Originally published March 27, 2012 at 07:10p.m., updated March 27, 2012 at 09:03p.m.

Report: Hinson in as Southern Illinois coach

Kansas center Jeff Withey celebrates with director of basketball operations Barry Hinson after the Jayhawks' 80-67 win over North Carolina to advance to the Final Four on Sunday,  March 25, 2012 at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis.

Kansas center Jeff Withey celebrates with director of basketball operations Barry Hinson after the Jayhawks' 80-67 win over North Carolina to advance to the Final Four on Sunday, March 25, 2012 at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis.


Kansas University director of basketball operations Barry Hinson has accepted an offer to become the head coach at Southern Illinois, according to Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports and Carbondale KFVS-TV 12's website.

However, The Southern newspaper of Carbondale in confirming the hiring of Hinson says Hinson might not be introduced until after the Final Four, pending contract talks.

SIU's sports information office did not immediately respond to a message asking to confirm the news to the Southern newspaper, but WPSD-TV 6 tweeted the office denied Hinson had been hired or that there was a press conference Wednesday.

KU staff members have a policy of not commenting on job openings they may be involved with.


MrPilot 10 years, 8 months ago


I'm happy for Coach Hinson, but that's a big loss for KU.

jhox 10 years, 8 months ago

I agree, huge loss for KU. His personality was a big hit with recruits. Channel 41 in KC reported tonight that Danny Manning is the leading candidate for the Tulsa job. When a staff does a coaching job like the one our staff did this year, people take notice, and this is the downside. I'm happy for these guys though. We've been lucky to keep them as long as we have.

Kyle Sybesma 10 years, 8 months ago

Tulsa would be a great job for Manning. Tulsa has a history of great coaches. Self being one of them.

cobweb 10 years, 8 months ago

Self, Tubby Smith and Nolan Richardson all went on to win national championships after coaching at Tulsa.

Carter Patterson 10 years, 8 months ago

Happy for our coaches but I thought Coach Self had a rule against assistants talking until after the season?

John Randall 10 years, 8 months ago

Funny you should mention that . . . I haven't a single comment from Barry Hinson – have you?

Jonathan Andrews 10 years, 8 months ago

"Assistants" is the key word here. Hinson is a valued member of our staff, but NOT an assistant coach, as teams are only allowed to have 3.

Jonathan Allison 10 years, 8 months ago

exactly, Hinson is not an assistant. He is DBO, and it's really a job that is beneath him because he's just an administrator and not allowed to do any coaching.

I know that he was canned by Missouri State for not getting to the NCAA tourney regularly, but he really was very successful at that school. He got jobbed by the NCAA selection committee a few times, and it has really cost him. He has been a tremendous and valuable part of the staff here, but he truly should be a head coach and this is the right thing for him to do. Though if he hadn't been done wrong by MSU and the Selection Committe he'd probably be coaching a major program by now.

I really feel like he is more deserving of a job like KSU then SIU.

Good luck Coach Hinson! I hope you win the MVC next year and have floods of coaching options in the future.

Chris Bruning 10 years, 8 months ago

Coaches and players will miss his personality and barbecue get togethers!!!!

Jaminrawk 10 years, 8 months ago

Great get for SIU. Coach Hinson was fun to have around for awhile.

mojayhawk 10 years, 8 months ago

Congratulations Barry! You deserve this! We liked you in Springfield, were thrilled when you went to KU, and wish you the best at SIU! Your moving on is a loss to the Jayhawks, but I know Coach Self is excited for you also. Best of luck!

P.S. Sorry everybody for my lame bracket.

bradh 10 years, 8 months ago

Looks like you copied Matt's bracket. Shame, shame, there will be no copying here.

floridajayhawks 10 years, 8 months ago

Losing DM could hurt the chances of landing Parker.

Marcia Parsons 10 years, 8 months ago

Just because Danny is Tulsa's first choice doesn't mean they are his choice. I'm not going to panic until I hear he is in serious talks with them.

RJ King 10 years, 8 months ago

This is a huge loss for Kansas, a great get for the Salukis. If Angel Morris was the "Mom" figure for T-Robb last year, surely Barry Hinson was a father-figure. I'm so happy to see such a well respected and deserving guy get another chance. The timing is terrible however. What a distraction just before the finals.

