Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mangino downplays Reesing injury

Is Reesing hobbled? ‘I don’t think so’

Todd Reesing hangs his head during the loss to Oklahoma on October 24, 2009. The Jayhawks look to bounce back against Texas Tech in Lubbock on Saturday.

Todd Reesing hangs his head during the loss to Oklahoma on October 24, 2009. The Jayhawks look to bounce back against Texas Tech in Lubbock on Saturday.


A day after Kansas University quarterback Todd Reesing indicated he's been playing with a groin injury sustained during the Jayhawks' Oct. 17 loss to Colorado, KU coach Mark Mangino downplayed the injury and its effect on the struggling signal-caller.

"He's been cleared to play," Mangino said. "He told us he's fine to play, so I don't know if it's a factor or not. I don't think so."

For the third straight game, however, Reesing looked far from his old self. He completed 20-of-35 passes for 181 yards and a touchdown in Saturday's 42-21 loss to Texas Tech, but routinely threw balls into the turf and turned the ball over twice on fumbles, one of which came on a 4th-and-1 situation with Kansas in the midst of a potentially game-tying fourth-quarter drive.

As a result, Mangino benched Reesing — who three weeks ago he hyped as an early-season Heisman Trophy candidate — with 7:05 remaining fourth quarter in favor of red-shirt freshman Kale Pick. Kansas trailed by two touchdowns at the time.

Following the game, Mangino said the benching had come as a result of poor performance, though Reesing responded to a question about his health by saying he hadn't been 100 percent since suffering an injury against the Buffaloes.

"I’m not one to make excuses,” Reesing said. “It’s been a hard time practicing during the week because of it. I’ve got to do what I can to get ready and then play through it on Saturday. But I’m not going to say that that has anything to do with the last three weeks, because it hasn’t. It’s just something that you deal with as a part of football.”

Mangino said Sunday, meanwhile, that he hadn't spoken with Reesing about the player's benching and had no intentions of doing so.

"He fully understands what his role is," Mangino said. "He's been in meetings with his position coaches and the offensive unit, and I don't really have anything to say to him, because I think he understands clearly what's going on. He'll be fine. We're encouraging him, and I think he'll be fine."


Lance Hobson 12 years, 11 months ago

Unthinkable. Just hope he gets better and can carry us to a bowl game once again.

colohawk2814 12 years, 11 months ago

this sounds like a HC in denial. MM needs to look at his decision making with respect to th ecoaching staff and take responsiblity for the failures.

weezyFbaby 12 years, 11 months ago

Mangino, your really effed up this time... Seriously, your timing couldn't have been more horrid if it were scripted in a movie. There is a way to work Pick into the game plan while Reesing is struggling without actually making it look like you pulled him out of the game. But no, you throw the face of our program and a senior qb who saved your job under the bus and divided a locker room all in one hapless attempt to what... send a message? Maybe get a spark to help us win the game? Our BEST chances of winning at that point in the game would to have left Reesing in.

Obviously I'm not stating that Reesing's play has been at a level that is acceptable, but Warinner's ineptitude as an OC and now this... I've always been a supporter of you as a coach, but the way you and the staff have dealt with this situation is beyond incomprehensible. And I don't even know if that's a real word. I may have made that up.

ps. Pick running the QB draw every other play still isn't working...

Tribehawk 12 years, 11 months ago

This is turning into a bizarre situation. It reminds me of what happened last year with HCMM and Mike Rivera--at least my understanding of what happened. Didn't Coach call-out Mike's play while Mike was injured and refused to acknowledge that his injury had any effect on his performance? Someone please correct my facts if I'm wrong. If I'm right, this is not a good M.O. for a head coach. It could eventually result in a locker room revolt. I can understand being tight-lipped about injuries for strategic reasons, but it's a whole different thing when you essentially throw one of your players under the bus and contradict their own statement about an injury to the press.

Tony Bandle 12 years, 11 months ago

Is it just me or is Pick about the worst name a Division 1 quarterback could have?

Is it just me or is losing the last seven games of a season after wiinning the first five games of that same season a turnaround of epic proportions?

Is it just me or at this point talk of expanding Memorial Stadium looks just a little bit ridiculous?

Is it just me but it now appears that the Offensive line is now living up to the literal definition of their title..."offensive"?

Is it just me or is it that basketball season can't start soon enough.

100 12 years, 11 months ago


We're all behind you. Just shake off the last couple weeks & do your best -- it will certainly be enough as that's all you've ever done. Again, shake it all off & move on.

Need an example? Take a look at how Brett Farve sprints back to hand it off. Take a look at how he races up to the line.

Just get your mojo back -- if there are distractions in your life (which I presume there are), then drop them -- those distractions are going nowhere, you are.

When you're having fun, we're all having fun watching you have fun.

Take control & have fun doing it, again, Todd -- we're all behind you.

Rock Chalk

Eurekahwk 12 years, 11 months ago

It goes without saying that coaches are NOT doctors. When talking about sports, there are no small lower extremity injuries. So what, its only a groin right? Wrong. It just so happens that a groin injury is painful as hell. Especially when you are Todd Reesing. Pain between the legs affects mobility. And at 5'9", Reesing can only be good as a QB because he can move around. No mobility, no scrambling. Keep Reesing in the pocket, and he can't get the ball to anyone. This is the season killing injury that everyone prayed couldn't happen to our star. It has, and now we've lost three straight games to three opponents we should've beaten.

