Monday, September 27, 2010


Huskers No. 1 in Big 12


The original intention here was to rank the 12 best YouTube videos of all-time, but a deadlock for No. 1 couldn’t be broken, so instead the Big 12 football teams will be ranked for their nonconference performances.

But first, a look at the first-place tie in the YouTube rankings.

The video of a giant double rainbow in Yosemite National Park taped Jan. 8, 2010, by Paul “Hungry Bear” Vasquez features sound of Hungry Bear while he’s taping. Fortunately sound tracks of those viewing the tied-for-greatest YouTube video of all-time are not part of the Charlotte Ross clip from her most famous scene on “NYPD Blue.”

All that extensive YouTube research went for naught, and we’re left to rank the Big 12 football teams. So far, so-so for the Big 12. Texas and Oklahoma lost so much talent, and it shows. Most of the teams in the conference loaded their schedules with stiffs, as do most BCS schools, so it’s difficult to get a good read on them.

  1. Nebraska: Freshman quarterback Taylor Martinez has sparked the Cornhuskers by averaging 9.3 yards per pass attempt and 9.4 yards per rush. Think about that. This one-man balancing act practically averages a first down whether he passes or runs. Roy Helu Jr. (7.1 yards per carry) and Rex Burkhead (7.4) also have been running wild.
  2. Oklahoma: Other than when pounding Florida State, the Sooners have looked a little shaky and also have the disadvantage of facing Texas coming off a horrendous loss.
  3. Oklahoma State: Cowboys hammered Washington State and Tulsa, but only beat Troy by a field goal at home, so how good are they? Their offense appears to be very good, thanks in part to Edmond, Okla., native Brandon Weeden, a high school rival of Bill Self’s. Weeden, a junior, is just 26 and came to the Oklahoma State program after giving up on his baseball dream. Weeden was a second-round draft choice of the New York Yankees in 2002. He threw six touchdown passes in a rout of Tulsa and has 11 on the season. In the season-opener, he made his first start in a football game since 2001.
  4. Kansas State: Suddenly, that victory against UCLA looks pretty impressive, but the Wildcats’ quarterback still doesn’t.
  5. Texas A&M;: Unbeaten Aggies haven’t played anybody yet.
  6. Missouri: Beating San Diego State by just a field goal was a red flag, but the Tigers do go into conference play undefeated.
  7. Texas: UCLA ruined the Red River Rivalry.
  8. Baylor: Kansas defenders will see plenty of quarterback Robert Griffin III on film all week.
  9. Texas Tech: It’s a transition year for the Red Raiders under new coach Tommy Tuberville.
  10. Iowa State: So far the only victories have come against Northern Illinois and Northern Iowa, and there are no more Northern schools left on the schedule, which portends another long season for the Cyclones.
  11. Kansas: D.J. Beshears, Daymond Patterson and James Sims are exciting playmakers, but will there be enough blocks to spring them?
  12. Colorado: The beautiful mountains will be missed, but that’s about it.


waywardJay 12 years ago

Apparently Keegan was snoozing this weekend when Nebraska almost choked on mighty SOuth dakota State.

Likewise OKlahoma on the Trap of all trap games in Cinncy this weekend.

Honestly, As much as they are one dimensional... i think you have to give credit where credit is due here..... two conference games have been played and only 1 team is undefeated .... Give credit to K-state as they are 4-0 with a conference win. I concur their passing game looks atrocious. So far it hasn't mattered.

KU_FanSince75 12 years ago

Wayward---agree with you about the Huskers. Somebody said that the Jackrabbits was robbed a touchdown? And they are #1 in the Big 12? I hope doesn't win the Big 12 because for laughing purposes, they might not give back the trophy!

jaydee909 12 years ago

Yes, Keegan, you are right, the Huskers sure ran wild against winless South Dakota State. You were so quick to slam Kansas and Gill for losing to North Dakota State. Objective sports writing is good but you are heavily subjective when it comes to Kansas. All of the Big 12 teams have experienced less than impressive performances so far. The fact is underdogs are not just going to roll over and die for the so called favorites. Kansas will be moving up your Big 12 rankings soon as they work their way through the schedule. We are getting better each day.

Jeff Coffman 12 years ago

Agree with Nebraska comments, they are getting ranked high without doing anything. Additionally, you say T A&M hasn't played anybody so you ranked #5. Why didn't you rank the huskers in that position. They haven't played anyone yet either. Their best win is against 1-2 Washington.

Jeff Coffman 12 years ago

Oklahoma is the best team in the Big XII this year. They have played 3 teams that are relatively impressive. Air Force plays a unique system. Florida State was a blowout. On the road to a Cincy team, which the 2 point victory, it wasn't that close.

Eric Williams 12 years ago

Really the Cincy game wasn't close. If the Cincy WR didn't fumble and the QB didn't throw red zone INTs, Cincy would have won by 2 TDs.

Joseph Kuebel 12 years ago

? Cinci lost.

And If, And if, And if.. the queen had stone she'd be king.

LAJayhawk 12 years ago

There is no way that game would be a pick 'em. We are currently 9.5 point dogs to Baylor.... Not saying we couldn't beat KSU, but they would be favored.

By a decent amount.

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

I know Texas played badly, but hard to justify them at 7 nonetheless. I think 3 through 6 are all tied at a "pick em" so far. No one seems ready to separate themselves.

Looks like this ranking is giving credit to potential more than on the field production so far (except for Texas).

kureader 12 years ago

Tom, you may be right about Nebraska, but do you have to say it out loud? Nebraska is even more arrogant than Texas right now ... they don't need compliments from Lawrence, Kansas. Nebraska thinks they're going to kick Ohio State's butt ... hard to believe they'd be so confident after last week's embarrassment against, S.D. State, but they still think it's true (I have a few too many Nebraska relatives).

It'll be forever before I give Nebraska credit for being the best team in the Big 12 or any other conference. The KU scoreboard after the 79 point whooping we gave to Nebraska is still on my screen saver, and it'll be there for awhile. Women's volleyball is still Nebraska's best sport!

waywardJay 12 years ago

I'm just not so sure they have much of a right to be. Washington might have well been at home, and the other three were cupcakes. One of which they barely beat. I have been posting a blog that suggest we can go 8-4, and every week I have had a Nebraska fan come and harp about how there no way we can beat the Huskers, and then Saturday and South Dakota State came calling.

Nebraska has 3 quarterbacks who all are about the same talent, and martinez won out the job. It seems as though he cannot read defenses too well as a passer, or he has no faith in his receiver because he's just running the ball when he gets the chance. that should be easy for a good team to diagnose and eliminate. Their next for are REAL interesting..... K_state in Manhatten, Texas at Lincoln, MIzzou in Lincoln and OKlahoma State in Stillwater. Those four teams could make Nebraska's road to the North Hell. I don't think Texas will win in Lincoln, but the road games and MIzzou up there COULD go 0-3 for Nebraska.

For sure, we will ahve to see more throwing from Martinez to still be hunting after those 4 games.

mandomax 12 years ago

I'm really not trying to nitpick here, but I am genuinely confused. How can Brandon Weeden have been a high school rival of Bill Self when Weeden is 26 and Self is 47?

bayareajhawk 12 years ago

I'm pretty sure that was a joke making fun of how "old" Weeden is.

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