Originally published December 2, 2011 at 02:19p.m., updated December 3, 2011 at 01:15a.m.

Basketball recruit Andrew White commits to KU

Andrew White, a 6-foot-6, 210-pound senior small forward from Miller School in Chester, Va., has committed to KU.

Andrew White, a 6-foot-6, 210-pound senior small forward from Miller School in Chester, Va., has committed to KU.


Virginia high school basketball sensation Andrew White capped one of the most memorable days of his life by scoring 23 points in Miller School’s 80-55 home victory over Woodberry Forest on Friday night in Charlottesville, Va.

The game followed a pair of ceremonies in which the 6-foot-6, 210-pound senior small forward orally committed to play basketball at Kansas University — the first at a television station in nearby Richmond; the second in Miller School’s lobby, prior to the game.

“It was a very exciting day. It’s good to make my college decision and to know where I’m going,” said White,’s No. 56-rated player, who chose the Jayhawks over North Carolina State, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Richmond, Texas, Georgetown and others.

“It’s a great opportunity to focus on my game, relax, keep enjoying basketball, school and living a normal high school life,” added White.

He said he chose KU primarily “because of the opportunity. It wasn’t because of the hype that comes with Kansas. Seeing them play on TV, I see an opportunity to play as a freshman, and their style fits my strengths.”

Specifically ... “I like the spacing of how they run their offense. They have multiple guards that have a lot of versatility. That’s a skill I’d like to perfect. That system fits my game, my style,” White added.

First-team all-stater White, who averaged 19.2 points and 7.0 rebounds a game his junior season, watched a batch of his finalists’ games on TV with his dad, Andrew, Sr., the past few weeks, before making his decision.

“Coaches can tell you a lot, but when you can put your eyeballs on it yourself — when you can see the teams play and the coaches coach — it makes it more clear,” Andrew White, Sr., said. “He made the decision totally independent, but I wanted to give him pros and cons.

“KU has a need for what he does. He’s a jump shooter, a three-point artist. He also does well in the mid-range game. A lot of schools we looked at had slashers, but didn’t have a lot of jump shooters which is what he has kind of developed into.

“KU has great, great players. But we could see him fitting in their system as a jump shooter. He can also get to the basket, and a lot of people like his rebounding ability. At 6-6, he could be a mismatch problem for teams not tall at the two. Andrew felt he fit in the best at KU,” Andrew White, Sr., added.

Perhaps the only negative is location.

“It’s a long ways from our home,” said Andrew White, Sr., who works as a professional developer in Virginia. “We usually have 10 to 12 and as many as 40 relatives at our games. We are such a tight-knit family (including Andrew’s mom, Sheryl; older sister, Andrias, and younger brother Jaire).

“It’s the farthest of any schools recruiting him. But they made him feel comfortable. Coach Self, Danny Manning, coach (Joe) Dooley and (Kurtis) Townsend made him feel comfortable like family. The distance is something we’ll work out as we take on this different animal,” he added of college.

White’s high school coach, Scott Willard, noted that he has known assistant coach Dooley a long time.

“They recruit quality kids and do a great job of developing players. They develop guards all the way to big men,” Willard said. “Andrew is one of the top shooters in the class. He has NBA range and a college-ready body at 6-foot-6. He works out at 6 a.m. in the gym every single day and doesn’t tell anybody about it, doesn’t want anybody to know about it. He’s the hardest working kid we’ve had here. He’ll be a hard-working, team-oriented, really quiet, unassuming kid who can shoot the lights out.”

The soft-spoken White, who is hoping to attend a KU home game this winter, was on hand for the Legends of the Phog exhibition involving KU’s former NBA players.

“It was fun to see all the people on campus. It was exciting to see what basketball means to the people,” White, Jr., said, wanting to conclude by thanking several individuals.

“My coaches, teammates and family members. I’ve seen some kids without the support ... it affects their development. I always had somebody willing to take me to the gym and always had somebody willing to rebound for me and help me out. It’s a great advantage when you are trying to develop as a player. I want to thank everybody who had anything to do with my recruitment and look forward to going to KU,” he concluded.


TheDefinition 11 years ago

Solid recruit. Dude can straight up ball like a champ.

Dr_Roach 11 years ago

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Keith Kienzle 11 years ago

I live in Chester VA, a suburb of Richmond... Being a huge KU hoops fan, last year was surreal for me and my wife, reading about Richmond on KU Sports, hearing about the twins talking smack through the eyes of VCU fans, then having to deal all year with a VCU Final 4 Billboard that was just taken down last week....

So now, things got a little bit weirder.. But in a great way!

Welcome aboard Andrew! From one resident of Chester to another, you couldn't have made a better choice in schools. I wear my Kansas t-shirts when I ball at the Y on Iron Bridge and people are like "Kansas, really?" Let em know why on the big stage, Andrew! And I'll let em know why at the Y.

John Brown 11 years ago

Glad you support the Y! It is a great organization as well as Kansas. They have a lot of great programs that help support financially disadvantaged kids to help them get into a supportive and positive environment.

Robert Robinson 11 years ago

+1. "Out of towner" fans rock. Keep spreading the good word my friend!

funderhide 10 years, 9 months ago

I live in Richmond and I'm a super annoying KU fan and proud of it. If they sell it and there's a Jayhawk on it, I own it. My wife is a graduate student at VCU and supports the Rams. My son went to a basketball camp at VCU and had a great time. He even has been known to wear a VCU t-shirts (yuck).

Frankly, I respect VCU. It is a GREAT college and isn't elitist. VCU is my second favorite team and I enjoy going to their games. It was rough watching KU lose to the Rams, but I got over it fairly quickly....wait, I'm not really over it yet. But of all the schools in Virginia, I'm glad it was VCU.

I'm also glad that Andrew decided to play for KU. He is a great kid from a wonderful family. If we ever play VCU again, I hope Andrew is the one to secure the victory! That would really annoy my wife!!!

hawk316 11 years ago

I really like what I'm reading about this kid. He seems like yet another outstanding young man who also happens to be very talented on the basketball court. I love the kind of kid Bill Self and staff target. They don't always go for the hot commodity, the kid who gets all the press. Obviously, Self wants talent, but also wants a young man who is coachable and who has the right attitude and character.

As I have said numerous times, we are so blessed to have Bill Self as our basketball coach!

funderhide 10 years, 9 months ago

Andrew is a good kid from a wonderful family.

master16 11 years ago

this is great news. welcome to the family, andrew!

however, does this mean we're no longer in the running for shabazz muhammed? or was he never seriously considering KU anyways?

texashawk10 11 years ago

With the signing of White, Merv Lindsay becomes a transfer possibility and if T-Rob declares as expected, Justin Wesley's scholarship can be pulled because his brother can more than afford to pay Wesley's tuition and did so last season. It's still very unlikely that Shabazz comes to KU as much as we would love to see him. Also considering that White plays the same position as Shabazz, that makes it even less likely that he would come here and fight for playing time.

Robert Brock 11 years ago

Great pickup. Next year could be tough at times with no Taylor and Robinson and all the youth infused on this roster, but it's interesting to see how the team looks over the years to come. Look for Self to hit a homerun in 2013.