Christopher Johnson 12 years, 11 months ago

I've been appalled by Todd Reesing's play the past few weeks, but come on. Some people don't know how to be anything but fair weather fans. I've cussed at Reesing as much as anybody else, but the last thing I want to see happen is him getting benched in favor of a freshman quarterback . . . and nothing against Pick. I'm excited about his future. I want to see Reesing come out of his funk and be successful. We should all want that. His brilliant play has turned KU's program around. He'll be one of the all time greats we remember. Let's not abandon him now. We know what he's capable of. Think back to the Missouri game last year. Holy cow, this guy can do some amazing things. Don't know what's been going on, but we should want him to do WELL. I don't quite understand wishing ANYTHING bad on ANYBODY on our team. Rock Chalk Jayhawk Go KU, and go Todd Reesing!

jakzhumans 12 years, 11 months ago

I'm not in favor of benching Reesing for the rest of the season, but I was in favor of Mangino sending him a message on Saturday. He's played very badly for three straight weeks just as the team got it's defense to play better. Horrible timing. And I really don't want to hear about the injury, just as it seems Mangino doesn't want to hear it. Reesing was cleared to play and said he could, so that excuse is gone. And that's what it is, an excuse, whether Reesing wants to claim it is or not. Sorry Todd, but the "I'm not one to make excuses" line is invalid as soon as you then offer an excuse, which you did. If you're really not one to make excuses, then your answer should have been, "I have no excuse. I've played badly for three weeks and it's hurt my team. Coach has made it clear all along that you're not guaranteed playing time if you don't perform. I've been bad and I deserved to be pulled, and now it's up to me as a senior and a co-captain to go out and get better and help get this team back on track." THAT'S not offering an excuse.

Jerry Rockhold 12 years, 11 months ago

I was at the CU game in Boulder & in the 1st half, every time the Jayhawks offense looked to the sideline for the play, the Buffalo defenders looked as well. It was like they knew the hand signals & were reading the plays. In the 2nd half, KU must have changed the signals because Colorado stopped looking. I thought that was very odd & pretty obvious at the time. Looks like KU needs to change the way they're doing things offensively, because the word appears to be out around the league about how to scheme for our offense. As for benching TR while only down 14 pts., Reesing's injury must be significant because he's a very tough kid & doesn't complain or make excuses. Sure HCMM could have been sending a message, but doing it when the game was still within reach? Otherwise, the move to put Pick in doesn't make sense at all. KU has become very predictible on offense & obviously the rest of the league has figured out the right scheme to render our once very potent offense ineffective.

lozar34hawks 12 years, 11 months ago

Honestly I think Todd Reesing has a lack of commitment his senior year. he hasn't impressed me with his style of play at all this year. Coach Mangino needs to put a younger guy in the qb position instead of Reesing. The last 3 weeks of play KU has not played and I watched the KU OU game and Reesing wasn't in the game. The dude has senioridus! Need a change soon!

gogoplata 12 years, 11 months ago

I hate KSU but Snyder is a better coach than Mangino at this point. What the hell happened to the toughness we have had under Mangino? Our guys look like wussies compared to the Wildcats. All it would take for us to win this weekend is to get back that edge we used to have. Mangino teams were tough and gritty. Not so far this year. We look like a team that spend too much time reading thier own press.

patton6 12 years, 11 months ago

Senioridus, huh?

That sounds awfully serious.

Jeff Hargate 12 years, 11 months ago

Sure, Reesing has had a bad few quarters lately, but has anyone noticed the play of Briscoe and Meier...or Wilson for that matter. It's hard to open up the offense when balls are being dropped or fumbled...or thrown into the ground...or Warriner calling for an option with TO to the short side. Todd has puked all over himself, but so have the others. I would love to see the coaches film from the endzone view to see if the recievers are even getting any seperation. This is a "what have you done for me lately" buisness and they better lock it up or there will be 30,000 Nebraska fans in Memorial on November 14th.

Matt Gauntt 12 years, 11 months ago

Come on, people. Give Todd a break.

Ever miss a few questions on an exam? Ever give your boss a report with a bunch of errors in it? Ever fail to do your job all that well?? Todd having a couple bad games is the equivalent of that.

By the way, Todd's passer rating for the CU game was 133 and against Tech it was 110. Not really all that shabby. Sure, OK was a bomb.

Ever look at what the offensive line has been doing the last couple of games? Against Tech, Todd was sacked 6 times and he was chased after all day long like Bill Clinton chasing hookers at a free brothel. If you are getting the snot beaten out of you every other play, it is kind of hard to do a good job passing. How about a little better effort out of the running backs? We had a total of 71 yards rushing on Saturday.

Todd is a big reason why KU has been on the map the last couple of years. You guys might want to consider giving him a break. Maybe Mangino did the right thing pulling him. Hopefully Todd can rest up and get back to his old ways vs. the hated purple kitty-kats to the west.

troutsee 12 years, 11 months ago

O-line not playing well. Needs to be coached up or different players.

Oprum needs to start. Special teams need a lot of work. Defense much, much better. Better be ready for KSU run game. Todd needs to start against KSU but Pick better be ready. Offensive play calling needs to improve. If we won't run the read option with Reesing, then Pick needs to play.

okiedave 12 years, 11 months ago

Maybe would should bench the special teams coach. I understand from a report by the KC Star that HCMM explained that the reason we did not kick a squib or on-side kick on the kick off after a 15 yd. penalty was assessed on the kick off was because we did not have a kicker on the team that was capable of kicking a squib or on-side kick. REALLY?

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