Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ready for the rafters? Collins hopes to have jersey hanging in Allen Fieldhouse one day

Kansas senior Sherron Collins discussed his career as a Jayhawk during Monday's presser at Allen Fieldhouse on March 1, 2010.

Kansas senior Sherron Collins discussed his career as a Jayhawk during Monday's presser at Allen Fieldhouse on March 1, 2010.


Kansas basketball hopes to rebound against No. 5 Kansas State

As tourney season draws near, KU is looking to rebound from a bad loss against Oklahoma State. First up is No. 5 Kansas State.

Sherron Collins, who promises to give a heartwarming speech after Wednesday’s Senior Day/Sunflower Showdown clash against Kansas State, just might be back for an encore presentation in, say, 2015.

Collins, who enters the 7 p.m. home battle between No. 2-ranked KU (27-2, 13-1) and No. 5 KSU (24-4, 11-3) as the Jayhawks’ winningest player of all time (124 victories) as well as the school’s seventh-leading scorer and seventh-leading assist man, figures to see his jersey No. 4 hanging high in the Allen Fieldhouse rafters sooner rather than later.

“Coach said something to me about it. I have the most wins here. I think my resume is pretty solid here. I’d love to get it retired. It’d be a big thrill,” said Collins, who has been part of four league titles and one NCAA crown, with the 2010 postseason still to come.

“To be up there in the rafters with so many greats, it’d mean so much,” Collins added.

There are no longer any official requirements that have to be met for jersey requirement, such as being named consensus first-team All-American, college basketball player of the year or MVP of the NCAAs. The only certainty is a player won’t be so honored until out of school five years, apparently so it’ll mean more to the player, his family and his fans.

“I would say the chances are probably pretty good,” KU coach Bill Self said. “The best player on the winningest teams ever (in four-year span), I think, is a pretty good reason it could be hung up there.”

Self — he and Collins both held 20-minute pre-Senior Day news conferences Monday — answered in the affirmative when asked if he’d place Collins on an all-time, five-player KU team.

“I’d put him there. Of course, I’m biased,” Self said with a smile. “I’d put maybe Wayne Simien as our power forward and maybe Brandon (Rush) as our small forward.

“I don’t think there have been five players that have played here whose teams have performed as well as they have in large part because of his performance and leadership. He’s had some good players to play with, but he hasn’t had the same number of McDonald’s All-Americans to play with as maybe some others. He has elevated everybody else’s performance.”

One thing is for sure: Collins goes down as one of Self’s favorites.

“He’s meant as much to me as any player I’ve coached,” Self said. “I think that’s a pretty bold statement because we’ve had some pretty good ones. I don’t know if you could say he means more (to KU history) than (Kirk) Hinrich or (Nick) Collison meant or Raef (LaFrentz) or Paul (Pierce) or Jacque (Vaughn). But to me personally, I can say that without hesitation.”

Self has a place in his heart for players who overcome adversity. Collins — who will graduate in May — came from a poor upbringing on the rugged West side of Chicago. Self remembers how touched Collins was the first time he attended a team gathering at the Self’s Lawrence home.

“It was such a big deal to him because he’d never been in an environment like that,” Self said. “For him to feel that something so trivial was so important to him, I think that was something I realized right then we had something special if he could just stay the course.”

Collins admits his upbringing was, well, challenging.

“I feel lucky. A lot of times I could have been in the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Collins, who recalls spending a lot of time at the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, sometimes sleeping there rather than heading home down the mean streets of Chicago. “I chose to not be with some people and be in the gym. You can get in a lot of trouble — being victims, being mistaken for one person, gunshots hitting the wrong people. I took that to heart. I didn’t want to be one of those mistakes.”

Collins credits his mom, Stacey, for working two jobs to support him and brother, Steve, as well as uncle Walt for being a father figure with Sherron’s dad out of his life for the most part until the past couple of years.

Collins credits Self and his staff, as well as the Morningstar family, a group that befriended him and helped him adjust to Lawrence.

Self provided words of wisdom for Collins when his son Sherr’mari was born almost three years ago.

“That’s what really woke me up,” Collins said. “When I had my son, coach told me, ‘Everything you are doing for yourself at this point doesn’t matter anymore.’ It’s not for me, it’s for my mother and my son. My mother made sure I kept up with everybody else, getting me the Jordans (shoes) and the name-brand things, which right now I don’t even want a pair of Jordans. My mother wanted to give me everything I wanted, to be like all the other kids,” added Collins, who also has a daughter, Sharee’ Monea, in the Windy City.

