Southern Mississippi defeats Kansas, 31-16

  • 7 p.m., Sept. 17, 2010
  • M.M. Roberts Stadium, Hattiesburg, MS

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Southern hostility: Jayhawks struggle on road

Kansas running back James Sims walks off the field as Southern Miss defensive back Chico Hunter raises his arms in victory following the Jayhawks 31-16 loss to the Golden Eagles, Friday, Sept. 17, 2010 at M.M. Roberts Stadium in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Kansas running back James Sims walks off the field as Southern Miss defensive back Chico Hunter raises his arms in victory following the Jayhawks 31-16 loss to the Golden Eagles, Friday, Sept. 17, 2010 at M.M. Roberts Stadium in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.


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Which unit is most to blame for KU's 31-16 loss to Southern Miss?

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  • Defense 31% 154 votes
  • Special Teams 17% 86 votes

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KU fans weigh in on football team

Students on the KU campus weighed in on the current status of the KU football team. The Jayhawks lost to Southern Mississippi on national television Friday night.

— Most folks in the South are known for their Southern hospitality.

But there was nothing kind about the way with which Southern Miss welcomed the Kansas University football team to Carlisle-Faulkner Field on Friday night during the Golden Eagles’ 31-16 victory.

If anything, it was the Jayhawks who were too kind in allowing Southern Miss to build an early two-touchdown lead that was never seriously threatened.

“We got a lot of young guys that are playing,” senior cornerback Chris Harris said. “With experience, it’ll get better, and (they’ll) understand that you gotta come out with energy every game because the other team wants it.”

For much of the first half, the Jayhawks looked like a young team playing its first road game of the season under a first-year head coach.

Offensive plays were conservative and sometimes slow getting to the huddle, and defensive players looked sheepish and out of sync.

“Maybe that’s a reason,” KU coach Turner Gill said. “But, again, execution is the bottom line. And we gotta do a better job. You can say they’re young or inexperienced, but we gotta go out and play, and we gotta execute.”

KU fell behind, 7-0, on the Eagles’ first drive. While the Jayhawks’ offense struggled to move the ball consistently — largely because a porous offensive line provided little protection for quarterback Jordan Webb — the defense did its best to keep KU in the game.

An interception by KU safety Phillip Strozier on a woefully underthrown ball from USM wide receiver Ryan Balentine saved what looked to be a sure touchdown. The trick play was the second of the first quarter for the Eagles, who scored their opening TD on a halfback pass from V.J. Floyd.

KU also avoided disaster when a pass from Webb was tipped at the line of scrimmage on the drive following Strozier’s interception. Instead of being picked off and returned for a TD, the pass fell softly to Bradley McDougald, and the Jayhawks stayed close.

The biggest blunder of the night came when USM’s Deron Wilson returned Tim Green’s blocked punt seven yards for a touchdown that put the Eagles up 21-3 just before halftime.

“We gotta put points on the board. We gotta finish drives,” Gill said. “We gotta put consecutive drives together to make sure we keep our defense off the field, especially against this type of offense.”

Despite watching Southern Miss score four touchdowns through the first three quarters, the Jayhawks dominated time of possession, holding the ball for nearly eight minutes longer than the Eagles and running nine more plays. What’s more, Kansas, which trailed by at least two scores for most of the night, ran 44 rushing plays while attempting just 26 passes.

“We just wanted to mix it up,” Gill said. “We thought that was the best thing to do. I thought we had some opportunities.”

Though things seemed to be out of reach, the Eagles stamped the unofficial seal of victory when senior defensive back Chico Hunter sacked Webb from behind with 10 minutes to play as the Jayhawks, who trailed 28-10 at the time, went for a fourth-and-three conversion from the USM 30-yard line.

Webb was sacked four times. He was knocked to the ground and forced to flee the pocket several others.

One of the most curious things about the sack was not the play call or that the O-line failed to protect Webb, but the fact that the call came in slowly, and the Jayhawks, who lined up in a power rushing formation, seemed frenzied to get the snap off despite having a timeout remaining.

That was sort of the theme of the night. Other than an inspiring start to the second half, in which KU scored on a fourth-down run from Deshaun Sands and stopped Southern Miss three-and-out on its first two drives, the Jayhawks were flat, out of sync and overmatched.

“We played a good team,” safety Olaitan Oguntodu said. “But we were there. Sometimes you just gotta make plays. That’s just what it boils down to.”

Added Webb when asked about the mind-set of the team after the game: “We just lost a football game. You can’t really be too happy right now.”

There were a few positives. Though Webb struggled in the pocket most of the night, he did enough with his feet to keep plays alive and demonstrated toughness and a fighter’s spirit.

In addition, freshman tailback James Sims passed his second audition to become the Jayhawks’ featured back, gaining 74 yards on 20 carries, most of which went between the tackles.

Despite his solid night, Sims was more concerned with his team’s failure to show up from the start than his own numbers.

“I was surprised,” Sims said. “Coming off that (Georgia Tech) win, that’s not how you’re supposed to play.”


