Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Disappearing ‘D’

Saints score at will, throw scare into KU

Kansas guard Tyshawn Taylor races down the court between Siena defenders Ronald Moore, left, and Edwin Ubiles during the second half Tuesday at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas guard Tyshawn Taylor races down the court between Siena defenders Ronald Moore, left, and Edwin Ubiles during the second half Tuesday at Allen Fieldhouse.


KU squeaks past Siena

The Jayhawks barely beat Siena, 91-84.

Unranked Siena simply shredded Kansas University’s always-proud defense on Tuesday night in Allen Fieldhouse.

“They brought it to us today. On defense, they kind of made us look silly a few times,” KU center Cole Aldrich said after the unranked Saints swished 10 of 21 threes and made 47.8 percent of their shots overall in the Jayhawks’ narrow 91-84 victory.

“I wouldn’t say ‘silly.’ I’d say they made us look really bad,” guard Sherron Collins said after a game in which the Jayhawks led, 30-10, early, before eventually seeing the lead dip to four points (69-65) during crunch time.

Cool customers Aldrich (career-high 24 points) and Collins (18) helped make sure the Jayhawks exited Allen Fieldhouse with their 33-game win streak intact.

And they made sure coach Bill Self pulled out a victory in his 500th career game as a coach.

Yet, their solid efforts — Collins went 4-of-4 from the line as the Jayhawks hit 12 of their final 14 free throws — were not hot topics of discussion three days after KU’s thrilling 92-85 victory over then-No. 14-ranked Tennessee.

The story of this game was defense, or lack of it — especially in the second half, when Siena scored 46 points and hit six of 14 threes to KU’s one of six.

“We were horrible defensively,” Self said. “That was a bad defensive team playing tonight. In the second half, I thought our on-the-ball, ball-screen defense was about as soft as any team I’ve been around.

“We were good on the glass (KU won the rebound battle, 42-29). We took care of the basketball, but it became a H-O-R-S-E contest, and tonight they shot the ball a lot better than we did.”

Siena (10-5), which entered the game with a giant-killer reputation after knocking off Vanderbilt in last year’s NCAA Tournament, led 9-5 early. But the Jayhawks hit nine straight shots in a 25-1 run that opened a 30-10 lead and made a KU blowout appear a probability.

“There were stretches we played as well as we have all year. You go on a 25-1 run against Siena, you’ve got to be playing great,” Self said. “You go on a 25-1 run, you should be able to crack the game open. We didn’t do that because we didn’t guard.”

Aldrich and Tyrel Reed scored 10 points apiece as KU (11-3) maintained a comfy 51-38 lead at halftime.

Siena made its move down 63-48 with 13 minutes left. The Saints rolled, 17-6, to cut the gap to 69-65 at 7:21.

“We had some defensive lapses that you just can’t have, and that allowed them to get back in the game. I think, defensively, we just played really dumb. Myself included. I played very dumb,” said KU sophomore Reed, who finished with a career-high 14 points, including four of four free throws down the stretch. “We’ve just got to improve on that.”

KU did respond immediately after Siena sliced the gap to four.

Tyshawn Taylor made one of two free throws, Collins hit a three, and Aldrich scored off an offensive rebound, giving KU a 75-65 advantage at 5:16.

The Jayhawks led by 10 (83-73) with 1:56 left, but Siena, which appeared to score at will, crept to within five (87-82) at :49. Collins made four straight free throws to put the game on ice finally.

“We were a little high on ourselves after we beat Tennessee,” Collins said. “I don’t think we took Siena lightly. Coach told us over and over they were a good team and a great offensive team. We just did a bad job on defense.”

Self said he’d been more than a bit concerned about the Siena game all season long.

“It’s a good win,” he said. “I would have taken a seven-point win over Siena at 8 this morning. I would have taken a seven-point win over Siena when we scheduled the game. But I will say, when you outscore a team 25-1, you need to put your foot on the throat and bury them, and we didn’t do that.”

That’s another thing the young Jayhawks will have to work on ... as well as defense.

“When you’ve got somebody down, you’ve got to put the foot on their neck,” Collins said. “We let them back in the game. We’ve got to learn from this.”

