Tuesday, April 8, 2014

College basketball coaches adapt Jayhawks’ go-to play

Kansas guard Mario Chalmers hoists a three-pointer over Memphis guard Derek Rose with seconds remaining in the second half of the national championship Monday, April 7, 2008, at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

Kansas guard Mario Chalmers hoists a three-pointer over Memphis guard Derek Rose with seconds remaining in the second half of the national championship Monday, April 7, 2008, at the Alamodome in San Antonio.


The play that resulted in Mario Chalmers’ overtime-inducing three-point basket in Kansas University’s 2008 NCAA title-game victory over Memphis now is referred to as “America’s Play.”

ESPN announcer Fran Fraschilla devised that term for KU coach Bill Self’s “Chop” play — one that was featured on Monday in a story at

Deadspin pointed out that coaches all over the country have been using Chop as their go-to play when a three is needed and time is running down. Deadspin cited Creighton, Syracuse, Wichita State, Oklahoma State and Kentucky as some of the teams that have used Chop in recent memory.

“It has a hallowed place in college basketball’s virtual playbook,” Fraschilla said, as quoted by Deadspin.

In case one has forgotten the most effective Chop play ever ... Sherron Collins dribbled down-court, headed to the right of the key and flipped over to Chalmers who cashed the game-tying shot up top vs. Memphis.

“We made it up,” Self told the Journal-World Monday, asked about the creation of the play.

“It was in 2006 or ’07. We were trying to figure out as many options as we could to score on a play to give us as many three-point options as possible. That’s what we came up with. I remember the first day we put it in. I’m like, ‘Well, gawd-dang, this works,’” Self added.

Asked about the play showing up in game plans all over the land, Self said: “I haven’t heard what anybody is calling it or anything like that. I would think a lot of people run some form of it, yes.”

Asked why it was named “Chop,” Self said: “You could say we did it for the Kansas City Chiefs (tomahawk chop).”

Seriously ... “We make our calls (signals) above our shoulder. We were running out of calls. It was the one thing left. We said, ‘Give the chop sign,’” Self said.

For an in-depth look at KU’s Chop play, read the Deadspin story here.

No announcement yet: KU freshman center Joel Embiid has not yet announced whether he will return to KU or declare for the 2014 NBA Draft.

“When Jo feels comfortable, he’ll give an answer,” Self said, offering no immediate timetable.

Yahoo Sports’ lead NBA writer, Adrian Wojnarowski, reported on March 27 that sources indicated Embiid would be entering his name in the 2014 Draft. Four days later, Self said Embiid had not made up his mind. Wojnarowski has not backed off his story.

If Embiid does declare for the draft, there is one elite high school big man prospect still available. Myles Turner, 6-11 from Trinity High in Euless, Texas, is considering KU, Texas, Oklahoma State and others.’s No. 6-rated player said he hopes to announce a decision date shortly after the Jordan Brand Classic on April 18 in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Henry surgeries set: Former KU guard Xavier Henry of the Los Angeles Lakers will undergo a pair of surgeries Friday to repair wrist and knee injuries, the Los Angeles Times reported Monday. Dr. Steven Shin will repair the torn ligament in Henry’s left wrist, and Dr. Steve Lombardo will perform arthroscopic surgery on the right knee, the paper indicated, giving no timetable on recovery time.

Henry averaged 10 points in 21 minutes per game this past season. A free agent in July, Henry tells the Times he wants to return to the Lakers. This was his breakout season after playing sparingly in Memphis and New Orleans his first three years in the league.

This, that: College basketball coaches are allowed to hit the road this weekend in pursuit of players in the recruiting Class of 2015. ... KU’s basketball banquet is a week from tonight. ... Self will hold a two-day KC-area youth basketball camp for boys and girls grades 1-12 on Aug. 2 and 3 at Shawnee Mission West. For information go to


Suzi Marshall 8 years, 8 months ago

The play should be called "The Selfie."

