Monday, March 2, 2009

Unrivaled rout

Jayhawks exact revenge on MU

Kansas center Cole Aldrich stuffs a shot by Missouri guard J.T. Tiller during the first half Sunday, March 1, 2009 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas center Cole Aldrich stuffs a shot by Missouri guard J.T. Tiller during the first half Sunday, March 1, 2009 at Allen Fieldhouse.


Kansas stomps Missouri with 90-65 victory

Less than a month ago, the Kansas men squandered a 14-point lead and fell in Columbia 62-60.

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2009 KU-MU March 1

Tough taskmasker Bill Self turned into a softie Sunday afternoon in discussing his 2008-09 Kansas University basketball team.

“I’m falling in love with this team,” KU’s sixth-year coach said after his Jayhawks pounded Missouri, 90-65, in Allen Fieldhouse.

“They try hard, and they are getting more and more aggressive all the time.”

The Jayhawks, who lost all five starters off last year’s national-title squad, improved to 24-5 overall and 13-1 in the Big 12 heading into Wednesday’s 8:30 p.m. contest at Texas Tech.

A victory over the Red Raiders would assure the Jayhawks at least a tie for their fifth straight conference title and give KU a better conference mark than last year’s NCAA champs, who went 13-3 in the league.

“I’m really proud of the guys. It’s just one game, but they did respond like champs today,” Self said.

The Jayhawks, who blew a 14-point lead to the same Tigers (24-5, 11-3) on Feb. 9 in Columbia, Mo., stormed to a 26-point halftime advantage (45-19) and never saw that lead dip below 18 points.

The first half was a thing of beauty from a KU standpoint. An 18-1 run in which six players scored (Sherron Collins had five points and Markieff Morris four) propelled the Jayhawks into a 21-5 lead just 7 1/2 minutes in.

By halftime, eight Jayhawks had scored, compared to three Tigers. KU hit 18 of 32 shots — five of seven threes — to the Tigers’ eight of 39 (0-for-9 threes), thoroughly shredded MU’s press in the process.

“That’s the best half of basketball in 11 months here, since the North Carolina game last year,” Self said of a Final Four semifinal victory in which KU led, 44-27, at halftime. “That wasn’t even the same team that played in Columbia. Over there, we were trying not to lose. Today we were in attack mode the whole time.”

The Jayhawks were intent on making up for their only loss of the Big 12 season on a day the crowd was juiced for revenge and also excited for the jersey retirement ceremony of former Jayhawk Kirk Hinrich.

“I think we had a tick in our ear after what happened in Columbia,” Collins said after scoring 25 points off 8-of-14 shooting (four for six threes). “There’s special satisfaction in this. It shows everybody we are better than what we showed in Columbia.

“I think actually they thought they were going to come in and beat us again. We were able to show this is the team we really are. We wanted to blow them out. Kansas-Missouri is a rivalry. A big rivalry. We don’t like losing to Mizzou, especially twice, especially at Allen Fieldhouse.”

Collins said he entered the game convinced KU would win.

“But who knew what the score would be like this?” he said.

Uh, one of his teammates did.

“I thought the score was going to be like this the whole time,” said freshman Tyshawn Taylor, who effectively attacked MU’s press to the tune of 15 points with six assists against two turnovers. “I felt we were better than before, to be honest with you.”

Fired up for the big game, Taylor received some inspiration from his little sister in a Saturday night phone call from New Jersey.

“She said, ‘Just go out and win.’ I said, ‘All right, I’ll go win for you,’’’ Taylor said with a smile.

“I couldn’t wait to play this game. The key was making shots and attacking their pressure. Once we beat their first line of pressure, there was nothing they could do.”

Center Cole Aldrich was the third Jayhawk to score in double figures. He had 19 points off 8-of-13 shooting to go with his 14 rebounds. He rammed home a pair of alley oops late off feeds from Taylor.

“Coach has been telling me to do that a long time,” Taylor said of adding the lob to his repertoire. “I just threw it up there. He went up and got it.”

“That was fun,” Aldrich said. “Tyshawn got into the paint and got the ball to me just right. I don’t know how high I got, but that was fun.”

The whole day was fun for the Jayhawks, who were too much for the Tigers

MU was led by Leo Lyons and DeMarre Carroll, who had 20 and 16 points, respectively.