“I owe so much to my mother and tell her that all the time. She hurt her back and couldn’t work a year. It’s been hard on her. It’s time for her to rest.

“My son ... I wanted to be there for him like my father wasn’t for me. I talk to my dad a lot now. He reminds me to not make mistakes like he did. I’ve got a little sister in Minnesota. I’ve got to take care of her and make sure he (dad) is on the right track doing that.”

Self remembers the day he counseled Collins about fatherhood.

“I told him he’s no longer a kid,” Self said. “The thing is, when you have the responsibility of being a father, life is no longer about yourself. So much of that is what kind of role model will you be for him down the road and what you want your child to look at you and see. I don’t know if that had any bearing on him, but certainly I think he spun some negatives into some real positives. To see how this place has changed him and how he’s allowed this place to change him, it’s a neat story if you study it.”

Collins — he says he believes he’ll achieve his dream of playing in the NBA and make some much-needed money to support family members — will take first things first.

First up: Senior Night, then a hard push toward winning his second national title in three years, all leading up to the June draft.

“I can’t run from it. I wish I could,” Collins said of his time at KU coming to an end. “I wish I had more time to play here, but it’s got to end. It’s been great, though. It’s been great.”


Eurekahwk 12 years, 7 months ago

I think Sherron has earned the right to have his name mentioned along with Jacque Vaughn, Raef LaFrentz, Paul Pierce, Nick Collison, Kirk Hinrich.

mojayhawk 12 years, 7 months ago

Great heart. Poised. Hungry. Driven. Focused. Won't be beaten. Unselfish. Committed. Makes everyone else better.

I can remember when these words were used to describe Danny Manning! Not bad company.

Sherron, you're one of our all time favorite Jayhawks! We love you man!

3GJayhawk 12 years, 7 months ago

He's a stud! I can't wait to see how the next several weeks unfold. Either way, Sherron is one of the greats and without a doubt will have his jersey retired.

Aaron Carpenter 12 years, 7 months ago

I grew up in Lawrence in the times of Raef and Paul, Adonis and certainlly Danny. I think though that Sherron may be my favorite player at this great university. To acheive what he has especially where he came from is remarkable. I only know one thing for certain in that I will probably be shedding tears along with Sherron and probably everyone there. Grown men can cry, but only at births of children and sporting events. Rock Chalk!

Martin Rosenblum 12 years, 7 months ago

Somebody's been playing with PhotoShop! If not, then Sherron casts no shadows!

Just think back to Collins' freshman year. He was a totally different asset for the team. There was Brandon, Mario, Darell, Sasha, Darnell, Julian and Russell. To have come out of that group and to become the predominate player who has taken his team to this level of success is a credit to his ambition and determination, not to mention his talent.

Dyrk Dugan 12 years, 7 months ago

Sherron has really improved in his leadership since he's been here...and that's his leadership not only in basketball, but for his family. it's great to see.

he's overcome a lot, since he's been at KU. early on, he was being criticized for his weight....shoot, the coach was all over him, publicly deriding him and all of that.

and then he makes one of the great plays of all time: stealing that inbounds pass and making the three to cut into the Memphis lead....very clutch. (of course, he's had numerous other great plays.)

the thing about it is: we will miss him greatly when he's gone. we have to really enjoy it while he's still here.

bradynsdad 12 years, 7 months ago

i suggest noone comment on the people who think he is not deserving to hang with the greats. sherron is a model of what all college players should go through. he stayed the course, he grew into a man, got his degree, and has mentored the next group of young men to take over this team. it would have been easy for him and cole to leave but they didnt take the easy way out. its so easily forgotten that you could have fifteen to tweny years to win an nba title but only four to win an ncaa championship. good luck sherron! bring home another title and silence the critics.

Chris Shaw 12 years, 7 months ago

Maxhawk: When Collins becomes an All-American than not only will he meet the non-existent old criteria, but the new criteria as well. Looks like Collins is going to win out on that debate no matter how much you don't want to see #4 hanging from the rafters. It's tough being an All-American.