Janet Scott 12 years ago

Dismal and embarrassing performance. A bucket full of the same old excuses. 1-11, maybe 2-10 for this year.

Oh, did Lew fly down in a private plane, take a stretch limo (with jacuzzi) to/from the airport to the game, and stay at the Four Seasons Hotel in the $500 per night hotel penthouse?

Did Samantha Ryan, KU grad and porn star, receive a free ticket to the game - from the KU Athletic Department? Did she ad"dress" the team after the game?

sava12 12 years ago

Don't worry njjayhawk; there will be ups and downs with a first year head coach. I'm sure you don't live your life centered around the actions of a bunch of college kids.

Dr. Robert s. Mosser 12 years ago

Press box coach blew it. The play where the USM receiver caught the ball about the 3 yd line, fumbled the ball into the endzone and out should have resulted in KU ball on the 20 yd line instead of USM ball on the 1 yd line which became a USM touchdown on the next play. Our coaches aren't rookies but that was a rookie coaching mistake

Dr. Robert s. Mosser 12 years ago

The upstairs coach blew it. The play where the USM receiver caught the ball on about the 3 yd line, funbled it while on the playing field into and out the the end zone should have been challenged. It is had it would have been KU ball on the 20 yd line instead of USM ball on the 1 yd line which resulted in a USM touchdown on the next play.

Our coaches aren't rookies but should have been paying attention. Costly mistake.

Clarence Haynes 12 years ago

There is no Four Seasons Hotel in Hattiesburg Mississippi

Michael Bratisax 12 years ago

I stayed at the Two Seasons...still nice but at 1/2 the price.

Eric Williams 12 years ago

Funny thing, njjayhawk.

I didn't see you on the message boards after the Ga Tech win. Why don't you go back to you couch and get back to pretending to be a Jayhawk.

steamboat 12 years ago

Thar So. Miss team was a better team than GT. It would compete well in the Big 12. That defense? WOW. But on the other hand except for a couple possesions KU's defense once again looked unprepared. On offense, Webb was at best ok, we just have a ways to go on offense. Gill will get us there. I'm still excited now. Once again that So. Miss team was tough. ROCK CHALK

NH_JHawk 12 years ago

I'm not sure if it was a function of the O line not providing much protection or the fact that Webb is so young (probably both) but his throwing accuracy was pretty bad most of the night. I remember 1 play (game was already out of reach) where he actually short hopped the intended receiver (Wilson I think) in the flat. Not gonna win many games when our QB cant even make accurate throws to wide open receivers.

GreyHawker 12 years ago

Youth on this team seems to be the coaching this point....not that it can't change......our coaching staff are in over their heads......

jchief40 12 years ago

Are you talking just random nonsense? hmmm think so!

RuffHawk 12 years ago

Our Coaching Staff Threw In The Towel Early-Mid 3rd Quater. You Cant Run Soft 8-10 Yard Cushions Against A Spread, They Basically Ate Away A Whole Quarter On 1 Drive. And Running The Ball Every Play In A 3 Score Game With Plenty Of Time To Get Back In It. The Coaches Didnt Even Give Us A Chance.

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

I am so glad that was on national television. What an awesome game!

I thought that type of punt protection formation was impenetrable....wrong. Wow. I guess if you just stand there and watch the defender come flying in you can still allow a punt block. What an athelete that kid was.

Defensive line was a joke most of the game, too. KU looked like they outwighed the competition by 40 lbs per man but were 40% weaker than the opponent.

Rock chalk Golden Eagles! Bawk bawk.

railer20 12 years ago

I wish I had no life and could get on other peoples message boards every week...Good luck at Farmagedon...EMAW MOOOOO

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

Did Springer even play in the game last night?

Sean Rodger 12 years ago

This here proves why ksu fans are the worst fans in Kansas! ksu fans care more about KU losing than ksu winning. You care more about what KU does on/ off the field or court than what ksu is doing within their own program. Your team has been beat down by KU for so many years that you now have a complex. You patrol the KU message boards looking for stories that you can throw your guttercat trash out thinking that you are the superior team in KS. This is THE UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS!

Go milk some cows, feed your chickens, and polish your belt buckle.

Got a better idea - go find some material and complete that idiotic thing you call a mascot. That alone is an embarrasment to the state of Kansas - 1/2 human, 1/2 Big Head.

Every Moron A Wildcat!

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

You are so correct. Red-legged baby jay is awesome! Bawk bawk!

jchief40 12 years ago

You missed the point. Obviously...

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

How many batteries does it take to beat kU?


Beakem77 12 years ago

Hey dumb hick, if your dial-up internet allows it try loading this video. in the words of southpark, 'don't forget to bring a towel'. f-ing tool

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

Hey Beakem: What's the difference between Mangino and Gill?