“Everybody played great. Tyshawn was terrific, Cole was terrific. He does deliver,” Self said, adding, “and the bench was terrific. But Sherron (Collins) has been really good as of late. He really put us on his back and got us off to a great start again.

“It was a good day for us and sets up a great week. Now we’ve got to play the best road game we’ve played all year. That will set up a big finale no matter what here next Saturday against Texas. We’ve had some season finales in this building against Texas before, and they've been fabulous.”

Tipoff for that finale is 3 p.m.


Rick Arnoldy 13 years, 9 months ago

For reasons that escape me, Sherron has critics on this board. Here is why I love him - "We wanted to blow them out. Kansas-Missouri is a rivalry. A big rivalry. We don’t like losing to Mizzou, especially twice, especially at Allen Fieldhouse.”

Rick Arnoldy 13 years, 9 months ago

Down right funny post of the Columbia site:

"damn, that was bad. oh well, no matter how well they play you still carry that XX-1 conference record with you don't you? why don't you go play on your hill and enjoy yourselves till we meet in the big XII tourney."

Are you even being serious right now? Of course you take that record with you and with it being the best one in the league, I'll take it over any other record. I know math is hard to grasp for you missouri 'folk' so let me break it down in terms I think you'll understand: If you start conference play with 16 cans of "chewin' tobacco" and some team comes along and takes three of them, then that is not as good as a team taking only one of them. You see, 'cause if a team only takes one of 'em then you've got 15 others and for a missouri fan that will last you all the way 'til lunch.

Rodney Stice 13 years, 9 months ago

Just finished watching the most of the game for the third time. CBS really wanted to show off mizzou as a power in the big 12. The put together highlights of games past to show, during the stoppage of play, mizzou beating KU. It was ironic to see that the games they chose to highlight were victories of 2 and 3 point wins. They did show KU beating mizzou in the big 12 tourny in '97 as PP lit up the tiggers.

John Mueller 13 years, 9 months ago

I agree with your take Phoenix. Why is the national media so in love with Missouri? All week long we hear about the "big resurgence" (SI, KC Star,, etc.)

They need a last second shot to come from 14 down at their place and then...we did what we all knew we would. blow them out.

And the end of the day, it is like we always knew it was: We are still Kansas and they are still Missouri, Cream still rises and turds still sink.

Westfieldhawk 13 years, 9 months ago

Sherron is such a great leader. The progression of this team is amazing and it is parallel to the progression as Sherron as the leader. He knows when is his moment and he goes after it.

Also thought that Reed's and then Sherron's threes were big. That was MU's run - Tyrel came up with a big play....if he doesn't make that three I don't think we lose but it might have given us more stress in the second half. This game there was no comeback that we sometimes allow.

Matt1958 13 years, 9 months ago

Phoenix, you are spot on. There was a spot with Clark Kellogg earlier where he went on and on about how great Mizzou was. Seems to me he did the same thing last year about Memphis. LOL! What a great victory! If Bill Self is not National Coach Of The Year, the award is a JOKE! I have to laugh at myself though. When Larry Brown left, I thought we would never be the same. What a fool I was. WE ARE KANSAS!!!!!

jayhawkr34 13 years, 9 months ago

fizzou will never, never and i mean EVER be the same caliber bb program KU has been and will be for many years. fizzou was alright when they had norm, but he is gone. I also thought cbs(uck) went way overboard on the fizzou wagon jumper thing...but thats to be expected, losers always like the underdog. fizzou will always be our bitch, we should be 14-0 and if one single fizzou player says they feel good about that win at home by two is a liar.....and they knew it just by thier play in the phog.....they knew they were gonna get a BEATDOWN. WTG hawks, you made the Jayhawk nation proud!!! and to hear the "overrated" followed by the "ROCK CHALK" CHANT JUST BROUGHT GOOSEBUMPS.

