Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brady Morningstar ‘winded’ during Jazz workout

BYU’s Jimmer Fredette, center, and Kansas’ Marcus Morris thank the Indiana Pacers staff after a workout for the NBA basketball team Tuesday in Indianapolis.

BYU’s Jimmer Fredette, center, and Kansas’ Marcus Morris thank the Indiana Pacers staff after a workout for the NBA basketball team Tuesday in Indianapolis.


Brady Morningstar needed a few seconds to catch his breath Tuesday after a rigorous workout with the NBA’s Utah Jazz in Salt Lake City.

“I’m a little winded because we’re up here in the altitude. I think it does something to you, but it was fun,” said Morningstar. The 6-foot-4 former Kansas University and Free State High guard ran through drills with BYU’s Jackson Emery, Westminster’s Michael Stockton and Virginia’s Mustapha Farrakhan.

“They teach you a lot, have you go hard and see what you can do,” Morningstar added in an interview with the Jazz public relations staff.

Morningstar, who is represented by Tommy Thomas of McClaren Sports, next has a workout with San Antonio’s Spurs on June 7. Morningstar has said he likely will play in Europe next year if he doesn’t land a spot in the NBA.

Markieff also in Utah: Former KU forward Markieff Morris worked out for the Jazz on Sunday. He was asked by reporters what NBA player he resembles.

“Carlos Boozer was here, so that’s why I said that,” he said of comparing himself to Boozer, the former Jazz standout now with the Chicago Bulls. “Rasheed Wallace maybe. I can score better than people think I can. I am a great passer. I have a high basketball IQ. I am competitive,” he added, asked what he brings to an NBA franchise.

Marcus Morris in Indiana: Former KU forward Marcus Morris worked out for the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday with BYU’s Jimmer Fredette, Tennessee’s Tobias Harris, Florida’s Vernon Macklin, Duke’s Nolan Smith and Jeremy Tyler, who played last season in Tokyo. Marcus will work out for Milwaukee’s Bucks today.

“They’ve got a lot of shooters, a lot of athletic guys,” Morris said of the Pacers. “Danny Granger is a shooter. Of course, they have Kansas native Brandon Rush. I know a few guys on the team.”

Asked by if he’s spoken to former KU player Rush lately about draft preparations, Morris said: “No. I mean Brandon is kind of a loner a little bit. He doesn’t come back to Kansas that much. He’s a good guy. I’ve talked to Cole a little bit. He told me about the process,” Morris added of former KU center Cole Aldrich of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Dad visiting DeAndre: DeAndre Daniels’ dad, who lives in California, has joined his son at IMG Academies in Bradenton, Fla., reports. This has led to speculation the 6-8 senior may be close to announcing for KU, Texas or Oregon. San Diego State and Oklahoma State have also been mentioned. One recruiting Website insists he’ll announce at the Pangos camp this weekend in Los Angeles.


waywardJay 11 years, 4 months ago

In a related story, Donald Rumsfeld announced to a Denny's Waiter that he believes any day he will find the Weapons of Mass Destruction, and that he prefers no butter on his wheat toast. ;)

Viggo3003 11 years, 4 months ago

And Obama announced he's going to find an economic recovery, 5 million jobs and gasoline that's under $2.50 a gallon.

David Hodges 11 years, 4 months ago

All problems left by the previous administration.

Brianna Zaleski 11 years, 4 months ago

He's well into his 3rd year on the job and you don't think he needs to be accountable yet?! Do you think your boss would give you 3 years to do a better job than the guy you replaced? My guess is you would have been out on your a$$ by the 3rd or 4th month if the things your were hired to improve were not only not getting any better but getting worse. Wake up.

And btw, I don't remember the previous admin leaving office w/ $4/ gal gas.

Hank Cross 11 years, 4 months ago

Gimme a break. After 3 years, Obama = Epic Fail.

Theodore Thadogweadore 11 years, 4 months ago

All he has ever done was kill Osama Bin Laden. Bush/Chaney would have NEVER let that happen. You're right. He sucks!

kwahyajjj 11 years, 4 months ago

He didn't even know the search was on. They informed him and used it to his political gain.

He then decided to visit ground zero FOR THE FIRST TIME.

Then played golf over the weekend instead of meeting with the soliders.

He still has more people to apologize to and genuflect in front of. What an embarassment of a president.

Kevin Studer 11 years, 4 months ago

Thank you for regurgitating exactly what Limbaugh told you to. No wonder they call you people dittoheads!

Dan Harris 11 years, 4 months ago

better then what they call you, d@@khead!

kwahyajjj 11 years, 4 months ago

Don't listen to Limbaugh. Let me know when I've said something that isn't true.

You are a bonehead.

bstew34864 11 years, 3 months ago

R u completely stupid? The President was chasing bin laden from the start of his term. He informed the CIA director to make killing bin laden the top priority. You are a complete idiot and liar.

gchawk 11 years, 4 months ago

How long do you play that idiotic blame game? Accountability is a wonderful thing, grow up.

Michael Bratisax 11 years, 4 months ago

C'mon guys..Politics? We're talking politics?

T_Kippenberger 11 years, 4 months ago

Gear up for Grad school big guy. That job market is looking a little lean these days. BTW as a history undergrad I'm sure you are well versed in researching facts:

and with that - July 08 gas goes from 4.12/gal to 1.61 as of beginning of Jan 09. The prices have steadlily risen since then.
Good luck with that Hopey Changey Job market buddy.

bstew34864 11 years, 3 months ago

Good job Sara Palin clone. So, since when is the President responsible for high gas prices? Maybe the high gas prices have something to do with unregulated speculation and the republican house extending huge subsidies to the big oil companies. You guys never cease to amaze me. By the way, what does Sara Palin read? Uhh, ohh, point exactly.

