Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Recruit Anrio Adams reports today to KU


Anrio Adams, the sixth and final member of Kansas University’s incoming recruiting Class of 2012, will report to campus today and attend classes on Thursday, KU coach Bill Self told the Journal-World on Tuesday.

Adams, a 6-foot-3 combo guard from Seattle’s Rainier Beach High, orally committed to KU on Nov. 19. He recently reported on Facebook that he had signed financial-aid papers with KU.

Like all members of KU’s recruiting class, Adams must be given the OK academically by the NCAA clearinghouse to be eligible for participation as a freshman. Often, the clearinghouse doesn’t make final decisions on players in winter sports until September or October.

“The bottom line is we expect Anrio will be in classes on Thursday,” Self said of’s No. 98-rated player, who averaged 23.0 points and 6.0 assists a game last season in earning Associated Press Class 3A player-of-the-year honors in the state of Washington. “He’s been waiting to get his academic stuff (materials) together.”

photo contributed photo

Guard Anrio Adams. ( contributed photo)

Self is expected to announce Adams’ signing to the financial aid agreement officially in coming days.

Adams indicated Monday on Twitter he’ll be here today: “Sorry Kansas Fans had to wait on my second (ACT) score ill be there on the 4th of july thought my score was coming early RCJH,” Adams wrote.

Adams began his junior season at Seattle’s Franklin High before transferring to Seattle Garfield and moving on to Rainier Beach for his senior campaign.

“Anybody who sees that kid. He has ... oh my goodness, the kid is so talented,” Rainier Beach coach Mike Bethea told the Journal-World. “He is gifted with the ball. He had three to four double-assist games for us. He knows how to get people the ball in the right position and knows how to score as well.”

Other incoming scholarship players: Milton Doyle, Perry Ellis, Landen Lucas, Zach Peters and Andrew White. Others to debut this season are red-shirt freshmen Ben McLemore and Jamari Traylor, as well as freshmen walk-ons Evan Manning and Tyler Self.

The tour: KU will be allowed to conduct 10 official practices leading to its Aug. 6-14 trip to Switzerland and Paris. Self said his Jayhawks will practice twice a week the next three weeks, then four of six days prior to leaving for Switzerland.

Here are KU’s schedule of games for the foreign tour:

  • vs. Swiss National Team, Tuesday, Aug. 7, 7 p.m., at Halle St. Leonard in Fribourg, Switzerland
  • vs. Swiss National Team, 5 p.m., Wednesday, Aug. 8 at Halle St Leonard in Fribourg, Switzerland
  • vs. Select Team of French Pro A / Pro B league, 7 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 11, at Stade Pierre de Coubertin in Paris, France.
  • vs. Select Team of French Pro A/Pro B, 8 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 12, at Stade Pierre de Coubertin in Paris, France. The times mentioned are local times in Switzerland and France.

“I don’t care nearly as much about the games as the practices,” Self said.

No comment: Self was asked by the J-W about an assistant U.S. attorney’s claim that Overland Park native Samuel Villeareal III supplied marijuana to unnamed members of KU’s 2010-11 basketball team.

“I have no comment. I do not have enough information to comment,” Self said Tuesday.

Temple services: KU coach Self and former KU basketball coach Roy Williams of the University of North Carolina attended a memorial service for former KU baseball coach Floyd Temple on Tuesday at Plymouth Congregational Church.

Some others who attended: former KU assistant hoops coach Joe Holladay of UNC’s basketball staff, former KU baseball coach Marty Pattin, former KU swim coach Gary Kempf, former KU golf coach Ross Randall, former KU track coach Bob Timmons, former assistant AD Jerry Waugh, current KU assistant football coach Reggie Mitchell and many of Temple’s former baseball players.

Frankamp scores 12: Future KU guard Conner Frankamp scored 12 points off 5-of-9 shooting (1-for-3 threes) with three assists, one turnover and one rebound while playing 19 minutes in USA Basketball’s 86-50 victory over France in the Under 17 world championships Tuesday in Lithuania. The U.S. improved to 4-0 and will meet China in its final preliminary game today.

Frankamp, a 6-1 senior from Wichita North, on Tuesday was ranked No. 28 nationally by His previous ranking had been No. 42. KU commit Brannen Greene, 6-7 from Taft County High in Forsyth, Ga., remained No. 31 nationally.


