Kansas defeats Texas, 80-68

  • 8 p.m., Feb. 8, 2010
  • Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jayhawks knock off Longhorns to get first win in Austin under Bill Self

Kansas forward Thomas Robinson and Marcus Morris give each other a flying chest bump during a Jayhawk run against Texas in the first half, Monday, Feb. 8, 2010 at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin.

Kansas forward Thomas Robinson and Marcus Morris give each other a flying chest bump during a Jayhawk run against Texas in the first half, Monday, Feb. 8, 2010 at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin.


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KU-Texas basketball

Reader poll

Who played the toughest for KU against Texas?

  • Marcus Morris 73% 3232 votes
  • Markieff Morris 5% 245 votes
  • Xavier Henry 9% 422 votes
  • Cole Aldrich 10% 459 votes
  • Other 0% 44 votes

4402 total votes.

Reader poll

What will KU's record be in its final four road games (Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Missouri)?

  • 4-0 31% 48 votes
  • 3-1 51% 78 votes
  • 2-2 13% 21 votes
  • 1-3 1% 2 votes
  • 0-4 0% 0 votes
  • Undecided 1% 2 votes

151 total votes.

— Sherron Collins pointed the index finger of both hands at a patch of boisterous Kansas University basketball fans celebrating the No. 1-ranked Jayhawks’ resounding 80-68 victory over No. 14 Texas on Monday night in Erwin Center.

“I wouldn’t say it’s over, but we’re sitting in a pretty comfortable spot,” Collins said, indicating his gesture was merely appreciation to the 1,000 or so KU supporters on hand, not a signal that KU has wrapped up the No. 1 slot in the league race for the sixth straight season.

“I’d say it was one of the top five wins of my career,” Collins gushed of a game in which KU used a 22-0 run to build a 30-14 lead with five minutes left in the first half.

“We showed toughness, came here and won here for the first time in my career.”

The win, by the way, upped KU’s overall record to a sparkling 23-1 mark — and 9-0 in the conference. Texas fell to 19-5 and 5-4. Still breathing are three-loss teams Texas A&M;, Kansas State and Missouri.

“The Big 12 Conference is tough. Having a three-game lead is outstanding,” said KU sophomore Marcus Morris, the first-team All-Big 12 candidate — yes, he has been playing that well — who emerged as THE toughest player on the KU team Monday.

Morris dislocated the middle finger of his shooting hand seven minutes into the game, but after getting it taped, returned to the tune of 18 points and eight rebounds.

His brother Markieff had nine boards and eight points on a night KU — which received five boards from Cole Aldrich and Xavier Henry — outrebounded Texas, 45-34.

“Actually I tore something in it. I tore a tendon. I can’t really feel it,” Morris said of the top part of the finger. “It’s cool. I’m going to continue to play. It won’t stop me from playing.”

Indeed, no reason for KU fans to worry.

“He dislocated his finger in there, tore tendons in there. He won’t miss practice or anything,” said KU coach Bill Self, who won his first game at Erwin Center as KU coach after three losses. “He’ll play with some sort of splint the next month or so.”

Morris believes not his toughness, but the team’s toughness, was a big reason KU basically eliminated UT from contention in the league race.

“I think we came out and were real aggressive. We took the first punch and never let up,” said Marcus Morris, who hit seven of 10 shots.

“We played hard defense. We emphasized it in practice,” he added of double-teaming inside presence Dexter Pittman, who had three points off 1-of-5 shooting on a night Damion James hit for 24 points with 10 rebounds and J’Covan Brown 28 points — 26 the second half.

“Dexter is a big body. If you don’t double-team him, he’ll kill ya,” Marcus Morris added.

Self paid his small forward the ultimate compliment, saying: “Guys, he’s not one of the better players in the league, he’s one of the better players in the country.”

The top team in the country was in control almost all the way, at least after the 22-0 run that turned a 14-8 deficit into the 30-14 advantage. KU led by as many as 19 the second half before UT cut it to eight down the stretch.

“My staff told me it was a 22-0 run in the first half,” Self said. “On the road against a team like this, that doesn’t happen very much.”

As far as what the victory means, Self, like his players, wouldn’t declare the Jayhawks league champs.

Not yet.

“We put ourselves in a favorable position,” Self said. “We have three tough road games left (Texas A&M;, Oklahoma State, Missouri). K-State, A&M; and Missouri all have three losses. Somebody could get hot and run the table.”

“We have to go to A&M;, Missouri, Oklahoma State. It’s tough,” Aldrich said. “We’re really proud right now, though.”


Benjamin Clay Jones 12 years, 4 months ago

Last week Mayer ended a column with "Who dat?" or "What up?" or something. Now the J-W headline writers come out with "Yeah baby!" Is the Journal-World finally learning how to be cool?

dukehester 12 years, 4 months ago

so where are ya keegs? your favored team, your choice for #1 in nation, your choice for a win last night.....didn't even give the 'Hawks what the buffs did! on their own court! man up and give some props to the team that really is #1 and really is the reason you have a job!

eastTXjayhawk 12 years, 4 months ago

What a fantastic day.

I'm off to reap the rewards....

Thank you Jayhawks!!


Dyrk Dugan 12 years, 4 months ago

for 25 minutes, it was 47-22 Austin. that's all you really need to say....we just completely overwhelmed them. dominated the boards, 12 steals, and our two best players go 5-23.

this is a great statement game, and hats off to Coach Self, the staff and players for really coming together.

three games in five days, and our third game was our best. Rocking and Chalking to another Big 12 title!

Chris Shaw 12 years, 4 months ago

Gernal: All I can say is from "Tip" to"Finish" that was the most complete game Kansas has played all season. I am seriously PUMPED, JACKED AND ANY OTHER ADJECTIVE TO DESCRIBE COMPLETE BLISS at the moment. I am just really excited about how this team played tonight. The energy and focus that KU exhibited thoughout the entire 40 minutes was absolutely spectacular and it all started IMO with Sherron Collins. Collins, even though the player of the game went to Marcus, contolled the Tempo and set the pace the entire game. Collins was everywhere tonight and he really kept this team completely focused over a 2.5 hour period. Wow! What a fantastic game. Let's disect my pre-game analysis and what I thought were the keys to the game initially. Here was my originial post about 5:00 today.

"1) Free Throw Shooting-I would like to see this area improve as the last two games have been horrendus. I would like to see how the team responds to a Big Game in a Big Moment. Let's see some improvement in this area and I'll be happy. I'll say anywhere from 63 percent above would be a big improvement. Baby Steps!"

Well, the Jayhawks shot 22-29 good enough for almost 76 percent on the night. Not only did this team take some "Baby Steps" they completely stepped up in crunch time and knocked down free throws like you were suppose to. Great focus in the free throw department. However, I about fell over in laughter at the Brady Morningstar Free Throw. That was crazy, awkard, intense, and absolutely hilarious all at the same time. He is going to get made fun of big-time for that. I loved it.

