Saturday, July 28, 2012

Report: Kansas football contacts Penn State linebacker


According to a report from ESPN’s Kipp Adams, the Kansas University football program has reached out to another Penn State football player about the possibility of him transferring to Kansas.

The report indicates that starting linebacker Khairi Fortt, a 6-foot-2, 234-pound junior from Stamford, Conn., has been contacted by 30 to 40 schools since the NCAA announced sanctions last Monday in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

KU was one of the eight schools named by Fortt’s father, Guy, who told Adams that those programs, along with several others, had told his son he had a scholarship if he wanted it.

During his Penn State career, the former ESPN150 recruit and U.S. Army All-American has recorded 49 tackles, including 33 and three sacks last season. He is expected to challenge for a first-string spot at middle linebacker this fall, but where remains unclear.

“He is torn,” Guy Fortt told ESPN. “But I think he is doing his due diligence and evaluating his options.”

Fortt’s father said his son would like to make a decision about his future sometime in the next few days.

“He has a lot of respect for (PSU coach) Bill O’Brien and his coaching staff,” Fortt’s father said. “But as of right now he really does not know what he is going to do. He is going to weigh his options this weekend and try to make a decision next week between Monday and Wednesday.”

Fortt is the second PSU player whose father confirmed that KU had reached out to his son. Earlier this week, Penn State defensive tackle Kyle Baublitz’s father said the Jayhawks had contacted his son, but Baublitz later announced that he would remain with the Nittany Lions.

As outlined in the punishment, players who elect to transfer from PSU to another school are eligible to play immediately and can receive a scholarship from their new school without the scholarship counting against that school’s limit.

Redskins add Briscoe

One day after reporting that former KU wide receiver Dezmon Briscoe was cut by Tampa Bay, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Friday that Briscoe had been claimed off waivers by Washington.

During his two seasons in Tampa, Briscoe appeared in 18 games and caught 41 passes for 480 yards and seven touchdowns. KU’s career leader in receiving yards (3,240) and touchdowns (31) enjoyed a breakout year in 2011, finishing with 387 yards and a team-high six TDs on 35 receptions in 16 games.

He joins a Redskins team that, earlier this offseason, added former Indianapolis wideout Pierre Garcon to a roster that includes veteran Santana Moss and 2011 third-round pick Leonard Hankerson.

Capital One Cup stats

Both the KU men and the KU women finished in the Top 25 of this year’s Capital One Cup standings, which annually rank the top athletic departments in college athletics.

Coincidentally, both programs finished with 36 points, earning the women a No. 21 ranking and the men No. 23. Florida, with 104 points, was the top men’s team during the past sports year and Stanford, with 152 points, topped the women’s rankings. Oklahoma State (47, 16th) and Texas (42, 19th) were the only Big 12 men’s programs to finish higher than KU and Baylor (60, 11th), Oklahoma (57, 13th), Texas (41, 18th) and Texas A&M; (41, 18th) were the only Big 12 programs that finished higher than the KU women.


Dirk Medema 10 years ago


OSU, UT, KU in the men's BU, OU, UT, A&M, KU in the women's Where is KSU & MU?

april28 10 years ago

What? To give a kid who got screwed by JoPa an opportunity? Those kids all deserve some time and space to evaluate what is best for them. There's absolutely nothing wrong with letting them know that there are other places they could be. If they stay...good for them. If they go....good for them.

Carter Patterson 10 years ago

Greatly angered? Get a life. There's protocol and I'm sure it was followed. This is big boy sports. Grow up.

Travis Clementsmith 10 years ago

"Small", like USC and Texas? Because they are doing the same thing.

Robert Brock 10 years ago

The alternative was the "Death Penalty" - which I was for. That would have been simple and direct. No Football. Easy to understand and no loose ends.

