Rice defeats Kansas, 23-14

  • 6:30 p.m., Sept. 14, 2013
  • Houston, Texas,

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lone-star letdown: Offense disappoints in KU’s 23-14 loss to Rice

Kansas running back Tony Pierson (3) stews on the bench with some of the other running backs and receivers after a deep pass to him was ruled incomplete late in the fourth quarter against Rice on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013 at Rice Stadium in Houston, Texas.

Kansas running back Tony Pierson (3) stews on the bench with some of the other running backs and receivers after a deep pass to him was ruled incomplete late in the fourth quarter against Rice on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013 at Rice Stadium in Houston, Texas.


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KU coach Charlie Weis

Kansas coach Charlie Weis talks to reporters following the Jayhawks' 23-14 loss to Rice on Sept. 14, 2013.

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— If football were not a team game, the Kansas University defense would have thrown a party following Saturday's game at Rice Stadium and the offense would have flown home in silence.

Unfortunately for the Jayhawks, who fell to 1-1 on the season and saw their road losing streak balloon to 23 consecutive setbacks, football is a team game and a great night for the KU defense went down as a wasted effort in a 23-14 loss to Rice.

Series after series, quarter after quarter, the KU defense gave up just one touchdown and three field goals to the high-powered Rice offense that has averaged 30-plus points per game for the past couple of seasons. But KU's offense gifted the Owls seven points on an interception return for a touchdown by Michael Kutzler and, perhaps worse than that, could never get in a rhythm to make what the defense did count.

“You hold 'em to 16 points, that should be good enough to win,” KU coach Charlie Weis said outside the Kansas locker room after the loss.

It wasn't. And, although the Jayhawks stuck together and pinned this loss on the entire team, the offensive players seemed a lot more apologetic about struggling to score 14 points and gain 270 yards in their second straight loss to Rice in front of 22,974 fans, many of them wearing crimson and blue.

“Oh yeah, it hurts,” said KU senior James Sims, whose 109 yards on 19 carries moved him into fifth on KU's all-time rushing list and represented his 12th career 100-yard night. “The defense did a great job out there. They got stop after stop and we gotta capitalize on that.”

Added quarterback Jake Heaps, who threw two interceptions and completed less than 50 percent of his passes, a stat that was more on his receivers and their rendezvous with the dropsies than his inaccuracy: “Our defense did a great job and they put us in position to win the game. Offensively, we just couldn't get going.”

Despite being out-performed in most statistical areas, the Jayhawks trailed just 10-7 late in the first half — Heaps hit Tony Pierson for a 77-yard TD early in the second quarter — and had the ball near midfield with a chance to tie or take the lead heading into halftime. But on the first play of that drive, Heaps' deep ball toward Justin McCay was intercepted by Bryce Callahan and, two minutes later, Chris Boswell's 28-yard field goal put points on the Owls' side of the scoreboard instead.

“Yeah, that was big,” Weis said. “But it wasn't nearly as big as the one that went to the house early in the game.”

Added Heaps: “We were trying to take a shot and it didn't go the way we were hoping. In fact, it was the exact opposite. Big things like that are the things that lead to losses and we gotta make sure those things don't happen.”

After the two offenses traded missed opportunities throughout the third quarter, KU took its first lead of the game on a one-yard TD plunge by Heaps. KU's second touchdown of the night was set up by two fantastic individual efforts, the first an interception from junior safety Isaiah Johnson that gave KU first and 10 at the Rice 16 and the second a third-down pitch-and-catch from Heaps to sophomore Tre' Parmalee that reached put the Jayhawks inside the 1.

Another KU interception — this one by Dexter McDonald as Rice was threatening — gave KU possession at its own 6-yard line with the lead.

“We really thought we were gonna take it from there,” Heaps said. “And we just couldn't. They won the field-position battle all night.”

After recording one first down, KU punted and the boot from Trevor Pardula was partially blocked. Weis argued that Rice should have been whistled for a penalty on the partial block, but the officials disagreed. Six plays later, Boswell, the same kicker who hit a game-winner as time expired last year in Lawrence, drilled a 56-yarder to give Rice the lead back.

“I felt the guy went over the shield, which would be a penalty (and an automatic first down),” Weis said. “They said he went through the shield. He has a much better view of it than I did.”

Despite falling behind once again, KU remained alive until Rice tailback Charles Ross (27 carries, 157 yards) scored from eight yards out with 3:28 to play to set the final margin.

“Really, the bottom line is you have to tie together consecutive plays and, on third down, when the quarterback hits you in the chest, you need to catch the ball,” said Weis, lamenting KU's dropped passes. “You know that, I know that and the players know that, too.”

In the minds of the Jayhawks, the trip back to Lawrence was supposed to be filled with smiles and sighs of relief after moving to 2-0 and getting the burden of that road losing streak off of their backs. Instead, it was a trip that began with KU trying to explain what went wrong and why this year would be different than all of the others that began in similar fashion.

“It's over with,” Sims said. “It's behind us. We gotta move on and worry about Louisiana Tech. We're gonna bounce back from this. This is just a bump in the road.”

Added Heeney, who led KU's defense with a career-high 15 tackles: “It's disappointing, but we're gonna regroup and get ready for next Saturday. It's not gonna spiral. We're gonna be ready next week.”


Doug Cramer 9 years ago

Hope this team can keep their heads up...and "keep sawin wood".

The D looked better tonight than it ever did last year. Just keep sawin wood boys. That goes for Coach Weis and his staff...keep your heads up gentlemen.

BringBackMark 9 years ago

Why use a Mangino term (twice) after we ran him off? This has nothing to do with "sawin wood", this is about a head coach without a clue. Yes, Heaps is better than Crist but had we been playing Cummings since the start of last season we could have a decent offense. The only play that looked crisp all night was when he took over for Heaps on a third and impossible.

I guess 2-10 is an improvement over 1-11, provided we can sneak up on La Tech. Maybe that will get Zenger another $150k raise.

Bobby Burch 9 years ago

I still have faith in this team, but our receiving corps got to step it up. Such frustrating "catching" and blocking. Try whatever's necessary ... The Chiefs used a porta-potty a few years back ...

texashawk10 9 years ago

DLine still has no depth. Ross is a 230 lb. back and wore out the defense in the 4th quarter after McHargue left the game. That said, the defense as a whole played a solid game against on offense that could've put up a lot more points. To hold the Rice offense without a TD until late in the game when McHargue was out of the game was impressive. It is definitely something to build off of for that side of the ball going forward.