"2) Rebounding-Kansas' rebounding hasn't been stellar either the last couple of games so I am excited to see how Kansas crashes the boards tonight. The twins are going to have to be extra "Active" tonight."

Credit KU for holding their own against a very good rebounding team in Texas. KU actually led Texas in the rebounding department by 1 (35 vs 34 overall). Texas did beat Kansas by 3 on the offensive rebounds (14 vs 11), but Texas really shot the ball terribly. I thought the Twins were active as hell tonight as they both combined for 17 rebounds. Kieff even had 3 blocks tonight. I was very impressed with the Twins "Effort" and I was very proud of the toughness that Marcus exhibted tonight. I have to admit that I was pretty nervous about his dislocated finger, but he came back better than ever. Man, what an effort by KU's bigs tonight.

Aldrich was a complete stud tonight. I know his offensive game was a little rusty tonight, but it was very entertaining watching Pittman and Aldrich go at each other and combine for 10 blocks between the two of them. I thought that technical on Aldrich was little bogus, but I love tenacity and fire Aldrich has shown the last two games. I love the little trash talking coming from "The Big Minnesotan".

Chris Shaw 12 years, 4 months ago

"3) Xavier Henry-I'm anxious to see how X responds to a Nationally Televised game on ESPN and how he responds against his fellow peers who were just as highly regarded as him in Avery Bradley and Jordan Hamilton. Hamilton IMO has been one of the best freshman in the country the last 5 or 6 games. I want to see how X's personality comes out tonight with the "Bright Lights" on."

This has to be very encouraging not only for Jayhawk fans, but Xavier Henry himself. He played fantastic tonight. His stroke from downtown still isn't there, but he found other ways to "Impact" the game. He stepped up his game tonight against his other fellow "Elite Peers" in his class and completely out-played Bradley and Hamilton. X was picking his spots very well tonight and he was rebounding the heck out of it tonight. This is the type of "Intensity" I've been waiting from X. He actually showed some "Assertiveness" tonight and it showed in his game. He wanted to prove that he was the best freshman on the floor and he did exactly that. Now, X needs to play with that attitude every game and show people why he should be the best player on the court. X took a giant step tonight IMO. I know I've been hard on the kid all season, but he has the type of personality that can handle it. He showed a lot of character tonight and proved he was a big time player when the "Bright Lights" turned on.

"4) Marcus vs James-This is the match-up I have been wanting to see all season. I want to see how far Marcus has come and i want to see if he's ready for the next step. I know Marcus was "Jacked" to play Brackens from ISU, but James is on a whole different level simply because of his rebounding effectiveness. I can't wait for this match-up."

To be honest, I thought these two would have guarded each other more. I was actually shocked when X took the assignement of guarding James tonight. You know, I think X having the responsibility of trying to stop James tonight actually got X more focused for this game and took him away from thinking about the game. X just played ball tonight and I think that was a direct cause of him paying a little more attention to his defensive assignment tonight.

In the few spurts of the game we as fans did get to see Marcus/James match-up on one another, but I was expecting a bigger dual between the two of them. I thought when Marcus did guard James that Marcus matched up very well against him. I am just glad that Marcus' finger seems to be okay. It's going to hurt quite a bit over the next few days, but I am sure he'll get the best treatment around. Good job with X and Marcus on James tonight.

Chris Shaw 12 years, 4 months ago

"5) Blow-Out: The only way I see a complete "Failure" tonight for the Hawks is if they dont' show-up tonight. I don't see how you couldn't show-up in a game like this, but that would raise some eyebrows and would allow me to start having some great concerns about this team. Let's hope we dont' have to charter into this category."

No need to talk about this category, Huh? Start to finish, the best game the Jayhawks have played all season. What an effort!

Other tidbits:

1) Next to Collins, I thought Brady Morninstar had one of the best games of his career in a Kansas Uniform and helped Collins shoulder the leadership role tonight. I thought Morningstar helped Collins set a tone tonight and kept all the Jayhawks focused for 40 minutes. He did every single little thing tonight to a perfection. I'll tell you, late in the second half when Brady was dribbling on the sideline and it looked like he was going to hand the ball off..........he instead took it baseline went up for the lay-up and instead of tossing up a bad shot kicked out to the top of the arc for a wide open 3 attempt by X. I know X missed the shot, but that play eptiomizes what Brady Morningstar means to this team. The opposition can't figure out what to do with that little rascal and I absolutely love it. One final note about Brady, I can't stop laughing at that Free Throw attempt. I chuckle thinking about it everytime. LMAO!

2) Turnovers was a key stat where the Jayhawks excelled tonight. They had 10 turnovers for the game, but what I think is even bigger than that is that KU had 23 or 25 points off of Texas' 17 turnovers and Texas had 0 points off of KU's 10 turnovers. Again, I think this goes back to Collins and Morningstar setting a good tone for the game and making sure everybody kept their focus. All of the guards, Collins, Morningstar, Taylor, and Reed did a great job of taking care of the ball tonight. Fantastic performance.

3) It looks like Self has gotten this team to an 8 man rotation and he will use Robinson and Withey when needed. I thought I would see some of Robinson and Withey tonight, but between Marcus, Kieff and Cole, there really wasn't any need. Those guys better be ready for future games though. How many of you like the 8 man rotation? I wasn't sold on it initially, but after tonight's performance I feel pretty dad gum good about it.

Chris Shaw 12 years, 4 months ago

4) Tyshawn Taylor-I was very pleased with Taylor's effort and play tonight. I think he is adjusting to his new role nicely and gave KU 19 solid minutes tonight. I thought he should have gotten a couple calls on some of his drives, but he stayed focus and just went on to the next play. I hated to see Taylor foul Brown on a 3, but that was a pretty poor decision on his part. That's okay, Taylor is getting better and getting more comfortable and he's going to be "Special" before this season is over with.

5) I am going to end on Brent Musburger and Bob Knight. Did anybody else think that Musburger was a little premature with just over a minute to go in handing KU the victory? As much as Texas was going to foul, I thought Musburger was completely wrong in delivering that message to the viewers at home. KU still had to knock down quite a few free throws and I think Texas had an opportunity to get it down to 8 at one point right after he said. Oh well!

I did find it interesting when both Knight and Musburger voiced their opinion on Xavier about college. They both thought he should stay another couple of year, but I really think X just needs another year in college to fine tune his skills. Knight actually said it perfectly IMO when he stated that he thought X was a little bit of a tweener between the guard and small forward spot. I think X is going to have to work on his ball handling to be a very effective guard at the next level. Anyway, I agreed with Bob Knight's analysis on X tonight. Even though I thought this was a stepping stone game for X, I would like to see him in some "Half-Post" opportunities a few times a game from about the 8-12 foot range. It's getting there for X and i was very encouraged by his performance tonight.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!!!!!!!! What a spectacular game! KU has off until Saturday and they have a day or so where they can truly enjoy this win. Let's take care of business against ISU on Saturday before another Big Monday showdown next week on the road against Texas A&M.

