Originally published April 23, 2009 at 11:32a.m., updated April 23, 2009 at 12:34p.m.

Xavier Henry announces he’s coming to KU

KU recruit Xavier Henry, right, and brother C.J. take in the Late Night festivities in this 2005 file photo. C.J. was admitted to KU on Tuesday.

KU recruit Xavier Henry, right, and brother C.J. take in the Late Night festivities in this 2005 file photo. C.J. was admitted to KU on Tuesday.


Xavier Henry: I'm going to Kansas

In front of about 50 people at his high school gym, Xavier Henry announced he would play basketball at Kansas.

— Xavier Henry is headed to Kansas University.

Henry, a 6-foot-6 guard from Putnam City (Okla.) High School, announced his intentions to play for the Jayhawks at a Thursday morning news conference in front of about 50 media members at the high school.

Henry's brother C.J., a 6-3 freshman guard from the University of Memphis, also announced he'll be headed to KU in a speaker-phone interview from Memphis.

"Next year, I'll be taking my game to Kansas," Xavier Henry said in his opening statement at the news conference. "That's all I'm going to say."

He had a lot more to say during interviews for the next 20 minutes.

"I grew up always wanting to go to Kansas," Xavier said. "I switched to Memphis because my brother was going there. Now, with coach (John Calipari) leaving (for Kentucky), we've decided to go to KU. I'm really excited. That's where my whole family played," added Xavier, whose dad Carl, mother Barbara and aunt Vickie all played for KU.

Xavier said he called KU coach Bill Self with his decision after working out in the high school gym two days ago.

"Coach Self was really excited, especially having the both of us. He is ready to get next season started," Xavier said. "He asked me, 'Are you sure?' He wanted me to be serious. I said I'm coming."

Xavier, the No. 8-rated high school basketball senior on and a McDonald's All-American, said the Jayhawks will have a great team next season.

"They said they will be close to preseason No. 1 without us," Xavier said. "Now I think we'll be one of the best teams. I think the sky is the limit."

C.J. Henry said he was equally excited about joining his brother at KU. Barbara Henry indicated that her son will be able to play next season without filing an appeal with the NCAA.

"We're very close. It's going to be fun to play with my brother," C.J. said. "It wasn't going to happen at Memphis. I think Kansas is a good place for us. It's where (Xavier) wanted to go in the first place. It will be a great experience. It will be fun."

Barbara Henry said she will be moving to Lawrence as well.


rockchalkchick 13 years ago

Welcome to Kansas, Xavier!!!!!!!! :) We're so excited!

brooksmd 13 years ago

Thanks guys for the attempt of the live feed. Could not hear a thing of the announcement. The lead-in vid worked great but just couldn't hear X once it went live.

craigers 13 years ago

Heck yeah man. Is it November yet????

Warren 13 years ago

Yeah, the audio sucked, and I couldn't really tell what the choice was.

sdoyel 13 years ago

Kansas University, also known as the University of Kansas.... You know, like our Degrees say.

Theutus 13 years ago

Correction: ATTEMPTED to stream the news conference live from Oklahoma City.

You failed.

Happy to see Xavier is coming to KU though, it's gonna be one hell of a year next season.

Any word on what CJ is doing? I assume he is following?

KUballer 13 years ago

"Back on Nov. 18, the selection was Memphis.

This time, it’s Kansas University.

More to come."

You make it sound like he's going to change his mind again.

Rick Willard 13 years ago

Smart move, Xavier. You didn't want to join the Coach Cal circus at UK. KU is the place for you and your bro. It's time to chase another championship! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!

David Howell 13 years ago

KU blew that one all to chunks. Sounded like Charlie Brown's teacher at a combination of a bowling and marble tournament !

I can only assume he is coming to KU, but needs to sign his name on the dotted line. I can only assume CJ is following him too. All I know is they need to get on campus this summer, mix in with the rest of the HAWKS players, and grow up a little. College basketball isn't going to be as easy as X puts on.

Dyrk Dugan 13 years ago

kudos to Bill Self for landing the X man....because i don't think it was that easy....even though he should have come here all along.

