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Ceremony has KU flavor

Former Jayhawks David Jaynes, Bud Stallworth, Wayne Simien enter Hall

Former Jayhawks, from left, Bud Stallworth, David Jaynes and Wayne Simien pose at induction ceremonies for the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame on Sunday in Wichita.

Former Jayhawks, from left, Bud Stallworth, David Jaynes and Wayne Simien pose at induction ceremonies for the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame on Sunday in Wichita.



Jim Marchiony/Contributed Photo

Former Jayhawks, from left, Bud Stallworth, David Jaynes and Wayne Simien pose at induction ceremonies for the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame on Sunday in Wichita.

A blue-chip quarterback at Bonner Springs High School, David Jaynes committed to play football for Bear Bryant’s powerhouse University of Alabama football program in the fall of 1970.

Jaynes changed his mind after Kansas University assistant football coach Terry Donahue invited him to a KU-Kansas State basketball game in Allen Fieldhouse.

“I probably would have been the best third-string quarterback in Alabama history,” Jaynes joked Sunday during his Kansas Sports Hall of Fame induction speech in Wichita.

Jaynes — he was inducted as a member of the Class of 2012 with KU basketball greats Wayne Simien and Bud Stallworth — instead became one of the best QBs in KU history.

He threw for 34 career touchdowns and 5,132 yards while helping KU land a spot in the 1973 Liberty Bowl.

“I’ve looked at the names of those who are already inducted in this Hall, and the kid from Bonner Springs in me is asking, ‘What am I doing in a group like this?’ This is my day to say ‘Thank you’ to all the people who helped me become what I wanted to become,” said the 59-year-old Jaynes, who is in the real estate business in Los Angeles.

Leavenworth native Simien, 29, was a consensus first-team All-American his senior year (2005) and was also a two-time All-Big 12 first-team pick (2004 and 2005). He was the 2005 Big 12 Player of the Year after averaging 20.3 points and 11.0 rebounds per game. Simien, the 13th-leading scorer and seventh-leading rebounder in KU history and a member of KU’s 2002 and ’03 Final Four teams, had his jersey hung in the fieldhouse rafters in 2011.

“I’m not here because of what I’ve done, but because many people have made significant contributions in my life,” Simien said. “I’ve played for some great coaches and with some great teammates, and now I want to be remembered as someone who helped others achieve greatness in all areas of their lives.”

Simien has his own Called to Greatness ministry and also is a volunteer mentor to student-athletes at KU and chaplain for the men’s basketball team.

“By no means was I able to achieve this by myself. I fully believe it’s because I had a number of people who really significantly invested in my life,” Simien said.

Stallworth, 62, on Sunday told the story about driving from his hometown of Hartselle, Ala., to KU for a band camp and, while on the trip, playing pick-up basketball with KU guard Jo Jo White.

“To this day, I am totally indebted to Jo Jo,” Stallworth said. “We stay in touch over all these years, for him taking time to mention to a coach that there is a band camper playing in Robinson Gym that might come to the University of Kansas and help us.”

Coach Ted Owens, on the word of his players, met with Stallworth and offered him a scholarship. Bud went on to become a two-team all-league selection who ended his career with an 18.1-point scoring average.

His 50 points against Missouri in 1972 rank second on the KU single-game scoring list.

He was 1972 Big Eight Player of the Year after averaging 25.3 points and 7.7 rebounds a game. He played in the NBA from 1972 to ’77.

“The lesson my parents taught me — that education is the most important thing — has led me to this honor. I thank you for including me among the great athletes, coaches and administrators who are in this Hall,” said Stallworth, who is currently retired after working many years at KU in the department of design and construction management.

Other inductees in the Class of 2012: Kansas State quarterback Michael Bishop, Oklahoma State basketball coach Kurt Budke (deceased), Wichita State Olympic track athlete Harold Manning (deceased), K-State basketball player Willie Murrell, Arizona and Texas tennis coach David Snyder and Emporia State softball pitcher Brenda Stolle.


Scott MacWilliams 9 years, 7 months ago

Makes me mighty proud to be a Jayhawk, gentlemen, when I read your comments telling the world what life on Mount Oread can mean to those fortunate enough to find their way to KU.

Wayne, you are a marvelous young man, and we are so lucky to have you continuing to share your love, support and talents in ministry with our current 'Hawks.

Mr. Stallworth, what an amazing story! KU summer band camper becomes Big Eight player of the year, kills MU for 50 and plays in the NBA for 5 years!! Does anyone see a movie script here???

R O C K ! ! ! !

C H A L K ! ! !

J A Y H A W K S ! ! ! ! !

jaybate 9 years, 7 months ago

Terry Donohue, a Pepper Rogers protege, must have had some mammoth powers of persuasion to out recruit Bear Bryant. Terry went on to HC at UCLA.

