Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Documents show what it looks like when Mangino loses his temper

Coach accused of berating student parking employee in 2007, has not had a ticket since

Kansas head football coach Mark Mangino scans the KU practice field Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2009.

Kansas head football coach Mark Mangino scans the KU practice field Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2009.



Mangino investigation

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Videos related to the investigation into alleged inappropriate behavior by KU football coach Mark Mangino.

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Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews

Mark Mangino discusses investigation

Mark Mangino spent about 10 minutes discussing an investigation the athletic department is conducting, as well as the upcoming game against Texas.

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Podcast episode

Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews

Reesing discusses Mangino investigation

Senior quarterback Todd Reesing provided more information about the investigation that is underway of KU football coach Mark Mangino.

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The summer before Kansas football would embark on its most successful season in history, the team’s coach would be accused of verbally berating a KU student who had issued him the latest of nearly two dozen tickets for illegally parking in a loading zone near his office.

At that time, Kansas Athletics Inc. encouraged KU Parking & Transit to take whatever action it normally would take in such a situation, then turned its attention to discussing the issue with coach Mark Mangino.

Mangino hasn’t had a KU parking ticket since.

“We addressed it and it’s over,” said Jim Marchiony, a spokesman for Kansas Athletics Inc., on Tuesday.

The acknowledgement comes as Mangino faces scrutiny from within and around his own team. Athletic Director Lew Perkins issued a statement early Tuesday, saying that an “internal review” was under way regarding a “personnel issue.” Perkins also said that he had conducted a meeting Monday night with football players, a meeting that did not include Mangino.

Mangino, during his regular weekly media conference Tuesday, declined to discuss specifics regarding Perkins’ meeting with players, but did emphasize that he continued to hold the students’ attention.

“I haven’t lost the team one bit,” Mangino said. “I may have lost some people around here, but it’s not players. Take that for what it’s worth. You decipher it.”

Attempts to contact Mangino on Tuesday evening to discuss the 2007 parking incident were unsuccessful.

Documents on incident

The Journal-World received documentation regarding the incident through an open records request filed earlier this year. The request yielded information about Mangino’s parking tickets and other documentation regarding the incident with a Parking and Transit employee.

Marchiony acknowledged the existence of the information, but declined to discuss the contents in detail.

“The documents speak for themselves,” he said.

As outlined in the documents provided by Kansas University, the incident occurred in June 2007, when Mangino received a ticket from KU Parking and Transit for parking his vehicle in the loading zone south of Parrott Athletic Center — the 23rd time he had been ticketed for parking in the space.

Donna Hultine, director of KU Parking and Transit, reported that the particular ticket had spurred Mangino to track down the student employee who had written the ticket and launch a 10-minute, expletive-filled “tirade” so loud that it drew several employees out of nearby Allen Fieldhouse to watch.

“He screamed, yelled and cussed for a while and then got out of his car and screamed, yelled and cussed 6 inches from the student’s face,” Hultine said, in an e-mail to her boss at Strong Hall, Vice Provost Jim Long.

Contacted Tuesday, Hultine said she was pleased with the athletics department’s quick response to her complaints. Indeed, she said, Mangino hasn’t been ticketed since the incident and even has gone out of his way this season to be cordial to Parking and Transit employees when he sees them.

“It tells me that he’s willing to play by the rules and if he’s at least changed his behavior towards us, that’s great,” she said.

But two years ago, Hultine said, she was concerned for the very safety of her employees.

“I didn’t want to put any of my folks in his path,” Hultine said Tuesday. “Based on that incident, I knew what he was capable of. I had to stop it. I needed it to be addressed.

“They (athletics) took it very seriously and addressed it pretty quickly.”

Back in June 2007, Hultine had said that the “extreme” nature of the incident had led her to describe the altercation in a subsequent letter to Long.

“I understand that some level of anger and harassment come with the territory,” Hultine said, in her letter. “I am documenting this incident because it is an extreme that even this department doesn’t often see, especially from a person of Mark Mangino’s position and influence at this university and in this community.

“This is a man who should be setting examples and representing the University of Kansas in a professional manner.”

In an earlier e-mail regarding the incident, Hultine noted that she’d sent a note to Sean Lester, who is an associate athletic director at Kansas Athletics Inc., to complain about Mangino’s behavior.

