Originally published September 23, 2009 at 10:30a.m., updated September 24, 2009 at 12:00a.m.

KU sports teams’ apparent feud spurs 2nd brawl

Fights Tuesday, Wednesday, lead to meetings, joint statement

Kansas guard Tyshawn Taylor defends Dayton guard Marcus Johnson's shot during the first half Sunday, March 22, 2009 at the Metrodome in Minneapolis.

Kansas guard Tyshawn Taylor defends Dayton guard Marcus Johnson's shot during the first half Sunday, March 22, 2009 at the Metrodome in Minneapolis.



Altercation between KU athletes

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A fight between KU football and basketball players broke out Tuesday night, and was reignited Wednesday morning.

An apparent feud between members of the Kansas University men’s basketball and football teams spilled over into the day Wednesday, when a second altercation between the groups was reported on campus.

Several KU students said they witnessed a fight between about a dozen players shortly before 10 a.m., near Budig and Wescoe halls. Witnesses said the incident may have been caused after a player was shoved down a flight of concrete stairs in the area.

“I just heard a bunch of people yelling and saw a bunch of basketball players and football players,” said Shannon Jobe, a KU sophomore from Shawnee, who witnessed the altercation.

“Basketball team kind of walked off,” said Harrison Hems, a KU senior from California, who also witnessed the incident. “I don’t think they wanted to get in another fight.”

The altercation came fewer than 18 hours after an altercation that sent KU basketball player Tyshawn Taylor to the hospital with a dislocated left thumb, an injury that’s expected to keep the sophomore guard out for three to four weeks. The basketball season begins with the Oct. 16 Late Night in the Phog.

New details about that incident, which occurred in front of the Burge Union, became available Wednesday morning.

According to KU police reports, the Tuesday night fight involved as many as 100 people.

A witness said “it appeared members of the KU football and basketball team had been ‘baiting’ each other, and it had escalated into taunting and shouting and then fighting,” according to a police report.

Witnesses said the fight broke up when they heard approaching police sirens. Campus police officers were unable to ascertain who the victims were and who the perpetrators were in Tuesday night’s fight.

“We’re pretty sure an incident occurred, but so far we don’t have anyone who’s come forward to make a police report,” said Capt. Schuyler Bailey, KU Public Safety Office spokesman. Bailey said another fight reported about 10:25 p.m. Tuesday at Jayhawker Towers was unrelated.

KU reaction

Wednesday morning, Athletic Director Lew Perkins also issued a statement about the Tuesday night incident.

“I am disappointed that some of our student-athletes put themselves in this position, and it’s something that I am taking very seriously.”

Perkins said head coaches Bill Self and Mark Mangino are working together to address the situation internally.

“I am confident that they will handle the situation appropriately,” Perkins said.

Wednesday afternoon, Perkins met with the KU football and men’s basketball teams. After that meeting, selected members of the teams released a statement.

KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little released this statement at 5 p.m. Wednesday: “I have consulted with Lew Perkins and share his disappointment regarding the recent incidents involving a small number of our student athletes. They need to realize their profiles make them representatives of the university off the court and field, as well as on it, and that KU has high expectations for its students.

“I appreciate the quick response by the athletic director and university staff and the strong statement from the teams’ leaders.”

Police said more information could be released later about Wednesday morning’s incident, which led to numerous basketball players being escorted from the KU campus by men’s assistant basketball coach Joe Dooley.

However, early Wednesday afternoon, Bailey said there likely would be no police report issued on the morning incident.

“We don’t write a lot of reports on things that aren’t going on when we get there,” Bailey said, indicating police saw no fighting between students when they arrived near Budig and Wescoe Halls.

“No one has come forward saying, ‘I want to make a report. I was a victim of a crime.’ Until that happens, we can’t initiate an investigation.”

He was asked if this is a KU athletic department matter right now, rather than a police matter.

“Right now, I believe it is (a KU matter). Unless someone comes forward and tells us they want to make a police report.”

He was asked if he was “concerned” that the two incidents might escalate into more.

“We are hoping that they kind of get themselves together and act like adults like they are supposed to and this is done,” Bailey said. “We are hoping this is done.”

In-house fighting

One former KU football player, who did not wish to be identified, theorized that indeed the in-house fighting may be over.

“Now that the coaches are involved and Lew Perkins is involved and it’s on ESPN … I think both parties are embarrassed. I think they realize it reflects on the kind of character they have,” the former KU player said.

This player — who still has many friends on the football team — supported a report by the Journal-World’s Tom Keegan, who wrote in Wednesday’s Journal-World that Tuesday’s scrap reportedly involved a dispute over a woman who used to date an athlete from one team and now dates one from another.

“It all starts with a female but dates back to last semester,” the former football player said. “It’s something that (originally) happened at a bar. One of the basketball players got into it with a football player (at the bar) and it came back to the Towers parking lot. It got broken up but it has been an ongoing feud. I know people who go to a junior college and it’s the same way there between football and basketball. It’s an ego thing. Hopefully this will be it, and the feud is over.”


dillustration 13 years ago

Aftershocks. Lew hurry up and get Bill & Marky Mark to settle them down

Andrew Moore 13 years ago

now would be a good time for some leadership!