This kid is a difference maker....he'll log 30 minutes, and pour in 17-25 a night. what a team we'll have....just great news to beat out Calipari for two of our three recruits this year...(Robinson had Memphis as a finalist.)

welcome X man and CJ! it's great to have you as Jayhawks. We will be as hard to beat, as any Jayhawk team in any recent memory....Rock and Chalkin!!! can't wait for next year.

Jonathan Kealing 13 years ago

Yeah, sorry about the audio. As I've sent a couple people, we tested extensively before we went live but ran into an issue with ambient sound when the gym got loud. We apologize for that. Lesson learned and hopefully in time to try again come football presser season.

TexasHawk44 13 years ago

Excellent news! Welcome to KU, Xavier! Hope to see CJ there too.

Thanks to the LJW for trying to bring the feed. I appreciate the effort even though it did not work. At least you tried and for that effort, I thank you!

Rick Willard 13 years ago

Smart moved Xavier. KU is the place for you and your Bro. As always...well done Coach Self! Now, let's go chase another championship! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!

Rick Willard 13 years ago

Smart move Xavier. KU is the place for you and your Bro. As always...well done Coach Self! Now, let's go chase another championship! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!

Blake Post 13 years ago

Rock to the Chalk. Another legacy Hawk in the Flock. UK likes to talk. Killer Kansas walks the walk.

iluvdbskxjayhawks 13 years ago

i"m so excited that he's coming. We definitely have a chance at the National Championships next year. Sometimes KU loses to unknown basketball teams so I hope that won't happen next year. Yahoo! Welcome to KU X! I think I heard Barbara said that X has always wanted to come to KU, but then he wanted to play with his brother more. I wished X could of made a better statement than just stating that he's going to KU.

Carter Patterson 13 years ago

All in all, the visuals were pretty good jkealing. I could hear the AD pretty good but when X and Mom spoke it was too soft and incoherent through the microphone.

Did anybody ask X about CJ?

K_Easthouse 13 years ago

I'll say thanks for the attempt at the feed. How many other newspapers have the budget to try to do something like this right now? Just means the online staff here gets "it" more than a lot of the larger newspapers out there.

Welcome to the family, X. If that was you Twittering prior to the press conference, then I suspect this may be one heck of an entertaining year.

exiledhawkfan 13 years ago

so, i guess we should be pretty good this year then, huh? :-)

thanks for trying with the live feed least we HAD a feed, unlike UK. don't be so quick to be so freakin' negative people...

vmwskywalk 13 years ago

Can't say it any better hawkman!

4jhawks4ku 13 years ago

Wheres the Cal'tucky posers now? huh. Whos your daddy blue mist? Say it , Say it

d_prowess 13 years ago

The oklahoma papers are reporting CJ is headed to KU too. Also, they had proplems with the sound too, so it seems like it was a source issue, not an LJW issue.

MarchSadness 13 years ago

Somebody at the LJW should be fired for that live streaming webcast. What a joke!......other than that, welcome to KU Xavier!

exiledhawkfan 13 years ago

marchsadness...actually, you're attitude is the joke. get over the negativity man, it'll kill you.

Jonathan Kealing 13 years ago

For the record, the copy of the whole presser on tape has perfect audio and will be posted soon. We're trying to figure out right now what caused the camera's output to have audio popping problems. It might have been a problem with the streaming service, but it's no excuse. We'll have the whole presser up later today.

FairgroveJayhawk 13 years ago

Welcome home X !!!! Man that is good news. Sweet nectar of the gods.

Good try on the live feed. Your effort is appreciated.

TexasHawk44 13 years ago

Don't be such jerks to criticize LJW. They tried. Some of you people are really deplorable...

bballpurist 13 years ago

Congrats to KU for winning the 2010 championship on paper. Now the guys have to actually go out and play and win it all. Anything less is a disappointment...

Alan Braun 13 years ago

LJW is a print medium, not a broadcaster. I appreciate the fact that they tried on the press conference even if it didn't work out.

JayJayPG 13 years ago

My goodness this is going to be one fun team to watch.

exiledhawkfan 13 years ago

maxhawk...way to find that bad in the good--always important to do.