Mike Barnhart 10 years ago

It looks like most of the Penn State guys will stay. Too bad, they're all probably gonna' regret it! There's no harm in Charlie letting them know he has starting jobs available ... but keep it on the down low at this point!

Micky Baker 10 years ago

You know what's small? What the Penn State administration did to cover up what Sandusky was doing. Nothing that Weiss did was "small".
I'm greatly angered at what happened at Penn State. The university tarnished its own reputation. We had NOTHING to do with it.

Marcia Parsons 10 years ago

I don't understand why this bothers you so much. The article says something like 40 other schools have also offered players. Who knows--players may consider it a relief to get away from all the uproar. That team is going to catch a lot of undeserved flack next year. I'm afraid we are at something of a disadvantage since all the power teams can offer also even if they have used all their scholarships. They just have to offer that many less next year. If a kid wants to go to the Big12 and has a choice between Oklahoma and Kansas, I worry that we don't have much of a chance.

Dan Pawlowski 10 years ago

I believe the NCCA did the right thing, almost. At this late stage of the game an institution that continues to call them "student athletes" should realize the impact of allowing them to transfer without penalties but without attempting control over their recruiting is adding additional hinderance to the ability to succeed as "student athletes". The NCAA should have instituted a first contact rule. The contact must be initiated by the student athlete. If not the student athlete reports the person making the contact to the NCAA. There would still be some coaches that would violated that but it would definitely put control of this situation in the hands of the Penn State student athletes. As for Charlie Weis contacting Penn State players, I am a little disappointed. If KU* was in the Big 10 it would seem to be crossing a more obvious line but Charlie is a competitive coach who wants to win and as such is playing by the rules. The real fault lies with the NCAA not fully thinking out their decision and supporting it by putting in place specific contact rules. * Its easier to type and you know what I mean.

justoneperson 10 years ago

I get what you're saying (that allowing schools to contact them adds to the poo-storm they are already dealing with). But, if the NCAA went the other way, then players would not know the market before 'going public' and they would probably get quite a bit of backlash from the PSU fans for looking elsewhere. This way, they get to see the market before make their desires known and can (if they choose to leave) get the eff out before the PSU fans freak.

Dan Pawlowski 10 years ago

I'm pretty sure they know the market for themselves based on their initial recruitment to Penn State.

justoneperson 10 years ago

Yes, they are good players. Team needs change based on their roster situation. My understanding of the NCAA decision is each team can add one extra scholarship to pick up a PSU player. So, the recruitment situation of these players is slightly different than it was when they were first being recruited.

Under the player only contact idea, players would be contacting teams based on what they presume the team needs (and perhaps they would be right, who knows?). This makes it easier for them to see which teams are interested in which positions (and are willing to use their one extra scholarship on them), and also removes the element of the PSU fan backlash if they had first contacted a team to get out.

The point is either way it's a poo-storm.

Dan Pawlowski 10 years ago

Sorry, it still has every interested team rushing a player right before school starts. Either way the player is still going to get crap from the locals who won't care who contacted who.

danmoore 10 years ago

@njjayhawk can't go so far as to say I'm greatly angered but I would prefer ku not actively seek out players from penn state. seems vulture-like to me. if however they seek out ku I have no problem.

Rock_Chalk_NYC 10 years ago

ABSOLUTELY WRONG doesn't adequately describe your statement. This isn't Turner Gills program anymore, this is the Charlie Weis program and we will be competitive!

Ross Hartley 10 years ago

Small? 40 teams have contacted him. Division 1 is rough and tumble sports.

waywardJay 10 years ago

Ouch, Nj. Rough Crowd.

Honestly, I'm not much for "carrion style" recruiting. Picking over teams that are ravaged by NCAA rulings, but kid has the right to leave. Kid has the right to see what's available to him. While others will get caught up in the story, and what was done by some pretty short sided men, I think this kid would be short sided in his own right not to at least see where he would fit elsewhere, even if it does make us look like Vultures.