Jeff Worthington 13 years ago

Team meetings need to be assembled ASAP.

TwinCitiesJHawk 13 years ago

New Recruits are gonna love this....

KUbsee69 13 years ago

With all the cell phone cameras around, where's the photo gallery?

KUbsee69 13 years ago

Oh, yeah ... I hope Cole and the other bigs don't get involved. One of the FBallers could punch them in the knee and we sure don't need any knee injuries ;)

5DecadeHawk 13 years ago

The LJW always loves to blow these things out of proportion.

Pretty soon we can expect a breaking news update that Self and Mangino are firing guns at each other.

Get a source willing to go on the record LJW, and stop trying to sensationalize it.

KUbsee69 13 years ago

jayhawk1996 ... WWIII could break out in Lawrence and it would still be a good day to be a Jayhawk. Afterall, just look at the alternatives.

dmitch86 13 years ago

Who punches someone in the knee?

shelleysue 13 years ago

There was an altercation between football and basketball players and safety officers were called. Witnesses said the incident MAY have been caused after a player was shoved down the stairs. I don't call that blowing things out of proportion. I think that is pretty low key reporting.

The truth to the matter is, these kids are representing KU. They are getting a free quality education, playing a sport they love at one of the most respected and awesome universities in the country, have tons of adoring fans who pay good money to support them every week and this is how they appreciate their blessings. I personally have no patience for this. I realize they are kids, but they have an extraordinary opportunity that warrants extraordinary behaviour.

Brent Fry 13 years ago

Someone who wishes to break their hand

But then again, who dislocates their thumb throwing a punch? I mean you aren't much of a "thug" if you don't know how to punch. So do I tuck my thumb into my fist or not? What an idiot.

5DecadeHawk 13 years ago

My point is that we have no idea what happened because there is no credible witness to the incident in this story.

For all anyone knows, some student made a crank call to Public Safety today to get a good laugh after what happened last night.

The LJW has no source willing to go on the record about this incident that actually witnessed anything.

It may have really happened, but even if it did, the LJW has nothing to write a story about. It's shoddy reporting. This is standard operating procedure for the LJW whenever a controversial story is out there. Print every rumor little thing... but don't worry about actually doing the real reporting work of getting statements from anyone that witnessed anything.

The LJW is happy to have these updates get picked up by the national media because it boosts the LJW revenue.

It's irresponsible reporting that is harmful to the community.

The LJW needs to get a real source willing to put their name on the record. They need to get the real facts. They need do the work of getting a real story, and not just report rumors.

KUbsee69 13 years ago

dmitch ... I was alluding to the height difference. A FBaller's straight-out punch might get Cole in the knee ... get it? (It's so sad when you have to explain them)

5DecadeHawk 13 years ago

It's also important to take note that no reporter was willing to put their name on this story.

"By staff reports"


Grow a pair, LJW.

Put the writers name on the story. It makes every writer in the LJW look bad when crap is written without a by-line. It makes the editors look worse.

shelleysue 13 years ago

Go to the Kansan website. You'll get names and even photos.

It could be that the LJW had witnesses names and statements but chose not to print it all, thus blowing it our of proportion. Who knows. The Kansan did all of the above and after reading that article, it seems worse than I already thought.

bg_duck1 13 years ago

5decade what are you talking about? How is this irresponsible? Sources are rarely ever revealed in stories. This is obviously a very news worthy subject so whatever info they get they are going to pass on to the readers. If you ask me they are doing their job, is Keegan supposed to be hanging out on wescoe beach waiting for a fight to break out?

100 13 years ago

Altercation was guys yelling at each other. Nice way to blow up a story LJW.

Jonathan Kealing 13 years ago

5Decade-- We've got witnesses to the incident on camera, but we haven't gotten that back to the newsroom yet. We'll get names and faces with each of these statements before the day is up. Also, as shelleysue points out, there are both photos and videos of the incident this morning.

Jonathan Kealing Online editor

Ryan Wood 13 years ago

5Decade just wants to blame the messenger for bad news.

Wow, it's crazy that KU is turning into South Central Los Angeles.

Tribehawk 13 years ago

I agree with earlier comments about Taylor's facebook comments. Very incriminating and makes KU look bad generally. And 5decade, if the press were required to follow your journalistic "standards," America wouldn't have heard about the bombing of pearl harbor until last week. Having a constitutionaly protected free press means you occasionally get mistakes reported; we have to live with that if we want to live in a free society.