Steve Brown 12 years, 7 months ago

Max I suppose I'll be one of the few that support the idea we have criteria instead of a coach popularity contest. That was started by our previous coach, HCBS is correct to say his rules are to wait 5 years to get some historical perspective.

If in 5 years the rafter comittee puts him up there, great, I"m all for it. However, if not, then he'll be one of the KU best ever to not hang there. Truth is under our previous coach guidlines, Ted Owens would have a few more there as well. so be it.

Once RW decided to leave he should not have been in charge of the AFH rafters, those boys he 'rushed up' , should have gotten up there on AFH time table not RW timetable. I"m not saying take any down or they don't deserve, yet they didn't need rushed up for his personal pleasure.

I"m so sad this discussion has me thinking of him again, when the mood should be about celebrating Sherron and how he has grown and become a man in front of us over these four years. THanks SC for what you do and who you are. RCJHKU.

John Brown 12 years, 7 months ago

I am excited for SC and the NCAA tournament. We have'nt had a PG like SC at KU that I can remember. A PG that can take over a game by driving through the lane to score. I think that this is a skill we will come to really appreciate this year in the tournament. One reason I say this is because it is something coached by Self as much as the jump hook is coached by Danny.

chalmers08 12 years, 7 months ago

Thank You Sherron!!! You have met so much to the KU Basketball program and to the fans of KU. I go into every game confident that you will not let the team lose. I already consider you the best guard to play at KU and after you bring home another title you will be one of the greatest players KU has ever had. I am sure every KU fan will tell you that it has been a treat to watch you play. As always ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!!!!

kugrl24 12 years, 7 months ago

Great Job Sherron! by far my favorite! aside from Kaun of course! ROck-CHalK!! :)

Chris Shaw 12 years, 7 months ago

This was a good article that talked about the Top 6 teams (Not sure why he left out Okie State) in the Big 12. I went ahead and copied the Kansas portion of this Big 12 article.

KANSAS: You need guards who can create plays off the dribble, because they like to pressure the ball and get in the passing lanes. If your guards play off screens and sets, it's going to be really hard to score. So a team like Villanova would be harder matchup for them. Tyshawn Taylor is playing better now. I think he came into the year with the wrong idea, like things were supposed to happen for him instead of him having to work for it. Xavier Henry has also been better. He has been having his ups and downs because he always had his butt kissed in high school. In AAU ball, his team quit a lot, and his high school team vastly underachieved. Physically, he can do anything. He's the key to their team, because when he's making threes, they're very difficult to beat. Even when he's not shooting well, though, he keeps shooting. They have had games where overall they have not shot the ball well. That's probably their only weakness. They're even better on defense than they are on offense. I think a team that plays four guards might hurt them, because then Cole Aldrich and the Morris twins have to defend away from the basket. That's what Cornell did to them -- just stretched them out, and then their bigs could not get out on the shooters.


I agree with a lot of what Davis had to say and I would pay close attention to his remarks about playing against a 4 guard set. Davis is absolutely correct and that is also why I'm a little hesitant to play teams that run the princeton offense against Kansas. Anytime you can draw out Aldrich or the Morris Twins that is "Advantage" for the opposition. I hope UCONN doesn't make the field, but I could see them in the 8 or 9 match-up as well as a team like Northern Iowa, Marquette, G-Town, Louisville, and Mississippi State (They shoot more 3's than anybody in the country).

KANSTUCKY 12 years, 7 months ago

It wouldn't hurt Sherron's chances to be in the rafters if he wins his last game.

canson 12 years, 7 months ago

Amazing since he wouldn't be a starter on half the Big-12 teams this years since he has been so inconsistent....

Chris Shaw 12 years, 7 months ago

Oh, I forgot to mention teams like UTEP and Richmond who are also guard heavy teams and not many people know much about them.

Studogg 12 years, 7 months ago

I know one thing for sure; no matter which player gets to wear #4 for the Jayhawks in the future, it will always be "Sherron's" number. That's how I will refer to them; as the guy who wears Sherron's number. Nuff said.

ccarp 12 years, 7 months ago

Wow, time goes fast. I remember seeing this in Sherron's McD's game his senior year.

I thought he might be special. I never imagined he'd steal an inbounds pass, nail a clutch 3, then sprint the ball up the court for an assist in a national championship. Not to mention all the other special memories.

Thanks, Sherron. You're one of the greats.

Chris Shaw 12 years, 7 months ago

I like at the end of that video of Sherron........"Oh Yeah, He's Strong!"