Tharpe would be able to demonstrate all the variations of a Selfie.

Todd Jones 8 years, 8 months ago

It's time to come to grips with the Bill Self era. We will win lots of Big12 titles and suck in the tourney, while a team such as UCONN wins more titles in 15 years than we can over our existence. I would much rather win 4 NC's in 15 years than 10 BIG12 titles. It's time for a change.

Luca Rossi 8 years, 8 months ago

Its time to come to grips that you are simply ridiculous. Do you really believe the words you type or are you just trying to stir things up? What are you even saying? Slap yourself in the face please.

In case you have forgotten, in KU's last 15 years: - They have made the tournament every single year. In fact, they have the longest active streak of NCAA appearances with 25. - Since '01 the worst seed they have had is a 4 seed! - In the last 15 years KU has had 1 NC, 2 Runner Ups, Another year in the final four, and three other years finishing in the elite 8.
- Our team has continuously lost great talent early to the NBA, is constantly losing coaches to other jobs, and despite the numerous times we've been picked to finish 2nd, 3rd, etc. in our conference preseason, our team have outperformed the expectations of the "experts" and still won the conference.

Of course we want to win the title every year but that's not realistic. I am a proud KU fan and love that our team is in a position to make a run for a national championship every single year despite all the obstacles we have to overcome. That's a great feeling that 95% of the schools in America do not have the luxury of.

In the end, I'm sure there's room on the UCONN bandwagon if you want to jump ship, seriously, give it some thought.

Todd Jones 8 years, 8 months ago

UCONN- 4 NC...KU 1. I'm saying I want 3 more NC...pretty simple.

Linda Johnson 8 years, 8 months ago

I agree with you Luca. Bill Self remains one of the top recruiters in the country. The reason KU continuously loses great talent to the NBA is because KU has had great talent. It's hard for kids to pass up the NBA income and opportunities. Not all come from backgrounds which allows them to take their time getting to the NBA. Heading to the NBA early is simply the best choice for them. That's something to consider when whining about the one and dones. They still chose to play at KU and did so for a reason. Bill Self can stay forever as far as I'm concerned.

Shane Johnston 8 years, 8 months ago

It is not "time for a change." My goodness national championships matter more than the other stuff, but there is a lot of other stuff that matters.

I suppose it's time to stop lying to ourselves and rename the Booth Hall of Athletics the Booth Hall of Failures. If it's not a national championship it might as well be a participation medal. Clear out all the cases. One case with championships and nothing else. "Sorry folks, not much to see here. Just one display case in an otherwise empty room. Come back in 50 years and we'll have another case with a few more trophies to show you. Don't want to waste your time with Naismith's scribbles and a bunch of conference championships. We could show you some old jerseys and cute final four pictures. There's some neat academic accomplishments we could tell you about, but we don't want to waste your time if you've come to see greatness. Have you been to Connecticut?"

Gerry Butler 8 years, 8 months ago

uh HELLO? I know you are not SERIOUS? REALLY?. lol, have you been to see the doctor lately? would you like for me to set up an appointment for you? there is help you know? you just need to rest. CHANGE? CHANGE? CHANGE? REALLY? OMG so tell me EXACTLY how long is it that you have been on the bandwagon? I know in your perfect wotld, we would NEVER lost the big 12 right? we would NEVER lose in the big 12 tourney right? we would NEVER lose A GAME RIGHT? we would ALWAYS win the NCAA'S right? hate to tell you sparky things just don't work that way. but I tell you what, why don't you run down to campus, ask to talk to the athletic director and tell him its time for a change, and your the PERFECT candidate for the job. I'm SURE hey will cancel ALL the rest of his appt's call coach self in and fire him on the spot AND hire you ALL in the same day, hey there would be something to write home about. do I know how ridiculous my post sounds? UH YA. the REAL question is, do you know how ridiculous your post is. that's has to be the top of crazy of cracy's post I've ever seen REALLY? step slowly away from the caffiene

Rodney Crain 8 years, 8 months ago

Todd you are right when it come to recent National Championships KU does not compare to CT. A lot of posters on here are very happy and proud of what our team has accomplished and the way they have done it. So you will not find many who will like your post.