If Danny goes, would Wayne coach? Pollard? Collison after NBA? With talk of Danny leaving, I'm glad Ellis, Peters, and Lucas have already inked their letters. Parker's announce date is the day after Shabazz's. What does that mean? I think they'll both go ucla.

Aaaauuuggghhh!!! Boy do we get attached to these folks!

Alex Berger 10 years, 8 months ago

Where can you find their announcement dates?

Ron Prichard 10 years, 8 months ago

I don't remember where I read this, but somewhere I thought I saw Shabazz was April 9 or 10 and Parker was the following day.

Chris Kurtz 10 years, 8 months ago

Remember when K State was paying their assistant some ridiculous money? Time to do that for Danny Manning. Give him about 800k. Keep him here. I think if he is paid well enough he will stay.

Bostonjhawkfan 10 years, 8 months ago

Danny has NBA millions, i don't think its about money to him. Its the love of the game.

KGphoto 10 years, 8 months ago

Hinson will be missed, but Danny? OMG please nooooo! It's like losing an arm.

Why do all these hires and rumors have to come out at this time? It happened with Weis in K.C. before the playoffs. Hinson to SIU. Danny rumors...

Lacks a little class.

KGphoto 10 years, 8 months ago

I realize these deals are made fast and require a killer instinct to complete, but couldn't they just wait a week to make the announcement? Couldn't it be a handshake and a promise until the kids have a chance to finish their remarkable season?

Kye Clark 10 years, 8 months ago

That was always my biggest problem with Carolina getting Roy in '03. Not the fact that he went, but that it was a big circus during the Final Four.

Uwe_Blab 10 years, 8 months ago

Totally f-ing agreed. What made it even worse was the fact it seemed Dean Smith was instrumental in letting it happen. I was absolutely dumbfounded.

shotto 10 years, 8 months ago

The last two years I have attended "Ladies Night Out With Bill Self." I guess you would say that Barry was the master of ceremonies. He was so much fun. He is a hoot! He has so many stories . . . ask him about the time he and Bill Self were introduced during chapel services at Oral Roberts and he was asked to lead the prayer. I will miss this loveable man!

Natedoggof04 10 years, 8 months ago

If we lose out on Danny then we lose out on Chris Walker for 2013!!! God I hope he doesnt take the job

KGphoto 10 years, 8 months ago

I'd be 1,000,000,000 times more upset about losing Manning than any recruit.

ironhead80 10 years, 8 months ago

I live in Tulsa and would'nt know why Manning would take the TU coaching job. I believe there is a better position out there for him to coach, yes! I know Bill coached at TU, there are other people running it now. It's not the same.

Jack Wilson 10 years, 8 months ago

Danny taking the Tulsa job may be good news in the long run. If Self leaves -- and we know he won't be here forever -- there would even now be enormous pressure to give the job to Manning.

This way, we can see what he's got as a head coach. And he would be better prepared to take the job. If it doesn't go well, then we could avoid a major mistake in the future. That is worth losing out on some recruits.

Manning does 4 years at Tulsa, moves to say Iowa or someone like that, then he's the heir apparent, or not.

AirCapJay 10 years, 8 months ago

Danny is only 4 years younger than Bill. When Bill retires from KU at the age of 75, Danny will be 71. I don't see it happening.

Brandon Pope 10 years, 8 months ago

Right and as soon as Bill gets himself another championship which will happen sooner rather than later (maybe in less than a week), he will own the KU job as long as he wants it and I think he will want it until he retires.

Danny wont be the head coach at KU, but he will be a head coach elsewhere at some point, I just hope this Tulsa business isn't it. I think we need to pay the man to stick around for 2-3 more years.

AirCapJay 10 years, 8 months ago

I think Bill owns the job for as long as he wants it now. Another championship or two (or 5) will guarantee that he will have a brand new 20,000 seat arena named after him someday.

Dirk Medema 10 years, 8 months ago

Bill wouldn't let his name go on a building that replaces the Phog unless God takes it down, and he still might not accept.

Alex Berger 10 years, 8 months ago

Bill is a family man. I can't see him jumping to the NBA until his son is in college.

optimist 10 years, 8 months ago

That would be next year. His son is currently a senior.

Marcia Parsons 10 years, 8 months ago

In recent interviews in the LJW Danny said he would like to be a head coach some day. I imagine that is every assistant's goal to some extent. He'd be a good one.