Gil Ek 13 years, 9 months ago

The first half showed what happens when potential matures. The learning curve has accelerated more and more each game. Think the early season loses meant more than if they had won them and been over ranked too early in the season. This is turning out to be a special season. Probably one of Coach Self's best coaching jobs. And to fantasize a little. In the old days, can you imagine this team if it still had J. Wright, B. Rush, M. Chalmers and D. Arthur having to play four years. OMG!

sava12 13 years, 9 months ago

Thanks to CBS for leaving the KU game and showing us the mighty SEC.
Jayhawk fans can thank Suzanne Smith - Director of College Basketball for CBS.

keith horinek 13 years, 9 months ago

Ohio, LOL! that's good stuff. The TV cut away right after the game so I did not see if the students stormed the court. I am assuming they did not as we always expect to win at home. Sounds like sour grapes from the Mizzery people. One would hope they could be good sports once in a while. Oh well, the way I see it we should not even see them again this season as we will have the no. 1 seed in the big 12 tourney and that will put us aganist the no. 4 seed which will be either UT,OSU or KSU and I don't see Mizzery beating OU to get into the championship game. Fantastic game! this team is peaking at the right time of the season. HCBS for big 12 Coach of the year!

Michael Auchard 13 years, 9 months ago


Yeah, I heard in markets as near as Denver they cut the game off with 15:00 to go. That's so lame that there aren't words to describe it. I would have been furious.

Michael Mulvihill 13 years, 9 months ago

CBS is so lame, ever go to there message boards? it is full of complete garbage. I'm down here in OKC and get a lovely SEC game with two unranked teams that will be lucky to make it in the NCAA's

Tim Hills 13 years, 9 months ago

If Big Lew ever lets cbs televise any KU sport again he should be run out of town. This happens way to often.

eastcoasthawk 13 years, 9 months ago

What a great beat down of the team I hate the most. Couldn't have been any better except........for the coverage. I can't believe that CBS let all the Mizzou fans off the hook on the east and west coasts. We, like many other JHawks, have a strong group of followers that work hard to make sure we are able to get the games and watch together. We buy single and season packages to be able to watch on our bigscreens. Had we had the opportunity we would have paid to be able to assure our whole group would have seen the WHOLE game. What is it going to take to get Kansas, the NCAA and CBS to realize this. I am not looking forward to March Madness on CBSucks.

63Jayhawk 13 years, 9 months ago

I feel compelled to add to the comments about CBS and the announcers.

1) I would rather any network other than CBS carry KU's games. More often than not they cut away from the game before it is over. I don't mind when a network misses the beginning of one of our games because they are carrying a previous game that has not ended. I just want the same courtesy for our games. It is rather obvious that the "director" is not a basketball fan or very good as a marketeer. By the time the game is more than half over, the viewing audience has to be fans of one of the two schools playing, not fans of some other schools whose game was deemed less attractive (or it would have been shown instead of the game being shown). Cutting away to another game just angers most of the viewing viewing audience and creates CBS haters like me.

2) TV sports announcers in general apparently spend so much time learning factoids about the teams and players in preparing for the games that they feel compelled to get everything they've learned out of their mouths during the game. The game becomes secondary (at best). The important thing for them is listening to their own voices spitting out information which is of little or no interest to an audience intent of watching and tracking the progress of the game. The announcers are there at the game. They can see the score board and the officials at all times. The viewing audience is limited to what the cameras show. I'd like for the announcers to tell me what happened to stop play. Was a foul committed? Who committed the foul? How many fouls does that player now have? Instead, the announcers are spending all of their time yap, yap, yapping about how wonderful MIssery is, totally oblivious to the fact that out on the court (where games are won and lost), Missery is getting its' butt kicked!

cklarock 13 years, 9 months ago

This team has gone so far beyond even the most crimson-and-blue-tinted expectations it's not even funny. HCBS has shown that he deserves COY honors, and if we continue to play like this throughout March, he should get them.

Coach Self and his staff deserve the credit, but so too does Sherron Collins, whose embracing of his leadership role has been a delight to watch. He brought along these youngsters, got them tuned in to the coaches, and took over games when needed. Sherron has been a force of nature.

My wife and I were marveling about how proficient all the Freshmen looked in their offensive and defensive sets yesterday -- such an amazing turnaround from the first few games of the season.

