Kansas State defeats Kansas, 17-10

  • 11:30 a.m., Nov. 7, 2009
  • Bill Snyder Family Stadium, Manhattan, KS

Sunday, November 8, 2009

KU coughs it up

Reesing’s slump continues; KU falls

Kansas quarterback Todd Reesing coughs up the ball against Kansas State in Manhattan Saturday, November 7, 2009.

Kansas quarterback Todd Reesing coughs up the ball against Kansas State in Manhattan Saturday, November 7, 2009.


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— Todd Reesing can’t explain it, and so, for the most part, he has given up trying.

As the Kansas University quarterback has stumbled through the roughest stretch of his collegiate career, he has been bombarded with questions about the source of his struggles — Inexperienced offensive line? Undisclosed injury? Broken psyche? — and what he has realized is that he doesn’t have any answers.

“Sometimes in life and in football, you hit stretches like this where things don’t go your way,” Reesing said Saturday after a 17-10 loss to Kansas State. “And no matter what you do, no matter how hard you practice, no matter how much you prepare and (maintain) a good attitude, sometimes you just get kicked down in the dirt, and it’s hard to get back up.”

Reesing and the Jayhawks got kicked to the dirt Saturday.

The quarterback turned the ball over three times — giving him 10 turnovers in the team’s past four games — and the offense stalled for the fourth straight week, and when the dust had settled, Kansas had fallen to rival Kansas State in a game that all but ended the Jayhawks’ preseason dreams of a Big 12 North title.

It was not an easy thing to watch.

Until Saturday, there was always the sense things would turn around for Reesing, the spunky, energetic Texan who arrived in Lawrence in 2006 and a year later began breaking records and leading the program to sights unseen.

Even as his play dipped over the past few weeks — three interceptions in a loss to Oklahoma and two fumbles against Texas Tech — there was always the sense that he was one big play or one extended drive away from snapping out of his recent funk and re-establishing himself as one of the nation’s premier quarterbacks.

This wasn’t the case Saturday, however, as Reesing threw a first-quarter interception and fumbled twice more to kill otherwise promising first-half Kansas drives.

Unlike last week, however, when the quarterback was benched in favor of red-shirt freshman Kale Pick in a loss to Texas Tech, KU coach Mark Mangino left Reesing on the field for the duration of the game, insisting afterward that Reesing will finish the season as the team’s starting quarterback.

“I’m not going to be critical of a player who gives his heart and soul to the program,” Mangino said. “He’s our starting quarterback, and that’s the way it’s going to be unless there’s something physical that prohibits him, and I don’t see that happening. He’s our guy.”

Reesing, who completed 27 of 41 passes for 241 yards, said he’s not playing through any more pain than any other player on the team and pointed to his rushing total against the Wildcats — he gained 48 yards on the ground — as evidence that he’s physically able to get the job done.

Injured or not, however, Reesing couldn’t get rolling.

And as a result, neither could the offense.

“We made some mistakes on offense that just got us,” Mangino said. “The turnovers, the penalties, a couple little things here and there, it doomed us. We have to face the fact that they played smart football today, and we did not.”

Despite featuring a far less flashy offensive attack — K-State quarterback Grant Gregory has thrown for a total of four touchdowns this season — the Wildcats did what they had to do. They burned the clock, made stops when they needed them and waited for Kansas to make mistakes — which the Jayhawks ultimately did.

“At the end of the day, we failed to execute and put points on the board when we had chances,” KU receiver Kerry Meier said. “And when you play a good ballclub like this, you can’t do that.”

For the sake of pulling a silver lining from the wreckage, it’s worth noting that, despite the ongoing struggles, Kansas was in the game until the final minutes.

For the third straight week, a previously written-off defense did its best to keep the Jayhawks in the game. Kansas held the Wildcats to just 66 passing yards, and although KSU running back Daniel Thomas rushed for 185 yards and a touchdown on 24 carries, K-State’s 17 points were the fewest KU has allowed against a Big 12 opponent this year.

But the Jayhawks couldn’t get the stop it needed after a Jacob Branstetter field goal pulled them within a touchdown, 17-10, with 5:20 remaining.

On their ensuing possession, the Wildcats kept the chains moving long enough to bleed the clock dry before retiring to their quarters to collect the Governor’s Cup, the first time they’ve done so since 2005.

And with that, the running narrative of this Kansas season shifted from “Can Kansas win the North?” to “Can Kansas become bowl-eligible?”

Barring some unforeseen and highly unlikely developments, the Jayhawks will not win the Big 12 North this season. At this point — with games against three teams that have been ranked at some point this season — there is no guarantee that they will win the six games necessary to become bowl-eligible. Saturday, they’ll host Nebraska, then travel to Austin for a matchup with No. 2 Texas before taking on Missouri at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium.

“Our kids are pretty resilient,” Mangino said. “They bounce back pretty good. At least I’m fortunate in that respect. I don’t have a lot of guys that feel bad for themselves and hang their heads.

“I’m blessed in the respect that our kids have a great spirit.”


NebraskaJayhawk 12 years, 9 months ago

Two back set. We see it what...twice during the game? With Kale Pick as our second option in the backfield??? Give me a break. Nothing against Pick, but what in the world was that?

Worst season under Mangino... Heartwrenching to say the least. So many opportunities for this team to do something special this year, and they stepped on their wee wee's in every game they needed to win.

I love Mangino, but I've got to really question his playcalling this season and an overall offensive scheme.

Hats off to K-State and the old geezer on the sideline. I guess it's true...the Hall of Fame will have to wait.


criderak7 12 years, 9 months ago

old geezer? we should have beat you by more, we had several droped touchdown passes. What the heck is a ku nebraska fan anways? go cats

Robert Berger 12 years, 9 months ago

There is no way your going to beat any team when you turn the ball over 10 times in 4 games....Reesing will finish the season I'm sure but his legacy has taken allot of hits... :(

Ryan Shelton 12 years, 9 months ago

criderak7: you ran the ball and bled the clock. You're an idiot. There's no room or need for you on this website or anything else literate for that matter. Therefore, stick to your own newspaper.

