Kansas defeats Cornell, 71-66

  • 7 p.m., Jan. 6, 2010
  • Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence, KS

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Big Red menace: Collins rescues Jayhawks

Kansas guard Sherron Collins pumps his fist after getting a bucket and a foul to put the Jayhawks ahead of Cornell during the second half, Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2009 at Allen Fieldhouse. Collins had a career-high 33 points.

Kansas guard Sherron Collins pumps his fist after getting a bucket and a foul to put the Jayhawks ahead of Cornell during the second half, Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2009 at Allen Fieldhouse. Collins had a career-high 33 points.


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2010 KU-Cornell

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Following KU's 71-66 win over Cornell, do you think that was Sherron Collins' best game as a Jayhawk?

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  • No 24% 656 votes
  • Undecided 6% 176 votes

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KU escapes Cornell

Sherron Collins led the Jayhawks past a close one against Cornell with a career-high 33 points.

Sherron Collins grabbed the final rebound of the game, then after tossing the basketball high in the air, found himself face-to-face with Kansas University’s other preseason All-American — Cole Aldrich.

“Cole was fired up. He said, ‘You put us on your back.’ He told me I was the best guard in the country,” Collins said after scoring a career-high 33 points — 19 the second half — in the No. 1-ranked Jayhawks’ 71-66 victory Wednesday over spunky, upset-minded Cornell University in Allen Fieldhouse.

Collins hit nine of 16 shots and 13 of 14 free throws. He converted what turned out to be the biggest bucket and foul shot of the game, an ‘and-one’ that turned a 64-63 deficit into a 66-64 advantage with 41 precious seconds remaining.

Running a set play to perfection, the 5-foot-11 Collins drove the lane and converted a driving layup while getting bumped by former Burlington High player Geoff Reeves.

“It’s, ‘Get the ball to No. 4 and get out of his way.’ We were trying to open up a lane,” KU coach Bill Self said.

Collins gave his version, saying: “We drew Brady (Morningstar) up to fake a ball screen. He (Reeves) thought I was going to go that way. I knew I could get past the first defender. I didn’t want to draw a charge. Coach Self drew it up perfectly.”

Of course, the game was not yet over, not by a long shot.

Collins hit one of two free throws at :25.2, and Ryan Wittman (24 points, 7-of-17 shooting, five of 14 threes) drained two free throws at :16.8 as KU led, 67-66.

Collins cashed two free throws and upped the lead back to a safe three points, 69-66, at :15.5.

Wittman, with Morningstar in his face, misfired on a three at :09. Xavier Henry grabbed the rebound, then, after getting fouled, hit two free throws that assured KU of its 51st straight victory in Allen Fieldhouse.

The Wittman miss was about as big as the shot and free throw Collins made to give the Jayhawks the lead for good.

“We told our guys to foul if it was under seven (seconds to play),” Self said. “What happened is, he got it up at 10 seconds. Brady defended it well. Brady did a good job defensively against a very good player.”

Another huge play was a three from the corner buried by Tyrel Reed with 3:55 left. That shot — following a bullet pass by Collins — gave KU a 61-60 lead, pretty important considering the Jayhawks trailed by as many as eight points early in the second half and six with 8:11 to play.

“That’s probably the biggest shot Tyrel has made in his career,” Self said.

Reed, who finished with three points in 12 minutes, agreed. Sort of.

“I guess it could have been. I mean, I don’t think of it that way,” said Reed, who played nine minutes the second half, doing a good job of guarding Louis Dale (10 points). “I think of it as another shot, but it was fun being out there.”

Collins, who surpassed his previous career high of 32 points set against North Dakota State in last year’s NCAA Tournament, had a lot of fun, “doing what I do.”

“When we were down 49-43 with 11 minutes left, I told myself I was going to make every play,” Collins said. “I wanted to get to the basket and make something happen. We needed a spark. I was going to be that spark. Some of our young fellas are still not used to that type situation. It was like a tournament game. I wasn’t going to let us lose.”

Self has grown to love that attitude.

“To me, I think he’s the best point guard in the country,” Self said. “Tonight he showed he’s definitely the best point guard in the country. He was fabulous and put us on his back. He impacts the college game more than any player I’ve coached.

“I told our guys after the game that two things won us the game: Sherron and the crowd. We get 15,500 or whatever making noise. If our fans would have stayed home because of the weather, there’s a good chance we’d be 13-1 instead of 14-0. I am very thankful for that.”

The Jayhawks were thankful to beat the two-time defending Ivy League champs.

“No disrespect to anybody we’ve played. That’s the best team we’ve played, though,” Self said.

Collins was just as impressed.

“They aren’t a big-name school. We didn’t overlook them by any means,” he said. “We had hands in their face. One time I had my hand on his (Wittman’s) nose, and he still made it. Wittman’s a terrific player. I told him that on the court.”

Self had a question for Cornell coach Steve Donahue in the handshake line.

“I asked him if he thought they played well. He said, ‘Yes,’’’ Self said. “I said, ‘Good, because I thought we played well, too.’’’