REHawk 10 years, 8 months ago

Man O Man, that sudden Manning speculation is a real jolt. Personally, I think Danny still has a body of work ahead of him at Kansas, what with all these big kids coming in. If he is ready to go, I wish the best for him; and if he does well as a head coach, I hope to see him return some day to lead the Jayhawks. I do not envision Bill Self staying at our helm into his late sixties. Too many variables come into play in regard to job permanency for toplevel head coaches. We are blessed to have experienced the brilliance and winning traditions of Brown, Williams, Self. Gotta cherish their contributions while they are at our helm, because the twists and turns of time and circumstance are bound to intervene.

Brian Skelly 10 years, 8 months ago

Im not surprised that Hinson is taking the opportunity. Im likely one of the few posters here who attended both KU and MSU (SMS at the time).

Hinson had good success, but could never crack that top rail for any length of time in the MVC. If im correct he won 20 or more games 4-5 years in a row, but NEVER went to the NCAAs. Hinson came in after Steve Alford left for Iowa and people were skeptical, but anyone who's spent any time with him at public appearances knows how personable a guy he is and how much he enjoys teaching these guys how to play and how to learn about life. Id be shocked if he doesnt turn SIU around pretty quickly. He's already shown he can coach at that level. Hopefully he gets them to the tournament sometime soon.

Personally I think the Manning speculation is just that. But when you have success, and even moreso sustained success coaches arent going to stick around. Thats why these guys coach... to be head coaches somewhere. What a better thing to have on a resume' but a Final Four or two and coaching at KU. I dont think the issue for Manning would be money. He's got that already. Not unlike Hinson, its the chance to have your own program. I personally think he's staying, but we'll see.

Id be far more shocked about Manning than I am about Hinson. He's made it clear he wanted a HC job when he took the job here at KU.

jaybate 10 years, 8 months ago

When people talk about assistants leaving, it often centers on the loss of their skills to the program, the loss of recruits, or their potential down the road for returning, and that all matters. But what I think about is the loss to Coach Self.

Hinson is obviously a close friend and having a close friend to talk to at the office is a great comfort and rarity. Big personal loss.

Manning and Self are undoubtedly a complicated relationship, because they are close in age, Manning's legacy at KU goes farther back, and both have large presence. Self knows Danny has a rare combination of knowledge, legacy and physical and psychological stature that make him suited to coach big men in a way that is hard to completely replace. Danny's dad was a pro player and a coach. Danny's coach was LB. Danny had some good pro coaches. You dont find guys with that kind of knowlege around much.That's got to be a tough professional, collegial loss for Self day to day day just from the standpoint of being able talk the game on a high level.

Joe Dooley is a jock and a quantoid and that is pretty rare right there.

But Self is in the coaching profession and this is how professions are...ever changing mixes of persons with different skills you try to get the most out of.

Teams change. Staffs change. If you don't enjoy putting staffs and teams together, don't become a coach.

Jack Rivers 10 years, 8 months ago

Agree with you Jaybate. Why is everyone panicking? Yes, it will suck to lose Hinson and Manning but recruits know good assistance leave. Every program goes through it. Like John Wooden's didn't? You think it didn't hurt when Roy left Dean? And yet Dean basically got the job for Roy. Norm Roberts was the cornerstone of getting the recruits that won the national championship before Danny was even considering being an assistant at KU. And who knows, maybe we can get him to come back from Florida. The thing about Self is he attracts great assistants, and I don't see that changing. If you are the next hot shot assistant/future Bill Self who are you clamoring to work for? Bill Self. Just enjoy the ride and know that if you are succesful coaches will come and go. Just the way it is.

RJ King 10 years, 8 months ago

We know. But let us have just a moment of silence anyway . . .

Jim Jackson 10 years, 8 months ago

Let's get Norm Roberts back to KU, ASAP

Adam James 10 years, 8 months ago

Huge loss for the program all around, but how about Larry Brown stepping up in some capacity. He may be a bit old take over Hinson, but we can ship Danny over and move Larry Brown to an assistant.

jaybate 10 years, 8 months ago

Larry working under Danny is something I would pay to see!

Kye Clark 10 years, 8 months ago

I actually think having him take over for Hinson makes more sense. If I'm not mistaken, only coaches and assistant coaches can recruit. So stepping in as director of basketball operations would keep him from the recruiting grind, which I imagine is a good thing at his age, while allowing him to get on staff.