If you look strictly at the pinnacle of achievement, which the NCAA's are in the sport, we have not performed as well as many other programs, as far as winning championships in the last 20 years. Although consistent in our winning ways, we are also very consistent of failing to take advantage of great teams and opportunities we have had to win more championships. Most of the posters on here will point to other areas as positives that you should look at and be happy with. Although these all have value they will not ease your concerns about why we do not get to the final four more often and win the whole thing when we are there. All I can offer you is this, your concerns are valid, just do not expect most of the people on here to agree. Most folks on here are just fine with the way things are and if we win it all, so be it. If we don't well it was just not our year, again. I am not one of those, there are many others who agree with us. Take solace in knowing that you are right to wonder why we think we are great while other programs win the most important tournament each year much more often then we have. I prefer to deal in reality and if you do that you come to the same conclusion we just are not very good at getting to the final four or winning the tournament.

How to fix that? I think we need better guards on our teams, especially point guards. If you look at successful teams in the tournament great guard play is a constant throughout the champions. If you look at just this years final four, each team had good to great guards. Without at least good guards that value the ball, and make good decisions your chances of getting to the final four are going to be slim to none.

Luca Rossi 8 years, 8 months ago

"If you look strictly at the pinnacle of achievement, which the NCAA's are in the sport, we have not performed as well as many other programs, as far as winning championships in the last 20 years."

Ok Rodney, so lets have a quick history lesson. Since Bill Self has been at Kansas, only THREE other schools have won more NCs than KU. That's UCONN, Florida, and UNC. That's all, just three. If you go back to the 20 year mark, which does not have anything to do with Bill Self, you can add two more programs to the list (Kentucky and Duke).

So if you want to slant things towards the negative again, go ahead, but the truth is that there aren't "many other programs" that are more successful than KU has been. There are only a slim few. However, when you look at the entire body of work too, which includes conference championships, wins, etc. which DO matter to many of us fans too, KU stands pretty darn close to the top. That's why many of us are happy with our coach and continue to support our team as they bust their butts on the practice court, in the weight room, and in school to bring home the next title.

Rodney Crain 8 years, 8 months ago

Luca as you tend to do you miss the point on numerous levels. First where in my post do I reference Self? No where. Also I only agree with Todd on how we compare with CT. Thats two blatant misses. Since you bring up the other two programs that have more NC in the last 20 years, you are right. KU is a distant 5th with all the other 1 NC teams. So we are not near the top in regards to National Championships in the last 20 years, miss 3. Who said anything about winning it ever year? You also end up proving my points about citing all the things we do well. Luca my post was as clear I could make it and you go off on numerous tangents and defend Self, whom I said nothing about. I am agreeing that CT has won more NC than us and I saying that there are way too many posters on here who think that is ok because we do so many other things well. Thanks for the history lesson, I already knew all of this by the way, but you are upset at all the wrong things. Now if you think I am wrong that we need better guards to win in the NCAA's, or that those other teams have won more NC in the past 20 years, go for it, but history and facts will be on my side. We have wasted way too many chances, with way too many great teams. Look that up if you want another history lesson. You will not like what you see there either.

Walter Bridges 8 years, 8 months ago

This was a major topic of discussion in a LJW article just a few days ago:

Instead of repeating, the subject was thoroughly dissected with two major thoughts of view emerging., so if interested, swallow the red or blue pill and check it out.