SDSurferFan 12 years, 4 months ago

Back in San Diego from a trip to Lawrence to see gma and go to a game. I need to stay away from getting tickets to the lesser b12 opponents. NU game was better than the CU game I went to last year. A little more energy, but as written and discussed by players and Self...a game that they just wanted to get through to meet Texas. I was surprised the student section felt the same way, because they were relatively quiet. It was still great to be in Lawrence though!!!!

Anyway, great to see them win last night.

slowplay 12 years, 4 months ago


You should ask the LJW for some column space. I enjoy your analysis, more so than some of the "paid" sportswriters. That said, I think your spot on about X, but I don't think 1 game out of the past 7 or 8 tells us a lot. He still has trouble going to the basket with his right hand and was surprised the Texas defenders didn't force him right (like K-state, Colorado and Missouri). He was on James and didn't step up on those 3's. Most coaches will tell you an 8 man rotation (when possible) is ideal. All in all, a very satisfying win.

Marcia Parsons 12 years, 4 months ago

Enjoyed your recap, as always kushaw, but had a question. In item 2) you stated that we outrebounded Texas 35-34, whereas the article says we "outrebounded Texas, 45-34." Was that a typo on your part, or did they get it wrong?

Chris Shaw 12 years, 4 months ago

oldalum: They Typo was on their part. The box score says 35 vs 34 in Kansas' favor in the rebound department.

KGphoto 12 years, 4 months ago

Pretty good analysis indeed kushaw. You could, however, shorten it up by about 10-15% by eliminating the word "tonight".

Just a little nitpicking. ; )

Chris Shaw 12 years, 4 months ago

kgphoto: That's why I am not a paid journalist. LOL!

Ben Kane 12 years, 4 months ago

I don't ever remember a kansas team that was as good as this one at finding ways to win. Often in the past our talent and game plan was enough to put teams away, but this year we seem to excel regardless of what type of game it is. After the last game I referred to "a nose for winning" and I still think that's the best way to put it.

Last night was the epitime of Marus' transformaiton. I can't say enough about it so that is all I will say.

Perhaps it is my perspective here in Lexington but the only team that scares me come tourney time is Ky. Fortunately, they are so young that I see a high chance somebody could pick them off before they get to us but I think they match up very well against us and Cousins (complete thug that he is) is a beast. I know the country is in love with John Wall but if I was an NBA GM I'd take Cousins with the first pick.

I think at this point X is coming back for sure. I forsee a starting lineup of:

Twin Twin Brother Brother Morningstar


Chris Shaw 12 years, 4 months ago


I will go out on a limb:

Josh Selby (By the way, he comes into town on Saturday) EJ X Marcus Kieff

Taylor, Withey, Reed, Little, Releford, and Robinson as the bench.

If KU fans thought Self had trouble with a line-up this year, wait until next year if X does decide to come back and we have a log jam at the 3 spot with X, Releford, and Little. It's a good problem to have, but still.

Chris Shaw 12 years, 4 months ago

Darn it! I can't believe I just left Morningstar off the list altogether. LOL! That was really dumb. So add Morningstar into that mix as well. I don't know, if X does return that causes quite a few problems with a an already deep roster for next year.

thmdmph 12 years, 4 months ago

2 more Big Mondays to go. 1 more TT (no, not T. Taylor), "Tough T's" (Temple, Tenn, Texas, and Texas A&M) left this year.

What's up with Bob Knight last night. His observations were a little bit off. It all started with saying Taylor's first touch turned into a 3 pointer. No, Taylor made a big turn over long before that. Nevertheless, he's still much better than most others.

How can identical twins be so different. Mc Morris is a beast and knocks free-throws like cupcakes. Mk Morris is just cannot hit free-throws if his toy guns depends on it.

Good thing Calisleezy's pay off to the ref's near the end of the game didn't payoff. That was one of the greatest moment of KU's team this year, so weather that come back in a hostile environment when the ref's were against you.

Aldrich and X needs another year. Aldrich looks a lot like the Morrises last year. Last night, early in the second half, he set a screen, then Collins drove by him. What did Aldrich do next, just stood out there way beyond the arch watching the action. He needs to do a lot of condition. X is very good and will recover before the year ends, but I'm with Coach Knight - "three more years".

I'm sick of TT. Every game, he does several (not one) bone head lesser than freshman moves. It shows what maturity can do for you. Look at X. He hit the freshman wall real bad - and yet he's still playing within himself. Not doing a lot of idiotic things. Now, TT. Enough said.

Self's toughest job from here on out is to keep the team motivated. Good luck coach.

KANSTUCKY 12 years, 4 months ago

It's too bad we didn't have any bigs available to come off the bench. We are the deepest team in the country and we have an eight man rotation. Maybe someone will ready to contribute by the Big XII tourney.

Chris Shaw 12 years, 4 months ago

kanstucky: Kieff came off the bench as a "Big" for KU last night? Do you not consider Marcus a "Big" who starts at the 4 spot? I am just curious. Aldrich, Marcus, and Kieff were huge last night for KU's frontline.

slowplay 12 years, 4 months ago

Aldrich is a top 10 pick on almost every draft board. He will not be back. X will be back, unless he has a monster end to the season. Remember, the NBA drafts on potential as well as immediate impact. If we believe he will only get better with another year at KU, pro-scouts are saying, "let's draft him now and he can get better with us".

KGphoto 12 years, 4 months ago

J'Covan Brown had the quietest 28 points I've ever seen in my life.

Kansas had 7 players score 5 or more. Texas had 3.

All eight Kansas players scored. Only 5 of 12 Texas players scored.

Now about guessing next year's lineup. Impossible. But here goes.

1 Sherron Collins (Oh Damn! What the hell are we gonna do?)

I'll give it another shot.

1 Johnson (Taylor)

2 Morningstar (Reed)

3 Little (Releford)

4 Kief (Robinson)

5 Withey (Robinson)

I don't think Daddy Henry will let X stay, no matter what happens. Therefore I don't see CJ sticking around either. And if Marcus keeps it up, he's gone too. (If he stays, obviously he's our best player, and all the bigs get knocked down a spot).

Redlandsjhawk 12 years, 4 months ago

We seem to be finally firing on all cylinders. As they say in the Bud Light commercials "Here We Go"!!

