the recent injury timeout may have influenced that even more than looking at the long term development of others that have left school early.

Either way, we are going to be absolutely loaded again next year, when we gain RS Hunter Mickelson.

Waylon Cook 8 years, 7 months ago

I love Larry Brown always will but I'd Danny get some of that wealth. Larry is not one you want to face. The old man will go out with another title.

Jonathan Allison 8 years, 7 months ago

There's no new article to mention to start a new conversation on, so I'll post it here.

Texas and Iowa State took care of business last night against Baylor and WVU to remain mathematically alive in the quest to tie KU atop the standings.

ISU goes @KSU and Texas @OU on Saturday. I fully expect though that we will finish off an OSU team who is playing for their tourney lives with nothing to lose. We could very well finish the regular season 16-2 while the pack starts trickling in at 12-6. If so, then what was once a tight conference race would look like a runaway for KU.

OSU's remain schedule goes vs KU, vs KSU, @ ISU. If they manage to drop all three they finish 6-12 in the league which is most likely good for 7th place.

Gerry Butler 8 years, 7 months ago

as much as I am a huge hawk fan, and I'm not trying to be negative, but my thoughts are a little opposite. the reason being is multiple reasons. lets start with okie state knowing they have work to do to make the tourney, so they really get after it even more, its game day in Stillwater, marcus has just returned a couple of games ago, its KU ( you know how everybody gets up for us ) they don't want us to win the title outright at their place. I just feel its going to take a very strong effort for us to get THIS one, not sayin we are gonna suck but I think there is just a lot of motivational factors n place for okie state THIS GAME, and I don't think K State is gonna go in there either and beat the cowboys, o I think they will win two of heir last three games in conference and I think we wrap it up against tech at allen GO HAWKS

Sam Brockert 8 years, 7 months ago

So he is going to visit Duke AND KU on the same day? Is he Superman? Or is wrong? BEcause the last I checked the Texas Tech game was on March 5th.

Glen Miller 8 years, 7 months ago

Duke has Okafor going there. Turner isn't going to be going to Duke I wouldn't think.

Rob Bedford III 8 years, 7 months ago

Turner would have less competition at Duke than he would at KU.

Gerry Butler 8 years, 7 months ago

I don't think we need to worry, if anybody actually is about getting turner, I fully expect jo jo to come back as he has stated that he is not sure if he was ready or not, plus his little mini slide he was going thru, for a bit I think he realizes he needs to get stronger for the NBA actually a lot stronger (exp) what ridley done to him tossed him to the floor like a rag doll. but having said that I think all he needs to do is read JERRY'S WEST'S statement that he made saying how he thinks the class of 2014 NBA draft is weak. I read this on zagsblog this morning saying that there are NBA clubs that are struggling and they take these players, the one and dones thinking they can carry their franchises turn them around and its not happening said it takes players 2 to 3 yrs to get accustomed to the NBA better players are the ones who are 3-4 year college players, it talks about the only one he thinks is worth looking at is craig mcd, from Creighton so maybe he needs to take heed, a little advice from a NBA hall of famer and stay and develop yet a little more, hence we don't need to worry if turner is coming or not

Tony Bandle 8 years, 7 months ago


1] Strictly from a personal basketball development stand point, Myles best move would be to come to Kansas WITH Cliff, Perry AND Jo Jo all on the roster and practice everyday against these monsters......of course, that will never happen.

2] I fully expect Cliff to be re-evaluated as the final #1 for the class of 2014 giving KU a two year streak, much to Calimari's irritation.

3] Any word on how Lyle was impressed by his visit...or did seeing "0" and "10" out there convince him to go elsewhere.

4] A lot of people will be awaiting Jo Jo's decision including Lyle [ possibly be on a NC team] Turner [will there be PT for me?] and AWIII [where am I playing next year?].

5] I looked around Saturday and found no evidence of anything starting on the new building for "The Rules".......what's the scoop?

6] Wayne needs to come back for several reasons, the obvious ones include working on his game and shooting, but a more subtle one is that, with Andrew gone, he will get a larger share of the exposure thus enhancing his prospects.