Hultine said that Lester then sent the note to Perkins, who in turn talked to Mangino.

“Mangino called me the next day and completely denied this behavior — he says it was a ‘conversation,’ ” Hultine said, in her e-mail. “Sean Lester and Lew Perkins have been very supportive of us in this incident — they’re not saying it out loud but I know that they’ve dealt with Coach Mangino’s anger issues in the past and they’re encouraging me to take whatever action I’d normally take in instances like this.”

Hultine already had instructed her employees to “key” the microphone on their radios should they ever get into a similar situation with Mangino, so that such a “conversation” would be heard — and recorded — by police dispatchers.

The background story

Mangino now has a parking space at his program’s own building, the Anderson Family Football Complex at Kivisto Field, which opened in July 2008. Mangino’s space — just outside the chain-link fence below the Memorial Stadium scoreboard — is available only to him, as holder of the lone permit issued for the reserved space.

In 2004, Mangino had received a ticket for parking in a restricted area of a lot described as south of the fieldhouse, where a “No parking next to loading dock” sign had been posted. Administrators agreed to void the ticket, and a similar ticket was voided in March 2005.

Several subsequent tickets were paid, at $20 apiece, before one in May 2006 — involving a loading zone north of the fieldhouse — was voided at the request of Brad Nachtigal, an assistant athletic director. Mangino then received another ticket for the same spot a week later.

A third ticket by the end of the month led to a comment on the citation report: “Mangino’s favorite spot.”

In January 2007, student employee Brad Walters wrote his first ticket on Mangino’s black Lincoln Navigator for parking in the loading zone outside Parrott, formally described on department documents as Anschutz Sports Pavilion.

That was Jan. 3. Then another Jan. 8. And another Jan. 29, followed by others Feb. 19, April 19, May 1 and May 9.

Then, on June 11, Walters wrote his eighth — and last — ticket on Mangino for parking in the loading zone.

In his written report, Walters said that Mangino had told him that he’d been unloading notebooks and had asked how he could unload without getting a ticket.

Walters responded that he should get a loading permit from one of the parking booths on campus or to contact the office.

“He got out of the car, slammed the door and came within about a half-foot of my face and started yelling at me, saying that I couldn’t answer any of his questions and that he works 16-hour days and has no time to get a pass,” Walters wrote, in his report.

Mangino, Walters said, had insisted that he’d only parked in the zone a few times and that he’d paid all five or six of those tickets.

“This job gives you power, does it?” Mangino said, according to Walters. “You feel real f---ing powerful walking around like a big shot, huh? … Why in the hell else would you be bothering me with this?”

No, Walters said, the office had told him to issue tickets for cars parked in the loading zone.

“So offices tell you what to do?” Mangino said, according to Walters. “F---ing offices walk around telling you what to do all day?”

Mangino eventually got back into his car, Walters said, before continuing: “You just don’t like talking to me because I’m ethnic, just because I talk with my hands.”

Walters continued: “He then went on to tell me how important he is to this university and how he doesn’t have time to spend dealing with all this crap.”


Ryan Wood 12 years, 10 months ago

Without a doubt, I believe every single word of this article.

kansas_2009 12 years, 10 months ago

He is pathetic. It's hard for anyone respect someone like that and I find it almost impossible to expect his players to.

HawksRule 12 years, 10 months ago


You and me both, sister. You and me both.

KEITHMILES05 12 years, 10 months ago

He's "ethnic"? What the world does that mean?

Ryan Wood 12 years, 10 months ago

This is "ethnic"

Notice Peter's hand gestures while he speaks Italian.

William Cormode 12 years, 10 months ago

I still think he should remain coach but he sound like he is a lazy slob who feels entitlement because of his position and his "condition".

jahawkdave 12 years, 10 months ago

Would he allow one of his players to act like that? That is totally unacceptable behavior from a man in his position.

jayhawkboogeyman 12 years, 10 months ago

Wow. Why did it take 2 years to find out about this, though? And how many more of these little details will come out? Not only is the coach a complete jerk, but the news apparently are just waiting to kick him when he's down instead of finding out the facts when they are fresh.

screwyou 12 years, 10 months ago

The real idiot was the KU Parking and Transit. You know it was him getting the tickets: why not get him a parking spot close to his office. Duh!! Playing the rules as a*s.