WR's can't run routes or catch a cold. There's a reason Jake Heaps was holding onto the ball as long as he was and it's because the WR's don't know how to run routes or improvise when a play breaks down.

OLine played like crap tonight. There was no running room between the tackles and I can't Sims actually got over 100 yards (even if it happened on the last play)

The play calling needs to change. Play action was there all night for KU's offense as Heaps ran a lot of boot legs off of the stretch runs and Rice was not covering him at all. A naked boot with Parmalee or Pierson running a route against the flow has big play potential written all over it. I don't know if Weis is saving that for conference play, but I don't think he's a big play action guy because I don't remember KU running it much last year either and with KU's run game, the play action will be there all game long against everybody.

It is so nice to know that a 47 yards field goal is an option. Wyman had plenty of distance on that kick and he just missed it. 47 yards is not a gimme at the college level and Wyman will make a 50+ yarder at KU before this season is done.

This one didn't necessarily cost KU the game because they were already down 9, but the 4th down pass to Tony Pierson that was call incomplete was a bad call. I was 20 feet away and Pierson's hands and arm were under that ball. The official that was right there on top of the play ruled it a completion as well. It was an official 25 yards away who didn't have a great angle on the play that ruled it incomplete and it ticked me off to no end that the official who was on top of the play didn't stand up for his ruling.

Doug Cramer 9 years ago

TV showed that the ball hit the ground on that play by Pearson.

Steve Reigle 9 years ago

But didn't Pierson already have possession when it hit the ground? That's what I was seeing.

Brad Farha 9 years ago

I want to agree with you, but I saw it on TV too. He didn't have full possession yet (it pains me to say that). Still, a gutsy play on his part, just wish it hadn't hit the ground.

TxJyHwk 9 years ago

What I saw was that he trapped it between is leg and elbow a split second after it hit the ground. It was an incredible effort, and if he had caught it, we probably win the game.

Dirk Medema 9 years ago

Call on the field was complete, but over-ruled by replay, not an official on the field.

The naked boot with something down the opposite side of the play-action is there.

Micky Baker 9 years ago

No, they called the play incomplete on the field, or that is what they ruled. It was ruled complete by the sideline official that saw it then overturned so it was an easy replay.

actorman 9 years ago

Table Rock is right, it was clearly an incompletion. Hell of an effort by Tony, though.

OP_Jayhawks 9 years ago

Replay showed the ball hit the ground.

Ethan Berger 9 years ago

Disagree about d line having no debt. They got wore out because KU couldn't hold on to the ball. Our d line did well last night. I watched Ross run over the Aggies and will. No one on that D could tackle him all by their lonesome. I watched multiple guys do it.

Ethan Berger 9 years ago

Disagree about d line having no debt. They got wore out because KU couldn't hold on to the ball. Our d line did well last night. I watched Ross run over the Aggies and will. No one on that D could tackle him all by their lonesome. I watched multiple guys do it from our squad

Doug Cramer 9 years ago

Hawk90 - agree with txhawk regarding the D-line. Although they looked about as good as they have in the past 2 or 3 years last night.

We still need some talent on the D-line...hopefully we get it next recruiting class.

Adam McEwen 9 years ago

You got it! You could tell the 2007 team was going to win just by looking at them in pre game warm ups, this team has GOT to grow a pair, I think they have the talent, just no belief in themselves.

Roman Castillo 9 years ago

The offense is pretty awful to watch. Thought Weiss was supposed to be this offensive genius? I know there were dropped balls, but the offense is pretty stale.

Displayhawk 9 years ago

Trying to catch footballs that hit them in their chest is the problem, and if they are coached to do that then get rid of the coach! I was always taught to make a circle with your thumbs and fingers over lapping each other. Then you use that circle as a bullseye for the end of the football. If the football goes in the bullseye, there is no reason in the world for not catching the pass!

Annette Lee 9 years ago

I'm disappointed in the passing game. I know HCCW has to keep his QB confident but I don't... "Just catch the ball" was my comment...And Heaps missed throws too.I'm officially off the band wagon! I mean, I was looking for" Super man "and I got" Under Dog" ! BOO Hiss Bummer!!

gorilla10 9 years ago

You're off the band wagon after 1 loss. Ha, some fan you are!

Rivethead 9 years ago

You must have missed the 11 last season. Or the 10 the season before...or 9 the season before that.

Micky Baker 9 years ago

Dismissed. This isn't the same personnel. When will Jayhawk fans start to attempt to get smart about football?

gorilla10 9 years ago

This is a new team dummy! And last years team was one dimensional and was close to winning 4-5 if they could hit a wide open receiver...

Cmill1221 9 years ago

Totally dejected. That sums up my feelins. Defense wasn't great but made plays. WTF is up w/ the offense? It's pitiful!! 70% of our offense came on two plays, Sims long run and Piersons TD. Other than that totally pathetic. Even the play calling, what was up w/ that STUPID double pass call? Talk about a buzz kill. That was so hard to watch, if you weren't able to see the game consider yourself lucky.

actorman 9 years ago

I don't think it was necessarily a double pass, as the announcers didn't seem to think it was. But even if it was supposed to be a double pass, the play-calling wasn't the problem there, the execution was. What I absolutely cannot comprehend is how Heaps could have thrown that lateral as badly as he did. First of all, why is he even throwing it overhand? The guy was maybe five yards away from him; why didn't he just pitch it back to him like you normally would for a running play? It's not like he was all the way across on the other side. And then even if you are going to throw it overhand, what on earth would make someone with all of Heaps' experience throw a bullet pass like that from just a few yards away? That killed all the momentum on what could have been the best drive of the game.

Cmill1221 9 years ago

Oh my god. I had already suppressed the image of him running that read option. That was HORRIBLE!! And I wondered the sane thing about the overhand pass also. I thought that if you run that play why not just a shovel pass. So bad.

Micky Baker 9 years ago

To Embree, a former high school QB? Of course it was a double pass. He was going to run a jump pass after attracting the defenders. Weis was trying to be cute when we were starting to develop a rhythm there. We didn't need to do that there unless were down by a couple of TDs, but we were ahead at that point.

actorman 9 years ago

Now if you want to talk about pitiful play-calling, what the hell was CW thinking when he called several running plays for Heaps??? It's glaringly obvious that he can't run, yet there were at least three running plays called specifically for him. After every one of those plays, the Rice coaches must have felt like calling and personally thanking Weis for calling such a stupid play.