MEMORY HOLE FREE ASSOCIATION: former HC Pepper Rogers running ahead of his football team doing a cartwheel, or something leading them onto field before a game. Does anyone else remember this? Which game?

jaybate 9 years, 7 months ago

• Ah, basketball. It could be a sweet season for Coach Self, if EJ, Travis Kevin and Jeff have the kinds of final seasons Tyshawn Taylor had last season. And if BenMac, Jamari, Perry, Zach and Landon perform well, it could be a ring team. But if any one of the seniors falters, and an injury bug were to nag, then keep a stiff upper.

• Any one know what The Mayor dragged in? Hoiberg lost his franchise player to the L. Did he find a replacement?

• How about Huggo Muggo at WVU; this could become KU's new grudge match. I am very jazzed about the WVU games. Do we start playing them home and home this year? And WVU gets shown in a positive way in the Eastern time zone. Good for recruiting.

• Also, does Rice have much in hoops?

• Sports Truth: you win as a team and lose as a team. Kind of sad to read Coach Weis already openly dividing the team into those coming back and those not, after only 1-4. I hope AD Zenger is not already viewing Coach Weis and his staff the way Coach Weis and his staff are already viewing the team. I feared from the moment Coach Weis was hired he might be being used as what is sometimes called a broom by bureaucrats. You bring in a broom to do the dirty work of running off the people you want to be rid of, then toss the broom too and start over with the guy you really want to rebuild with. Ugh!

• Support Coach Weis!

• Note: I left one comma out just for JayShagger, who might be starting to want to get rid of Coach Weis. HawkKlaw, too. Both seem like the type that might like to run coaches early. Say no to brooms!

• Support Coach Weis now!

jayhawkeratheart 9 years, 7 months ago

Three great stories from three exceptional men at KU. Exposing some of these details really embraces the possibilities sought by all. Even today, that young man playing pick up ball has a chance to be great in college sports, and just an eye for talent is all that is required to find and locate that next Bud Stallworth.

In response to Jaybate: Concerning coach Weis, or any coach. What tears me up is the amount of money that is paid up front to get these coaches, and they have done nothing to earn the money, at the present position, other than bring their history to the school. I liken the hiring of coach Weis to the signing of Peyton Manning at the Broncos. Lots of money, no change.

jaybate 9 years, 7 months ago


I agree about the big money up front and the big buyouts to separate early. But the market price is what it is at any given time. So: the bigger the money involved the more imperative it is to have smart football people making the hiring and firing decisions, both in official positions and among the influential alumni that can shape the list of candidates an AD may think would be found acceptable.

When it comes to making basketball hiring decisions, the last three coaching vacancies occurred when there were knowlegeable basketball people in the AD office and, perhaps more importantly, knowledgeable alumni exterting pressure on the hiring decision.

What appears to happen to KU football hiring is that sometimes the AD is football savvy, and sometimes not. Zenger seemed to be the kind of AD that was a football guy and so one would have expected him to make a good hire, even though he has never had to compete for coaching talent at a level hire than an Illinois State before arriving at KU.

Why KU football has always seemed to be so scattershot in the quality of its football coaches has always seemed to me to stem from the alumni capable of influencing the decision.

There just has never seemed to have been a critical mass of football savvy alums weighing in consistently around coach hiring and firing time. My hunch is that the combination of sometimes football savvy ADs, and sometimes football unsavvy ADs, plus perhaps consistently non-football savvy alums, has lead to the great variance in the quality of coaches hired, plus the unsavvy approaches to dealing with their performances. KU flushed Jack Mitchell too soon. KU should have offered Pepper Rogers what ever it would have taken to keep him. Same with Glenn Mason.

There just doesn't not seem to be enough football savvy persons in points of influence around KU football to pull it together very often, and then when it is pulled together, the culture is not savvy enough to know how to retain the few good ones they have found.

Zenger seems a smart guy with a background in football and Snyderism. So: my hunch is that what we have to fear is the influence of the non-savvy football alums weighing with influence, and conditioning of donations, based on getting the kind of coach they think is right. But the probablem probably is that they don't have sufficient insight into the kind of coach that is needed in any given circumstance.

Its going to take a lot of education of alums and fans, not just Coach Weis and some players to turn this around.

If Coach Weis gets the players and gets a splashy W&L statement, the past suggests that no one will realize what they have till its gone.

If Coach Weis craps out, the past suggests that no one will realize that the dynamic that apparently exists between ADs and the alums that produces extremely uneven quality of hires, will persist.

jaybate 9 years, 7 months ago

I have long thought that solving the KU football problem requires enlarging the problem. Just changing football coaches has never consistently solved the football problem at KU. Just changing the players hasn't either.

CBernie and Sheahon have to look at this as cultural problem within KU nation. Influential alums have to be drawn into an education process that goes on non stop, so that when their monies start shaping what happens at moments of transition in coaches, their monies and POVs help solve the football problem.

