Thursday, July 4, 2013


Opinion: Light fuse, get away: Ten KU athletes who will pack wallop


Fireworks, banned in Lawrence. Human fireworks shows, more than welcome. A particularly interesting crop of explosive newcomers will light things up in Kansas University athletic contests this coming school year. A look at some of the must-see shows debuting during the 2013-14 school year:

1. Andrew Wiggins: On his first play in front of a Lawrence audience, Wiggins dunked over an NBA center (Cole Aldrich), which sent expectations soaring as high as he did on the play that burned in the minds of every KU fan with access to YouTube. Thanks to Wiggins, a basketball ticket figures to be even tougher to land than usual.

2. Marquel Combs: Explosive off the line of scrimmage. Explosive personality. The leader of a junior-college class of recruits that could be pared by behavior issues, injuries and academic concerns, none of that will erode the considerable enthusiasm the highly recruited defensive tackle brings to the program.

3. Dakota and Dylan Gonzalez: The twins from Idaho haven’t played a basketball game for Bonnie Henrickson’s team yet, but they already are super famous in cyberspace, where pictures of them are easy to find and some might even say difficult to put down. Internet speculation about their dating lives captivates huge audiences. Might Dylan be seeing former Kentucky star Anthony Davis? Inquiring minds want to know. If the twins prove as popular in person as online, the KU women could break attendance records, regardless of their won-loss record. To get a feel for their personalities, check out their Q&A; on

5. Wayne Selden: Wiggins cast such a huge shadow, but not so big as to crowd Selden completely out of the limelight. Powerful perimeter player tickles the twine with his jumper and rattles the rim with his slams.

6. Justin McCay: Wide receiver and Oklahoma transfer is not a world-class sprinter, but he’s not slow, either. What he is is dynamic and physical and adept at making acrobatic catches. His personality lights up a room.

7. Cassie Wait: An Under-Armour High School All-American and the Gatorade Kansas Volleyball Player of the Year, Wait showed off her explosiveness in setting the state meet record in the pole vault, on the basketball and volleyball courts and in the classroom, where she was a straight-A student at Gardner-Edgerton.

8. Colin Spencer: Two athletes looked like the fastest on the field during a spring practice open to the media. One was Tony Pierson, the other Spencer. He’ll back up Pierson, and when the ball is in his hands, don’t take your eyes off of him. His performance at a Nike combine blew away the competition. He ran a 4.42 40, and his vertical leap was measured at 41.7 inches. At 5-foot-10, 174 pounds, he’s not big, but in some ways that just makes him a more difficult target to bring down.

9. Brannen Greene: His super-soft jumper and long range make him a threat to become an instant-offense type of player. His shot is so pure it tends to take attention away from his ability to rise and throw one down. Freshman from Georgia will score a lot of points during his stay in Lawrence.

10. Denton Keys: Dominant high school left-handed pitcher from Denver is ranked last here only because he might never step foot on campus. The Philadelphia Phillies drafted him in the 11th round, and he must sign by July 12 to join the Phillies’ organization. Signing bonuses have dipped, since new salary rules were implemented, so Kansas has a better shot than it would have a couple of years ago. Plus, Keys’ potential is so considerable, it’s possible he might have the confidence to believe that after three years of growth and refining his pitches, he could become a first-round draft choice and really cash in. A Denver Post story about Keys during the state playoffs said he had four no-hitters as a senior, limited hitters to a .051 batting average against, did not allow an earned run in 38 innings and had five walks and 97 strikeouts. He led his team to the Class 2A state championship.


drum1984 9 years ago

Apparently it is now impossible to read kusports content without being enraged by this new ad device. I think I will make a point to specifically avoid whatever product appears in this new heinous ad strategy.

Robert Brock 9 years ago

And now, on, you will soon not be able to post a comment unless you open a Facebook account. Geez...

yates33333 9 years ago

Sad. But I do not intend to give my name to Facebook. I am done posting. Adieu.