JayViking 13 years ago

What were Taylor's facebook comments?

kugrad93 13 years ago

5Decade, you love to slam the J-W for not having all the facts. Meanwhile, you clearly have no idea how newspapers operate. Reporters don't get bylines for short stories like this. At most papers, stories have to be 8 inches long and have at least one source. That might change as more and more emphasis is put on the Internet, rather than print, and stories are rushed online and updated frequently. But, no, this not an issue of the J-W needing to "grow a pair." It's a short story so no byline. I'm sure when they update with a longer story with more facts and sources someone's name will be on it. And, yeah, real surprising that the Kansan could beat the J-W on a story that's happening a couple of buildings away from the UDK newsroom.

kugrad93 13 years ago

My mistake, it actually happened next door to the Kansan newsroom.

humatl 13 years ago

This is unbelievable! It reminds me of High School nonsense. I feel like I'm reading "West Side Story". From the pictures on the Kansan site it's obvious the B-Ball players were hanging around looking for trouble. I can just hear them ... "tell the F-Ball players we'll be on Wescoe Beach if their man enough to show". And what the heck was Brett Ballard doing there? Was he planning to referee? This is just unbelievably immature and disappointing.

Joel Hood 13 years ago

Maxhawk - thanks for the link.
(sigh) Not sure how the grownups at KUAC let this one fester.

Here's a link to the UDK story that just posted.

Ryan Wood 13 years ago

When you're a jet, you're a jet all the way....

Ryan Shelton 13 years ago

Maxhawk- appreciate the link. The facebook quotes are really embarrassing. He is learning early on that he's a role model whether he likes it or not. Here's hoping Bill (and MM for that matter,) right this ship and censors his players words to maintain the squeaky-clean image we have grown to love over the years. After all, this isn't Florida State or Miami!

tdub 13 years ago

Sounds like a football/basketball camping trip is in order. They could sing Kumbaya around a campfire and do some team building exercises. My favorite is the one where you let your partner fall backwards and they have to trust you to catch them. Maybe that's what was going on in front of the stairs...

bg_duck1 13 years ago

And what the he11 is Sherron doing leading the charge in all of this BS?!?! Like MaxHawk said you think Jacque Vaughn would be letting stuff like this happen? An emphatic and resounding NO! You are our senior leader Sherron this is mind-numbingly stupid and immature and all over some dumb jersey chasing girl! Bill and Mark better rip some a$$holes over this terribly embarrassing fiasco!

hawkbono1313 13 years ago

We will all look back at this in mid April after we win another championship in bball and laugh. Basketball and football players fighting sounds like another school year.

phi4life940 13 years ago

Maybe they should battle. haha. STOMP THE PHOG!

kvskubball 13 years ago


Where are you getting that "Sherron is leading the charge in this?" What source are you referring to? I don't see anything above or the links that others have posted about Sherron. Did I miss something? Point it out to me!

100 13 years ago

Yet another simple tip on life:

A woman is never (ever) worth this.

This lady is absolute trouble.

I don't care if she has 4 ovaries.








! ! !

kugrad93 13 years ago

humatl, Ballard is just one of a handful of AD staff in the photos if you look closer. You would hope he went up there after the fact.

phi4life940 13 years ago

It's funny on ESPN's article it says Tyshawn posted "n****s be muggin' me, you know I'm muggin' back" two hours before the fight. The funny thing is that's from a song... "Always Strapped" by Lil' Wayne. They report it like he said it..... hahahaha

bg_duck1 13 years ago

The kansan article quotes one of the witnesses as saying the fb players had beef with Sherron. I also got a text from my brother who was on campus at the time it happened and the word going around was that Sherron and the Morris twins pushed a fb player and then kicked his backpack down a set of stairs and that's what started the whole thing. I'm just reacting to what i've heard....regardless sherron should be there trying to stop it and not egging it on if he had actually done so.

bg_duck1 13 years ago

quote from the article:

"Erryn Kindle, Eudora junior, said basketball players were trying to calm Collins down"

kvskubball 13 years ago

IMO, admitting that he threw a punch on facebook should mean that he gets suspended for at least a game. In addition to throwing the punch (stupid and immature), posting about it on facebook (even more stupid), using gangster lingo (most stupid).

Wow, I'm embarassed for KU. This incident makes us look like we have a Dennis Clemente running around, smacking people.

I also, disagree with Perkins when he says "We aren't going to say any more about this, it will be handled internally." That sounds like there is something to hide. Get this crap out in the open and deal with it. There should be a two strike approach. Anyone can be an idiot once, but if you do it again, there should be serious consequences, like at least a semester's suspension.

If Taylor can't learn to keep to himself and not to blab about it like some 13 year old punk trying out for the local gang - in a public forum like facebook, no less - looks totally thuggish. Dang, I know he comes from a rough area in Jersey, but players have to understand that they get a chance at being better than what they grew up with when they come to college. Taylor is messing his chance up. Just a reminder to athletes, if you don't play in actual games, then NBA scouts aren't going to think much of you. Out of site, out of mind as far as being drafted. Grow up and be a real man, walk away from stupidity....

JHWK 13 years ago

An absolute embarassment. There is no doubt that Taylor should be suspended if he did throw a punch, regardless of the situation, as should others involved. A different standard of behavior is required by these young men, and to fight with another student - or anyone - in public, is beyond immature. Taylor is mentoring one of our new Freshmen? Oh joy.

A black eye for all of America to see, and while we are in the running for a big recruiting class. As though HCBS didn't have enough to discuss with these potential Jayhawks - now having to defend someone who should clearly 'get it' by now.

