Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jayhawks grow up

‘Relatively’ young KU blitzes Bears

Kansas guard Sherron Collins penetrates through the Baylor defense as he elevates to the bucket during the second half Monday, Feb. 2, 2009 at the Ferrell Center in Waco.

Kansas guard Sherron Collins penetrates through the Baylor defense as he elevates to the bucket during the second half Monday, Feb. 2, 2009 at the Ferrell Center in Waco.


Morris twins propel KU to victory

The Jayhawks beat a tough Baylor squad 75-65,

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2009 KU-BU Feb. 2

Reader poll

Who was KU's first-half MVP against Baylor?

  • Sherron Collins 23% 3 votes
  • Cole Aldrich 30% 4 votes
  • Brady Morningstar 38% 5 votes
  • Marcus Morris 7% 1 vote
  • Other 0% 0 votes

13 total votes.

Reader poll

Of these three Jayhawks, which was your favorite to watch on the defensive end?

  • Russell Robinson 41% 30 votes
  • Aaron Miles 6% 5 votes
  • Mario Chalmers 52% 38 votes

73 total votes.

— Bill Self smiled, then cut off a questioner in mid-sentence when asked if he was surprised his “relatively” young Kansas University basketball team played so well against an experienced Baylor Bears squad Monday night in Ferrell Center.

“Relatively?” Self said, feigning a look of shock.

Remember, his Jayhawks returned just two players who contributed significant minutes off last year’s NCAA title team, making his 2008-09 squad officially young in his eyes.

“Our guys played older tonight,” Self said after the 21st-ranked Jayhawks jolted Baylor, 75-65, and improved to 18-4 overall and a perfect 7-0 in Big 12 play.

“We played like a pretty poised team tonight for the most part in the second half.”

The Jayhawks, who blitzed the Bears (15-7, 3-5), 45-37, the second 20 minutes, won what many will see as a statement game.

KU is 4-0 on the road — 3-0 at home — in league play.

“Our guys were excited to play,” Self said after a game in which team leader Sherron Collins not only scored 17 points and dished six assists, but hounded Curtis Jerrells into a career-low four-point outing. KU also received 34 points and 18 rebounds from the Morris twins and Mario Little.

“I think that our 6-0 in the league ... some people probably viewed it as, ‘Well, they had a favorable schedule or whatever.’ Before the season, you don’t know it’s going to be favorable,” Self said. “We had a chance to play one of the most talented teams in the league tonight in their house. Our guys were excited to play.”

Self was mighty energized himself.

He thrust both fists into the air and to the side to celebrate a hustle bucket by Little (12 points, four boards) that concluded a possession kept alive by several other Jayhawks. The inside hoop capped a 12-4 run that upped a 54-51 lead to 66-55 at 3:41.

“Without Little, we probably don’t win the game,” Self said. He also lauded the work of the Morris twins: Marcus had 13 points, including eight straight in a flurry to start the second half; Markieff added nine points and nine boards.

KU’s coach also gushed about the peformance of Collins, who, by the way, made his first six free throws and in doing so ran his consecutive makes streak to 35 — which is the No. 1 streak in school history. Wayne Simien made 34 in a row in 2004-05.

Self’s praise had to do with Collins’ defense, not his offense.

BU point guard Jerrells went 0-for-7 from the field, 0-for-4 on three-pointers. His only points came on four free-throw swishes in six attempts. Jerrells also had five assists and a turnover.

“I personally don’t think Sherron has been guarding of late. He’s been worried about other stuff,” Self said. “We challenged all our guys, ‘Hey, give of yourself. Guard first. When you focus in on that, more things happen naturally.’ That was the case.”

Collins took Self’s challenge to heart.

“He told me, ‘I’ve got to cut the head off.’ Jerrells is the head of the team,” Collins said. “I think I guarded him well. He (Self) wanted me to guard, not worry about scoring. I think I did that.”

Why he had been lacking defensively of late?