Dee Shaw 11 years, 4 months ago

Stop drinking the Democratic Kool Aid Bub. Forget Obama and forget the Republican. They all suck. Don't blame the previous guy. Blame them all. I do find it funny thuogh after three full years on the job you are still blaming someone elese. Just admit it Bub, Obama is a true Abortion. Disaster. Does not matter what party he is or what party you support. Just reviewing these past three years is utter chaos.

jamsim3 11 years, 3 months ago

I see you would just rather believe in fairy tales. You honestly believe the crap storm George Bush Jr caused could be repaired in less than three years. What an idiot! We will be living with the repercussions from his administration for years to come. Probably long after the Republicans have rescinded your health care and you can't afford to pay a doctor on your reduced social security benefits. Red Necks like Sara Falin and Rush Limpbaugh and many of you on this board like to create fake disasters and are so ready to lay blame on the Obama administration over issues which he did not create. But we all know that is bs and the real problem is your weak kneed belief in American Supremacy over the rest of the world. Get over it and try to bring yourself to support a duly elected President as he struggles to make some of you fake Americans believe in hard work, humility and compassion for your fellow man. He told you it wasn't going to be easy and it hasn't been but we can do better if we pull together. Yes we can!

Matt1958 11 years, 4 months ago

I think you all need to find a different thread. Don't disgrace my KU news with political trash.

JayDocMD 11 years, 4 months ago

+1 Wrong thread guys - take it outside.

Robert Jones 11 years, 4 months ago

Yes! Please keep this a place that is a politics-free-zone!

youowethehawks 11 years, 4 months ago

We've recovered almost 2 million jobs and have been out of the recession for a full year. I think that it's pretty killer that the POTUS has helped us start to crawl out of hole 8 years deep. Gas prices are not controlled by the federal government, but rather by the petroleum industry. Do you think it's curious that once the AG launched a price-fixing investigation, the price of gas went down 40 cents?

Either way, basketball is the topic of this board. Good luck to all our guys vying for jobs in the NBA. Rock Chalk!

Brianna Zaleski 11 years, 4 months ago

What the hell does it mean to "recover" a job? Talk to me when this admin can actually start to claim that it is "creating" jobs. To recover a job sounds like a clever way to pad the stats. Like somehow those people didn't lose their jobs this month so it was the work of this admin. Anyway you say it or any vernacular you use cannot not hide the fact that this prez hasn't done squat for our economy or our unemployment.

Mike Kendall 11 years, 4 months ago

Damn, slayr--- I eat Raisin Bran Crunch! We're almost alike---LOL.

theend 11 years, 4 months ago

Ralster and I actually agree about something!!

Andrew Dunlap 11 years, 4 months ago

where is the moderator? this is a Jayhawk Basketball website!

Dan Harris 11 years, 4 months ago

+1 50% of the country is always expecting a handout from the 50% of us who work hard for what we have for OUR famlies! I don't know where this entitlement attitude started but I think it sucks the life out of this country.

Chris Bailey 11 years, 4 months ago

I want more entitlement programs to give all my hard earned money! After all I worked hard, got a BA in education and a Pharm.D. And I really want to find more ways for the dems to spend my money supporting people who do nothing productive in society but pound their chests and flash their Medicaid card so I can give them their free brand name drugs that I can't afford! Let's really screw up the health care system by pushing through a bill that then has my insurance premiums go up by $150/month or $1800/year. It really helped the people in the food service and house keeping departments! Thanks Obama for creating so many jobs. We don't really need them our unemployment has really dipped! Thanks for killing Bin Laden the only presidential thing you've done in 2 1/2 years. Like Obama is the one who did this! It was our intelligence and military not him. It merely happened on his watch. Remember he's a dem he wants us to pull out of Afghanistan and Pakistan. We need someone who won't be a puppet in office someone who will actually help the nation and the economy. Hey lets tax the wealthy then they pull their hands closer to their chest and decide not to invest money in hiring workers, another way to force more unemployment. Obama is an epic fail! gOne 1-20-2013!

jamsim3 11 years, 3 months ago

I just love it when you T-Party Rednecks get on here and start acting as if you are the only people who work for a living. You are quite willing to pay less taxes than everybody else, you want the same government programs to help you when your ass gets old and you have no more earning power and you are quick to lay blame on a President who inherited the crash of our entire economic system and has spent the better part of three years shoring up our free market system almost wrecked by greedy b#$%@*ds like yourself. The wealthy in this country have been raping the honest working man for years but that doesn't bother you. You would rather piss and moan and degrade our President on a basketball forum. Let's see what did the Bushes do for twelve years in the White House. Can't remember a damn thing other than give more tax breaks to folks who claim they create jobs when they don't have to pay taxes. Yea, right! That's the biggest lie perpetrated on the American public since Ronnie Reagan said he would never raise taxes. There has never been a more turbulent three years in our economic history save the depression and all our President has done is keep it from being far worse by saving the auto industry, reforming wall street and assuring us that most Americans will have Health Care when they are older. Oh yea, he also killed Bin Laden, a terrorist responsible for killing over three thousand Americans in the jewel city of America while a former President said Bin Laden just wasn't that important to him. Take your tea back to England fool because real Americans take care of their own, rich or poor! Get your ears out of Fox Views and Rush Limbaugh hate minorties machine and maybe you can join the rest of us by supporting an American President who has compassion for his fellow man instead of bitching like the wimp you fake real americans really show yourselves to be. This is a basketball board so take your losing political philosophy to a Sarah Falin website. Go Jayhawks!!!!

KEITHMILES05 11 years, 4 months ago

Why does Daniel's dad have to join him? In this day of modern communication that doesn't have to happen.

Kevin Studer 11 years, 4 months ago

I rarely actually laugh at something posted here. This was an exception. Well done.

Jeremy Bolinger 11 years, 4 months ago

Pretty sad that Rush is a loner. That's why I love guys like Simien, Aldrich, and others. They appeciaye Kansas for what it was and currently is. I wish Rush and Collins would do the same. It's a shame.

Andy Tweedy 11 years, 4 months ago

Being a loner doesn't mean you don't appreciate things, it just means you're a loner.

d_prowess 11 years, 4 months ago

Rush actually seems to talk with a bunch of other players via twitter, so I don't think it is accurate that he doesn't appreciate Kansas. I mean, when was the last time Pierce came back to campus?

murph 11 years, 4 months ago

The Answer is way too important to be bothered with a backwater like Kansas. Besides, I'd SO much rather have the Danny Mannings, the Scot Pollards, the Sasha Kauns, the Aaron Miles, the Wayne Simeons of our past here to (hopefully) influence the current Jayhawks. Those are the guys you hope to have more like for the years ahead.