Bill Kackley 12 years, 9 months ago

In terms of expectations this team failed miserably. Time to sit Reesing, he gave us 2 great years but this year he was the cause of our dimise. We need to get Kyle pick in there and see what he can do. Then get ready for the Kyle Pick/Jordon Webb era. criderak7 congratulations to your cats but they didn't win this game they didn't lose it. We lost it. A team that should be 8-1 right now is 5-4 and will be done at the end of November. I have 2 tickets to the Nebraska game and the "border showdown" Any takers?

Kevin Long 12 years, 9 months ago

I agree on getting Pick some playing time. I never thought this team would fall apart this bad.

Kevin Kelly 12 years, 9 months ago

It is so clear the entire scout team should have been playing the first half of the North Co. game. This team has been distracted all year. They weren't focused in the off season. Even when the season was going they'd win a game (in extreemly poor fashion against ISU) and complain about the fans. Then the captian gets benched and coninues whinning and whinning and whinning.

I love this team. I hope to god it gets its head together. But the time to do this was this summer. Then, Reesing should have been benched the very minute he bitched about the fans. We would have ripped Mangino a new one if he did that but looking back in hindsight at this season its clearly a sign of what was going on, clearly a sign of a distracted team.

They picked a fight with the basketball team, the student section and their own coach over percieved lack of respect when they need to be humbled. Now that they finaly are humbled maybe things will get better. I just wish some dudes could have been thrown off the team or something to make it happen sooner.

I'm pretty sure someone deserved to be tossed over that crap. I was fairly certian of it then and I'm almost completely convinced now.

Dyrk Dugan 12 years, 9 months ago

Reesing has hit the wall. we all thought he was superman....and so did his coaches and teammates...but it's truly over.

he can't carry this team. and our offense is now a shell of its former self. '07 aside, shoot, last year we lit up defenses a lot more than this year.

Our offense only had a couple of bad games last year vs. TTech and UT (not bad considering the competition.) but this year, we're not moving the ball vs anybody.

we have 200 yards our four losses. we can't run the ball....and i don't think we're committed to it at all....therefore, ALL the pressure shifts to Reesing...and after a couple of TOs vs. CU, it's snowballed. now he's penciled in for two or three TOs a game.

The KC Star basically said in their game story today, that the KU coaches packed it in the 2nd half, because they didn't want to take any chances. if that's true, then that says it all. our coaches now, won't go for it because of Todd's mistakes...and our offense can't function, if we're not really running all the plays in the playbook. it's a vicious catch 22.

we're 1-4 now, and with UT coming up on the road, our best hope is 3-5, a bowl game and that's not bad. but,...and this is a big BUT....our football team and coaches MUST commit to running the ball, and running everything in the playbook. reverses to Briscoe (1 carry 20 yards, 1 TD...his only carry of the season), passes from Kerry Meier, throwing the ball deep on post patterns early and often.

NU just turned over OU fives times....five Landry picks....several happening deep in NU territory. they will be licking their chops vs. Reesing. we HAVE to change. give them different looks. go double tight, with Opurum in front of Sharp...ANYTHING. This is a must win....Sr. day and the like. we HAVE to get it done.

Go Jayhawks!

Chuck Baldwin 12 years, 9 months ago

KU Football 2009 "HISTORY AWAITS" appropriate...Yes we are still waiting for the following:

1 I hate to say it but yes...Basketball season, let's not kid ourselves, as much as I love football, WE ARE A BASKETBALL SCHOOL

2 A Big 12 North's gonna be a long wait

3 Todd Reesing to not fumble or cough up the ball 3-4 times a game

4 Another BCS Bowl...a VERY long wait

5 Beating Bill Snyder in Manhattan

6 Another victory this season...we won't win another game the way we've been playing

Saturday was a complete joke and disaster. Todd Reesing does more damage than good for this team right now...I've lost co unt of the turnovers...I think it's 11 in the past 4 games. Todd, listen up, you are not Superman...quit trying to make all these impossible plays on every down. Suck it up and at least beat NU and MU.

Cora Smith 12 years, 9 months ago

KU will not be bowl eligible and we are missing an opportunity to get Opurum, McDougald and Pick valuable experience. I guarantee that at Texas and Oklahoma there is no sentimentality about what a player did last year to help the team. Do it now or sit is their attitude and should be ours (if we truly want to compete in Big 12 football). If not, a 50-50 season will appease most fans until basketball arrives in force. fourbagger

Aaron Carpenter 12 years, 9 months ago

"criderak7 (anonymous) says... old geezer? we should have beat you by more, we had several droped touchdown passes. What the heck is a ku nebraska fan anways? go cats"

We? We? Is this one of the ksu players? Did YOU throw a touchdown today?

  • That was a big win for KSU and Wrangler jeans, which after every wildcat win will be 50% off at your local Tractor Supply.

kosovojayhawk 12 years, 9 months ago

Not only has Kansas hit the skids this season, but the entire Big 12 North is once again mired in mediocrity. There is not one ranked team in the division anymore because everybody has fallen off the radar. If the Big 12 wants to compete with the SEC on the national scene, at least one team from this division must rise above the rest. I was hoping it would be us this year with Reesing, Meier and Briscoe. What happened to the attitude that existed 2 years ago? Is Bowen really up to the challenge?

Robert Brock 12 years, 9 months ago

The turnovers were in the first half and we were only down 10-7. The Hawks suffered no turnovers in the second half but only managed to put up 3 points. It's the second half that concerns me.

Whoever is calling plays (Mangino) needs to re-think his value and consider another line of work. In other words, Mangino needs to find an offensive coordinator that he can rely on and trust him to organize the offense and do the play-calling during the games - or allow the quarterback to make some of his own decisions.