Hats off to all the Jayhawks for their hard work, and I'm going to venture a guess that if you finish this off right, this will be the most satisfying League Championship in Coach Self's KU career. I know it will be for me.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

jayhawk02 13 years, 9 months ago

I'm still steamed that I live in Kansas. But unfortunately, I get Tulsa stations, so I didn't get to see the last part of the second half. You would think that even Tulsa (right in the heart of Big 12 country) would be able to watch Big 12 bball, rather than two mediocre SEC teams. Thanks CBS.

revdick 13 years, 9 months ago

I echo everything 63 Jayhawk said - can someone tell me why CBS couldn't have at least put up a split screen. We got phone numbers and emails from KU Alum Assn and organized a Watch Party at a sports bar in Sheridan, Wyoming. Some fans drove 50 miles to watch payback time - and then they cut away. Maybe if everyone wrote to Perkins he's get the message.

jayhawk02 13 years, 9 months ago

I'm still steamed that I live in Kansas and still didn't get to watch the end of the game. I guess CBS didn't think that Tulsa stations would care to watch Big 12 bball, but would rather watch two mediocre SEC teams. Thanks a lot CBS. Great Job Hawks!!!

Rob Keeney 13 years, 9 months ago

The national media likes MU because there are quite a few MU J-schoolers out there.

Chris Shaw 13 years, 9 months ago

This is what happens when you have 6 days to prepare for a Mike Anderson run squad.

JayCeph 13 years, 9 months ago

Why aren't there any pictures of the KU fan base rushing the floor after the final buzzer?!? Come on, the Jayhawks beat a higher ranked team...

Oh, wait a minute... that's right. KU EXPECTED to win this one. (tee hee)


Jonathan Allison 13 years, 9 months ago


I can't believe that Tulsa TV didn't air the KU game. I grew up in Coffeyville, and we just had Tulsa networks and I never remember them putting anything on TV over KU/OU/OSU basketball.

100 13 years, 9 months ago

If anyone has those two late dunks taped, could you put them on YouTube?

Nobody saw them except those in Allen Fieldhouse & Missouri...

Kit Duncan 13 years, 9 months ago

I agree with all the posts about CBS lacking the ability to realize the only people likely watching the game at the time they cut away are either fans of the two teams playing or fans of the conference in which they play. To think that the network would gain market share by switching to a game outside the area's conference is pure fantasy.

LJW, please let Lew know the Jayhawk Nation (I'd even bet the tiger nation) are not pleased. I would rather see the game played on ESPN2 than CBS. At least ESPN if they cut away usually come back to the regional game they advertised they would be showing.

I certainly don't wish to see Kansas play games close just to keep the tv coverage, but I definitely don't look forward to watching MM on CBS if they are going to cut away from KU blowouts.

Great game 'Hawks!!! Beat Tech!

hesshawk 13 years, 9 months ago

If you don't like listening to whatever throats CBSucks assigns to the game, mute the TV and listen to Bob and Pipe. Yesterday, there was about an 11 second delay but it was still a lot better than the fools on the TV.
Coach Self has the guys playing at the kind of level you like to see at the end of the regular season. If he doesn't win COY, then there indeed is something wrong with how they determine the award.

Rock Chalk

mattralph 13 years, 9 months ago

Why does a win against Texas Tech only clinch a share of the title? Doesn't Kansas get the edge over Oklahoma if they both finish 14-2 because they beat them head-to-head?

Kit Duncan 13 years, 9 months ago

plastic, KOTV Tulsa did air the game. CBS National chose to cut away in the second half when a pair of "8-5" SEC teams were playing a tight game.

RockChalkChamps 13 years, 9 months ago

This win is a great confidence booster, it shows how much potential and skill this team has. Teams like these are fun to watch progress, mature, and win. Coach Self has done a great job!

On the other hand, KU is not favored by the press. Its not just CBS, but its ESPN also. Have you noticed at the beginning of Sportscenter they have this intro with all the champions. (The Celtics, Steelers, Jimmie Johnson, Lady Vols, and Tim Tebow) And KU is not included in this! They have the Lady Vols for goodness sakes! No offense to the women out there, but more people follow men's basketball. So I decide to do something about this and emailed ESPN. I told them about this and asked if they could but Mario's shot on the intro. I wasn't expecting them to do this and sure enough they didn't, but it was worth a try. If any other team had won the championship (North Carolina, Memphis, UCLA) they would be on instantaneously.

Chris Shaw 13 years, 9 months ago

They do have the Rock Chalk chant as one of their commercials that is played in reverse, "You guys are Morons". That is pretty funny!