Mangino didn't choke on cupcakes.

shelleysue 12 years ago

Cats-are you in second grade? You are a perfect example of why KU fans don't need to say a word abou ksu. You do a great job of proving your ignorance all by yourself. It's a great day to be a Jayhawk. Rock Chalk!!

steamboat 12 years ago

You better get us now idiiot. When your antique coach decides he misses his kids and grandkids or some other pathetic excuse then you'll be back on the bottom. Remember one thing KSU is STILL the worst college football team of all time. Look it up. If KSUCK would actually play a competitive non-con AND win then I would be impressed. Missouri st- North texas?? Come on now. But your coach is already trying to get out of all the tough non-cons for the next several years.Like I said......go out on the road and play a tough non-con sehedule and WIN and then you can talk. Remember KSUCK is still the worst team of all time.

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

interesting games between the programs have come during this period, including a 1995 matchup between sixth-ranked Kansas and fourteenth-ranked Kansas State, won by Kansas State 41-7.

During the 1990s and early 2000s, Kansas State fielded a much stronger team – annually garnering high national rankings – resulting in a winning streak over KU that lasted from 1993 through the 2003 season, finally ending in 2004

How embarrassing for KU then?

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

To beat you 27 years straight, a team might need to join the FCS.

Michael Bratisax 12 years ago

Why waste time on this troll? This is ALL he has in life, let him troll alone single-handedly, like his sex life.

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

Last night was too busy watching an AWESOME football game to go out.

steamboat 12 years ago

Too busy doing what? Mlking the ol herd out on the south 40? Remember douche, you pull on the udders not suck on 'em. I thought they taught that at Hick S U!!!

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

That's not what your mama said before I put her back in her pen. Bawk bawk.

steamboat 12 years ago

Yea Ksuck has dominated football forever haven't they? Never a national title, a major cream-pup non con year after year after year. The all time worst football program in the nation. Probably the most criminals ever produced in NCAA. The list goes on and on. By the way douche when was the last time KSUCK won a bowl game? KU won our last 2. One last thing, bring ur mom to lawrence and I'll pull on her udders.............again

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

I think you've pulled on a bull's udder too many times. Have you figured out that wasn't an udder yet? And you shouldn't use your mouth.

steamboat 12 years ago

We will all know when the team gets back from KC cause if they show your face on this post we'll be able to see a little bit of white stuff dripping off your chin from the 'ol geezer. Your probably the reason he came back.

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

I only wish some of his Ben-Gay would brush off on me. I should be so lucky.

focojayhawk 12 years ago

LOL! I love it! Kstate the "powerhouse." They just don't get it and probably never will.

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

How many douches will it take to cleanse the stench of those 2 losses?

randy_schaller20 12 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

To Steveyea: Thank you little baby Jesus and Daniel and Joseph and Mary and John and Paul and Coach Gill for your undying faith in the Lord, and playing in His name to deliver us this impressive result. Without your extreme devotion to Him and praise of the Good Book we would look like we should lose to an FCS school. Amen.

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

Did KU win last year? Will the baby jays win this year?

steamboat 12 years ago

Look at that 604 losses!!!!!!!!! And many of those were against the North Texas, South Dakota, La. Techs, Rice, Montana St etc etc etc teams!!!!! Yep one thing for sure you guys will be a bottom feeder forever.

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

Wow, then when ku loses 64-0 for eg in 2002, how does that make you feel? Does it hurt less than NDSU?

tis4tim 12 years ago

“We just wanted to mix it up,” Gill said. “We thought that was the best thing to do. I thought we had some opportunities.”

Run: 44 Pass: 26

Keep mixing.

One of the most aggravating things to watch is when a team, down my two or more touchdowns, keeps the ball on the ground doing the same stuff because the coach doesn't want to "deviate from the game plan" or because he wants to "establish the run". At some point, the kid gloves need to come off and you've got to turn Webb loose. Seems like being down two TDs late third/early fourth quarter would be the time to do that.

The second most aggravating thing to watch is when that same team runs between the tackles and gains good yardage until it's a 3rd and 1, and then runs a toss sweep outside against an opponent that is much faster. To give credit, we did score on a 4th down mis-direction play up the middle immediately after that.

Those two things are frustrating - if the team comes to play. Much of the game we looked like we didn't come to play; we looked lifeless, listless and unprepared.

So. Miss is a good team, and credit has to go to them. They kept us off-balance all night and made some big plays, the blocked punt for a TD being the killer. But, I didn't see much of the fire that we had for that GT game last week in any of our players, aside from a little bit of life early in the second half when we got more physical with them. That's the point we started to grab the momentum. I'd like to see more of that earlier in the game next week.

One last thing: Was that goalline fumble by the So. Miss receiver not reviewable because the player was ruled out of bounds? I'm still trying to figure out why that play was not reviewed. It seemed as if it should have been ruled a touchback.

LAJayhawk 12 years ago

Clear touchback. The ball fell out of his hands before he went out of bounds. Bad call. Even worse that it wasn't reviewed.

djhawk75 12 years ago

I agree...I wonder how the game may have changed if we got that call.