Mangino took KU out of any possibility of sustained offensive success yesterday. Simply weird decisions in play-calling, IMO.

troutsee 12 years, 9 months ago

Underachieving and poorly coached, both practice and game. No running schemes. All the pressure on Todd and a diminutive running back who would not be starting for any other team in the B-12. Throw out the Orange Bowl year, and we have been a shade above mediocre, but....that's better than horrible, and we were horrible before MM. Still, this underachieving year is definitely a reflection of the coaching staff. If we go 0-3 the rest of the year, Lew will have a tough decision to make. If it were me and we go 0-3, I'd start looking for a new coaching staff.

kurules 12 years, 9 months ago

congrats to ksu on winning the game. Most of their fans, like crider are already spouting off about how good they are this year. They beat us (even though we literally handed it to them) and that's fine. We've beaten them 4 out of the last 6 years and still maintain a healthy lead overall against them. As for Snyder, he is a great coach and I respect him but to say he has brought KSU back is ridiculous. They haven't beaten a decent team this year and in fact got beat by Louisiann Laf., barely beat UMass, should have gotten beat by ISU and if that game is played in Ames most likely is an L, and gets completely waxed by Texas Tech. Their schedule totally worked in their favor this year if you look at conference play and who they played and where. I am willing to bet that KSU has a better team next year but a worse record given the schedule so it's fine to let them think they have some great team when in fact, they are really a product of the teams they've played (KU being one of those teams unfortunately).

khawk77 12 years, 9 months ago

It's obvious Todd is struggling... but not one of us could fill his shoes and do the things that he has done for the Jayhawks. Give him a break... he's human! The kids a scholar, a great ambassador and carries his heart on his sleeve. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Displayhawk 12 years, 9 months ago

It's hard to win a football game when your starting quarterback and kicker are playing for the other team! KU has the brand new football complex, and they are playing worse! Maybe the players and coaches have gotten too comfy!

kujhwksAZ 12 years, 9 months ago

Such lofty expectations to can we even get to a bowl, what a downward spiral. Based on Reesing's comments in this article, it sounds to me as if it is mental now. For Todd, start him against NU on senior day (one quarter) if no progress give Kyle the second quarter in friendly surroundings and lets see what he can do. As well Opurum needs more time.

If memory serves, isn't this exactly why Todd got on the field in 2006. Kerry was unable to move the offense and the team as hole was dragging its collective feet. It sounds as if Mangino is being way to loyal now to Todd, he is not performing up to expectations, give Kyle more snaps. Don't give up Jayhawks, I do not want to see a quiter out there.

babyjay1 12 years, 9 months ago

Yes, this year has pretty much sucked. But I'm really disappointed to hear people hear say that Reesing should be done for the year and criticize him primarily. He's a senior who has given us great memories! I'll be at the game Saturday to cheer the Seniors because they deserve it!!!! Yes, the TEAM fell apart this year, and coaching staff shares the blame. I hate that this group of seniors is leaving the program this way because it should have been better. Maybe I'm too loyal but I know this happens to all teams, and usually when you don't expect it. I'm cautiously optimistic that we'll rebuild and continue to be a threat in the North. THANK YOU seniors for the awesome Orange Bowl, the years of beating K-State, the HUGE win against Nebraska, and the glorious win vs MU last year!!!!! This wasn't the year we all hoped for but for the last several, you've been so fun to watch!!!! Rock Chalk !!!!!!!

jayhawkintexas 12 years, 9 months ago

I've gone from "Thank God for Todd" to "Oh God, it's Todd." We're not going to a bowl game and, apparently, we're not building for the future. If I were Mangino, I would adopt a similar approach as Bill Self--whoever practices the best and plays the best in the game gets to stay in the game. Why not play Todd and if he coughs the ball up put in Kale?

treidy 12 years, 9 months ago

You all are just a bunch of whiners. Sure the season has been going down hill and Todd hasn't been playing well but to be as pessimistic as you all are is ridiculous. As I said last week, jump off the bandwagon and go back to cheering for just basketball. We don't need you as fans if you aren't going to support us during the highs and the lows. Basketball can wait because football isn't over. Rock Chalk Jayhawks!

gongs4ku 12 years, 9 months ago

Having watched every game this year, I'm done taking time out of my schedule to see KU football games. It's too frustrating when a supposedly talented football team turns in performances of this caliber. Ultimately, watching sports should be fun, and this year's KU football team is painful to watch.

It's b-ball time!

Andy Hess 12 years, 9 months ago

sounds to me like Todd has given up trying, period.

Jeff Hargate 12 years, 9 months ago

kurules- your comment reminds me of all the KSU and MU opinions about us in 2007. Todd reminds me of Chase Daniel at the end of last year...turnover prone and could not find a reciever. I will not blame Todd alone for yesterday. If we would have been playing ANYONE else we would have been down 20-7 at halftime. For KSU to only get 10 pts off 3 to's was a huge break. The 2nd half was tough to watch, but what about Meiers drops and trying to get a run game going with 8 min. to go down by 2 scores? There was no urgency to score. No hurry-up offense at all. You could throw a dart at the 2 deep and coaching staff and find blame. KU football = trainwreck.

Osagehawk 12 years, 9 months ago

Well said Treidy. We have a bunch of bandwagon and fair weather fans that now are ready to jump. The typical "wait till basketball" statement makes me ill. I have no reason to believe this team has given up and still deserves our support. We have two winnable games remaining on our schedule.

swishymcjayhawk-what in the world brings you to the conclusion that Todd has given up. What I see is a player playing and trying as hard as he can. He has made terrific plays for us over the past few years and is now having turnovers from what I see is trying to make plays. For that you are willing to throw him under the bus. Give me a break. Half the people on these boards are not true fans, but trendy fans as long as the winning is big.

kranny 12 years, 9 months ago

When things aren't working it's up to the coaching staff to get them corrected and this staff hasn't. I still believe that the season was lost when Jake Sharp came back for the CU game. Football is about rhythm and chemistry and Opurum was that X factor up the middle that kept defenses honest and made them tired when they had to hit and be hit by him over and over. Sharp is a one dimensional back who can be handled by the D- line alone w/o the help of any linebackers when he runs up the middle. Opurum makes linebackers stay honest which keeps them from dropping deep into coverage. Taking Opurum out of the offense was the stupidest decision I've seen this year. Defensively, we're better but not good. On the K-State pass play for a touchdown our 2 linebackers dropped back only five yards into coverage to cover NOBODY. WHO THE HELL WERE THEY GOING TO COVER INSIDE THE FREAKING 25 YARD LINE? They should have been given the green light and blitzed the middle more so Laptad wouldn't have to take an inside technique and be freaking double teamed time after time. Bowen needs to go or get a clue and we need more creativity on both sides of the ball. After two years, other teams have got it figured out and it won't be any better next year unless some other dimension is added to both sides of the ball. One of the worst coaching jobs I've ever seen. And yes, I'm grilling a $h1t load of crow to eat now because I was backing them up to this point. Mangino needs to lighten up with the "We'll get it corrected" quotes because it ain't happening. Pathetic, an absolutely pathetic coaching job.