JayCeph 13 years ago

For those of you complaining about the flubbed audio during the webcast, give it a rest. It would have been a nice bell-n-whistle to play with but, the content is the same.

Not only is X (and his bro) coming to the Hill, but (drum roll) this recruiting saga is potentially over... FINALLY!

If all you can do it b&m about the audio, then you clearly don't get it.

Michael Auchard 13 years ago

Well, it's all a part of the World Company, which owns Sunflower Cable. You'd expect a bit better. The only thing that worked for me was the live-stream video. The lead-in footage was incredibly choppy, and obviously the audio was horrendous.

In any case, very happy to have X here.

Kenny George 13 years ago


Try 14 players to keep happy. Collins,Aldrich,Morris,Morris,Morningstar,Taylor,Reed,Releford,Little,Withey,Johnson,Robinson,Henry,Henry.

I see some redshirts coming next year!

RockChalk1982 13 years ago

This comes from KU's athletic web site....

"LAWRENCE, Kan. – Kansas men’s basketball head coach Bill Self announced Thursday that standout guard Xavier Henry has signed a grant-in aid agreement to play at Kansas for the 2009-10 season. "

What does this mean?? Is it just a glorified LOI, or is it the acutal scholarship papers?!?!?

jayhawkintexas 13 years ago

Way to go, Xavier and CJ!! That loud groan you hear is the rest of the Big 12 teams realizing what they will be up against next year. Thanks to the LJW for trying to carry the news conference, I really appreciate that you tried.

I just hope all the posters here remember that we're Kansas, we're class and would make classy comments that reflect well on the students, faculty, staff, friends, alumni and image of KU.

Tony Bandle 13 years ago

Interesting that CJ was not mentioned. I know this was X's moment but as close to the hip as these brothers have been, I find it odd that nothing was said. Is it possible that CJ is staying behind?

I would love to have CJ call coach calamari and say, "well coach, X is gone but you can still have me!!"

coach cal ", uh...let me get back to you on that!!"

stravinsky 13 years ago

Its okay, I was in class watching the video with no sound, hoping that he would do the normal cheesy put-on-a-hat thing. He didn't. But apparently I didn't miss anything having the sound off!

We're so stacked for next year. Sherron is going to look so good next year with another bigtime scorer (well... Several of them. X will be here, Taylor will be even more boss, the morris twins will have developed, Cole... enough said, Withey will be around, Mario hopefully wont have injury issues, Johnson and Robinson will be beasts, Lew Perkins and the biology department will have gotten bored and infused Teahan's skeleton with Adamantium and turned him into Wolverine while genetically modifying Reed into Weapon XI)

Games could be comically ridiculous.

FairgroveJayhawk 13 years ago

jayhawkintexas, i don't believe that was a loud groan, i believe it was the air leaving their balls. i have to start giving my bro-in-law crap, he's the worst misery fan ever.

exiledhawkfan 13 years ago

oakville, i tend to think that cj isn't going to be a 'chop liver' player before all is said and done...i get your point though

scoville 13 years ago

All these people making excuses for the LJWorld's poor feed seem to be forgetting that it's part of World Company and not just a small newspaper. They do have the resources, talent and experience to pull it off well.

Ambient noise problems? really? That was why all I could hear was the clicking and clunking of a photographer taking pictures?

If you want to be taken seriously as a media source, you're going to have to try harder than that.

John Myers 13 years ago

They did mention CJ.. X said he was "pretty sure" he was coming to Kansas and "he thinks" he is coming to Kansas.. So without actually saying it, it sure sounded like CJ will be here too..

exiledhawkfan 13 years ago, my friend, are a butthole. gotta love a good know-it-all. by the way, you're obviously taking them seriously, since you are POSTING ON THEIR SITE...dummy

Greg Lux 13 years ago

CJ was memtioned .. what little I did hear X said CJ was coming to KU also and would play. ( how they know what the NCAA will decide is beyond my level :) ). To X I can only say Welcome and Thanks for choosing the best basketball program and arena anywhere. You will not regret this decision. I hope you come to KU with an open mind and a desire to learn from the coaches and players who are there. KU is a very special place and you will fit in well if you accept the team concept and are interested in working hard. I know you and your family are as excited as we are to have you as a Jayhawk.