Nobody played better than Collins as Aldrich attested to in his face-to-face meeting after the final horn.

“It’s the thing we need from him every night, to get that competitive juice going and say we’ve got to hunker down and play defense like he did,” Aldrich said.

The Jayhawks will meet Tennessee at 3:30 p.m. Central time Sunday in Knoxville, Tenn.


jayhawkboogeyman 13 years ago

Absolutely no doubt that this is Sherron's year. We have the weapons around him to make a deep run, but when it is all on the line, he is the man who will win or fail for us. A brilliant performance from him tonight.

Jfanallways 13 years ago

i thing tonight was a tremndous indicator of just what kind of team we have. tonight was the perfect storm. ive seen many games like this before, we have a lid on the basket, they have a player get red hot from deep, and its a smaller school gaining confidence the longer they hang around. in the past these are the games we lose. i could sense another loss coming like a freight train but we overcame the adversity and won. i honestly think that games dont come any tougher than tonight and we showed we can win those too. what i guess im getting at is some may say this game indicates weakness but i see the opposite i shous how tremendously strong we are.

Dirk Medema 13 years ago

He's ultimately the guy that was disrespected to the 34-0 run in an earlier game, and got the team fired up for the 32 pt beat down to answer the Temple invitation.

We can only be truly successful if he can also motivate/teach/prod the other guys to follow him closely. A one man show won't win the last game.

Priest Fontaine 13 years ago

thanks for that sherronamo. that was a nice ego check for the rest of the team i hope.

quick wish list:

-morris twins, don't be complacent. Stay hungry. -cole, play like a warrior 100% of the time. not just in spurts. -t-rob, find your feminine side and show us some sweet moves and a soft shooting touch. or just slam it home every time the ball comes to you. I feel like you are caught in between. -self, i wish you would have released Elijah J on these ivy leaguers. I thought he could have done more of what Sherron was successful in doing: penetrating and scoring on drives. -X, you are way too big, strong and talented not to be taking the ball to the hole and finishing more consistently. Don't be so content with taking threes all the time. Use a shot fake and get your man off his feet. Drive it hard to the hole and either create a shot for yourself, draw the foul or dish to an open man. -Withey, put some muscle on those bones and challenge our bigs for some playing time. Teach Cole how shot blocking is really done! -CJ, keep being patient and proving yourself like you have been. -morningstar, keep taking it to the hole and dishing. amazing play tonight when you penetrated and dished to Cole for an easy score. -reed, i can't believe you almost let your burlington coat factory friend almost beat you at home like that. break the backboard like tiny gallon on a dunk at the tennessee game to make it up to us all. -taylor, you also break a backboard on a dunk next game. -Mario and Travis, win or lose this season must be hard to watch from the bench. Keep finding ways to improve and know that next year you guys are going to be running the show!

PAHAWK1 13 years ago

I am glad that there are no more games left on Jayhawk TV and I do not have to listen to Greg Gurley anymore (at least for this year).

dynamitehawk 13 years ago

Boom! Goes the dynamite. It's goood to be back, yo's. For those of us in KC, I have to think that a Missouri fan had to have masked the Time Warner programming guide with 'The Unit' rather than the rightful description (college basketball), causing many near heart attacks (include my own). No way that was an honest mistake or coincidence alone.

I shall embrace this as you can't knock dynamite down. This team shall be known as 'The Unit' from this point forward.

Chris Shaw 13 years ago

Well, my question for all of you is this.........Is Cornell considered a "Good" or "Great" team? Some think that if you can't compete for a National Championship than you can be considered for the "Great" category.

Most laughed when I was talking Cornell up over the last 3 weeks, but I think now there are going to be some believers on this forum. All I have to say is the fans that were "Shcoked" last night that KU almost lost to "Cornell" were both unknowledgable and unwilling to accept that a team from a Non-BCS (And of all places, the Ivy League) can compete with the "Big Boys". How much do you really want to play Cornell come in March, Now? LOL! Just think if this team didn't sport "Cornell" across their chests how much some of you might have actually given Cornell some credit and respect.

Chris Shaw 13 years ago

My post game notes:

General Analysis: All I have to say is great game and kudos to Cornell and The Big Red. Now, most will comment on how KU played horrible and that this was the worst game of the season blah blah blah blah. Actually, this was by far the most disciplined, experienced, and overall best team KU has played this season. Now some will say "Huh?" because of "Cornell" across the front of their jersey's, but if this team showed up from the streets with no numbers or lettering on their jersey's, you would have to admit that "Cornell" is one heck of a team ready to make some noise come March.

Offense: There is no denying that KU wasn't ready to play to start this game on the offense or defensive end, but they quickly learned how formidable a foe The Big Red were. I know there are fans that say KU's offense was pretty stagnant tonight, but Cornell played some very good "D" that changed a lot of shots. It's amazing what a 7 footer in the paint will do to cause havoc on your shots. And that is exactly what Foote did in the middle against Hawks.