A very sad day to be a Jayhawk.

Frankenhawk 13 years ago

i dunno what happened...but i can confirm that they were all sitting outside of the underground, and they seemed to be waiting for something. that something was confirmed when the cops showed up...i was in between classes so i didnt have time to stop and stare our i would have.

Frankenhawk 13 years ago

i also wanna say that just from what i saw...this is the bball teams fault, JUST SAYIN.

kvskubball 13 years ago

Thanks for the source bg_ducks...

I think that if it is the Morris twin with the b-b gun incident, then he needs to be suspended for the first semester. I'm amazed that any college player can't get it into their heads that this behavior is totally and absolutely not to be tolerated.

I thought Coach had given him that kind of talking to after the other incident, saying that if anything else happened, there would be serious disciplinary consequences.

And, I agree that if Collins lost his cool, then I am very disappointed in him.

I don't want KU to fall down and roll in the muck like OU did with football players having guns on campus and being just gangsters on campus.

Right now, I don't care about winning and losing football games. I want there to be serious consequences for the athletes, so that this doesn't escalate further.

I'm really upset that we have football and basketball players that would act this way, not once, but twice in less than 24 hours. Unacceptable and Ridicuously immature behavior!

kvskubball 13 years ago

Right now, I don't care about winning and losing football ^games. I want there to be serious consequences for the athletes, so that this doesn't escalate further.

^ I meant to say football or basketball games in my statement above....

Frankenhawk 13 years ago

jwliddell (anonymous) says... I found out what really happened. I talked to Sherron and he said he has September 24th as his date the comments will reach 1mil, so he started a fight to get people talking and get the number up. Looks like it worked. Thumbs up! (one thumb for TT)


rcjh88 13 years ago

you don't even know what happened for sure and you are already attacking specific players. They are all wrong for not being more mature than this, but you can't blame a fight of this size on 2 people! Lets see how this all plays out.

kugrad93 13 years ago

The UDK story says one of the Morris twins threw someone down a flight of stairs. That's not good, but I'm sure there will be plenty of blame to go around. This cannot be tolerated. I don't care how good these teams are, there needs to be consequences. There have been at least three incidents in less than 24 hours. If this was happening at Mizzou or K-State, you guys would be going crazy. This is pathetic.

Ben Kane 13 years ago

I agree, from the sound of things there appears to be no way of avoiding serious consequences. I find this whole thing to be deplorable and from the sound of things we might lose a bunch of hoopsters for some time and I will support that. This cannot be allowed and a message needs to be sent.

Otownhawker 13 years ago

I am at a loss for words. This is an embarassment to the fans, alumni, students etc My vote is: If it happens once the ones who were involved gets to ride the pine for three games, if it happens another time their out for the whole season. KU is not a place for Misery.

kuME10 13 years ago

I was near the incident and I can say that Collins was yelling "f you n**!" multiple times across the way at some athlete (football player). So Sherron indeed had something to do with it.

kugrad93 13 years ago

For the posters saying this is no big deal, you might be interested to know that a Google News search for "University of Kansas fight" comes up with 28 news articles and four blog posts. And the day is young.

Otownhawker 13 years ago

I don't have any doubt in my mind that sherron had something to do with it. I was at a KU camp this year and one of the coaches said "The football players are startin to get the girls now and the basketball players don't like it very much."

kugrad93 13 years ago

I could see how that would be a big problem with 100 or so football and basketball players competing for their share of the approximately 15,000 women enrolled at KU. What a bunch of morons.

TrueBlue92 13 years ago

Sounding like Sherron is auditioning to be a teammate of Allen Iverson and/or Carmelo Anthony. Lord I hope the national media doesn't start connecting dots (Mario and Shady at the NBA rookie camp, BB guns, . . . ).

Chris Weaver 13 years ago

do you guys remember Big Dub? wish he was around last night and today... just sayin'

TrueBlue92 13 years ago

Yea, this will just blow over, nobody will know:

From Google two minutes ago: Results 1 - 10 of about 12,600,000 for "kansas university fight"

Chris Shaw 13 years ago

There is always a positvie out of every situation! The good thing is that Xavier and CJ Henry are nowhere to be found. Maybe it is a good idea to be completely focused on the NBA and not let outside influences distract you from your ultimate goal. Maybe the Jayhawks that were at the scene should take a lesson from Xavier and CJ.

Phoggin_Loud 13 years ago

Do we have an Intruder in our midst? TrueBlue92, is that Kentucky blue by chance??

Matt1958 13 years ago

Great recruiting tool! Self and Mangino need to come down HARD and FAST!

chapel4ku 13 years ago

Seriously, this situation is being blown out of proportion. We have no idea what happened or who was involved, and more than likely we won't find out. If these guys are smart, which their actions are proving them NOT to be, they will keep their mouths shut and hands to themselves, and this whole problem can slowly but surely go away. This is not what the football team needs to be thinking about in the middle of what can be a GREAT season, nor is this what the basketball team needs to be thinking about 3 weeks before the season starts(!). When does boot camp start??!! Cause if it's next week you better believe that Coach Self is going to be kicking their butts!!!! ROCK CHALK, STILL GOT LOVE FOR MY HAWKS!!!