BringBackMark 9 years ago

They couldn't thank him because they were too busy laughing. Obviously needing an offensive coordinator. Tim Grunhard is another major disappointment. How many times did we see two linemen double teaming a linebacker while an unblocked single d-lineman was nailing Heaps. One play we had an o-lineman 5 yards away from the anyone standing there like he had no clue where to go while Heaps was in a "heap" on the ground.

At least the white helmets looked sharp......NOT!!!!!!!!

Bee Bee 9 years ago

Less worry about uniforms and more worrying about wins would be nice.

kay_you 9 years ago

Need to play a softer schedule. You know, the kind you pay to come to Memorial and don't have to play on the road. We've lost to Rice (twice), Northern Illinois and Southern Miss in recent years. Take the Bill Snyder approach and go shopping for some cupcakes.

dumbarton 9 years ago

Coach Weiss please repeat after me...Jimmy Mundine can't catch, Jimmy Mundine can't catch, Jimmy Mundine can't catch. He should have been benched after he dropped that critical 3rd down catch in the first quarter that would have kept the drive alive. Heaps is amazingly slow afoot. Scrambling is definitely not his forte. Play calling was questionable at best tonight. Overall the defense looked pretty good and played inspired. Offense....could be in for a long season.

Chris1955 9 years ago

I agree, no reason for Jimmy to be on the field. Another complaint was the very poor route running of Coleman. He looked like he didn't know what he was doing out there.

Adam McEwen 9 years ago

after this game, I'm pretty confident the only way the KU receivers will get their hands on the ball this season is if they play center. Pathetic. Catch the damn ball! Also, why are we so hell bent on throwing the ball when we have the best stable of backs in the big 12? Run! control the clock. It worked for NDSU against KSU pretty well a couple weeks ago. Not to mention our best play maker #3 getting what 4? touches? SMH...

741hawk 9 years ago

My wife suggests moving a couple of D-backs to WR. Not a bad idea. We know Dexter McDonald can catch!

741hawk 9 years ago

My wife suggests moving a couple of D-backs to WR. Not a bad idea. We know Dexter McDonald can catch!

Adam McEwen 9 years ago

Back in the Mangino days, when our wideouts could actually catch the ball, they used to practice catching from a tennis ball machine. Maybe they should knock the dust off that piece of equipment. On second thought, buy a beach ball throwing machine, and work their way down..

Bryce Landon 9 years ago

Interesting that you bring up Mangino. In the early days of his tenure, we lost in consecutive years to a bad Northwestern team (2003 and 2004). And we had QB issues for quite awhile when Adam Barmann was running the show.

Larry Smith 9 years ago

You keep bringing that up, but Northwestern was pretty decent those years. Went to a bowl after the 2003 season, and went 5-3 in the Big 10 in 2004, with wins over OSO, Penn State, and Illinois. Hardly the same as losing to Rice.

Bryce Landon 9 years ago

Rice was a bowl team last year.

The point I'm trying to make is that we should not be eager to run off Weis as coach. As much as we idolize Mangino for four bowl games in six years and the 12-1 Orange Bowl season, in the early days of his tenure he struggled against teams we should have beaten like Northwestern.

Weis is no Turner Gill. Weis is holding his players accountable for their actions and the strength and conditioning program he has Holsopple putting the players through is starting to show the desired results. It hasn't yet translated into wins, but I remain confident that it will in time, if not this year then in future seasons. It took Glen Mason four years to get us a winning record and one more year after that to get Kansas a bowl bid.

actorman 9 years ago

For those of us who have been fans of KU football for years (I've been a fan since the late '70s), this is all sadly familiar: a bunch of hype about how this year things will be different, the talent is much better than in the past, so-and-so is the second coming of John Hadle, etc., etc., etc.

Despite being disappointed time and time again (with a few extremely rare exceptions), I usually manage to convince myself that this HAS to be the year it starts changing. Well, what I saw tonight was like a replay of so many other games over the years.

A few days ago, KURiggins posted about 10 times in the same article, criticizing anyone who dared to say anything negative about Coach Weis, and saying how anyone who would deign to do such a thing was not a true KU fan. Well, KURiggins (and others of his ilk who think anyone saying a negative thing about KU is not a real Jayhawk), Is it okay if we criticize CW NOW?

I would love to believe that this game was just a case of a lot of new players getting to know each other and CW's system; that the defense's generally solid showing presages a good year for them; and that the brilliance of CW's offensive schemes will start showing soon, but please forgive me if I'm skeptical about all of that at this point. I've just seen this type of performance WAY too many times before.

BringBackMark 9 years ago

Thank you! I'm so sick of hearing about 4 Super Bowl rings. Should've showed them to the Rice players before the game, maybe they'd have been impressed. Last week someone actually called him the "greatest QB coach in the history of the game". 'Bout fell off the chair laughing at that one. This program is an embarrassment, at no fault of the players. We've got plenty of talent. That debacle last night had nothing to do with talent.

Tighten up the chin straps KU fans 'cause I feel another $mege-million payout coming at the end of this season. Couple that with what I've heard he's still getting from ND and he'll have a pretty nice pay check for doing nothing. Of course after watching last nights game I'd say he's getting a pretty good paycheck for doing nothing already.

I think he should reimburse everyone the cost of upgrading their U-Verse service to watch the game!

troutsee 9 years ago

Actorman--could not agree with you more. I come into every season optimistic but after seeing our sorry performance against SDSU, I knew we were in for a long season. Before the first game, with all the hype, I thought we were going bowling. After watching the first two games of ineptitude, it looks like we will be lucky to win another game all season. Once again I am a bitterly disappointed KUFB fan. From what I have seen so far, the product on the field is rag-tag. I see little improvement from last year. Every time we lose a game, I convince myself it is because the other team is so good. Now I must accept the fact that we are once again Baaaaad. It is hard being a KUFB fan, and I have been one for 50 yrs.

Robin Smith 9 years ago

You thought KU was going bowling this year???

machinegun 9 years ago

Can Ben Heeney play both ways? I know he made more than 15 tackles. That my friends is what you call leading by example!

Geekinout 9 years ago

Wish we could maintain a ground attack and not abandon it every time we get behind. I dont think our coaches realize the run game is the body blow of football that pays off late in games. We saw way too many drops and way too many players jogging on their routes and breaks while Heaps was scrambling out of a decently held pocket. Seems like there were way too many coverage sacks. Just an off night. I still think this team could surprise a few good teams. Just need to tighten up the play calling and timing. As always and once again, I'd love to see ku try to run the flex option (navy, Gtech, Air Force, etc) with the talent at running back and lack of talent in WR/TE.. We'd be the only team in the big 12(10) and we'd at least control the clock.

mahkmood 9 years ago

Really, I'm sick of hearing the excuses from this guy. The accountability falls on Weis, not the QB, not the WR's, not the officials. Weis's high paying job is to make sure the players on the field are quality, and if they aren't, it is Weis's fault. It makes me furious how CW keeps blaming the players. He needs to take some coaching etiquette lessons from Bill Snyder and (yes, I'm going to say it) Mark Mangino.