Chris Shaw 12 years, 7 months ago

I like at the end of that video of Sherron........"Oh Yeah, He's Strong!"

Steve Brown 12 years, 7 months ago

beat state.

do not share a title w. them.

play every possesion like it is your last.

KUbsee69 12 years, 7 months ago

When they hang Sherron's number, they should also install a marble or brass plaque near the entrance to AFH. It should be engraved with SC's quote from last year when he announced he'd be back for his senior year. If I remember it correctly, it was:

"Why would anyone want to leave this place early? It's the best place in the world to play basketball."

Uh ... let's hang it now and make sure X reads it.

Jason Roberts 12 years, 7 months ago

My nickname for Sherron - Final "4". He's already won four Big 12 titles and it will be even more fitting if they go to the Final Four and win another national championship.

SouthDakotaJayhawk 12 years, 7 months ago

It is going to be a sad night tomorrow night. Sherron, you will be missed. Thanks for the wonderful memories. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!

W.C. Beck 12 years, 7 months ago

Sherron, you've been a joy to watch develop over the last four years. Thanks for all the memories, can't wait for Wednesday. Go out on top, extend the home streak 'til next year, and Beak the Mildcats!

BeakofLight 12 years, 7 months ago


great post...and dont forget about UNLV as they are another, if not the most, guard orientated squad...and lonnie is not someone you wanna dance with...if they are hitting and defending, they are extremely tough

and for the record, lonnie is one of the top ten coaches of the past 25 years...he and majerus are right there wirh izzo, the rat of puke, roy, etc...

speaking of majerus, watch out for the bilikens next year as they are finally starting to come around...and everyone on that squad is a freshman or a sophmore

Jayhawk2001 12 years, 7 months ago

I think Sherron has earned the right to be considered in the same sentence as Danny Manning, Wilt Chamberlain, and Jo Jo White. Not to take anything away from Raef, Nick, Kirk, Paul, and Jacque.

James122 12 years, 7 months ago

Sherron--Finish the year 1st by kicking the kitty cats and giving us the Big 12 title outright.

Be the leader and point gaurd that we need you to be to take us all the way. As Bob Knight said, "A great point gaurd looks to pass 1st, score second."

In the first half of the year you did a great job of this. You have a great 3 shot when you let it come to you and when it is one-on-one fast don't be afraid to set it up.

I will remember you as a "bulldog" type player, you have played hard and with heart. Make us all proud by spanking ksu and mizzy.

Thanks for 4 greats years!!

Go Hawks!!

BeakofLight 12 years, 7 months ago

...and doubtful we would play them, but morrel's utah st might end up knocking a couple people off the first weekend...i wouldnt be a bit suprised to see them in the elite 8...they are legit when they are hitting from beyond...and they always are...only this year, they have a legit big to bang for 20-10...and he can bang with anybody (his name escapes me at the moment)

WilburNether 12 years, 7 months ago

Whoever posted above that "there is no debate" about retiring Collins' jersey is dead wrong. It is foolish to turn what had been a significant honor for the greatest KU players into a mere popularity contest.

At least Bedore appears to have dropped the nonsense about listing Morningstar alongside Collins as KU's winningest player, which would have required counting wins from a redshirt year and a semester during which he was suspended from the team. That claim was even more foolish than the campaign to turn jersey retirement into a popularity thing.

Sherron Collins is not in JoJo White's league, and anyone who does not understand that is pathetically ignorant of the history of Kansas basketball.

rockchalk_dpu 12 years, 7 months ago

We need to remember that although Sherron hasn't been a model of consistency this season, look at his career as a whole and see what Coach Self and this team have needed him to do...

Freshman year he was a spark and turnover prone so he played sparingly. Sophomore year, he played a similar role though cut down on the mistakes and played more minutes, and we obviously all remember the role he played in the title game with his steal and big three, and ultimately making the pass to Mario. His Junior year, the team needed him to step up and be the scoring leader, which he gladly accepted at the risk of having off games (Mich. St. among others), though it obviously has made it difficult for him to adjust to this season when he isn't the man and he doesn't have to shoulder the load scoring 20 a game, but still needs to be active and get his points each night.