         Cornell played great team defense on everyone except Collins, but that just shows how good Collins was tonight.  Cornell is a "Tough" team and we all know how much Bill Self likes "Toughness".  You have to respect it as I am sure Self respected what Cornell did defensively tonight.  I think KU is only going to get better from a game like this.  Every one of KU's shot's were contested and that is what happens when you play good teams.  It will be no different once conference play starts and you can definitely say that this will be a game used for many "Teaching" opportunities because of how well Cornell played defensiviely.  Yes, KU missed some shots they should have made, but credit the defense for making KU rush their shots.  This game was very good for KU to experience for the long-run.

       I did not like the fact that KU only ended up with 11 assists.  That means Sherron was doing a little "Too" much and Marcus was missing some "Bunnies" again.  KU only turned the ball over 10 times, but they just didn't capitalize on the opportunities as they shot 37 percent for the game.  Lot's of missed shots, but sometimes you're going to have nights where there is a "lid" on the basket and you have to find other ways to get the "W".  KU did just that so it does show that this team has a lot of "Fight".

Chris Shaw 13 years ago

Defense: Cornell was "Fired Up" and ready to play from the opening tip. You knew Cornell was going to pick and roll all night long and set up their shooters with screen the screener type of stuff. I thought KU played very good "D" and contested many of their shots tonight. There were some lapses, but you will always have a lapse. You can't play a perfect game defensively, but for the most part I thought the hawks played pretty good "D". I did not like the rebounding effort by KU, but maybe Cornell was just that good at blocking out? Who knows, but the Hawks were having trouble getting in the paint on a miss because there was always a red jersey in front of them.

        Wittman is a fantastic player and uses screens very very well by coming off them a pulling the trifecta or popping that "J".  He has such a quick release it is very hard to guard.  Wittman hit a lot of tough shots with a hand in his face, but you just have to shake your head and congratulate him because  he was in the zone for a while.  That is going to happen from time to time even when you do play good "D".  I thought KU did use their depth on the defensive end quite well because you could really see during the last 6 or 7 minutes of the game where Wittman's legs and the rest of Cornell's legs were a little fatigued. It was noticeable in their shots at the end of the game as their percentage went down and their shots were falling short.

Sherron Collins: He may have not been ready to play the first couple of minutes, but he quickly realized that Cornell was ready to play and that he wasn't going to lose to Cornell. I thought Sherron played terrific and took the team on his shoulders when he needed to. That is what leaders do in a time of "Need". Yes, I thought Collins forced a couple of bad shots, but that is going to happen when you were playing for the "W" and playing as hard as he was playing tonight. He hadn't played that hard since the MSU game last year.

                   There was a little more 1 on 1 tonight than I would have preferred so I am sure Bill Self will look at the film and tweak some of things Collins did tonight so the rest of the team isn't "Standing" and "Watching" Collins.  There is no denying that Sherron wanted to win more than anybody on that court tonight and that is why all of us Jayhawk fans love him.  His will and desire is second to none. Without Collins tonight there is no way KU wins that game, but I would still say great job Sherron, but Self is going to tweak just a few things so you don't have to completely play that "Role" again.

Chris Shaw 13 years ago

Cole Aldrich: Cole did a decent job against another 7 footer. I thought Foote was the best big man KU has played this season outside of Keith Benson of Oakland. It's no Secret that Cole like to spin off of his left shoulder and shoot that baby hook. It is somewhat effective, but as shoeshine has said many times that Cole lacks some offensive moves when his back is to the basket. I completely agree as his left hand is pretty weak.

                I thought Cole grabbed a few big offensive rebounds that KU desperately needed, but I was shocked he missed the rebound dunk off a miss.  I guess it was just one of those nights.  I thought Aldrich playing another 7 footer was good and Foote was no slouch.  Aldrich had a decent game, but it was evident that he does lack those moves when his back is to the basket.

The Twins: A combined 0-7 from the field is not a good stat line. Both missed "Bunnies" and it definitely is a forgettable game for both. Marcus didn't do anything in the rebounding department either. Kieff did do a good job defensively, but just couldn't find the bucket. I don't know what else to say, 0-7 for both pretty much tells the whole story. At least Kieff hit all of his Free-Throws.

Tyshawn Taylor: Does anybody have a good memory of what Tyshawn actually did in this game? I honestly can't! I may have been watching other players, but looking back I honestly can't remember anything Taylor did. I know he came in at the end of the game and had a couple of good defensive stops, but I am going to need some help on the Tyshawn analysis.

Xavier Henry: I just feel like I keep repeating myself with X. I did like the fact he drove to the basket, but he didn't finish once he got there. Not sure what that means, but it was obvious he didn't look comfortable when trying to finish. X did come up some nice boards which was very encouraging to see. I don't know if he was nervous in the moment, but seeing him miss those free throws under a little bit of pressure was a little discouraging to see. LOL! X is figuring it out in his internship, but I think he now realizes that there are some pretty good teams and some pretty good players out there.

