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Collins lively; KU dead


KU overpowers ISU at Allen Fieldhouse

Kansas defeated Iowa State 72-55 and is now 21-5 overall. They are currently 10-1 in Big 12 play, one game behind conference leader Oklahoma.

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2009 KU-ISU Feb. 18

The Allen Fieldhouse seats all were filled, as usual, but you have to wonder how many of the minds drifted away from Wednesday night and all the way to Norman, Okla., all the way to Big Monday, to the biggest Big 12 game of the season.

“That was a really dead atmosphere tonight,” Kansas coach Bill Self said. “The crowd was dead.”

Not a shocker considering Wednesday’s game against Iowa State came four days after the Jayhawks’ emotional victory against in-state rival Kansas State and five days before the trip to Oklahoma, a word Self spoke only to illustrate how big Saturday’s game in Allen Fieldhouse is against Nebraska.

“They are a team that is always going to play hard, and it is going to be how we handle their post traps,” Self said of the energetic Cornhuskers. “Tonight we didn’t handle it well at all, and Cole (Aldrich) had five turnovers. We are going to practice more on it and get better at it. They are small and scrappy, and (Nebraska coach) Doc (Sadler) is doing a great job, like usual. They gave us everything we wanted in Lincoln, and we were fortunate to win. Monday’s game against Oklahoma isn’t a big game unless we take care of business on Saturday.”

Nebraska is more equipped to play spoilers to the enormity of Big Monday than the Cyclones, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t get interesting during KU’s 72-55 victory Wednesday. Doesn’t it nearly always go from blowout to mid-game blowup to pull away at the end for Kansas on its homecourt? This time, turnovers were to blame, and players not named Sherron Collins combined for 18 of them.

While it was Aldrich who got the crowd going late by throwing down a particularly vicious one-hand slam and hitting long jumpers and hook shots, Collins was as impressive reviewing the game as he was playing it after scoring 22 points, hitting four of six three-pointers and dishing six assists without committing a turnover.

Early in the season, when things grew iffy, the players had a tendency to wait around for Collins to pull them out of it. In this one, they looked more to Aldrich.

“That takes a lot of pressure off of me,” Collins said. “It helps to have an inside presence, and we have one of the best inside presences in the country. He’s good. We’ve got to feed him. Early in the season, we weren’t feeding him enough. When we feed him that takes pressure off all of us.”

As for his own scoring contributions, Collins disagreed with the assessment that he had been in a shooting slump, even though in the previous six games he had made just 25 percent of his three-point shots.

“Sometimes when your shot’s not falling, you have to figure out other ways to attack,” Collins said. “It was just one of those days I was feeling it. I was feeling it early in the game.”

Collins had 11 turnovers during rivalry-road-trip week and made just two of nine three-pointers.

Averaging 35.5 minutes in conference games, Collins might have been in a February funk that saddles many college basketball players, but he looked to be back in top form against the Cyclones. From the moment he slammed the basketball hard on the floor with two hands after coming out of the locker room door, to the delight of a crowd that watched it on the scoreboard, Collins again had that bouncy look about him.


FlaHawk 13 years, 7 months ago

Colli9ns had his best game in at least a 5-6 game stretch. KUreally needed him lst night.

Will Keegan get off the Norman talk. He is going tojinz the team and they will blow a game before OU.

KUPROUD 13 years, 7 months ago

A win is a win. I'm glad Sherron had some bounce and fire. That's leadership, because most of the other players had very little, and the crowd seemed like it had a huge hangover. But number 4 made some huge plays at the right times, and we worked through the funk and got the win. Brady played good defense, but offensively he seemed hesitant and sluggish, as did others. There was one play where he drove to the basket, had a chance to take it hard and get the shot or the foul, but changed his mind at the last second and decided to pass it. Consequently, he traveled. So much about him has impressed me that this play surprised me. He's athletic enough to slam dunk on that kind of play, and I'd like to seem him be a tad more aggressive around the basket. All that said, Coach and Sherron will not let the team come out flat on Saturday. Now if they could just get the crowd over their hangover....

Dyrk Dugan 13 years, 7 months ago

it's Nebraska coming in on Saturday....everybody loves to beat them. We'll be ready. plus, Big Mac recruit Lance will be in the house. Go Jayhawks!

TKELuke 13 years, 7 months ago

Another dead crowd... come on students and old rich people make some freaking noise. If your not horse when you leave Allen Fieldhouse you should revaluate your fanhood. You better energize our team on Sat versus Nebraska because we won't be our normal selfs. I think we will win the game but our young pups will be looking ahead. It is on the crowd to keep the energy level up for the entire game not just the first 5 minutes.

dlg1017 13 years, 7 months ago

"Monday’s game against Oklahoma isn’t a big game unless we take care of business on Saturday.”

Nothing more needs to be said!

Jared Grillot 13 years, 7 months ago

Absolutely. I was yelling at the screen the whole game. Broke to a double digit lead, then went to the "chuck up three pointers and hope they go in, but if not, lets just run back real fast" offense again. No attempt to feed the middle. One and done three tries, no rebounding, so nobody was surprised that ISU came back. Nobody. Nebraska can and will last longer than ISU did. If our guys don't stand up and put them in their place hard, fast, and for good right from the start, we stand a serious risk of blowing it.