Ken Sedgwick 9 years ago

What pisses me off is people get paid to come up with this crap. All I can hope is maybe it is someone I have, or will give a single finger California howdy to on the streets.

lv_jhwk 9 years ago

Do you even stop to think about what the alternative is? If you have any idea of what the current business model is evolving into, you'd be thankful this is all its amounting to.

nuleafjhawk 9 years ago

Please enlighten me. (I'm not being cynical - I have no idea what the current business model is evolving into). I'm very interested to know why this kind of garbage will make me thankful.

Inaccurate 9 years ago

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wrwlumpy 8 years, 12 months ago

I'd like to see some Gonzales twin highlights, but this new one just came out about our new recruits. This is a video that just keeps getting better as it goes along. What must be going on in the gym? Show them the offense, just the basics, and work, work, work, work on defense every. every, every day. Poor Andrew White, he'll probably be the one to red shirt.

KEITHMILES05 9 years ago

If either of the Gonzalez gals is seeing A. Davis that'd be shocking. My goodness there is SO SO much better at KU than him. Yuck.

leonard 9 years ago

Baloney...Wiggins did not dunk "over" Cole.

Yeah, yeah...I know it's a little thing...but that's the type of yellow journalism that irritates the heck out of me. And it's just another reason why I never trust the reporting of Keegan.

Cole did not contest the shot...he simply stepped aside.

webmocker 9 years ago

"Andrew Wiggins: On his first play in front of a Lawrence audience, Wiggins dunked over an NBA center (Cole Aldrich), . . . "

Seconding "leonard" on this one. Look at the video. If Keegan thinks that is "dunking over" Aldrich, well, Keegan clearly knows nothing about dunks in basketball. Or the concept of "over."

Kit Duncan 9 years ago

I suggest you watch the video again. AW goes up for the dunk so quickly Cole has absolutely no chance to contest it. The move Wiggins makes pretty much is unstoppable. In fact, I believe even if Cole had anticipated and left his feet at the same time as Andrew, he would have been unable to get to the rim ahead of Wiggins. (AW is explosive!)

Nikki May 9 years ago

I honestly think that since it was basically a scrimmage game, the defense was less aggressive by design. Cole obviously doesn't want to get hurt, but more importantly to the organization, Wiggins should not get hurt. Putting a body on him was most likely NOT going to happen no matter who it was defending. Do I think Wiggins is good, yes. But I do agree that "dunking over" Aldrich is a bit of an over-statement.

HawksWin 9 years ago

Hey Keeg, Whatever happen to #4 on your list? Up too late writing the article? Happy 4th!

Nick Cole 9 years ago

He probably considered #3 as 2 players, skipping to #5. But we will never know.

Marcia Parsons 9 years ago

He gave each of the Gonzales twins their own number--3 and 4.

Greg Lux 9 years ago

I have nothing against Greene and I am looking forward to seeing him play. But Keeg again you got lost in your own mind. Was it not Frankamp who won the 3 point shot out against Greene earlier this year. Not that Conner is a better player or better anything but at this point the record shows he is the King of the 3 until beaten.

Rock Chalk

Beate Williams 9 years ago

He is not comparing him to Frankamp, he is talking about Greene's ability and why he will be recognized on campus. It appears Keegan cannot write anything without people having to find fault, regardless of the fact that he is writing opinion pieces. H*ll everyone that wrote about that scrimmage indicated that Wiggins dunked over Cole and this is the first time I have read where individuals have taken offense at that description of the dunk. What is the deal?

webmocker 9 years ago

"BeachHawk 7 hours, 22 minutes ago H*ll everyone that wrote about that scrimmage indicated that Wiggins dunked over Cole and this is the first time I have read where individuals have taken offense at that description of the dunk. What is the deal?"

This is the first article I have seen that referenced the dunk. After seeing leonard's comment I went to YouTube to see it. As there was clearly no "dunking over" going on, I challenged that description of the dunk.