Bobby Burch 10 years ago

Welcome, Anrio! So excited to have him (eventually) in a KU jersey. In the highlights I saw he displayed great athleticism ... a style somewhat reminiscent of Langford. Rock chalk!

Robert Brock 10 years ago

Call him Rio. No need to be formal here.

RJ King 10 years ago

Let the fireworks begin!

(albeit in November, when he is cleared) (hopefully in the year 2012)

adamjhwkfan 10 years ago

Alright! Finally all the players are here and they get to practice right off the bat! Also interesting to see that Conner passed Brannen.

rockchalk_dpu 10 years ago

The high school rankings for players are about as meaningful as the World Rankings for golf and tennis. None of them provide an accurate profile of who is playing well and they exist to keep people at ESPN and the like employed.

I know there is supposed to be some science that goes into it, but there just isn't a way to accurately rank high school players that are in different positions, play against different players in high school/AAU, and are on teams of vastly varying skill sets. I think the best thing to do would be to list a certain number of players as 5 star, 4 star, etc, and then adjust them up or down throughout the recruiting schedule. Sorry for the rant, I just get tired of the media and fans getting wrapped up in the rankings of a player rather than what they bring to the team and the position. Some of our best players in basketball and football have had lower star rankings because of the chip on their shoulder and the coaching they have received to help them develop beyond what the scouts believed they could achieve. Just my two cents, again sorry for the long-winded rant.


adamjhwkfan 10 years ago

I don't disagree with you at all. I started to type out a type of system I thought would be good, but there are many aspects to it, and, after all, these are just kids in HS. I think for fans it's a good thing to have these rankings so they can know what type of players are coming to their schools, but at the same time, come on, let the kids be kids and don't interfere too much.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I don't really look at the numbers either. I just like seeing future KU players move up the chart. And yes, the system is flawed, but to have a perfect system, I think it would intrude into kids' lives too much.

BigXIIForever 10 years ago

Very true. When I am in basketball withdrawal over the summer, I like to go to Rivals for my "fix". It is entertaining to look at their recruiting rankings from past years and see how accurate they are. They do an okay job of identifying the superstars and quite a few first round NBA picks are in the top 50, but the number of misses is 10X the number of hits.

april28 10 years ago

Rivals is ridiculous. In there next rankings, both WILT and Michael will be ranked as good players.

KUFan90 10 years ago

Great to see Frankamp shooting up the rankings like he deserves. Great showing with the U17 team.

JHAWKSWAG 10 years ago

3 high schools within a year sounds kind of sketchy, I hope more than anything he gets cleared to play. Only time will tell, but it would be a shame if he had to sit out next year like Mclemore & Traylor did last season.

ahpersecoachingexperience 10 years ago

Over/Unders for freshman class (walk ons not included)

Players having to sit due to clearinghouse issues: 1

Transfers: 1.5

First round draft picks: 2.5

Graduate: 3

kellerman411 10 years ago

Oh make no mistake some of these kids will be transferring, no doubt about it. With next years class there will be too many SF/G on this team. The good news is that Self is going to keep the best 3 or 4 and given the competition introduced, those guys should be really good.

Ben Kane 10 years ago

sit: under. maybe one but not 2. transfers: under, i'll say 1 from the freshman class. first round picks: over. won't all be in the same year though. graduate: under when they leave. (not counting finishing years later)

Jeremy Bolinger 10 years ago

Kid needs tostained off of twitter like yesterday. I can see this being a problem in as little as 6 months.

JayDocMD 10 years ago

Adults, however, wants fingerstained on Facebook like tomorrow. I can see clearly now the sky is blue in as much as 6 months.

Jeremy Bolinger 10 years ago

Autocorrect......... Stay off twitter. If you know what I meant, don't be a tool about it.

ParisHawk 10 years ago

C'mon, it was funny. Nobody's perfect so everybody can be made fun of ;)

KJD 10 years ago

Frankamp just keeps growing in height along with perception of his talent. This is the first time I've seen him listed at 6-1 . The rank No. 28 is easily the highest class ranking. The overall assist to TO ratio for a young point guard, while scoring in double digits, is quite nice for a future point in a prestigious international tournament.

april28 10 years ago

Now we know the real reason Missouri returned to Dixie...they realized: "crap, now it will be at least another 5 years before we get another shot at a league title"

jayhawkintexas 10 years ago

Very classy of Roy and Joe to come back for Floyd Temple's memorial service--shows what outstanding men they really are. Thanks guys and we appreciate your thoughtfulness.

nuleafjhawk 10 years ago

I was SOOOOOO ticked at Ol Roy when he left (I'm mostly over it now - thank you Bill), but he IS a classy guy and I have a lot of respect for him (but I still always root against UNC - lol)

AsadZ 10 years ago

Are the times shown in the article on European tour games local time or CST?

