Sunday, June 12, 2011

Marcus Morris lauds KU


Former KU forward Marcus Morris, who is expected to be a lottery pick in the draft, praised KU’s coaches in an interview with the Charlotte Observer after a workout with the Bobcats last week.

“They really teach you the game, and I was one of those system-type kids who stayed there and really got to know the game,” Morris said. “I ask a lot of questions because I want to be a great player at the end of the day. Having guys like Danny Manning (big man coach) and coach (Bill) Self there means really teaching you the game.”


kentuckyjayhawk 11 years ago

No apology needed thanks for playin at kansas wish you the best

Corey Shideler 11 years ago

Dude you must be an idiot if you think they owe ANYONE an apology. Keeping them for three years was a blessing and they made their mark while at KU. If you want to slam someone, you ought to know how things work, or you just look stupid. You owe us an apology for making KU fans seem like uninformed nitwits.

Good luck to the Morris Twins! Hopefully you both go to Charlotte and i can drive just an hour to see you!

onlylookin2score 11 years ago

Well... when your chips are up... cash in, ya know. Can't risk injury when your going to be a lotter pick. Marcus Morris has really become one of my all time favorite Jayhawks. The trait that makes him so uniqe on my list of favs is his take no prisoners, rough edge attitude. Thomas Robinson has it too, but Morris is probably the first Jayhawk I've seen give a guy a cheap shot in retaliation. Call me a SOB, but I like that about him But what the real kicker is is that he is such a great voice for KU's future recruiting. He will always feel indebted to KU for teaching he and his brother and will in turn sell the program...

Chris Bruning 11 years ago

apology for what, did you wake n bake or somethin?

REHawk 11 years ago

Regarding "apology," last week Marcus was quoted a bit negatively in his reference to being forced to fit into a "system" at Kansas. Probably a comment extracted out of context, but it came across as negative. He is setting the record straight in this interview.

Chris Bruning 11 years ago

He doesnt need to apologize for anything, thats the bottom line!

JayDocMD 11 years ago

Re: my "apology accepted" remark above , I guess I should have clarified. McMorris said while working out for Golden St. "I think there's a little buzz that I'm more than advertised. At Kansas, you're really restricted from showing your game. I think a lot of teams are surprised that I'm better than they expected."

I like Marcus and I'm glad he gave us three good years. He probably realized the quote (in or out of context) didn't make Kansas look the best. The quote did strike me as derogatory, but it's a free country. I thought this might be his effort to set the record straight. So if I'm off-base, then I guess MY apology is in order.

BewareOfThePhogOnTheWater 11 years ago

I'm with you. I thought an apology was in order, too. Wonder who got to him? His Mom, his agent, teammates, or Danny? At any rate, apology accepted. Learn from it and move on.

Paul Mitten 11 years ago

He should apologize for a more-or-less true remark that was spun into something it wasn't?

It is true that Kansas does restrict from showing your game on an individual level. When you're sharing stats with three or four NBA level players, you're just not going to average 22/10 like you might elsewhere.

jaybate 11 years ago

Now this is the way a Jayhawk talks!

Way to bring it, Marcus!!!!!!!

esque 11 years ago

I think some of you guys are a bit sensitive here. I too read the quote and didn't hear any slight toward the program or Coach Self. He expressed what happens in many programs where players play within a system as taught by their head coach. I and many others have made that same observation about a number of players over the years--especially players coming out of the Tar Heel program under Dean Smith.

MM seems to answer questions in an honest manner which is kind of refreshing. I often read complaints from people--media included, who lament the canned, rote statements provided by athletes and coaches but there often is a great outcry whenever someone opines or provides irreverent, funny, unvarnished, or otherwise truthful answers to media posed questions. Let's all consider ourselves at 21 yrs of age and how we might've responded when a microphone was shoved in our faces, particularly at emotionally charged moments such as following a tough loss..

Just a thought.

NJHAWK 11 years ago

Very nicely put. Apology not needed for being honest.

gerald_bostock 11 years ago

Big Man Coach is his official title, by the way.

ku_tailg8 11 years ago

The Morris' have grown more than any other recruit I can remember. Kudo's to them and good luck in the NBA.

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