It won’t get any easier. Next up is Michigan State. Tipoff is noon Central Time, Saturday in East Lansing, Mich.


wxhawk 13 years, 11 months ago

Yes. KU is very young and most of these kids came in as scorers and dunk artists. It's gonna take the rest of this season to get in shape. i can see us with a mid seed in the NCAA Tourney and our defense heating up then. Coach Self will get the defense improving.

kvskubball 13 years, 11 months ago

I think that MSU will try to take Cole out of the game by doubling him. They may try a triangle and two to in essence double team Sherron and Cole...Izzo will probably make other jayhawks beat his spartans. Our offense just doesn't seem to be very smooth when we're not getting Cole the ball...Hope KU plays well, and can scrap-out a win at the Breslin Center...RCJH

keith horinek 13 years, 11 months ago

we've been fortunate in the last few games because cole hasn't been in foul trouble. I think this is because he hasn't gone up against bigger centers than he. this may change with MSU as they have a couple 7' centers. i'm concerned with the 2 man play we have been getting by with lately, that won't be enough against MSU. we need a couple more players to step up, if that doesn't happen, then I say let's get beyond MSU and look for the purples coming to town on tuesday.

KUPROUD 13 years, 11 months ago

Okay, yes we're a young team. But we're four months of experience older than when we went to Canada, and it's time to move beyond the "youth" card. They know what is expected of them, they have shown at times that they are capable of delivering, and it's time to turn up the focus and become more consistent, especially with the defensive effort. I think we'll start seeing that.

Dirk Medema 13 years, 11 months ago

It is interesting to read this after having just read about how practices were getting shorter because Coach wasn't having to repeatedly insist on intensity. It is still early, but this team seems headed for a tourney upset if the new guys can't get their heads around the notion of 40 minutes of defensive intensity.

KUPROUD 13 years, 11 months ago

dagger108, right on. I have a hunch at least one practice this week will be more intense.

actorman 13 years, 11 months ago

That was a truly absymal defensive performance. Even in the first half I was thinking they were getting a lot of open shots. Then the second half was ridiculous. Yes, KU played fairly well on offense, and it was encouraging to see Marcus Morris play so well, at least in the first half. But if the team plays defense like that on Saturday, it will make the Arizona game look like a barnburner. They CANNOT keep letting teams get wide-open shots time after time and expect to win.All that being said, I expect to see them come out with a much better effort on Saturday. Will it be enough to win? Doubtful, but hope springs eternal.

jaybate 13 years, 11 months ago

THE OVERLOOKED:Morris Twins: they combine for 12 pts. and 14 reebs. Cole got his usual stellar double figures in glassvaccing. It was the Twins that returned to form and produced our big rebounding edge.Quintrell Thomas: he didn't play for the second straight game since Little returned and they signed Withey. They are giving Thomas' minutes to Little. Little may, or may not get redshirted, though Self's comments sound more and more like Little will play this year if Little doesn't worsen between now and start of conference play. Assuming Cole jumps, the Twins stay, and Withey and Robinson show, Quintrel seems buried. Hang in Quintrell. Keep getting better. Injuries happen. Grades happen. Development happens. Head cases happen. And if not, they'll find you a transfer slot at St. Johns, or Marquette, or UK, or Illinois State, or FSU. Bear down. Stay positive. The Okie Baller network is huge right now. But the way these things go, you'll probably stay at KU and develop junior and senior years. Just ask DBlock when he visits. Rebounders who can defend, run, and jump sooner or later get their time in the sun. Then you'll have your degree AND your ball.Travis Releford: his PT is nearing ten minute man status and his line keeps looking better. Three fouls betrays that his defense is still a step slow, but again playing UTenn and Sienna is necessary to show rooks how fast D1 really is. Best news, he had only one TO. Now, if he can edge his assists up consistently to 2-3 and his rebounds to 3-4 in ten minutes he will become a key role player in no time. After that it depends on if he can learn to be in the right place for dishes. My advice for Releford is: defend, defend, defend, rebound, rebound, rebound...and keep the TOs down. Self is going to be on a tear about defense, so becoming a belly button seeking missle will make him love you quickly. Rebounding is still a place to win his heart, because our guards can't glassvac and Self loves guards who can. No TO's gives you a chance to stay in games. Sherronatron: he had 4 assists and 5 TOs. It is not surprising that his asists are low when they are playing through Cole, because Brady specializes in feeding Cole. But 5 TOs signals a mental let down after the UTenn game that a true gunnery sergeant is not allowed, not if he is to get his platoon through the battle.Nickname for Cole Needed: I kind of like Minnesota Stats, but it does not signifiy what a great team player Cole is. He is joining the ranks of KU's great big men faster than I expected. Yes, he got worked by the Aridzona center, but that guy was a player and Cole is still learning. And yes, he could have troubles in East Lansing with their size and zone. But remember he's doing what he's doing, while he's learning and while the Twins are learning. Can this guy rebound, or what? The Lord of the Boards? Naw, doesn't capture his scoring or shot blocking. Doctor Blocks? The Rim Ram Man? Suggest nicknames for Cole.