7] Not a Jayhawk's take but from a fan's standpoint, the ideal Midwest Regional would be KANSAS, CREIGHTON, ST.LOUIS UNIVERSITY and WICHITA STATE.....with KU playing WSU and SLU playing Creighton in the semis........wouldn't that be great drama!!

Aaron Paisley 8 years, 7 months ago

I don't think Lyle's decision is dependent upon JoJo. I believe Andrew White transferring is the condition of Lyle coming here. I believe Lyle is supposed to announce during his spring break next month and if he picks KU, that will be a very strong sign that White will transfer.

Turner's decision is based on Embiid as Self allegedly told Turner awhile back.

Tony Bandle 8 years, 7 months ago

Certainly finding a place on the roster takes precedence but, sorry, I think Lyle's decision might indeed be dependent on Jo Jo.....if he comes back, our chances at a NC skyrocket. maybe Lyle would like to be part of that. Also, don't forgot, he has Cliff Alexander in his ear as well.

Jack Wilson 8 years, 7 months ago

Aaron .. So why would White transferring matter with Lyle? I'm curious. If it's scholarships available, of course, don't let that be a concern. Scholarships magically appear when needed.

My guess: If Lyle comes here, Self really believes the guy will play and is better than rotation guys now. It may also indicate that Selden is leaving. Meaning, we could have a 1-2 rotation of Tharpe/Mason/Lyle, with Oubre/Greene at the 3. If Selden returns and Lyle inks, then that sheds great light on Self's opinion of Tharpe/Mason vs. Lyle, I would think.

But I don't think Lyle comes. I didn't even mention Frankamp. We're too crowded. And Lyle won't know Selden's status when he is to decide in March. I'm sure he wants to come here, but the massive competition seems like a deterrent (as it was his stated reason for decommitting from Louisville).

Aaron Paisley 8 years, 7 months ago

Let me start by saying that I don't believe either Lyle or Turner is coming to KU.

Now let's look at the current scholarship situation. KU has used all 13 of its scholarships this year.

Naadir Tharpe (JR) Wayne Selden (FR) Andrew Wiggins (FR) Perry Ellis (SO) Joel Embiid (FR) Frank Mason (FR) Tarik Black (SR) Jamari Traylor (SO) Brannen Greene (FR) Connor Frankamp (FR) Landen Lucas (FR) Andrew White (SO) Hunter Mickelson (SO)

Andrew Wiggins and Tarik Black are the two players we know are leaving after this year and Kelly Oubre is basically taking Wiggins scholarship and Cliff Alexander is basically taking Tarik Black's scholarship. As of right now, KU has 13 scholarship players committed for next season with 2 more 5 star players interested. Myles Turner has been quoted as saying that Bill Self told him to wait and see about Embiid declaring which leads to me believe that Turner coming to KU is directly tied to Joel Embiid's future. If that is true, then that would mean Lyle's KU fate is in someone elses hands. As you said, scholarships have a way of magically appearing when someone commits. The question then becomes where would that scholarship come from? If Self did tell Turner that Turner's scholarship offer to KU is conditional upon Joel Embiid leaving, then that would mean that a Jaquan Lyle scholarship offer is conditional on someone other than Embiid leaving. The question now is who are the logical choices to open up that other scholarship? Realistically, there are two choices out there. Wayne Selden going pro which seems a lot less likely at this point in the season than it did a few months ago. The second one is someone transferring out and Andrew White is the logical choice there as he was a pretty well regarded player (top 50ish) and is currently 3rd on the depth chart at his position and 9th in the perimeter rotation which basically equals garbage time minutes. What about KU's roster indicates anything changing about that next year? To me, there's nothing that says White won't still be the 3rd wing and 9th in the perimeter rotation. Lack of projected playing time is a pretty common reason for players to transfer out and Andrew White right now doesn't project to get many minutes again next year either. Andrew White is a good enough player to start for 95% of teams out there, but unfortunately for him, KU appears to be in that 5% right now.

Let me end by saying again that I don't believe that Lyle or Turner end up coming to KU because the timing of Lyle's announcement doesn't mesh very well with what we know about KU's returning players next year and as I said in a post above, my gut says that Embiid will be back next year for one more season.

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