“I don’t think I’ve been doing as well as last year. I’m not used to playing as many minutes,” Collins said. “Coach challenged me, and I responded. It’s a challenge I look forward to. As I get used to playing more minutes, I think my defense will get better, too.”

Also an unsung-hero candidate on a night Cole Aldrich was limited to nine points and eight rebounds in 28 minutes was Tyrel Reed, who seems to hit a huge shot for KU every night.

This time, Reed connected on a jumper to give KU a 50-47 lead with 12:12 left. Pretty important, considering Baylor needed about two minutes to slice a 48-38 deficit to 48-47 at 12:22.

“That was a pretty big shot by Tyrel,” Self said of the sophomore guard, who had three points in 22 minutes

And a pretty big victory for the young Jayhawks, who will meet Oklahoma State at 2:30 p.m. Saturday in Allen Fieldhouse.

“We’re doing well,” Collins said. “We can do a lot better. This team can play a lot better.”

Even such a young team?

“I can’t be too impressed. It’s what I expect out of the young fellas,” Collins said with a smile. “They showed the potential they have; the potential we have tonight.”


FlaHawk 13 years, 10 months ago

The only thing Collins needs to improve on is his outside shoot. He has not hit the side of the barn in the last 3-4 games. He is quick enough that he really does not need more than a 15 foot jump shot, which is a pull up on a drive.Collins is scoring too much, which means he is shooting to much. He can drive and distribute or get a lay up. Just don;t let him shoot treys or semi-guarded shots.His stroke from the field has deserted him, but he still can stroke from the FT line :-)!GO HAWKS!

Seth Peattie 13 years, 10 months ago

Coach Self is the National Coach of the Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KUPROUD 13 years, 10 months ago

The M&M twins and Mario stepped up big, which makes it a whole lot more fun for me to watch. They all played pretty well. A very solid road win that shows real progress. But I look forward to the game we can start well in the first 10 minutes, and then play the rest of the game as well and finish as well as we did last night. I expected Coach to make necessary adjustments to get the offense moving at the half, and he did. Soon I hope we can make better adjustments earlier during the flow of the game.

Omegatron 13 years, 10 months ago

I just want them to play well and step up in consecutive games...

Jayhawk444 13 years, 10 months ago

This was a huge win. Even though KU started 6-0 in conf play, I figured they could still realistically go 5-5 over the final 10 games even while improving their level of play. The schedule just gets that much tougher. But Baylor was supposed to be one of the losses. So - already "ahead of schedule" so to speak.

Randy Glenn 13 years, 10 months ago

Great road win. The whole team stepped up and played like we know they can. Did I hear Fran say that Tweety Carter scored 7500 pts in a 6 year High School career??? WOW

Matt Kenton 13 years, 10 months ago

The twins started out horribly, which makes how they overcame that even better. To start the game Marcus had 2 turnovers, 2 missed shots, and a foul in the first few minutes of the game. I hate talking about them as one in the same, but I think something had to click last night for them. Big game, experienced team, national stage, hostile environment, rocky start... isn't it games like this that make coaches say that freshman "aren't freshman anymore?"

Lindsey Buscher 13 years, 10 months ago

Morningstar did not play mistake-free like he needs to:40 minutes6 pts, 3 boards, 3 TO, and 1 assistBleck!

Matt Kenton 13 years, 10 months ago

And one more thing...Fran Fraschilla and Ron Franklin are an embarassment. Fran must've just heard the terms North-South and East-West used for basketball yesterday, so he felt the need to enlighten us with his wisdom by saying fifty times and then labeling it on the court at halftime. Maybe that's how someone had to explain it to him before he got it. But the fact that they brought up Sherron's free throw record before he got it, but stumbled all over the exact number of FTs in the streak, and then completely failed to mention it the rest of the game including as he was shooting to break the record and then missed to end his streak... that is absolutely inexcusable. What a joke.

ku98 13 years, 10 months ago

I thought Mario was great. Yeah, he blew a wide open dunk early in the game, but at least, he had the confidence to go up there, which means his leg must feel a little better. And he was great in the second half. Solid inside, solid at the FT line. I hope he turns into a 14-16 point scorer to help Sherron and Cole.