MM was not having big head. He simply had so many things in his head to walk blocks from the office.

People started to dig even to small things now. Good luck KU with your new coach. Sure hope he is not Hawkins-alike.


JayhawkCrazy 12 years, 10 months ago

He is a TOTAL BULLY and he has serious anger issues. I feel sorry for his players. This man is bad for the university and worse; there are many other issues that will surface. Simply put--this is going to get really UGLY!!! Our program will regress again for a few years because of the necessary coaching change in Football.

jayhawkboogeyman 12 years, 10 months ago

I have talked to Mangino while walking my dog by his office about 4-5 times the past couple years. He has always been very nice and asked a lot of questions, seemed to be really interested and a nice guy. But reports like this and the video of him exploding at a player make me think that he has major anger issues. He is a really nice guy with a terrible bad side that, try as he might, he can't keep suppressed all the time. I have lived firsthand with abusive figures like that in my family, and I know it is a nightmare not knowing why or when someone will have a total meltdown of rage, and I get the sense that is the same feeling the players have around Mangino. Especially when he makes comments in postgame tearing down specific players or units (Branstetter, the defense, OL, etc). This has been a long problem for him, it seems, and he didn't man up and get some help controlling it, and now it is coming back to haunt him.

Pitthawk34 12 years, 10 months ago

How many years does he have on his contract? Is there a buyout?

Eurekahwk 12 years, 10 months ago

Getting high level talent to come to Kansas is hard enough without dealing with the fact they are signing on to play for a morbidly obese man who is absolutely disagreeable. TA was too soft, Mangino is apparently too hard. I didn't realize you could be too hard to be a football coach, but a five game losing streak in a down year with the best talent we've put together yet proves it. They've quit on him. And I don't see how anyone else would want to play for the guy.

kansas22 12 years, 10 months ago

Wow. I wonder if all this is going to hurt our recruiting. We might have some de-commits unless we do a really good job of sweeping all this under the rug and ironing it back out.

Pitthawk34 12 years, 10 months ago

The real losers here will be the local burger joints if coach gets the boot. Maybe we could have a fundraiser.

PureKansas 12 years, 10 months ago

This confirms what most of us already know...the KU Parking Department is pure garbage. And why are we reporting information that is 2 years old all of a sudden that we hit a rough stretch. If this was news, it should have been news 2 years ago. Why doesn't Coach have a parking spot anyway? Moreover, why are we believing a parking employee over Coach? How do we know the kid didn't mouth off?

I find it hard to see this many people bashing Coach Mangino before he is given a chance to defend himself, not that he even needs to at this point. The man has been nothing but a class act on the sidelines.

Larry Smith 12 years, 10 months ago

Parking tickets? Really? My question is this: If the LJW was so concerned about this and his behavior, then why is it just now coming out? Next thing you know, he is going to poke a player in the chest, and they are going to call for his job. Can you say rinky dink?

jayhawkboogeyman 12 years, 10 months ago

I believe that this would have been before the coach's office moved to the new facility, when his office was still by AFH. Or right around the time he was moving into the new facility, hence he was parked in a loading zone to move stuff from one place to the other. Does that seem right?

goDJ 12 years, 10 months ago

I signed up just to respond to this article because I was a roommate of the student that issued that ticket.

I remember the day that he came home and told us that story, just like it was in the incident report. Mangino has had anger issues, according to players, before this incident even occured.

To screwyou: Mangino had a parking spot close to his office, he didn't have to walk blocks to get to his office. He had to walk tens of yards. This spot got him a few yards closer even though he knew it was an illegal parking area. He knew this because he parked in it constantly, and got tickets for it. He didn't have a big head? I would think parking in an illegal spot over and over again because A) you don't think you'll get written up for it, or B) you don't have to worry about it because the AD will pay for it, might lead to having a big head.

Mangino was wrong in every way in this situation. That's all there is to it. A parking ticket is a parking ticket no matter who you are. Pay the $20 and get over it. Don't bitch at the student getting payed $7/hr just to do his job so he can pay for college.

shawk13 12 years, 10 months ago

Anyone remember this?