100 13 years, 9 months ago

All time team has changed again.

  1. Wilt Chamberlain
  2. Danny Manning (or scot pollard if playing 92 Dream Team)
  3. Paul Pierce
  4. Jo Jo White
  5. Sherronatron (or Danny Manning if playing against 92 Dream Team).

Had to bench Chalmers & Hinrich at point after last night.

That said, if Sherron takes the wise mans path (which all of these players did), you shoot for the lottery. All of these players, besides Sherron, were "Lottery picks". Yes, Wilt & Pierce left a year early, but Wilt was obvious #1 pick after Jr season & playing for Globetrotters. Pierce was obvious lottery pick after Jr season.

Sherron is great. But his stats next year will put him in another universe. He could even be the #1 pick in the 2010 draft if he works hard this summer & turns into a passing machine. Thanks to Aldrich & Withey being on the court with him next year, it should be the icing on the cake for him to go to the pros in style...

Assist to Turnover, Defense, shot, & winners mentality is what the GMs look at. Sherron has all of these going for him. Except assist to turnover. His star line will look so different next year because of the hard worker he is. His assist to turnover should be 5:1 next year. With everything else Sherron has going for him, and his coachability (very high), he absolutely can be a #1 pick in the NBA draft if he stays another year.

That's a difference of millions & millions & millions of $$$$$$$$....

That's also a degree.

And lifelong happiness knowing you finished what you started.


Kit Duncan 13 years, 9 months ago

100, One of the late dunks by Cole as fed from Tyshawn is in the video highlight on this website. Nice interview with Kirk Hinrich, too.

DDSF 13 years, 9 months ago

mattralph... KU only clinches a share because the Big 12 can have co-champions. KU has benefited from this in the past. Same Conference record = Co-Champs

We will lock up the #1 seed in the tourney with a victory though. You can hang your hat on that!

Great game all the way around. The thing that I like the most was that we were able to stay out of foul trouble for the most part. Especially Cole-nan the Barbarian. I don't remember the last time he did get in foul trouble in a game. Plus, the Morris twins are playing a lot more in control. There isn't much to complain about from this game.

Rock Chalk

John Randall 13 years, 9 months ago

''Why does a win against Texas Tech only clinch a share of the title? Doesn't Kansas get the edge over Oklahoma if they both finish 14-2 because they beat them head-to-head?''

Conference title (or tie) is decided solely by record in 16 games. Conf tourney seedings consider head-to-head and other factors to break ties.

Sally Presson 13 years, 9 months ago

We about died when CBS took the Hawks off and gave us 2 UNRANKED team we didn't give a rat's *** about. AND left it on for the rest of their game. We're in Southeast Kansas and even if you're not a KU fan, you're sure not a Tennessee or Florida fan. At first we thought it was just a quick shot, but oh no, we had to endure the entire game. We did quickly turn to the radio, but we missed Cole's dunk and all the other great plays. It was a great game!!! Two of my 4 children live in Missouri and they have to listen to all the MU garbage, hopefully this game will shut MU up, probably not, but the kids are really feeling good.

Rock Chalk!!

jchawkfan 13 years, 9 months ago

Can someone that was at the game tell me what the noise meter was registering right before tip-off. I was talking with a co-worker and we were trying to guess what it was.

gma_kubird 13 years, 9 months ago

Austin, TX here but Kansas born, raised and alumni and die hard fan. At my granddaughter's BD party when tried to tune in the game at 2:45 and all we could find was Tenn and FL. It didn't take long to realize CBS had done it again! I've been fighting with CBS locally and nationally for well over 10 years to no avail but have found out from local station that there are LOTS of Jayhawk fans here that call them to give them grief. Mostly they say it's all national beyond their control, then they take the phone off the hook. I wish some other network could get MM but looks like CBS has it locked in for some time.

Go Jayhawks! ROCK CHALK!

jchawkfan 13 years, 9 months ago

jnewell- Thank you. 105.6 now thats rock'en.

jaybate 13 years, 9 months ago

Memo to Suzanne Smith - Director of College Basketball for CBS:

Technical difficulties caused the cut-away? That's rich.