Osagehawk 12 years, 9 months ago

HawkfromHays-At what point did the mention of criticizing the team come up. I am talking about people who make statements that Reesing has given up or that "Oh Well, basketball season is starting." Notice I said "half the people on this board." I read too many comments that lead me to that conclusion. And who truly believes we have a better chance in the upcoming games with anybody at QB than Todd. To do anything else is truly throwing in the towel.

PenguinHawk 12 years, 9 months ago

Sure, a true fan can expect better than 6-6, but a true fan shouldn't forget that we were a 2-10 team when Mangino took over, and while this team has been disappointing, we are light years ahead of where we were. The fact that another win likely puts us in a third consecutive bowl game speaks volumes about where KU football is now compared to where they've been. I'm as disappointed as anyone, but I'm not jumping off the deep end yet.

shelleysue 12 years, 9 months ago

Where any of you at the game yesterday? Every K-State fan stood and yelled on EVERY play - EVERY play from first down to fourth down. It was deafening. I needed three Advil, my head hurt so bad from the noise. I can only imagine what it must have been like for the players. And the stadium was still full at the end of the game.HawkfromHays, I disagree. True fans expect a lot but still stay loyal even when the team is struggling! Look what KSU football has been in recent years, yet the fans show up in droves and actually act like TRUE fans. Look at the year Oklahoma is having, but I guarantee you their fans are still supporting them like they always have. What did KU basketball fans do when we excited two NCAA tournaments in a row during the first round? Should they have acted like our football fans since we've come to expect so much from them? Before I was upset with KU fans, now I'm just downright ticked off and embarrassed. Lew needs to quit tryng to squeeze four fans in a space big enough for 2.5 adults and worry about getting QUALITY fans to the games. It doesn't do a damn bit of good to have 50,000+ fans in the stadium if all they do is sit there and complain about anything and everything - not to mention boo their own players.Believe me, I coud barely wait until the season got here because I expected a ten win season and a heck of a lot of fun. I am seriously disappointed in the season but I'm not going to quit supporting the Jayhawks. Yes we expected more, but giving up on them sure isn't going to help matters any. I've decided that the fans behind me can kiss it, because I'm standing the entire game and cheering on Saturday. Based on what I've seen so far and read here, I'll probably be one of about a dozen people doing it, but I'll be there in blue and making as much noise as humanly possible.ROCK CHALK!!.

jhox 12 years, 9 months ago

Reesing is getting thrown under the bus for yesterday's loss, and the defense being hailed. I just don't get it. Yes, one of the turnovers resulted in costly touchdown, but the truth is KSU shot itself in the foot multiple times offensively, or they would have had 2 or 3 more TD's. This is the worst rush defense I can remember seeing in a long, long time. I've never seen a team give up so many long rushing plays. It is becoming a weekly occurance. We knew KSU had no passing offense, and we still couldn't stop their running game. Our players don't seem to recognize a misdirection play. Every time the opponent hands off to a back going one way, and then has the back reverse the other direction, we seem to give up 20 or 30 yards. It has happened all season.

The offense moved the ball better yesterday than the past few games. The turnovers hurt, but what also hurt was the lack of posessions. I don't remember the last time a KU team had the ball so few times on offense. I could be mistaken, but I think we may have only had 3 posessions in the entire second half. If you can't force an occassional 3 and out you're in serious trouble. We seem to get teams in a lot of 3rd and longs, only to give up a yard or two more than they needed to get the first down. To me, that's more painful to watch than the offensive struggles.

Bowen is a KU guy, and I appreciate his service, but if Mangino wants to elevate the program to the next level we need to find a new defensive coordinator, as well as a few big, fast, mean linebackers.

That's the other thing I've noticed about this team...other than our receivers, and maybe Sharp when he's healthy, this team has no team speed. We really need to find a fast running back. With Sharp still playing at maybe 90%, we have none, and we keep bringing in these big plow horses. With all due respect to Brandon McAnderson, who was a solid if not flashy back, we haven't had a truly gifted running back since John Randle got himself in trouble and was ran out of the program. I've always felt good running backs are a dime a dozen...probably the easiest need to fill for a college coach, because the best high school athletes are usually the running backs. Kansas City has several this year, but I'm not sure we're even bothering to recruit any of them. Hutchinson has a couple of backs who look to me to be as good or better than anything we have. I used to think Mangino's biggest gift was his eye for unappreciated talent, but I'm beginning to wonder. He seems to have forgotten the old "speed kills" saying.

babyjay1 12 years, 9 months ago

I'm with you ShelleySue... wish I was sitting behind you cuz I'd stand the whole time,too. I can't wait to cheer the seniors! I LOVE college football and watch as much of it as I can on Saturdays. Funny, I was thinking the same thing about Nebraska fans... they don't always have great years but their fans show up and are LOUD!!! Huh.... wonder if that gives them an advantage in big games.... Gee.... wonder if that would be an advantage for the Hawks if fans would quit sipping their coffee and texting the whole game. I've got a dad sitting in front of me who never moves. His young son High 5s me and watches me cuz I scream and yell. Pretty sad... why not just stay home if you you don't love the environment and show some home team spirit!!!!! Rock Chalk!!!!

criderak7 12 years, 9 months ago

yes we! We ran the ball and bled the clock because thats football, maybe you guys were out coached. Yea we shoulda scored more, ku is a very week football team. Kansas does not even know what football tradition means. KU football tradition; 2007-2008 haha. maybe next year you guys will get that bowl game and possibly the gov. cup. Thats what they call the ksu ku football game. im sure as hell runnin my mouth allready, thats all this site was for the last week. You guys cant even beat colorado. We are 4-2, go cats

FlaHawk 12 years, 9 months ago

How does Coach Mangino expect to compete much less win when they have no running game and Reesing is obviously hurt. The running game is DOA as neither Sharp r Opurnum can carry the team. This is obvious. Have you noticed that Reesing did not complete a pass where he through the ball more thatn 10 yards downfield/ In the lst 3.5 games he has NOTcompleted a pas (in the air)more than 20 yards max. His throws over 40 yards have beenintercepted 3-4 times or under thrown. He has absolutely NO touchh downfield. Teams recognize this and have adapted rapidly.

