Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reports: Pistons a possibility for Markieff Morris


Kansas University forward Markieff Morris appears to have boosted his NBA draft stock after working out Tuesday with the Detroit Pistons.

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News posted on his Twitter account Tuesday that, according to his source, Markieff “may have put himself in the mix for the No. 8 pick with the Pistons with his workout.”

Markieff went through drills with Texas’ Tristan Thompson, Oakland’s Keith Benson, Maryland’s Jordan Williams, Florida’s Vernon Macklin and Bismack Biyombo from the Congo.

Vince Ellis of The Detroit Free Press posted on his Twitter account that Markieff had the best workout of all six players.

The Huffington Post’s Jordan Schultz also seemed to hint that Detroit was a possibility for Markieff in a story Tuesday, saying, “Morris is the longshot here (for Detroit at No. 8), but GM Joe Dumars loves his toughness, something the Pistons have sorely lacked since Ben Wallace’s first stint with the Pistons.”

The NBA draft will take place Thursday in Newark, N.J.

Stephen Curry likes Marcus: On Tuesday, ESPN The Magazine released its third-annual players-only mock NBA draft — an exercise where current NBA players make mock picks for their own teams.

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry selected KU’s Marcus Morris with the 11th pick.

“A guy who plays hard, can shoot a 15- to 20-footer off pick-and-rolls and rebounds well can play for any team. We need workhorses like that,” Curry said in the article.

Houston Rockets guard Kyle Lowry took Markieff Morris with the mock draft’s 14th pick.

“I want Markieff,” Lowry said. “He can play with Patrick Patterson on the second unit, at the 4 or the 5. He’s a rugged banger, but he also has the finesse game and the ability to handle the ball well ... And I’m a little biased, because we’re both from Philly.”

ESPN mock draft update: In his latest mock draft posted Tuesday,’s Chad Ford had KU’s Marcus Morris going ninth to the Charlotte Bobcats, Markieff Morris going 18th to the Washington Wizards and Josh Selby going 37th to the Los Angeles Clippers.

In Ford’s previous mock draft posted on June 15, he had Marcus going ninth to the Bobcats, Markieff going 19th to the Bobcats and Selby going 26th to the Dallas Mavericks.


John Brown 11 years ago

Selby, you had a good home and you left.

RockChalkGuy 11 years ago

There's no talking sense into a 19 year old that knows everything.

Yung_JHawk 11 years ago

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notigers4me 11 years ago

It's hard to say what goes through a kids mind at times. They can be so influenced by people that will tell them what they want to hear. I hope the draft isn't a bust for Selby but I think there is a real possibility he might have to fight for a spot in this years draft.

Andy Tweedy 11 years ago

I'm sure Selby wants to play in the NBA, but I've also seen the $ these kids are commanding overseas. If it's all about the money, Selby will be making more in a month than most of us make in a year...and it's awful hard to tell a kid to put off that kind of cash.

WilburNether 11 years ago

I'm sure you're right, rockchalk1990.

But what is really sad is that many (most?) kids that age do not comprehend one of the few great points that former KC Star columnist Jason Whitlock made, when he noted the distinction between a STINT in the NBA, and a CAREER in the NBA.

Look at Vaughn, Ostertag, Pollard, LaFrentz, Hinrich, Collison. None had the talent to be a Hall of Famer like Pierce, but all played four years at KU and had (or are still having) long, sucessful NBA careers.

Selby? Stint City -- if he even makes it to the NBA.

Benz Junque 11 years ago

Yeah, Markieff would be like Rick Mahorn with a jump shot.

Joe Baker 11 years ago

I was thinking how much he resembles and plays like Rasheed Wallace.

nuleafjhawk 11 years ago

In regards to the Selby comments; I certainly don't wish him any ill will. I always want to see former Jayhawks succeed no matter what they wind up doing but, 10 years from now, if I'm still around, Josh Selby won't even cross my mind when it comes to fond memories of prior great Jayhawks.

I know my thinking is old school and naive, but I really want recruits to come here and stay 4 years. The chances of that happening diminish daily, but those are the guys that I admire. I totally understand them wanting to make hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. I also feel that they are robbing themselves of a lot of fun. The life of a basketball player at a high profile and greatly respected (revered?) college like Kansas has got to be pretty sweet. Even with all the former players that we have, and have had, in the NBA, there are a LOT more of them that never make it. Yes, there is big money to be made overseas - but there are also a lot of drawbacks to being overseas.

Bottom line to recruits: Come here. Stay here. Have fun. Get an education. Get bigger, stronger, faster, BETTER. Then go make us proud. And make a boatload of money while you're doing it.

jaybate 11 years ago

Bulletin: any team is a possibility.

Marcia Parsons 11 years ago

CBS has Marcus and Markeiff going at 7 and 8 respectively.

Jeff Coffman 11 years ago

Wouldn't it be unique if Markieff after all of this goes before Marcus.

We always talk how Kieff has followed his brother, but wouldn't it be ironic (or something like that) if Kieff actually was drafted befor Marcus.

Tony Bandle 11 years ago

Which one was born first??.........maybe it's in the stars and was meant to be!!

I am afraid between Josh caught in limbo waiting for a decision, his suspension after the NCAA decision and his injuries, he really only got in about half a season.

I am afraid Josh Selby is a "OAFFD". ["One And Far From Done"]

Tony Bandle 11 years ago

PS "The Pistons" of the all-time great team nicknames in sports.

Other great high school team names: 1] Curly Wolves [Prescottt,AZ] - They all get perms every full moon. 2] Mean Moose [Alamosa,CO] - Bullwinkle with a hangover. 3] Winged Beavers [Avon, CO] - I can't begin to comment!! 4] Fighting Sea Crabs [Seabreeze,FL] - Undefeated in beach volleyball. 5] Cuttthroat Trout [Sun Valley,ID] - They bait their lines with cans of Budweiser. 6] Maidens [Prescott, IA] - Yeah, right!!! 7] Battling Bathers [Mt.Clemons, MI] - Undefeated water polo teams 8] The Nimrods [Watersmouth, MI] - Could apply to every government agency. 9] Teddies [Roosevelt, MI] - You should see the girls team softball uniforms!!!! 10] Whiteface [Hereford, TX] - School for mimes.....everybody hates them

jcepp 11 years ago

Dear Josh:

Join me in the D. We're a quality player away from making a run at the upper division.

Quin Snyder

REHawk 11 years ago

Gosh durn, Quin, the Nation has long awaited your surfacing on these posts! Have you sheared the mop?

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