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

I wonder, if SoMiss hadn't dropped 3 easy ints...

kuhawks28 12 years ago

I don't comment much, but I'll throw in my two cents:

The WR Screen will only work so many times. I don't like how this and the shotgun draw play are becomming our bread and butter plays. Those are plays that when they work, they work, and when they don't, you seem to lose 5-7 yards.

Whoever the kids were on special teams who were there to block for the punter should be sat down. I don't know where they learned to block, but it was awful.

I know it will take some time. But, I still believe there's a decent amount of talent on that squad. I agree with Coach when he says it's execution, but part of that comes back to preparation. I thought we looked flat, tired and unprepared. We have to be ready to play on gameday regardless of the weather or location.

That's all from me. Time to put it behind us and get ready for NMSU!

Gregg Webster 12 years ago

They are young and it showed big time. That said however in the blocked punt play I would have been screaming; "They are all coming - WAKE UP!"

Better yet, when they line up the whole rabid team, let the kicker toss it over everyone's head to that big tight end of ours - ahh hindsight. There is no way that rusher should have gotten through so easily. I would really like to see the film of that play. Lastly, where was Toben Opurum?

But I'll take solace today watching Alabama (whom I don't care much for) cremate Puke (whom I hate with passion).

Brandon Meek 12 years ago

You can't be serious mulaza? I agree with you about Gill's play ratio and I dislike most of the play calling so far, but Mangino and Warinner weren't fooling anyone their last two years at KU. After the Orange Bowl victory, it was as though Warinner's playbook was published on the internet. Even obscure non-conference teams seemed to be peeking into the huddle. I was at the Northern Colorado game last year and the final score is misleading. Their defense didn't execute well, but they were in position and knew the plays that we were going to run. As the talent of the teams increased with the progression of the season, this fact became more evident. Their lack of creativity and ability to "keep the other team guessing" was a major reason why they finished the season on a 7-game losing streak.

Brandon Meek 12 years ago

I agree with that. Unfortunately the "tired" formations that Mangino and Warinner used tipped the play and the defense was usually in position. The bubble screen is the "default" play that the previous coaches always used. Easy to spot and defend when you know it's coming.

I think Gill has shown that he'll make the gutsy calls on 4th down and such; now we just need the talent to execute. The O-line is killing this offense right now, and I am not sure the WR routes are very effective. From what I can tell, Patterson is forced to make double moves essentially on every play in order to get open, but the line is not giving Webb that much time.

I am looking at it this way - this is essentially the same team from last year minus its 4 best players. I am excited about the recruits that Gill already has signed. We'll see what he can do with his own team.

Bottom line, they weren't prepared on either side of the ball yesterday, from a play calling or player readiness perspective. That's on the coaches.

eastcoasthawk 12 years ago

Jaybate doesn't do this. He posts long ass rambles that make some sense. Not 10 incoherent posts. Maybe one day we will get an ignore list for this.

Jayhawk1116 12 years ago

mulaza, not cool to be drunk so early in the morning. Get some help, dude.

milehighhawk 12 years ago

Too many basic grammar errors for anyone to take this post seriously.

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

Don't be too hard on the KU grad.

DaNeille Dani Davis 12 years ago

Put their frickin names on their jerseys so we know who's who! what are you trying to prove? the jerseys look ridiculous with the jayhawk on back. not only an embarrassing loss on espn, an embarrassing look on the jerseys without names.

ShockHawk10 12 years ago

Did anyone else notice that when the cameras were on Gill last night he was expressionless, there was not a single player or coach around him, and he never said a single word. What responsibilities does HCTG actually have? By all accounts he was doing no coaching last night. Again, the Hawks looked under prepared and disorganized. Webb looked like a scared freshman quarterback running for his life play after play. James Simms was only getting carries between the tackles and he fought for every yard he got. All of this falls on the coaching staff. I want to believe in HCTG, but I'm starting to believe he is in over his head. His calm and cool manner on the sideline looks like disinterest. I must come from the old school of coaching, but when your team is performing poorly I want my head coach chewing some butts! Get involved and do some coaching!

BTW... Pick is the better option at QB, better runner and passer. Gill pulled the trigger on Pick WAY too early. He never gave the kid a chance to succeed. The NDSU game was a disaster. The OL played poorly and the coaching was terrible. With all of these things working against him, I'd say he played pretty well. He should be QB1. This is just another instance of Gill and his staff missing the mark.

milehighhawk 12 years ago

Honest question: What in the world makes you think Pick is a better passer?

ShockHawk10 12 years ago

Based off of performance. He looked better against NDSU and never got another opportunity.

ShockHawk10 12 years ago

Honest question. What makes you think Webb is the better option?

grandpa 12 years ago

The blocked punts need correcting. We have some very poor punt blockers in there. I could be wrong but I think our punter is taking too long to hit the ball with his foot. Gill needs to put the clock on the time the ball touches his hand until he hits it with his foot. I think he is slower by one second compared to other kickers. If that is true, this could be part of the problem. In any event, something needs to be corrected.