Bryce Landon 9 years ago

Don't compare the basketball team losing to the Frogs with the football team losing to the Owls. The blame for that abominable loss to TCU does lie enitrely on Coach Self's shoulders, but he wasn't man enough to admit it.

This year's loss to Rice was not a total meltdown by the entire team, because the defense and special teams played well enough to win. The blame lies with the offense's inability to execute.

Dan Harris 9 years ago

Don't think Weiss was the one dropping pass after pass

90sHawk 9 years ago

Agreed. Completely on the players to execute. Blame falls on Weis when he continues to allow players who can't catch a cold to remain starters.

Thomas John 9 years ago

Receivers dropped way way too many balls. All that hype on Heaps on the CBS Sports Network was overdone. Don't these guys practice during the week? The offense should be embarrassed.

kay_you 9 years ago

Our receivers just aren't that good. I think Charlie will have to find a strategy to establish a passing game. Stop forcing Jake to throw downfield. Throw more short passes to the running backs. CW was an OC in the NFL. He should be able to find a way.

Thomas John 9 years ago

Incidentally, what is the NCAA Division 1 record of consecutive football road losses?

hotrodm 9 years ago

Where was Taylor Cox, was he injured? KU's last game Cox was a beast running the football.

Bryce Landon 9 years ago

This game was all too reminiscent of the games we lost in the 2004 and 2005 seasons. The KU defense would play well enough to win, but Adam Barmann's impotent offense cost us those games. I'm hoping that Jake Heaps doesn't turn out to be like Adam Barmann, but last night was not an encouraging sign. I blame bad offensive execution, not play-calling, on this loss.

John Mueller 9 years ago

Ouch. I am also a long time glutton for punishment Jhawk football this year is our year guy.

But, after watching Bama / aTm, this was just awful.

It's bad high school football.

I don't ever want to see 41 again....

He needs to pursue something that doesn't require hands. I mean, he's awful. And, I know, I know, it's just a game and he's just a kid. But, I actually pay lots of money to watch this crap.

And, Charlie Weis, what the hell are you thinking? When you have field position and worst case, a chance for 3 points and you call a backwards pass, err, fumble?????

That is just dumb. It's called a FORWARD pass for a reason.

Obviously on tv we can't really watch routes, but I am convinced: 1. We don't have any receivers that can get open and 2. Even if they did, cannot catch the ball

I hate to say it, but I would put Cummings in, use your 4 backs and run the Georgia Tech offense. It's our only obvious position of strength on offense and we are waisting on field positions with the receiver corpse on the field.

PS 19, if you can't run routes or catch, at least block somebody. You look like an 11 yr old girl when your attempting to execute a block. Pathetic

I am completely disgusted.

Mangino_Maniac 9 years ago

You're not the only one paying a lot for this crap... remember, our beloved KU has shelled out $2 million+ each of the last four years, and what have we gotten in return?? If money was spent like this in any other business with the same type of results, heads would be rolling.

John Mueller 9 years ago


I apologize to all 11 yr old girls everywhere with a little moxy and athletic ability.

I love the great quote "There is no greater feeling that blocking another man completely against his will and removing him from the play"

19, you should try it.

No wonder Bob Stoops cut you lose.

Can't catch it, no speed to separate and couldn't knock a squirrel away from his acorn.

Never been more disgusted at Kansas football. Never.

And, if we have one more 12 men on the field penalty this year, I'm GONNA KICK MY DOG AND MY NEIGHBORS DOG. Are you flipping kidding me??????

NotTait 9 years ago

Mundine should be kicked off the team. The guy cannot catch anything, Heaps is not much better than Crist. O-Line is worse and we can't even run as well as last season.

What an embarrassment of a team...

90sHawk 9 years ago

But unlike the NFL where you have tons of $ tied up in a top draft pick, college players who can't perform on gameday should have a very short leash. Any player with almost twice as many drops as receptions should ride the pine to see if we have someone else capable of pulling down catches.

Mike Barnhart 9 years ago

Glass half full comments:

  1. Heaps hasn't seen real game action in almost two years. He'll get better.

  2. The juco's HAVE improved the overall talent level.

  3. The Big 12 has plenty of beatable teams this year.

  4. The o-line is young, it'll get better.

  5. There are other tight ends on the depth chart. Maybe one of them can get open AND catch the ball!

Jayhawk2016 9 years ago

I don't see why Charlie always shies away from what should be the bulk of our play calling. Run the damn ball. We have 3-5 running backs who can average five yards a carry. Quit passing it back to back to back times. Only leads to three and outs. Our receivers are just not that good. Run the ball. Run the ball.

Kevin Crook 9 years ago

Really enjoying our "decided schematic advantage". Rice had eight and nine guys in the box and we can't seem to complete a pass. Would be great to see our receivers and backs run shorter routes. Our glory days with Reesing and the gang was a lot of short crossings, etc with big yards after the catch. The kind of plays that either get five to eight yards, or if a tackle is broken can net 20 or more. Our play calling is hugely disappointing, and time after time during our games over the last couple of years I have said to myself as I watched the other teams, why doesn't KU run plays like that? The defense played their hearts out, and has come a long ways. But college football is all about offensive effectiveness and efficiency. Look at Bama vs A&M 2.0, Bama played much better on offense this year versus last year and finally outscored Johnny Football. KU needs some of that.

Jonathan Allison 9 years ago

KU had every opportunity to win but couldn't put together a drive to save their lives.

Charles Ross was a man among boys last night. And why on earth can we not defend the option?

Rice is a good team, but if we can't score, can't defend the option, and can't stop the run against Rice then it's gonna be tough. Is the Rice defensive back field that good that Heaps can't find someone open when he scrambles for 15 seconds?

Tough loss, but I still think that KU is gonna put it together this year and win in the Big 12, probable even on the road. The Big 12 competition does not look that good this year.

milehighhawk 9 years ago

Just curious how much longer the writers will continue -- either through gullibility or bullying -- to happily lap up what Charlie says.

Our #1, most-hyped recruit? Not even on the sidelines.