Coach Mangino is in a difficult osition for Reesing to lose his touch has to have a physical root cause that could be mental by now. It is obvious that KUcan not compete with a unhealth Reesing. Pick will not win a game for us this year, but needs seasoning for next year. Meieir is no real solution. He is too short term and KU needs him for his receiver abilities (even though he has dropped 3-4 the last two weeks). Coach Mangino has produced this situation as he has no real backup QB and this is a recruiting issue. You can never have too many QBs.

Heck Synder at KSUis winning with a 3rd string QB form USF, who Dad was the Offensive Coordinator!

This has been Coach Mangino poorest coaching performance at KU. Recruiting, coaching staff and game time strategy have all been way down this year. KU's offense is stale and the defense inexperienced and not improving. Not a good complination for 2010!

Ben Kliewer 12 years, 9 months ago

Kansas doesn't know what football tradition means? K-State had a good football program for maybe 10 out of over 100 years? That doesn't count as football tradition. The basic point is this. We had a terrible season because the guys who were due to step up and lead dropped the ball (literally). I wonder if Mangino still thinks Reesing is worthy of Heisman candidacy? I kind of find it entertaining how KSU fans now think they're "back." The Geezer is a good coach, as displayed by taking the least talented team in the north and working out a system to where they can win. I have to hand it to him. But as far as KSU having football tradition and being, in so many words, "back?" It's still going to take a while 'Cats fans, don't get too confident too early. We've done that, and then we get a season like this. They were right at the beginning of the KU season, History Awaits. Because for this season, we're history. But hey, basketball should be fun this year!

lovemyhawks 12 years, 9 months ago

lovemyhawks (anonymous) says...

i love reesing but he is defintely NOT playing his game and has certainly lost the last 4 games for us or at least has been a HUGE part of the losses. i think we have been big time outcoached and don't understand AT ALL why opurum is not playing LOTS more..... sharp has NOT been sharp the whole season and opurum did just what he needed to yesterday but was only given the opportunity twice...... why did we not let HIM carry it again when we got to the 5 yd line???? the end of the first half and that opening drive of the 2nd half was the WHOLE game and the reason we truly lost, in my opinion. NO fumble and we take the lead 7-3 (or maybe more) into the locker room and they do NOT have the momentum to take the opening drive down in the 3rd quarter........ oh well........ no heart, no win......... we have played with no winning attitude and no true desire and each week just gets worse. i thought we could beat nebraska and mizzou but then nu gets momentum upsetting ou and my optimism goes away again. i'm a fan all the way but just don't understand what happened to such a promising season. even when we were winning, we were NOT winning strong and making the statement we should have. still i never thought it was a season we could possibly lose to the cats. maybe WE need coach snyder..... he seems to make things happen and we can't do that. reesing is in a major major heartbreaking slump and i hope he can recover but one has to wonder how and when at this point. i'm ready for the orange BALL now, rock chalk basketball!! i'll still hope for some football highlights but pretty much the lights are out for the season!!

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Dan Harris 12 years, 9 months ago

shellysue-good post, I couldnt agree more.We still have an outside chance at 7-5 which would be an accomplishment after what we have shown the last 4 weeks. RCJH!

Dan Harris 12 years, 9 months ago

criderak7- enjoy it while you can and oh by the way --SUCK IT!

741hawk 12 years, 9 months ago

David from KC submitted this diplomatically worded question to HCMM's radio show this past week. "We had trouble blocking the Texas Tech defensive ends last week. Any thoughts of a reverse or screen pass?" Surprisingly, HCMM selected the question. Astonishingly, he answered it honestly, saying "Dave's got a good point there."

KU hadn't run a screen pass in weeks! Against KSU they ran at least three screen passes . . . one of them for KU's only TD!

PROOF POSITIVE. 1) We always knew these highly paid coaches are not rocket scientists, 2) They actually ARE aware of what the fans think and say, 3) We can begin questioning the capabilities of this coaching staff to move the program forward.


I was in Ann Arbor this weekend. First time at The Big House. Amazingly, no track! Seats close on all four sides.

Purdue changed the whole complexion of the game by kicking, and recovering, an onside kick after they had closed to within seven points early in the fourth quarter. They scored again on the next play and won 38-36.

Reminded me of a / the turning point in the season . . . at TT. Kicking off from TT 40, HCMM had Jacob kick it through the uprights. Lost opportunity. Lost chance to "put 'em away." Total lack of imagination. Could have pooched, could have bounced it off the tee, could have punted high and short. Coulda, coulda.

Based on reasonable expecatations, this could be the most disappointing season in memory.

babyjay1 12 years, 9 months ago

I think it's funny when a K-State fan feels the need to post on a KU board. What, hasn't K-State figured out how to run their own board??? Almost as funny as seeing vehicles with k-state tags and stickers on them and they are parked at Memorial Stadium - on the same day that k-state also has a home game... happened when we played OU and I laughed!!!!

Dyrk Dugan 12 years, 9 months ago

you know haven't won anything yet. don't you dare lose to Missouri....who just lost to Baylor....because if you do, it's over. You will not go to Lincoln and win.

at that point, you're bowl. a win over KU, that's about it.

see, the funny thing is, the season is NOT over. what a sour taste all kitty fans will have...if KU finishes 7-5, bowls, and KSU doesn't.

and please, grab a spell and grammar check program....good grief.

Maracas 12 years, 9 months ago

Dugie could have just stopped with Reesing "has given up trying".

Osagehawk 12 years, 9 months ago

Referring to an above post about being at the game, I agree. I am a diehard Hawk fan of many years and raised my kids likewise. My daughter married into a diehard Wildcat family and I understand their fashion for football. Let's face it, overall the K-State fans place more importance on football than Ku fans in general. The entire crowd stood 90% of the time, were always loud, and 90% of the crowd stayed and cheered for a good 15 minutes after the game was over. I realize part of this was due to their hunger for a win over us after 3 straight losses, especially since they as a whole feel they own football in this state and wanted to revel in the moment. But I was especially impressed that the student section was entirely intact well after the game. I also encountered a number of adults and drunk students alike willing to rub it in my face on my way out of the stadium and through the parking lot. The adults weren't necessarily drunk. I understood the motivation because of the importance of football to them. I can only hope the passion in our crowds can be eventually as strong.

wolfy 12 years, 9 months ago

What's the matter with Reesing? It's simple: He has the type of injury that is kryptonite for a gunslinger -- a strained groin. Without his Tarkington-like ability to extend plays with his feet and find receivers after coverage has broken down, Reesing is, sadly, a below average QB. I wish Mangino had accepted this reality after the CU game and had rested Reesing so he could be healthy for KSU.