Phoggin_Loud 13 years ago

TrueBlue92, Nice try. Your Google search is a farce. Most of the results are for Kansas University Fight Song. Go back to your Kentucky boards.

rasta_meta 13 years ago

These type of issues between the football team and basketball team have been going on forever. They usually would happen at a athlete party off campus though, but the tensions were always there. The basketball team always thought they deserved to be treated like Gods and the football team didn't deserve squat. Granted, not all players were this way....such as Jacque Vaughn, but a lot of them were pricks. They would treat athletes from the other sports like crap, especially the women and the football team would stick up for them.

At least this is what happened during my years.

car_ramrod 13 years ago

jhwkfan, You may find this article interesting but - and especially if you are a white male - this is passive-aggressive racism. Please do not blame the actions of a few, individual kids on an entire culture. These kids, no doubt, exhibited extremely poor judgment and character but should not have the denigration of being lumped together as part of some, imagined culture of narcissism and stupidity - no matter the race of the person making the comments with which you appear to agree. Moreover, I don't believe anyone ever said that all the players involved were of any particular race or ethnicity. Again, drawing this assumption without that information only amplifies the racist tone of your post. I'm embarrassed both as a Jayhawk fan and as an alum. If this brand of behavior is tolerated in any way, our athletic department will have to answer for it to all of us.

KY_Cats1 13 years ago

Sweet news! As expected, one by one the pretenders to the throne begin to slip away leaving it wide open for the Cats. In this case, before the season even starts and by their own hand. Absolutely brilliant! To be expected though from a wannabe program like KU.

Go Big Blue!!!

UK Wildcats 2009-’10 NCAA Tourney Champs

Chicago_JHawk 13 years ago

After the events of Tuesday, I'd be willing to chalk this up to testosterone and poor judgement. But to meet up the NEXT morning for ANOTHER confrontation after the firestorm had already started is inexcusable.

I doubt any discipline will be handed down beyond maybe a couple games for TT and possibly more for the Morris brother in question if it's found to be the same as was involved in the airgun incident last fall. I'm dissapointed in Sherron if he was in the middle of the whole thing.

100 13 years ago

Ky_Cats1 --

Are you kidding me? You wait two months after Calipari loses 38 wins & a Final Four to come back on this website & get the trashtalk going again?

A fine day you chose.

Well, yes, this has been an embarrassing day.

At least we don't have a local bar owner giving the kids thousands of dollars in food & drinks the last couple years -- nice self reporting job with the NCAA.

I noticed even though it was included in the Lexington Herald report you guys comviently left that out for the NCAA report.

There's only one way that happens & you & I both know how -- NCAA is currently investigating who has had a hand in gifting the players at UK over the last two years (including during Cal's time).

Rock Chalk, Kentucky Cats

Michael Pannacciulli 13 years ago

tyshawn, my jersey compadre...what's up? i don't want to pass judgement, enough folks already have. you are young, use this as a wake up call though to not jeopardize all the great things that lie ahead--if you listen to the teachings of the great coaches like Hurley, Self, etc. and all the other wonderful people around you who have helped you reach great heights. when you let yourself down, you let them down too.

i also would like to see someone here stand up and be a positive leader. where are the simien's of this basketball team, the vaughn's, etc.?

Lance Hobson 13 years ago

This is ridiculous. I can't believe I had to wake up to this news on the front page of USA Today. This thug element is not worth the wins if it means the university gets this kind of publicity. I'm not a bit surprised the twins and Desmon Briscoe are involved, not to mention Mario Little. This is what happens when you resort to JUCO players. Collins has a history of poor judgement, too, but I would have expected more from a senior. Taylor's gangster ebonic comments on FB are the worst part about this entire episode. He is supposed to be a college student and is yapping like he has a first grade education and appears to be proud of his own stupidity.

What's really bad is that they're fighting on campus right in front of Wescoe. It's one thing for the hoodlum football players to fight at the Towers or the Burge Union like they have for years, but not where real students are going to class. We need Gayle Sayers to clean this behavior up.

Clarence Haynes 13 years ago

It is time again to start reporting about the battle between Southern Mississippi and KU this Saturday.

rawkhawk 13 years ago

I do hope this is the last of this and that admin and coaches and team leaders are ensuring that this is the last of this. Embarrassing episode but it seems that this could have been worse. For now, I support the teams and the players and trust this nonsense will end.

Dynomitehawk, great post. I guess we all need to stop being so Kentuckyish

NebraskaJayhawk 13 years ago

It's nice to see our MMA program coming along. Pretty soon we'll be a three sport school.

This news is sickening.

JHawkins 13 years ago

All the players need to take a big step away from social networking sites ASAP! Hopefully the NFL set a good example for the NCAA to follow - I never thought in my entire life that sentence would come out of my mouth...

As for Taylors quotes on Facebook:

“I got a dislocated finger ... from throwing a punch ... so don’t let the news paper gas yall up aite,”

“real (racial slur)s do real things .. point plankn.”