Nikki May 9 years ago

I argued it on twitter, but since I have like 5 followers, I'm sure no one saw it but me. I'm sure I'm not the only one who did argue at the time though.

REHawk 9 years ago

Conner is always going to have to battle the height factor, even among journalists. But I predict that there will be several games in his Kansas tenure when, if an opponent has no Travis Releford to affect his shooting, Frankamp will absolutely light up the scoreboard. He can nail those 3 pointers from any spot along the arc. With Conner and AW3 or Conner and Greene togeether on the court, perimeter opponents will face total nightmares.

rtwngr 9 years ago

Hey, yeah, Keegan! Where's number 4? You know, 1 , 2, 3, "4"...?

Pius Waldman 9 years ago

Well no 4 is needed 3 happens to be twins. OK

Steve Reigle 9 years ago

Is Combs on campus yet?

I agree about the survey crap. What's kusports getting out of this? Money, I assume?

And what's with the frequent Internal Server Errors I get on this site now?

byron 9 years ago

How about our women's track program.

crimsonorblue22 9 years ago

Women's track team and Michael Stigler, 2nd in NCAA 400 hurdles as a sophomore!

1timbob 9 years ago

Sad part is even when we comment on the crappy page it doesn't matter because that's what they want to keep their job. It's a win, win situation. If its good journalism we comment, if it's bad we comment.

Kevin Millikan 9 years ago

So now we are answering two questions? And this thing thinks I'm a pregnant woman? Just charge, it will be less of a hassle!

Ben Zeppa 9 years ago

Done with KUsports... can get my news elsewhere. I'll peek in now and then to see when they give up this stoopid format of holding fans hostage for survey questions. I'll miss Tait's stuff, but I won't take 1 darn survey on here.

Jonny Swift 9 years ago

I believe the surveys are just to help the users. It was asking if you have wi-fi and if you have a smartphone and/or tablet. KUsports has been having problems with Flash working on smartphones and tablets, so they are probably just trying to get a feel on how many people use them so that they can optimize their performance on those devices. What makes you people think they're selling something or it's about money?

Ben Zeppa 9 years ago

My current one is which Obamacare ad would I be more likely to click on... this is not a push to help users. Sadly, I would have answered this one if one of the ads had the word repeal in it!

Phil Leister 9 years ago

That's just one of the surveys. My last two have asked how many people live in my household and how likely I am to use Verizon Wireless. Of course it's about money.

Jonny Swift 9 years ago

I've only had that one. Haven't had any other surveys or ads at all and I've come back to the site multiple times today and read different articles

Laura Wilson 9 years ago

you only have to answer one poll in a 24 hour period (though you have to answer one here even if you've answered one on which I find extremely annoying. I haven't even read any of them, just click on a random answer. What they really want you to do is post the articles to Facebook, twitter or google plus; the polls are meaningless. Since I use none of those, I'll have to keep answering the stupid polls if I want any local news.

Oh, and World Company? Don't bother emailing me again trying to explain your reasoning. I don't care. I despise how every site these days tries to connect us together without an opt out. If I could get rid of those 'post to FB, twitter and Google +' symbols on every website, I'd jump for joy.

55jayhawk 9 years ago

Too much information being asked for by this new BS survey. If it continues, I will contact the our AD and let him know I think this is pretty "Classless". If that doesn't get it stopped, we have the Chancellor to try & end this stupid survey. If they would give us a box to say yes or no to a survey...I will vote for that as a 2nd choice.

stm62 9 years ago

I don't trust Google. Why do they need to know if I shop at Nordstrom? Is it to find out if I am rich? PAY HEED KU nation, we live in a time where we can't trust any information gatherers.

Greg Lux 9 years ago

They don't need a survey .. They capture every keystroke you make and follow every website to browse. It's just to make extra money ... Yes it's stupid and yes they can stop it .. Or maybe we should take our business elsewhere. Anyone want to start a KU board? I will join if this doesn't stop.