sdoyel 13 years, 11 months ago

If Izzo was smart, he would just play zone and full court press for 40 minutes.

eastTXjayhawk 13 years, 11 months ago

how about Cole Aldridge? several folks are already using that one ;-)

Ben Kane 13 years, 11 months ago

I'll take the win. This is not a win we would have been able to put in the books two months ago. The young team is still young but not as young as when we started, and we shouldn't have expected anything less by now. The growing process will accelerate through big12 play and I fully anticipate we will see a talented hard fighting team come big12 tourney time. I also expect us to drop some games along the way that we as fans feel we should win, specially some on the road. Conference games are another level from anything they've experienced so far and we should temper our expectations.

Ben Kane 13 years, 11 months ago

Oh, and I seriously doubt Cole jumps after this year. Perhaps Sherron will, but I think he will be the only one. Cole could get drafted after this season but he's too smart and will realize how much better one more season could make him.

jacqueshock 13 years, 11 months ago

I saw Tennessee and Siena in person earlier in the season and I didn't think it would be Siena that would give KU the most trouble. Wichita State came back on Siena and won by 2 and UT came back on Georgetown and won by 12. It's not unusual for a team to struggle after a victory against a big-time opponent and/or looking toward another big game like Michigan State.

justanotherfan 13 years, 11 months ago

chuckberry,I think if anything, Cole will be the one to jump, while Sherron will stay. NBA scouts will want to see Sherron run the point efficiently. If they aren't satisfied with what they see this year, he can return for another year and show them what he can do.NBA scouts already know what Cole is. He's a shot blocking, rebounding inside force. I doubt that he ever becomes a Tim Duncan type scorer, so he's never going to be a top 5 pick, but I see him as a 10-20 pick this year, or a 10-20 pick next year. Why wait and become the Roy Hibbert of 2010.

Jacobpaul81 13 years, 11 months ago

A.) Did Collins look sick? He wasn't runnin round like a chicken with it's head cut off like he normally does. Brady had the flu, so logically, one might guess Collin could have it?B.) If I have to hear "The Sheriff" one more time!!!! That's more annoying than "Shady" this and "Shady" that. Use their &#$% names please. C.) Zone kills us. I'm sure these boys will be getting a full dose of zone practice all week long. D.) I said it after the Tenn game... poor defense is unexcusable and contagious. Gotta up the level of defensive intensity. No one should be allowed to crop the 65 point barrier against Kansas, especially in Allen.

tominkc 13 years, 11 months ago

Probably a stupid question, but at what point do we lose the ability to redshirt Little? Have we already blown it by playing him the last couple of games?

kvskubball 13 years, 11 months ago

j-a-f,No way Cole becomes a Hibbert....I think you are wrong about his offensive ability. He shoots very well, out to 18 ft and at the FT line. I agree that he has shown enough for pro scouts to drool over him THIS YEAR. I always believe that young big men are better served by PLAYING an extra year in college versus setting on the bench in the NBA. The only time it's not better is if they have no supporting cast to keep teams from collapsing. I think KU will have enough experienced and talented players (Next year) to keep people from zoning Cole out.

kvskubball 13 years, 11 months ago

tom,The decision to redshirt Little has to be made by the end of this week.

RyanHawk 13 years, 11 months ago

I still like Tenacious C....The latest Bracetology board from Joe Lunardi had us as a 9 seed vs. Davidson as the 8 seed. What a fun rematch that would be! With the winner playing I think Pitt. Of course that will change. I really think the best KU can do this year in the Big 12 is 11-5. Which is winning our 8 home games and winning 3 road games Colorado, Nebraska & Texas Tech or Iowa St. We just haven't played very well away from Allen fieldhouse and I wouldn't expect that to change since we are so young. That being said I do think 12-4 will win the conference this year because I really don't think Texas or Oklahoma are that much better then the rest of the conference.