John Boyle 11 years, 4 months ago

I think he meant to say he was a "stoner". Rush has always enjoyed a touch of the weed.

John Randall 11 years, 4 months ago

You sure have that right! Someone having his own personality, instead of fitting into your circumscription of behavior patterns –– will he ever recover from your withholding of approbation?

You remind me of the Superintendent where my dad coached ... after winning league championship over arch-rival school on a run up the middle by our fullback (who broke through three shoddy tackles by opponents who had already met him head-up a few times) for the only touchdown of the game.

Supt: "Wouldn't it be great if Darrell were just a better citizen?", referring to the player's fast-and-loose treatment of cars, alcohol and girls.

Coach: "Well, that doesn't always come in the same package, does it?"

Jeremy Bolinger 11 years, 4 months ago

Wow, some of you people blow things way outta proportion. My comment was that I wish these guys would come around more. It would do wonders with recruiting and such. Some of you have your heads too far up your butts to see that.

tis4tim 11 years, 4 months ago

+1 for your use of circumscription in a sports post.

+1 more for your subsequent use of approbation in a sports post.

+1 one more still for using both in the same post.

John Boyle 11 years, 4 months ago

You are right they don't always come in the same package but it would be nice if they did. And it would be better for society as well. Absolutely no problem with the Superintendent's comment. He is the one that has to deal with all the non-athletic issues not the coach. I am a coach and I understand where he is coming from. Nice use of the English language. Had the old Thesaurus right by your side didn't you.

Debbie Mangen 11 years, 4 months ago

How many times has Paul Pierce been back to Kansas?

Michael Pannacciulli 11 years, 4 months ago

Rush is not a Kansas native...Missouri native, Kansas Alum. And it's refreshing to hear he's still a punk. What would be the harm in him reaching out to Marcus in that scenario? God knows he's had a million people in his corner get him to, and keep him in the current spot he's in.

I have never saw any kid struggle so much with what school to attend? Wow. I guess we will here soon enough. He's not coming to KU though - that is clear to me. I'd say its OSU or SD - since they are the two most recent entrants. He's had his time to pick the others and hasn't.

I had no idea the NBA was looking at Brady?

Fruity22 11 years, 4 months ago

WAAAAAA, sniffle, sniffle. Rush is a punk he didn't call Marcus. Did all the other KU guys in the NBA call Marcus? Are they all punks too? Thanks for helping bring the big one back to Lawrence a couple years ago Brandon. Also big thanks for 40 to 12, you had a big hand in that. I won't forget it.

Michael Pannacciulli 11 years, 4 months ago

actually if you knew anything about Rush you would know his history outside of being part of a championship team. google him, learn something. i don't have time to teach you. plus if i need to tell you what it means to be a real teammate, a true jayhawk alum, i might puke all over my mac - not sure that is under warranty.

Fruity22 11 years, 4 months ago

What it means to be a real teammate? Not sure what that has to do with anything Brandon and Marcus were never on the same team. I would have thought an expert on being a true jayhawk alum like you would know that. Sure you got time to teach me you got like 10 posts on this article alone. I knew Rush smoked pot you didn't reference that in the first post where you called him a punk. If you think smoking dope automatically makes you a punk then stop watching basketball because the vast majority of them are punks. Sounds like you might have better things to do then watch a bunch of punks.

Michael Pannacciulli 11 years, 4 months ago

ralster, as long as he made some buckets that makes him a stand up guy? he failed the NBA drug test THREE TIMES! Not only is he a punk, he's been a disgraceful representative of our University, and the NBA with his actions. I'm sure you will find a way to justify that with wins, and cute Dickie V nicknames. Rush was not the sole reason we won that championship as it seems like you are trying to assert - he did show up, finally after playing hide and seek his whole KU career, but it was very much a collective effort. in all seriousness, i hope the man grows up, and realizes how amazing his life can be and how millions of kids (and adults) would die for the opportunities he's been afforded with his physical talents. for now, i stand by the name punk - and perhaps it's a bit kind considering.

Dan Pawlowski 11 years, 4 months ago

So failed drug tests are your criteria? So if alcohol were illegal the a large portion of the adult population would be punks. I guess living in a black and white world makes life simple for you.

John Boyle 11 years, 4 months ago

But alcohol isn't illegal and drugs are. So what is your point? Do you think drugs should be legal or do you think alcohol should be illegal?

Michael Pannacciulli 11 years, 4 months ago

Good god guys. I didn't examine the word "punk" the way I should have now or used the definition the way you expected I should have? I get your points ralster and they are valid arguments. Point remains, for me, that it is MY feeling the man should not be revered for the wins, or the championship but the totality of his actions - at KU or anywhere else. Where do you draw the lines for yourself - to me 3 drug failures puts him in the "punk" category. Sorry if you can't see why I feel that way. The article above seemed to me like yet another example. You can argue it, but your retorts or slams back at me won't change that.

Chris Shaw 11 years, 4 months ago

Interesting take on the "One and Done" rule. Man, it would be awesome if they could could get rid of this rule.

FLJHK 11 years, 4 months ago

Thanks for the link. I have no problem with those going from high school to the pros. But for those who choose college, it should be a 3 year commitment, although 2 would be better than what we have now. I think Europe is going to be an increasingly viable alternative for some right out of high school in future years.

LAJayhawk 11 years, 4 months ago

That's the baseball rule, and it makes the most sense. Declare out of high school, or if you choose college you can't declare until after your junior year or the age of 21. It's a fair choice for everyone involved and would allow the NBA ample time to "evaluate" potential picks as they say they need. If you are good enough to be drafted out of HS, then it should be clear anyway, theoretically.

Nick Cole 11 years, 4 months ago

I just posted this on the ESPN article, so I'm going to post it here too:

I think the NCAA could step in here. They can't force kids to stay in school and not make a living. What they can do, however, is force kids who leave early to pay back all their scholarship money (tuition, books, housing, monthly stipends, etc.). The NCAA can say sure, you can be a one-and-done, or two-and-done, but if you leave before your third year of school you have to pay back all scholarship money awarded to you within a specified time frame (1 year in college = pay money back within 1 year, 2 years in college = pay money back within 2 years). I think this has so many potential benefits for both college and the NBA.