“keep my name out ya’ mouth for you get smacked in it,”

“never get outta character .. I’m always a G about it.”

“(racial slur)s be muggin me know I’m mugging back.”

An idea for Bill Self upon his return: Simply repeat each line to him in front of the team and add, "pause, REALLY?" to each 'update'. If that & fighting isn't embarrassing enough to make you stop nothing will!

Joel Hood 13 years ago

Yes, everyone who takes pride in their KU affiliation doesn’t like this negative attention. But remember, if this happened at Misery, no one would be surprised. If it happened at KSUck, no one would care. There are simply higher expectations at KU and things like this can easily be blown out of proportion.

There haven’t been any penalties handed out yet because the coaches are still sorting out exactly what happened and who deserves to be punished. Do any of you really believe that HCMM or HCBS will let this slide, given their past record on discipline??

KY_Cats – dude, don’t you have some pictures to take of those banners? That’s going to be the only way you can prove they ever existed after the NCAA forces you to abandon them. BTW – have you guys integrated your campus yet?

William Daniels 13 years ago

Pick one guy from the basketball team....hmmmm Taylor......and one guy from the football team, and dismiss them.

dylans 13 years ago

Dismiss the entire football team. Who needs 'em? This is going to be one of our best football years and we are 3rd to 5th in the big 12. This should be a great year for basketball and we'll be #1 in the land. Who cares about football at KU? It's just icing on the cake and it has gone bad.

craigers 13 years ago

I would love to be a fly on the wall when Self gets back to "talk" to the team!

Jeremy LeMaster 13 years ago

I was going to blast the LJW again... they are losing a lot of face with their reporting on this incident...

Now, I am simply laughing at KY_Cats post!

Beak 13 years ago

For all the unrespective KU fans (mostly student section) who prefer to yell "tear his f------ head off" on kickoffs, our unrespective football and basketball teams just offered you food for thought.

Can we please ditch the chant now? Its classless, much like on campus fights between our own scholarship athletes.

Rod Huffman 13 years ago

I am positive this happens at most all college campus's. It's just that most are not this extreme or reported. "Boys will be boys" as old saying goes. But these are not boys, they are young men and need to start acting like it! You are ALL Jayhawks so try and get along and show some team spirit. I think the coaches will get their respective teams set straight. Oh, and Dylans, are you crazy or just young? Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Go KU! That goes to all KU teams.

Phoggin_Loud 13 years ago

Hey KY_Cat, The last time I checked, UK's former coach is in rehab for alcohol abuse while their current coach just had his second Final Four appearance vacated. Not to mention The UL coach & his lack of discression. Do you really want to throw stones? Neither of these incidents at KU involved any of the coaches. Just a few young, non-thinking kids. I would be more concerned if the leadership had a history of poor YOUR school!! Fortunately, The leadership at KU has handled these unfortunate actions in a responsible manner. We'll see you in March.

pbowman2 13 years ago

Beak, good for you!!!!

Its time to step back and look at the rudeness in current society and call it for what it is. There is nothing to admire in thuggery. Taylor needs to go. He has no future at KU and the sooner he leaves the better.

Dale Sprague 13 years ago

AMEN pbowman2 ! But I doubt that will happen.

Facebook, MySpace whatever, KUAC and coaches must set posting rules and tolerances. KU's image and reputation are at stake. Athletes choose to give up some of their freedoms in return for opportunity.

Fans at Late Night could show their disapproval of Taylor and others, as the case may be, by sitting on their hands in silence when they are introduced. The least we can do is demonstrate our disgust and disapproval of what they've done to our Alma Mater.

NebraskaJayhawk 13 years ago

I guess on one good least it's over a girl. In Kentucky, this debacle would be over an under aged boy.

100 13 years ago

Actually I think in Kentucky it would be a dispute between you & your brother over your Grandma's three toothed sister...

100 13 years ago

As for Twiiter, MySpace, Facebook & the like -- these services, though meant to be positive social networking services, have no place for college athletes, and quite honestly some of the pro athletes need to take a step back from the computercrack called Twitter.

It's just sad that our culture has come to this (Facebook) -- ML King, JFK, Winston Churchhill, President Obama, ex President Clinton, ex President Reagan, John McClendon, Carl Sagan, Oprah Winfrey, James Naismith, Clarence Thomas & ex President of KU Hemingway would all share the same sentiment...

"You're in college? Great job. Congratulations. Now go educate yourself (by the way stay away from Facebook & girls who think fighting is cool it will wreck your resume later on & waste lots of your money & lots of great friendships). Go get that degree & make yourself a leader, kid!"

tdogg34 13 years ago

Some of you people are freakin hilarious. So if you were on the team and got into a confrontation that went the wrong way, you would quit or hope to get kicked out?

This is an unfortunate incident that in all honesty happens every day at every school across the country. For some reason different sport teams have a certain dislike for the other teams, whether it be jealousy or maybe they just think their better. I've been in this situation when I was in school, although we were smart enough to not do it where people could watch and report. I'm not saying what these guys did was right and not saying it was wrong, however they don't deserve to be kicked for this MINOR incident. Like I said this happens every day.