Micky Baker 10 years ago

The team wasn't ravaged by an NCAA ruling. It was ravaged by JOPA's coverup and the whole scandal. The teams contacting these players aren't picking them over. If this scandal broke last year or five years sooner, the repercussions would have been no different. The only way this would not have happened is if JOPA and the administration didn't choose the football program over the kids being molested. Penn State football got what it deserved and no more than that. It could have been worse for them. The NCAA is not the perpetrator of a crime here.

Mark Lindrud 10 years ago

It doesn't bother me at all. These kids have a chance to play somewhere with less scrutiny and the ability to go to bowl games. Kids go to Penn State because of its tradition, JoePa, the chance for big ten titles and guaranteed bowl games. None of those exist now. If I was a kid there I would leave and am sure any are considering it. They deserve the chance to leave. Schools contact coaches all the time to coach for them and no one says anything, but when players get a chance to leave we should be upset? Double standard.

rhollinshed 10 years ago

Greatly angered? Hmmm. So what can you do about it? Nothing at all.....the only thing that's your mind. Weis is playing by the rules. If your greatly should be at the ncaa.....not KU.

Brad Avery 10 years ago

Exciting to see Briscoe to get a shot with the "Skins They desperately need a big wide receiver who can produce in the red zone. Surprised the Bucs cut him.

Cole Hogan 10 years ago

Ya i was pretty surprised as well about that, you would think he would get a little more respect considering he led the team in TD receptions last season... guess not obviously..

Brad Avery 10 years ago

Briscoe article in the Washington Post. Apparently, he missed a voluntary workout because of some personal stuff in his family and failed the Bucs' physical. Guess one cannot sit still in professional football. Briscoe thinks Raheem Morris, the Redskins' secondary coach and the Bucs former head coach, had something to do with the decision to pick up him up off of waivers. Morris, if you don't remember, was was on K-State's coaching staff in 2006.

John Baker 10 years ago

The Tampa Bay Times stated that he failed a conditioning test.

Chris1955 10 years ago

We grab three ND players, and another one from OU, and now we're small if we grab yet another player from PSU? I must be missing something.

I hope that the herd mentality will kick in at PSU if 1-3 players announce they're leaving to play elsewhere. As mentioned previously by others, I was also a proponent of the death penalty for PSU.

eastcoasthawk 10 years ago

Glad we are in the mix for a linebacker from a school that was known as linebacker U. The kid is not tainted. Just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Really hope I get to see Dez with the Skins. Will have to wear my #80 jersey to a practice or game.

eastcoasthawk 10 years ago

To me the biggest story here is that Zenger is already bringing us to the promised land for all KU sports. What Tait doesn't mention is that in the Big 12 conference including men and women's sports is that KU is 2nd behind UT overall. All these years we have been complaining that we have not had successful sports programs outside of men's bball. Yet this year we were better overall than all but one B12 school. Better than the SEC wannabe's, and our former brethren the Huskers and Buffs. Glad to see such a terrific effort from all our sports teams. Well done!! Now we need to keep it up and climb the charts.

BainDread 10 years ago

The 2011/12 Capital One Cup is not a good way to measure progress in all sports. Kansas men scored all 36 of their points due to their 2nd place finish in basketball. The women scored all 36 of their points due to their 2nd place finish in Indoor T&F (12 pts) and their tie for 4th in Outdoor T&F (24 pts). Only top-ten finishes score points.

eastcoasthawk 10 years ago

I stand corrected. If Capital One Cup is only based on to ten finishes then it is not measuring progress in our sports. Certainly seemed that way when reading it.

Theodore Thadogweadore 10 years ago

Make Penn State forfeit the 1969 Orange Bowl.

okiedave 10 years ago

I agree. I am still haunted by that game.

Dan Harris 10 years ago

Congrats To J Vaughn for being named the new Orlando Magic coach!