ShockHawk10 9 years ago

Watching Jake Heaps fidget around in the pocket all last night, I wondered what the LJW staff saw in practice over the past year to inspire the praise they "heaped" on him (pun intended). The predictions made by the bloggers and writers for this publication seem ludicrous. Was it Tait that predicted thousands of passing yards, 20+ touchdowns, and a high completion percentage from our second retread QB? I fully understand that this was only the second game of the season, and Heaps hadn't seen game action in nearly two years. However, he looked uncomfortable in the pocket all night. He had "happy feet", clearly doesn't know when to throw a ball away, and has absolutely zero running ability. Where is this accuracy and zip that so many articles were devoted to throughout the summer? I also understand that many of his receivers dropped catchable balls, but Heaps tossed many poor passes. And, many of these catchable balls were either wounded ducks or in difficult positions. What is the point of all of this? As a graduate and fan who lives in Wichita, I don't have the opportunity to see the team play until the season begins. I follow all reports of Jayhawk football closely, read the LJW daily, and base my expectations on the analysis of the objective reporters who have access to the athletes and the program. Well, you've set me up for disappointment again, LJW staffers. Your summer analysis of Jake Heaps is not translating to the fall. He looked more like Dayne Crist than Todd Reesing last night, and it was your analysis over the past year that suggested otherwise. It is obvious to me why he lost his starting job at BYU - a program I want the Jayhawks to exceed in success.

On a side note - We gained more yards laterally than we did vertically. For some reason we play the game side-to-side. Poor play calling from a poor offensive coordinator?

ShockHawk10 9 years ago

You seemed to miss the main point I made regarding Heaps and his play - he looks completely uncomfortable in the pocket. To reiterate, he has "happy feet", holds on to the ball way too long, and has limited mobility. This is not the analysis we were fed over the past year. We can provide multiple excuses as to why they didn't perform last night, but I'm sick of the excuses. New players or not, we need to execute. I was led to believe that execution was not going to be an issue with this team, but it has become painfully obvious that this is the case. Unless major strides are made in the next few weeks, we will resemble last year's team in far too many ways. BTW... I thought Heaps underperformed in his first outing against a weak FCS team. Kuddos to the defense, though. They've looked much improved thus far.

90sHawk 9 years ago

I thought Heaps was fairly sharp the first game. More dancing in the pocket this game, but when your O-line can't seem to keep their D from collapsing the pocket and our receivers can't get seem to get open even after 10 sec when the O-line does provide some protection once in awhile, it makes him look worse then he was.

Eric Barron 9 years ago

I was at the game and I am surprised nothing has been mentioned about the halftime show. It seems that they were trying to make fun of Kansas and the things it is known for (ie Wizard of Oz, Superman, etc). I was there with my kids and they even mentioned that the halftime performance was in poor taste and it was kind of a strange feeling sitting there in the stands with some senior Rice grads. I'm not sure if this is what they normally do to halftime opponents, but it was pretty ridiculous. I was glad to see the KU fans respond by booing the show and the fact that of the 22 thousand attending were mainly KU fans. Needless to say, as a proud alum, my kids said they won't be going to Rice and we won't be attending any further Rice gamees. Good to know my kids bleed crimson.

Robert Brown 9 years ago

The Rice Marching Owl Band (MOB) always gives a satirical performance that pokes fun of their opponents. It's original and it can be funny. Clearly, most of the people in the stands do not have a sense of humor and started to boo. The booing actually made it difficult to hear and appreciate the performance.

Anyone who is familiar with Rice knows they do this. I was looking forward to the performance but was disappointed in the classless of some KU fans.

Eric Barron 9 years ago

Thanks for the history and can see how the Aggies would react and most likely the core terds drew their swords. I consider myself to have a sense of humor, but it really wasn't very funny. I hope they can do better next time.

Chris1955 9 years ago

The MOB (Marching Owl Band) has a long history of that kind of behavior. Years ago, during the ole Southwestern Conference days, pulled some kind of stunt at Texas A&M, which required their bus needing a police escort out of the Kyle Filed stadium. The MOB was not welcome in College Station for years.

Dale Stringer 9 years ago

The problems I saw last night: OFFENSE - WR & Offensive line blocking - so many blocks were just missed or not held long enough. - Pass catching (Mundine lost this game by himself) - Sims and Pierson on the field at the same time, all the time. We were better last year when they swapped out. Having one of them out also means the Bourbon is in and he would have been that sixth blocker Sims needed. - Receivers getting open - QB - Heaps would hold the ball too long - That stupid Delay of Game penalty when we tried to get them to jump offsides. Next time direct snap the ball to the back as Heaps walks toward the bench like he is upset with the call. He'd be the motion guy. DEFENSE - Could not stop the run option. That's it. There are two sub-parts to this though... -- DB's could get off the WR block -- Linebackers too focused on the runner to notice there is a big tackle about to take them both out. There tackles would bump our DEs just long enough to let the QB and RB get a start and then go smack the unaware LB. The thing that really bugged me was the other LB would run right into them.

Things we did right: OFFENSE - QB arm. Heaps made a lot of really good throws. To bad most were to Mundine and Ford. Ugh. RB - another game they were making yards without much help. DEFENSE - DB play shutdown their pass game for the most part. Even that long bomb they got should have been call Offensive Holding because one of their WRs was pushing our guy when they crossed, not letting our guy get into position. - Line and LBs - they shutdown the inside run.

utahjayhawk 9 years ago

I'd put at least a good portion of the overall disappointment so far this year squarely at the feet of the LJW sports writers (Matt, Tom, etc). They set unreal expectations very subtly when they gear up their fball "sunshine machine" every Jul & Aug.

Bottom line, as in many years past, this team is jus not good, other than Heeney, McDonald. The O-line should have dominated the smaller Rice D-line/LBs in establishing the run, which might have freed up receivers.

Robin Smith 9 years ago

Hard to blame the writers when you have football fans clamoring constantly for more articles on the football team... what are they supposed to write "Team will be marginally better or not discernably so: let's break it down"

I read those articles and they were always put forth with caveats. It's wishful thinking by desperate fans that's blowing things out of proportion.

Ethan Berger 9 years ago

Really wishing we had Nick Harwell right now.... Play calling was horrible as some would suggest. The heaps runs were annoying and the screens after they failed but that was it. I was watching our wideout and boy could they not get open. They were letting rice guys big boy them all night. Our starting wideouts next week need to be whoever didn't play this week beside Tony and tre. Very happy with the defense and more importantly Ben Heeny. Our d line was getting pressure on every pass they just need to finish.