Also, these players play for Kansas and for their futures, not for you. If you don't want to be a fan or cheer the kid because of an action he has done or because of his facebook, then thats fine, don't. There will be more than enough REAL fans to do the cheering for you. However, look at your own actions or if you have children, god forbid you see what they write and do that you don't hear about. So unless you have a clean slate and are free from sin and obviously think your better than everyone else, don't judge someone for something you really don't know about. As I'm sure we have only heard about an 1/8th of what really happened.

Anyways, enough said.....bring on southern miss. so we can get that ass whooping underway!

mikehawk 13 years ago

This is such a sad thing for anyone who loves the University of Kansas. I can't comment for the football team, but the basketball team gets to hear about this at every stop on the road in the Big 12. For once in my life...feed them to the Antlers. I am sure they are already working on their stuff.

100 13 years ago


Thanks for the insight but I think we have more than enough info, especially if we have kids or grandkids.

This entire situation's root has to do with a girl. Two guys fighting for one girl -- there unfortunately happened to be a few friends that tagged along, and unfortunately Facebook was used to quote some really pi$$ poor lyrics & now the entire nation thinks this is the way Tyshawn talks (due to the ESPN story).

Most of us who have spent time around him know he doesn't talk this way, except when he's joking around -- he's a smart kid who made a bad mistake.

I wouldn't be surprised if Coach Self asks him to issue a statement, if for nothing else, to prove that he is intelligent enough to be a Jayhawk (& also confirm those weren't his words, he was quoting a lyric).

Rock Chalk Tyshawn -- we've all made a mistake at some point -- and we all know you're better than what happened in the last couple days.

The key now is to learn from it & let it drive you to being better than before -- not in basketball -- in life.

(by the way, run away from that girl as quick as possible)

The_Rooster_Cogburn 13 years ago


REAL fans, as you so lovingly imply, are smart enough to either support or not support certain actions the players they cheer for make.

Just because we don't approve of their actions, doesn't mean we're not fans. In fact, the ability to be a realist during a situation like this and still root for your team makes you a stronger fan in my opinion.

They screwed up. Plain and simple. And there should be consequences.

Because no one has a clean slate, as you stated. But the rest of us must be held liable for the stupid crap we do. As should they. Regardless of how it effects the outcome of this historic year. It simply shouldn't be tolerated.

A normal college kid who gets into a fight (and it happens all the time) must be held accountable. We'll see if Self and Mangino truly hold these kids to that standard...or if they'll be coddled and exempt from punishment just because of their status.

Either way...the integrity of the university took a shot these past few days.

tdogg34 13 years ago

Your right, everyone should be held accountable for their actions. I truly believe those that were involved are or will be in hell with their coaches over the next week or so. Practice isn't meant to be fun as it is hard work, but I'm sure that not only will practice be a little bit tuffer for everyone now, but especially TT will be having nightmares from all the extra work (punishment practice) he will have to go thru for this incident. I just don't agree with possible suspensions as I don't think this incident merits one. Although i have a feeling TT will get suspended for a game just to save face.

Chris Shaw 13 years ago

"Oh baby youuuuuu, youuuuu got what i neeeeeeeeed.......Cuz you say he's just a friend, cuz you say he's just a friend.........OH BABY YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, You got what I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddd!"

"Oooking pu nub in all the wong paces, ookinn pu nub!!!!! (While shaking your head)

"a doo dabba... badd me goooo...a vee a la u wooo" ??????????????????

100 13 years ago


Classic song.

Thank Goodness you don't talk that way.

(Tyshawn should have used quotes like you did so ESPN wouldn't have misreported who said what)

Ryan Shelton 13 years ago

Beak: You are 100% right. Sherron, IF he did it, should use better judgment in his choice of words, but anybody who takes a part in the Waterboy cheer during kickoffs can't get onto Sherron. Like my grandfather always said, "Cussing is the language of the ignorant." I'll add the word "unimaginative."

LionHawkS 13 years ago

Answer this. If it was any other group of college kids (not related to the BB or FB team) that was involved in any kind of fight, similar to what just happened yesterday, would you think that some diciplinary action would have taken place already?

I too think these kids would be a lot smarter, expecially when most of them have a free ride through college. Once a punk... always a punk!

100 13 years ago


If any of these guys are punks, then we're all punks. As long as we have our man card intact, at some point in life we have all made a big mistake like this.

The unfortunate part for the two who started this is that this lesson happened in college on a national stage (& brought good spectator friends with them who had absolutely no desire to be part of this cr*p).

Let's face it, in college if our best friend says he's gonna be in a fight at noon in front of 30,000 people,, we have quite a delimna on our hands as a good friend.

Do you really think Cole Aldrich or Darrel Stuckey (or anyone else) wanted ANYTHING to do with this confrontation -- of course they didn't. They were trying to be friends, misunderstanding what could really happen -- that is, a fight between 2 people about a girl gets turned into "an ESPN story about 2 teams".