Rock Chalk

chicagoeddie 13 years ago

welcome to heaven!!! ROCK CHALK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony Bandle 13 years ago

CJ/Calamari discussion continued..

C.J. " ....but coach cal, I was good enough for you before, what has changed??

coach, uh, let me get back to you on that as well. Are you absolutely sure your brother is gone??? Please double check...I 'll wait." : }

CJ's injury history is something that needs to be kept in mind. I hope he can stay healthy because, as exiledhawkfan has said, I think he could be a pretty good player.

exiledhawkfan 13 years ago

good point about the injury history...what exactly was cj's injury that kept him out this past year?

truefan 13 years ago

I am glad X is coming, but I wanted CJ to commit to Kansas just as bad. I wanted the two brothers to continue the Henry legacy at the University of Kansas.

MarchSadness 13 years ago

exiledhawkfan- while you continue to police all these posts regarding the audio issues during the live feed, you might want to refrain from using words such as butthole and dummy, because you sir now look like that "butthole dummy, know-it all"! TOOL!

Theutus 13 years ago

Scoville, you're being a little too harsh there.....

It sucks the stream didn't work out... For next time, jkealing I hope you guys can figure out the issues....

The gymnasium "background noise" obviously was not the only issue though. If it had been, we would have had clear audio of a bunch of background noise.... The main issue (imho) was the break in audio altogether... Along with the lack of volume/clarity.

Either way, hope it gets worked out soon... If financially possible, It'd be awesome to have live streaming interviews post-game with players/coaches etc throughout the year.

SoCalAlum 13 years ago

Thanks to LJW for the much as I'm out-of-my-mind delighted that X (and CJ presumably) are Jayhawks for next season, I'm still holding out hope that Coach Self can reel in Lance for the 2 spot. All of Lance's and his family's preferences pointed to KU and he has been keeping a very professional low-profile these past weeks. How good would our "second-team" get by playing against those guys every day in practice?

FairgroveJayhawk 13 years ago

I'm thinking Sherron and Cole are gettting pretty excited about next year. I think X signing will help them completely solidify their decisions to stay another year to chase another championship.. as if they had any doubt before.

Jonathan Kealing 13 years ago

FYI, Video's posted of him making his announcement. We're still trying to figure out how the camera got the right audio and we spit out the wrong stuff online. By the way, we're making no excuse for not delivering you all what you expected. We should have done better. That said, this was a three-months earlier than expected test of a new system. We'd planned to roll it out during football season.

Jonathan Kealing Online editor / Lawrence Journal-World / 6News

Chicago_JHawk 13 years ago

RockChalk1982 - I think the grant-in-aid thing is a scholarship agreement, the next best thing to a LOI at this point, since he can't sign another one of those...

To all of you bashing the LJW - why? They tried...there were issues...just wait for the repost that Kealing mentioned...

MarchSadness 13 years ago

Thanks jkealing, appreciate the clarification. Once the bugs are worked out, I'm sure this new system will be great! GO HAWKS!

exiledhawkfan 13 years ago

whatever you say marchsadness...i most certainly do not know it all or anywhere close and have never claimed to...furthermore, I am not policing the posts, otherwise your ignorance and rudeness to people you've never met wouldn't stay up for more than three seconds...seriously "someone should be fired"? get over yourself moron. just because you lost your job at mickey d's for pilfering french fries doesn't mean any ljw staff need to join you in the unemployment line...

kutravis 13 years ago

RockChalk1982.... Henry was forced to sign a "Grant-in Aid" Package because he already signed a letter of intent to play for memphis. Unfortunately, you are only allowed to sign one letter of intent so for the Henry deal to be offical, he signed the grant-in aid package which basically means KU will pay his for his tutuion, room-and-board and all the other jazz that comes along with being a scholarship player.

AaronHawk19 13 years ago

I told you Jaybate.

That is why you need to keep your trap shut!!!

exiledhawkfan 13 years ago

socalalum...what a thought, though probably pretty unlikely...

