Saturday, October 9, 2010

How many 3-pointers will KU make this year? Make a pledge, help fight cancer


KU coaches Bill Self and Bonnie Henrickson are encouraging fans to join their team in the fight against cancer.

How? By pledging money for each 3-point basket their teams make during the upcoming season.

The money goes to the American Cancer Society’s Coaches vs. Cancer program.

Not sure how much to pledge? Here’s how the teams have fared during the past few seasons.

The women:

• Last season — 127.

• 2008-2009 — 162.

• 2007-2008 — 120.

The men:

• Last season — 262.

• 2008-2009 — 217.

• 2007-2008 — 271.

Stacie Schroeder, of the American Cancer Society, said KU typically raises about $40,000 each year. Last year, donors gave between 10 cents and $10 per 3-point basket. But the majority gave $1.

KU has participated in the Coaches vs. Cancer 3-Point Attack program since at least 1993.

“In our area, KU’s like the top dog,” she said, laughing.

During the NCAA men’s basketball tournament in March, KU agreed to serve as a guinea pig for a new online program. Fifty-four people participated. The team made 15 baskets, which generated $1,548 in donations.

This year, KU fans will be able to make pledges online during the regular season. The site — — is expected to be ready before the first game Nov. 2 against Washburn University.

Can’t wait until then? Contact Schroeder at 438-5607 and she will send a pledge form.

KU student McKenzie Breidenthal, 26, of Kansas City, Kan., participated in the program several years ago. She signed up at a table during a home game and pledged $1. She ended up donating more than $200.

“I remember it being more than I thought it would be, which I guess is good because that means we were doing pretty well that season,” she said.

Breidenthal is excited about the new online program and plans to participate again. But this time she won’t pledge as much.

“We have a lot of good 3-point shooters, so I probably won’t go over the dollar mark, just to be on the safe side,” she laughed. “You know a player like Brady Morningstar could probably take me out of my budget.”

And if you are a K-State fan, there’s a new Coaches vs. Cancer program for you, too. Fans can pledge money for each free throw the team makes this season. Last year, they made 734.

“Coach Martin is amazing. He is so supportive and he’s ready to do anything for Coaches v. Cancer. So we really appreciate his support,” Schroeder said.

She said the free-throw program was offered last year, but was not highly publicized. It raised $734. K-State also raised money by selling sticks with Martin’s face on them for $1. Those raised $4,500.

It was so successful that coach Self’s picture will be popping up this year at Allen Fieldhouse.

“It’s kind of a brand new ballgame,” Schroeder said, of fundraising.


Steve Gantz 11 years, 8 months ago

With SC gone, it's a good bet it'll be less!

SoCalAlum 11 years, 8 months ago

I just checked and website is up and functioning...what an easy way to support research and services dealing with the second leading cause of death in the US. I'm in for $1/basket. Tax-deductible. Brainless.

jaybate 11 years, 8 months ago

This is such an easy question.

They will make 134.

What other number makes any sense, at all?

Tony Bandle 11 years, 8 months ago

Start with a 34 game schedule including getting to the Big 12 tourney finals... add, let's say, 3 more NCAA Tourney games.... adding that totals 37... multiply that by an average of 4 made threes per game, totaling 148..... add at least 20 for increased markmanship by the Morris twins equals 168...... subtract 30 for no Sherron totals 138..... add 5 for shots that shouldn't have gone in and did and subtract 10 shots for shots that should have gone in and didn't.... add 20 shots for home field advantage... subtract 16 shots for unfamiliar road shooting conditions..... subtract 3 if the Jayhawk porn star shows up... Yep, 134.......indisputable!!!

Michael Bratisax 11 years, 8 months ago

Subtraction for Samantha Ryan? Maybe Danni Boatwright will make an appearance.

jaybate 11 years, 8 months ago


Posting Hall of Fame.

Rack it!!!!

jaybate 11 years, 8 months ago

"Some Other Ways You Know KU Will Make 134 Trifectas"

~Frank Martin has let it be known that he will "eye-assassinate" the entire KU team, once it reaches 134.

~An ESPN internal memo has surfaced that reads, "Even if KU were to hit more than 134 three point baskets this season, it will be ESPN policy to deny it and report instead that Duke and UNC are the best three point shooting teams of all time.

~Rick Barnes has sworn that he will wear a man-bra before he lets KU score more than 134 treys.

~Rick Majerus has been working with researches at Fort Detrick this off season to develop a "fat virus" and Majerus has vowed to dose the entire KU team to acute obesity levels of exposure once KU makes even 130 treys.

~Rick Pitino has vowed to sick Karen Sypher on the entire KU coaching staff and team, if KU makes even 127 treys this season.

~Rick Mount, former Purdue dead eye, has vowed to return to play as an arteriosclerotic walk-on for the Boilermakers and make so many trinities that the NCAA actually outlaws the trey, if KU makes even 114 treys.

~Rick Robey, former UK center and proto-butcher baller, threatens to end his Sumo career in Japan, where he now weighs in excess of 740 pounds, come out of basketball retirement, and hurt every member of the KU team, if KU makes even 110 treys.

(Note: All fiction. No Malice. There's just a lot of persons out there that don't want to see KU score more than 134 treys this season.)

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