Alohahawk 10 years ago

Last line of the list of times above says, "The times mentioned are local times in Switzerland and France."

REHawk 10 years ago

Those 12 summer practices and the time spent with the coaching staff while in Europe could turn out to be a super blessing for a developing squad packed with so many newcomers. Bill Self will get a golden opportunity to see where players best fit together in lineups. Here's hoping that EJ's knee will meet the okay for full participation.

Jack Wilson 10 years ago

I never can pass by something like rock chalk_dpu above. The ritual "rankings don't matter" post.

First, you set the bar too high. Of course, there is "no way to accurately rank high school players." That's not what rivals does.

Second, you can't correctly argue rivals rankings are worthless because of exceptions to the rule. For every Derrick Williams, there are scores of accurately assessed three star players. For every Wesley Johnsons, there are literally hundreds of unranked scholarship players that you never hear about.

Third, if you don't like rivals. You say scouting services are a joke. Then look at who coach Self is recruiting. Go and look at the players to whom he has extended offers. It is strangely similar to the rankings. There is no denying that. He generally first extends offers guys that are ranked highly by rivals, then works his way down.

Look at Kentucky last season .. you are saying that rankings don't matter? Be careful, because many here say Calipari can't coach. What is it?

Rivals simply is a guide. It gives you an idea of the top players. Sure, #18 might not be as good as #32; or #10 may flop; or #27 might be the next Lebron James. But by and large, rivals is an incredibly good indicator of performance at the college level and of talent in general.

For example, rivals had Dwight Howard #1 in 2004; Lebron #1 in 2003; Durant #2 in 2006; Rose #3 in 2007. Does that really prove anything though? Not really. But rivals usually identifies who becomes the top guys. Sometimes they are wrong on how it turns out. Some cite Josh Selby. But did he really get a chance? No one knows how that would have turned out had he stayed.

And don't forget .. rivals gets much of its information directly from college coaches, mainly the assistants that pound the recruiting trail. They don't issue their rankings in a vacuum. As mentioned above, Self extends offers to highly ranked players first. But don't you think the fact that Self, coach K, Roy, Calipari, etc. are interested in a player may also affect his ranking? Or make rivals take a closer look?

Look at Frankamp. Isn't this what rivals should do? The kid proves himself against top competition and gets moved up. Sure, there was likely more that went into it (like other coaches saying the kid is for real -- maybe a UNC assistant saying that they view him as a solid top 30 guy -- who knows).


Jack Wilson 10 years ago


And look at KU's Final Four squads during Self's era .. 2008, the entire 8 man rotation 4 and 5 star guys. Arthur, Rush, Chalmers, Robinson, Collins, Aldrich -- 5 stars; Jackson, Kaun -- 4 stars; 2012 Robinson, Withey, Releford, Taylor - 4 stars; EJ - 5 stars.

I know there is this overwhelming tendency to dismiss rivals .. mainly when it is something we don't want to hear, or when we get an unranked or low ranked player (because he just has to be that diamond in the rough). Someone will look a youtube clip and declare the player the "real deal." Use the rankings for what they are .. a guide, not the gospel. I might suggest they are more reliable than a youtube clip, or some high school coach saying the kid is the next Dwayne Wade.

This doesn't mean we shouldn't get excited about recruits .. we should simply temper our enthusiasm. Give the kids a chance to come in and develop. Don't expect immediate contributions from some of these guys. Understand the type of player they likely are (emphasis on "likely"). Relax.

I am curious though .. what better information is there on players than the scouting services?

Alohahawk 10 years ago

Agree. And luckily, Rivals isn't the only barometer. The other two biggies - ESPN and Scout - have to be included, along with the college coaches and their staffs (Which are, in essence, the final say-so when it comes down to it.).

Add in the old saying, "On any given night." Even MJ, Kobe and Lebron have had their share of bad nights. It's consistency over time that is the key point when it comes to a recruit, which is where the scouting services really help out. It's their job to continually evaluate a player over an "extending period of time". Just because a player scores 50 points during a game (when a college coach or member of his staff is present) on a hot shooting night doesn't mean he will be able to repeat it every game.