Sally Presson 12 years, 4 months ago

Great game Hawks!!! I'm glad you're getting a few days rest before getting ready for ISU on Saturday. these guys--there's never a rest, everyone is always after you and ready to pick you off. Just think about it--they have to be up and running the entire season, everyone wants to bump off the Jayhawks--NOT!!! I love their fight and that bogus foul on Cole was awful, I know elbows aren't suppose to be thrown, but dang, Cole was carrying him piggy back and is james a big baby or what!! The Twins are outstanding, everyday I'm thankful we have them. Bobby Knight hit the nail on the head when he said X needs to stay and get better. If we could keep him 3 more years that would be outstanding, but at least we ought to have him next year. Last night he did so much better. the freshman wall is coming down--watch out--the rest of the season he's going to shock everyone. As always--It's great to be a Hawk fan!! Rock Chalk

JHWK 12 years, 4 months ago

@ kushaw - nice summary. Start your own blog, man. We all should, for that matter... What a game! Rock Chalk. I agree that, as many of us said, MarcM would - and did - shine like the star he has become. Nice stage to do that on, too. Really liked how MarkM kept himself poised despite some lame calls, and really relished taking on Pitman in the paint, despite the size difference.

Sherron and Brady really have a great court awareness for each other, and it only gets better the more games they play. TT didn't have as good a game as he has shown lately, but I only found myself yelling at him once or twice, rather than the customary 4-5 times. That's not bad!

I, too, have been critical of X when he seems to fade on the offensive end during big games. He actually drove inside the 3-point line on multiple occassions, and sometimes even made his shot! Who knew?! I am concerned that, even when he drives on the right side of the basket, he switches to his left hand to finish. This is one thing the extra year under HCBS and Danny the Man would give X. Gotta be more ambidextrous. Still, what a great game for him to decide he could play with the big boys. We blew the D on James a number of times, but he's a bigtime player, and he was going to get his looks.

As many of you have said, Cole is a new kid since December. I just love having him around, and seeing his aggressive approach lately has to be striking fear into all those who must play him. Sure, his offense was absent, but his D was AWESOME! Look out All-Americans - KU is coming on!! It reminds me of the '08 season where we had some many good players, it 'vanilla-d' them a little because how could just 1 be singled out!

I gotta voice my concern, once again, that poor EJ should have red-shirted. What is the use of all that skill sitting over there, not likely to see any competition from here on?? I know it is done, I just feel bad for the kid. 4 years of playing would have been a lot better for him.

Rock Chalk!! I agree with many of you that there is some good stuff to work on among these 8 in the top rotation, and it will hopefully even get better!

KGphoto 12 years, 4 months ago

By the way, being in Denver I can't help but notice. Marcus' game is only a few moves away from Carmelo Anthony. They have incredibly similar styles. Same body. Same shot. Same fire. Marcus is just a couple years and a little athleticism behind.

63Jayhawk 12 years, 4 months ago

Anyone else notice that when the team came off of the floor at the end of the game, EJ had a serious scowl on his face. He did not look happy at all. At the same time, Jeff Whithy, who also did not play, was grinning big time. They were right next to one another and the contrast was striking.

keith horinek 12 years, 4 months ago

I predict X will be here next year. Even Bobby Knight eluded to the fact he needs another year or maybe two. Cole can be replaced with either Robinson or Keiff and be backed up by Whithey. The biggest loss will be Sherron. So far nobody has stepped up to his level of play. That will be the biggest unkown for next year. Who will replace Sherron.

Joe Baker 12 years, 4 months ago

Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU

I liked it...keep flyin' Hawks!

The Hawks are spreading those wings.

Ben Kane 12 years, 4 months ago

I really don't see this team changing too much in the next month. working it inside with Marcus and Cole will take us right to the final four!

Joe Baker 12 years, 4 months ago

oljhwk- EJ will never be SC but he could be pretty dang close, with some more height too. EJ will be a phenom if we can keep him injury free and all four years. He will be huge his Jr and Sr yrs.

Also, Royce will be a great addition over the next few years. I doubt we see much of him for his frosh or soph year with our guards. If he jumps in and competes, he could earn some significant pt his frosh and soph yrs.

Rick Arnoldy 12 years, 4 months ago

At this point, I won’t be surprised to see X come back for another year and I also wouldn’t be surprised to see CJ come back even if X leaves. From what we keep hearing, CJ’s got game but his injuries have held him back. This has almost been a lost year for him. If he comes back and has a solid year next season, he could have a shot at the next level.

BCRavenJHawkfan 12 years, 4 months ago

Many ears perked up when Bob Knight indicated Xavier needs to stay several years.

So this is what I propose. For the remainder of the home games when Xavier is introduced in the starting lineup the PA should play "Stay, Just a Little Bit Longer". My preference is the Jackson Browne version which probably shows my age, but the Frankie Valli version is okay too and prefered above the Chantels version.

It's gotta work.

MIZNIT 12 years, 4 months ago

KGPhoto: I almost always enjoy your posts! But the comparison between Carmello (One of if not the most gifted scorers in the NBA) to Marcus Morris (An undersized 4) Is insane!! Marcus has made an amazing amount of progress on his game! However, there is no comparison between these two.

MIZNIT 12 years, 4 months ago

BCRAven JHawkfan: What about the original version by Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs?

Steve Gantz 12 years, 4 months ago

I don't give a "---" about next year. Let's focus on this year! This team still concerns me with what's looking like their playing down to opponents.

Sherron4308 12 years, 4 months ago

Having gone to the game tonight and seeing the guys play I'm going to have to disagree with the comment made about Tyshawns play. You can see on the court that he is trying to do the right thing. He gets down in a stance plays nose to nose defense but mentally is just not there. He makes stupid decisions about when to attack on offense and when to sit back on defense. His ball handling is questionable as far as bringing the ball up and throwing those lazy passes to Sherron or Brady. He did however impress with the outside shot he hit last night but down the stretch made a stupid foul on Brown which gave him three at the line.

Quietest 28? We gave him about 10 down the stretch of the game off lay ups and wide open 3.

Tyshawn will click in big 12 post season. His head will figure out he's a ball handler defender and open shot taker. He needs to get rid of the shooting sleeve because god knows he's not a shooter.

X had a big game as far as knocking his free throws down. I don't mind the wide open threes or even the drives to the buckets. He looks like he's becoming more aggressive and coming into his own a little more each and every game. I think sitting on the sideline for much of the last couple games has made him realize how aggressive he needs to be.

Marcus is a great compliment to cole offensively knocking down the 5-15 foot jumper and is attacking finishing layups and making freethrows.

Withey is awesome. He should get some minutes towards big 12 tourney. Maybe even this weekend against Iowa state. He's dominate like cole was as a freshman but looks like he has a mid range game to compliment. A summer in the weight room and he'll be awesome next season.

As far as next year goes I see Selby coming to ku Brandon knight at Kentucky and wooldridge red shirting. He will be special after a year.