I suggest you come to Lawrence, Kansas, and attend a KU basketball game. If you do this, you will never again embarrass and expose yourself, as being a tele-whore promoted to handle a corporate division schlepping content they lack much knowledge of.

Suzanne, I assure you that this sort of avoidable mis-step is not good for your career, even though a couple of weasels just above you and just below you on the corporate jungle gym will shine you on that it was the right move for ad dollars and in the eyes of corporate.

Here is why: you are playing a corporate political game, as you well know. You have just shown your immediate bosses that you will fall on your sword for their short-term bottom-line. This will win you disingenuous allies with the status quo management at Black Rock. But your real strategic problem is how do you bridge your career across the collapse that is coming to Black Rock? You need to make allies with the can-do persons left inside CBS, who will, after the currently moribund CBS staggers punch drunk under the rush of declining ad revenues from leakage to the net to those declines attributable to the cratering economy. When the current regime is sacrificed to pacify controlling share holders, new management will be asked to try to get CBS rolling again. New management will bring in some new faces, but those new faces primary jobs will be to sift through the existing employees to find the ones that the idiots marginalized that can be put in place to try to get CBS running again. Once a company like CBS craters, it has to begrudgingly restore some of the can-do people back to positions of real authority, so that the network can return to practical function.

jaybate 13 years, 9 months ago

But when you cut-away to UT-Florida, an 11 point game among lesser, or unranked, opponents, you branded yourself a unknowledgable, short-sighted tele-whore. In good times (rising ad revenues, or just starting to fall ad revenues), being an unknowledgeable, short-sighted tele-whore is a good play. You squeeze some quick good numbers and jump to another organization at a higher salary. But in bad times, when management is likely to be sacked and replaced with can-do persons to prevent CBS from being completely marginalized, and when there's no where else to jump to, well, you almost certainly dead-ended your career, unless you quickly change your way the next time.

The next time, all the can-do guys and gals stuck on the fecal details and dead end tracks in CBS, so that the likes of you could grab the bucks and pad the nests of weasels upstairs, they will be watching you. This stupid move will be considered the act of a person appointed without any qualifications for the job to be a sychophant for corporate. But it is the next decision you make that will cement you in their eyes. You cut away for corporate again, and all the can-do people will know you are a tele-whore all the way to the core. But if you stay with the next game, they will say, well, she was stupid, but at least she's starting to have a little professional pride--at least she's not a complete bend-over artist for corporate.

Its up to you Suzanne. You can keep sucking up to a CBS status quo that is on life-support, or you can start planning to bridge to the next regime. You are enough of a player that you ought to know the right decision next time.

Again, come to Lawrence and watch a game. Do it incognito, or better yet, make some hay for yourself, and promote the visit as a sensitive television executive trying to understand her content and its market better. A little humility goes a long way with the knuckle draggers in Peoria, and it helps rebrand you for the new regime coming in next year. Learn at least enough about the game to first cover and then save your own rear.

VaJay 13 years, 9 months ago

If anyone had a chance to see the highlights on ESPN's College Bball Final, Doug Gottlieb was at his absolute best. During the action he said "Sometimes you're the bug, sometimes you're the windshield. Guess who Missouri was today!" Then he goes on "You never want to let them sing - they were singing at halftime! Hey Mizzou -feel free to show up in a rivalry game!"

When he called Cookie a punk a while ago, that was great, but this was 10x better! He's my second favorite former OSU player of all time.

100 13 years, 9 months ago

Let's face it our feelings were hurt because our game wasn't treated like Duke-UNC.

Well, it wasn't.

Nor has it ever been.

It's KU vs a team who burnt their town in honor of slavery 140 years ago, kicking off the civil war as directed by Abe Lincoln.

If it was KU leading Duke in a 25 point blowout with 10 to play no one cuts away.

If it was KU leading UNC by 25 with 10 to go no one switches.

If it is KU losing to MU by 25, CBS stays with the game, because they know it is truly "a shocker", and KU and their crowd will make it a heck of an ending.

But it was Missouri.

Losing by 25.

With 10 to go.

And they STARTED the game full court pressing (a VERY high risk strategy).

There was NOTHING Missouri could do.

But full court press more.

And get dunked on more.

You knew that. I knew that. MU knew that.

CBS definitely knew that.

A home blowout of Missouri is not worth losing a national audience on.