  1. College players will try harder while in school to improve their talent so they can get drafted higher, making them more money to make it less of a burden on them to pay back the school.
  2. More students will be inclined to stay for three years so they don't have to start their careers in debt.
  3. More kids staying in school = better graduation rates
  4. This gives scouts more time to evaluate players against better talent (i.e. more juniors and seniors in college means better competition)
  5. Schools don't have to risk as much when recruiting super talented individuals.
  6. The NCAA shows they have some cajones and isn't going to let the NBA control the college game.
  7. The NBA will get kids who have matured more, thus making them more likely to have longer careers, thus improving the overall talent depth of the NBA (a lot of teams have a very short bench)
  8. More college fans will likely follow their players in the NBA because they have invested 3 years into following that player at their school.

I could continue to go on about how this helps both parties, but in the interest of the readers, I wont.

Let me know what you guys think about some of this (if it's even possible, haha).

AverageCitizen 11 years, 4 months ago

Pay back their tuition? I used to think this but:

  1. This will probably force more kids to skip college if they were on the fence about it. If they don't get drafted it is a detriment to them because they might have grown more within that 1-2 years of college but chose to not risk school so they won't have to pay the school back.

  2. Some schools won't like this because it gives some an advantage over the other. Better recruits will flock to cheaper elite schools. What tuition would you rather pay back....Kansas or Duke? $19,000 or. $39,000?

What if they leave and don't get drafted? You still want them to pay it back? What if they get injured? They make money for the university now while they are playing thus off setting some costs.

Good try, but I can't see how this could work unless the pay back is a set fee. Will Duke like this since their "education" is more expensive and they might feel they have been short changed? Will they make allowances for injury? Even then, you get into the debate over what is a "good" reason to throw out the requirement to pay back or not. For those not deemed an allowable reason, it will result in court cases to protest. Too much red tape.

LAJayhawk 11 years, 4 months ago

AverageCitizen is correct. Tuition disparity makes this idea logistically impossible. Plus, schools benefit from the publicity of their college athletes leaving for professional sports (see: Calipari, John). It would be tremendously unfair to then essentially "tax" them for that publicity.

Plus, if a student receives an academic scholarship, but then leaves after his freshman year on a business venture, would he have to pay it back (i.e. Mark Zuckerberg leaving Harvard to create Facebook)? You would be punishing one specific employment field which does not seem constitutional to me.

Nick Cole 11 years, 4 months ago

The kids who are good enough to skip college will. They can play in Europe. Problem solved there. If they don't like that, too freaking bad for them. As far as the difference in tuition, you can simply say "pay it back up to $XX,XXX amount." And yes, I do want to "tax" them. Sports is different from any other professional industry. Not only do the schools benefit from having these superstar athletes come here, but the kids get a free education and free publicity while they are in school, helping them to improve their draft stock and make more money in their professional careers. Don't worry about injuries. If a kid is injured while in school, he is obviously not obligated to pay anything back. If the injury occurs during that players "repayment" period, and he is not currently getting paid, he can file to put a "hold" on his payments until he begins collecting checks again. If he sustains a career ending injury during his "repayment" period, he will be forgiven the remainder of his debts. It would work just like a student loan (with a few slight adjustments). However, if a kid is getting guaranteed money, he will be collecting checks even if he gets injured.

As far as leaving and not getting drafted, this is a great way to solve this problem. Every year there a number of kids who are sitting there wondering why they didn't get their name called. If they had to risk the chance of paying back the school, these borderline kids would stay in school another year, thus improving their game. If they do decide to leave anyway and don't get drafted, they knew the consequences and they knew they were a risking everything for it. This system would force kids to make "smarter" decisions about their future.

This system will force these young athletes to think harder about their financial situations and be more responsible with their money.

Please keep in mind that is idea is only to coincide with the current system. If the CBA changes the rule, there would be no need for this.

Tony Bandle 11 years, 4 months ago

What!! Rush is a loaner? I thought he was a full time Pacer. How can you do that and still maintain team loyalty? This is.....what?...loner? OH!!.....Nevermind.

So much for the Twins dreams of playing together. I can't wair for the first time one hard fouls the other and they end up on the floor pounding each other like brothers sometimes do!!

I think Brady needs to take a language course in Greek because that is where he is going to end up for a year or so.

Not being a smart a$$ here, but is there a Mom somewhere in Deandre's life? We could send Angel on a mission from God!!

LJ Gee 11 years, 4 months ago

funny how people are hating on Rush in this thread, the guy did help us win a national championship and if I remember correctly, he was a pretty big part of the team that year. I dont think he's a punk at all just because he stays to himself - I think he's a Champion and I love the guy. And as for Sherron, the guy is in Israel or something like that. He's trying to make basketball a living the hard way. Im not gonna fault the guy because 100% of his focus right now is on grinding away at his career - thats just ridiculous. You guys need to lighten up.

And DeAndre, you know Lawrence is where you want to be and we want you to be a part of Jayhawk Nation so take all the time you need, just make the right choice - KU!

Jeremy Bolinger 11 years, 4 months ago

One person called him Rush a punk. That is not my feelings. But if Deandre Daniels gets bothered by that talk, stay the f away from my school. Dont want a soft kid like that here.

Michael Pannacciulli 11 years, 4 months ago

haha...really. Hey DeAndre, if you fail the NBA drug policy 3 times i may just call you a punk too. I know that is too harsh for ralster but i hope you have the ability to see why i may feel that way.

Jeremy Bolinger 11 years, 4 months ago

Agreed mpann. Some of these people dont get it. Lets baby these kids, never talk about them when they fail. Pat them on the back, you know, because they made it to the 2nd round of the tournament. Soft attitudes keep us from winning more titles.

Chris Shaw 11 years, 4 months ago

Shouldn't there at least be a picture of Brady in the above caption? I know Jimmer and Brady look similar, but I at least expected to see Brady bent over with his hands on his knees gasping for air.

KUFan90 11 years, 4 months ago

LOL...that would have been awesome. Thanks for the chuckle Shaw...