Erin Carter 9 years ago

The O-Line, TE, and WR's need to get a LOT better in a big hurry or it will be status quo for the 2013 season I fear!

oilguy 9 years ago

Heeney and McDonald played well. Dropped passes and poor blocking doomed the offense. The Owls played with a purpose and inserted players to achieve specific goals - KU lacked timing and focus.

Fototherapist 9 years ago

Matt Tait, it's time to start being more realistic and honest about the caliber of this team. I grow tired of you always sugar coating things in your writing. There is very little to be proud of or inspired by with this team. It's starting to look like a carbon copy of last year. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

90sHawk 9 years ago

Maybe the issue is KUFB looks great when they are playing themselves. Sure, the offense looks crisp against our D, or our D-line is getting pressure on the QB. IT'S BECAUSE WE ARE PLAYING OURSELVES! Certainly not translating to our opponents very well. Defense is performing overall so far, it's our offense that cannot seem to get it together, and it mostly comes down to 2 things; inconsistent blocking and consistent drops by our receivers.

90sHawk 9 years ago

Dropping passes has to stop now; no, make that two games ago. We have to assume a guy like Mundine catches the ball in practice, and that's why he continues to see the field. However, anyone with two eyeballs can tell he is not executing in the game. Practice is just that, it's practice. I don't care how good someone looks in practice, if they cannot execute on the field find someone who can. I'm picking on Mundine, and he clearly isn't THE reason we lost to Rice, but the dropped passes have been my biggest pain point so far this season when it's stalls drives.

Micky Baker 9 years ago

Matt Tait, over and over again, made it clear that it was during practice and scrimmages against each other that it has to show on the field. He didn't make that subtle. He's the best reporter at LJW, and probably one of the best in the country.

FCCoHawk 9 years ago

My two cents... Receivers dropped too many balls. Not just tough catches, but balls that were right in their hands with no one hitting them!!!! You gotta make plays. Can't blame this on Heaps. Would be incredibly frustrating to make the throw and repeatedly have it dropped. Certainly would have changed game

Play calling was terrible. The backward pass, no play action, Heaps running. Stay vanilla until they stop us. What was the throw down the sideline that was intercepted? He had great coverage and it was underthrown.

Defense overall played pretty well. Again, gave up more yards in 2nd half but kept us in the game enough where we should have won.

I think this team is better than last yr. Defense needs to continue to improve and I think it will. Our receivers need to catch balls period. Even Sims dropped one late in the flat that would have picked up 3-4yds and made a 3rd and 3 instead of 3rd and 7 that we did not convert. Weiss needs to not call the plays. We need to run 70-30 with the pass for now. Play action.

It was an incredibly frustrating loss to watch as we should have won. I do think this team is improved and will see how the next couple games go. They must continue to improve and a good win next week will help. Trying to be optimistic.

One more thing. One of the most disappointing things so far is the penalties. Last yr we had very few, this yr a lot more. Not sure why the difference but concerning.

Geekinout 9 years ago

Who ever called the plays on offense last night should be freshening up the résumé this morning. That's been the plague of KU football since I can remember, giving people endless opportunities that they don't deserve, while not allowing those who do! Time to find an up and coming youthful healthy coach that doesn't like losing, more than they like winning. Charlie Weis just seems past his prime and lacks the energy it's going to take to make the changes we all want to see..

Robert Brown 9 years ago

We were an underdog to Rice a school who might be a contender in CUSA but would at best be eighth in the Big 12.

Ethan Berger 9 years ago

Which last year would be good enough to be a bowl team lol

flyingfinn 9 years ago

I certainly think Heaps can improve but the great receivers catch everything that is thrown NEAR them. Our receivers can't even catch the balls thrown right AT them. Watching yesterdays Bama- A&M game with 2 great QBs, they bot had receivers that make plays. Until we can do the same we are in trouble. You can not totally rely on a run game in today's football and consistently win. Teams like Bama and LSU that use to run the majority of the time are now passing teams. .

Andy Godwin 9 years ago

How do you get a penalty of illegal substitution on first down after a change of possession? Then offsides on 4 and 7 after the ball was kicked into the end zone (20 yard line), and the re-kick (pooch punt) downed at the 9. The absolutely stupid delay of game on 4 and 2 deep in your own territory trying to draw the other team offsides. Note to Charlie, other teams are disciplined. That resulted in moving the punter back 5 yards, a short kick and great field position for Rice. You can go on and on about the poor decisions throughout the game (as well as the first game of the season). I just about had a stroke following that inept backwards pass for minus 12 yards when the team was driving. This all comes down to coaching. Last year KU lost games in their grasp because of the poor coaching decisions. Nothing has changed in year 2 under Weis. Kudos to the defense and Campo. They seemed to show improvement from week 1 to week 2. Unfortunately, the offense lead by Weis and his four Super Bowl rings, looked just a bad.

Bee Bee 9 years ago

It s unimaginable, (and I m not sure why) that this team cannot get better, year to year. Yes they are playing, "CLOSER GAMES." That doesn't cut it in my world. The offensive line has FIVE GIANTS that weigh close to 300lbs or more. They couldn't block me!! The D looked okay but RICE did run the option 40 times and KU stopped them maybe once! SOMEBODY take the PITCH MAN! What is going to happen in Big 12 play when nobody takes the PITCH MAN? Touchdowns of course!

As for Heaps, he's a complete joke. I expected an improvement over Christ but at this point it's a wash. HE holds the ball way to long. If the receivers aren't open, throw the ball away! He isn't helped by a tight end that couldn't catch a pass at the point of a gun! The same guy couldn't catch one last season. Why is he playing??????

Next week is the last chance to win a game this season. (maybe) I called three wins this year, four if KU got some breaks. Looks like I was a little optimistic. Memorial Stadium will look like Rice's stadium did last night for the rest of the season. As it should!!!

90sHawk 9 years ago

I don't give Heaps a pass for his performance last night, but our receivers are pedestrian at best. Even when Heaps was getting some protection, which wasn't often, our receivers seemed to just stop and lay down after the route, not improvising at all. Inexperience? Lazy? Avg/below avg D-1 football players? Probably all three, which makes for a bad combination.

90sHawk 9 years ago

Pure frustration .... the defense puts together an overall solid performance and the offense lays a complete egg. The O-line was a joke, our receiving corp was a bigger joke. If Mundine cannot catch the ball, and after 2 games the evidence points to the fact he can't, then bench him. He is NO GOOD as a potential receiver if he can't catch it. McCay was disappointing as well. As many have pointed out above, we play with no swagger. It appears no matter who the team is, FCS or FBS, they are at least as physical as we are and typically much more physical. This team doesn't have any nasty in them from what I'm watching on the field; some players do (Heeney for example) but the team doesn't. Two games in and no overall improvement from last year. I posted after the SDSU that Rice would be THE measuring stick for the remainder of the season. I believe it was. If the offense doesn't get their act together, and quickly, La Tech is going to be our only remaining win of the season and even that isn't close to a given. As bad as ISU looks this year, that's an away game and we all know about our road game futility.