KU 13 years, 10 months ago

Yes, yes......The Morris twins looked good last night. But come on! Who were they playing? Baylor is the most guard-heavy team in the league. Coach Self would gladly take several of them. But they have ZERO post presence once you get beyond Kevin Rogers. There were soooo many lay-ins (mind you I said "lay ins" and not thunderous dunks) by the twins it was pathetic. Those guys have to finish STRONG. Do you think Blake Griffin is going to let they lay those soft little shots up there?! Get real.Bottom line: they have improved, but saying that last night was their awakening is to ignore the opponent's relative weakness.Now, on the other hand I was VERY impressed with the way KU's guards basically cancelled out BU's guards. "All" they had to do was fight them to a draw and we win the game. Easier said than done because BU has the most athletically-gifted guard comination in the league, hands down. Brady played smart, Reed played wth a small-town chip on his shoulder, Tyshawn adjusted to the quickness of BU's guards after the first 10 minutes. Sherron didn't have a great offensive game but he played great defense. Coach Self is right: if they play defense and quit worrying about offense, the offense will come in the flow in transition. But against a team like BU, you don't necessarily want to get into an open court transition game. You want to grind them and make them pay in the half-court.One of the most impressive things last night was the way KU milked the clock and played "time and possession" against BU in the last 7 minutes of the game. Past KU teams (and this team earlier in the year) would allow teams back in by continuing to play at a frenetic pace on the road. Sherron and Brady and Tyrel did a good job of controlling tempo and clock late.

Chris Shaw 13 years, 10 months ago

Wow! I was worried all game last night, especially the first 4 minutes of the game and the 3 or 4 minutes we fell apart defensively in the second half. Anytime you can win on the road, especially against an experienced team like Baylor, you take the win. However, I think this win could be a little bit "Fools Gold" for our jayhawks. Yes, the twins played well last night, I hope this builds their confidence, but in all honesty, Baylor is not that good of a team. I mean, they are 5 players on the court trying to each do their own. Their defensive assignments were as poor as I've seen from any team this year, hence allowing the Twins to get their easy buckets. I'm not trying to take anything away from the Jayhawks, but I thought I was going to get something better than what Baylor put on the court last night. Who knows, maybe Scott Drew just has a bunch of seniors and juniors that basically have thrown in the towel. Once that happens it's pretty hard to reverse your fortune. It's great to be 7-0 in conference and 18-4 overall, but I'm still a little weary and concerned about this team. Maybe I shouldn't! Maybe this is what it feels like to be a UCLA Bruin fan. Ben Howland's teams always find ways to win "Ugly" every time they step on the court. There is nothing "Pretty" about Collison, Shipp, and Howland's teams, but they get the job done in an "Ugly" "Blue Collar" way. Maybe that is the identity of this Jayhawk team. Maybe we should just accept the fact that this team is that "Good" to win every game "Ugly". I like winning "Pretty", but I don't want to revert back to the Roy Williams era. I like to win "Ugly", but hopefully it won't be so ugly that we look like the UCLA Bruins. I will take a happy medium between the two and call it "Pretugly" or "Pre Tu Gly"! Maybe we just don't want to think of this team? Maybe I don't! Maybe? Does anyone see KU losing at home to OSU? I don't see it happeneing. OSU also has a very small lineup and plays similar to "Braska Ball". Could spell trouble, but maybe it's just another "Ugly" win.