I'm as Jayhawk as they come and I agree with CBS (though I was mad too).

I would NEVER watch an NAIA team getting trampled by Duke on national TV...

So if I'm not a Jayhawk fan, why would I want to see the last 10 min of the game?

CBS made a good decision.

It was over.

And basketball viewers (their audience) were switching channels.

ku_foaf 13 years, 9 months ago

Wish I had Leo the Tiger's email address.... I'd tell him this is most definitely NOT our national championship.

Ah, well, it's all he's got or will ever have. And he is having a hard time sitting down after that @## kicking, so that fantasy is over.

Tells you all you need to know about the two programs that they storm the court after beating us. It's business as usual for us when we beat them!

Jim Baker 13 years, 9 months ago


I disagree with you about CBS's willingness to show either Duke or UNC getting blown out by KU. How else do you explain the glaring absence of PsychoT Hansbrough getting PUNKED by Cole Aldrich during the Final 4 on the National Championship video put out by none other than CBS?

Carolyn Troupe 13 years, 9 months ago

I watched the end of a game I had absolutely no interest in because I thought, "surely CBS will at least switch back for the last minute or two of KU-MU." No such luck. In fact, they only updated the score ONE TIME and never gave the final score. The main truth is that there was NO ONE watching KU-MU hoping and waiting for CBS to switch to the SEC game, especially by the 7:00 miniute markin the second half. I would like to see the ratings numbers. I think the decision -makers in this thing must have gone to schools where the fans left the arena when their team was up or down by 20 and assume that's the way it is everywhere else. Well, not at KU. CBS has always shortchanged KU in MM unless my memory is way off. I 'd like to see them get it right for a change.

lv_jhwk 13 years, 9 months ago

So if this is how the team plays "with a tick in its ear", then I predict similarly good results if and when they have the rematch with Oklahoma in the Big 12 Tourney. After all the comments about having a cheap win because Griffin wasn't in the line-up, that could be a good-sized "tick" by game time.

100 13 years, 9 months ago

This has always been CBS's way. As Jayhawk fans we know that...

And honestly that's what makes the NCAA tourney so great as covered by CBS -- they never stay with the blowouts.

But if you are one of those teams blowing the others out, everybody knows how righteous your team is, as CBS will make a big deal about it at halftime.

And then in the elite eight through championship game, CBS is forced to stay with the game no matter how big and bad your team is winning.

So it all comes back around and CBS (recall Marquette KU in 2003 final four) is forced to praise a superior team for 40 minutes as they thrash through Dwanye Wade in a forty point victory.

Thankfully we know if we're on ESPN (like every game) that there will be ZERO cutaways. ESPN doesn't have to prepare to cover 64 games in three weeks, so their job is much easier -- cover one game at a time and do it well.

That's just the nature of the beast.

NCAA basketball has a lot to be grateful because of the way CBS covers the tourney.

(for those trying to understand "national" coverage by CBS they are always preparing for the tournament so they are on their game when the tourney comes).

No other network could do it the way they do...

It's magical.

But it makes us mad when our team is righting a wanna be slave state for a very bad thing (burning our town, killing our people, starting civil war) 140 years ago...


Hawkish4bigM 13 years, 9 months ago

I like the CBS "game in doubt" philosophy. If it is my team that is NOT being televised, are in a close game and they cut to it, I would be very pleased. So, sports is a kind of news and cutting to the breaking story, as long as it is not about a swimmer being seen smoking pot is a good thing.

bad_dog 13 years, 9 months ago

Yeah, but wasn't it at about the 7 minute mark when the announcers excitedly stated "Mizzou has cut it to 18"?

You would have thought they were going to bring back the national audience at that point, being such a nail biter and all...

Even funnier are several posts on the KC Star website where certain Mizzery posters are stating "at least they won the second half". They must give out trophies for that in Mizzery. Freakin' hilarious.

Great job yesterday fellas. You make us all proud.


100 13 years, 9 months ago


I'm not saying CBS has an agenda one way or another.

They've done their research.

If KU's on the screen keep them on, unless they're blowing out a team that few recognize/ connect with nationally.

Same for Duke.

Same for UNC.

Even more true if UNC, Duke or KU are playing each other, regardless of if a team is being blown out. And let's face it, rarely does this happen,

CBS knows the stats. It's a business.

