Sunday, October 7, 2012

Three Jayhawks to enter Kansas Sports Hall of Fame today


Former Kansas University basketball standout Bud Stallworth, who has worked part-time as a radio talk-show host in Lawrence the past several years, spoke eloquently Thursday about his fellow Jayhawk inductees in the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame’s Class of 2012.

“David Jaynes ... I thought he was the next Joe Willie in the making. I grew up watching Joe Namath, and he came out on the field with white shoes. I said, ‘Oh, that’s Joe Willie here (at KU),’” Stallworth said of former KU football quarterback Jaynes, a Bonner Springs native who earned All-Big Eight and All-America honors in 1973, finishing with 35 career touchdown passes and 5,132 passing yards.

“David ... he’s Hollywood,” Stallworth added of the 59-year-old Jaynes, who now lives in Los Angeles.

Of Leavenworth native Wayne Simien, another Jayhawk who today will be inducted in the state of Kansas shrine during 4 p.m. ceremonies at the Wichita Boathouse, Stallworth said: “He’s one of the greatest basketball players from the state of Kansas who overcame some injuries and had a great career at KU. Going in the same class with Wayne and one of the great football players during my time at KU is just great,” added Stallworth, like Simien a first-team hoops All-American.

Stallworth, a 62-year-old Hartselle, Ala., native who also earned Academic All-America plaudits, averaged 25.3 points a game en route to being named 1972 Big Eight Player of the Year. The 19th leading scorer in KU history scored 50 points in a victory over Missouri in Allen Fieldhouse his senior year, which stands as most points by a Jayhawk in a conference game.

“This is right up there with having your jersey retired,” said Stallworth, a member of KU’s 1971 Final Four team who had his jersey hung in the rafters of Allen Fieldhouse in 2005. “For me, being part of the KU basketball program, that is kind of like the top of the mountaintop. But going into the Kansas state Hall of Fame with all the great players out of the University of Kansas and the other schools is a great honor as well.”

Simien, the 13th leading scorer and seventh leading rebounder in KU history and a member of KU’s 2002 and ’03 Final Four teams, had his jersey hung in the fieldhouse rafters in 2011.

“It’s an honor to go in with Bud,” Simien said of his friend, who like Simien, lives in Lawrence. “Bud certainly deserves the recognition for all he’s accomplished. I think he probably has the most interesting journey to the University of Kansas being recruited after coming to band camp (as a high school senior).

“When you are able to see the names inducted in the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame ... to be mentioned with them is such a big honor,” the 29-year-old Simien added. “I’ve had so many people help me get to that achievement. It will be a great opportunity to thank and honor them as well.”

Other inductees in the Class of 2012: Kansas State quarterback Michael Bishop, Oklahoma State basketball coach Kurt Budke (deceased), Wichita State Olympic trackster Harold Manning (deceased), K-State basketball player Willie Murrell, Arizona and Texas tennis coach David Snyder and Emporia State softball pitcher Brenda Stolle.


jaybate 9 years, 7 months ago

• Bud, David, Wayne. Willie. Check.

• Who was Kurt Budke? This is a piece of Okie Ball I'm missing.

• Don't give up on Coach Weis. He needs 3-6 years. Gill would have needed 3-6 years. Bill Snyder would have needed 3-6 years. Knute Rockne would have taken 3-6 years. It takes time to change a football culture.

• Why didn't KU hire Bill Snyder when he was retired?

• Last year some KU money bags blew $6M Fed Notes (i.e., funny how the Fed Owners leave the interest rate charge for using their dollar off their note--hint, the interest is paid by your income tax.) to start another 3-6 year rebuild. How about he gives another $6M to hire away two recruiting coordinators at $3M/yr each--one each from Texas and Alabama--who can get some players for Coach Weis to coach! The missing piece in hiring both Gill and Weis has always been that neither had recruiting pipelines. Get the right recruiting coordinators in here and Weis is going to look like the accomplished offensive coordinator he has been. Campo can run the defense. But focusing on attracting Catholic high school talent isn't going to cut it. Its got to be ecumenical and the recruiting coordinators have to have wires Texas, SoCal, Pennsylvannia, and the deep south. Wires to those four recruiting regions plus KU's local footprint could create something sustainable. And the coordinators have to have been recruiting those regions for 4 years.

• KU was in the game awhile, then got blown out; that's how it always is when u build offence I, if you're as skilled as Weis is on offense. Give him 3-6 years and get him two recruiting coordinators. He can do it.

Ben Simonett 9 years, 7 months ago

Jaybate Post Alert!

commence hating in 3.....2.....1......

okiedave 9 years, 7 months ago

Snyder would never have considered coming to KU unless we significantly expanded our stadium. Our stadium is not one of our best recruiting tools.

jaybate 9 years, 7 months ago

okiedave, I was kinda tongue in cheeking it there, but thanks for the take anyway. Is seating capacity the main problem, or the track, or the amount of luxury boxes, or the locker rooms, the problems? All of the above, or just some?

Dirk Medema 9 years, 7 months ago

So you don't think Ianello and Mitchell can recruit? Both have been praised locally and nationally for what they have accomplished, and the 2 of them together would make them "ecumenical" wouldn't it?