Tharpe, Frankamp McLemore, Adams? White Ellis, Traylor, Lindsay Lucas, Peters

FlJhawk08 11 years ago

Forgetting about someone named Elijah Johnson?

Eric Williams 11 years ago

BrockIII is looking 2 years down the road.

Elijah, Releford, Withey, Young will all be gone. Wesley would be a Senior, but probably not playing.

Dr_Roach 11 years ago

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Kent Wells 11 years ago

Look at you guys, sneaking in some basketball news amongst alll this football coverage. Let me be the first to say:

  1. Yahoo!
  2. No stupid hat ceremondy for a self indulgent 18 year old!
  3. Great news for Coach Self and the KU Nation!

Dr_Roach 11 years ago

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Dr_Roach 11 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

perryellisfuturehawk 11 years ago

Welcome aboard Andrew! You're going to enjoy playing in front of the best fans in college basketball! RCJ

JHawk06 11 years ago

Rock Chalk! So glad you are a Jayhawk!

TXBBall55 11 years ago

Very nice! Welcome to Jayhawk land...

cool_beans 11 years ago

in the words of rap mogul Jim Jones "BALLIN'"

ku98 11 years ago Looks like someone we could use next year, alongside Travis and McLemore, at the 2-3 spot.

Jonathan Andrews 11 years ago

Nice! Welcome, Andrew! Congrats to HCBS and his staff. We whiffed on a few recruits that we thought were in the bag this time around, but this is talented '12 recruiting haul:

Anrio Adams* Andrew White Perry Ellis Zach Peters Landen Lucas

Add Ben McLemore and Jamari Traylor to the mix, and you have a couple of bona fide studs (Ben and Perry), and some 4-year guys with high ceilings!

Marcia Parsons 11 years ago

McLemore and Traylor will also have a semester of practice under their belts, so it won't be like adding two more freshmen.

kcn18 11 years ago

Are we still recruiting Nino Jackson I read he is working on some academic issues

the_shot2008 11 years ago

I was wondering the same thing. I havent heard much about him recently. but like you said he has some academic issues. If he can get his grades figured out and we can get him, that would give us a top 10 class. Rock Chalk

Eric Williams 11 years ago

Didn't he rescind his verbal after a strong summer? I thought he started getting looked at and opened his recruitment, but I could be wrong.

bennettcl 11 years ago

Rivals says we have offered and have "High" interest.

Robert Brock 11 years ago

He cratered his grades 10 months ago and is still not eligible to play for the Ardmore Tigers. There is an article in the Daily Ardmoreite.

kcn18 11 years ago

I really hope that's not Nino's picture on the front page when you click the link....jk

shinanigins 11 years ago

From what I have heard is there is some academic and off the court issues with Nino. I would imagine that if Nino wanted to join and got those issues worked out that Self could find a way to make the scholarship situation work.

texashawk10 11 years ago

Nino is most likely going to a prep school next year and will be reclassified into the class of 2013 when he is deemed ineligible for the 2012-2013 season.

Purposive 11 years ago

Sounds like a drama-free Xavier Henry: built like a tank and shoots the lights out. With the suggestion that he plays D as well, I'm liking what I see!

ahpersecoachingexperience 11 years ago

Does he know how to coach football? Maybe a two for one deal?

Chris Shaw 11 years ago

Has there been something wrong with this site all day? Has anybody else had difficulty getting to the site today?

Anyway, good pickup for KU! It's a shame Tarc didn't come to KU and they would have had a Top 5 class!

kef104 11 years ago

This is my first time being able to log on to the ljworld site. I last attempted at noon though. Back to the real topic, looks like a solid player. Glad Andrew wanted to join our family and legacy. Rock Chalk!!!!!

Alohahawk 11 years ago

When I checked this morning (7:30 AM Hawaii time) I was curious why my post from late last night (posted around 11 PM Hawaii time) under the TRob freethrow thread didn't have any other posts afterwards. Usually, there have always been at least a few, to a few dozen.

Thanks for the update on the site being down. Thought the site was ignoring me, and I was anxious to hear where Andrew White had decided to go.

As for Andrew White: Right after I saw the headline for this thread I imagine my neighbors were wondering why I had yelled, "YYYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!" so loudly.(That "yes" is all in caps, BTW, although I doubt it will go through as such.) Welcome to the Jayhawk Nation, Mr. White. You'll truly realize what that means the moment you set foot on the court and play your first basketball game in the Phog.

The name "White" is legendary in Jayhawk basketball lore, and it won't be easy to match Jojo's accomplishments. But who knows, maybe someday, a second banner with the name "White" will hang from the rafters. Good luck and thank you for believing in Coach Self and his staff. You'll not regret your decision.

Brianna Zaleski 11 years ago

Wow! Its amazing I got this post in. I can't believe I'm the first of "dozens to few dozens" more to come.

Couldn't read the rest of ur post after ur first paragraph... Couldn't stop laughing

AsadZ 11 years ago

I was trying all day as well but could not get on. Finally got on and saw this great news. Our 2012 class is really shaping well. Rock Chalk

kufaninmo 11 years ago

man we all gotta get over the whole Tarc debacle...looking forward, with or without him jayhawks are going to be just fine! maybe better without him! at least that's what i have convinced myself

Michael Luby 11 years ago

Hey Stupidmichael, glad to see you are still lurking around.

Ryan Mullen 11 years ago

If he doesn't have a 5* next to his name then I don't care. Just kidding this kid looks like a stud. Dude does have a man's body.

Alohahawk 11 years ago

The problem with a recruit having a "5" by their name is that they usually have an understood "OAD" by it as well. The advantage of those with "4" stars (or lower) is that they have the KU coaching staff to raise their abilities to the level of those with higher numbered stars by teaching them to play as a team, because they stay around for 2 or more years. (ie. Most recent cases in point - the Morris twins, neither of which were 5 stars before attending KU, but were both drafted in that elite group, "the top thirteen", by the NBA.) Compare KU's won/loss record while they played at KU to any other team's record over the same seasons.

According to some of the recruiting boards, Andrew White has raised his level of play considerably over the last year. And final recruit rankings aren't in till the end of the high school season. Let's see where KU's recruits end up in the final analysis. IMHO, KU's recruits are going to prove their worth and surprise quite a few of the so-called experts.

Most of us who frequent this board will agree that, while 5 stars (ie.OAD's) are nice to get, so far, KU's OAD's have not lived up to our expectations, and after their one year sojourn, have left us with bad tastes in our mouths.

So let's compare apples (5 stars) to so-called lemons (4 stars or less): And remember, when plucking fruit (ie. "Recruit" starting with an "f", not "rec") from a tree with many choses, first appearances can be deceiving. You normally think of apples as being sweet and juicy, but in every batch there are a few which simply taste bad, some even being rotten to the core. And apples (5 stars) have been known to bruise easily. We think of lemons as being sour, of tasting bitter, but you can make some delicious lemonade just by adding the right amount of sugar/coaching).

Kenny Terry 11 years ago

Welcome to the Jayhawk family Andrew

Fred Davis 11 years ago

Wait a second, I thought the KU Basketball program was in shambles and Bill Self couldn't recruit anymore..? I'm sure there's a few haters that'll find something wrong with this kid... Do your thing Coach...

nuleafjhawk 11 years ago

Took the words out of my mouth FreddyD -

Self can't recruit. Can't coach. Has a bad rug. Doesn't dress as well as Roy.