Vernon Riggs 10 years, 8 months ago

The Director of BB Ops isn't allowed at practice. No coaching. No on-court interaction with the players. The benefits of Larry would be his one-on-one coaching. I am selfish; I don't want Danny to leave. But I want the best for Danny. If he doesn't go this year, he will next year. He isn't going to be an Asst Coach all of his life.

Brendan Connolly 10 years, 8 months ago

Totally off subject, but the ex-player (not ex-Jayhawk) I would love to see Self somehow get in the fold is Jacque Vaughn. Still my ideal Jayhawk. He might be smartest player ever at Kansas and did EVERYTHING right. Would be a great influence and is starting his coaching career as we speak. Tough to get him to be assistant as he is one in NBA right now, but he loved Kansas.

I can sill remember his speech Junior year when everyone thought he would leave early. Ten minutes before him a UK player announced and was talking about how he's gotz to be paid and how he was bringing his skills to the league and they better be ready. Vaughn takes to podium and says something along the lines of..."in the immortal words of Robert Frost, I have come to a fork in the road and today I shall take the path less taken and it will make all the difference......I am returning for my senior year.". Jacque you are the path less taken and represent all that is good about college athletics. If there is anyway to get you involved in this program short of getting rid of Self I would be all for it. I realize he is different position and for that matter level of lore in KU history, but would be great pickup if we lose Dan the man.

JayHawkFanToo 10 years, 8 months ago

Jacque Vaughn would be be a home run hire. As I understand the Spurs think highly of him and feel that he will eventually end up as head coach in the NBA.

UmbertoConforti 10 years, 8 months ago

If Martin left K-State I wonder why they didn't try to hire Manning. He'd seem a perfect fit, better than Tulsa. Have you ever been to Tulsa? The only good thing about that place is there are several roads leading from it to Kansas. Check out the University the next time your there. Excuse me, I briefly forgot that K-State was in Manhattan. All things considered I need a Manhattan.

If Manning goes, and I hope he doesn't, can't another former NBA big man be convinced to coach at KU? The way BB is going NBA personnel are what to have. They know how to push, shove, kick, or whatever and take extra steps, rarely dribble in the post, and play hard most of the time. I liked the Collison idea.

JayHawkFanToo 10 years, 8 months ago

How about Rex Walters? Assistant Coach at KU has got to be better job than Head Coach at San Francisco...

RJ King 10 years, 8 months ago

Rex is moving that program along incrementally. He's got BYU, Gonzaga, and Saint Mary's ahead of him, but is making visible progress. Definitely a player's coach, and fun to watch at games. KU players/managers Michael Lee and Justin Bauman are also on his staff.

Rex is from San Jose, and now has four kids from toddler to upper grade school. I can't see him giving up his own program for an assistant position. He is a leader out there - and good with media, etc.

jaybate 10 years, 8 months ago

"Thingsth Thad Matta Thought Theriouthly Today"

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•Thuffering thuccotash, the Kanthas Jayhawkth. Thatth not fair. They are too fast for usth.

• Thullinger did not play the firtht game.

• Aaron Craft ith a sthtopper.

• Dethaun Thomasth can't guard Thomath Robinthon. Help!

(Note: All ficthion. No malith.)

Jayhawk_4_Life 10 years, 8 months ago

So I was watching the end of the NBC News before Leno started, and the guys goes "KU director of BBall Operations Doug Hinson was named SIU head coach." Made me shake my head.. Good luck Barry you'll be missed greatly on the staff. Good thing is, you gained thousands of future SIU fans from us KU fans. I know I'll be rooting for you guys.

okiedave 10 years, 8 months ago

Glad Hinson is getting another shot as head coach. Danny will have that opportunity some day -- if he wants it. However, not sure why Danny would want it. Being an assistant at Kansas is better than being head coach at most schools. Danny is a Lawrence kid and a great place to live and raise your family. Why leave a great gig to go to a pressure cooker head job at some other school were the previous head coach could not make it work?

stm62 10 years, 8 months ago

Enough speculation !!! Enjoy the moment. Some schools haven't advanced to the Final Four despite over 100 years of trying.

Michael Pannacciulli 10 years, 8 months ago

Let's not sabatoge the Final 4 excitement with all this innuendo and speculation...I plan on just enjoying this weekend...will deal with all that other stuff in mid April.