Sally Presson 13 years, 10 months ago

What a game!!! Way to go Hawks, all of you. And a big Rock Chalk to the fans who were there. It's great to hear the Rock Chalk chant at the end of the game when you're on the road. Jayhawk fans are the best. I wish we could have that many fans at MU. They would probably have to wear MU shirts over the KU shirts just to get into the game, but whatever it takes. When you watch other MU games there are plenty of seats available, it's amazing they don't fill the stands, unlike KU fans who beg to get to a game and will go to any game just to watch them play. I know they'll fill the field house when KU's there, but I wish we could get some rowdy fans there on Monday night. Keep up the good work, Hawks!! Coach Self--you're the best

Jim Pendleton 13 years, 10 months ago

Actually I think there is a good chance we will have at least that many fans in Columbia next Monday. They put single game tickets on sale later than their other games, and there were tickets available until just recently. So I am sure a number of KU fans have bought these, myself included.Great job by the young hawks last night. I thought they hustled a lot better than they did in the second half Saturday. The play by everyone that resulted in a made basket to go up 66-55 was typical of that great hustle.I was a little concerned about the upcoming stretch of three of four on the road against pretty good teams (yes unfortunately the Tigggers & the kitty kats fall in there). But winning the first of those games puts us in good position. Let's keep getting better and take out OSU before worrying about next Monday. Rock Chalk!

Greg Lux 13 years, 10 months ago

Jesse Newell & Journal-World sports editor Tom Keegan ATTENTION .. KU WON .. Be standup fans as well as sports editors. Never go against the Jayhawks even if you don't believe in them. OH was this just a ploy to get the Hawks fired up? .. I sure hope so because otherwise I would be looking for a job in Waco soon... Way to go TEAM and yes it was a Team effort last night with all players adding to this great road win. If we continue to play with this effort I can see nothing but good times ahead...Rock Chalk

chicagoeddie 13 years, 10 months ago

a win is a win and they will learn from what they did right and wrong. the cool thing about this team is that they learn and get better and coach does a great job throughout the game. a team with no expectations, i would say great job guys! keep it up and rock chalk!

pnl14 13 years, 10 months ago

KU - you are a moron. On a night that the twins needed to have a big game, and did, you say it was "pathetic" b/c they didnt dunk the ball enough? In your words, "Get Real."They had a big game b/c they made free-throws, grabbed offensive rebounds, didnt foul, took charges, and made a high percentage of field goals. I will take that any night over a couple "thunderous dunks."I think we have bigger problems than how the twins will match up against Blake Griffin.

Jory Collins 13 years, 10 months ago

Flahawk,Collins is not scoring too much! We'd have twice as many losses if he wasn't as aggressive as he is. Defenses key on him which presents opportunities for everyone else. He may be in a slight shooting slump from outside but is a very capable 3pt shooter, he's hitting 36.6% which is avg. for a 3pt shooter. You're right, he can get to the rim usually whenever he wants, but thats because they respect his outside game a push up on him. You make him a one dimensional player and his positive effect on the entire offense goes down.

Chris Shaw 13 years, 10 months ago

I was curious how KU's non-conference schedule is fairing in conference play and this is what I found out:Siena: 12-0 and 3 games in front of Niagara in the MAAC Michigan State: Leading the Big Ten with Purdue, but just had a terrible loss at home to Penn State.Washington: They have UCLA a top the Pac 10, but it's really Washington who holds the tie-breaker and much to everybody's surprise, they are leading the Pac 10Arizona: What a disappointment-Currently log jammed right in the middle of everyone at 4-5 in conference. Too bad they played their best game of the season against the Jayhawks. Tennessee: They were fluttering for a while, but just picked up a big win at Florida. They are tied at 4-2 with 3 other teams in the SEC East. Still up in the air with this team. We need them to close out strong. Temple: 4-2 in the A-10 and currently tied for 3rd out of 5 teams. Should be able to stay in the Top 5, but also could move up in the Top two or three pretty easily. Looks like Xavier will run away with it. UMass: Probably KU's worst loss of the season. They aren't doing any better in the A-10. Stuck near the bottom 1/3. Syracuse: Started off great, but are currently 7th in the Big East. We need Syracuse to have a strong finish to improve our RPI. Kent State: Besides Umass the other big disappointment on our schedule. They are currently last in their division (East) of confernce. Unless they win conference tourney; you can count them out of Post Season Play. Coppin State: 5-4 in conference and currently 4th in the Meac. They play a crazy tough non-conference and you would have thought that would help them in conference. They are two games out of first. Jacksonville State: Second to last in their conference. I thought they would be towards the top. Albany: Tied for second out of 4 schools. They have a shot at winning the America East Conference. All in all pretty good resume for the Jayhawks!