BCRavenJHawkfan 11 years, 4 months ago

Already seen his 'winded' pictures, but it was in San Antonio against VCU.

William Allen White has to be spinning in his grave sometimes.

kbrancac 11 years, 4 months ago

I really liked both of those guys, Rush and Collins. I thought Rush carried himself with class as a ballplayer. I ran into Sherron in a restaurant in Lawrence. He was friendly and I saw him talking to some kids, they were thrilled. I hope he does well internationally.

JayhawkJJ 11 years, 4 months ago

  1. Definitely - I think they will each develop their own game, which is a good thing.

  2. Definitely - Are you kidding me? You know his phone hasn't been silent since April 21.

  3. Not sure - but totally worth trying!!

nuleafjhawk 11 years, 4 months ago

OK, I'll play !

  1. No. They will cry themselves to sleep every night until they are back in each others arms.

  2. DeAndre WHO?

  3. Is that why our gas prices are so high? Because they're hauling Coke instead of oil? Now I'm ticked.

JayDocMD 11 years, 4 months ago

  1. I think a lot will depend on the coach and veterans around them.

  2. No doubt that the new schools on his list (Ok St., SD St., and whatever new school shows up on the "list" tomorrow) would HAVE to have been in contact - how else would they be on the radar after signing day?

  3. I heard that exact plan was found on one of the flash drives taken from Osama' compound.

Jeeveshawk 11 years, 4 months ago

  1. Hell no! They are very close and have been together their whole lives and it would only devistate them.

2.Very high, especially if UK starts recruiting them. Also it opens a new opportunity for many schools and they may cheat.

3.No, becuase it is Diet Coke that that works for.

Hank Cross 11 years, 4 months ago

It wasn't the altitude, Brady. Anyone who saw last night's game knows Brady isn't capable of playing at that speed and skill level. I'm just surprised that Europe has 100 teams.

And the only thing DD may announce this weekend is that he's added a dozen more schools to his wish list.

Michael Bratisax 11 years, 4 months ago

There are 50 independent countries so not too surprised. Not sure if the Vatican has a team.

Tony Bandle 11 years, 4 months ago

Yep..they play under the name of "Pope Hope Pops and Hoops

Jeeveshawk 11 years, 4 months ago

I disagree. He will not score much if he makes the NBA. He will also not play very much but he is a better defender than the majority of NBA players and if he gets drafted (which he won't) he might be able to stay away from the D-League.

ps. the altitude does do something to you. Have you ever hiked in Kansas. Compare that to mtn hiking. If you have done both u will know there is a big difference.

Mark Lindrud 11 years, 4 months ago

We know the twins will be on separate teams and that dream is over. They both need to move on and accept that can't depend on each other to hold one another's binky.

I am glad Brady is getting to train with a team because he at least gains an experience with a pro team. Do we expect him to go to Europe? Of course, but I say enjoy the moments provided you Brady.

I really don't care if Rush is a loner. As long as he shows up to play and does his best then who cares. Some guys are private when away from the game and that is nothing new. If he wants to visit KU cool if not once again it is his choice.

As far as DD I don't care, have moved on and honestly will be surprised if he shows up here. Next year will be a challenge, but it is not the worst thing in the world to be the underdog a la UCONN lol, but either way it will be a fun year.

okiedave 11 years, 4 months ago

Give credit for Brady going after it. There are some who would argue that Brady shouldn't even try to get a spot in the NBA. Probably some who said he could never play for the Jayhawks. I wish him all the best in his attempt to expand his envelope.

Jack Wilson 11 years, 4 months ago

Wow. I can't believe the news! Brady Morningstar and the NBA. Goes to show you what glue will get you. Every NBA team needs glue. That's what teams are missing. I have no idea why a team would want someone fast and athletic, who can handle the ball and score, over glue? Glue wins games. You can't gameplan against glue. Rotate that ball. Don't let it stick. The guy will be a star .. NBA-star, not just a Morning-star. This will bring about a new era in the NBA. Don't you know, they don't play defense in the NBA. As you've seen in the playoffs, they just let guys score. No trapping, no help. This guy is the best defender ... ever! Once he hits the floor, folks are going to rethink the NBA game. And post entry passes .. did you watch any games? The best post entry passer on the planet! That's in his DNA. You can't expect some top ranked kid to appreciate the entry pass, let alone learn the skill. You can't take a better "athlete" who can shoot and score, and handle the ball, and teach him that .. no way! I'm telling you, unrated guys like Brady can lead teams to a championship! Rivals folks are idiots. Even though I've never seen Brady hit a three more than a few inches behind the line, he'll be an NBA three-ball assassin. He just needs time to develop. It just makes me wonder why a guy like Brady isn't on draft boards. Great kid (nevermind the DUI). And man, he's a Jayhawk. A freaking Jayhawk! Did you see all of them in the NBA playoffs? Come on Cleveland, make the right choice! Kyrie Irving .. what's he ever done? Brady led two different squads to the elite eight. What more would an NBA exec want?

Maybe a petition drive to get Brady an NBA roster spot. We can start it right now. Can't wait to see him lightin' up the league next season!

Sam Constance 11 years, 4 months ago

"You can't take a better "athlete" who can shoot and score, and handle the ball, and teach him that .. no way!"

You have a NBA GM mindset.

Unfortunately, NBA GMs still haven't put 2+2 together and realized that there are plenty of athletic grasshoppers out there who simply can't or DON'T learn those fundamentals.

It's true that you can't teach jumping ability or speed. But it's also true that you can't always teach discipline and focus. There are plenty of players who think their athletic ability exempts them from having to play fundamentally sound basketball, and they get away with it because NBA GMs keep selecting and paying them like they are exempt.

But hey, there's nothing like making a point by going on a satirical strawman tirade.

Jack Wilson 11 years, 4 months ago

Speaking of strawman .. "you can't ALWAYS teach discipline and focus." Of course .. not "always."

One thing is for sure .. you have a better chance of teaching an athlete who can do the athletic things, to feed the post and play defense than teaching a non-athlete who can feed the post and play defense to do the athletic things.

NBA GMs select players that they believe will have the best opportunity to develop and help them win. That's a different mindset than managing every league game to the point of not permitting players with more potential to develop, and help them in March, in favor of playing the comfortable choice.