Brandon Mahon 9 years ago

Mundine was terrible... Weis needs to get his crap together. RUN THE BALL!!!! We have 3 backs and multi purpose Pierson. Running the ball equals moving the ball which will equal stacking the box which means it opens up the passing game. If the secondary is more worried about the backs then it is a little easier to get separation and throw the ball. I am 3 years removed from high school football and I know that. Sometimes I feel like Weis is a genius and sometimes feel like he should be coaching high school again. Alot of things need to change if we want to get back to winning a couple games. Weis wants to show Heaps off, well he could if we had the opportunity. Sims, Miller, Bourbon, and Pierson will allow Heaps to show off by RUNNING THE BALL

90sHawk 9 years ago

Problem is, using the run to open up the passing game isn't an option if our receivers cannot catch the ball. From game 1 to game 2, still a significant issue for this group. And on one of Heaps' INTs, McCay's defender has position on him and McCay just runs along behind the defender without an attempt to even break up the pass. Starting to feel like we should just replace all receivers with additional blockers and run the ball on every play, every game ......

Geekinout 9 years ago

The Flex option. It's amazing to me how Calvin Johnson, one of the NFL's most dominant receiver, came from this style of offense in college at GTech. Oh, Charlie Weis just seems to fall too in love with his Qb's putting the entire offense in their hands. It's discouraging to me that this coaching staff still doesn't know who the teams play makers are. How many looks did Peirson get after he scored? 80% of the plays called should have been for the running backs. I don't understand how we don't have these guys being used as safety valves in the passing game. Crazy!

Robert Brown 9 years ago

I liked the way the defense played but the offense is frustrating to watch. Heaps was pressured all night and I don't care how good a QB you are, if you get pressure you are not going to be effective.

I have always been a proponent of the dual threat QB in college. It is especially needed for a team like KU who will probably never be able to recruit talented skilled players. Weis has chosen to go with the pro set. I don't see how it will work. Heaps is slow. He ran a few times last night and was easily stopped even when it looks like he can run for a first down.

The other thing that stood out to me that no one has mentioned is how long Heaps holds the ball. There were several times where the play was not there and Heaps should have thrown the ball out of bounds but he end up sacked.

Weis portrays himself as an offensive genius a lot of which is based on him coaching Tom Brady. I think Tom Brady would have become Tom Brady regardless of who coached him so maybe Weis has gotten too much credit for Tom Brady. Weis should get credit for developing Brady Quinn at Notre Dame but his tenure at Notre Dame was not a success. He also was the OC of a very poor offense at Florida.

Given that offense is Weis's forte, name a school in the Big 12 who has a worse offense than KU. Maybe Iowa State.

Bryce Landon 9 years ago

Have you noticed that, since Weis left the Patriots to go coach Notre Dame in 2005, Brady has not won another Super Bowl since then?

Robert Brown 9 years ago

And you are attributing that to Weis? It is not as if his performance has deteriorated. It has actually escalated to historical heights. You really need to stop drinking the Crimson and Blue kool-aid.

90sHawk 9 years ago

Death ... Sorry man, but I laughed hard on this one. I really hope you aren't insinuating Brady's SB wins are solely, or even largely, a result of Weis. I believe CW to be a good QB coach, but this can't be serious.

namohcan_99 9 years ago

Ten games left and no answers in sight. That's the most depressing thing to come out so inept against a Rice team that had no real offense, but still enough to beat ours. If Heaps and the receivers don't get it together fast, we may not win another game after La Tech.

Bryce Landon 9 years ago

Thank you, Jaybird. As I said on another article, Turner Gill ran this program so deep into the ground that it's going to take a few years to get it back to respectability. Kinda like what happened with Glen Mason rebuilding from the wreckage that was Bob Valesente's stint as KU coach.

Robert Brown 9 years ago

It could be worse. We could be UT fans this morning. Imagine our basketball taking four year dive toward mediocrity. That is how UT fans are feeling.

Rivethead 9 years ago

WR can't drop balls.....if we call a running play. Just saying.


Jake Heaps: 11 carries

Bourbon, Cox, Pierson, Miller: combined 4 carries.


Triceec 9 years ago

Y'all are crazy, I wanna see all of u get out there and be the team. And as for ur wife u tell her to get out there. Give them boys a chance. If u don't like it, stop watching it. Y'all are so depressing its pathetic.😡

Jim Jackson 9 years ago

People keep talking about us running the ball-- We did run the ball, non-stop and that was the issue; Rice stacked the box on 1st and 2nd down and consistently tackled us for loss.

Charlie should've used play action but did not do so the ENTIRE second half (did he first half?)

We need an offensive play-caller up in the box ASAP. We should have won that game. Great job by the defense; Rice put up a lot of points against A&M but did not do so against us.

Would like to see more Charles Brooks as Mundine is clearly inept.

BayPark 9 years ago

Can we finally temper the expectations of this team? I don't mean negative expectations, but a realistic look at where we are. The kool-aide drinkers darn near took over the site in the days leading up to the Rice game and were quick to criticize (ironically) those who felt that this team still had a ways to go. The talk of how amazing our receivers were going to be or how the newcomers were going to lead us to an eight-win season was ridiculous then. Now it's absurd. I'm disappointed, sure. I expected a closer game, but this is who we are. You can love your school and support your team through thick and thin, AND be a realist.

90sHawk 9 years ago

But they also need expectations put on them. Continuous losing isn't acceptable. Clearly it was under Gill and it takes time to change that which I believe Charlie is doing, the results just aren't there yet. Goals and expectations have to be realistic, but they should much, much higher than simply putting an able bodied team on the field each week.

BayPark 9 years ago

I absolutely agree with that.

Thomas John 9 years ago

Realistically, I never have high expectations for KU. They are what they are. An announcer on CBS Sports mentioned that the Jayhawks have lost 19 consecutive road football games. Does anyone know what the NCAA record is for consecutive road losses?

Micky Baker 9 years ago

There are a lot of comments about Heaps and such being bad, and yes the receivers are missing the ball on catches that high school kids could make. There is also another problem, and that is the play calling. It was bad last year too and this on the coach. Weis needs to swallow his pride and hire an OC.

