Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kivisto Field gets a makeover

New turf is in place at Kivisto Field at Memorial Stadium. Crews began laying letters and logos on the field. The KU football season begins September 5.


The new turf is in place at Kivisto Field at Memorial Stadium. Crews are now adding some final touches by placing letters and logos on various parts of the field. The new turf and look should be completed before the season starts September 5.


Dyrk Dugan 13 years ago

is their a new name for the field yet? how 'bout Frederick field? the FF. sounds catchy to me.

Rivethead 13 years ago

Name the field after an AD who despised football and hired Terry Allen? No thanks.

Dyrk Dugan 13 years ago

it's better than an ex basketball player who gave millions to a university, and who committed business fraud to get it.

Waylon Cook 13 years ago

Why not Micheal Jackson field? Since your naming it after someone who just died(believe me had Frederick died 2 years ago instead of a month ago you wouldn't have said it....)

I agree with Rivet-sorry Bob passed but he set us back more than he helped us.

Robert Brock 13 years ago

Name it after The Fam. Nobody loves KU football more than the guy who has given his all for the Hawks.

Jeff Hargate 13 years ago

Has it been decided that the field will be re-named? I thought it was reported that Kivisto was still on-time with his pledge...

Dyrk Dugan 13 years ago

"Name it after The Fam."

that's perfect! the day at the Fam.....festival of football at the Fam...i love it!

"Has it been decided that the field will be re-named? I thought it was reported that Kivisto was still on-time with his pledge..."

who cares? his original $4 million, or whatever it tainted anyway. He pledged $12 where is the money? oh that's right, he ran his own company into the ground...and they kicked him out.

we're not talking about banning Mr. Kivisto from KU events, or having anything to do with the university. his name should be removed from the field, that's all. Until his situation comes clean....this would be appropriate.

Waylon Cook 13 years ago

ya hes so bad with his "tainted" money but yet its ok for the Government to give bailout money to crooked people that don't spend it on what it was alloted for? O its ok because they are personal friends of the pres..............................right

Kivisto may or may not have done wrong however Lew has stated the money was paid to KU as scheduled thats all that matters.

labbadabba 13 years ago

Still wish we could use real grass. Somehow, football seems to lack something when grass and mud stains are removed from the equation.

route66 13 years ago

mvjayhawk I would hate for you to be my judge in a court room....has any of this been proven yet.....if so, then we can remove the name then.....

jayhawkinATL 13 years ago

Yes, Fambrough Field!!! Has a nice ring to it.

John Strayer 13 years ago

route66..."innocent until proven guilty" is a concept that hasn't been practiced in our society for years and years now.

Christopher Hauser 13 years ago

Fam got the shaft from AD's at Kansas on numerous occasions and yet he remains one of the biggest supporters of The University of Kansas. I think it is a safe bet that the fied will remain with the same name due to the monitary factor (which I disagree with, it should be named Fambrough Field) but there are other ways to honor coach Fam. One Idea would be to have a statue of him put up outside of the stadium on the North end, I think that would be great.

Kevin Long 13 years ago

I like the Fam. as well. Rivethead is right about Bob. He seemed like a nice guy, but not a football guy. The field looks a lot better. I don't know where they got that last stuff, but it looked cheap.

Dyrk Dugan 13 years ago

"mvjayhawk I would hate for you to be my judge in a court room....has any of this been proven yet.....if so, then we can remove the name then....."

well let's see...of course it hasn't been "proven, " the schemes he has been accused of doing, are not easy to formulate in court and when you have the former director of the FBI leading one of several investigations, then you know it's a big deal.

i know this: SemGroup, the company he founded, owes tens of millions of dollars to other businesses...some based in Kansas. His own company sued him earlier this year for using $350 million of the company's money, to do his own personal oil futures trading.

Bank of America has sued him as well, for almost $13 part of a loan he guarnateed himself, and of course, has not payed back. he still owes a massive amount of interest.

It's just a classic case of fraud. what oil services company, during the boom years of the early 21st century, goes bankrupt because of a tough market? nobody. He used company money, to get his foot in the door in the crazy derivatives and trading oil futures....and he got badly burned. He wanted his cake, and had to eat it too...and HE got devoured. unfortunately, so did a lot of other people.

again, it's just the field name....just pull it for now, and see where this all goes. if he's completely innocent (which is highly doubtful), then have him in for a ceremony, and we'll all do a dance. but he's in a heap, big trouble right i don't know think we should see his name each week on Saturday afternoons.

OPJayhawk 13 years ago

You are right on the money, MVJayhawk. I agree completely.

RockChalkGuy 13 years ago

Fam's the MAN! This guy bleeds crimson and blue. A statue is the bare minimum that he deserves. I'd chip in too.

Bird 13 years ago

Free State Field.

When johnbrown originally suggested it, we were still playing MU at Memorial, and the thought of sticking it to them on Free State Field with the red legs on gives me goosebumps.

MNHawk23 13 years ago

love the new blue enzones. but i cant wait to get that track out of there. not that this would ever happen but i think we should replace the track with a moat. so we go from the pathetic stadium with a track around its field to the awesome stadium with a moat. and how cool would it be to watch the team come out of the facility and cross a bridge onto the field?

but anyway just my dream that will never come true..

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