I don't blame rich alums for not wanting to contribute money to coaches they do not want hired.

And KU football cannot operate without the money of the alums.

So: the solution is educate the alums so they exert positive influence.

Rich alums, outside of some of those that inherit it, tend to be bright persons committed to excellence in the fields they commit themselves to. I believe that they would relish something like an "Alumni Football Boot Camp." I believe the rich alums are often very competitive people and they want KU to be excellent. I think CBernie and Sheahon reaching out to them and building a cohesive kitchen cabinet of these alumni that are asked not just to give money, but to committ to working in a "Committee for Excellence in KU Football" that goes around studying every aspect of the most successful football programs long before we need to make a coaching change and keeps an ongoing data base of coaching talent and their recruiting contacts is the way to evolve beyond the negative dynamics the football program has long been caught up in.

It is not enough to look at KSU and Snyder. Times have changed. The committee needs to study Boise State and Rice. The committee needs to build up a knowledge base and expertise in these matters.

This is feasible. These wealthy alumni would love this role. To be honest, once you reach a certain point of wealth, your time is more valuable than your money. Getting these alums to invest their time in getting educated about football, and I mean really educated about the game and the business, would make them much less prone to be loose canons at hiring times.

KU can do this.

Now, enough football. :-)

Tony Bandle 9 years, 7 months ago

Mysteries of the Universe:

1] Why it took almost 40 years to put Bud in the Hall of Fame? 2] People panicking over Bill Self's recruiting skills. 3] Folks calling for the end of the Charlie Weis era before it's hardly even begun. 4] Posters bitching about Jaybate.If you don't like him, don't read him It isn't rocket science! 5] The track at Memorial Stadium. 6] Nickleback...why would anyone spend a dime to see or hear them?

Tony Bandle 9 years, 7 months ago

Actually, it's kind of fun..heck IIB, I read everybody because in the end, we're all full of cowpies!! :)

blowhard 9 years, 7 months ago

Pepper Rodgers somersaulted / 1967 Missouri game...

KU 17 Missouri. 6

Danny Hernandez 9 years, 7 months ago

I can still remember watching Bud shoot those 50 points over Norm Stewarts's tigger team. And David Jaynes made at the time, the Playboy Pre-Season All-Star football team his senior year and was so accurate on his throws...I only saw one of his games in person and I should have seen more of them.

Simien. If he hadn't been hurt when we played Cuse in the final, we'd have won that game. Heck, if we'd hit a few more freethrows, we win

RJ King 9 years, 7 months ago

so this one time at Bill Self Band Camp

so this one time at Bill Self Band Camp by RJ King

Jack Wilson 9 years, 7 months ago

No Frank Mason news? The guy visited Thursday - Saturday, right?

I was expecting "The visit was a '10' " .. or something like that.

Brad Watson 9 years, 7 months ago

We won't mention the Dave Jaynes incident down at the Country Club Plaza......will we...Hey think you are the all knowledgable...fill us in on that one....and the failed 2 pt play against Condredge Holloway s Tenn team 28-27...i was in the Liberty Bowl watching that late sept game...Bill Battle was their coach...they didn't play Rocky Top in those days...just their fight far as Stallworth....long overdue awesome player

Brad Watson 9 years, 7 months ago

I loved that 1973 team..we had a formidable non conference schedule...we opened by beating Washington state....then we went down to Tallahassee and shut out Florida State..28-0...then we beat Minnesota...then we were ranked and went down and played Tennessee in Memphis and lost the game on a failed 2 pt play 28-27...then we came back and beat K-State....then we went up to Lincoln...and lost Nebraska....then we went up to Ames and barely beat Iowa State...then in a sunny but bitterly cold early November game with Okla State..we tied 10-10...the game is remembered for the HIT!!!!!!! of the hardest hits ever in a football game.....then ABC came in for their GAME of the WEEK.....with Chris Schenkel and Bud Wilkinson...and they hyped Jaynes for the Heisman..and we won 17-15 against the Golden buffs of CU...then we went to Norman and Barry his first year as coach....destroyed us...48-20....they went on to a 10-0-1 record and a NO.2 final AP ranking...then we beat Missouri....and ended up in the Liberty Bowl...and we lost to NC-State..but it was an exciting year with great games...and I still vividly remember it!!! ........RCJH

Jayhawker111 9 years, 7 months ago

Bud Stallworth was great.

I really enjoyed watching him play

A Hall of Fame Jayhawk!

notjustbread 9 years, 7 months ago

Wayne Simeon borrowed my broom once whenI lived next door to he and Langford in the Jayhawk Towers. He returned it. He was very nice. I loved his senior night speech, not caring it was a little long. He spoke from the heart, and he has a great heart.

travelhawk 9 years, 7 months ago

Wish there was some way to limit the some times inciteful but most times rambling pontifications of self-inflated posters who apparently like to hear themselves talk (jaybate, I'm thinking of you in particular)

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