Brandon Meek 12 years ago

I noticed this as well. The time to get the kick off is nearing the hang time of the punt itself. Not good.

63Jayhawk 12 years ago

Gill and his staff WILL build this team into the successful one The University of Kansas wants and deserves. Remember, this team Imploded the last seven games of last year. It will take time. There is a reason why Gill and his staff have recruited so many offensive lineman for next year. I, for one, am willing to give Gill a chance to build the kind of team he envisions.

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

That's silly. KU recruits better football athletes than their school deserves. Their players could start at other schools.

steamboat 12 years ago

Hey Jackass have you ever heard the saying "it's better to keep your mouth shut and look like a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt"? I rest my case. Surely KSUCK doesn't have 50,000 fans like you. But if they do there is a HUGE feedlot out west where you can all get dates. It's the same feedlot where your cheerleaders come from.

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

There aren't too many feedlots here in KC. And most of the jaybaby flags are coming down, too. Go take your bloodpressure medicine.

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

If I'm not mistaken, Gill even out recruited NU once this summer by getting a commit from one of the Nubb's targets. Are you all saying you have no talent on this team? Talk about the worst fans ever.

ShockHawk10 12 years ago

63Jayhawk - A staff can recruit, recruit, and recruit some more, but they still need to be able to coach these players. In KU's two ugly losses I have seen little evidence of coaching coming from HCTG. Being prepared week in and week out is the coaching staff's biggest responsibility, and they have failed two out of the first three weeks. Elite players can make a big difference, but they need coaching too. Just sayin...

bearhawk 12 years ago

Four of web's passes were in the hands of Southern Miss.defense. Three clearly should have been ints.then he had a knock down pass at the line of scrimmage and a fumble which was on him from his center luckily recovered by KU. This is a conference USA team that was whooped by South Carolina. USM is not a good team. Still believe Pick got shaffed by Coach Gill big time for his coaching inabilities in game one. Give Pick another chance.

eastcoasthawk 12 years ago

USM is not a good team? They've been to bowl games the last 8 years.
That means 8 years in a row of winning records. Can we say that?

truefan 12 years ago

I just don't understand this team. Last week we looked so well coached and this week we looked like we did against NDSU. I knew we were going to have ups and downs with young players at our skill positions, but I don't want to see inconsistency from our coaching staff. We went back to calling time outs to save delay of game penalties because we ditched the fast paced style that won the game for us last week. It just doesn't make sense. Right now I'm seeing more growing pains from the coaches than the players. If we can get a win against New Mexico State we will still be on track for my pre-season prediction of 2-2 non con and 3-5 Big XII but I just don't know why we look so lost at times.

This is what I want to see next week. 1.) No delay of game penalties or time outs to avoid said penalties..again 2.) No blocked punts or missed extra points 3.) Some sort of downfield passing so teams don't stack the box 4.) I want to see the attacking defense that I heard about in the preseason, for intance no 15 yard cushion by the corners, let's see some press 5.) A victory.

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

South Carolina may turn out to be a pretty good team, and Southern Miss, too. So. Miss certainly has excellent athletes, a good scheme, and some coaching. Sadly other Big XII teams would have lost to the Golden Eagles last night. It's the NDSU loss that really indicates where ku is starting from.

How could Springer be SO good vs. GT, and not show at all last night? Was that on him or on the defensive scheme? He absolutely owned GT.

Maybe after the Big XII disbands, Conference USA will add some leftover Big XII teams.

Brandon Meek 12 years ago

Actually, I think it was USM's offensive scheme. Because of Springer's game last week, they played away from the middle of the field all night.

babyjay1 12 years ago

"Leftovers?" such as yourself? Who was out there wanting to add K-State if the Big XII disbanded? Um... no one!

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

ku, ISU, KSU, MU, and BU were all about to be leftovers moron. Yeah, conferences were dying for ku's football program. Remember?

babyjay1 12 years ago

"moron?" - wow, you're so brilliant that you didn't bother to notice that nowhere in my post did I say that KU was recruited by anyone - I am actually well aware of that. However, I am not so disloyal as to call KU a "leftover" as I don't believe that we are. You must believe that the Kitties are leftovers... sad, really....

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

Who was wanting ku? Um, no one...brilliant show my man, brilliant. You really made your point. Ku is so much better than the others.

Mark Lindrud 12 years ago

Wow, last week everyone was happy, but we lose and everyone is freaking out again. Let's face it, we are an average team with a new system that will take time to get it right.

We have some nice talent, but most of the guys we have involved are not juniors and seniors which means mistakes are going to be made. Last night proved on defense we are not fast enough yet and that maybe part of recruiting or youth that isn't on the right page yet. Both of those things take time. There is going to be a learning curve the whole season.

On offense we have to find out who we are. Webb is a nice QB who is starting his second game and this one was on the road. He is going to have some growing pains. We have a good TE in Biere but we need to get all of our WR's involved which from what I have seen will take time for Webb to see the field since he is still new. The running game is inconsistent, but I am seeing some nice things from it. I would love to see Bourbon play because he is a big physical back.