Dan Harris 10 years ago

His first order of business is convincing D Howard to stay.

waywardJay 10 years ago

Personally, If I were Jacque, I would say dump him, Dwight's not a team guy, he's a me guy. Too much me in the NBA these days.

sokanhawk 10 years ago

I'd love to have Fortt transfer to KU. He'd definitely start for us. From what I've read he's getting ready to take visits to Cal & Florida State. Hopefully, he'll give us a look too.

ironhead80 10 years ago

Weis has been around top level competitors and he knows what needs to be done here, if were going to be any good. It's a cut throat business and if your not up to the task go home.

ironhead80 10 years ago

There's nothing wrong with getting other players from other schools. KU deserves to get these types of players, that is , if we can get them, why, not!

rastameta 10 years ago

We need talent in a bad way. Weis knows if he can win a few and be lose in others then he can recruit better players. No better way to make that happen then to pick up transfers, both Juco and other Universities.

JayhawkPurist 10 years ago

KU won't get Fortt, and NJ is right -- it makes KU look desparate playing the vulture role. As for Texas and USC, theyr'e coming off poorly as well. I don't care what the NCAA said, there are standards of decency, and stealing players from a coaching staff that had nothing to do with the handful of Penn State brass who were responsible for the fiasco there shows a total lack of integrity.

KGphoto 10 years ago

Uh... we are desperate. Besides, all Weis did was take a number, have a seat and hope he gets picked. He's not stealing. He said the first thing was to be respectful to the coach and the program. I'm sure he was. It's not like he's telling lies to the kid in order to trick him into coming to KU. Penn St. is a burning building, why not give the kids a new place to call home?

Ashwin Rao 10 years ago

I can see both sides of the argument, but here is "my" pondering. I don't really understand how KU, dipping into Penn State players, is different from KU luring them prior to them signing with Penn State? KU is not forcing the decision... KU is still just providing the players and their families with an alternative. The decision, as always, is up to the players and their families. As a supporting argument, if no one offers the players an alternative, then they will be forced to stay at Penn State, thereby reducing their chances to showcase their skills to the world to negatively effect their chances to get into NFL. Should we penalize the players for something that they didn't do?

troutsee 10 years ago

It does not tarnish us or our reputation to go after this kid. If he comes, it will be a forgotten item a week from now and will not affect KU at all.

JayhawkPurist 10 years ago

I agree it won't tarnish KU's reputation in the long run. My point was more that it's a matter of integrity, and I don't think "it's okay because everyone else is doing it" is a valid excuse.

Robert Brown 10 years ago

I come in on the side that attempting to convince Penn State athletes to come to KU does not look good and could be considered an act of desperation which I guess it is. It doesn't break any rules and show aggressive and a commitment to improve right away and that is good but I would prefer we not be so open in out pursuit.

What I also think is worse is to trying to tie these athletes to the Sandusky scandal and describe them as enablers. They are innocent victims. Staying at Penn State and rehabilitating the image of the school may be a more noble act than transferring to another school.

Ethan Berger 10 years ago

4 men enabled. Not the whole school.

JayhawkPurist 10 years ago

I agree HouTexHawk and Hawk90, only after reading the Freeh report in it's entirety, I think only Paterno and Spanier will be partially vindicated in that the report doesn't point to any evidence of knowledge beyond (albeit totally inappropriate) showering with boys. In any event, the reports that Penn State is burning are way overstated. If they get three more rrecruiting classes like next years that has comitted to staying, the blip won't be nearly as big as projected.

DocPossum 10 years ago

JoPa went after players from SMU when they got the death penalty. So what goes around comes around. Whether KU gets any players or not Weis is getting KU's name in the paper. That's the important thing. That KU gets mentioned in the same breath as these other teams, will help with future recruiting. As stated earlier KU is only offering an alternative. Weis has been respectful from the very beginning. However an extra linebacker and lineman would look mighty good right now. (Sham)rock chalk Jayhawk!

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