Sam Constance 11 years, 4 months ago

Not sure how anything I posted was a strawman argument. Your exact words were (I'm assuming sarcastically):

"I have no idea why a team would want someone fast and athletic, who can handle the ball and score, over glue?"

This directly implies that a team should always choose fast and athletic over glue by mocking the idea that a team would value glue as much as athletic/fast. So when I make a counterpoint that not all fast/athletic guys are teachable, it's not a strawman. It's a direct response to your stated argument. If you don't think athletic/fast is always better than glue, then don't compose a 200 word, sarcastic post about the virtues of glue.

Jack Wilson 11 years, 4 months ago

No, you're wrong. See, when people want to make points .. like you .. you create situations that don't occur. You say "always." That is an important word. You obviously can't comprehend that. I don't know.

I am mocking the idea of glue. I think it's generally baloney -- but not always. My point all season has been that playing Brady the number of minutes he got was a poor decision. The argument in return was this "glue" baloney. I didn't see you participating in that discussion over the past few years, so I don't know your thoughts there.

But I have never said "always." There are fast athletic guys that are poor basketball players, not team guys, ball-hogs, etc. Not unlike a few on this message board, you create your own reality to suit your opinion.

But my opinion at the start of the season, and at the end, was that playing Brady the high number of minutes was a mistake, that we should commit to playing Releford and/or EJ, and that Brady should be a 10 minute or so a game guy at best. And my stated point was that it would burn us at the most important time .. which it did.

That is the background for the post. Read it however you want.

Sam Constance 11 years, 4 months ago

Your take is interesting when your head isn't so far up your own ass that I can actually hear it.

jayhawktalk 11 years, 4 months ago

Freak out at length over an article that mentioned Brady participated in a workout with an NBA team, even when 90% of the comments have been about B. Rush or politics... really?

Defensive about Brady much? Cause? Relevance? Most all of your posts are insightful, whether I agree or not, but this one seemed a little over the top and personal... hateful, even. This reminded me of a more-coherent jayhawkinnebr post, and you're just way better than that.

Jack Wilson 11 years, 4 months ago

Not really .. not meant to be serious. I really hope the guy does well. Just reflecting upon the sometimes irrational Brady-love and the debate that would never end.

I almost forgot about the beloved jayhawkinnebr.

jayhawktalk 11 years, 4 months ago

Cool, cool. I just read the comment, and thought that maybe all the back and forth on the high school rankings might have a lingering effect, or maybe just the general politic bickering had set the mood for all posts to this article.

Most of them I just ignored, but when I got to yours, I was really surprised. There are posters on here you come to rely on for quality (and staying above the general fray for the most part), and, at least for me, you fit that bill, so I was surprised. Thought maybe someone had called your baby ugly yesterday morning and put you in a bad mood, or something... ;-)

Hank Cross 11 years, 4 months ago

Until I read this article, I didn't know that the NBA had open try-outs. If Brady can get a try-out, there's got to be some Trophy division rec league players who should be looked at.

KULA 11 years, 4 months ago

HEM, you don't need a petition. Roger just needs to move to an NBA city and start golfing with the coach. It'll be tough to get outta Lawrence, though. He still owes Bill a summer's worth of green fees.

Jeeveshawk 11 years, 4 months ago

He could get the ball rolling for the next NBA era where there is actually defense but no way in hell can he make it happen all by himself. Especailly considering that there are a few better defenders and passers out there than him already in the NBA. There aren't that many and adding Brady to that colllection wouldn't hurt but him starting a new era?

PhogAdvisory 11 years, 4 months ago

Yikes, did everyone skip their coffee this morning? The boards are full of Negative Nellys today.

I for one wish Brady all the best; hope Daniels makes a decision (to come to KU) sometime before March Madness 2012; thank Rush for sticking around two years longer than he was supposed to, being a quintessential team player, and helping us win a National Championship; and will cross my fingers that at least one of the Morii gets drafted by Chicago, so I'll actually be able to root for the Bulls next year.

RCJH, gang (and get some Folgers down your gullets already!).

Dan Pawlowski 11 years, 4 months ago

Actually these boards are always full of "Negative Nellys". I don't check it out as much as I used to because the dismissive "critiques" offered about many KU athletes , who quite frankly are much more athletic than most of the people who post here, wear on me.

jhawktop 11 years, 4 months ago

Agree PhogAd. I like to think only die-hards post/read these message boards, and I sure hope I'm right. If Brandon and Sherron are on the fence about coming back to Lawrence, one scan of some of this crap and you've made their decision for them. And if I was a recuit scanning message boards (again, I don't know why one would, but if) I would steer clear of a school blasting every decision (or non-decision) and players of past National Championship teams. Stick to the positives, or at the very least constructive criticisms, or keep it to yourself.

theend 11 years, 4 months ago

Regarding the article a few days ago about Markieff trashing talking Derek Williams.... some of the reasons KU lost to VCU was the trash talking the twins did to the VCU players before the game. Classless....and m,ore fired up VCU....and look what happenned.....VCU destroyed Kansas.

The twins were good players.....and we tolerated them because of it. But they need to learn some class. I doubt they will though now that they are soon to be in NBA.

Dan Pawlowski 11 years, 4 months ago

Give me a break. Trash talking did not cause everyone on Kansas to have a bad game. VCU played well and we played poorly. That is an invalid scapegoat.

theend 11 years, 4 months ago

Ralster-If I had known you were a conservative......I wouldn't have annoyed you so much!!

Well done, sir! Thank you for your support of our country!!

PhogAdvisory 11 years, 4 months ago

The implication that only conservatives support the country made my brain break a little bit. For crying out loud, just because two people disagree about policy doesn't mean one of them is stupid or unpatriotic. That sort of dogmatic attitude is what ralster's post was opposing, if I read it correctly.

...And dang it, I got dragged into the stupid political sniping. Can we bring this thread back to basketball, please? If I wanted to listen to a bunch of people shouting at each other about who loves America more, I'd go watch CNN.

theend 11 years, 4 months ago

sure.....some liberals support America.....but conservatives are much more likely to be patriotic and love their country. Your president(not mine) goes around saying America is arrogant and apologizes for America's past.