Overall, I am looking at both the positives and negatives from each week. This year will be a growing process and I believed all along we are a 6-6 team which would get us bowl eligible. As long as we can learn each week and get better throughout the season this can be a good season. We knew this season would be a roller coaster so make the most of the ride and relax. It's a good day to be a Jayhawk!

babyjay1 12 years ago

+1. This is it exactly! This will not be the great year everyone wants but Gill has shown he can impact players and I believe he can recruit. Interesting video that KUAthletics posted to Faceboook that shows some of the locker room speeches before, at half and after the GT game! Give a pretty good insight into Gill's ability to get to his players!

kualuminohio 12 years ago

Well said, fact is we are going to be fairly decent by end of year... We will surprise some people... All these fools making comments like 2 wins and 10 losses have not looked at the schedule, by the time we get to A&M we will be crankin and be competitive with the rest of the division.

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

Biere played well with some nice catches. Hard to believe it's the same player from game one.

I don't see why so many baby jays are bashing on Webb. He didn't lose that game. The one-hopper he threw he was under pressure and running. He made many great moves with his feet and some very good throws. And he showed he's tough by taking it in the chops many times and getting right back up and making a play. Protect that kid and he'll make the throws, but can't do it by himself.

Fault seems to lie with coaching or too many players not yet bought into the system: side effect of coach turnover.

eastcoasthawk 12 years ago

This is what concerns me.

Gill said. “We gotta put consecutive drives together to make sure we keep our defense off the field, especially against this type of offense.”

We did just that through 3 quarters. We owned time of possession. We lost this game by 15 points which amounts to 2 bad plays. The 49 yard TD run in which Kande took a horrible angle and didn't have the speed to make up for it and the blocked punt. So in my eyes we lost this game on two plays and Turner is concerned about the offensive possession which we were winning?

Moving beyond my concern, I agree with Turner in that there are a lot of things to be improved and to me the most important one right now is special teams. Our special teams are not special in any way. If they were special we would have beat NDSU (missed FG's) and could have won last night if we had stayed one score from USM. That would have allowed for different play calls instead of some of the desparate ones we saw in the 4th qtr. I know.... coulda, woulda, shoulda. Just my .02

jhawk314 12 years ago

i just hope ku game win 6 games and a bowl game...

caribhawk 12 years ago

S. Miss may very well be a good team, but lets not prematurely give them credit because they beat a terrible KU team. The win against GT is beginning to look like the anomoly, the "real" Hawks played again last night. The coaching was horrid! Vanilla play calling, burned timeouts because the offense/defense calls never came in time, calling timeouts and then bungling the next play, another blocked punt, trying to turn KU into a "running" team out of the shotgun formation, ugh, I better stop there. What is the purpose of running a hurry up spread offense on 1st and 2nd downs, when you operate out of the same formations, make predictable calls, and mostly run the football. The hurry up spread offense is supposed to be an advantage because the defense does not have time to get players on the field to match up with the offensive sets. But when you run the ball on 1st and 2nd down much of the time like the Hawks the hurry up offense is predictable and the defense really doesn't need to change its line-up or sets - - so there really is not any benefit to the hurry up offense (in fact, KU burns a lot of timeouts because it cannot get play onto the field in time, so its a disadvantage). Gill wants to be as much of the opposite of Mangino's teams just to be the opposite, not because its the right decision. He wants KU to run the ball and be vanilla Nebraska with white pants and white shirts (vanilla!). Gill claims the shotgun is what KU does best, after shifting to this after the ND State game and beating GT, and I agree. But to get in the shotgun and then just run the ball on predictable 1st and 2nd down makes no sense. The shotgun is designed for "pass" first offenses. Gill, go back to X and O's Class 101. Its clear that Gill does not trust Webb to throw the ball down the field, just admit it and get it out there. I'm sick of seeing flares thrown out to the wide receivers with man coverage lined up 2 yards off the line of scrimmage, this makes no sense. KU's strength is its wide receivers and we don't use them effectively. I have not seen hardly any "slant" passes (maybe none). I understand Webb cannot throw the ball down the field accurately for 30 + yards yet, but why not just a 10 yard slant! Finally, after the game, players again said they had no energy for this game, the same was said after the NDS game...thats 2 out of 3 games the players said they came with no energy! Who's fault is that, you have a coach who doesn't exhibit much excitement or emotion so the Hawks just seem to be going through the motions. I feel bad for the players because I just don't think their strengths are being best utilized. KU will never be a powerhouse team, so good coaching is especially important and can give them a big lift and advantage (see Mangino and Warinner), but Gill and folks have not really exhibited any unique or strong coaching characterists that give KU an edge over other teams.