Chris Shaw 13 years ago

Morningstar: Hit a big "3" and him being in at crunch time shows Self's confidence in him. He played fantastic "D" on Wittman at the end of the game, but a lot of "1's" in Morningstar's stat line tonight. 1 assist, 1 turnover, 1 block, 1 rebound, 1 offensive rebound, 1 steal all for the #1 team in America. That is what he does and he doesn't complain about it .

Reed: He that "Huge" 3 to put KU up 1 late in the second half. Got the Jayhawks "Believing" and that is entirely what his job description should read. That is what Reed is in there to do. Hit "Big" shots.

CJ: It was great seeing CJ in the first half and I know I thought, "Here is his chance". Then 3 straight times he got blown by like he was standing still on "D". I guess that is why we never saw him again in the game. I do admit it was cool seeing the Twins, Henry's, and Collins all out there together playing. Two sets of brothers and then Collins.

Conclusion: If you have anything else to add about the players I would love to hear it. I actually spent a great deal of time watching Cornell's offense and how they ran their offense that I missed some things that KU was doing. Good test for the hawks and late in the season this game will be looked at as a "Stepping Stone". Good luck to you, Cornell, the rest of the season. We will see you in the Big Dance, but hopefully in a completely different region.

AsadZ 13 years ago

He impacts the college game more than any player I’ve coached.

This statement by HCBS says it all about Sherron.

FairgroveJayhawk 13 years ago

Cornell is a good team, in no way great. If we could have made the easy shots we would have won by 20.

KU showed great toughness.

Rock Chalk

Joe Baker 13 years ago

"Give it to #4 and get out of his way." -HCBS

That about sums it up. This is what leaders do when they're needed.


He is the best guard in the country, hands down.

yates33333 13 years ago

kushaw. You right, man! Cornell will shock many big time teams. Good thing they didn't catch us on a neutral court. Watch out for them in March. They remind me of Michigan State plus having the ability to shoot much, much better than MSU.

NH_JHawk 13 years ago

Collins said "Some of our young fellas are still not used to that type situation. It was like a tournament game. I wasn’t going to let us lose.”

I agree, Sherron, it was like a tournament game and this is how you become "battle tested." I'm glad we finally had a game like this (playing from behind most of 2nd half) and I'm also not surprised it came from a team like Cornell. Those guys can flat out light it up from 3 and Foote is an absolute monster inside. Great teams find a way to win these types of games and we did that. I know I'll be picking Cornell to advance past the 1st round in my bracket.

So 40-0 still possible, #1 still intact, 51 streak still alive. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! I love this team!!!!

KY_Cats1 13 years ago

Just perusing this morning's headlines and came across this dandy:

"Kansas Escapes Pesky Cornell"

Really? Cornell? Is this searious? Just too can't make up something as outstanding as this. They don't even have players on scholorship! Hard to win a National Championship when you would likely not even win the Ivy League title if you played there.

Future headline likely coming to a screen near you:

"Kansas Gets Bounced Early Again from NCAA Tourney by TBD Mid-Major St. University"

Sweet, just so sweet.

Go Big Blue!!!

UK Wildcats YOUR 2009-’10 NCAA Tourney Champs First College Basketball Program to 2,000 Wins

Seth Peattie 13 years ago

the dirt eating hillbilly from kentucky figured out how to use the internet!!! everyone send him a can of sardines!!!

check out Self's recored vs. your "coach" in title games. then, suck it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NH_JHawk 13 years ago

KY_Cats1 said: "Sweet, just so sweet."

Sure is! We're ranked ahead of you and still undefeated. So KU is pretty sweet considering UK is having their best start since the 70s.

You have a great team, no doubt, and I would love to play UK in the post season. But for now try not to make yourself look like such an idiot by trolling our board and declaring yourself a champion in January. And btw....where have you been the last 10 years anyway? NIT.

Chris Shaw 13 years ago

Ky_Cats brings up a great point! Would you rather lose in the first round of the NCAA tournament or win a couple of games or possibly even make it to New York for the Post-Season NIT? I will tell you one thing, that is a very difficult question for me to answer (Please understand I typed this with complete sarcasm)?

Ben Kane 13 years ago

before everybody gets mad at KY_Cats1 (again) let's just remind him they almost lost to Long beach state.

A completly horrible offensive game from everyone but #4. I've never seen so many missed layups in my life. We had a few at temple that were more amusing than anything else, but this was a big problem last year and appears to be coming back again this year.

sherron may be able to win a game like this by himself (thank god) but he won't be able to win the whole tournament by himself.

The biggest disappointment had to be the twins. Obviously they were on an incredible let down after the big Temple game so I'm going to shrug it off as a one game thing, but I'm still a little worried.

Chris Shaw 13 years ago

Kentucky fans are always here; Tooting their so called horns. Where were they before Calipari; A decade of being sad, pitiful, and forlorn.

No matter, Calipari is here; a record of scandal, sanctions, and lore. Kentucky bought their coach and path; who vacated not one but two Final 4's.

Calipari left Memphis a mess; took Wall, Cousins and Bledsoe. Everybody knows he has connections; World Wide Wes and his carnival show.