AsadZ 10 years, 8 months ago

Guys, Never under estimate Bill Self. He will find a great replacement for Hinson. Hinson was fired from his previous job and to be honest HCBS did him a favor by bringing him to KU when he was out of work. I am not worried at all.

Regarding Manning I had read that he wants to be a head coach some day but from what I understand his kids are still in high school. So I do not see him leaving until they graduate. Regardless, becoming a head coach will be good for Manning but I am sure HCBS will find another great assistant coach to replace him if and when he departs.

RockChalk26 10 years, 8 months ago

Why didn't they wait until after the Final Four to announce? Seems like horrible timing to me.

Jonathan Allison 10 years, 8 months ago

I doubt that Danny Manning would take any head coaching job if Bill Self wasn't giving him his blessing, but even more so the Tulsa job. You can guarantee that if Danny does go coach TU that Bill has encouraged him to do so. And if Bill is encouraging Danny to go be a head coach somewhere then we can only hope that that means Bill Self is determined to have a long future as the head coach of KU.

Unless, as HEM suggested that Danny would be leaving Self's wings to get battle tested to prepare him for a possible reunion as KU head man.

I'll either of those options, though I would love to keep Danny as Bill's #1 assistant...

kellerman411 10 years, 8 months ago

God dangit!!! Why couldn't all of this be kept internal until Tony Parker makes a decision. We were pretty much his leading school because of how we develop big men. If he thinks Danny is leaving, kiss him goodbye.

Vincent Patterson 10 years, 8 months ago

This is some BS! Talk about a buzz killa! I mean, they really couldn't wait until 1 more week to come after our coaching staff? Hinson doesn't hurt so much and I do wish him well at SIU, but losing Manning would be devastating! I've gotta think that Manning has told them "we can talk after our season is officially over", because he knows they've got to be focused on only one thing right now..BEATING OSU! The team can sit there and say that they are focused and that none of this is distracting, but we all know it IS distracting. Talk is cheap and we've been throught this before! Lord, please don't let Danny outta Lawrence! "What I'ma do bout my legs Charlie Murphy??!!!!!!"

cobweb 10 years, 8 months ago

Great move for Hinson. He got screwed at SW Missouri St.

wrwlumpy 10 years, 8 months ago

My Jaybate impersonation

Dooley and Townsend both turn down jobs every year. Dooley's east coast recruiting skills must pay better than the New England mid-majors do. Same with coach T.

Being on the bench at KU gives you more national media attention than you would ever get at Dusquene. The Bill Self pay increase that followed the national championship was negotiated to also keep the coaches that we have. Danny's weekly radio show's allows us to know how he works with big men.

The fact that every time Withy or Robinson come out of a game, the great national video drama that KU creates each year begins. Here's how it goes... TRob or Jeff come to the bench filled with anger, joy, focused intensity, etc, and the camera shows each of their faces as they sit next to Coach Manning. They watch him as he coaches them. The announcer in the background usually quietly metions the incredible coaching job that Danny has done with the KU big men. This is what the nation thinks of Danny Manning. The picture of his NCAA Championship final rebound is featured everytime the CBS tournament theme comes on.

Every announcer in America does our recruiting for us by showing the real bench coaching of every one of our coaches. I would also hate to lose the best strength coach in America.

We wan't Danny to stay but we would be stupid and ungrateful to not allow another University to offer $2,000,000 for him to recruit his own big men and his own assistant coaches.

People have said that money is not an object, but Danny's money went through what all of our investments did back in 2007. $2 mill plus incentives and radio, TV plus shoe rights. Tulsa will pay all of this just to be relevant again.

Bill would be the logical first person to call when looking for a coach. I'm also sure that it was Tulsa that brought up the name Manning. Danny praises cooach Self each week on his radio show . They they have a great relationship that goes back to the Larry Brown days.


South Carolina? A lot of questions about Frank...

What the hell is going on this week in the Big 12? Sign the Sprint Center contract extension for 10 more years. Yesterdays MU press conference with SEC comish let us find out that the SEC wants the Sprint Center for 2017.

I'm now a UAB fan

ku_jayhawk09 10 years, 8 months ago

If Coach Manning leaves Self should try to lure Norm Roberts back to KU

Marty Sedlacek 10 years, 8 months ago

Coach Hinson! Good Luck to you from a BKHS alum.

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