1-sherron 2-lance 3-X 4-marcus 5-cole

holy cow...

rawkhawk 13 years ago

Thanks LJW for trying to bring in the live stream. I appreciate the coverage that you provide year round to keep fans like me in the know.

Welcome home, Xavier and CJ! Jayhawk nation will be rooting for you along with your family! I feel that you will be part of a legendary season next year at KU. Rock Chalk!

kufankam 13 years ago

people, get over yourselves.... man, people will gripe about anything!! LJW didn't have to even go down there. you paid nothing to view what they tried to provide. why don't you just say thank you and go on about your day. geeez.... it was a free service they tried to provide us as fans. i could understand griping about it if you pay for it and they failed to provide you the service that you are entitled to, but in this case, you aren't entitled to a thing. so quit whining about a favor that someone did for you.

FairgroveJayhawk 13 years ago

exiledhawkfan... i guess it's not harmful to dream. ;0)

John Strayer 13 years ago

Jhawkerman...I think the Henrys have a pretty good idea what the NCAA will rule...all one has to do is download the bylaws and read section It comes down to two issues: 1) was CJ "recruited" to Memphis and 2) did CJ received "institutional athletically related financial aid".

Since the Yankee's paid for his schooling the only question is how did he end up a Memphis? Was he recruited?

Joe Joseph 13 years ago

Now if Self can only land John Wall...

MarchSadness 13 years ago

exiledhawkfan- I'm guessing you are about 18 years old, skipping out on your 12:00pm JUCO course. Your references to buttholes, dummies, 'know-it-alls', morons, and McDonalds helped me lead to your insufficient educational background. You attacked me because I made a reference to a poor job by the World Company. Why take offense to that? Maybe you were recently fired for doing a similar mistake, I can't imagine any other reason you would be so upset by this. So cool off and calm down those angry typing fingers of yours, and look above this and you might even see I acknowledged the LJW for admitting to the MISTAKE they made.

John Strayer 13 years ago

And regarding being recruited, CJ maintains he called Memphis first (see

Only time will tell if this pans out

Tribehawk 13 years ago

The best thing was that X didn't bring two hats to the table. He didn't even bring one. I was excited to get him before, but now I'm really stoked. I think that says a lot. Humbleness is a key element in team chemistry.

100 13 years ago

Re: CJ

It sounds like he's coming for sure.

Another reason he might realize playing for Cal is a bad idea is because though, they understand his predicament (his coach left after he took a year off for injury), I don't think they'd see it in good favor for him if he then, follows the coach (the reason he's applying).

Regardless, KU is stacked for 2010-2011 now too. He definitely made a wise choice even if he just plays in practice for a year -- we'll definitely need him.

He's a fierce competitor, and worse case scenario, will help KU become a really great practice squad (which we all know what that means for games)-- besides Withey he will be the biggest surprise next year (if NCAA agrees with his case).

Lastly, undefeated is definitely not unthinkable.

If KU can pull it off (focusing on getting more possessions per contest, averaging 90 plus per game with stellar 2008 style clean D)...

Undoubtedly we would be considered the best college team of all time.

That's right -- all time.

Better than UNC in 82. Better than UNLV in 91. Better than KU in 2008.

40-0 (or so, not sure how many games we play)

2010 National Championship Starting Lineup: 5. Cole Aldrich 4. Jeff Withey (depending on size of opponent). 3. The X-Man 2. Lance Stephenson 1. Sherron Collins

Obviously the 4 and 2 will be interesting all year. Mc Morris & later Robinson will grab that spot often depending on first five minutes of strategy (and Withey isn't elgible first semester). The 2 (or flip flopping for 1 with Sherron), Taylor and Johnson will be used quite often. Little too, at the 3 (finally!), we'll be able to see his real game after surgery. He's so explosive & has such a pure 15 foot post up (very MJ like, in terms of how he sets up his defender for failure).

Lastly -- Morningstar. I think, though his minutes will go down, we could be looking at the best 3 point shooter at KU we've had in a long time. With all the other teams focusing on Coaltrain, SherronBowlingBallCollins, Withey (getting set for alleyoop every possession) & yes, "the X man", Morningstar's defender will be forced into help all day long. This situation only intensifies for Morningstar if Lance comes, so I still see a major league agenda with Self & Roger pondering this. Lance = More open looks for our best 3 point bomber.