YET - stil manages to win 84% of his games, a Big (whatever number it is) Championship every year and a National Championship.

Let's keep him for a while.

TXBBall55 11 years ago

I doubt you'll hear anything but praise over White, just concern over the army of "4-year" guys that will be on the roster next year. Arguing that HCBS hasn’t been beat on the recruiting front lately is ridiculous.

AaronHawk19 11 years ago

He has won some (McLemore, Ellis, White) and he has lost some (notably Turc), but the only time Bill won a championship was with predominantly upperclassman. I believe players ranked 35-75 who will stay a few years build a solid core to a team (Rus Rob, Sasha Kaun, Darnell Jackson) and with a solid core comes top 25 recruits looking for exposure and to win a title. I personally don't want any more Selby or Henry types unless they change the rule to staying two years. 1 and dones haven't got us anywhere.

kranny 11 years ago

Very good analysis. It takes a good mix.

Mark Lindrud 11 years ago

Was thinking the same. Sky was falling and Self can't recruit. We are on the verge of a top 10 class. Am sure we have one more coming, hoping for Niño or at least a big time pg

Michael Bratisax 11 years ago

Top 25..too many 3 Star recruits using their criteria although I think it will be a top 10 when seen in one and dones and over the coarse of their careers.

jhawkbacker 11 years ago

(Contented sigh) In the midst of football, some good news!

RockChalk26 11 years ago

Yeah buddy! Welcome to the Jayhawk family!

Brandon Pope 11 years ago

Great get for the staff. Next year's class is shaping up phenomenal, especially if you throw in the two partial qualifiers that brings it to 7 highly talented newcomers for 2012. Couldn't be more pleased with what Self and co. have done. And they still aren't done. I suspect we get at least one more guy.

Karen Mansfield-Stewart 11 years ago

Are we on any other recruits? I haven't heard of any others besides Shabazz (sp?), which would be nice, but I'm not holding my breath...

Andrew Moore 11 years ago

With McLemore, White and Releford, our wings will be crowded. It will be more crucial than ever to have a PG who can penetrate and find the open man. Not to mention the addition of Anrio Adams - who is a very good recruit and probably an instant impact player.

Eric Williams 11 years ago

Releford's safe for 2012. Self will need his leadership on the floor.

Jack Wilson 11 years ago

afmoore: Can I ask what makes you think Adams will be ready to play skill-wise .. you might read the scouting report on him if you haven't .. or academically .. a member of our 3 high school club? Curious as to why you think he'll be an instant impact guy next year.

Do you think Self would make major use of such a freshman?

I think you can guess my thought there.

Andrew Moore 11 years ago

Adams was a very highly regarded player at this time last year. His academics, class of 2012/2013 flip flopping, have really hurt his ratings. He is a combo guard, a 2 moreso than a 1.

<p> Player Evaluation: STRENGTHS 3-Point Range
Size for Position

Adams is an absolute jet with the ball. He can really handle it in space, and knows how to push the tempo. Also he is more than capable of knocking down deep shots. Right now he is more of a small two guard than a point guard, and he doesn't put in undue effort on the defensive end, but there is a ton of natural talent to work with.

We all know he may not be eligible (high schools) and we know that he won't play if he doesn't play defense

Jack Wilson 11 years ago

But ......

“As far as weaknesses ... Adams is an elite scorer, but far too often he hunts shots and forces the action when the play is not there. As a result he becomes a volume scorer and turnover prone. He has 3-point range on his shot, but it’s very streaky and he needs to get on balance more often. He loves to compete, but he allows his emotions to get the best of him too much.

“The bottom line is ... Adams is one of the better scoring guards in the country. He can score in bunches and he’s an intense competitor. However, his game needs to mature as he plays too fast far too often. In addition, he has allowed his emotions to get the best of him - thus causing him to lose focus at critical parts of the game.”

Which leads to the other question I had asked .. do you really think Self would make use of such a freshman? No fair if you say "yes" and cite Tyshawn Taylor.

Andrew Moore 11 years ago

I guess the answer to your question is "not if he doesn't have to" but it really comes down to how much Anrio improves from now until then. Most of the problem with his game is between the ears.

Michael Luby 11 years ago

Two words HighElite, Brandon Rush

Casey Gee 11 years ago

Does anyone know how the scholarship positions are shaping up. Do we have any more to give or are we maxed out?

Drew Alan 11 years ago

Here is the sitch, as far as I remember/can tell. Scholarships available for next year are as follows: 1. Teahan graduating. 2. Taylor graduating. 3. I believe we had a scholarship to give since Anderson was ruled ineligible and transferred. 4. It is HIGHLY likely that Robinson goes pro. 5???. Wesley was originally an invited walk-on, was put on scholarship due to schollies being available, and could go back to being a walk-on if necessary (as scholarships are 1 year renewable from an athletci department standpoint)

texashawk10 11 years ago

KU is basically maxed out for now. KU had 4 guaranteed open scholarships for next year, but with T-Rob most likely gone and with Justin Wesley having the financial support of his brother if his scholarship needs to be pulled, KU could end up having as many as 6 scholarships open barring any transfers after this year. I don't think we'll see KU go after anymore people (unless Shabazz suddenly decides to come to KU) unless Anrio Adams is deemed ineligible or until after T-Rob declares so KU doesn't have to force someone to give up a scholarship who can't afford to come to KU without one and has to go elsewhere.

Dan Cook 11 years ago

Not maxed out. I see next year's scholarship roster as Travis, EJ, Withey, Young, Naadir, B-Mac, Jamari, Perry Ellis, Andrew, Landon Lucas, Zach Peters and possibly Merv Lindsey. I see Wesley returning to walk-on status. With Lindsey that would leave one remaining for someone new and/or Adams if that happens. If Lindsey isn't around, that's two pending Adams and one more with Adams.

I see no chance that T-Rob is around. I have serious doubts that Nino will end up at KU unless he's reclassified to 2013, then maybe.

thomc6 11 years ago

Miller school is just outside Charlottesville, VA, not Chester. The UVA BB program is steadily making progress but apparently never in the running for this lad. Glad he is willing to head out to the great plains and become a Jayhawk.

Thomas Michaud 11 years ago

Love that we got Andrew! ... As I said, I love his pull-up jumper, ball-handling, and aggressiveness for a 6-6 player. Love how next year is shaping up!

Jack Wilson 11 years ago

Excellent add to (presumably) round off the class.

Better than waiting on the unlikely Muhammad commit .. plus, I hear White will wear standard issue adidas, and not require gold shoes like Shabazzzz. And does this really take us out on Muhammad? Maybe not. Muhammad is a one and done. White won't start next season anyway with Releford, and possibily Ellis playing the 3, right? Can't they find gold adidas?

Projected Starters: 1. Tharpe 2. EJ 3. Releford 4. Ellis 5. Withey

Off the bench: 6. McLemore 7. White 8 & 9 Wesley/Lucas/Peters/Traylor -- best two

Our "thinness" for 2012-2013 appears to be at the 1 & 2 spots. Adams likely won't be ready .. either skill-wise, or academically .. one or the other.