All we hear is Yap Yap Yap; Yet they they need to look at their SOS and RPI. Bob Knight called out ole' Calipari; Saying he is a cheat, snake and lie.

What is a Kentucky fan to do; Their teams assist (256) to turnover (232) ratio is 1.1 to 1. Becareful what you paid for; Your Coach will leave you with zero, zilch, none.

When posters address UK; Most will type and speak of Self and KU It's all okay in the end UK fans Because KU is #1 waiting for you.

kranny 13 years ago

Do Ivy League schools (Cornell in particular) ever offer scholarships. If not, what is KY cat's point-that Ivy league schools aren't supposed to have kids who can play. This team has been to the tourney the past two years and this year beaten Alabama, Penn St., LaSalle, Davidson, etc. This team is well coached and has good athletes. They should be ranked. Nice grind out game and hopefully a wake up call for the younger players to be on your game every night.

Joe Baker 13 years ago

I would love to see uk play a team like Cornell. They would lose because of experience and intelligence. I guarantee Cornell would outsmart and out play a team of boys. This Cornell team was quite good! They have 4-5 seniors starting. They'd kill a team of froshmen like uk. The coach at uk would never expose his overrated players and credit HCBS for scheduling a test against a team of seniors like Cornell.

Poetic justice would be to see uk play Cornell in the tourney and beating uk. We wouldn't hear anything from the troll.

kushaw- I didn't saw anything because I didn't know much about Cornell. I held my thoughts until after the game.

One word about Cornell: Impressive!

scholz 13 years ago

If Cornell or any Ivy League school is anything like the Naval don't come here to play sports. THEY ARE ALL ON ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS!!!!!!!

ParisHawk 13 years ago

Getting back to Collins, what about the time he forced the issue, went one-on-three, got up in the air with no hope, and then - oh wait, assist to Reed for a three and the lead!

Collins didn't just win, he led.

Steve Brown 13 years ago

Fried Calimari would get his arse wiped by this Cornell team:

This was a sound, well coached, excellent game plan group that knew our sets and were prepared, this is a group that gets it: a fine team. Impressive.

well done worthy foe, well done indeed.

smoke tennessee-

darrylsb 13 years ago

Sherron Should be called Atlas for carrying the entire team on his shoulders.

the78phoenix 13 years ago

KY_Cats, didn't your almighty Cats defeat a 3-10 Miami of Ohio team by only 2 pts earlier this season at home? Wow! Truly a better win than our victory over Cornell who is just 12-3.

And didn't you say last week sometime how we had no "go-to" guy? Strange... Sherron Collins seemed to look like one last night.

bradynsdad 13 years ago

i agree completely with disregarding the kentucky fan. i always like kentuckys ballclub after all adolf rupp who made them a powerhouse was a product of ku just like every other powerhouse in basketball including calapari. no doubt kentucky will forfeit all their wins in a few years and cal will be off to his next school to ruin.

Greg Lux 13 years ago

drgnslayr ... Exactly what I was going to say ... Sophomore flu big time.. or lack of effort, concentration and the desire to finish at the rim ... Not the dunks are the only way to finish under the basket but they do show EFFORT and we didn't see any in last nights game.. I hope this is the 24 hour type flu ... as Saturday will be a big test full squad or not.

rock Chalk

kvskubball 13 years ago

Someone above mentioned the missed layups...

The reason we missed a lot of the layups is because we were anticipating contact and playing for the contact instead of playing to make the shot...

If you concentrate on making the layup, then if contact comes, it will end up most times as an and-one situation, instead of a big nothing...

Gotta concentrate on making the shot, like Sherron does...

PAHAWK1 13 years ago

Good morning, drgnslayr. We missed you.

navyman 13 years ago

Bottom line in this game - the heart of the Jayhawks team - is the NO. 1 point guard in the country - Sherron

KANSTUCKY 13 years ago

I would like to take this opportunity to emphasize the underscore in KY_Cats. Did anyboby else see the halftime show on Full Court pointing out the six scholarship athletes Cal vacated from the previous team? SUGAR HI sugar low KY Gel. I plan to be around to see who hits 3000 wins first in about 30 years.

Joe Baker 13 years ago

It was the Phillycheese Steaks they all ate in Philly!!

The twins are homesick and the rest just couldn't handle genuine phillycheese steaks.

They'll be ready and focused for Tennessee.

lighthawk- Get the keys and bring munchies!! Smoke Tennessee!! RCJHKU

bstew34864 13 years ago

I think al of the comments posted so far have been pretty good. Not sure what to think about the kentucky post, but that's the great thing about college bb it will be all settled on the court. By the way kentucky poster be wary of slick jimmy. As mentioned before he has left other programs a mess. And I see no reason why he won't do the same to kentucky.