d_prowess 13 years, 10 months ago

Someone I know has been saying for a while now: Coach Self is such a good coach it is almost unreal. Someone above said, he should be coach of the year and really has a great argument for it. Even if we lose a few of our remaining games, he took a bunch of freshman, a bunch of guys that have barely played, one Junior that wasn't a starter last year, and a big guy that didn't really play last year, but happened to have one great game against the POY, and turned them into a successful team in the Big 12! Really?!? I mean does anyone really know how good coach Self is and even want to speculate on what he might bring KU during his tenure? It just makes me gitty!

JayhawkPhil64 13 years, 10 months ago

For those of you that don't have much of an attention span, yes Collins has not been shooting as well as he should in the last few games, but he was shooting lights out before then. Shooting comes and goes in cycles. He will get his shot back, maybe as early as the next game.Also, for all the goofy arguments between those that say Collins is one of the best guards in the nation and those that say he has to many faults--- neither is true. He is what he is, a hard charging dynamo willing to take on anyone anywhere and his assets far out weigh his faults. I am glad he is on our side.One play defined Sherron Collins as a BB player. Late in the game a Baylor guard had good defensive position on him on the wing but he just bulled around the guy(a player with lesser strength would have been called for charging) charged to the basket and flipped up that trademark reverse spin layup(any other player would have been to far out of control to hit the layup from the front of the rim, let alone get the right spin on the ball from the back side)

KU 13 years, 10 months ago

pnl14.....Puleez! I said the twins looked good. But that wasn't my point. (You obviously missed the point, so I'll point it out again. And if I were inclined to call people "moron" you might qualify.) My point was the twins had a big game because they were playing against inferior (almost non-existent) post players. Baylor essentially plays 4 guards and Kevin Rogers. Of course post players will excel against that. Heck, Kleinmann could hold his own against Baylor's "post" players. Eric Chenowith could have looked good against Baylor last night.You said: "They had a big game b/c they made free-throws, grabbed offensive rebounds, didnt foul, took charges, and made a high percentage of field goals."Of course they did! They were playing against 6'3 and under guards.You said: "I think we have bigger problems than how the twins will match up against Blake Griffin."Uhhhh......I don't THINK so. Last time I checked, it's KU and OU at the top of the standings and Blake Griffin is tearing up the league. There doesn't appear to be a man that is tough enough to take him on. I stated something to the effect that if the twins think they can throw up those soft little bunnies against Griffin, he won't allow it. They have to get tougher down low. They have to learn to finish strong.

JayhawkPhil64 13 years, 10 months ago

Also, as a charter member of the Morris Twins bashing club, I would like to congratulate them on having their best game of the year, particularly after Marcus got off to such a bad start. As someone said earlier, the fact that Marcus over came his early mistakes makes their performance that much more enjoyable. If they and Mario Little continue to play like they did last night then our future looks very bright.

KGphoto 13 years, 10 months ago

What a great shot of Sherron with that sideways, layup, runner thing. What would you even call that shot? It was great. I love how he is growing as a player. He's finding new shots. Finding ways for KU to comeback, or ways to pull away. At the beginning of the season he was handed the keys as the team leader, and we knew he was their best player. But with all the young inexperienced players trying to improve and adjust to Div. I ball, it's easy to forget about Sherron's improvement in that role.His scoring numbers have improved since January, but he's reinventing them game by game. He's becoming the type of player that's almost impossible to stop in March, because you can't game-plan him. You step on him at the arc? He reappears in the lane. You step on him in the lane? He does a sideways, layup, runner thing. He's La Cucaraca.And that's one of the best sets of photos yet Nick. You're nailing it.