Rodney Crain 8 years, 8 months ago

Walter the red pills taste like cherry! :))

Erich Hartmann 8 years, 8 months ago

Todd Jones is green with envy. If KY won, then Todd Jones would be green with envy over Kentucky's (3rd) NC since 1998. Oh, lets not forget if UNC won it this year, Todd Jones would be envious over UNCs 3rd NC in 10years!! Grass is always greener elsewhere, Jones, isnt it? Are you a toddler? "I want 3" "I want 4" "I want..." "I want...". Grow up, and analyze what kind of team we had and realize season-long problems felled us. There was BETTER basketball than KU being played in the Final4 and even Elite8. Maybe we had a chance at a F4 with Embiid, but not without him, and surely not the way our sub-Selfstandards guardplay was. It will all get better. But the toddler-mentality needs to wait, wait, wait. "Mommy, but I'm tired of waiting...". (laughter)

Rodney Crain 8 years, 8 months ago

To be honest Erich you kind of sound like the immature one with that post.

Joe Baker 8 years, 8 months ago

Thank you Rodney. People get uneasy when you challenge their traditional thought process. It's time people pull their head out of the sand and start looking to reality. NO MALICE.

Scott Yessen 8 years, 8 months ago

I thought this was the year we would play around a bit. It was obvious we weren't a man to man team, but we still stuck to it and thus kept shooters off the floor.

On a side note, great guard play once again wins the national championship.

Beau Woolsey 8 years, 8 months ago

Only 6 years removed from a championship I truly believe we will win one in the next two years. I said next three years last year, we had a great recruiting class and great kids are still coming. On other news I heard John Cal was laker bound, just a rumor, but it makes sense and would mean a huge exodus of talent from UK allowing KU to catch up on win total and maybe nab some recruits and win some rings.

Jonathan Allison 8 years, 8 months ago

"only 6 years removed from a championship"

This is important to remember. Sure it seems like UConn wins every 5 years. But before 99 they had none. Kansas has won back to back, but that was 60 years ago.

Our program is great, but we need to progress into a program that plays well in the tourney. Part of it is personnel. We love our guys to be humble, coachable players who want to please their coaches and fan base, but we need some guys who just don't give a rip. They just want to win, and don't care if they mess up out there and the coaches yell at them and we jump all over them online. At the same time. The coaches need to foster a locker room where players are comfortable, not scared, and can play with some freedom.

We can be a program that wins championships on the regular, but we're going to have to lose a lot more games along the way. We're going to have to look mediocre at times. We're going to have to accept that we won't win the Big 12 every year, and that we may lose our record streak of consecutive tourney invites.

Can the fan base handle it? Or will it incite the angry mob calling for Self's ouster? Fans and alumni claiming that Self has destroyed a once proud program. But look at our history. You have to go all the way back to Phog Allen to find the program better off than it is since Self took over the job. Fans claim that we could have any great coach in the country that we want. But look at what's happened to UCLA after Wooden, and what happened to UNC after Dean Smith? Indiana after Knight? We'd be foolish to fire our record setting coach. All he's done is win the Big 12 in ten of eleven seasons, averaging just under 30 wins per season, made two final fours, won a national title, put tons of players into the NBA, kept the program clean of NCAA violations, maintained an excellent academic record, just to name a few.

But we need to keep our coach accountable. We need to question him. We need to charge him to maintain excellence and improve, because he can improve. Our program can improve. It's evident by past performances in the madness. There's a systemic problem that our teams tend to defeat themselves with poor play when the stakes are high. A systemic issue can be fixed. Our teams should not routinely play poorly when the pressure is on. If we play well and we lose, then we can lose with pride. But it hurts to lose knowing that we should have won.

Rock Chalk Bill Self! Let's fix this thing and win some rings

Joe Baker 8 years, 8 months ago

We've been saying win some rings for the last 2-3 years now. We had BMac and we expected a NC. We got Wiggins and we expected a ring. We got Xavier and we expected a we have Oubre and Alex, possibly Turner or Embiid, and we expect to win a ring. I'm getting so tired of getting my hopes dashed because someone doesn't seem to understand how to utilize all that talent. The 2008 team was a great model. If anyone knows where our 2008 coach went, please ask him to come back. We need him to win, no more excuses.

Brian Mellor 8 years, 8 months ago

Before 2008 they were saying win some rings for the last 20 years, if you'll recall.