Lin Rahardja 13 years, 11 months ago

Cole still have many rough edges, but I thought his rebounding skill (his will) improve yesterday. He certainly can benefit from staying another year to sharpen his offensive skill. For example, every great center in the NBA has signature post-up move, what is Cole's? Remember, these are college players that he is going against, and most are shorter and slower than any NBA forwards or centers. I thought Siena played real well during the surge, they look real smooth on their mid range and perimeter game. These guys were good. At one point they were 9 of 15 on their 3's, it's amazing that we were still on top despite of their hot shooting.

jaybate 13 years, 11 months ago

eastTXjayhawk,LOL!Here's how I try to remember he's Aldrich and not Aldridge. Robert Aldrich was a good Hollywood director who made The Longest Yard. I have attached The Longest Slam to Cole in my aging neural nets. It works most of the time. :-)

kesmith 13 years, 11 months ago

Easy with the nicknames! Cole has to earn one first. Did you see his defensive effort in the final 2 minutes. He gets the easy blocks ( he could have blocked that one with his elbow) but he is still allowing his man to get too deep into the zone at times. Right now he is a shot blocking Padgett! Get more consistant, get stronger, and step up when things are going well and become a leader the Hawks need you to be. Then you can have a nickname.

Tony Bandle 13 years, 11 months ago

Cole Slaw, Cole Day in Hell, Cole Cream, The Colenator, Marco Colo, ColA, COLossal,....etc.

jaybate 13 years, 11 months ago

RyanHawk,I missed that one.Tenacious C.Definitely makes the list for consideration.No one takes it to the dunk hole like Cole!Rim Control to Major Dunk (that's an old David Bowie allusion for the whippers!).Now, regarding a nickname for Cole.Search>Find>Assign>Enjoy.

jaybate 13 years, 11 months ago

OakvilleJHawk ,COLEossal! I love it.You have found the perfect headline for when he beasts in the national championship game end of this season and leads us to Self's and KU's second consecutive ring!!Not sure if it will stick as a nick, though.Cole Jam? Naw, not quite right either.

d_prowess 13 years, 11 months ago

Collins showed some leadership last night that I was very happy to see. Late in the second half when Sienna really started to hit their shots and make a run at us, we fouled one of their players and as everyone lined up along the lane, Sherron stepped into the lane, extended his arms out, and told everyone to calm down and relax. The players had started to get a little frantic and Collins did a great job or recognizing it and settling them down. After that they played a little more focused and were able to hold on for the win.While Collins still needs to work on his own emotions at times, I was extremely pleased to see him take charge. Hopefully this will continue because it makes us a better team!

jaybate 13 years, 11 months ago

kesmith,There's always time for nicknames!But, yes, you are right about Cole having many facets that can improve. But that is what is so exciting about him. He can go 20/10 when he's still got huge upside. The one thing that would make him nearly unstoppable at the college level would be to increase his arm and shoulder strength about 25 percent in all the related lifts. If he stays and increases strength to this extent, he will be a 25/15 guy consistently and most college bigs will live in fear of him. I think he has to jump this year to avoid the risk of injury cutting his pay check. But if he stays and gets to play with experienced and strengthened Twins, plus Withey, he's just going to terrorize other teams on offense and defense. If he doesn't have to cover for the other big as much as he has to this year, and can begin to really rove at will, his blocked shots will probably double and his rebounding will go up to 15. Self has to be enjoying Aldrich's progress, despite the occassional fundamental and technical goofs he is still making. What he has learned above all so far is that if he plays as hard as he can every minute, he can be an enormous force in a game, mistakes and all.

jhawklifer 13 years, 11 months ago

Just to extrapolate on the above. How aboutThe COLEossus

AverageCitizen 13 years, 11 months ago

I don't think Cole should go after this year either. His body is a man's but he still has the demeanor of a young college kid. He only will have an up side the longer he stays in school. Hansbrough is not getting hurt by his stay. He just gets more love. Cole has not shown a propensity to get hurt at all so that is not a real worry to me. Besides, they can fix almost everything. It certainly didn't hurt Brandon! With Withey as his sidekick, he will likely really blow the doors off his junior year. I agree with this old adage - "All good things come to those who wait".

KGphoto 13 years, 11 months ago

The Colonel. Cole the Pole. Serpicole. Nah.ColeTrain! Powerful yet improvisational.

Jhawk0 13 years, 11 months ago

Or how about the Cole-on (as in colon) "Get that weak sh*# out of here!"

KGphoto 13 years, 11 months ago

By the way. I'll be following Cole throughout his entire career, like many of you. And if he ever, EVER, starts growing out his hair or grows any facial hair at all, ala Sasha Kaun or Adam Morrison. My "Serpicole" signs are coming out. But I don't see it happening.How about after every big jam the Fieldhouse plays a giant "GONNNGGG" and a line from Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Coles".I'm not too sure how Collins would feel about it, but the way the season is panning out, he and Aldrich could be Heart and Cole.Nah. For now I'm just riding the ColeTrain.