(its not censored don't have your speakers up)

Christopher Johnson 12 years, 10 months ago

Yelling at parking employees is wrong. But those of you who are upset about him yelling at his players, get over it. He's a coach. Coaches yell at their players. Watch Bill Self sometime. My favorite coach used to light into me pretty stinkin hard. That's the way it goes. Wright is a cry baby.

4quarters 12 years, 10 months ago

I had no idea that the Kansas fan base was made up almost entirely of psychological experts with insider program information. Based on this number of experts--with obviously long-term, constant, insider access to the football program, I am amazed that this typhoon of terror cast down by an abusive tyrant is only now surfacing. Perhaps if some of you had been at the game when a 5-5 record was as plausible as a Larry Brown lifetime coaching position (let alone still perched during the 4th quarter when this team was nationally ranked) we would have uncovered the truth much sooner. Thank you all, motivated in no way by a steak, for finally stepping up to call for the removal of this dangerous, unranked, menace.

Fred Davis 12 years, 10 months ago

There's a difference between yelling at players and disrespecting players. That's the issue here... Mangino is gone, and his skeletons are coming out now that he's helped this team implode. There's no reason a team as talented as KU should be having the season it is, and I've always wondered if there were factors bigger than just this team having a mediocre defense and a suddenly inept quarterback and offense. This team hates its coach, and it's finally reached a boiling point during the most anticipated KU Football season in recent memory, probably ever. He will be gone, and who knows, with the negativity surrounding him and this program, he may not make it to the Mizzou game... Whatever is going on, there needs to be some resolution because the negative vibes on Mt. Oread looked like they worked their way over to the Basketball team or Self let Mangino give the pregame speech against Memphis tonight...

PureKansas 12 years, 10 months ago

There is a reason our talented team keeps losing: penalties and turnovers. I haven't seen Mangino disrespect anyone, nor have I seen a lack of effort from our team leaders. And in regard to one of our problems, penalties, shawk13's video is a prime example. Pendleton cost our TEAM 15 yards for showboating. Mangino responded with coaching to eliminate the stupid penalties. You didn't see Pendleton crying about being poked.

Bottom line: Mangino, Reesing, Meier, and Sharp have brought our program to this level--why don't we see what they have to say before we dig up all the dirt we can find and degrade our Coach with fat jokes? I trust in Mangino that the team is behind him until our team leaders say otherwise.

rastameta 12 years, 10 months ago

According to my source, some big name players told Lew they want Bowen to coach the Missouri game after Mangino is let go. It isn't all the players, but some of them do not enjoy playing football anymore because of Mangino.

I do believe it to be accurate.

Lance Hobson 12 years, 10 months ago

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William Gates 12 years, 10 months ago

Sounds like a made up issue. I mean, all this over paid parking tickets? Not really a federal case.

theprogram 12 years, 10 months ago

I don't blame Mangino, I blame John Cena for making such awesome movies. Come on dude, have you seen the Marine?

shelleysue 12 years, 10 months ago

I don't want to lose Mangino but I'm afraid after this - what I consider blown out of proportion - fire storm it is inevitable. But please people - there is NO one on his current staff that should take his place. If this is going to happen I seriously hope that time is taken to get us another great coach.

All of you who say he's done NOTHING for this program - Well that makes me want to go into a tirade. He has done a heck of a lot. Maybe not everything, but a LOT. And please remember that he didn't REbuild this program - he BUILT it. HUGE difference. If he came in here to rebuild something then yes, I would have expected more in eight years. Building a competitive football program with no prior history - especially in the Big 12 takes time.

Steve Brown 12 years, 10 months ago

ShellySue: you are correct HCMM built us a very fine & respectable program. The last 3 years, the bowl wins, the better play and the full stadium all happened under his watch. I for one am grateful that Football along with that other sport now matters at Kansas. He gets the kudos.

Your a solid fan and have watched Lew operate- if/when a replacement is needed, we have to trust he'll make a complete and exhaustive search.

Until then, UPSET TEXAS.