  1. EJ
  2. Morningstar
  3. X
  4. Marcus
  5. Withey

reserves- Selby 1/2 Reed-2 little- 3 markieff-5 Robinson-4 releford- 2/3 tyshawn- 1/2 or transfer

look for releford to be the slasher that tyshawn isn't. He'll knock down the three and realizes that defense is what keeps him on the floor. He's an athlete.

Justin Millsap 12 years, 4 months ago

From today's "Forde Minutes" by Pat Forde on

Best Basketball Town: Lawrence (10).

Comment: "Lawrence is clearly the class of the Big 12 in hoops, the only one to win an NCAA title since the league was formed. Before KU won as a Big Eight team in 1988, the last titles belonged to Kansas in 1952 and Oklahoma State, twice in the 1940s when, I believe, they were playing three-on-three at each end, no crossing midcourt. As for Allen Fieldhouse, it's like a museum, maybe one that is haunted. I always think a famous dead guy is going reach out and shake my hand."

Also receiving votes: None. Lawrence was the lone unanimous pick in the entire survey.

--As if we didn't already know....

CoolDoc_Jones 12 years, 4 months ago

This is totally unrelated to the article, but I would love to have this answered.

Why didn't KU make the tourney in the 1989 season?

This may sound like a silly question to a lot of you but I wasn't born yet. I'm guessing this is the right place to ask.

Thanks a lot guys.

Hank Cross 12 years, 4 months ago

CoolDoc-It was punishment from the NCAA for a recruiting violation for someone who later went to Memphis State.

BCRavenJHawkfan 12 years, 4 months ago

MIZNIT: The Zodiacs, very good. Much before my time, thus the reason for my affinity to the Jackson Browne version. But extra credit to you man, one has to be a true "music hound" to know that.

Double extra credit; which do you like better, Loco-Motion by Little Eva or the one by Grand Funk Railroad?

kvskubball 12 years, 4 months ago

Larry Brown met with Vincent Askew...a name that lives in my KU bball infamy. Brown thought he just had to have another hot guard and went after Askew, and in the process broke some NCAA reg.

So as punishment and reward...Brown left to coach Pros and we got Roy for the start of a great ride...I think that '89 team started off something like 15-0 and then wilted because they didn't have anything to play for and ended up with 19 wins. I think that is the only team that Roy has coached that didn't win twenty games, though this year's UNC team probably won't win 20. Is it his only team to not make the NCAA tourney??? Again, that string is in jeopardy this year.

eastTXjayhawk 12 years, 4 months ago

what happened to "Austin Powers"? it was the headline this morning...and a nice one at that...

Kevin Huffman 12 years, 4 months ago

kushaw (anonymous) says... chuckberry:

I will go out on a limb:

Josh Selby (By the way, he comes into town on Saturday) EJ X Marcus Kieff

Taylor, Withey, Reed, Little, Releford, and Robinson as the bench.

If KU fans thought Self had trouble with a line-up this year, wait until next year if X does decide to come back and we have a log jam at the 3 spot with X, Releford, and Little. It's a good problem to have, but still.

***I think that Releford could start at the "2" next season.

Dyrk Dugan 12 years, 4 months ago

"Why didn't KU make the tourney in the 1989 season? "

unprecedented still...but yes, KU was put on probation by the NCAA...and we were banned for the tourney in '89. on a silly move, Larry paid for a plane ticket to have Vincent Askew fly home for his grandmother's funeral.

really dumb because we were nailed for a violation on a player that never played here.

unprecedented because we couldn't defend our title.

Jonathan Allison 12 years, 4 months ago


where does Brady Morningstar go next year?

SouthwestHawk 12 years, 4 months ago

EJ looks pretty excited about the play on the picture of this story for whoever thinks he is not happy, because of him not smiling at the end of the game. No need to say he is unhappy just off one second of air time when in a photo you can see he is excited.

Kye Clark 12 years, 4 months ago

plasticJHawk - funny, khuff80 is the second guy to do that today (kushaw did it earlier in the post). It is going to be a crowded field next year. Just think if no one leaves early our roster (in no particular lineup) would be:

PG - EJ, CJ, & TT SG - Brady, Tyrel, & Woolridge SF - X, Little, Releford "Bigs" - The Twins, Cole, TRob, & Withey

There's obviously many variables and permutations. We all think X could definitely use more seasoning at the collegiate level, but every mock draft (some updated as recently as today) still have him going in the first round. Is that enough for him? He came into the college game with one goal in mind, to make the leap to the NBA next year. And although most consider his mid-season struggles to be a sign that he is not ready, maybe he looks at it and decides to jump while he's still a 1st rounder and can be drafted almost solely on potential. Were he to come back and have some similar struggles next year, he could potentially play himself out of the 1st round of the draft. Cole is obviously going to be a first round pick, most likely a lottery pick. However, he is extremely dedicated to academics and fully embraces the collegiate experience, so it may not be quite a lock that he leaves. There's starting to be some buzz about Marcus being a first round pick. I don't think he jumps quite yet, opting instead to play with his brother another year and display his versatility even more next year (maybe picking up some minutes at the 3, a position he'll definitely play in the NBA). While I'm not wishing it, given earlier speculation from the facebook incident there is a possibility that Tyshawn transfers. And then there's the issue of an additional recruit. Right now we're still in the running for Lamb, Knight, and Selby. It's fun to speculate at the line-ups, but there's just too much still to be decided. Regardless of who comes, who leaves and who stays, it's clear we will have an abundance of talent next year as well.

P.S. Does anyone have a account? There's an teaser on there about Selby's return visit, but you have to have a membership to read the article. I always hate that about ESPN too.

FairgroveJayhawk 12 years, 4 months ago

Great Q&A on the '89 probation. I learn something new everyday!

Kye Clark 12 years, 4 months ago

ralster - interesting. I'd like to see EJ starting at the point next year. As for Woolridge, not only do I not see him starting next year, I don't see him playing. He'll almost have to take a redshirt. The only scenario I could envision him playing is if X leaves and CJ goes with him, TT transfers, and we don't sign another guard. All 3 of the players KU is recruiting are ranked higher than Woolridge, so he'll likely lose playing time to them if we land one. Even in that scenario, I still think minutes would be scarce. Operating under that scenario, and assuming Cole leaves as well, our team could look like this:

PG - EJ SG - Brady & Tyrel SF - Little & Releford PF - Marcus & TRob C - Markieff & Withey

Now we'd have some issues with not having a true back-up point guard. Maybe Brady brings the ball up in those minutes, and Releford can slide down and spell some minutes at the 2, Marcus can slide down and spell some minutes at the 3. Regardless, Woolridge isn't a point guard either. But that right there is a 9 man rotation. This year the team has been lauded as being incredibly deep, yet HCBS has pretty much an 8 man rotation, with Withey and Robinson picking up scraps of minutes when foul trouble dictates. Really, it's hard to see Royce not redshirting next year. He'll have to wait until both Brady & Tyrel are gone the following year.