This would be incredibly difficult to transition your game 4 different times to 4 different needs of the team, but he has done so pretty well. I think he will go down as one of the all-time Jayhawks simply based on the stats and the teams he has led or been a part of. I also think that down this closing stretch of his Kansas career, he is going to start to feel that there is no tomorrow and play with the same drive we saw last year and will the team to win. I certainly think this March and early April could be a special one for Jayhawk fans. I for one look forward to seeing No. 4 hanging in the rafters in the next 5 years.


JayhawkCasey 12 years, 7 months ago

Why is your name "phogged" when you don't like KU?

rcjh22 12 years, 7 months ago

Whomever doesn't think Sherron should get his jersey retired can go **** themselves

rcjh22 12 years, 7 months ago

Whomever doesn't think Sherron should get his jersey retired can go **** themselves

chalmers08 12 years, 7 months ago

All the Sherron Collins doubters need to remember that if we didnt have Sherron at KU then we would not have won the title two years ago. It was his steal and his three that started the comeback. It was Sherron that set up the shot. So when you doubters want to knock him think back those great moments. Enough said!

bradynsdad 12 years, 7 months ago

i believe in some of these peoples eyes on here there is absolutely noone that deserves to be an all american let alone have their jersey retired. some of you negative people have unrealistic goals as to what these kids can accomplish. four conference championships, a national title, all american, and all time wins leader. yeah sounds like he deserves nothing, just my opinion.

chicity80 12 years, 7 months ago

So living in Chicago and Big10 country, not only are there a ton of Big12 haters and Self haters (as he left IL and yes they are still upset about that) but it’s very hard to see KU games. At the beginning of the year I was very happy as KU was preseason #1 and a lot of their games this year were aired. But how does the “World Wide Leader in Eastern America Sports” miss out on this one? Not only is it a great in-state rivalry, between 2 top 5 teams, that just went to overtime on game day a little while ago but you have soo much else going on. First, being from Chicago there is a great battle at the guard spot with Collins and Pullen (both from Chicago). Sherron could possibly end his career not only the winingest player in KU history but NCAA history and he is the only senior playing on Senior night! I know a lot of you are haters but he could also be the POY! Not trying to be biased b/c I do love watching MD make Duke fans cry but can’t ESPN bump the Okie St. vs. A&M game? Or how about move it to an earlier spot and bump the epic battle that will be UCON vs. ND (hmmm just a thought but I think every single UCONN game has been aired this year)? Or how about ESPNU?

Honestly though, I am surprised they haven’t scraped all basketball and started talking about Red Sox, Yankees yet…oh wait they have???

Also, During the Big12 tourney, check out a new bar by the Sprint Center called Retro – Downtown Drinks and Dance!! It’s my cousin’s and it’s the headquarters for KU fans for the tourney!!

ilovebill 12 years, 7 months ago

Thanks for 4 wonderful years, Sherron! I wish you and yours all the best after your time has ended at KU and look forward to seeing your jersey in the rafters. Have an outstanding senior night!!

FSUJHAWK 12 years, 7 months ago

Sherron Collins is Legend!


Michael Leiker 12 years, 7 months ago

I'm in agreement with Maxhawk. Just not a good enough season to warrant being in the rafters. 1st team all american, POY from a nationally recognized publication or oganization or NCAA tourney MVP, maybe a few other qualifiers. You can't put a guy up there just because he happened to be a part of some great teams.

phogged - all ku students should have two kids by the time they graduate college? I don't have kids but I guess there's a lot of ways I hope Sherron would not be a role model for college kids.

I do love watching the guy play and appreciate what he's done for KS but just dont think hes that good.

Chad Hallack 12 years, 7 months ago

Sherron goes to the rafters... of course he does... don't be dumb.

MDHawk 12 years, 7 months ago

It's been a pleasure to watch you, #4. Definitely one of the most exciting players to watch in've made your fair share of mistakes, but you've also made plays I'm pretty sure are impossible for anyone else to make. And your story is absolutely solid...I remember getting lost once in Chicago, and ending up in your part of town. Let's just say, being the small-town Kansan that I am, I'm glad I didn't run out of gas because I sure wasn't going to stop anywhere to fill up. Your head's in the right place concerning your kids and your mother, you've made the right choices both at and away from school, and I believe you've more than earned a place amongst the great Jayhawks who've come before you. I don't know if your jersey will be retired...what purpose it serves is beyond me, anyway. Whether it is or it isn't, #4 will always be Sherron's number. Pure and simple. And if anyone picks that number in the future...well, you'd better be darned good, because you have some pretty big shoes to fill.