Question: Merv Lindsay is obviously a way down the road project as planned; so why didn't they redshirt him this season? Perhaps he redshirts next season and that was the plan. Of course, he could transfer if we need the space.

Eric Williams 11 years ago

EJ and Tharpe can play the 1.

McLemore, White and EJ will probably see time at the 2.

Also, didn't Ben play PG in high school?

Robert Brock 11 years ago

Ben is a true off guard - great athlete, can stroke it from the perimeter. Ball handling is not his forte, to my knowledge.

Jack Wilson 11 years ago

No info that White can play the 2.

That means three guys for the 1/2 spots ... a touch thin.

As Jhawk613 pointed out about, Adams is in the mix, too. But only if he's academically ok, and if Self would play him.

Djordahl713 11 years ago

HEM I like where you are going. This was my initial starting line up as well. And I think it still has the most merit. But like you and others are saying we look to be a little thin at the point gaurd slot and most of our talent and experience will be spots 3 through 5. Also HCBS has talked about using Perry extensively at the 3 during his time attending The Univeristy of Kansas so what about this line up with a rough min outline

Starters: 1. EJ-30min 2. Releford-22min 3. Ellis-30min(split between 3 and 4) 4. Wesley/Peters/Traylor/Young (My money would be on Traylor)-22min 5. Withey-25min

Rotational Guards: 6. Tharpe-20min 7. Mclemore-20nub 8. White-17min

Rotational Forwards: 9. Wesley/Peters/Traylor/Young-22min

Mop up time 10. Adams 11&12. Wesley/Peters/Traylor/Young 13. Lindsey 14. Lucas

This gives us a huge advantage up front and allows us to bring Tharpe off the bench into the pg slot.

trustyourSelf 11 years ago

Of course things can change, but for now, I agree with your rotation assessment for next year. We will be bigger across the board than any KU team that I can remember.

Mel Clare 11 years ago

Lucas because of his size and length could spell Withey at the 5 hole for 5-7 minutes each night also....just saying if a shot blocker is needed in the "D" while Withey sits............Lucas may also get a few extra minutes if Withey is in foue trouble and HCBS needs or wants to go big.................just a thought.

ccarp 11 years ago

I bet Lindsay Red shirts next year. I like how Coach Self plays freshman to get them experience, and then shelf 'em for a year as practice squad against the ones, and then we have a 20 yr old Sophomore. Not sure if that is his intention, but I like what it has done for Morningstar, Reed, Teahan, and Releford. He could transfer, but Coach made a big deal that we got Merv a year before he blossoms, so I imagine he will be worked into the system.

Michael Bratisax 11 years ago

I think you nailed the starters but I'm betting Wesley will get a lot of minutes off the bench next year. I think he has improved every game this year and with his athleticism, will continue to do so. Easily the biggest surprise of the season..imo.

jaybate 11 years ago

Copy and paste.

Justin is going to be the big man equivalent of Brady Morningstar.

Justin is going to do too many of the basics too well even for stars to keep him off the floor.

By the end of this season, Justin is very likely going to be our best post defender.

Not our biggest and baddest, like Thomas.

Not the guy that alters the most shots.

But the guy who can guard the 4, or 5, inside, or chase them outside. He's going to be the guy who doesn't gamble and never gives up a blow by.

His rebounding is not going to really materialize this season.

But next year he is going to come in at 230 instead of 220 and he is going to be just as athletic. Over the summer he will have worked endlessly on his rebounding, on getting position and on anticipation. Next year, he is going to be solid on defense, and have the weight to fight for position to board.

Everytime one of the new guys makes a play, he is going to chase it with a blow by on defense. In comes Justin.

When the game is close, Self is going to want Justin in, because he knows he won't bake a pop tart and he won't let anyone blow by him.

And many are going to complain about Justin getting too many minutes.

They are going to say he doesn't have enough offense to go with his sound floor game.

They are going to say Self has to give way more crunch time minutes to whomever the new big on the block is.

The following off season Manning and he will work on giving him two post moves.

Self will recruit some top bigs.

People will say Justin will not have enough offense.

But then he will score some.

Relentless getting better.

Its like Self and Manning have "Getting Better Detectors." Its like they know who can play this very weird glass bead game of relentless getting better.

Maybe I am over optimistic about Justin, but we just keep seeing it happen again and again--guys who don't seem like they should have a chance of every playing 20 mpg of D1 ball keep finding little ways to keep getting better at the things that don't take great talent, just take great concentration and persistence.

And voila, Self has enough guys to make a team.

P.S.: Naadir Tharpe has the right stuff, too. He is just deep, deep, deep, in the toughening box. Self is trying to see if he can accelerate Tharpe so that he can contribute something this season late. It may not work, but Self trying means he thinks Tharpe grasps the "getting better" gene.

Mark Lindrud 11 years ago

I can see the starting five as: Ej Mcclemore Releford Ellis Withey

Bench Tharpe Traylor Wesley White Lucas

Joe Baker 11 years ago

Finally a kid that can do layups properly. He uses his left hand for a left hand layup and his right hand for right hand layups.

I am amazed at how many right handed kids who cannot shoot a left hand layup with their left hand. They always use their right hand. The kid is fundamentally sound.

RockChalk26 11 years ago

Let's size up these recruits......

1) Perry Ellis (6'8" 220lbs) 2) Andrew White (6'6" 210lbs) 3) Zach Peters (6'9" 235lbs) 4) Landen Lucas (6'8" 240lbs) 5) Anrio Adams (6'3" 180lbs)

This is one of the tallest classes I've seen for KU in quite some time.

supersonicf111 11 years ago

So how sure are you that those numbers are legit, and not pumped up a bit???

Pitthawk34 11 years ago

Zach may just be the Sasha that put in quality minutes in our 08 run. Look out no one is talking about Zach but he will be a bull down low. This kid is a peacemaker.

dynamitehawk 11 years ago

Big Peters? ..... I suppose he can borrow my nickname for four years....

Dale Kroening 11 years ago

I agree. He is going to surprise some people. There is a reason he was offerred a scholly by 3 bluebloods.

Alec Hall 11 years ago

Anyone know if were after anyone else for the 2012 class or are we settled with Adams, Ellis, Peters, Lucas, White, Traylor and McLemore?

Eric Williams 11 years ago

My projections....

Gone: Thomas Robinson Tyshawn Taylor Connor Teahen Jordan Juenemann

Starting 5 / Back-up

  1. Elijah Johnson / Naadir Tharpe
  2. Andrew White / Elijah Johnson / Ben McLemore
  3. Travis Releford / Andrew White / Perry Ellis
  4. Perry Ellis / Jamari Traylor / Justin Wesley*
  5. Jeff Withey / Zach Peters / Kevin Young

Key Bench Players: McLemore (good size for a 2G, future PG?) Tharpe (will play big minutes as back-up PG, possibly on court at same time as Johnson in pressure situations) Ellis (see comment with Wesley) Wesley (my guess is Wesley starts the season as a starter, but loses it to Ellis) Peters (given Withey's foul trouble, Peters could see big minutes) Traylor (will probably jump Young in the depth chart) Young (PT next year hinges on having a strong 2011)

Deep Bench / Redshirts / Transfers Christian Garrett Merv Lindsay (transfer or RS) Niko Roberts (probably transfers if PT is an issue)

Not listed: Adams (supposedly his commitment is not solid yet)

Eric Williams 11 years ago

forgot Lucas, I think he redshirts.

texashawk10 11 years ago

Self doesn't redshirt freshmen. He'll redshirt them as sophomores after they're more acclimated to the college game or before their senior seasons in the case of Teahan and Little when he knows he'll need someone buried on the bench an extra season.