Didn't see much difference, personally, between the 2008 coach and this coach. Trouble is, wasn't the 2008 team. It was the 2006 team.

I'm curious, do some of you realize how whiny, spoiled, and entitled you sound? You don't just want rings, you want MOAR rings than anybody else ever. It's almost like the only thing that matters is your d@#$-waving contests with other team's fan-bases on the ESPN boards.

Sports sure brings out the worst in some people.

Todd Jones 8 years, 8 months ago

Could not agree more.. that's all I was saying.

Walter Bridges 8 years, 8 months ago

Kansas has NEVER won back to back NCAA Championships.

Joe Baker 8 years, 8 months ago

Calipari has learned that he can't handle the pros. He's found his nitch in college and he has a great program at uk. Why jeopardize it?

Jonathan Allison 8 years, 8 months ago

but surely Cal has improved since he's been coach at Memphis and UK. And look at all of the players that he's sent to the NBA draft.

Maybe he's learned that he CAN handle the pros.

Beau Woolsey 8 years, 8 months ago

The rumor comes from Rex Chapman who is a pretty big UK alum. Lakers refuted the statement but also said that they were still going with Mike D'antoni as head coach, which seeing as every player on that team hates him and wants him out id say he's as good as gone.

Jonathan Allison 8 years, 8 months ago

Interesting rumor, but it seems like it's the same thing every other year with Cal.

The Bulls are calling, the Nets are calling, The Celtics, The Lakers, The Knicks.

I'll believe it when I see it.

Jonathan Allison 8 years, 8 months ago

A very good read about the Chop play on Deadspin. Last year or the year before I remember someone had written a blog about the play and diagrammed the first few options of it pretty well using video clips.

This new article shows clips of about a half dozen other teams running the play. With some good quotes from Dooley about how they created the play and how it evolved.

I especially like the ending about Travis Ford attempting the Chop against Kansas in this years conference tourney game, "It was an unwitting sort of homage. It was also an act of brazen folly, something like attempting a rearward maneuver against Napoleon." Apparently Matt Giles has taken some of Jaybate's notes?

Joe Baker 8 years, 8 months ago

“When Jo feels comfortable, he’ll give an answer,” Self said, offering no immediate timetable.

I guess if he feels this way, KU and HCBS will get what they ask. We'll be left with what we have inside along with a highly questionable point guard. Self is going to jack around and handicap himself for next year too, if it's not already happened. Gawd, his comments and decisions just keep getting better and better by the day. He's gone from a poor tourney performance to a uncertain year. Once again, KU is being ranked preseason around 8-9. I guess he's putting his ducks in the Selden, Oubre, and Alex bucket. I guess you can throw in Ellis, Traylor, Lucas and maybe Mickelson too. I have no idea about Mickelson, just his Arkansas stats. We did it this year with Wigs and we got that title, but no NC.

I would simply have Embiid make a decision already. Tell him we have to move forward with plans. We obviously don't know any of the circumstances, but this is too long. Many have declared, what's his problem? Just come back or declare. How hard can it be to make this decision? It's definitely not fair to Turner who many believe is waiting for Embiid. I wouldn't blame Turner if he committed elsewhere.

I'm pretty pissed about last night and watching UConn and UK play in the NC game. I do take some relief that UConn won. I didn't watch too much, but glanced at times to see the score.

Erich Hartmann 8 years, 8 months ago

Joe, first take a deep breath. 3 points to consider, and you'll realize your post was like a silly childish whining, because you were not analytical:

Point 1: 2008 team had several MickeyDs, and near MickeyDs: Rush, Arthur, Chalmers, Aldrich, Sherron, Robinson...+ developed role guys like Kaun, Jackson, Stewart. How much experience did they have, losing in the E8 to UCLA the year before. How was their D, and how'd they do vs. zones?