100 13 years, 11 months ago

Drgnslyr: if KU has the poise to get to the sweet 16, do you really think they'll hang it up after 2 NCAA wins? Or perhaps, due to Sherron and Cole, might this team win that game, as well? Personally, I think if this team can understand 2 things -- clamp down Defense and boxing out -- youth will not be an issue come March. We saw what they're capable of last Saturday. If they win 2, they can just as easily win 6. After all, who was the only other team to beat Memphis last year? You got it, Drgnslyr -- Tennessee.This KU team is very good already -- don't short change these guys. We lose if we don't play D or if we don't box out. Otherwise this team wins.

jchief40 13 years, 11 months ago

Jacobpaul81 said "B.) If I have to hear "The Sheriff" one more time!!!! That's more annoying than "Shady" this and "Shady" that. Use their &#$% names please."AGREED. lol The Sheriff .. lol.

speedy 13 years, 11 months ago

leave the turning pro BS alone! cole is not ready now or next year. as a senior he will make up the pay diff. just at draft. day. how many games has he played? what maybe 20? next year will be another natl. championship year or the year after. stop tearing up the team. it took a third year for last years team to become a TEAM! how about cool cole? or yelling after a dunk COOL.

Tony Bandle 13 years, 11 months ago

...continued...Cole Play, nickCOLE Dunkman, Coleaid, The Cole Express, Coleslam, Colenoscopy [whew, I've had a few of those], Cole Stone Killer, Cole Blooded Murder......Gee, this is a lot more fun than working!!!Captain Crunch, Rimbender, Cole " TheTornado", The Colesuarus, The Minnesota Mauler,........wait, I've got it, " Condor". The biggest bird in the world, powerful, vicious with a huge wing span, it's perfect!!!Cole " The Condor" Aldrich!!!

KUPROUD 13 years, 11 months ago

Cole Shovel? Cole Truck? Cole Power? The Big Shovel? The Pile Driver?

actorman 13 years, 11 months ago

I like KG's idea of ColeTrain. I had thought of that one too before reading his post. In addition to being a takeoff of John Coltrane, it could be a takeoff of Soul Train, and when he made a great play the crowd could yell Cooooooooooooooole Train.I also tend to like names that aren't as obvious as a takeoff on a guy's name, so how about The Alternator? It will remind people of the Terminator, it has a connection to him altering shots, and is a play on his last name. And best of all, it would be a unique name. Thoughts?

rockchalkin54 13 years, 11 months ago

Out of all the nickname suggestions for Cole, I like ColeTrain the best. I really like "The Sheriff" too because he's "the long arm of the law."

Kit Duncan 13 years, 11 months ago

Off the court, I bet if you asked Cole what he'd like to be called he'd say, "Just Cole." So, I propose "JC" for "Just Cole." ... or, if you like, "Justice Cole."

jayhawker_97 13 years, 11 months ago

"I think, defensively, we just played really dumb" - LOL..

Scott Smetana 13 years, 11 months ago

I hope Cole is reading this... you all are hillarious. I vote ColeTrain and Coleossal.Very important question for you all. I'm going to Boulder next weekend for KU/CU and am considering a Sign. Is Boulder considered Lawrence West or is that Manhattan? I think we call Bramlidge Allen Field House West. Correct me on this if I'm wrong and I'll try to get the sign on TV. If you all haven't been to KU/CU in Boulder.... I just bought 6 tickets together for $35/each 20 rows from the floor. Try that at Allen field house. Also, we outnumber the CU fans! Rock Chalk.

KGphoto 13 years, 11 months ago

Hey Pikes. I'll be there as always. G.A. is usually $10. Hahaaa! Seriously, I went to the MU KU game at AFH last year. My buddy donated over $20k during the year to the university and then had to pay for the season tickets. He's about 2/3 of the way up.There isn't a bad seat in the Coors Events Center. Hell it only holds like 8k. Actually a great place to watch any game. And it's one of two college venues in America that sells beer. You can get a Fat Tire or domestic stuff pretty reasonably. And yes, it's Lawrence West. The game is half KU, half CU. The only time they fill half that place with CU fans. And they do get rowdy. You can meet all the players while they exit to board the bus around the back. Overall, worth the trip x10.If you want, you can follow ColeTrain's Blue Train all the way here. I'll be waiting.