Jack Wilson 11 years ago

How does Andrew White start at the 2? He's a 6-6 small forward. Switch EJ to the starting 2, Tharpe to the starting 1; remove KY from 5 spot contention; then, I think, you've got it.

Eric Williams 11 years ago

Probably going down the wrong road here, but let's look at some other teams:

Darius Miller - G - 6'8", 235 lbs Doron Lamb - G - 6'4", 210 lbs (weight same as White, minus 2 inches)

North Carolina

Leslie McDonald - G - 6'5", 210 lbs PJ Hairston - G - 6'6", 220 lbs Kendall Marshall - PG - 6'4", 195 lbs Reggie Bullock - G - 6'7", 205 lbs

Jack Wilson 11 years ago

I do think you are ... skills make a guard, not size. The guy is listed as a small forward.

But I have to admit I have no idea if he has guard skills .. just believing what I read. Maybe I should believe you.

CrimsonnBlueKU 11 years ago

Welcome Andrew "sweet stroke" White. Great sign for JHawk nation. It is looking like we are needing to sign a PG anyone else on our radar other than Nino Jackson who probably won't be eligible?

Mike Kendall 11 years ago

Awesome news! Welcome to Jayhawk Nation, Andrew!

Casey Gee 11 years ago

I think the starting line-up will read (at least after a month or 2):

1) Nadiir Tharpe 2) Elijah Johnson 3) Ben McLmore 4)Perry Ellis 5) Jeff Withey

Back up line-up will be:

1) Elijah Johnson (he's the only one who will probably trade off with Tharpe) 2)Travis Releford 3) Andrew White 4) Justin Wesely 5) Zach Peters

That's 9 players, which maxes what Self likes to use and there are plenty of good names still to fit in: Jamari Traylor, Kevin Young, Landon Lucas, and Anrio if that works out. We'll be back to being a very deep team.

Eric Williams 11 years ago

I would swap Releford and McLemore.

Leadership is important to Self and Johnson/Releford will be the captains of the 2012 squad.

Casey Gee 11 years ago

Ya, I could see that being the line up. I've just heard very good things about McLemore in practice earlier this year and he will start practicing with the team in the spring. One way or another, both will get a lot of playing time next year.

Dan Cook 11 years ago

I would disagree. I expect Naadir to "get it" at some point this season and be ready to go as a starter next year. It takes freshmen some time as we've seen with high profile guys like Hinrich, Miles and Mario. He has a great understanding of the game and is a natural leader. When the game slows down for him, Tharpe will be very valuable to us later this season and for years to come.

Eric Williams 11 years ago

Tharpe is not going to oust Taylor as the starting PG this season.

Perhaps he will improve enough to take the PG in 2012 and let Elijah take the 2.

Dan Cook 11 years ago

Uh, that would be exactly what I wrote. Starter next year.

jaybate 11 years ago

Holy cow!!

We've got to give more backup players more minutes at crunch this season so we can give more crunch time minutes to more backup players next year!!!

Coach Self!!! Quit recruiting so many players, would ya?

We are running out of crunch time minutes to give to backups, at this rate!!!!!

"God help me, I do love it so!" --George Patton


JayDocMD 11 years ago

Thanks for the link. He's a well spoken and intelligent-sounding young man. He will be a great addition to the team!

TheShot122293 11 years ago

I really liked his demeanor and the quality of his answers. He did well, despite the strange way the station did this interview. It felt like a videotaped deposition or something.

jaybate 11 years ago

Please basketball god, don't let them think Naadir Tharpe will be ready to start next season.

He is on a solid trajectory to be the number one backup behind EJ, and a competent backup.

But next year's starting PG?


KGphoto 11 years ago

I'm sure they'll be switching a lot. Or Naadir will spell EJ and sometimes play together, but White and McLemore are solid 2s. I don't see EJ playing SG too often.

You never know how fast Naadir could improv either. We kinda got used to TT and aren't expecting much improvement from year to year, but he may be a totally different kind of player, and actually, I believe this is pretty likely.

Mark Lindrud 11 years ago

I agree Tharpe should be a backup which isn't a bad thing. He is hungry to play and learn so I see EJ as the pg and Tharpe gaining more valuable experience. He can maybe start his junior year like EJ has done.

Michael Luby 11 years ago

Nah Jaybate, you are right, EJ will start next year. Naadir is good and he'll get better but EJ has the experience

Stephan123 11 years ago

My reaction to Andrew White's T.V. interview is that he appears to be a very thoughtful and articulate young man. Good addition to the team.

Pitthawk34 11 years ago

When you add in the 2 players that can play this year, this is a very solid class without question.

Benjamin Piehler 11 years ago

Very excited. We're going to need some size to combat K-State's Robert Upshaw.

ccarp 11 years ago

Welcome, Andrew! Don't mind that the fb coaching search is quiet, but I do love hearing how the bb recruiting trail is going! Keep 'em coming coaches! Nice work.

Jeff Coffman 11 years ago

Welcome Andrew...sorry you picked the day ljw was having trouble...otherwise there would have been several more posts on here throughout the day.

The team is going to rock next year.

Joe Satterwhite 11 years ago

For those that don't know much about Drew, or about how tough he is, know this : when he was still at his former High school at Thomas Dale, this guy played a State semifinal game with a broken about guts

voygr1 11 years ago

folks time will tell who starts. Coach will start best five that works together but for sure experience will help. My guess is Withey EJ Ellis Releford/Tharpe Mclemore/White/Peters

Bench Traylor Wesley Lucas Young Garrett Lindsey Roberts

Roberts is going nowhere lovs KU and is still walkon Lindsey possible RS or transfer Garrett still walkon

Jeff Coffman 11 years ago

i know some people have been questioning Bill Self's ability to recruit recently. As I was thinking about it. Would the fact that we went from a Nike school to an Addidas school especially in basketball affect recruiting? Just curious to see other thoughts on that.

Michael Bratisax 11 years ago

I don't think so..maybe w/top 5 recruits looking at shoe contracts but even then, they need to wait. How long ago did we switch? I'm thinking before HCBS. We just got the best player from Oregon..Landen Lucas.

Priest Fontaine 11 years ago

yes it would matter. It matters much more than many think. I just returned from traveling around the country gathering research/insights on high school athletes for Nike. I have been doing this for years. Especially with this generation of kids, Nike is deeply imbedded into their lives. It is much more than a shoe to them. It is a lifestyle. There are many kids that will not even consider a non-Nike school, regardless of their 'ranking'. And besides the brand and the shoes, an overwhelming majority of high school athletes also prefer Nike uniforms.

Michael Bratisax 11 years ago

After doing some fact checking...I have to admit it matters more than I thought. Superficial? Or really a lifestyle? Either way, an advantage I never really considered before. But Adidas gave us a lot more money than Nike was ever going to.

tical523 11 years ago

A big part of it is that at the Nike schools they get to wear Jordan shoes as well and ballers love to rock J's!! But ultimately c'mon man!