Point 2: 2013 team had MickeyDs, and near McDs: Wiggins, Selden, Ellis...Embiid...and some 30-50 guys (White, Greene, Black) who were all 1yr guys. How much experience? What was their FG% defensive stat? And how'd they do against zones?

Every dedicated, knowledgeable KU fan knows Self's system takes 2-3 yrs to master. Did you watch all the games, shoulda seen it coming, friend.

Point 3: Would you say all your same comments about Syracuse, FL, WSU, KY, MichState, Louisville, Arizona...and call out their coaches also? Get a perspective. Syracuse was playing great ball for much of the season, then faded. FL was solid ALL season, then got outplayed by the matchups vs. UConn. WSU couldnt beat a hot KY team, but how could WSU's season have gone any better prior to that game? KY--> heck, they were a downright disaster all season, going from 1st to out of top25. Only put it together for a Tourney run. Why dont you say something bad about Arizona? Didnt even make the Final4, eh? Now the kicker: KU lost 3 of its last 6 games...I'm sure you've heard thru the years, that is not a good sign? Self teams averaging over 30wins the last 6yrs...but this team got 25 W's, is all...DOES THAT TELL YOU SOMETHING? 2008Champs had 37wins...even if they lost to Davidson, they'd have 35wins...still 10 more than your 2013 team. Please, please, please understand the analytical and statistical differences between the two. 2013 was an unfinished Self product, no way you can expect it to perform like the 2008Champs.

Walter Bridges 8 years, 8 months ago

Great points but as you say (and I agree) that it takes 2-3 or 4 for some (including red shirt players), why recruit OAD freshman to a team already young? I and I'm sure most will be surprised happily if Embiid stays and only Wiggins heads to the NBA but it easily could have been 3 leaving with 3 more OADs coming in?

We just passed on a top 25 shooting guard (I know it's not what we needed most), we have several top 50 players making marginal contributions, if any, on the bench and they seem to be the type of players Self has had so much success with in the past...this to me is a change Self is purposely making.

Time for a change in HCBS...absolutely not - BUT - I think the identity of the program is changing. I prefer building over assembling and hope that is what we get back to.

Anyways, enjoyed the post Erich.

Jonathan Allison 8 years, 8 months ago

Rush and Arthur were both once though to be potential OAD players, same with Julian Wright who went 2AD in '07. Rush was 2AD until he tore his ACL just weeks prior to the NBA draft in '07. Bill Self has always recruited potential OADs. He's always recruited presumed OADs as well, but he's just now starting to land them more frequently.

Robert Robinson 8 years, 8 months ago

I don't post on here often but today I have too. All you guys in here crying and whining and calling for a change. You act like a NC is your birthright. Like its so easy. Calm down. Bill Self is the best you're gonna get. I understand it sucks to lose. There are probably 63 other schools crying right now too. I hope Self doesn't read all your rants because if you run him out I think you'll be in for a rude awakening. Yes, a lot of people thought we may win it all. A lot of people probably thought UK, WSU or Florida would win it all. Probably not a whole lot of people thought UCONN would win it all. See a trend here? Its the National Championship Tournament. What you think you know means nothing, the best team doesn't always win, buck up son. Put on you Rock Chalk shirt and begin the way too long off season

Brian Mellor 8 years, 8 months ago

Amen. I see no problem with legitimate observations of places improvement can be made, but so much of it is just like a flippin' toddler, pointing at another child's shiny toy and crying that they want it.

Ian Emerson 8 years, 8 months ago

Agreed Robert. So tired of everyone whining and complaining every time we with the conference and then lose in the tournament. Fair weather fans indeed.

Joe Baker 8 years, 8 months ago

Robert, thanks for being the voice of reason and understanding. Unfortunately, some of the misunderstood board rats obviously don't know what I tried to say. They read face value. NO where in my post did I ever say, "get rid of Self." I love the attacks on points or facts that most know are legit. But, most come on the board and read someone's OPINIONS and overreact.