Tony Bandle 12 years, 4 months ago

2009-2010 post season:

Sherron.....gone, graduation Cole..........gone, lottery pick Xavier........gone, OAD on potential Marcus......gone, stock rising like a rocket CJ.............gone, someone has to hold X's wallet Tyshawn....gone, transfers, fresh start somewhere else.


Selby/Reed Johnson/Woolridge Morningstar/Releford Withey/Markieff Robinson/Little

Three schollies to give....maybe a juco all-star and a four and a five star!!

HCBS...make sure one of these is a big man!!

Chris Shaw 12 years, 4 months ago

Do people really think Taylor is going to transfer? I think that very well could be a very bad decision for Taylor. If there ever was a time to transfer it would have been after his freshman year in a similar manner to Wesley Johnson. You're often forgotten about after that year off and I think it would be a possibly NBA career threatening opportunity for him to leave. Taylor is going to get through this, but running away from his troubles now almost through his sophomore year would be very very bad for his future IMO.

He missed his opportunity to transfer last year, but there was no reason for him to transfer after his freshman season. It will show NBA scouts a great deal about his character if he fights through this slump and changes his game and attitude for the better. I think he's already on his way with that change. Keep it up Taylor, good things are going to happen in a KU uniform in the future.

Kye Clark 12 years, 4 months ago

kushaw - I don't think he's going to transfer, and I defend TT seemingly all the time. I just said that given the alleged facebook incident, it has to atleast be considered as a possibility.

jaybate 12 years, 4 months ago

"Every other way you slice this game, KU should club Texas.

"If KU keeps TX from getting a lot of offensive rebounds, and KU shoots well from trey, KU will win by 15."

--jaybate the morning before the KU ass-whipping of Texas 80-68.

DocBean 12 years, 4 months ago

I don't think Taylor is going anywhere, and he's NOT coming off the bench next year. CJ isn't going anywhere either.

Elijah Johnson isn't playing, so he's not getting it done in practice; and I don't know enough about Selby to assume that Self would start him at point, so I'll pick Taylor for that spot.

Here's my best guess for next year's lineup.

Collins, Xavier, Cole, and possibly Marcus, all leave for the NBA after a National Title.

Starters / bench: 1. Taylor / Johnson / CJ Henry 2. Selby / Morningstar / Reed 3. Releford / Little - toss up on starter 4. Robinson / ??? 5. Mk Morris / Withey

Woolridge won't play much, kind of like E. Johnson this year. I'm hoping Marcus is back, but I'll trade him staying for a National Title this year.

Steve Brown 12 years, 4 months ago

Next year sets:

Depending upon clock and score and opponent you could create different platoons for next year for different missions:

protect the ball, on the road, 4 minutes left and we have the lead. 1. Brady 2. Reed 3. Marcus 4. Kieff - better improve FT%. 5. Whithey

Team speed must full court press and get a turnover. 1. EJ 2. TT 3. Little 4. Releford 5. TRob.

so many combinations what fun to speculate.

The road to INDY should have a couple cinderellas, to much balance in hoops this season, I hope not from our region. I no longer believe a very good team will stop us, it will take a fine team that also gets very hot. RCJHKU.

Kye Clark 12 years, 4 months ago

Oakville - I think that scenario is highly unlikely. In all probability I think it will play out as we thought it would coming into the season. Cole and X leave, possibly CJ as well. As previously stated, while I think its possible, I don't see TT transfering. He'll have to sit out a year which would be monumentally unappealing, and with Sherron leaving there will be an abundance of minutes up for grabs next year.

Also, I'm not exactly sure what to make of your line-ups for next year. You didn't put positions down, so I'm hoping that's not how you have it playing out 1-5. Reed at the point & EJ at the 2? Withey at the 4 & TRob at the 5? Not the other way around? Little at the 5?

Steve Brown 12 years, 4 months ago

Only 7 games remaining in regular season, makes sense that we may stub our toe in one of them, 29-2 not bad for this 'young' team.

Big 12 Title: nice.

Jbate nice call on Austin game.

ISU: we should win by 30. 91-63 and Cole gets a triple double, okay a double double.

jaybate 12 years, 4 months ago


Sometimes it seems like people take crazy pills at every meal, along with their vitamins. :-)

Of course, Tyshawn Taylor is not going to transfer.

Good, lord, he played great glue against Texas. He's a cornerstone of the team. He's very likely going to be the point guard next season. There is almost no chance of landing any PG that would be better than Tyshawn, or Brady, next season. It is almost nil.

Here is the dynamic driving criticism of TT.

Most persons cannot think of more than one thing at once.

Self put TT in the toughening box earlier this season and kept him in it, because he needed to be toughened up.

This focused persons attentions on TT and his shortcomings.

Once people focus on one player, they cannot believe how many mistakes they find that player making.

The persons who became obsessed with Sherron last year could not believe how many mistakes he made.

The persons who became obsessed with Brady last year and for a time this year could not believe how many mistakes he made.

The persons who became obsessed with Tyrel last year and this year could not believe how many mistakes he made.

The persons who became obsessed with Xavier could not believe how many mistakes he made.

The persons who became obsessed with the Twins could not believe how many mistakes they made.

jaybate 12 years, 4 months ago

The persons early last season who became obsessed with Cole after a few drubbings by more mature bigs could not believe how many mistakes he made.

Bulletin: In this world, you find whatever you look for. Science has had to struggle with this tendency from the beginning.

Fact: every player makes mistakes all the time. And lots of them. And whether or not they show up in the line score as mistakes.

What coaches make their decisions on is not whether players make mistakes. They all make mistakes. Coaches make their decisions as to who plays and who does not based on who is able to give the coach the most of what he is asking for in the role he has assigned, despite the bone headed plays he makes.

Tyshawn has turned into a great glue man at the 2. Between Tyshawn and Brady, KU can guard any kind of opposing 2 and maintain stellar glue on offense and defense.

Bill Self is very happy with Quantum T now. Bill Self knows exactly how hard it was in every way for Tyshawn to make this change to glue, from third impact option. But he respects Tyshawn deeply for making it for the team. Self knows how freaking hard it is to learn a new role, especially in D1, especially during a championship season.

Does Self wish Tyshawn would hold down the bone headed plays? Yes, Bill Self wishes every player would hold down the bone headed plays. But they all make bone headed plays and several a game. Everyone of them. Self isn't walking around on the sideline rolling his eyes, snarling, and fuming because they are all playing well. Self is in a war, a moment by moment struggle for his life to keep 18-23 year old males from defaulting to pure hormonal responses and childhood habits. He gets angry and he snarls and he pulls them when they don't give him what he wants.