As for youtube, it's nice that fans can watch recruits on a clip, but those are just a grain of salt to whet our appetites. One must remember, those are highlight reels of a player. For every dunk, steal or 3 pointer made, how many did that same player miss or flub during the same game and during a season? They're not going to show the spotlighted recruit getting tea-bagged or out shown by a better player.

rockchalk_dpu 10 years ago

Perhaps I went too far with the "rankings don't matter" point I was trying to make. My intent in my original post was to convey that the moving up and down of recruits gets overblown and fans get way too caught up with a player's recruiting ranking rather than their overall attributes as a player and what they will bring to the school, not to mention the growth potential to develop.

As far as some of your comments about the rankings, might I counter that perhaps the players being recruited get their rankings adjusted higher or lower based on who is looking at them. Obviously we have reached the point of scouting kids at the middle school level, and we are trying to say that they are the next big thing. As with any form scouting, there will be the typical misses and busts, and you are right to point out that scouts are more often correct in their assessment of players. I just think that a portion of the recruiting ranking comes from which programs are recruiting a player as we saw recently with Milton Doyle. It wouldn't surprise me that someone ranking a player might think "why would this program look at this guy if he weren't a top prospect?" or "what are we not seeing that Coach X sees to indicate he will be a top player in the NCAA?" Yes, it is a rather cynical view of things, and it is slightly circular to argue that top programs recruit top players because they are ranked highly because they are recruited by top programs, but we can't rule out the human element of bias and influence that it will have over the proceedings.

And yes, KU and other programs have built great teams with top recruits, I just want to reiterate my initial point that perhaps a better way to rank these players would be classify them a star ranking that is fluid through the course of the recruitment where a certain percentage of players receive a 5, 4, 3, etc. star ranking so that we as fans aren't concerned with a guy moving from 15 to 12 or moving down because they are still keeping their 5 star ranking. In addition to this, a loss or gain of a star would signify a large shift in the perception of a player, whereas a gain of a few spots might not be as indicative of anything more than a strong few months or camp showings. Like the draft, the difference between a few pics is often negligible, but people lose their minds over it like with recruiting battles. Now of course my "newer method" still creates the controversy of a player moving up or down in stars received, but I think this is a better way to do things given the disparity between opponents and the different things I mentioned in my first post. Just my thought on the topic, and clearly it has sparked some sentiment on both sides. You certainly presented some good points, and I appreciate the comment.

REHawk 10 years ago

Anrio, I was a bit too harsh with you in my post yesterday. No doubt you have been chomping at the bit to get those scores taken care of so that you can join your teammates in Lawrence. Best of luck with the clearing house. I look forward to cheering you forward as a talented Jayhawk, an essential piece of the winning puzzle.

Dyrk Dugan 10 years ago

totally agree highelite. Rivals and other recruiting services are just giving you a roadmap so you can point to whom might be, or might not quite be, a very good or great college athlete. That's all it is.

Welcome Anrio! I didn't think you were ever coming....i'll admit i had my doubts. Sounds like perseverance is in your vocabulary...kudos to you.

REHawk 10 years ago

If I were coaching a Div. I team, I would relish the opportunity to recruit and sign players nationally ranked in the 20s and 30s. There is a very good chance that those players will stay aboard for more than one season. John Calipari has done a super job with topranked recruits, and is ushering a whirlwind of winning one and done talent through Lexington. More than any other coach in recent years, he oversees a program which, essentially, is a minor league developmental unit for the NBA. As a devoted college hoops fan, I much prefer the bonding process which encompasses players who stick with their teams for the longer haul, even though they might not be able, consistently, to defeat Cal's magnificently talented one and doners. It has been a joy to watch the development of players like Tyshawn, T-Rob, Tyrel, Conner T., Jackson, Withey...heck, almost any Jayhawk in the Self tenure, other than X and Josh, who waved a quick goodbye. It is gratifying to think that I support a program whose players earn degrees; players who aren't off and away before I learn to spell their names or become acquainted with nuggets of their family histories. Congratsulations to Frankamp and Greene for their current high school rankings. I hope they arrive in Lawrence cleared to play from Day 1, and that they spend at least 3 seasons wearing crimson and blue. By the way, the commitment of Brannen Greene out of the state of Georgia is a real plus for Jayhawk recruiting. As we have seen before, it is not an easy thing to lure recruits from the Deep South. Bill Self and staff have worked some special magic.