Next season will be a blast!

Thanks X!

Thanks CJ!

Thanks Sherron!

Thanks CoalTrain!

Thanks LJW!

Thanks HCBS!

Eric Schneider 13 years ago

You can forget about Lance. It just doesn't make any sense. We have so many 2 guards already. John Wall, which isn't going to happen, makes more sense. He would be our only "pure" point guard. Collins, Taylor, C.J., and Johnson are combo guards. Yes Sherron will be a point guard in the NBA but his skill set is more that of a 2 guard. Besides there just isn't enough playing time and points to go around.

As for those minutes. Reed and Releford red-shirting makes the most sense. Neither one will get much if any plaing time.

Here are my two potential starting lineups.

1st option 2nd option Collins Collins Taylor Henry Henry Little Mc Morris Mc Morris Aldridge Aldridge

thisis 13 years ago

let's see:

PG: Sherron, Elijah, CJ Henry (he was a high prospect out of high school also) SG: Tyshawn, Reed/Morningstar SF: Xavier, Little PF: Morris twins, Thomas Robinson C: Cole, Withey

Some interchangeable parts.

Wow. We go at least 2 deep in every position. This is as stacked of a team as I remember for a long time.

Let's say we lose Sherron/Cole/Xavier next year. Even then the team looks great. This is totally awesome.

Eric Schneider 13 years ago

Let's try those starting fives again

1st option Collins Taylor X. Henry Mc Morris Aldridge

2nd option Collins X. Henry Little Mc Morris Aldridge

Michael Auchard 13 years ago

Yeah, I'd eat my hat if Lance came here at this point.

exiledhawkfan 13 years ago

oldalum--thanks for the reminder...seems i'd heard a broken foot at some point now that you mention it.

fairgrove--dreaming doesn't harm a thing. :-) we're spoiled to have the reasons to dream that we have.

marchsadness--you may be a decent person in real life...however your need to critique shows how utterly arrogant you are...where else would you have gone for another attempt at a live feed from the news conference? that's right, no where. try being grateful, it's not a bad way to live life. if that doesn't work, you're a consumer--get your info somewhere do have a choice. as to my educational background, you're not close. only two master's words were used in place of the more "adult" words that people actually merit from the way they post. by the way, "tool" shows more education than "moron"? c'mon man, really? and yes, kudos for giving ljw props for acknowleding their mistake...but you could've been gracious from that get-go--that's my one and only point, you weren't.

exiledhawkfan 13 years ago

I agree, Lance and Wall are both not gonna happen.

And again's ALDRICH, not ALDRIDGE.

yates33333 13 years ago

Welcome, Welcome to the greatest school on earth and some of the finest basketball players ever. Welcome Home X and CJ, momma and daddy too!!!!

Joel Hood 13 years ago

Ok, here is a possibility of 2009-10

1 Sherron -- Tyrel -- Elijah 2 Tyshawn -- Brady -- CJ 3 Xavier -- Mario -- Teahan 4 Marcus -- Markieff 5 Cole -- Robinson -- Withey

Assuming Tyrel &/or Travis don't redshirt (which one probably will) and that Wall doesn't come to KU (I can't imagine he would want to be a OAD on a team that will make him fight for playing time.)

Of course with HCBS, 1s & 2s are interchangable. 2's & 3's are interchangable. And, 4s & 5's are interchangable. So in reality, all predictions are garbage - it's all about effort & chemistry.

Please check back here in early November so that I can gloat about how smart I am ; )

Carter Patterson 13 years ago

My guess....

Collins Taylor X. Henry with Buford coming off the bench right away. Robinson Aldridge

Bryan Summers 13 years ago

Xavier wore #13 in high school, what # do you think he wished he could wear at KU?

Bryan Summers 13 years ago

Xavier wore #13 in high school, what # do you think he wishes he could wear at KU?

Andrew Moore 13 years ago

I normally don't get on to folks for spelling errors but I have to make an exception this time.



e93bigd 13 years ago

Say it with me - ALDRICH.