But he has another set of expressions for the bone headed plays that come while they are giving him what he wants otherwise. It is an incredulous look. It is the look of any adult at their child who has just done something completely stupid, because there are still developmental gaps in their neural nets. It is the look of any person who has to work with 18-23 year old males. It is why adults who do work with this age group often have to be tolerant, amiable types, while at the same time being extremely demanding in narrow fields of specific role performance.

KU fans should be jumping up and down and praising Tyshawn Taylor for making the transition with in a single season to a glue man combo guard--a guy who has made the transition and contributed to a 22-1 or 23-1 team that is rolling along toward a conference championship and a march to a ring.

Tyshawn transfer?!

I can only give these persons an incredulous look and say these are adults that are lacking some neural net development themselves.

Ten Yeahs 12 years, 4 months ago

great win by our hawks last night! Question: Who is the top collegiate male basketball point guard this year? Well we all know the answer to that question, but so far America thinks it's John Wall as evident by the Bob Cousy Award voting....apparently not enough Jayhawk fans have gotten the Vote far John Wall has 30% of the votes and who is second .....a Harvard basketball player?......Jayhawk fans do your and spread the word!

jaybate 12 years, 4 months ago

Post script:

These are adults that are lacking some neural net development themselves, as we all are.

Chris Shaw 12 years, 4 months ago

kudaniel: You should post this link everyday! I voted yesterday, but forgot about it until you just mentioned it. Just keep posting it.

Chris Shaw 12 years, 4 months ago

Jaybate: In fifteen words with also the words that I am currently typing, I completely agree!

JayhawkBigXII 12 years, 4 months ago

I found a lot of disagreement on the out-side boards today on the Aldrich technical. Everyone agrees that is was a dumb call by the ref's, but maybe someone could clear this up.

Was Morningstar's FUBAR free throw a 1 & 1 from a foul called on James? Or did the ref's have the wrong team out shooting the technical? They are saying Morningstar's FUBAR was because he was interrupted by the ref's whistle during his FT attempt, and no foul was actually called on James.

Christopher Hauser 12 years, 4 months ago

Two rule changes need to be addressed for next year in college basketball. The first is placing the half circle under the basket for charges like the NBA has (one of the only rules I like in the NBA) and two, players rebounding the ball should be allowed space to clear out without drawing a tech foul. To me not allowing a big to clear out after a rebound is just as bad how the NFl has put such an overboard emphasis on protecting quarterbacks.

Ten Yeahs 12 years, 4 months ago

See if ya'll are smart enough to detect what is wrong with these statistics.....

Which player should win the 2010 Cousy Award as best college point guard?

Answer: Matt Bouldin - Gonzaga Total Votes: 1.5%
ANSWER: Sherron Collins - Kansas Total Votes: 3.8%
Answer: Devan Downey - South Carolina Total Votes: 6.0%
Answer: Trevon Hughes - Wisconsin Total Votes: 4.7%
Answer: Jeremy Lin - Harvard Total Votes: 26.3%
Answer: Kalin Lucas - Michigan State Total Votes: 0.2%
Answer: Ronald Moore - Siena Total Votes: 5.6%
Answer: Scottie Reynolds - Villanova Total Votes: 0.1%
Answer: Jon Scheyer - Duke Total Votes: 3.7%
Answer: Greivis Vasquez - Maryland Total Votes: 17.3%
joke: John Wall - Kentucky Total Votes: 30.8%

Kye Clark 12 years, 4 months ago

JayhawkBigXII - Yes, Morningstar's "FUBAR" freethrow was the front end of a one-and-one. You can hear on the PA system that they called a foul on James, and then the announcers reiterated it. James fouled Cole, but due to Cole's technical he had fouled out, so HCBS chose Brady to shoot the one-and-one. There was nobody around because Texas was shooting the technical foul free throws after and would be awarded the ball regardless.

Both from the mouth of HCBS in his post-game press conference and from Brady Morningstar (talking to reporters I assume, I found the quote on ESPN's College Basketball Nation Blog) - the ball was wet. Here's the quote from Brady:

""The ball was wet. It slipped on the way up. I was so confused. I could have caught it and came down with it, but I’d have stepped on the line. I tried to shoot a little jump shot so I didn’t cross the line," Morningstar said.

"I looked pretty stupid there," he added. "We laughed about it in the locker room just now."

selfhimbill 12 years, 4 months ago

Bill himself said, "I've never seen anything like it". selfhimbill reports he hasn't either.

kvskubball 12 years, 4 months ago

I just wanted to give Marcus a thumbs-up for his work, and improvement, so far this season.

Last year he wouldn't have wanted the contact he got last night, but last night he ate it up! Well Done! Keep working and you will have an opportunity to play in the NBA, but you need to make sure you are ready to play the 3 in the NBA, because that will be your position! One more year of work, when YOU will be 'The Man' should just about do it.

Again, thanks for all the hard work and your gritty-ness this season. We would not have the record we do, without you stepping up! I'm jazzed for you and the team!

I don't intend to slight any of our other players. The team is doing great as a team this year. But Marcus has improved his game so much and even more importantly his attitude. He and his brother came in last year as pre-college studs and had a rude awakening as to how tough college ball is. They freaked a little last year, but I think they came to understand that they could play at this level, but needed to improve. They have put the work into their game, and WOW! So far, so good!

100 12 years, 4 months ago

Think about it: Vincent Agnew's grandmother dying set an NBA avalanch into motion.

RC Buford from KU to the Spurs, quickly turns GM.

Larry Brown to Spurs as head coach, later to Pistons & head coach of Olympic Team, pulling a NBA trophy.

Bob Hill from KU to the Spurs where he is asst for a couple years & then head coach, eventually taking over for the Seattle Supersonics, which have left Seattle.

Bill Pope (our manager towel guy) ends up working his way to Detroit via Larry Brown, becoming assistant coach!

Greg Popovich, thanks to a year of assistant coaching sabitical at Kansas under Brown, takes over for Brown when Brown goes to Detroit.

Thanks to Brown, Hill, Popovich & (mostly) Buford (Spurs GM), San Antonio turned into an NBA dynasty for years.

CoolDoc_Jones 12 years, 4 months ago

Thanks for the good answers. Appreciate it. Now I know.

Tony Bandle 12 years, 4 months ago

My earlier post was tongue in cheek....I would be surprised if Xavier leaves much less CJ, Tyshawn and Marcus. In fact the only one you can absolutely count on is Sherron!!

{ Yes, there is a sliver of a glimmer of hope that Cole stays. However, we made need to keep Tyrell's sister as well as the hot little red-headed Texan behind the bench all next year!!]

Can KU pick up about $5,000,000in insurance on Cole if he stays next year??