HawkKlaw 10 years ago

Hear hear!

Also, I think both Greene and Frankamp will easily be three-year KU players.

jaybate 10 years ago


I agree with you and would add that had KU had plenty of 3-4 year player depth on last season's runner up team, Self very likely would have figured out a way to beat UK's semi pro team with only 6 credible players on it.

I know Slayr argues that last seasons UK semi pro team was so superior to KU's D1 team that Calipari had to call off the dogs in the first half just to keep from totally humiliating KU.

But I see it differently.

Had KU had last year's starting five, plus solid, mature 3-4 year players at each position, a scenario that would be quite feasible, I think KU could have applied much more muscle and pressure that would have vastly discounted UK's superior athleticism, and almost certainly could have won on a decent shooting night.

Last year's team of one lottery pick, one second rounder, and three other solid starters, and two so-so backups found a way to fight back into it, even with a player like EJ physically unable to either shoot accurately, or drive to iron, because of a bad knee, plus Travis hobbling around with all kinds of injuries.

Make last year's starters healthy. Add solid backups at each position. Lace'em up. And I think KU could have beaten that 6 deep semi pro team 5 out of 10 games.

The whistle swallowing of the refs just does open up the use of greater depth to muddy games up and deny the advantage of superior talent to an opponent.

REHawk 10 years ago

Self and Co. did some spectacular coaching last season. Throw in Hudy's group, and I think our players were primed to play the very best that they possibly could, outside of slipups to Duke (and Davidson?). Self even squeezed some valuable minutes out of Wesley, in spite of his tendency to race toward Markeiff's foul per minute record. The very memory that Frank Haith won some coaching awards over Bill Self still makes me want to puke. Nobody will convince me that John Calipari wasn't quivering in his brogues during the last five minutes of that title game. The Jayhawks ran out of time.

Alex Peekeaton 10 years ago

What you seem to forget is that UK was up by double digits a majority of the game...Up 14 at half, up 15 with ten minutes to go, and up 15 with five minutes left in the game. If Cal doesn't take the air out of the ball, UK wins by 15. No way Kansas beats UK 5 out of 10 in any of your scenerios.

In terms of a bad shooting night - when someone guarding you is bigger, more athletic, and has the desire to play defense, then you aren't going to shoot well from a percentage point. The 2012-13 UK team will be as athletic if not more than this last year's team...

Martin Shupert 10 years ago

As long as we never lose to UNC, and as long as they never win another National Championship, Roy can get a pass now. No need to hate the guy for being a jerk in the way he left. Classlessness can have an expiration date, I suppose. Trying to leave with his recruits, and also continuing to contact the KU kids long after he left was just beyond the pale. Bill handled it perfectly, both in how he left Illinois (stocked with great players), and in how he skated through the "Roy left but won't leave us alone" era. And, let us remember, because he left us "way out there", we landed the best coach in the country... so yeah, Roy, we don't all hate you all the time anymore. You can even visit us sometime and take a look at Self's statue out in the front of Allen Fieldhouse. (Is that a lock or what?)

kellerman411 10 years ago

If he gets 2 more Big 12 ships, that would make 10 straight. At that point, the statue is locked. Another national ship in there wouldn't hurt either. Statue is not something that comes easy, look at the people who have statues, Lombardie, Joe Pa, etc. Bill is really getting close though.

Jeff Coffman 10 years ago

Joepa's is coming down...I would almost bet on it.

bigcountry 10 years ago

I just don't get it. I was upset as anyone that Roy moved on but he was and has ALWAYS been a class act. He will always be KU to me. I don't understand why people can't get over it. Seriously. He continues to support the program and the community. Nobody else goes that far. Nobody. Name a former coach still active in coaching that truly cares about his former team and school the way Roy does. That person doesn't exist.

gimmetheclaw78 10 years ago

I understand your sentiment. I just don't get your handle. Bryant Reeves?

Marcia Parsons 10 years ago

I'm guessing that Anrio can't play on the European tour unless his approval comes through before they leave. That's too bad. He's getting a late start with his bonding with the team because of the waiting he's already done. I hope he can at least practice with the guys.