Don't let this happen guys! Let's play with some fire! Fans! Cheer like you mean it! We need FIRE going into Monday, not a couple of half-hearted wins, or even worse, a home loss. Fire it up, 'Hawks! Let's go!

classicrock71 13 years, 7 months ago

Everytime you step into the Fieldhouse feel fortunate. There are alot of fans who dont get the privilage of being there. And there are only a few home games left in the season!!! BE KUPROUD dont take anything for granted....... Best basketball fans in the country!!!!!

Ted Toulouse 13 years, 7 months ago

No excuse for the students being down - they need to bring it every game. But I blame the rest of the crowd on the points system. Allowing corporate heads to buy their way into the Fieldhouse basically removed real fans that had their tickets for 20+ years. Rich people don't cheer and leave early. I would rather have the fan who scraped up every penny for season tickets and drives 4 hours one way just to see a Wed. night game than the Alvamar/OP kiss-asses who just want their names in the program. Every game matters because our guys are giving 110% of themselves to win every game. Yes we're spoiled but we don't have to act like it.

Oh, and Keegan needs to get off the OU game.

Burning the soap box for now...

LAJayhawk 13 years, 7 months ago

Collins should have had 8 or 9, maybe even 10 assists last night. Several of his beautiful passes were fumbled (a couple of them by Cole). This goes along with what several posts have alluded to the past few weeks: Sherron's assist numbers can only be as good as the guys on the court with him. If he had better finishers around him, his assist to turnover ratio would be considerably higher.

Regardless, he played a great game last night. Good to pick up the win, but that sluggish play continues to haunt us. There is at least a 4 to 5 minute spurt in every game (some games much longer) in which we fall asleep at the wheel. Unforced turnovers and forced shots with no one in position that results in the one and done possession... which is just as bad as a turnover. I'm still willing to chalk that up to a young team, but it is a clear lack of focus that needs to improve.

On a side note, Mr. Keegan it's funny that you mention the crowd possible looking forward to Monday when you wrote an article about doing exactly that. "Hello pot? This is Tom Keegan. You're black."

jaybate 13 years, 7 months ago

“They are a team that is always going to play hard, and it is going to be how we handle their post traps. Tonight we didn’t handle it well at all, and Cole (Aldrich) had five turnovers. We are going to practice more on it and get better at it. They are small and scrappy, and (Nebraska coach) Doc (Sadler) is doing a great job, like usual. They gave us everything we wanted in Lincoln, and we were fortunate to win. Monday’s game against Oklahoma isn’t a big game unless we take care of business on Saturday.”--Bill Self

Could the LJW please acquire an Okie-to-English translator software?

Or better yet a Genius-to-English translator software?

Coach Self has a profound gift for thinking about the game (and life, I imagine) in a multi-dimensional, interconnected way that likely contributes to his mastery of coaching basketball. It does not, however, always make him easy to understand, when he is quoted speaking off the cuff, as above.

I am grateful for the coaching genius of Bill Self, and I am grateful for the LJW's copious quoting of this remarkably talented man. But it seems to me that LJW writers and editors would be doing both Coach Self and the readers a service by resorting to paraphrase when Coach Self is thinking faster than his tongue can lucidly articulate.

President Dwight Eisenhower was another brilliant individual that often spoke in this way. He thought multi-dimensionally and strategically and so often made connections that sounded disjointed, because of steps of thought left out. Some times he even spoke the way he did to diffuse the impact of comments, while at other times Eisenhower intentionally used fractured syntax to confuse the issue sufficiently to avoid having to lie. Regardless, the man was smart enough to orchestrate successfully the most complex invasion of a continent in history and shepherd the USA through an unprecedented era of nuclear peril. He was no dummy, yet, because of his fractured syntax,and the media's direct quotes of it, many persons mistakenly came to view Eisenhower as a doddering old guy with a second rate mind.

I would not like to see Bill Self eventually come to be mistaken in the same fashion, because the LJW, and other media outlets, refused to do him the service of presenting his insightful thinking as lucidly as it deserves.

Bill Self has a kind of genius. It deserves to be protected from being misunderstood, at least in this regard.

Eliott Reeder 13 years, 7 months ago

Interesting. Do you feel the same way about George W. Bush? Did he use fractured syntax in a masterful manner? In order to befuddlize the masses out of seeing the rough truth behind his actions? Just curious.

Lance Hobson 13 years, 7 months ago

I think Self is smart enough, but he's no genius. I don't think any of these basketball coaches are. It's not that complicated of a game, and he's had plenty of guys who have already figured it out teach it to him.

What makes Self a great coach is he is a great motivator and recruiter. He knows the importance of personal relationships and has contacts where he needs them, and makes new ones when required.

Marcia Parsons 13 years, 7 months ago

Funny, I had no trouble at all understanding the Bill Self quote, so I don't agree that he needs to be protected by the press. I'd much rather read what he said than some reporter's interpretation of what he said.

easyfive 13 years, 7 months ago

I don't think the fans are to blame. Just when the fans was about to go wild the team would through up a brick. It happen almost all night.

Is Keegan from Okey? Haven't you listened to Mark M. "task at hand" is what it is.

OU is not that good! They have no one to match up with Sherron. And Cole may have his best break out game ever! Remember the last best player of the nation Cole exposed?

If you have nothing to talk about. Talk about a new 22.000 FH for Bill and company to do their magick in.

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