I'm getting emotional just thinking about tomorrow night...RCJH! Let's put a hurtin' on them Powdercats!

hammerhawk 12 years, 7 months ago

Sherron is a great player on a great team! Pretty good combination for a championship run. Let's don't just beat kstate, let's romp 'em and stomp 'em. Go Hawks.

jkanev 12 years, 7 months ago

Love Sherron. WEAK photoshopping skills here, LJW. Weak, weak, weak...

Jeff Kilgore 12 years, 7 months ago

Nothing is less important than statistics. Collins is a unique player--we've never had a player quite like him. If you understand how championships are won, you need to look no further than Collins, and his spectacular double play in the Memphis game--the steal and then the three. That play sparked a miracle comeback. He has no give up and plays with no fear. I will miss him, but I am sure that when I look up there in the rafters, his name will be there. He accomplished as much as any player in the rafters. If you like stats, remember the most important statistic of all---wins and losses, and answer this question: What player has more wins as a Jayhawk than any player in KU history? You know that answer.

Sherron, you will be missed! It was great having you here.

Firebirdguy31 12 years, 7 months ago

It's crazy to think that tomorrow is Sherron's last game at Allen, it seems like yesterday that I was watching him do his off the backboard tomahawk dunk at the McDonalds All-American game. I remember thinking "holy crap, he's going to be a Jayhawk!" From that moment on I knew he was a special athlete, but I had no idea what an awesome person he was or what he would become. Tomorrow is going to be tough, it makes me tear up just thinking about it.

Let's just hope that he can bring us home a National Championship so we can send him out in style. If he can pull that off then he deserves a freakin statue!

Tony Bandle 12 years, 7 months ago

phogged will be posting in some B website in Turkey very soon......

Mike Kendall 12 years, 7 months ago

jkilgore-- Damn, you took the words right out of my mouth! Well said! Cool picture of Sherron by himself in AFH. About this time tomorrow, there will not be any empty seats. Thanks for the memories, Sherron. Two more League games to go and then, the Big 12 Tourney. Still a lot of basketball to be played.

KUbsee69-- Sherron's quote last year-- "Why would anyone want to leave this place early? It's the best place in the world to play basketball." Classic!

I know some don't agree that his uniform should be hung in the rafters but gosh darn, his steal and trey in the Memphis game in '08 was legendary. Come on folks--it's a "no brainer," as far as, hanging his jersey. He has won more games than any other Jayhawk in history. Hey, were not talking Texas Tech's history--we're talking KU basketball history!

Senior Night is sad for Sherron. However, what's nice about this game is that it is against the Wildcats and for winning the Big 12 outright. Lots of motivation. Jacob Pullen is running his mouth off. How can any Jayhawk not be up for this game? This will be a great game to brush off the Cowpoke manure off our sleeves and vault us into the right direction, going into Mizzou! Rock Chalk, Sherron! Again, thanks for you have accomplished.

Lance Hobson 12 years, 7 months ago

Just win. Don't ruin this for Sherron, he deserves so much for what he's done of KU basketball.

Mike Kendall 12 years, 7 months ago

Slayr-- After you get arrested for breaking into AFH, I will travel the four hours to Lawrence and break into the jail cell that you occupy and set you free. I will be playing, Thin Lizzy's song, "Jailbreak," during this rescue! Rock Chalk!

pfister99 12 years, 7 months ago

In the final minutes of regulation in the NC, Sherron made a steal, a three and the drive and pass to Mario for the shot. That alone puts his jersey in the rafters, let alone the fact that he carried the team to a Sweet 16 the next year...and is the winningest KU player in history. EASY CHOICE!

johnnyphoton 12 years, 7 months ago

Having a couple of kids, playing big time college basketball, assuming going to class and studying, getting hounded by HCBS for four years to lose weight . . . sounds like a full time gig to me. Considering Sherron's got all that on his plate, I'd say he's successful by any measure. Sherron, you may not live up to certain "All American" standards (MinHawk), but you are a champion, and no one can take that away from you. You'll be missed next year!

Jack Wilson 12 years, 7 months ago

How about a national championship banner first .. then we'll worry about the rest. I believe Sherron will bounce out of his funk this weekend and ramp up heading into the tournament. He's always been about the big game. The time is now.