Alohahawk 10 years ago

While Anrio's status could still be up in the air come trip time, this would be an excellent story to investigate by the LJW. It shouldn't be too hard to find out what is what, and get back to this board with an answer. I brought up a similar subject about a month ago, because the NCAA only allows a team to bring 15 players (#?) along on away games. Will that same policy hold true on KU's Euro trip? And would walk-ons be affected if the numbers aren't limited for this trip?

joeloveshawks 10 years ago

It is a shame that the Clearinghouse does not provide answers until September / October. This is a huge problem for coaches and players. Obviously KU fans know this well from last year but it has to be an issue for all of the big programs. Fingers crossed that he is cleared as we could really use his skills right away.

Tony Bandle 10 years ago

My proposal for Anrio Adams nickname:

"Rio Da Jammero"

kellerman411 10 years ago

Ha! I like it. How about Diamond Rio or Rio Speedwagon? Ehh, not original enough.

nuleafjhawk 10 years ago

Oakville - I am not happy. I really wish I had come up with that one! lol - that's awesome.

Plus - if we can put the blame for any losses on him we can say " Blame it on Rio ".

jakejayhawk 10 years ago

I believe the time has come for the NCAA to amend the rule regarding frosh getting cleared. I understand not letting them play and practice while grades and transcripts are under review. But the NCAA must change to allow the recruit to attend classes while they do the research.

Think about the possible outcomes. One, the recruit is ineligible. He or she may still qualify to sit out a year. Two, the recruit is eligible. That player will play. In either of these cases there is no justification to make the student miss classes. That is a crime for a young adult who is just beginning to adjust to a college environment.

The final possibility is that the player is ineligible for any support and must leave the school. Who is out in that scenario? The school loses. They fed, housed, and provided education for a young person who did not qualify. Where is the great harm in that?

I would sure like to see AD's, university Presidents, and fans get on this bandwagon. If the NCAA is for the student athlete (insert cynical comment here) then let them go to class. Everyone wins!

HawkKlaw 10 years ago

Good to see that all the players are in Lawrence now. Welcome Rio!

Does anyone know if they'll be televising these Switzerland and France games here in the U.S., online or otherwise?

Alohahawk 10 years ago

Regarding KU's upcoming Euro trip, can the LJW (please) show a true box score (shots made/attempts, rebounds, fouls, Etc.) instead of just the points each player scored. Scoring is important, but it doesn't tell the true nature of the game and how each player truly contributed.

Also, I may have missed it, but any word on next season's final schedule? Who, where, and when? These long summer interims always seem to take forever. And if we knew who KU will play, we can play preseason matchups (in our minds, at least) of what players will play against the other team's players, old and new.

Alohahawk 10 years ago

There's an absolutely excellent bio on Conner Frankamp on the web site. It's under the "Okafor ... USA U17" headline. Click on Frankamp's darkened name in the article and it will bring up numerous highlights on Conner, from age 5!! Interesting that the first game he ever played in, he scored 17 points. Has wanted to be in the NBA since age 5. Lots of good stats on his career.

BTW, as the article states, Conner's birthday is July 16th.

jaybate 10 years ago

Does Coach Weiss have all the freshman football players on campus and enrolled early in summer school?

Or is this just a basketball wrinkle?

jaybate 10 years ago

Can freshman participate in spring ball the spring before the fall term they start at KU?

Brian Skelly 10 years ago

I'd also point out that with the huge influx of newbies this year (8 scholarship, 2 walk-ons) the odds are incredibly high that a few of these guys will transfer because of playing time. It strikes me as unavoidable. So while yes, its nice to see all these guys come in and want to play, its unrealistic that ALL of these guys are going to get remotely the PT they want or expect (or earn for that matter).

Lets face it. Early on Self will let the leash go out to anyone he thinks will contribute (10 guys give or take). Once the games matter in Conference though he sticks to 8 pretty much. We've all see this play out. It happens every year. Some years its better than others. But invariably a few of these guys are simply not going to crack the rotation, even if they are pretty good.

The guy I think of is Micah Downs from a few years back. Came in with a big KU class (wasnt it Wright and Chalmers and Rush? -- dont remember exactly). He had no shot athletically. Guy transferred to Gonzaga and if im correct led his team in scoring his Senior year. Good college career. I just see it hard NOT to see 2-3 of these guys ending up in the same boat -- especially since the walk-on guys wont ever play -- but likely will stick around for 4 years.

Just something to think about.

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