Scott Smetana 13 years, 10 months ago

KUShaw.. nice work. I like seeing Washington do well, we smoked them. Your work shows why our RPI is now top 25.. Knock on wood, but we're VERY close to a 'lock' for the tourney.Puggy.. you're forgetting a small part of Brady's game.. DEFENSE!!! 3 TO's when you're in the ENTIRE game as a guard isn't that bad. He is reminding me of RussRob. Houston Jhawks Fans - NICE WORK!! Very noticeable on TV. Coach Self - you're the man. Nice work playing the Twins through their growing pains. I saw a glimpse of their futures last night: confident and living above the rim.Baylor - a good team, but far from great. I was expecting more last night. They desperately need a second big man. Little - still bit of a mystery for me, but unpredictable and fun to watch. Wish he could jump higher. KU Freethrows - NICEMizzery Game - I'm concerned our young players don't hate them as much as me.

Jordan Brown 13 years, 10 months ago

Puggy... you're an idiot. Morningstar played great! 3 to's in 40 minutes isn't bad at all... and he obviously has Coach Self's trust by keeping him in that long.

TreHawks 13 years, 10 months ago

I love watching Mario Little.Who on this board said, "I like his smile. I like his shirt. I like the cut of his jib."Was that you, Jaybate?

Blake Brown 13 years, 10 months ago

Great win primarily because it was a team win, not just Collins and Aldrich. Roles are being defined and players are understanding what is being expected of them. Being a road game win is even bigger. I know we are all getting our hopes up and we will have some challenges in the rest of the conference schedule. This can only serve to make us stronger and learn to compete against different looks and schemes.Rock Chalk!

PAHAWK1 13 years, 10 months ago

KU, it is time to give credit where it is due. Per your argument, Cole should have had a monster night. He did not. Kieff outperformed Cole (check the stats). Twins played really great last night. I do not remember DJac, or Sasha or Arthur having a great all round performance (consistently) duirng their first year. Twins have been playing great for the last few games. Their stats are not sexy but they are helping the team win. A couple of weeks ago, when Brady had 6-8 rebounds, you could see that our bigs (including the Twins) were boxing out their men. This team is a treat to watch. Let us enjoy the ride. Coach Self has done a tremendous job with this team. Currently, he should be considered one of the favorites for Coach of the Year award. For those who like to bash KU players, stop posting on this site and go back to your Missery or KState sites. You are no KU fans. We at KU do not bash our players.

KU 13 years, 10 months ago

Pahawk1......Did I not say they played well? READ THE POSTS. Yes, they played well. My point AGAIN, in as plain of language as I can make it for those who don't seem to "read well for comprehension":Have the twins improved? Yes. Is measuring against Baylor a good barometer? No. Should KU fans be excited about the overall development of the twins over the season? Yes. Should KU fans be overly excited about their performance against Baylor and assume the twins have turned the corner on "greatness"? No.To expound:Yes, the twins looked good. But they SHOULD look good against a guard-oriented team that has no significant inside presence. (ASIDE: And no, it doesn't necessarily follow from my argument that Cole should have had a monster night; he's not as quick as Baylor's forwards, so it's a tougher match-up for him than grinding against teams with bigger, slower post players.) The real test is when the twins go up against teams with a real inside presence. Those of you who are getting all giddy about THIS PARTICULAR performance are losing sight of the above. Yes, the twins have improved but we'll get a true test when they play some real bangers like Griffin.

KU 13 years, 10 months ago

Pahawk1......Two more things: 1) I wasn't "bashing" any players. If anything I was bashing fans for getting all giddy over one performance of the twins against a foe they should be able to exploit, and 2) Don't tell me I'm not a KU fan because I see things realistically--whether good or bad.