But the QB spot shouldn't bare all the blame. Our defense is soft and woefully bad fundamentally. They couldn't even set the corner, fly to the ball and make a tackle at the end of the game, when everyone knew KSU was going to run the ball. Winning teams make that stop.

Pete Owens 12 years, 9 months ago

Reesing is either hurt or there is some other issue. Mangino clearly has thrown in the towel and if this team loses out Lew ought to look at wholesale changes. The Tech and CU losses were tough but this one is inexcusable. score and win. It was that simple.

Tony Bandle 12 years, 9 months ago

Because of expectations, returning lettermen, staff stability and a bowl win for momentum plus a national ranking and a 5-0 start set the expectations for this season quite high.

There have been many seasons whereby Kansas was expected to suck...and we did. More often than not, the good seasons were a surprise. However, based on the circumstances, the 2009-2010 Kansas football season may go down as the biggest disappointment in KU football history.

It is quite obvious that next three games are potential losses thus ending a 5-0 start and talk of a BCS Bowl with an 0-7 finish and no bowl at all!!!!!!!


Lew, maybe you better rethink that luxury addition to the stadium.

troutsee 12 years, 9 months ago

Agree, Oakville. A huge disappointment. The KU fans have a right to be upset....very upset. And that does not make us fair weather fans as some of the above have inferred. I am the eternal optimist and a huge KU football fan. I really felt we were going to go at least 9-3 this year and have a big win over one of the big 3 from the South. Instead, we have been very mediocre and appear disorganized. We have a coach that had our kicker boom the ball into the bleachers when kicking off from the other team's 40 and then said that Branstetter could not do that. Bull. I could do it for heaven's sake.

And truthfully, I had a bad feeling after the Northern Colorado game. Yes we won by a lopsided score but we had a hard time putting them away and the game was much more competitive than the final score would indicate. And so it has been all year. With each game I hoped that the team we had just played was much better than billed. So far, the only team fitting that criteria is Duke. Look what NU did to OU last night. Dispite a ton of penalties, NU's defense simply would not crack. When you have that good a defense, you win close games. Without it, you lose, like we are doing. We let Colorado drive the length of the field when the game was on the line. Same with TT. We let OU and KSU drive for back breaking scores to begin the second half of those games. We let KSU possess the ball for the final four minutes dispite have timeouts. Good teams have solid defenses. Our's is vastly improved but still cannot step up when the game is on the line.

On offense the lack of multiple formations from which to run the ball is glaringly absent. We have one ball carrier and one only....our running back and no deception. No tandem sets, no two back sets, no one coming off the wing to be a ball carrier, no reverses, and no screen passes.

If we go 0-3 from here, please Lew, FIRE THE COACHING STAFF! I'm upset. I'm not a fair weather fan. I am a long, long, long suffering KU football fan.

jayhawkintexas 12 years, 9 months ago

The coaching staff has absolutely missed not using Kerry Meier more effectively. Meier should be a run/pass threat as well as a receiving threat. What you do is put Meier in motion, hand it off to him on the end around and give him the option to pass if the defensive backs come up to stop the run. Run that play once (even if Meier keeps it or throws an incomplete pass), and the defense will start getting jittery if the play is run again; the second time it is ran, the handoff to Meier is faked and the QB either keeps it or throws it on the slant route to another receiver. Why the coaches have not put in that play is a deep mystery to me.

drewdun 12 years, 9 months ago

To all the fans tossing out phrases like 'bandwagon fan" regarding those complaining about this abortion of a game and trainwreck of a season: get over yourselves. I'm pretty sure we all support KU, and KU football specifically, if we took the time to read the article above and post on a site called "KUSports." People are upset, and rightfully so. This season has been an unmitigated disaster. I agree with the poster who said he felt a tad uncomfortable after the Northern Co. game; I did too. Then we struggled against Duke and USM, and after we escaped ISU by the skin of our teeth, I knew we were in for a long season. I told my pop after the pass sailed over the ISU receiver's head that we wouldn't win again this year. So far I'm right, but I hope to God to be proven wrong next week, at Arrowhead, and in a crap bowl game.

As for the loyalty to Reesing: every KU fan appreciates what he has done for this football program and the OB win. Even after this dismal year he'll still be a KU legend for years to come. But as others have pointed out, a football team is bigger than one player. Especially when that one player is stinking it up at the most crucial position on the field. I agree that Mangino should start Todd next week and see how it goes for the first quarter, maybe even into the second. But if he looks like he has for the past four games, someone else deserves a shot. Get Pick in there and get him some experience against an incredible NU defense. If we're at that point we're probably out of the game anyway and if we lose to NU, I can guarantee you we won't be going bowling, even if we do manage to beat another lousy team at Arrowhead. Build for next year.

But I hope it doesn't come to that. I hope Todd, Kerry, Jake & Co. come out and play like their hair's on fire next week and just shred NU. Either way, I'll be at Memorial, wearing blue and being loud. That being said, I can't lie. I'm just so disappointed in this season. I really thought this group of seniors was going to do something special and get us to Dallas. Oh well. I guess some things aren't meant to be. That's life. Rock Chalk Jayhawk Beat NU

ginger2015 12 years, 9 months ago

criderak, a school that has a loosing record against every other school in the conference except two (Baylor and Texas (tie) ) does not have a winning tadition.

wolfy 12 years, 9 months ago

Kal110386: You are absolutely right about '07. That team played as a unit and rarely was anyone out of position. It was a joy to watch. But it wasn't because the '07 team had superior raw talent; it didn't. That team was so much better because each player learned to play tough, assignment-sound football and to avoid costly mistakes and penalties. In a word, COACHING.

Our offensive woes are directly the result of Mangino's stubborness. He should have gone with Pick or Meier at QB three games ago to allow Reesing to mend. And giving Sharpe the nod over Opurum borders on lunacy.

captku 12 years, 9 months ago

We knew The Salina Special was going to get the nod, didn't we? It would be a travesty to not allow him to start at home against his rival. That is just how it is done I guess. But I agree, that we should have added Toben to the mix much more to soften up things more. The real damage is that our O is now not on the field near long enought to keep the D strong for the duration of the game. #8 kept on hammering, and guys got tired, and visions of Terry Allen's undisciplined defenses bounced in my head again. Also, Reesing must be hurting some, because when he is limited to the point where he can't break loose of the pocket to keep the play alive, we get batted balls and INTs. He just is more effective when he is strong enough to bust out and extend the play to allow his field vision to be more acute.