Now the game. Cornel absolutely amazed me at how good a basketball team they are. I think they would do pretty well if they played in the Big least the first year. What I mean is what is supposed to seperate BCS conferences from the rest is the level of athleticism that BCS conferences can recruit. As well as in the case of the Ivy leagues lower academic admission requirements. So, once cornel went through the first cycle of Big 12 teams they would get their bell rung because Big 12 teams would figure out that you have to "run" a team like cornel and use your athleticism to overpower them.

I applaud the hawks for their grit and determination, but even with the missed layups and the bad shooting KU still should have won this game by 10 to 15 points. I love bill self but the problem here was coaching. Look, as good as cornel is they don't have what I would call great athletes. Especially in the open court. We go at least 10 to 11 deep. We should have been pressing them the whole game and using the major advantage we have against them. Our athleticism! Why do we have all these good players unless we are going to use them. Not playing Elijah Johnson in the game to me is ridiculous. He was just what we needed in a game like this. From what I could tell cornell went about 8 deep and did not have great ball handlers. The only one who could manufacture his own shot on a consistent basis was whittman. The rest depended on screens. A press would have forced them to use more clock bringing the ball down and given them less time to run their offense, thus using their set of screens.

I say to coach self, press more and let the kids run more versus always trying to manufacture shots using an offense that has to run through our big men all of whom hae not displayed any consistent ability to score in the low post. Especially Cole.

I say let them run and play basketball...go hawks


RomanJayhawk 13 years ago

A lot of people have been talking about how good/bad Cornell is or how good/bad KU played but what I really liked about this article is the class that HCBS showed. He praised the play of Cornell AND KU which is what everybody should be doing. It is extremely difficult to play your best game every game during a 30+ game season. To be able to win a game like this is a great achievement. How many teams, professional or college have gone undefeated and won a national championship? KU will, more than likely, lose a few games this season just like they did in 2008. The result in March is what really matters. What is nice is that our coach, our team, and most of our fans have the knowledge and class to realize this. That being said, GREAT GAME!

One last thing, I agree with whoever said that X needs to get stronger to the basket. If he were able to drive and score, dish, or get fouled more often it should open up more plays for the entire team. JMHO. Go Hawks!!!!

Marcia Parsons 13 years ago

Didn't you read what Self said? They ordered Philly Cheese Steaks for everyone to eat after the game, and they never arrived. Person taking the order probably thought it was a prank call, someone ordering 20 (or more) cheese steaks.

Brett Arnberger 13 years ago

KY_CATS1 - You may want to think back to a game Kentucky had at HOME against some lowly mid major....Miami (OH) possibly, or someone worse and it took a last second shot by Wall to propell you to a W. I'd think long and hard before I go to another school's message board and start spouting off at the mouth. Cornell is a 1 win (dare I say sweet 16) tourney team. Better hope Kentucky stays hot and gets a #1 or #2 seed because you don't want to fall to a #3/#4 seed and see these guys in the first round.

Vincent Patterson 13 years ago

Can we get some full court pressing please??? We are clearly the deepest team in the country so why not use it to our advantage in situations like last night to change the tempo of the game and possibly gets some easy buckets? What does HCBS have against the press???????

Great game Sherron. Gotta love that "killa' in him. That kinda reminded me of the Paul Pierce vs Oklahoma performance back in '96 or '97. Just put the team on his back and hooped out!!

Tough game. Great win. Experience from games like that will pay huge dividends come tourney time.

Steve Gantz 13 years ago

I'm glad we won, but some people here are acting like we just beat Duke. I didn't see the 1st half, finally kicked the kid off the computer so I could ESPN360 the 2nd half, and proceeded to watch us miss shot after shot, rebound after rebound, turnover after turnover, and then, fortunately they realized how much better they were and put together a run to end the game. Cornell was surprisingly good, but I think we were surprisingly bad. Good to see Sherron will his team to victory.

Phoggin_Loud 13 years ago

Wasn't Adolph Rupp from Kansas?
You're welcome, KY.

Vincent Patterson 13 years ago

Drgnslayr, just read your post. We are obvoiusly on the same page. Couldn't agree with you more.

Mike Barnhart 13 years ago

KUShaw, get over yourself!

You must have written 10,000 words on this topic. Guess what? Nobody read it!

Brevity is the key to message boards.

I'm done.

jhokfan 13 years ago


Your coach and your program is a probation waiting to happen. The only people who don't know that are the toothless residents of Kentucky. When that train wreck transpires make sure you come back here and tell us about it.

Smasher88 13 years ago

I think that might of been the best individual performance since Nick against Duke his senior year.

Chris Shaw 13 years ago

jjjjjhok: I guess you're the percentage that was "Shocked" and "Appalled" last night during the Cornell game (Again, this is a sarcastic question)?