Randy Bombardier 12 years ago

I think it was really difficult with the short week and all the energy that last weeks game, especially emotionally, took out of us. I also believe So. Miss is a very good team, underestimated by many. Glad to see that we came out in the second half and got some momentum for awhile. Am worried about our special teams though, especially that punt team. Blocked punt for a td, that was a big boost for them. Then we kicked it out of bounds and give them the ball on the 40? Without those two big mistakes it would have been close.

Mark Lindrud 12 years ago

I am amused everyone is talking about how Gill isn't coaching right. A week ago everyone praised how well things went and the week before I read how he couldn't coach. So when we win he can coach and when we lose he can't? This is a team that is still learning about itself. Let's face it, Toben is staying at LB so we might as well forget talking about him playing RB again this season.

We are depending on quite a bit of youth on the offense and it is showing. The defense is just not fast enough and you can't teach speed. We have started to play freshman like Keeston Terry on defense to make plays. The true test is improvement throughout the season and finishing strong. Do I want to see us make it to a bowl game? Heck yes and I do think it is still possible.

When the season began I picked us to go 2-2 during the nonconference schedule and it is still possible. The Big 12 has winnable games and we have one more game to fix issues so we can be prepared for the conference schedule.

Have patience and stay supportive. If we really thought things were going to be a lot easier just because we won against GT we were kidding ourselves. I saw things I liked last night and saw things I didn't. That is how it will be for the whole season for all of us. Don't create expectations that are too high or too low. This team will not collapse like last year because we will grow as the year continues and we will become stronger and more united to succeed. Let's make sure our fans do the same.

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

UNC had 12 players sitting out for violations.

khummel60 12 years ago

The worst thing about last nights loss is that now all the naysayers will start talking their trash again about how Gill can't coach and we should have never fired Mangino. These folks conveniently forget how bad we were last season with their favorite coach. I was at that Southern Miss game last year, and we were very lucky to win that one. Southern Miss has a very good team, and if we hadn't committed so many rookie mistakes we would have been in last night's game. I see a very young team that is learning, that was rattled by a very loud stadium, and that didn't match the intensity of Southern Miss. All of that is understandable in my opinion, particularly when your operating on a short week after a huge emotional win. I think last nights game initiated some of these kids in what a big-time atmosphere is like, and how difficult it is to win away in Div-I. It's a process, and we need to be patient and let it play out. I see improvement in many areas, and reasons to be hopeful, and I believe we will surprise some folks by the end of the year.

djhawk75 12 years ago

Wow! Someone wrote something reasonable in the comments section. Thanks, khummel.

hailtoku 12 years ago

"I see a very young team that is learning, that was rattled by a very loud stadium"..."a big time atmosphere".

The attendance for the game Friday was 30,100. Jesus Christ I'd hate to see our team literally s**t themselves when they play in Nebraska this season.

"Particularly when you're operating on a short week after a huge emotional win".

So what you've established is that coach Gill cannot get his team to handle a win, an away game, South Dakota State University, and Southern Mississippi?

(face to palm) Our fans don't get it...

I think our entire fan base needs to take a field trip to an SEC game or Big 12 South game..

khummel60 12 years ago

Perfect example of why I'm gonna just stop wasting my time on this site. You (and many others) are not interested in discussing anything rationally - your interested in being a jerk and putting other people down. Ultimately, all that will be left on this site are people like you, and that's sad.

ZDKC 12 years ago

"naysayers will start talking their trash again about how Gill can't coach"

What proof do you have that he CAN coach at this level? Is it his (losing) coaching resume in the MAC?

"I see a very young team that is learning, that was rattled by a very loud stadium..."

I was at the the game, and it was definitely not as loud as you make it sound. In fact, the darn PA system they stuck us KU fans by was a lot louder than the crowd cheers.

hailtoku 12 years ago

So can we fire this clown yet? Or is everyone still in the, "but he's a good guy" phase?

Maybe I'll make a stronger push for his termination once we lose 7-8 more games.

hailtoku 12 years ago

Please explain to me what is positive about our program right now. I would love to hear it. And please, something that is not speculative.

I am a person who actually needs results and what I'm seeing is our program take the only coach to put KU on the relevancy map and turn him into a laughing stock across the nation... to replace him, we refuse to interview two eligible coaches with lofty resumes and in turn hire a coach who went 20-30 in the MAC. We've now lost to SDSU and Southern Miss.

Why am I fool? What do you see that I'm not seeing. Please explain.

mtdewjunkie 12 years ago

yes lets fire him! wait...who do you plan on hiring in his place? do you envision a long line waiting for a job where you get fired 3 games in? want to bring the fat man back? im intrested in your answers. whats your plan after gill is gone? also, im more in the "lets not get hysterical its only 3 games" phase.

hailtoku 12 years ago

You realize Tville and Harbaugh expressed interest in the KU job right? Harbaugh's wife is from KC.