SallySue, great post. We need more of you there. And guys like my older brother, who didn't even attend KU, but yells his head off during the game. He is >40, but doesn't care, because he came to cheer, hell or hi water. And he keeps it clean. More "regular joes" like you guys in my opinion are what needs to fill Memorial.

Dirk Medema 12 years, 9 months ago

Good word Shelly Sue.

It is interesting that Coach Mangino has inserted hungry, young players into the D and is has turned around mid-year, but has stayed true to his old players on O and they have (repeatedly) dropped the ball over the last few games. Some young blood helped the D. Maybe it would help the O as well.

gram77 12 years, 9 months ago

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areyouserious 12 years, 9 months ago

why do you people feel the need to write a whole book on your post???

Fire Ed Warriner!!!!!!!

Blake Post 12 years, 9 months ago

Reesing plays till the end. He has earned it. Remember the Orange Bowl we waited 40 years for. this game was not a complete disaster as some state. KSU only had 17. We moved that ball up and down the field but then gave up turnovers or got penalties or dropped passes to kill drives and missed two field goals. Todd does have to learn to cover that ball with both arms when someone gets close. KSU has been trained better to chop that ball out. OU totally choked and cannot throw long. nu was supposed to die but now they have life. I sure enjoyed planting 76 on their stupid heads two yrs ago. It would be great to get our offense in gear now. You have to roll away from Hong Kong Suey and double team him. Keep him off the QB. Like a fan, I will be there win or lose. I do have to look to the near future as we are likely to smash these teams in bball. It will be exciting, and I don't care how we play at the start cuz at the end we will be in the driver's seat.

Ryan Shelton 12 years, 9 months ago

Criderak7: Yes, running the ball and bleeding the clock is football. I won't debate that. When you say that KSU should have beaten KU by more, I reiterate my point: KSU ran the ball and bled the clock. So, no, KSU just wanted to get out of there with a win however they could do it. And that's fine. That's football.

But keep telling yourself that KSU has a football history. Tell yourself that you have the respect of the NCAA. Tell yourself as you look in the mirror, "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me!" Shout it to the rooftops if it makes you feel relevant.

Joe Baker 12 years, 9 months ago

“Our kids are pretty resilient,” Mangino said. “They bounce back pretty good. At least I’m fortunate in that respect. I don’t have a lot of guys that feel bad for themselves and hang their heads.

ManG- This is what we thought all long!! But your "bounce back" needed to be prior to or just after the OU game. You're not showing any signs of progress! You have to build on each game. It just seems each game is getting worse.

When do you expect this resilience or "bounce back" to happen? NU or mizzou? Maybe next year? These are just words right now until you actually execute. I supported you even after the CU loss. I waited for a bounce back and this resilience to happen. I kept waiting and will wait with anticipation as you play the next two games. Let's win at least one, ok? I would then call this season what the Apollo 13 mission was in history, "A Successful Failure." (Tom Hanks- LOL)

Rock Chalk Jayhawk, GO KU!!

Bee Bee 12 years, 9 months ago

KU is awful! Reesing......three years of excellence and a disaster the last four games. WHAT THE H*** IS GOING ON?

Joe Baker 12 years, 9 months ago

You "faithful" fans or whatever you call yourselves, that are crticizing those of us as "fairweather" for being "negative" are foolish. This attitude is what's wrong with the football program. KU has settled for mediocrity and people like you excuse these ridiculous loses and the program continues to waiver. The football community was actually viewing KU as a football and b-ball school. The so-called b-ball or "fairweather" fans jumped on board and supported them until they played really sloppy ball. I don't mind if they lose, it happens, but not in a humiliating fashion. It's not the losing, it's players failing to meet their potential or finding consistency.

The difference between KU football and KU b-ball is consistency. Yes, as was pointed out, there were two failed tourney years (not seasons)- knocked out in the first round by two average teams. But, the difference is coaching. HCBS had two questionable tourney performances and then came back with a huge team that won the 2008 NC and then went deep into the 2009 tourney. ManG has talent and leadership available this year. This was a really promising year for KU football. It may end on a sour note and now ManG has a ton of work to do with this program. He worked so hard to recruit and now many of these potentially good recruits are going to question KU's ability to produce.

Obviously you settle for mediocrity and the "fair weather" fan demands improvement and results. Nobody is jumping off any bandwagon, b/c you celebrate with b-ball just like the "true" b-ball fans. We're all in this together "fair" or "true" as fans. We are all still fans regardless.

plotku 12 years, 9 months ago

I get so tired of reading the comments on here about "Reesing deserves to play, remember the Orange Bowl" People that is 2 dang years ago. Get a grip on the here and now. Reesing has been awful! You don't allow a player to basically lose games on his own, and continue to do so because of 2 years ago. I am sure most people want the football team to be a contender every year, and we are at that point, well at least we should be. There is a point in time at a program like ours, that you either just stay a 6-6 team or you climb the ranks and play for conference titles. We are now currently at that crossroad. Now that I have got that out of my system, a couple points: Our ofensive play calling has been ludacris the past 3 games. I still believe Briscoe is one of the best WR's in college football, and we used to put pressure on the defenses we played by the threat of running him deep. We stopped that after the Colorado loss. And would it honestly kill us to line up in I formation a few times a game put opurum at FB and Sharp at tailback? You got to be able to run the ball. Even though Kstate ran the ball right down our throats when it counted, if you would have told me that K-State would score 17, I would have said Victory. It's odd to think, that if our offense could do anything at all. . . . . our makeship defense plays well enough to win that game. Heck our makeship defense had us down 14-6 at half to OU and that was with 3 Reesing Picks. Heck We were up 21-14 at the end of the third against Texas Tech but when you lose 4 fumbles (2 by Reesing) you can't expect to win.

actorman 12 years, 9 months ago

"Fire Ed Warriner!!!!!!!"

And before that it was "Fire Nick Quartaro!" What's the common denominator? Mangino. Maybe the problem starts and ends with him. I'm glad to see others pointing out the kickoff from the TT 40, which to me is the single most bizarre decision Mangino has made during his time at KU (and that's saying something).