Priest Fontaine 11 years ago

Actually, J's are more for off the court. Not many kids rock J's to ball in. But ya, the kids see the Jordan flight man on the jersey or the Nike Swoosh and start to drool. I personally like Adidas as a brand as well as Nike. But more and more, Nike is winning the battle with younger gen. These kids won't be caught dead in anything but Nike or Jordan.

Jeff Coffman 11 years ago

Thanks...Interesting that in 2005 we switched to Addidas. It would be interesting to see the timeline of recruiting associated with this. I'm all for going back to Nike in 2012-2013.

I would agree that SZ would need to negotiate a good contract, but if he makes a bad hire in the next week or so, he might not be around to make that contract.

Adam Evans 11 years ago

Haven't read all the posts, so if the link is a repeat, I apologize.

He shows a fantastic, quick stop, pull up mid range shot. Great aggression on the boards. Nice catch and shoot ability from the perimeter. And decent driving ability (could be stronger. Might be an issue early with D1 bigs, but he'll get the strength to finish).

KGphoto 11 years ago

I'm drooling over here. The guy looks like a 6'6" Keith Langford. That kind of game is what you need in the dance. Shall we?

ahpersecoachingexperience 11 years ago

"not that there's anything wrong with that"

Adam Evans 11 years ago

Oh, and solid vision for the interior dump off pass and the fast break outlets. Great recruit for Self's style of play.

Adam Evans 11 years ago

Oh, and solid vision for the interior dump off pass and the fast break outlets. Great recruit for Self's style of play.

actorman 11 years ago

I guess despite the (few insane) critics of Self, the guy can still recruit a little, eh? Excellent news!

Michael Bratisax 11 years ago

2010 was a bust. 2011 w/the ineligibles was below par and with players we recruited hard in 2012 signing elsewhere, I believe it was fair to question his recruiting.

Now with the late signings and the 2011 class all eligible, HCBS has come up again w/the firm foundations of a championship team.

Self's success imo has been with players in the top 20 - 60 range to make the foundation and then to sign what he thinks is needed to make a run.

The 2004 class, the 2008 class and now the 2012 class (hopefully) all were/are the foundations of some pretty damn good teams.

Dan Cook 11 years ago

Coach Dooley gets a lot of credit for this one.

Jackalope7 11 years ago

Looks like a good get for the Hawks. I think this is the closest thing we've had to a small foward since Brandon Rush...or Henry. I hope White can be the small foward we've been missing for too long. This years recuirting class is shaping up to be a good one. RCJH!

fancy80 11 years ago

great get! Welcome to the Jayhawk Nation Andrew! Can't wait to see you on campus and on the court. Congrats to Coach Dooley and HCBS for getting this guy.

yates33333 11 years ago

This has been a good recruiting year for KU. With Johnson, Withey, Releford, and Wesley next year they have veterans, and a host of really good new guys coming in.

Are Traylor and McLemmore allowed to practice with the team this year? If so, they've got a couple of veteran-type redshirts.

Wow!! I hope our schedule next year is as tough as this year.

JayDocMD 11 years ago

"Are Traylor and McLemmore (sic) allowed to practice with the team this year?"

yes - second semester

Marcia Parsons 11 years ago

They can start practicing at the end of this semester. First semester is over 8th (finals over the 16th) so they will be practicing in just a couple weeks.

JHawk74 11 years ago

Welcome Andrew White!

I believe EJ will be the starting point guard next year. Bill Self said a few times that EJ will handle the point guard duties as long with Taylor and Tharpe this year.

Starting Five next year: PG - Johnson SG- McLemore G/F -Releford F - Ellis C - Withey (Wesley may play more minutes than Withey; but Withey will probably start).

Second Five: PG - Tharpe SG - White F - Wesley F/C - Peters F - Young (least playing time of the above bench players - probably only if players are in foul trouble).

I could see Ellis playing the 3 position in certain situations next year. Similar to Marcus Morris role last year.

I believe Traylor and Lindsay will redshirt (or transfer) next year. Both seem to be long term projects but key to our practice squad.

Michael Luby 11 years ago

Remember when we had Shady, Darnell and Sasha? All three of those guys played 18 min+ It very well might be the same with Traylor, Peters, Withey. Ellis will be in there too, He'll be a very tall 3 man for us that can also play at the 4 if he needs to. Im thinking he has better ball handling skills than these other 3, hence the SF spot.

Jack Wilson 11 years ago

Did some more looking on White ... espn has him listed as a shooting guard.

Saw him talked about as both as shooting guard, small forward. Curious as to his level of ball handling skills.

Here's espn's take: Strengths: White is an active wing that plays more like a small forward than a shooting guard at this point but as he improves his range could easily excel at both positions. He runs the outside lane in transition and is a good spot up shooter with time. White also has an excellent mid range game where he can knock down shots off the catch and the dribble. He can slash to the rim with a couple of strong, straight dribbles.

Weaknesses: White must work to improve he ball handling under intense pressure. He is a good athlete but not as explosive as he looks. White is a pretty good offensive rebounder but must improve at both ends of the floor in this department. His confidence has been an issue. However, he's seemingly addressed it and appears much more focused than ever. To achieve his goals, there has to be laser-like focus and consistent efforts. Developing an attitude of toughness is an area he's working on and needs to continue in that direction.

Bottom Line: This may be one of the better feel good stories. White struggled in the summer of 2010 but months later he appeared to be a different player with a renewed confidence and work ethic. We'll say he straddles the mid to high-major line and frankly, it's in his hands. He raised the bar in the fall of 2010 and has work to do to win back over his admirers but he's on the correct path.

Kye Clark 11 years ago

One must also remember that the ESPN scouting report was written June 6th, so he may have improved upon that on the AAU circuit, especially considering that he already displayed the ability to improve in a short span of time.

Jayhawk1116 11 years ago

Glad to know he can "stroke it out of this world", but can he play basketball? Ahperse, can I get a giggity?

Jack Wilson 11 years ago

And from Fox -- listing him both as SG and SF: STRENGTHS 3-Point Range
Work Ethic
Gets to Free-Throw Line

Andrew White is one of the better wing players in the class. He is an excellent athlete who handles the ball well and can really shoot it from deep. Also he has continually gotten better showing a high level work ethic. He needs to do a better job of playing hard all the time, but the tools are in place for him to be an excellent player at the high-major level.

Just an observation .. but if he has trouble playing hard all the time, I think that might get solved here.

Lance Hobson 11 years ago

Finally landed a top recruit!! Hopefully this will end the drought and we'll get it going again.

Kye Clark 11 years ago

Finally? Did you forget about Perry Ellis?

I know sometimes I'm guilty of not giving Self enough credit because Ellis is in-state; because he was supposed to sign here. But really anytime Kentucky is in the mix, any get is a good get!

Christopher Hauser 11 years ago

Peters is a beast, he just committed early thus his low ranking.

Kye Clark 11 years ago

We'll see. People on these boards were saying the same thing about Royce Woolridge when he committed as a sophomore. Turns out that ranking was probably pretty accurate.