The negativity isn't beneficial to the program. If you're not the guys on the field you shouldn't be putting negativity out there because you can bet the players read these posts.

What has to happen is either Charlie has to call plays that put our players in a position to succeed or have someone else call plays who will. This isn't about being cute. You don't have to be cute if the opposing team is going to stack the box. Call screen plays. Attention Weis, in the NFL they use screen plays often. If they stack the box and our OL pull those guys on the defense away from the side of the screen pass are going to be tacklers without anyone to tackle. Call better plays. Game day isn't the time to practice plays. WIN GAMES. It's a two way road Weis.

If we only win one game this season, then we can't fire Weis and hire another guy because nobody will want to come. This means Zenger is going to have to get up in Weis's grill and make it clear to Charlie that if there aren't at least 4 wins this year, then Weis has to hire an OC for next season. The same offense can stay in place, but he's going to have either start calling plays that we can win with or he's going to have to hire an OC. Zenger, the ball is in your court right now. If the 2014 season closes with just 4 wins, then Zenger, you're going to go have to find another head coach who will exercise a little humility.

You have to tell Heaps, don't throw it deep if it isn't there in a close game. You have to tell the receivers, give their utmost effort to catch the ball or make a play on the ball if a defender is in position. There is no room for being a nice guy.

90sHawk 9 years ago

As much as the product on the field is mediocre at best right now, when you combine a pretty decent defense with a poor, struggling offense, KUFB cannot afford to get rid of Weis this year or next. He absolutely has to get at least 4 years. He does however have to call plays better. He is being too cute at times, forgetting the personnel he has and knowing the teams strengths and weaknesses. I don't expect our offense to be humming like the 49ers, but I absolutely expect Big 12 football players to catch the ball; clearly coach doesn't feel that way as he keeps trotting the same folks out on the field time and again. Also, with what we heard Holsopple put them through in the offseason, you'd think this team would get after it a little more, show some toughness and ring a few bells in our opponents heads. Besides a few guys such as Heeney, Sims, and McDonald, where is the toughness on this team? Don't see much from the O-line, you hear me Grunhard ?

OKHawkFan 9 years ago

Why are we so upset at the LJW??? We were 1-11 last year. Did you want them to write stories constantly about how this team/players were going to struggle and drop passes/throw incomplete passes? I always take those preseason articles with a grain of salt. Our defense after 2 games does appear to be improved.(even without the hype that Combs was supposed to bring). Offense hasn't performed as expected after two games. However, just like last year CW started to abandon the pass plays when it became apparent that it wasn't working. I love the criticism after the fact that a play didn't work. Especially from those people who state "CW should have called this play" How do you know that play would've worked? Rice did a pretty good job at stopping the run too. Even if CW ran only run plays and we lost the same posters would've stated CW play calling was too predictable and he should've passed it every now and then (I was at the OU vs KU game last year and two phrases I heard from all the fans was you should've never fired Mangino & why does CW only run the ball) I know that it is extremely frustrating being in the game only to blow it in the 4th quarter. However, why are we so quick to get rid of CW? I for one am all for giving him at least 1 more year after this one based on the small amount of progress that we are making. We are going to struggle offensively this year it appears (Unless this game was just a fluke offensively). Let's deal with the fact that these are the players/coaches we have and stand behind them 100%!! Now next year if we struggle offensively again and can't complete passes then I'm all for getting rid of CW.

Robert Brown 9 years ago

It is interesting that the people who plead patience with Weis wanted Turner Gill fired at about the same time in his tenure. Actually, after two games in his second year, Gill was 2-0 so we were optimistic that Gill was developing a good team.

Clearly, you do not fire a coach after only two seasons. You need to give him time. To me there is nothing in Weis's resume that indicates he will be successful. Most people outside of Lawrence thought it was a strange and bad hire. Right now, Zenger has no choice other than to give Weis time to see if he can be successful.

shelleysue 9 years ago

There have been improvements in certain areas since Weis has been at KU. With Gill, it all got worse as time went on. Big difference.

Robert Brown 9 years ago

I hope you don't think I was a Gill supporter, I was not. I think you lose credibility by stating how much better everything is. Really, we were 1-11 last year and we have lost to Rice two years in a row. In the last two games last year, we were blown out at home by the 9th place team in the conference and the 7th or 8th best team in the conference ran us off the field.

A program cannot afford to make a bad head coaching hire and this one has made two bad ones in a row (and 3 of 4). It's not better.

Jackster 9 years ago

Hire Bobby Petrino....give him a Harley and a hotty and we will go bowling!! That guy can coach!

Waylon Cook 9 years ago

So amazing that Zenger could have had a statue had he made a solid hire(Fedora, hell Malzahn but he might have left for Auburn, or a solid assistant or just a quality hire). Instead we got recycled Charlie Weis. He CAN'T coach why is it that hard to see?

Waylon Cook 9 years ago

So amazing that Zenger could have had a statue had he made a solid hire(Fedora, hell Malzahn but he might have left for Auburn, or a solid assistant or just a quality hire). Instead we got recycled Charlie Weis. He CAN'T coach why is it that hard to see?

Robin Smith 9 years ago

I'd say things are going about as well as should have been expected.

Emphasis on "should".

Fans need to chill out and be supportive and realize that KU will never be good if the fans can't be patient and the AD changes the coach every 2-4 years.

Some of you are reminding me of ND fans. Shameful, really.

Thomas John 9 years ago

C'mon everyone. This is KU football, remember? I was reminded on facebook by numerous friends and family members that the words Kansas and football should NEVER be used in the same sentence. While I don't appreciate the humor in that statement, maybe there is possibly some truth in the underlying message.

I'm going to be moving to Lubbock, TX in the next six months and I've noticed that with a new coach at Texas Tech, and even though they've played three games already this season, the Red Raiders have 3 victories. I watched their game on ESPN and I don't think that team has any more or less talent overall than our hapless group. So what is the real problem in Lawrence?

jayhawkrider 9 years ago

I'm married to a Texas Tech Red Raider, and we're all coming home for the game in 2 weeks hoping to see a good game. I think I'm really coming home now just to see the leaves change color and have a cold beer at The Wheel. After Saturday, I pray the Hawks don't let the game get away from us like my last road trip to watch KU in Waco with RG III in command (we left in the 3rd quarter it was so bad). Perhaps I can still hold out hope for us to beat UT in Mack Brown's last season and actually be part of the Monday morning football smackdown rather than being the butt of the jokes and defending against the typical Texan dismissal of KU football season and performance.

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