I agree with those who think it's ridiculous to call anyone who ever dares to say a single negative word about a team a "fairweather fan." Calling us that displays a high level of ignorance. Since some people clearly don't understand what a "fairweather fan" is, let me educate them: a "fairweather fan" is not someone who never criticizes a team, it's someone who doesn't CARE about a team when they suck. If anything, those of us who are frustrated and complain about a team that was expected to be great but is now playing like one of the worst teams in the country are the OPPOSITE of "fairweather fans": we're passionate, committed KU fans that have seen this type of season happen WAY too often. I'm sure that those who have followed this team for decades like I have can come up with plenty of other seasons where great expectations were destroyed by p**s-poor play. That, it seems, is the true legacy of KU football, with the OB season being one glorious anomaly.

shelleysue 12 years, 9 months ago

I for one have never said to continue playing Reesing because of what he's done at KU. But I feel the need to support him because of what he's given to KU football. He deserves that - no question. As much as I hate to say it, I think we do need a change - and I say that mostly because what is happening is not doing anyone a bit of good, least of all Todd. It's a fact that the best players need to be on the field at all times - period. I believe in letting players work through a slump, but sometimes changes need to be made. Plus if he's playing hurt, that's just not good.

To those who say, we are in this position because we accept mediocrity. That's bs. It's like this - I have the ability to go to the game and cheer as loud as I can and support my team no matter what. I don't have the ability to coach the team or play the game. If you think you know how to fix everything that's wrong, please call the athletics department and ask for a job application.

PS - there is no fan who is as frustrated as I am right now. Especially at this moment considering I work with about 3 dozen engineers who graduated from KSU. BUt I also refuse - REFUSE to get critical of the Jayhawks. Can't do it - won't do it.

Rock Chalk!

Jeff Hargate 12 years, 9 months ago

Here is a good question: If Reesing is not going to throw the ball more than 10 yards down the field, why not try to get a spark from Pick? He is a better runner and better be able to throw a 10 yard pass or why is he even on the roster? It can't hurt. I would rather lose by not being able to move the ball than turning it over 3 times a game.

Hope and expectations are sometimes evil. As KU fans we have all been waiting for a day when we could be proud for our football team. That day has come and teetering towards past. Hopefully we can get it going by seasons end. It is still football season!!

Rock chalk.

Ben Kliewer 12 years, 9 months ago

I was watching KU football when we we BEAT Mizzou and Memorial had 12 people in the stands. That's right...the late 90s. To see where this program has come from where it was is amazing. But in order to continue to grow we need to do something drastic. I disagree with the idea of firing Mangino. There's no need for that. But benching Reesing and letting him heal, and getting Pick some experience seems to be the right thing to do. Putting in a rookie is Mangino's speciality, IE Adam Barmann and Reesing himself. Both had their redshirts ripped halfway through the season and in the case of Reesing, it brought positive results. We always are putting a lot of pressure on the QB to perform, it started with Bill Whittemore. He was the first spark of the Mangino era and we've been riding that ever since. But guys like Barmann and Brian Luke couldn't stand up to the pressure. Reesing could for the time, but now that he's hurt, he can't perform. I've seen Pick run the ball a billion times on 12 plays, and throw it once. Perhaps an exaggeration. But he does have the ability to throw, and a spark from the QB position may be just what we need to make this a 7 win season. I would love and hate a win over Texas. For one, it would be awesome for us, but it would be terrible for the Big 12 because all those SEC lovers in the media would love to see the potential of two SEC teams in the NC. Hey, it could happen. But, I don't think it will, it's unlikely we'll beat Texas regardless of a spark or not. We can always continue to build this program this year an prepare for next year. Specifically by pulling Reesing and Sharp if they're not performing, and putting in Pick and TO. I could care less what Todd and Jake have done, I love those guys, but if they're not doing their job now, they're not going to play.

beebe1 12 years, 9 months ago

Hey -- Reesing is a talent with a physical problem. But don't complain about not throwing the ball down field. Reesing can't throw it that far, and certainly not with any accuracy. The Coordinator can't call that play -- no way to execute it. Probably has some effect on the fumbles, too.

Problem is, we have no one to turn over the QB job to while he heals. No matter how good the protection, Reesing doesn't function up to capacity.

On the other hand, the Defense and Special Teams coaches are not doing their job.

They say around Cinti that the HC, with his team ranked #5, only makes $1.3; likely headed to a a 'major' team next year. MI? NU? We should have gotten his best Defensive Coordinator a year ago. Likely too late now.

troutsee 12 years, 9 months ago

Well said Actorman and True Hawk 93. Agree, totally.

4jhawks4ku 12 years, 9 months ago

These last four games seem like Steve Mcqueen when he hollered out with his dying words in the movie "Sand Pebbles"..."What the hell happened? What the hell happened????

PenguinHawk 12 years, 9 months ago

A lot of talk about getting Pick experience for the future. I heard a scout on 810 two weeks ago saying Mangino is looking at 2 different Juco QB recruits. You don't recruit JuCos to sit on the bench. I don't think Mangino trusts Pick at all, and doesn't see him playing QB next year. If that's the case, I say keep Reesing in there (if he's healthy enough), at least we know for sure he's capable of playing at a high level, even he hasn't been lately.

JayhawkCrazy 12 years, 9 months ago

I have kept my mouth shut long enough about this whold Todd Reesing thing because I will probably piss off Todd's fans. I know several students, to include my son that attend KU and they have witnessed Todd on many occasions drinking to excess. Yes, I know college students drink to excess, to include my son. However, when you are the starting QB, you have got to use some commons sense. I kept on waiting for SOMEONE to bring this up. I have one piece of advice for you Toddie Boy---STAY OUT OF THE BARS AND STAY SOBER!!! At least wait until the season is over.

I have had season tickets for 25+ years and I have NEVER been more frustrated with KU football. As you long time KU fans know ; there have been many frustrating seasons, but in my opinion, there has never been a season that was filled with so much promise turn into a total flop. For the life of me I cannot figure out why this young man is choosing to make such poor off the field choices. I wonder if HCMM has any idea of what Todd Reesing is doing to himself and his team. I also know that the recent downfall is not all Todd's fault; however, the partying is totally avoidable.

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