KU brings them $.

Duke brings them $.

UNC brings them $.

MU getting blown out, and having nothing to resort to since they've been running full court press, is not interesting. There is no national recognition for MU basketball.

In short MU losing big loses CBS money.

So don't take it personally KU fans and Winco.

CBS likes us businesswise.

As for Hansborough getting shown up, we all saw that. But there is no agenda to "embarrass" a student athlete (like happened to him against KU) when putting together a championship DVD.

There's only so much room on a DVD, and cuts must be made.

I repeat, KU fans -- CBS is a business.

Plain & simple. It's all about money and a good presentation of the tourney.

keith horinek 13 years, 9 months ago

Jaybate, good stuff. I doubt CBS will read it but your comments make a person think. Something CBS did not do.

Lance Hobson 13 years, 9 months ago

I'm just happy CBS didn't switch to another game after KU got up 40-12 against UNC in the Final 4 and a stunned Billy Packer mumbled "It's over."

bad_dog 13 years, 9 months ago

"MU did beat us in the 2nd half."-100

Thanks for the revelation 100, but I already figured that out. Perhaps you misunderstood?

My point was what a ludicrous thing that was to say following a beatdown the likes of which haven't been seen since the Egyptian/Israeli 7 day war.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised at something both meaningless and inane erupting from the mouth of Mizzery fans.

100 13 years, 9 months ago

"MU did beat us in the 2nd half."

You think I'm serious?


Loosen up.

gma_kubird 13 years, 9 months ago

CBS may have been making a national marketing decision if they had to switch the games everywhere at the same time. But they don't and they didn't. I would venture to say that in the midwest, and especially in big 12 areas it was not a good business decision to switch. And I'm not even sure I buy the argument that there is that much (if any) more national interest in unranked Tenn and FL.

chalmers4thetie 13 years, 9 months ago

you knew this was going to happen, mu is overrated and ku showed that

Kit Duncan 13 years, 9 months ago

bad_dog wrote ... "My point was what a ludicrous thing that was to say following a beatdown the likes of which haven't been seen since the Egyptian/Israeli 7 day war."

Actually, our 'Hawks whupped up even more on little 'ol Mizzery in 2006. The final score?

KU 79 MU 46

Hawkman_021 13 years, 9 months ago

So I just mailed CBS my letter, after calling, and emailing them. I understand the whole $$$ part of it but being I am currently in Omaha I would think they would keep the KU game on being that is Big XII country. The lady on the phone yesterday didnt seem to understand that Nebraska was part of the Big XII

easyfive 13 years, 9 months ago

Sounds like "100" is a MU fan. Only MU fans say..... what he said!

I counted 11 MU fans on here kusports.

Tim Orel 13 years, 9 months ago

100 was just stating the obvious - s/he's not an MU fan.

That being said, I disagree with 100. I was in college when ESPN was broadcasting the first two rounds of the tourney, and I think that was far better than CBS' coverage. Dick Vitale looked like he was going a million miles an hour, but it was fun, starting early and going till the wee morning hours, and it felt so much fresher and it really was "Madness" rather than the old stuffiness and polish of the Tiffany network. I believe ESPN would just blow away CBS if they are just given the chance again. ESPN really gets the college atmosphere - CBS, if they ever had it, lost it years ago.

I agree with the other posts above - cut away if they must, but not in Big 12 states - or at least, give the local station the choice (and the responsibility of hearing from the fans if they do switch). I was trailing along the game with the DVR, having put it on pause to go do some yardwork and be able to avoid commercials, and it was being taped as well, so I couldn't just go to the computer or some other channel when I found out that CBS was pulling the plug, and not just for a couple of minutes but for good. I've sent my letters of protest, but they're going to do no good.

jaybate 13 years, 9 months ago

Here is the big problem with the cut-away: they did not cut back.

Castrated Broadcasting System used to have a fairly defensible (and responsible) policy of cutting away during games to show a more exciting game (reader a game with better viewer numbers), but it always cut back to the other game for the closing minutes of it.

Now Faye Dunaway from Network, er, Suzanne ends that convention and this is what you get.

Will her next move be to cut away to Survivor re-runs whenever the lead exceeds ten points?

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