Jack Wilson 12 years, 7 months ago

How about a national championship banner first .. then we'll worry about the rest. I believe Sherron will bounce out of his funk this weekend and ramp up heading into the tournament. He's always been about the big game. The time is now.

Jack Wilson 12 years, 7 months ago

How about a national championship banner first .. then we'll worry about the rest. I believe Sherron will bounce out of his funk this weekend and ramp up heading into the tournament. He's always been about the big game. The time is now.

Jack Wilson 12 years, 7 months ago

Sorry about that .. didn't load and hit the button a couple too many times. I fear I have violated the usage agreement.

Steve Brown 12 years, 7 months ago

speaking of banners and rafters:

I was amused earlier this year when we played Temple that they had elite eight banners, we don't consider elite eight games nice enough to celebrate in AFH. Then wondered if UCLA with 11 championships looked down at us, saying we don't hang final four banners.

I see Celtics have 23 jerseys retired, no doubt P. Pierce will join that elite group in due time.

I recall being in L.A. late '88 and getting to see the Great One in the Forum. Only time I witnessed the amazing Gretzky play hockey. It was the night Kirk Gibson hit the game winning home run in the world series, as the guy next to me had a hand held..... the LA fans in the forum went nuts when announced.

Back to point, I was stunned, knowing the great Laker history, that only 3 jerseys were retired. Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor,. There were only three of them for NBA and one for hockey, yet they were mega sized and made quite an impact. Of course Lakers no longer play in the Forum and they have retired 4 more since then, Goodrich, Magic, Kareem, Worthy.

I don't care if we have Celtics or Lakers standards, yet I do think some consistency across decades and coaches would be in order. Glad I'm not on the voting committee. I may allow all of them in the club.

As for SC. we have 11 more games. What happens in his last couple games will go a long way to make his rafter selection unanamous vs. debatable.

KCinNC 12 years, 7 months ago

Thanks for the memories, Sherron. Minhawk is a fool.

DENDK24 12 years, 7 months ago

Those people who are hating on Sherron are the same idiots that think Coach Self is a horrible coach and comment about how bad the team is after every game. I would suggest that everyone remember their screen name and just ignore their moronic posts. I would rather read posts from the Kentucky faithful then from these fair weather fans. At leasts those are entertaining.


DENDK24 12 years, 7 months ago

Check out these previous comments for the truth about the haters...

phogged - obvious Kentucky fan

Maxhawk - Either a big case of Sherron-envy or Sherron must have hit on his wife or daughter or something

Canson - hasn't said a lot but no suprise all negative

Like I said earlier, just ignore the hate!!!

Bryan Mayes 12 years, 7 months ago

I have to agree with a couple posters. If there is one thing that is over hyped here, it is the importance of statistics. Honestly, I could care less if SC shoots 35% or 50%, or where he ranks in this category or that category. What is easily overlooked, even though HCBS has repeatedly mentioned, is SC's leadership and determination on and off the court. I'm all for putting the "where he came from and what he overcame" point aside when considering whether or not he should have his number in the rafters of AFH. However, when you look at what he has done for himself, his family, and his teammates ON the court, I believe that he is more than deserving. He has made everyone who has played around him better including this year and throughout his career. SC has been my favorite player throughout his career and I can only imagine how many tears will be shed during his speech after we beat KSUCK. Let's not have that be the end of this story though. The script has been written, and it ends in April. Thank you Sherron, and ROCK CHALK!

Robert Brock 12 years, 7 months ago

Sherron was as big a part of the 2008 championship run as anyone. He brought something to that team that it was desperately lacking - a tough nosed, relentlessly penetrating guard. The team was borderline one-dimensional without him. Rush, Chambers and Robinson were not comfortable driving to the basket and finishing or dishing like Sherron. He gave the half-court offense a much needed edge and burst of energy. That championship is not won without him.

His stats the last two seasons are one big rollercoaster, but that's because he's been asked to run the show and take over games by himself with others not comfortable doing so - that's not an easy task. We're going to hurt next year without him - it's not going to be an easy transition. There may have been better guards at KU before him, but has KU ever had a tougher player?

Robert Brock 12 years, 7 months ago

Joking around and exposing yourself to someone in an elevator does not quite compare to rape, you moron. So he's not freakin Jesus. He's 22 years old.

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