KU can offer Gary Peterson more money than he is making at TCU. Are you saying a 21-32 coach is our only/best option?

mtdewjunkie 12 years ago

way to not answer the questions i asked. who are we going to get now? lets have your list of canidates for the position...that would come take a job where they can be fired 3 games in to their tenure. also, there is a difference between expressing intrest and actually taking the job. harbaugh was using ku as leverage to get more $ from stanford. tuberville wasnt going somewhere to be 2nd banana to basketball. why would peterson leave tcu? it is a way better job and after buying out mangino and gill in a 6 month period i dont think we could give him much. give the man a chance to do his job... nobody on this message board has any real idea how good of a coach turner gill is or will be yet. we were going to be bad no matter who coached us this year, so settle down. its still fun to go to the stadium. its still fun to tailgate. its still fun to cheer for ku. its a game. its supposed to be fun.

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

Worst fans ever?

How can you judge a coach when there hasn't even been time for the kids to buy into the system yet?

Bawk bawk.

babyjay1 12 years ago

Gotta love K-state and Nebraska fans... As I said last year when they kept posting on our site, there must not be a fan smart enough at either university to start a message board so they can discuss their own teams... that explains why they keep hanging out here... a bit strange though... didn't K-State actually play a game today? Guess you don't really care...

CatsEatBirds 12 years ago

I believe KSU won a conference game today to go 3-0. Nebraska won to go 3-0 as well. Your board is fun because half of your fans seem to feel the same as I do about the baby hawklets.

Brandon Meek 12 years ago

What in the world is K-State going to do when Snyder dies...? Oh, maybe you guys can bring that one coach back...what was his name? Oh yeah, Ron Prince.

Never mind, just shut down the program.

troutsee 12 years ago

Cat is right. Give him a chance for heaven's sake.

I know it is all part of the game but you take away the blocked punt, the long run, and the non-called fumble out of the end zone and its a down to the wire game. I thought we played well along the line of scrimmage.

Sims is the real deal. Webb is a gutty performer, although he did make a couple of potential pick-6 throws.

I was disappointed of our pass defense, particularly with our inability to cover the bubble screens better.

Special teams need a lot of work. McDougal looks too tentative on kick-off returns.

Even though the blocked punts have been due to missed assignments, Rojas is a long strider and takes too long to get his punts off. If I were coaching special teams, I would line him up 17 yards back instead of 15 yards.

Overall, I was proud of our play along the line of scimmage on both sides of the ball and impressed by Gill's fourth down calls.

kualuminohio 12 years ago

The coaching staff is clearly getting there bearings with the teams talent, the fact is we are going to lose games. I relished in the win against GT, it was exciting. But to get all bent out of shape over a game we attempted to be competitive in is ridiculous. Jayhawks should be happy with where the team is at, it could be worse allot worse.

Was it me or was the game friday night poorly refed, there were so many times I thought holding would be called on SMU. The Jayhawks got the raw end for sure. The announcers were horrible, Go ESPN whoooo, pathetic.

Good luck against NMS, Baylor and Kansas State these are games we can win if we are competitive. Go Jayhawks...

steamboat 12 years ago

Hey sounds good but I'll trade ya CU at home for Baylor at Waco? MU is a toss up too but I like us for the last game of the year to see if we've matured.

kualuminohio 12 years ago

Yikes... actually i have never been impressed with big 12 refs.

kualuminohio 12 years ago

Looking at the schedule, by the time we get to A&M we are going to be fairly coehisive and more competitive I think we could easily go 7 and 5 and get to a bowl game, we may even do better than that. Jayhawks lets get upbeat, stop being fools complaining and believe in our team.

steamboat 12 years ago

I'm not sure how good GT was but anybody who saw the game knows how good KU did play. So basically there is NOT a home game left on our schedule that isn't winnable. We did it against GT maybe we can do it to our Big 12 home opponents. It will take everything and everybody clicking at once but it needs to start with the coaching staff.

hailtoku 12 years ago

"EASILY go 7-5"

I have no words... there's optimism and then there's irrational. I think the realistic goal right now is 4 wins.

Looking at the schedule there are only 2 games left we should win. I predicted this team to go 4-8... the two teams I accounted for us beating we just lost to.

Right now we lost to South Dakota State and Southern Miss...

What makes you think we beat 5 Big 12 teams (which would give us a shot at the Big 12 title)?

kualuminohio 12 years ago

Hailtoku, maybe you should change your name to downeronku, Notice in my first post I said if "they are competitive", get real... Notice most of the games played by Big 12 teams today were very close except for Oklahoma St. We will improve, I think we could win a fair amount of games, again if we are competitive.

steamboat 12 years ago

Yeah I don't know, this year will definitely be an up and down year. Probably more downs than ups. It's hard to win on the road period. I hope TG and his staff can get some recruits to buy into his style. Boy when the Big 12 becomes 10 teams and we have Texas OU Tech and A&M every year Gill is gonna feel like he's looking down a double-barrel shotgun!!! OUCH. I hope he can get through it. We'll see ROCK CHALK

ShockHawk10 12 years ago

Sweet Lou should have taken a harder look at Tuberville. What did he see in Gill that he didn't see in Tuberville? I guess nice guys finish first?

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