As excited as I was when Gill was hired (thought he would bring corn-ball to KU), it was increasingly evident that Turner was not going to turn around the football program - at least not for the better.

kureader 9 years, 7 months ago

PHOF! Stick with basketball, Jaybate ... that way you'll only post dumb stuff about one KU sport.

jaybate 9 years, 7 months ago


Why do you deserve a monopoly about posting dumb stuff about two sports? :-)

And you area so utterly humorless, too.

kureader 9 years, 7 months ago

"And you area so utterly humorless, too"

Do you want to try again, bonehead?

jaybate 9 years, 7 months ago


Thanks for the take. I agree Coach Gill's program looked bad last year, but the program looks shaky this year. The first two seasons of any rebuild often look like Coach Gill's first two seasons and Coach Weis' first season this year.

My whole point here is that I do not want done to Coach Weis what was done to Coach Gill, no matter how bad Coach Weis' record gets. Hopefully it won't tank like Turner's did, but even if it does, I want Coach Weis to get at least 3 years, and if it were up to me, 5 years. No pulling the plug. Live with it. Living with it is the only possible way to build something sustainable.

For what its worth, I realize Coach Weis is a much more savvy offensive coach than Coach Gill. And I suspect Campo knows more defense than probably any three defensive coordinators in the Big 12. We aren't hurtin' for skills behind the lips blowing the whistles. We stepped up from Coach Gill on that count.

But if I understood correctly, Coach Weis ran 30 and barely replenished what he ran and did not bring in what might be called a crop competitive with other programs in the top half of the league; this would seem to spell "add a year on turn around time," which is okay, if that's what he had to do to get it done under his plan.

Next, what are the recruiting backgrounds of Ianello and Mitchell? Were these guys recruiting coordinator's at some top programs for 3-4 years with wires into Texas, SoCal, Pennsylvannia, and the deep south prior to coming to KU? If they were, then Coach Weis will be in great shape by his 3rd to 6th season and everyone needs to, as I have been saying, sit back and wait for the cake to bake. I didn't realize that they were, but Coach Weis has shown enough already to make one think he can build this thing late, if not sooner. He seems on a five year program, so I don't understand the fan's angst...again.

The reason Mangino had some success sooner rather than later at KU was that he had grown up in Ohio and so understood the Ohio/Pennsylvannia recruiting region, plus he had assisted Snyder and Stoops about 9 years and so had recruiting wires himself into the midwest and Texas. He was, in terms of background, an optimal candidate. Plus he was a heckuva an offensive coordinator and was part of the vanguard of reinventing offense in the Big 12. These things gave him a sharp edge, at a time when Texas, OU, and Nebraska were slow to change from more conservative styles.

Rock Chalk!

Jeremy Vinduska 9 years, 7 months ago

@ Jaybate- Kurt Budke was the Oklahoma State Women's basketball Coach tragically killed in a plane crash before last season. He was known as a great recruiter and outstanding Jr. College Women's Coach as well.

jaybate 9 years, 7 months ago

“David Jaynes ... I thought he was the next Joe Willie in the making. I grew up watching Joe Namath, and he came out on the field with white shoes. I said, ‘Oh, that’s Joe Willie here (at KU).’"--Bud Stallworth, probably KU's all time leading trifectate before there were trifectas

Bonner Springs Dave could throw the pork rind. Period.

Alas, David didn't have Joe Willie's foot speed and athleticism that Joe possessed back in Joe's highschool and college days. And at 6'2", he didn't have the "look-over" height that another relatively unmobile fellow Kansan of that era, KSU's Lynn Dickey, had.

But, man, could David Jaynes thread it long, short and in between. He had some big, big days at KU. I've never looked at the record books, but it probably took someone like Reesing and the shot gun to drop David out of number one on KU passing stats.

I met David once on business in Emeryville, CA, where he was working in limited partnerships, if I recall correctly. He had as much presence in a room, as he had once shown on the football field. That was long ago, and while he has probably had some bumps in business, as everyone does that stays in it, I always suspected he would go far from that meeting.

Anyway, thanks to Bud "Local Jay" Stallworth for putting in a good word for a great, but increasingly forgotten, old 20th Century Jayhawk.

And Bud, with a Hudy-izing, if we could rewind the clock, you could still play today for Self.

DDDHawk 9 years, 7 months ago

I was at the game when Bud Stallworth hit 50 points in a home game. The place was electric! Thanks, Bud, for your contributions to KU!

Wayne, you will be remembered by KU fans as much for your integrity and personal growth as your exceptional physical abilities and contributions on the court. Thank you for all you did for KU then and now!

Brad Watson 9 years, 7 months ago

How is Bud Stallworth not already in....thats mind blowing...he should have been in years far as Dave Jaynes.....we won't mention the country club plaza incident.....I'm not sure he's deserving...but I loved him as a kid...he was flashy...and he could play...and Simien doubt.....Is Cromwell in?......Stallworths 50 against Missouri in his last home game was 3 point shot in those days...or it would have been 60!!!!!!

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