KGphoto 13 years, 11 months ago

If anybody missed the hint. Get Coltrane's "Blue Train" for the trip. If you haven't already been enlightened, this record will elevate you. It's a very Kansas City friendly jazz masterpiece that can turn hundreds of miles of tumbleweed into a revelation.And if the Cole nick sticks, might I be so bold as to offer the entire new era of Kansas basketball as, "The Blue Train"?

KGphoto 13 years, 11 months ago

My favorite things? Possibly the tastiest jam ever. Rock Chalk, and thanks ColeTrain.

Greg Lux 13 years, 11 months ago

The key to the Jayhawks season rests with the twins and how well and how fast they improve. They are Quick, good passers, and average shooters at this point. They need to improve there slide defense,and shot selection , They must start to block-out on the defensive boards, and they need to hustle 100% of the time (not 30). If they do improve in these areas they will be a true force on this team and will give the Jayhawks a triple threat inside with cole. Only time will tell but the talent is surely there as anyone can see.Rock Chalk

jaybate 13 years, 11 months ago

Holy Nicknames!I wake up on the West Coast and find Cole nicknaming has reached epic proportions. I like them all.Because I am a big John Coltrane fan, I have a bias for Coletrain, which I would modify to Coletrane. Coletrane Aldrich. It sounds great. In a way, Cole does dunk a little like one of Coltrane's saxophone riffs. Coltrane's saxophone solos have been described as coming down like relentless, hard sheets of rain in a thunder and lightening storm. Without that metaphor, Coltrane's music is often too complex and overwhelming for many ears. It is just the most intense and borderline insane jazz you can ever hear. But with the metaphor of sheets of rain in a thunder and lightening storm, John Coltrane's music becomes something that can seem as natural and real as a storm, and so resonate resonate with anyone...especially midwesterners who have lived with Tornado Alleys occasionally violent, magnificient squals and thunder and lightening storms, as anyone who has grown up there, or attended KU has done. Cole comes from fierce weather country in the north, too. He has been talking about ripping the rim down when he jams. His dunking is not conventional, however. He doesn't come down with the kind of backboard rattling slams that some of the great dunkers of the past have who were tall, strong jumpers (think Wilt here and all his pale immitators who followed). Yet Cole certainly doesn't dunk soft either, as anyone who saw the UTenn game can attest. Instead Cole comes down on the rim like a force of weather, like a thunderhead rising and raining down on it. Maybe its the long arms, maybe its the way he brings his shoulders forward, but whatever it is, Cole comes down all around the rim. He's comes down like sheets of rain on it, sheets of rain driven by a wind hittin' heavy on the cold borderline."Well, if you're travelin' in the north country fair, Where the winds hit heavy on the cold borderline..." --Bob Dylan, Girl From the North CountryDylan's Girl from the North Country was as mellow and sad as John Coltrane's sax was torrential and tempestous. But behind it was a rememberance of weather past--strong weather--dangerous weather--fierce.Dylan grew up in Hibbing, Minnesota, and knew something about the weather."Ya don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows."--Bob Dylan, Subterranean Homesick BluesCole Aldrich came to Kansas from the north country fair, where the winds hit heavy on the borderline.And he's dunkin' like it.

BigGuyDon 13 years, 11 months ago

Coors Event Center is commonly referred to as "Allen Field House FAR West". Bramlage is Allen Field House West (or at least it was until last year, :-().

Michael Auchard 13 years, 11 months ago

My nickname for Cole (besides the obvious Cole Train) is The Great White Shark. He just looks like some sort of massive predator when he goes up for blocks. Try to imagine Discovery Channel footage of a shark coming out of the water and swallowing a seal whole. That's the picture I get when I see Cole go up for a block.Please! We need to stop the Jayhawk TV announcers from calling him "The Sheriff." Man, that's the lamest nickname ever.

Michael Auchard 13 years, 11 months ago

I always tend to like naming players after exotic animals, though. My nickname for Chalmers was (is, will always be) The Alaskan King Crab. He was awfully crabby on defense, always clacking his claws in opponents' faces. These names might not roll off of the tongue the easiest, but they're pretty hilarious to use around friends over a few beers while watching a KU game.

jaybate 13 years, 11 months ago

Person whose name must go unspoken,Great White Shark is a very good nomination.

Maynard 13 years, 11 months ago

If Cole would Pump his fist and Yell "Woo Woo" after he dunks I think the "Cole Train" would stick !! :) First Post don't hate on me !!

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