Monday, September 19, 2011

Legends of Phog drawing close

Exhibition slated Saturday at Allen Fieldhouse

Boston’s Paul Pierce celebrates a basket by his Celtics teammates in this file photo. Pierce will be returning to Allen Fieldhouse for the Legends of the Phog exhibition game on Sept. 24.

Boston’s Paul Pierce celebrates a basket by his Celtics teammates in this file photo. Pierce will be returning to Allen Fieldhouse for the Legends of the Phog exhibition game on Sept. 24.


Reader poll

If given a ticket, which event would you rather go see?

  • Legends of the Phog exhibition game 81% 1243 votes
  • KU men's basketball regular-season opener vs. Towson 18% 275 votes

1518 total votes.

There’s no football game on tap Saturday at Kansas University.

Instead, there’s an early preview of basketball season — the Legends of the Phog exhibition game involving KU’s current NBA players, set for 4 p.m. in Allen Fieldhouse.

“It should be a great day,” KU coach Bill Self said. “Of course, getting Paul (Pierce, Boston Celtics) to come back was the key. He seems real excited to come back. A lot of the other guys are going to come back. Everybody wants to be here. Some have prior engagements, but not a lot. I think they all are excited about running out of the tunnel one more time. The ticket pricing is so good ($20 adults, $10 students). I think it’ll be a pretty neat experience for these guys.”

Other NBA players confirmed to play in KU’s sold-out Legends game: Cole Aldrich (Oklahoma City), Darrell Arthur (Memphis), Mario Chalmers (Miami), Nick Collison (OKC), Xavier Henry (Memphis), Darnell Jackson (Sacramento), Marcus Morris (Houston), Markieff Morris (Phoenix), Brandon Rush (Indiana), Josh Selby (Memphis) and Julian Wright (Toronto). Drew Gooden, who has prior plans for his 30th birthday celebration, and Kirk Hinrich, whose wife is expecting the couple’s second child, likely will not attend.

Former KU coaches Ted Owens and Larry Brown will be the honorary coaches.

Former KU coach Roy Williams, now head coach at North Carolina, is not expected to be in the house.

“They were invited, but I was told their schedule would not allow them to attend,” Self said of the UNC staff that also includes former KU players Jerod Haase and C.B. McGrath.

Former KU players who have said they will attend thus far and could wind up playing include: Nick Bradford, Eric Chenowith, Jeff Graves, Jeff Hawkins, Ron Kellogg, Greg Ostertag, Scot Pollard, Ryan Robertson, Wayne Simien, Billy Thomas and Darnell Valentine. More names and details about the exhibition should be announced this week.

More on Anderson

Self was asked Sunday if he had any different feelings about the Braeden Anderson situation two days after it was revealed he was ineligible to play at KU.

Anderson, a 6-8 freshman from Okotoks, Alberta, Canada, on Wednesday was deemed by the NCAA to be a partial qualifier, which would make him eligible for financial aid and possibly earn the right to practice second semester but not play in games. Because of Big 12 Conference policy, all partial qualifiers must be approved by the league’s faculty athletic representatives. Anderson’s case was not approved for aid. Therefore, he will not attend KU.

“I understand there are policies, rules, bylaws that everybody has to live by when they are part of an organization —in our case part of the NCAA and part of the Big 12,” Self said. “I personally struggle with the fact that even though there is a policy and they have every right to do so, the Big 12 can trump the NCAA at this strange state of our league right now. That the Big 12 can trump the NCAA when the Big 12 is an uncertainty in who knows its existence in moving forward.”

Of Anderson’s future, Self said: “Hopefully he’ll make a decision on where he would further his academic and basketball career in the next day or two.

Anderson told the Journal-World he’d not be attending a prep school, likely a junior college or another university in a conference that accepts partial qualifiers.


KU will hold an in-home visit with Shabazz Muhammad, a 6-6 guard from Bishop Gorman High in Las Vegas on Wednesday, reports. The top-ranked player in the Class of 2012 has scheduled visits to Texas A&M; next weekend and Kentucky for Midnight Madness on Oct. 14. ... Andrew White, a 6-6 forward from Miller School in Chester, Va., will make an official visit to KU for the Legends of the Phog game. White, who is ranked No. 56 by, will visit Texas on Sept. 30 and Louisville on Oct. 14.


jaybate 11 years ago

Self put out a really strange signal here. He seems to suggest that B12 academic reps should have given Braeden a break, because the B12 likely isn't going to exist much longer. On the other hand, Self gives no indication any continuing loyalty or responsibility to Braedon.

What up here?

Another more than meets the eye.

Implication: some one on the committee stuck it to Braedon, Self and KU as they were walking out the door to another conference, leaving the B12 near oblivion.

The intrigues never seem to end.

jaybate 11 years ago

How terrible! Self has a chance for a mega class in recruiting and can't even tell the kids what conference KU will be playing. This could have been Self's career class and CBernie and Zenger were not up to the challenge of solving the conference instability challenge. Time for CBernie and Zenger to step up and take some responsibility for the failure and tell the plan out of this mess, I.e., what the options are and which ones are preferred. No more silence. And no more lipstick on the pig.

jaybate 11 years ago

The booming silence coming out Chapel Hill means yet again Roy is not to be trusted until he retires. Not sending at least one KUer off his Baja KU staff his staff to play in a fund raiser for his own assistant just burned his last bridge with KU. Roy should get his butt here for the game, too. For god's sakes, Roy, Neil was your assistant. Help raise some money for his cause. Do something more than attend a funeral. Actually help. Wear your double knit Carolina blue blazer if u must, but come. What could be more fun than u and Self guarding each other for a minute?

Rock Chalk!

Martin Rosenblum 11 years ago


If Roy and Bill can't, won't or don't have the chance to guard each other on the court, it's fine with me. I've had the ultimate experience regarding them, mutually. It was watching Roy shake hands with Bill when Roy became the loser in San Antonio as we checked UNC off our list moving on to the ultimate win over Cal and his Memphis team.

jaybate 11 years ago

A sweet memory recalled eloquently.

Like the first victory in a war.

But not the last.

Chris Shaw 11 years ago

I am probably reading into things, but I don't like the idea of having an in-home with Shabazz when Ellis is making a decision the same day.

This realignment talk is just infuriating to me. Just ready to get this stuff over with so we can start moving forward and start solidifying some of these recruits. Personally, I'm not a Big 10 fan, but in all honesty they would create the most stability all the while increasing Kansas' academic profile going forward.

Not sure how Kansas could pull that off, but the minute Texas/OU decide what they are going to do, Kansas better be announcing their intentions or applying to their conference of choice. I don't care how it gets done, but it needs to get done.

ParisHawk 11 years ago

Apply first, annouce later. Intentions suck.

REHawk 11 years ago

As for stability, the near future looks bleak for lotsa schools, esp. the stepchildren of remaining Big 12. This alignment thing might settle down for a season or two, then drop right back into our laps. Media money...and control.

DCCCROCKS 11 years ago

What I don't understand is why they couldn't get the game on tv in the Kansas area why they just got it in the Kansas City Area I would love to see it but I live in Dodge city Kansas and have a job and is there going to be a livestreaming of it somewhere online does anyone know?

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