Mike Kendall 12 years, 4 months ago

Marcus -- what can I say that hasn't already been said? He was a beast against the likes of the bigs of Texas. Everytime X shot the ball, I was praying his shot would go down. He played soooooo much better! Self so himself. I like how this team is jelling at the right time. Hopefully, it will continue. Is anybody thinking like me that when Marcus had the dislocated finger and he went to the locker room, that the Jayhawks really amped it up and that's when we went on that 22-0 run? And-----to start the 2nd half like we did------------ the game was over early in the 2nd Half.

JayhawkBigXII 12 years, 4 months ago

icthawkfan316 - Thanks for clearing that up on Morningstars "FUBAR". You know, the chicks might dig Brady now. They are drawn to someone that makes them laugh.

Jim Pendleton 12 years, 4 months ago

Great job by everyone last night. Good to get off the schnide of not having won in Austin since 2002.

While I agree with most people that we are in great shape for winning the league, people need to slow down on this for a few more games. The only thing beating the shorthorns did was drop them back to 5th. There are still three other teams that have fewer losses (3) than the Horns (KSU, A&M, MU). There is still a game between KSU & MU which will give one of them four losses. So we still have work to do on our end. Winning the home games gets us to 13 wins, so you figure one more road win does the trick at a minimum. A&M is playing very well right now, and if we were to slip up there next Monday, suddenly they are only two back with the tiebreaker. Granted they have a couple toughies as well, but let's take this a week or so at a time and not get too far ahead of ourselves. Things are obviously looking really good right now.

Still have concerns about Sherron doing too much. I would really like to see him kick the ball off to someone else at the end of a half or close game. We need other options because come postseason, everyone will be keying on him in those situations, and the one on five doesn't work often. Future opponents need to be thinking there are some other options, and it would be nice from our end to see this happen a time or two before seasons end.

Let's get another on Saturday against the clones. Rock Chalk!!

Mike Kendall 12 years, 4 months ago

Process of elimination--four game lead with seven games to go, right? Seemed like not so long ago, we had an emotional game with K-State only to go to Colorado and almost lose. I know we play ISU at home this Saturday but I feel a "trap game" coming on!

David Leathers 12 years, 4 months ago

you guys crack me up, why in the hell would HCBS not start Tyshawn Taylor next year?

Assuming Marcus stays (if this was X's turning point and he stays aggressive, he's gone.)

we could see a starting 5 like this:

5- Withey (whole off-season to grow physically and mentally.) 4- Marcus (if he stays, which I think he will to be with his bro one more year) 3- Keif/Little 2- Releford/Tyshawn/Brady 1- EJ/Brady/Selby

If CJ stays he can rotate in the 1 and 2 spots. This would be a nice 10 man rotation.

Chris Shaw 12 years, 4 months ago

RockChalkcalihawk: I am 32 years old and never for the duration of my lifetime is "Kieff" going to play the 3 spot for KU or anywhere else. You may have Marcus and Kieff mixed up.

superdave 12 years, 4 months ago

Don't look for a rout on Saturday - do look for some minutes by TRob, Withey, and maybe even EJ. The team looked tired at the end of the game and could use a little rest with another Big Monday game coming up. Get the lead up to 20 and sub away, enjoy the friendly confines of AFH and convince Selby to join the party!

captku 12 years, 4 months ago

I may be lacking some neural net connections ;), but I am not totally in Taylor's camp. And he doesn't appear to be getting out of Self's doghouse any time soon. He may be making less mistakes as the season progresses, but it seems that they are more inopportune. What I don't like is his consistent "hand-raising" every time he makes a bonehead play and then looks over at the bench like he was somehow not accountable. Give me a break. If you blow it, man up, take the heat, close your mouth, sit on the pine, and then get back in the game and shed that negative drama. Quit backtalking the coach, man! Maybe listen a bit more, and keep bringing the lunchbox every day. I think it will just take consistent WORK to get back in the coach's good graces. I hope he can. Just my take.

rcjh22 12 years, 4 months ago

From the Forde Minutes article on ESPN.

Best Basketball Town: Lawrence (10).

Comment: "Lawrence is clearly the class of the Big 12 in hoops, the only one to win an NCAA title since the league was formed. Before KU won as a Big Eight team in 1988, the last titles belonged to Kansas in 1952 and Oklahoma State, twice in the 1940s when, I believe, they were playing three-on-three at each end, no crossing midcourt. As for Allen Fieldhouse, it's like a museum, maybe one that is haunted. I always think a famous dead guy is going reach out and shake my hand."

Also receiving votes: None. Lawrence was the lone unanimous pick in the entire survey.

100 12 years, 4 months ago

So for those discussing the craziness of what sent Brown out of Lawrence in 1988 (he got caught paying for recruit Vincent Agnew's plane ticket to his Grandma's funeral).

Without this event occuring, the San Antonio Spurs would have never gained RC Buford (their GM which has put together this incredible dynasty) or Greg Popovich (who has seemlessly coached this incredible dynasty.

Put another way: the Lakers would have about 5 more NBA championship rings & Jacque Vaughn, Greg Popovich & RC Buford would have zero (for San Antonio at least) if Larry Brown wouldn't have paid this recruit's transportation fare to be a casket bearer at his Grandma's funeral!

jhokfan 12 years, 4 months ago

Wasn't it the coach at Memphis that reported the plane ticket to the NCAA? I was a bit young at the time but I seem to remember the Memphis coach being angered by Brown's recruitment of Askew.

Kelly Hanrahan 12 years, 4 months ago

Comment from oldalum - "Enjoyed your recap, as always kushaw, but had a question. In item 2) you stated that we outrebounded Texas 35-34, whereas the article says we "outrebounded Texas, 45-34." Was that a typo on your part, or did they get it wrong?"

Comment from kushaw - "oldalum: They Typo was on their part. The box score says 35 vs 34 in Kansas' favor in the rebound department."

Sorry kushaw - but they were correct and no typo. The stat they cited includes "Team Rebounds" and the numbers you cite do not include "Team Rebounds". KU was credited with 10 Team Rebounds in this game. A team is credited with a Team Rebound when the opposing team misses a shot and the ball goes out of bounds, or if a team takes the last shot of a half (SC's mid court shot to end 1st half) and misses - the shooting team is credited with an offensive Team Rebound. The total rebounds, including Team Rebounds equals the number of missed shots in a game.

Texas was not credited with any Team Rebounds for this game, so the rebound totals of 35-34 and 45-34 are both correct - the latter numbers include Team Rebounds.

Martin Rosenblum 12 years, 4 months ago

jhokfan and 100 -

Here's an article that has some great insight into the Larry Brown/Vincent Askew/Dana Kirk matter.

Interesting stuff that even talks about the NCAA investigation and taped phone conversations between Brown and Kirk (Memphis coach)..

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