The only point which I will totally agree with is his first few words to "take a deep breath." That may be the best part of his entire post. I for one LOVE HCBS. I am really disappointed he wasn't able to turn the Stanford game around, that's all. Maybe I absolutely failed in saying that little piece of information.

I find it interesting that "dedicated KU fans" are happy with throwing facts, irrelevant stats, and other team's failures at you when trying to justify KU's performance year after year. NOBODY, can deny Self's record and accomplishments. If you were truly informed and wanted to attack someone ERICH, try reading some of my other posts. YES, I agree that it takes 2-3 years to learn Self's system, but it still doesn't explain some of the failure. There is next year and I'm waiting yet once again with great anticipation what Self will do with what he's going to have.

So, whatever this post is worth (absolutely nothing), you can be content with two NCs in the last 20 years and 10 conf titles, as will I, but I for one dedicated KU fan will always have my eye on the real prize. Lastly, I for one know, HCBS absolutely knows how to win games. Hence, this is why my frustration of seasons where he abosolutely falls short as a coach in games. Attack posts that fail to meet your contented glasses, and one day, you'll see my points. Some of us are a bit more dedicated than others? Here's to a great day for JoJo and an even better year next year my misguided board rats. But, if it makes you feel or look better, please feel free to attack and name call when you deem necessary Mellor.

NO whining, cheese, or toys here. Just plain old observations that are void of any statistical information. Those stats are getting old and all too common. As our good friend Jaybate often says, NO MALICE at all, just observations.

Kurt Eskilson 8 years, 8 months ago

And if anyone is truly feeling jealous of UConn and UK this season, do you still remember how they did in the post-season LAST year? So their current string of being in the NCAA Tourney is what … One? Look at the Big Picture, people. That said, can KU improve? Sure! Do I still expect Coach Self to get it done? Absolutely! Does it require Kool-Aid to feel that way? I think not.

Beau Woolsey 8 years, 8 months ago

Cal leaving would make sense to me I could see him doing a great job with the lakers. Brad Stevens showed a lot of promise with the celtics I won't be surprised at all if cal jumps ship for the lakers.

Tony Bandle 8 years, 8 months ago

Let's see..300 Div. 1 basketball teams, 100 Div 1 football teams, 30 MLB teams, 32 NFL teams, 30 NHL teams, 30 NBA teams...that's a total of 522 teams vying for 6 championship spots equals odds of about 1:87. [I know, I know..the math is convulated but I'm just trying to make a point].

The point is every year, virtually everyone is disappointed.

The measure of a season is looking at the journey itself..isn't getting to the Final Four better than losing in the first round? Isn't winning your conference better than finishing last in your conference??. Isn't winning a NL or AL league championship better than not making the playoffs?

Outside of life and death, there are few absolutes. Maybe we should all try a little harder to enjoy the shades of grey.

Joe Baker 8 years, 8 months ago

I think you might have a good point, lol. Sounds good anyway.

Eric TheCapn 8 years, 8 months ago

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Kent Kossoy 8 years, 8 months ago

Well Connecticut students really showed class in their celebration. Ye, i would prefer to win more national championships. But I also would prefer to pass on one and done'rs. I do not think that they have added to our total count. Of the four, or possibly three, only Embiid was a significant addition. Even Wiggins, still lost on his great scoring effort. Neither Selby or Henry added much. If you take out the three, our records would not be much different. And maybe we might even had a NC or 2 since 2008. There are others on the team who are willing to play.

Beau Woolsey 8 years, 8 months ago

You're right the big 12 freshman of the year didn't add anything significant to our team this year.

Walter Bridges 8 years, 8 months ago

Making it to the Round of 32 was a remarkable accomplishment. How much will he contribute next year?

Ian Emerson 8 years, 8 months ago

ITS COMING. Joels press conference is tomorrow at 2!!!

Joe Baker 8 years, 8 months ago

Here's to having a great day with KU bball and we all wish JoJo nothing but the best. I'm for one am looking forward to next year. Hopefully all of our expectations will be better met.

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