Is that concise enough for you?

kvskubball 13 years ago


Look at the FT stats, we did not do a poor job shooting FT's....mostly because Sherron shot over half of them, but as a team, we were better than our team avg!

jhokfan 13 years ago


I read an article a while back by a psychologist who did research on the subject of internet trolls. This psychologist called it a mental illness and believes it is a coping mechanism that allows maladjusted people to deal with their own insecurities and issues. They use the internet because they lack the confidence to interact in conventional ways and the internet is a place where they feel the safest. Most are unemployed and the few that are typically have a menial job requiring a high degree of subservience. They have few or no friends and contact with their own family is limited. They are highly insecure and sometimes delusional. They often concoct elaborate lies about their employment, financial situation and social status. They deliberately generate conflict to fill the void in their life which is usually consumed by a feeling of powerlessness. Trolling is a means of seeking recognition that has escaped them in their real life. Sadly, most are the victim of bullies during childhood.

justinryman 13 years ago

I dont get the "JayhawkNetwork" here in Omaha, but was very happy that they cut into the Puke Iowa St. game for the last 6 mins so I could see how Sherron finnished the game. But was also very impressed with how Cole when he got the ball in the post finished strong, plus his monsterous block set the tone late in the game. It caused a travel late, just the thought of him behind Foot(sp) made him hop.

Those two are a dynamic duo.

Nice to see X hit his freebies late as well.

As sloppy as a game this might of been, this was a good win for KU, something they can pull from come tourny time when those "pesky" early round teams come calling. Just hope the younger guys remember and learn from it.

Rock Chalk

John Boyle 13 years ago

wissoxfan83, What game were you watching? "turnover after turnover"? We only had 10 turnovers in the game. Be intelligent with your post. You were right about poor shooting and we did allow some second and third shots but when teams shoot threes against you the rebounds go long and it is much harder to be consistent rebounding. The guards must help the rebounding instead of heading up the court for fastbreaks. You can't fastbreak if you don't have the ball.

goshenjhawk 13 years ago

KUShaw -- count me among those who read your analysis. I enjoy your breakdown of the players after each game.
jjjjjhok -- seriously, who peed in your wheaties this morning?

Joe Baker 13 years ago

oldalum (anonymous) says... Didn't you read what Self said? They ordered Philly Cheese Steaks for everyone to eat after the game, and they never arrived. Person taking the order probably thought it was a prank call, someone ordering 20 (or more) cheese steaks.

oldalum- Yes. I am aware of what happened. They got their cheesesteaks. He just didn't announce it. They got them to go at one of the local hangouts on the way out of town. Self just didn't mention that part. LOL

Lighten up oldalum. It's just light comments to lighten up the mood on this crazy thing.

Blake Brown 13 years ago

Selfs comment "we played well" is not how I would characterize how we played this game. It was obvious we were being challenged and the team concept was abandoned and a lot of shots were taken out of the offense pattern with no rebounding possibility. We missed so many layups and critical free throws. The Morris twins did not have a good night, Robinson had his usual mistakes on both ends of the floor in a brief stint, CJ looked lost in another brief appearance. Our defense was probably the highlight and even then we ran under screens instead of fighting through them and gave them repeated opportunities to get off a decent shot. In previous games this year, I have witnessed many of the opponents 3 point shots being wide open and missed and thought it is just a matter of time before it catches up with us and this was one of those times. X missed so many good looks. Thank God Sherron was on or we are in big trouble. On a positive note, its great that some of our pieces are so good, we can be tough even when shots are not falling. Reed, Morningstar and Taylor played some wicked D. Cole is still a force on both ends. Marcus shows some great footwork on D for a big man. [What has happened to Markief? ] As I always say, there is nothing like making shots. We will have these kind of nights, but let`s hope they are few and far between and on those nights, we have Sherron or another step up for a career night and bail us out. Rock Chalk!

KU 13 years ago

I think it was a good win because it proved Coach Self's philosophy works. As I've said before, Coach Self builds his teams for nights like last night--nights when you don't have the motivation or the energy; nights when nothing will go in the hoop, not even put-back dunk attempts; nights when 75% of the 50-50 balls bounce the opponent's way. Self builds his teams around toughness and defense. That way, on nights when you only score 60, you can still bank on holding the other team to 59. Fortunately, we remembered our commitment to defense in the second half, holding Cornell to 25 after the break.

Cornell is a nice team, but some of you are making them sound like the second-coming of Hondo's Celtics. This team got run out of the gym by Syracuse 88-73 earlier this year. (Syracuse, by the way, just pounded the Memphis team KU struggled with 74-57.) Cornell has two guys that could play on any team in the country plus a bunch of smart role players. There are a lot of teams like that vying for a national championship.

It wasn't pretty. I didn't like it. But you have to win about 4 or 5 games like that during a long season if you want to be an elite team.

One down.......which games will prove to be the other 4 grind-it-out games of the year?

Steve Brown 13 years ago

jhokfan, would you pls stop picking on me at least until I can get a job.....

KU Says: some of you claim cornell is 2nd coming....

I plead guilty.... I admit I'm fawning over them. I was expecting another so so foe coming into AFH getting awed by our fans, gym, tradition, pep band, and TALENT.

From the beginning I nudged my pal and said look how cute, not ONE of them are watching our video board... almost every other visitor team has 1/3 - 2/3 of players watching...their focus and intensity was perfect from the start. They got the most out of their talent and if their footer had any decent backup for a little rest, they would have succeeded, as he was winded & out of gas in the end.