Lance Hobson 11 years ago

You can't say we haven't been in a recruiting slump. We got Ellis but that should have been much easier, he's from Wichita and has been a KU fan for a long time. The rest of our guys have been unranked and we've lost out Kaleb T and others we really wanted.

AaronLudy 11 years ago

he actually said he was a duke fan his whole life...

Ben Simonett 11 years ago

This was a great signing!

solid 3 year guy,if he puts on a little muscle and continues to develop his jumper like he has over the last 2 years then he'll be a lottery pick in 2015.

TexasHawk44 11 years ago

Welcome aboard, Andrew! Don't pay much attention tenths geniuses who already have know how many minutes you will be playing. They are all are Coach Self's third cousins so they truly have deep inside knowledge of the program. Like the brilliant mind that "predicted" that T. Taylor will be leaving next year. Incredible prediction! Welcome aboard. You will love KU!

REHawk 11 years ago

Perry Ellis and BenMac are super recruits. We are doing much more than finally getting it going.

Pitthawk34 11 years ago

Agree I am really excited about this class. When all is said and done this will be a special class.

Bee Bee 11 years ago

Looks like a good class. Nice job Coach Self and staff.

AZHawk72 11 years ago

Welcome, Andrew--you are an awesome late addition, who has helped make this recruiting class one of the longest groups ever. Along with Perry, Brandon, Zach and, hopefully, Anrio, our depth issues faced this year have just disappeared. When BigMac and the Tractor II are added to this incoming group, next year's practices should be more than memorable.

Totally off in another direction, I'm so tired of hearing on national television how "young" we are, only to see four juniors and a senior in our starting lineup. Stunning revelation--there's a difference between "young" and "inexperienced"--we are, of course, the latter. Next year, we'll probably be closer to the former.

Djordahl713 11 years ago

You are correct, next year we will be closer to young then we are this year but we will still have alot of older and experienced players returning. We will start 3 seniors that are returning starters and Kevin Young (another senior) will probably be a rotational player as well. From 2010/11 season to the 2011/12 we returned 32% of our minutes, from 2011/12 to 2012/13 if (and by if I mean when,) we lose Robinson we will still return 59% of our minutes. Suggesting that we really won't be able to use the terms young or inexperienced when it comes to our core rotational players next year.

Djordahl713 11 years ago

On another note some of our fans our idiots. Recruiting is not a science. There are going to be down years. As incredible as Bill Self is as a coach and recruiter it still comes down to the kid to make a choice. I think Bill has and is continuing to put together great teams. Yes this year (the class of 2011) was a dissapointing recruiting class, especially if you reclassify Traylor and Mclemore into 2012. But this next class instantly gives us back the depth that we have becomes so spoiled by and accustomed to. It brings in some instant impact guys, some 4 year guys with high ceilings,and some 4 year guys that will contribute in games by there Junior and Senior years. Sure it might not have all the 5 stars we were hoping for but I think it is the perfect mixture of talent and potential. Especially when we look at the class of 2013 and see some of the studs we are in the running for, this is exactly the type of class you want to precede it.

Perry Ellis 6'8'' F 5 star Ben Mclemore 6'5'' G/F 4 star Andrew White 6'6'' G/F 4 star Anrio Adams 6'2'' G (predicted to be) 4 star Zach Peters 6'9'' PF 3 star Jamari Traylor 6'8'' F 3 star Landen Lucas 6'8'' PF 3 star

I am excited to see how this class is going to impact KU over the next 5 years. Long Live Bill Self! He is one of the top coaches in the country and there is NO ONE I would rather have leading our program. I hope he stays until he is 75 and breaks every single one of Coach K's records. I hope the cynicism and skepticism that "KU fans" continue to show him doesn't ever make him decide to retire early or leave for greener pastures in the NBA. Thank you for all of the hard work you have put into the program Bill! It is appreciated by some I promise!

Michael Bratisax 11 years ago

Djordah1713 - User since Dec. 2, 2011 - "On another note some of our fans our idiots." TFF!

Djordahl713 11 years ago

I'm a music major that wrote this at 1 in the morning, but don't mistake my inability to use the english language with my understanding of, and my passion for, the game of basketball; and the fanatical fan I am of KU's basketball program. I have been a fan since I was born, 2 weeks before they won it all in 1988. I bleed crimson and blue and have read these articles for over a decade, I just don't feel the need to post very often. But the negativity of our fan base sometimes astounds me. We are so blessed to have a program of this quality to cheer for, and a coach of this quality to lead us.

Michael Bratisax 11 years ago

You're right..everyone here has made a gaff or three and not being a regular poster does not measure loyalty..

But I do have an issue with calling others 'idiots' for disagreeing with you over recruiting. No fan base agrees on every issue..otherwise there would be need to come here.

Being a fan, I'm guessing you watched the game w/USF. This team needs to get a LOT better and the sub-average recruiting in 2010 & 2011 is a major factor.

This years class recruiting class,EJ, Teahan Withey and Taylor are not playing (so far) nearly as well as we hoped...They all seem to keep making the same sloppy, lazy and fundamental mistakes they always have done. Looking ahead to Ohio State MAY also contribute. That tendency has ended far too many seasons prematurely.

Ben is part of this years class and Traylor is also. They cannot be reclassified.

But w/ the late signings, 2012 is more like the classes the HCBS brings in despite many of our primary targets signing elsewhere.

Lance Hobson 11 years ago

Am definitely feeling better about our future with some of the guys coming in next year. We still may need a top 10, five-star kind of guy to get us back to the Final 4. Showing concern for a slew of recent 3-star and lower recruits coming in doesn't make KU fans idiots, though.

Djordahl713 11 years ago

Yes these recent recruiting classes, (the last two) haven't had the star power that Bill Self had in his first couple recruiting classes. I agree with many posters, we have missed out on a large number of our first options lately. And if that trend were to continue for a couple more years then we might be only a 10-20 ranked team instead of top 5. The people that are objectively looking at this and voicing their concerns I even agree with to a degree. It's the people that are saying that Bill Self's job should be on the line right now. This year we are somewhere between 10-15th in the country. Next year my guess is will will be between 8-20th. If these are our so called "down years" as a program and we are calling for our coaches head then we have truely lost sight of reality.

Do I want more post-season success? Absolutely. Do I think we have any merit whatsoever to ask for Bill Self's job to be on the line? Absolutely not! He will end up going down as one of the all-time greats if we have the sense to support him in the good times and the bad throughout his coaching tenure.

yates33333 11 years ago

Djordahl713, do you think any KU fan disagrees with your hope for Bill Self's future?

Djordahl713 11 years ago

I think the majority of KU fans are behind Self and the program but wish we did better in the post-season. But some of the vocal people on this site are such Negative Nancy's and I think they look for any excuse to paint Bill in a bad light.

centralkskufan 11 years ago

good article from the Wichita paper-

Ellis and Frankamp's schools played each other. Frankamp poured in 27 points Ellis had 21 points 8 boards.

Machawk 11 years ago

Many things excite me about Andrew White and the majority of them have nothing to do with his basketball skills. The things he has said, and the manner in which he has conducted himself says a lot about his maturity, upbringing and coachability. He had a game plan, studied schools carefully, and made a selection based on the style he wanted to be a part of. Having the confidence to make a decision that will take him far from family and friends took some courage knowing there would be local fallout in the media. He stuck to the road map he and his family put in place.