PS ShelleySue, thank you for bringing family and grandkids to the games. The more fans in the seats = less visitors.

note to SSue: you are correct not only you (yet also me) doesn't believe 75% of what I say. Aliens have taken our team, the mob has inflitrated our team for point shaving, Tyson should be next week QB. The BB team beat the heart out of us. All that stuff is bunk, as you say. I was rambling to make the point only one truth could be at our rotten play, LEADERSHIP which comes from the top.

jayjock 12 years, 10 months ago

DUH we used to have a contest on who could rack up the most campus parking citations. good times good times for a couple hundred dollars.
Big Coach, can you say lap band and anger management? Then go win some more games like you are paid to do. Bobby Knight's act eventually wore thin too.

allktag 12 years, 10 months ago

I probably would have had a similar reaction. Last year I had a Lied Center parking pass. The only lot I was "allowed" to park at was at the lead center. I got 4 tickets in two weeks for parking in the only lot I could. I took them to parking and they voided all of them. It was just like what is wrong with you people. Last year I got a total of 17 parking tickets for parking in my lot, all of them were voided. Also, the "Mangino's favorite spot" comment was just flat out uncalled for. After that, it does seem like they were picking on him.

Also, what type of coach doesn't "verbally abuse" his players. Yeah, some take it to far, but they all yell. It sounds like, especially after the stupid fights broke out, that out team this year is just full of immature pansies who take themselves way to seriously...

shelleysue 12 years, 10 months ago

I am also a little disappointed in this coming out now. I read that an organized group of former player's parents are coming forward. Why NOW. If there were incidents bad enough to come out, they should have come out earlier or not at all. Parents - these are your kids! If it was so bad, you should have addressed it when they were players and put an end to it then instead of putting other kids at risk. As far as I'm concerned launching complaints now is ridiculous. I'm guessing they didn't want to risk losing playing time. The choice was made when they were athletes at KU and they should have lived with that choice. Same goes for Wright. If it is bad enough to bring up at all, the complaint should have been filed immediately not a month later.

If all of these things are actually true I think some of the blame needs to lie with everyone who allowed these types of incidents to continue. That goes for coaches, players, parents, Lew, media who didn't report prior events - EVERYONE.

allktag 12 years, 10 months ago

shawk13: You are an idiot. It is any coaches responsibility to nip that showboating bullcrap in the butt. It has no place on an sporting team, especially a winning one. Yes, he did have some swear words in his "tirade", but the main thing he was yelling was "do you think you did that all on your own". How dare a coach yell at a player for destroying the foundations of teamwork. How dare a coach tell a player like it is. How dare a couch use explicit language. How dare a coach actually take action against stupidity. I think people like you either don't like athletics because you have no individual skill and take any chance to rip them apart or like winning but don't want to hear what actually happens because you have no idea what actually happens off the field. Either way, your ignorance shows and I hope, for societies sake, I am not the only one who thinks of you as an idiot.

bennettcl 12 years, 10 months ago

I don't think Mangino can get within 6 inches of anyone's face. Also, who gives a damn about a parking maid incident that happened two years ago before what was one of the greatest years in KU football ever. What does that have to do with Football? Don't anyone sit there and pretend you haven't been pissed when you got a parking ticket especially on KU's campus which is a parking disaster. Hopefully they come up with a better reason to fire Mangino then he yelled at a parking maid. Don't fire him because he has a bad temper, poked a player, or because he's fat. You can fire him because of poor performance outside of 2007-2008 season, but not because he has a temper. Mangino brought our football program some respect. Sure we've had a bad year, but give us back a few turnovers and we could be in a different situation. Really outside of Texas, who in the Big 12 is having a great year? Give Mangino a break. Fire him if you want to fire him, but don't make him out to be some a-hole who didn't accomplish anything at KU.

shelleysue 12 years, 10 months ago

One more thing. Any of the former players who were mistreated and/or made to hate football (per the Wichita Eagle) were free to transfer out any time they wanted. The weren't prisoners.

shawk13 12 years, 10 months ago

allktag: I'm certainly glad you were able to figure out my opinion of the situation from my simple posting of a video, and even more impressed that you were able to deduce the capacity of my intellect from that "opinion". I personally don't believe that HCMM was out of line in that video but it was the first thing that popped into my head when all this talk about his temper started being publicized. I remember this video being a craze amongst people I knew when it happened and I simply thought I would share.

PS - The saying is "nip it in the bud"

Michael Leiker 12 years, 10 months ago

Another example of how Mangino's temper gets things done...

steelerfan75 12 years, 10 months ago

wow a parking ticket i think they have something against italians mangino maflia please just fire him i know he wil get another job he can put it to the jaygirls

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