KGphoto 8 years, 11 months ago

A new KU board will suck. Where will you get your info? Even if you could recreate this forum you would eventually fall victim to the same advertising devil.

Adapt and adjust.

leonard 9 years ago

"this is the first time I have read where individuals have taken offense at that description of the dunk. What is the deal?" BeachHawk

You swerved right into the answer.

The "deal" is that Keegan is full of it concerning Wiggins dunk...appealing to fans like you and your buddies who don't know any better. The video doesn't lie...unlike Keegan.

Beate Williams 9 years ago

I know a lot better, I didn't say he dunked over Cole, my concern dealt with the fact that every sports writer who wrote about the "dunk" indicated he dunked over Cole, but noone took offense at that description until Keegan said it. I happen to coach high school basketball and would be willing to bet that I know a great deal more about the sport than you and most of my "buddies" probably do also. leonard

Jeff Coffman 9 years ago

Surprising that McCray made the list, but not heaps

ParisHawk 9 years ago

Folks if you don't want ads and surveys, try or use a browser with an ad blocker.

JayHawkJay82 9 years ago

These aren't ads. These are forms built into the webpage which block the article contents until they are completed, at which time data is sent to the web page which allows the article to be viewed. Ad Blockers will not stop this.

Terry Sexton 9 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Terry Sexton 9 years ago

And Wiggins DID dunk over Cole. That doesn't mean it was contested. It means Cole was below the rim & Andrew was above it. You Keegan bashers are full of it.

webmocker 9 years ago

OMG, you are so right! He dunked over the entire other team! And his own!

60pkputown 9 years ago

You should get your facts straight, Denton Keyes is not from Denver, he if from Rye, which is about 35 miles southwest of Pueblo. Also, his team did not win the state championship, they lost in the 2A finals with Keyes at bat and was called out on strikes while he was trying to call timeout with two outs in the seventh inning. Those stats you quoted we're also before the state tournament was played. I went to see him pitch because I read he was throwing in the low nineties. The day I saw him he was throwing slightly harder than the pitcher on the other team, I thought about 85. He is a big kid though, looked like 6-4 or so and he is left handed, thus the 11th round draft selection. Rye did win the 2-A state championship when he was a sophomore. Just thought you would like to know.

kj_hawk 9 years ago

Everyone posting about the surveys needs to come in from the woods take your head out of the sand and realize it's a business. If I have to make two extra clicks to read the great jayhawk content on this site rather than have a pay subscription, I'll click any day. And like others have said you don't have to give your SSN a blood sample or your first born. Just make up some stupid answer, read the article, move on with your life and stop complaining for once. By the way I love KU otherwise known as Kansas University.

Brian Skelly 9 years ago

This questionnaire before every article will reduce hits. Easy. Maybe it improves $$$ per hits from someone. Im quite sure that's worth it. Ahem.

And its not two clicks. It's a click and a captcha. Since when did we have to type in a code to read an article? I cant envision any other publication doing this per article. Maybe to sign in it would. But after that its done.

There's no question this will slow traffic down on this site.

Dan Cook 9 years ago

Joel Embiid should be on this list. I think Keegs is sleeping on Joel if he has Greene ahead of him. And no offense to Greene, but I expect Joel to be very explosive for us by the conference season.

Andy Tweedy 9 years ago

Somebody enlighten me to this survey stuff. I'm not getting it.

Andy Tweedy 9 years ago

Thought maybe I wasn't posting enough and just missing it. Is it because I'm on a mac? I'm not getting asked any questions or finding anything at all annoying about the page.

nuleafjhawk 9 years ago

rockchalk - I think in your case, it's just because of your good, clean living. Keep it up, brother !

OGJayhawk 8 years, 12 months ago

I find it a shame that KUSports wants to direct us away from there site blocking their articles with such meaningless advertisements. I don't play those type games on facebook or KUSports.

havoc4prez 8 years, 11 months ago

What the heck is an "explosive personality?"

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