I have no problem with liberals.....Most mean well. But I do have a problem with a marxist that is systematically trying to destroy this great country.

Sam Constance 11 years, 4 months ago

President Obama is your president. He's the President of the United States, not the President of Those Who Voted For Him.

I know that's a departure from opinions that were expressed by GWB after he won his second term, but that's how the system works.

As far as being a "marxist" and "systematically trying to destroy" his own country...

...I guess I'm glad that your idiocy is universal and not just limited to your opinions about KU basketball. Grow up.

BewareOfThePhogOnTheWater 11 years, 4 months ago

Hey, Gary, couldn't you guys find a picture of Brady? Pretty sloppy journalism -- heading and picture have nothing to do with each other. The only thing worse would have been to include a football picture in its place.

Robert Robinson 11 years, 4 months ago

Haha, its funny to read these boards when the season is over. Everybody is all pussy. Lighten up guys. The new season will come.

theend 11 years, 4 months ago

I was thinking the same see a lot more fighting in the off season because people are bored and annoyed that the new season is months away. It is funny....and I'm one of the main culprits.

motorboatinsomnia 11 years, 4 months ago

Conservatives are also much more likely to buy monster truck SUVs, never recycle, deregulate EVERYTHING, join the Tea Party, and hate most black people.

theend 11 years, 4 months ago

Funny.....I don't know a single conservative that fits with any of those things. Maybe you could give specific examples.....especially when you call conservatives racist.

it's so typical of you liberals to racebait. Why? because you lose on all all that's left is to destroy character and racebait.

Sam Constance 11 years, 4 months ago

Sorry kid, but you don't get to imply that only conservatives are patriotic then get on your high horse about labels.

Jeffery Barrett 11 years, 4 months ago

-1.......I'm a conservative and........I don't have a 'monster truck SUV', I almost always recycle, I have never deregulated anything, I haven't joined the Tea Party AND I don't hate most black people.

Sam Constance 11 years, 4 months ago

Then you need to "-1" the comment that suggested all those things.

My point is that "theend" says things like:

"'s so typical of you liberals..." immediately after getting indignant about someone applying labels ot all conservatives.

or he says:

" all that's left is to destroy character..." after previously making a post that implies anyone who is not conservative is not patriotic.

I'm not agreeing with motorboatinsomnia, I'm condemning theend's trolling.

Jeremy Bolinger 11 years, 4 months ago

You people are nieve to think that recruits wouldnt want to see alums around here. Especially notable alums like Rush and Collins. How do you think those family bonds are built? If I was a recruit, I wouldnt let freaking message boards influence my decision, and only morons would. My comment was that these guys SHOULD come back more. Plain and simple. IF YOU CAN SIT THERE AND SAY THAT IT WOULDNT MAKE YOU FEEL PROUDER TO BE A JAYHAWK SEEING THESE GUYS BACK then you have no business responding to my post. Move along.

BTW, thats another reason that everyone should love guys like Aldrich. This guy is proud to show his face and be around the community. I hope the Morris twins do the same. We need a family type atmosphere around here, at least more than what we have currently.

Tony Bandle 11 years, 4 months ago

After today and reading this string of posts, I'm guessing tolerance and it's definition should just be deleted from every dictionary on the face of the planet because it no longer exits and therefore doesn't need a definiton!!

Jesus H. Christ, everyone.....the enemy is out there...Calimari, Coach Consanants, World Wide Wes, the East Coast Press, the NCAA, Dickie Vitale,, etc.

Not here, not in the trenches of Jayhawk Nation. If I was Deandre, I would think that reading this post today would be frightening. Holy Cow...these Jayhawks eat their own!!

Give it a rest.

Tony Bandle 11 years, 4 months ago

Better to be weak than to be you, you Missouri Troll and you are truly plain and simple!!

Jeremy Bolinger 11 years, 4 months ago

2 things.

1. Not everyone with an unfavorable opinion of ex KU players is a troll.

2. I'm a KU student buddy. Pull you head out.

Mike Kendall 11 years, 4 months ago

Telling Oakville to "pull your head out?" Wow! Takes courage to tell a veteran poster to pull your head out. Oakville, I'm with you, man!

Jeremy Bolinger 11 years, 4 months ago

You're with him that he thinks I'm a Missouri troll? Interesting. How did you come to this conclusion?

jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago

Go find a microscope and play with yourself.

Jeremy Bolinger 11 years, 4 months ago

I was posting on here since 2006, and not that it matters.

JayDocMD 11 years, 4 months ago

"posting since 2006"... "still a KU student"... my math tells me its half-past time to graduate or just resign yourself to the fact that higher education isn't for everyone. Don't feel bad - the world needs someone to greet at Walmart and deliver the newspapers.

Jeremy Bolinger 11 years, 4 months ago

Haha I will not hide behind my screen name. I am a 25 year old non-traditional student. Im proud of my accomplishments, and if you have a problem with that, thats too damn bad.

JayDocMD 11 years, 4 months ago

Feel free to pat yourself on the back for attending school. I'll mail you a two dollar bill when you graduate. Truth be told, no one cares if you are traditional/nontraditional or ever graduate at all. Just don't be a tool and disrespect one of the standard bearers of this forum.

Jeremy Bolinger 11 years, 4 months ago

Apparently you care enough to throw some jabs at someone you dont even know. Bravo. Scroll down, read what I posted on Jaybates comment to Mr. Oakville.

Sam Constance 11 years, 4 months ago

Unless "Then you are weak. Plain and simple." doesn't count as a "jab at someone you don't even know."

In which case, carry on...

jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago


Usually it is you calming me down, but this time, I fear because of your recent health struggles, you are letting the verbal sparring here have too much effect on you.

Yes, it is unpleasant, but you are alive, and the boys of summer are at it again in major league parks across America, and women are looking fine in their summer wear, and we haven't invaded a country for a week, or two, and Self will land another 4 star shortly, or else go play some well deserved rounds of golf, and we will talk of architecture and a movie will come along that will lift our spirits and this bickering will seem, exactly as it is, inconsequential.

The Legacy goes on through it all.