During his trip to Lawrence in September, he recognized the important things that are uniquely KU. A sense of comfort with the surroundings, players and coaching staff, friendliness of people in general,a family atmosphere, and the high importance of basketball to the Jayhawk faithful. The Legends game demonstrated that without a doubt.

Andrew looks to be a good fit with the likes of Perry Ellis, Connor Frankamp (eventually), Zach Peters to name a few that stand out in character with great unselfish attitudes as well as basketball skills. These kinds of players tend to stick around and become rock solid as upperclassmen. They blend as a team and let their play do the talking. They don't act like UK showboats, switching hats at press conferences, boasting self promoting antics, and exhibiting obnoxious behavior during games.

For the most part over the years,, KU players have shown class, sportmanship, and competitiveness while winning a bunch of games as a team. I like the trend we have seen lately of getting these types of players for the long haul. Players who worry about themselves and what gear a school is affiliated with really belong elsewhere.

ack 11 years ago

Welcome Andrew and family! Looking forward to watching you play! "Rock Chalk Jayhawk"

brooksmd 11 years ago

Did I miss the naysayers doubting the value of White since it appears he wasn't recruited by UNC, Duke or Kensucky? Welcome to KU Andrew.

Lance Hobson 11 years ago

The guy is a great pick-up, no need to look a gift horse in the mouth. But since you mention it those schools are only getting 5-star guys.

SchultzHawk11 11 years ago

I havent heard much on Shabazz Muhammad does he have any clear favorites?

Jeeveshawk 11 years ago

HOORAY predicted 2013 lineup starters bench

1- Johnson Tharpe
2- Releford White 3- McLemore Peters 4- Ellis Wesley 5- Withey Young Traylor
note: this is assuming TRob goes pro

Eric Williams 11 years ago

Peters is 6'9" and a beast inside, not a 3.

McLemore would play the 2, Releford the 3. 2 implies mostly outside play, while 3 has rebounding responsibilities and slasher. White could play back-up 2 or 3.

My 4s: Wesley starts 2013, Ellis takes over at some point. Traylor is a 4. He's only 6'8" which is a touch short for the 5 spot.

5: Withey, Peters, Young.

JayhawkPurist 11 years ago

I know White isn't as highly touted as Brandon Rush coming out of high school, but looking at the film, he appears to have similar skills. Big big up. Big.

baldwinbulldawg 11 years ago

are they still going after nino jackson now? will there be enough scholarships?

Brian Conrad 11 years ago

scholarships have a way of opening up.. Wesley may be able to be walk on ... like Brady Morningstar was and Conner. And some 3 star players will transfer... Nino will be a Jayhawk and would not be surprised to see another if Shabazz or high recruit wants to come...

lee3022 11 years ago

Also a big welcome to Andrew (if he reads everything above he might be slightly cross eyed by now.) The family here is a brief glimpse of the extension of Kansas throughout the country (I'm from Oregon.)

Coach loves to have versatile athletes that can play multiple positions which seems to fit you very well. Kansas is the home of championships. I believe you will have opportunity for several on you way to the NBA.

AaronLudy 11 years ago

any one else thinking that self is putting together a team similar to the 08 team?....i mean with these recruits and the players that will b a little more mature in a few years....idk just my thoughts lol

Brian Conrad 11 years ago

very excited to have another great 4 star recruit.. Mario , Russell , Rush , Arthur were all 5 star recruits and add Sasha and Jackson 4 stars. we have some GREAT 4 star players now we need to add couple more 5 star players next year and hope we can get Perry to stay. Also anyone know why we went away from Nike and now with new AD can we go back? hope Zenger may check this out. sure HCBS will make sure to have all advantages he can when recruiting. Again Great news and Welcome Mr. White !! Hope Shabazz is watching, come on in for another National Championship !

AaronLudy 11 years ago

from what ive been hearing about his parents...academics come first so i think he'll b around for 4 years

RocktoRock 11 years ago

Elijah Johnson/Naadir Tharpe Ben Mclemore/Anrio Adams Travis Releford/Andrew White Perry Ellis/Justin Wesley/Jamari Traylor/Kevin Young Jeff Withey/Landen Lucas/Zach Peters

I really want Naadir Tharpe starting next year. However, I think having Elijah Johnson starting at the 1 gives the starting 5 a better scoring option. Ben Mclemore can be a scoring threat, and EJ can still look for shot like Tyshawn is doing this year. Anrio can shoot the ball well, and he has potential to go off on offense so expect him to have a role. I say Travis starts at the three strictly because he is an experienced senior but maybe towards the middle of the season, Andrew White takes over if he proves he can score better.
Perry Ellis is Perry Ellis, too athletic and already too polished not to have the starting spot. Justin and Jamari will battle for back up at 4, hopefully Jamari wins out because of his upside and to develop him into a great four year player early.
Jeff Withey will have the 5. I have Landen Lucas as the backup because he is a big body. Some places actually list him to be 6 10' now. Also, I saw his stats from Friday night: 27 pts and 20 reb to go along with 8 blks, he is ranked lower than he should be because he played on a stacked Findlay Prep team and hurt his stats.
As for Zach Peters, very underrated and will be great at KU. Not saying he will be a super star, but a great contributor in all aspects of the game. I don't see him playing much freshmen year but two to three years from now, might be anchoring the front court. Maybe even his soph. year when Jeff, Justin and Kevin will be graduated. As for Merv, I think he is going to be out of here after this year, unless he wants to become a walkon or get an academic scholarship since he is a bright kid. He seems to love KU so he might want to stay however he can but I think his scholarship will be taken from him. To be brutally honest, he won't be seeing the court anytime soon. With the very, very, very slight possibility of Shabazz Muhammed coming to KU too, we need a scholarship open. If not Shabazz, the 2013 recruiting class is going to be huge for us and we need a number of scholarships available.

RocktoRock 11 years ago

As for Nino Jackson, he is not coming to KU, not this year, not next year. Too many issues and plus the 2013 guards we are recruiting are much larger than him. 2013 is looking like Brannen Greene (GA SF) and Isaiah Lewis (NYC PG) might be going to the same school and favor KU along with Chris Walker (FL PF), Allerik Freeman (NC SG), and Julius Randle (TX PF, Zach Peter's best friend and teammate) all are high on Kansas. I don't want Jackson screwing up anything with these guys. Greene is to announce over winter break and he will start the domino effect to will put together an unbelievable core of yound players. 2 years from now, we will be the best team in the nation. Sorry for the somewhat random rambling, haven't posted in a while. I'm just excited for the future of the program!!! Congratulations to Andrew White, we will be excited to see you in Crimson and Blue next year. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

HawkKlaw 11 years ago

This can't be for real. All I've seen on these boards lately is how Bill Self keeps missing out on recruits. Weird considering the last three articles I've read were about how Self landed Perry Ellis, Zach Peters and now Andrew White. And he got BMac last year. I'm not sure I understand what all the "Bill Self can't recruit" fuss is all about. Seems like next season KU will be stacked with talent as usual.

wrwlumpy 10 years, 11 months ago

My brother lives in Charlottesville and tells me That People in Virginia are happy he became a Jayhawk and will not be going across the mountains to Huggins.

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