Chris Shaw 13 years, 10 months ago

KU: I agree! I think Baylor was probably the worst barometer to use! They play "Zero" defense, similar to a Carolina team I know. I agree with you completely. Yes, the twins had a good game, but as I also said, the Baylor game could be considered "Fools Gold".

KU 13 years, 10 months ago

Thanks, kushaw......Aren't you in Carolina? Who's the real team on Tobacco Road this year? Carolina? Puke? Or Wake? Or are they ALL overrated?I just can't stand Puke. Talk about no post presence! When was the last time they HAD a post player that could walk and chew gum at the same time? Sheldon Williams? 2003?

AverageCitizen 13 years, 10 months ago

KU - Maybe people are giddy about seeing the twins do something which we were uncertain they could do. Regardless of opponent, we can be giddy that they are 'getting it'. When a kid with training wheels rides his bike on pavement without wobbling, you get giddy that he has finally caught on. He can still ride that bike when the training wheels are taken off even though he may not do so well on a dirt path. In other words, you have to do the first (paved road) before you can do the second (dirt path). Giddy is because they are catching on and we are seeing that they are catching on!

Kevin John 13 years, 10 months ago


KU 13 years, 10 months ago

AverageCitizen, I'm just saying that if the twins play at that level against's worth getting giddy about. If they pull a Cole Aldrich (against Hansbrough) and shut down the guy who is arguably the POY (Griffin) while they are guarding him, that's something to get giddy about.Kids don't come to KU to get giddy over beating up an under-manned team. They come with the expectations that they can beat up on the big boys. Fans shouldn't get giddy over beating up a no-post defense, either. Act like you've been there before.

Chris Shaw 13 years, 10 months ago

KU: I don't know who is overrated if they are even considered "Overrated" I hate the ACC and the only games I like watching are any team that plays Duke or Carolina or the Wake games. I like Wake for some reason, but I don't know how they lost to the worst team in the ACC, G Tech. That would be like us losing to Colorado I want any team in the country to win the National Championship except Carolina, Duke, or UCLA. I"m not quite sure I really want UConn and Calhoun to pick up his 3rd Championship, but I do admit it would be better than Carolina or Duke. I will tell you one thing, I love wearing my "KU Gear" down here in the Carolinas. I always get a little "Half Smile" from Tar Hole fans. I wouldn't mind seeing Wake win the whole damn thing, but I really don't want to see the ACC do well. Ughghghghghgh!

mbmerriman 13 years, 10 months ago

morningstar didnt play well and the twins did we all have that figured out but doesn't that strike you as a good sign, certain players are stepping up when needed. One night its tyrell, next its brady, next its cole, last night it was the twins, does that remind anyone of a certain championship calibur team we watched last year

actorman 13 years, 10 months ago

"Jesse Newell & Journal-World sports editor Tom Keegan attention .. ku won .. Be standup fans as well as sports editors. Never go against the Jayhawks ..."You're absolutely right. Newell and Keegan should never give us their opinion, they should just predict a KU win in every game against every opponent. In fact, they shouldn't bother predicting at all. Since we know they're always going to pick KU, there's no point in them even bothering. I'm so sick of people who expect reporters, who are supposed to be UNBIASED, to blindly pick the home team in every situation. You're an idiot."morningstar didnt play well and the twins did we all have that figured out ..."Um, no, we don't all have that figured out. You obviously haven't read some of the comments above about Morningstar playing a solid game. You're displaying the typical signs of someone who doesn't realize that defense is half of the game. Just because Morningstar's numbers don't jump out at you doesn't mean he "didn't play well." And oh, by the way, you might have heard of this newfangled thing called punctuation ...

Tim23Kline 13 years, 10 months ago

the twins finally are stepping up...they need to dunk it though....why be 6'9 and not dunk...come on

mbmerriman 13 years, 10 months ago

actorman: i think morningstar is our second best player, but he DID have an off game thats all i said, Dunn schooled him over and over, the twins stepped up because baylor's gaurds are better than our, thats all i was saying i watch all the games im not an idiot

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