Jeremy Bolinger 11 years, 4 months ago

Nobody should get so worked up on a message board. If you I worked up Oak, and he has medical issues, I do appologize. Im all for good conversation, but some people take stuff way too personally on this board. Not everyone is troll.

Tony Bandle 11 years, 4 months ago

My apologies to you, notabandwagonfan. had a bad day and took it out on your post. You are obviously not a Misery Troll because your posts flow well with organized thought and proper grammer. :)

Thamks, Jaybate.....a little slap of perspective is always a tonic for what ails ya. You are correct..I could be a Royals fan. :)

John Boyle 11 years, 4 months ago

As a Royals fan, I must say "Ouch!!" I sure this is our year. LOL Well at least we aren't the Cubs, its only been 26 years since we won it all. Of course its been almost that long since we won at all as well.

nuleafjhawk 11 years, 4 months ago

I posted this once before boys and girls, but with the attitude that everyone's got today, it might be worth another look. ?

Cut it out! Cut it out! Cut it out! What the hell's the matter with you? Stupid! We're all very different people. We're not Watusi. We're not Spartans. We're Jayhawks, with a capital 'J', huh? You know what that means? Do ya? ......................... Who saw the NCAA Tournament this year? Who cried when we got beat by VCU?

Nobody cried when we got beat by VCU? I'm sure.

I cried my eyes out. So we're all dogfaces, we're all very, very different, but there is one thing that we all have in common: we were all smart enough to be Jayhawk fans. We're mutants. There's something wrong with us, something very, very wrong with us. Something seriously wrong with us - we're Jayhawks. But we're Kansas Jayhawks! We've been kicking ass for 113 years! We're 2038 and 799! Now we don't have to worry about whether or not we practiced. We don't have to worry about whether Coach Self wants to have us hung. All we have to do is to be the great Kansas Jayhawk fan that is inside each one of us. Now do what I do, and say what I say. And make me proud.

(minor liberties taken with quotes from "Stripes")

Dan Harris 11 years, 4 months ago

That was AWSOME!(to steal a line from the late Chris Farley)

motorboatinsomnia 11 years, 4 months ago

Absolutely. I'm sorry everyone. I love all Jayhawks....Now if you'll excuse me, I must go build a "terror mosque" in Times Square, organize a death panel, and start a PINKO movement while I re-write Obama's birth certificate to make it appear that it came from Hawaii.....Best to you all!

John Boyle 11 years, 4 months ago

Go on CNN, MSNBC or HLN and rant all your political garbage. This is a basketball site. Unless of course you thought that Brady was running for office then maybe you could tie this to politics but I don't think that was what the article was about.

kureader 11 years, 4 months ago

... strangest article/posts of the year. Headline about Brady Photo of Marcus Paragraph inserted about DeAndre and his dad LJW ... in a hurry today? Geez. Readers in bad moods doing political posts that have nothing to do with basketball. ... hope tomorrow's a better day for all of us.

jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago

Politics makes strange board rats.

Self signing another 4 star, or two, would end a lot of this political displacement. :-)

jaybate 11 years, 4 months ago

How many NBA tryouts is Brady going to get?

I like his moxie.

I like his agent.

I like his game.

I like him.

I hope he catches on somewhere in play4pay.

KansasComet 11 years, 4 months ago

I do not see Brady Morningstar making it to the NBA, and it may be due to age descrimination. He may be too old for an NBA team to invest their time and money on. Much easier to get a 19 year old with the same skill set and invest in him. I do wish him well.

Lance Hobson 11 years, 4 months ago

What is Brady doing in an NBA camp? They must need some fillers. He did get a DUI during boot camp, not surprised he's "winded." It's not that high in elevation, either, only around 4k.

I'll miss the Morris brothers and they're off the wall quotes.

Jeremy Bolinger 11 years, 4 months ago

Brady Morningstar was a hell of a player at KU. He will be missed.

actorman 11 years, 4 months ago

"and a movie will come along that will lift our spirits ..."

Well said, jaybate. After seeing the sensational movie "The First Grader" last night, I can highly recommed it to all Talk about a spirit-lifter! Well worth the time to check out.

Speaking of movies, love the Stripes reference, nuleafjhawk!

KansasComet, that's an excellent point about Brady, which makes it all the more hard to believe that he would receive any invite to try out for an NBA team. I was as big a fan of Brady as anyone, but even if he was younger I wouldn't think he'd have a prayer of making an NBA team. And at his age, I can't comprehend why any NBA team would take the time to look at him.

Since half of this thread has been devoted to politics, I can't resist the urge to say my pice: For those of you who scream constantly about the "liberal media" and love to quote Rush and his fellow lying, hypocrtical bastards, keep in mind that out of 1,700 talk-radio stations in America, 91% of them are conservative, and that there's not a single TV station that is entirely devoted to one side of the political spectrum the way that Faux News is. (Some people will no doubt bring up MSNBC, but that doesn't have nearly the amount of political programming that Fox Noise does, it only has a few shows that are consistently left-wing, and it doesn't hire politicians who are pretending to be journalists. It also engages in something that will seem foreign to the morons, er, dittoheads out there: the truth.)

Hank Cross 11 years, 4 months ago

Yes, Fox News is to blame for the continued drop in home prices, continued failure to create jobs, continued virtually stagnant GDP, etc.

Sam Constance 11 years, 4 months ago

Read much?

He didn't blame Fox News for anything. He stated what they are.

John Boyle 11 years, 4 months ago

Right. Keep telling yourself that and someday it will come true.

kureader 11 years, 4 months ago

... just couldn't help yourself could ya!

Viggo3003 11 years, 4 months ago

This string is officially closed. Have nice day.

dynamitehawk 11 years, 4 months ago

Holy $hitballs! OK, even though Vig officially closed this thread I must say I'm shocked at the hate.

I will always remember being at the Sprint Center, seeing Brandon coming back with his brace and getting chills from how loud it was. Great memory of the fan love.

Not sure we have seen a guard throw down like this in a while:

Here's to B-Mac stretching long for dunks and blocks.

When I stopped watching and caring about cable news (politics), I think my life expectancy - or perhaps my life enjoyment expectancy has increased greatly.


Jared Grillot 11 years, 4 months ago

Why does this story lead with Brady but open with a pic of Marcus?

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