Obviously bad judgement on multiple fronts -- but a great chance to learn about what "being a good friend is about". (tell your friend a four ovary girl like this is not worth it for instance)

The rest of the "onlookers" from both teams should have known better too -- again, let's face it we've all gathered around to watch a fight before, all the while knowing the best thing to do was break it up (which many of the guys were trying to do).

Essentially many people from both teams were caught in a very uncomfortable situation -- due to one lady that two guys were having a squabble over.

A big way to embarrass us all, but these guys aren't punks -- just showed very poor judgement yesterday & the day before with Coach Self out of town.

We've all made a shameful mistake before -- let Tyshawn apologize, get away from this lady & grow up.

Kent Wells 13 years ago

I'm surprised that we didn't see some lyrics for "Down wit OPP" on his Facebook page...

Lance Hobson 13 years ago

The Morris twins are not academically qualified, that's why it took forever for the NCAA to clear them. Their consistently dumb behavior has validated the fact that they are not college material. Send them back to the slums of Philly. Tyshawn appears to be in the same boat, I recommend we cut him loose now. For football, most are probably pretty dumb but we know Briscoe can't even pass football classes, so he certainly needs to go. There is a reason why UT and OU passed on this guy. If we nip this behavior in the bud by expelling the trouble-makers and non-qualifiers we'll save the university it's reputation in the long run.

I find it surprising that people what to call this incident "minor." Gang-like fighting in the middle of campus is hardly the KU I remember. Sure, the football players got in their brawls at the bars or the Towers, but not on the hill. I really do hope these guys get expelled. KU deserves better than this.

Benjamin Piehler 13 years ago

at least tyshawn didn't get busted with an eight ball like that binghampton player

TexasHawk44 13 years ago

Jaybate: Where are you? Were you hospitalized due to the fight?

TexasHawk44 13 years ago

strikewso: that is an idiot comment. This is a small blip on the radar. Let KU handle their business and let's trust that our coaches and AD know what they are doing. To say we should expel these kids is being ignorant, knee jerk and idiotic.

Kent Wells 13 years ago


I was getting ready to post some really smart ass reply (not like my posts aren't really already are) and so I wanted to know what I was saying...

So, I googled "Point plankn" just to see what this particular klingon translated into English. Guess what I found...


So, yeah, I'm all G over here. Don't be muggin me. I'm just gassin yall aite.

Kent Wells 13 years ago

And I still don't know what the hell point plankn means...

gardenjay 13 years ago

Thank you 100. I would assume the others are listening, but you need to keep posting and helping these guys out. Society needs to deal with causes especially, and stop focusing on just the effects.

The physics department has caught on now at KU, and now includes "Every action is caused by an equal but opposite sex" as one of Newtons Four Laws of Motion.

mjhawkchalk 13 years ago

I guess you could call this one a knee slapper

Alec White 13 years ago

Everyone, I believe I have solved the "point plankn" mystery. Contrary to what many have suggested, and upon a few google searches, my information has led me to believe that he derived this term from the area around his high school in Jersey City. If you are as big of loser as I am, google Point Plank and you will discover it is a road in Jersey City, which is where Taylor went to high school at St. Anthony's. It is probably a term that many use to demonstrate the toughness of that area of town...i.e.

"Dem n* can't touch me dawg. Dey know I be point plankn...---->translation

"Those gentlemen have not the ability to harm me friend. They know I derive from a notoriously rugged part of town."

Kent Wells 13 years ago

Awesome Rock_Chalk_25! Great research.

Why do I feel like I'm watching Barbara Billingley (Beaver's Mom) tell the flight attendant "Excuse me miss, I speak jive."???

Lance Hobson 13 years ago

We need a knee-jerk reaction. More like a swift kick in the rear end reaction. This is not normal behavior and it has to be dealt with harshly. I don't want the Cincinnati Bengals or Indiana Pacers on my campus.

Kenny Nall 13 years ago

This just goes to show that KU athletes are not above the rest of the collegiate field in these petty and trivial altercations. We as KU fans have to realize that our student athletes don't always take the high ground and that ignorance can strike at any moment. Let's hope the players take some accountability for their poor behavior publicly or privately and that they can learn something from this incident.

Martin Rosenblum 13 years ago

kuwells -

Great reference from Airplane.

"I guess I picked a bad day to stop smoking!" (one of my favorite lines)

btw, congrats on missing the contest by only a few hours and being mentioned in Jonathon Kealing's story.

gardenjay 13 years ago

mjhawkchalk - sorry if it wasn't very funni.

dragonaut 12 years, 12 months ago

Wow, this is what happens when you let a bunch of illiterate knuckleheads into college simply because they can run fast with a ball, or throw a ball through a hoop. Of course they are going to act like a bunch of idiots. And I wonder how many of them are going to get kicked out of school? Probably none, because they are big fancy athetes. Lame. I think everyone involved with this should be thrown out of school, so in a year or two when they are pumping gas somewhere or flipping burgers they can look back on this and say to themselves, "gosh I shouldn't have acted like such a retarded thug when I was in college. Now my baby mamma's and all my little waterhead babies got to survive on my minimum wage job." Thanks for making all of us look bad guys!

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