You are right they are just nice, not top ten, but on this night they brought it to us. Cornell brought what I want in every opponent, their A game & executed it well.

smoke T.

Jack Wilson 13 years ago

jhwkfan162515 - His post was right on. We should be embarrassed. KU's post above is absolutely right. You have to win a handful of these. This stuff happens, even to the best teams. I'd say two down .. Memphis was the other grind it out, find a way to win game so far. And as for how good Cornell is, would they finish ahead of anyone other than Colorado and Nebraska in the Big 12?

All I want is for coach Self to really evaluate the minutes he's giving Taylor/Reed right now, and the Morrises vs. Robinson.

Brian Stoops 13 years ago

When do we find out Tennessee's roster for the game on Sunday? Will Smith, Tatum, Williams, and Goins be playing?

Steve Brown 13 years ago

Stoops likely not, yet I hope so, as we want to beat the best they got.

suspend them next week if you must yet let us have at them...

smoke T.

jhokfan 13 years ago

lighthawk, thanks for reminding me. I sometimes forget the size of the target this team wears on their jersey. We get everyone's A game and yet we don't always bring our A game. Sherron put this team on his back last night but someone else is going to have to step up. 10 seconds to play and down by one. Every coach in the country is telling his players don't let number 4 beat you. They double up and Sherron has to find an open man. I think the reason why the 08 team was so good was because there we so many players who could beat you. This team has incredible depth but they can not match the type of leadership the 08 team had. Not yet anyways.

Mike Kendall 13 years ago


"I did enjoy Bobby Knight's comments about your coach X, as Memphis fans refer to him now."

Priceless, and, hella funny! Keep it up ralser--I like your posts!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Kendall 13 years ago


Don't you love your kid for taking over the computer during the KU game? Hey, which is more important-- your kid or KU basketball? Ha, Ha!

MGJayhawk 13 years ago

KUShaw - how about some more "quotation marks" in your posts, huh? Good analysis though.

It seems KU plays tight against good mid-major teams. That is the only thing about a Bill Self KU team that has gotten us in trouble in the past few years. It's kind of weird. Think about it:

Bradley Bucknell Davidson South Dakota State Southern Illinois

Hopefully we don't play Gonzaga or another mid-major in the tourney this year.

CaramelMacchMan 13 years ago

The Unit sounds good.

I don't why I am even responding to UK fan but we all KU fans should just ignore him/her.

UK fans are the most unrealistic fans and Have no knowledge for sports.

Steve Brown 13 years ago

this year killer bee:

BYU a tough draw for any top five to get in the 2nd round....mark it now.

back to T. smoke & disarm them.

JayhawkCasey 13 years ago

lighthawk, haha easy on the smoke tennessee. You have said that about 100 times this past week. We need to be bigger than judging these other schools for their mistakes. KU has made its share of mistakes. Just look how stupid the other school's posters look on this site. It was funny the first time I saw you post it though.

jaybate 13 years ago


You saw Cornell coming. Anyone who crits you has to say they did too, otherwise they have to seal the yap with glue. Congrats on Cornell and on more heavy lifting.

Chris Shaw 13 years ago

lighthawk: I agree about BYU! I also think Seattle could be a tough out as well if they make the dance.

Steve Brown 13 years ago

Casey: good advice, I'll get this out once and for all and be done with it.

Shuck Corn. Rob Raiders. Beat Bears. Calm Cyclones. Tame Tigers. Whip Wilcats. Barn Buffaloes. Corral Longhorns. someone else can take the sooners and aggies...

Tony Bandle 13 years ago

Stoops....I'll repeat my post from the other day;

The UT AD said that "the starting point for these four was dismissal and that UT would work back from there, not suspended for one game and work forward from there."

This program has taken some major credibility hits so I seriously doubt that we will see any of these four. However, their game against Charlotte showed that they still are dangerous with the remainder of the roster.

Kansas would be making a huge mistake if we take thes guys too lightly!!!

Tony Bandle 13 years ago

Plant the Aggies Boom the Sooners

Jfanallways 13 years ago

i think one reason we didnt put on the full court blitz and and utilize the bench was cornells ability to shoot. we havent shown a full press all year and i dont see enough defence in our half court sets to suggest a veteran team like cornell wouldnt zip up the court and drain unguarded threes.

Steve Gantz 13 years ago

Jayhawkjohn, I was watching the KU game! If you read my post you'd see that I only saw a part of the game, which seemed to have quite a few turnovers. Lighten up!

Tuskin 13 years ago

To those wanting to see a full press defense, just be aware that it has its own risks. A good team will pass over it to the open man and score quickly. See the 1988 championship game. Against a good team, it's a poor choice of defenses.

But it could shake up any team when used sparingly and unpredictably. That much would be nice to see.

Dan Harris 13 years ago

Whats the one item you will never see in a Kentucky fans shopping cart? Crest toothpaste!!!

Steve Brown 13 years ago

mother's day they don't send cards to their aunts.

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