Thank you.

Chicago_JHawk 13 years ago

drgnslayr - The bottom of the page you linked to says "This is parody only!" I'm not sure what's funny about it, though.

Trey Hohman 13 years ago

That's now (potentially) two National Titles Coach Cal has given to KU & counting...

KCinNC 13 years ago

Just booked my ticket to Indy!

Oh, and Roy? Thanks again for leaving!

Michael Mulvihill 13 years ago

"lawrence, Kan. – Kansas men’s basketball head coach Bill Self announced Thursday that standout guard Xavier Henry has signed a grant-in aid agreement to play at Kansas for the 2009-10 season. "

What does this mean?? Is it just a glorified LOI, or is it the acutal scholarship papers?!?!?

X already has signed a LOI per NCAA you are only allowed to sign 1 LOI so him playing for Kansas is not official until he enroles in class and by theroy he could change his mind and go to anther school untill that happens

esj2003 13 years ago

carterpatterson with the MISS haha. spelling and lineup likely wrong. here:

Collins Taylor X. Henry Marcus Morris Aldrich

Brady and E. Johnson rotating with Collins and Taylor at the 1-2. Little off the bench for Henry at the 3 (hopefully he's there and not still playing post). Then Markieff and Robinson rotating in at the 4 and 5 with Mario playing a little there, too. Tyrell, if he doesn't redshirt, will probably catch the next wave of minutes, but it'll be 4-5 a game while Mario is playing the 4. C.J. is a bit of an unknown. But if Tyrell redshirts I'd bet on him getting the last minutes available.

ChicagoJHawk 13 years ago

Are you kidding me?? Why is everyone fighting, b*tching & complaining??? X Henry is coming to KU! National Champions 2010!!! Lighten up everyone! Rock Chalk Jayhalk GO KU!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaminrawk 13 years ago

Hehe, people complaining about the LJWorld feed reminds me of the Louis CK joke about getting free internet on airplanes. It was brand new, it went out after 30 seconds and the guy next to him flipped out because NOW, the airplane owed him this new service no one knew was there before they boarded.

Regardless, awesome day to be a Jayhawk.

exiledhawkfan 13 years ago

well said chicagojhawk....jaminrawk, great comparison--dead on.

jncarlsbad 13 years ago

The Morris twins are in trouble for playing time next season. Thomas Robinson has the athleticism, speed, shot capability, REBOUNDING and intensity that neither of them have. I can't wait to see him next to Aldrich as possibly the best 1-2 Rebounding combo in the country.

keith horinek 13 years ago

I have a question for all those stat gugu's out there. When was the last time a DI BB team had two sets of brothers on it? We could have the two Morris twins and the two Henry brothers next year..............

jchief40 13 years ago

jayhawkfan96 is a LOSER!


FAIL. What an idiot.

jchief40 13 years ago

"Let's try those starting fives again"

Uh, try your whole post again jayhawkfan96. Are you five years old? Or are you a girl? A woman would get the spelling wrong. "Yay touchdown!"

100 13 years ago

Wow. Check out the Sports Illustrated headline and article.

Looks like it was written by Self.

Calipari & UK not reflected well in any way shape or form.

Here's a list of things not written about in the story I can think of regarding Self & Cal:

Cal vs Self:

  1. 2008 game -- winner Self
  2. Marcus Morris -- winner Self
  3. Markief Morris -- winner Self
  4. CJ Henry -- winner Self -- then won by Yankees -- then won by Calipari -- finally won by Self
  5. Xavier Henry -- won by Calipari -- finally won by Self
  6. Elijah Johnson -- won by Self
  7. Thomas Robinson -- won by Self
  8. Tyreke Evans -- won by Calipari, lost by Calipari
  9. 2010 NCAA Championship -- won by __

Any Cal vs Self items I missed?

RCJHKU07 13 years ago

OakvilleJHawk: X pretty much said that CJ was coming to KU. and that he has been cleared to play next year.

jaybate 13 years ago

Okay, Lance, you got next!

If this team has one shot at a ring, then the more OADs the better!

Redshirt Tyshawn, or Tyrell! Roger, pick up the tab on Brady for one year. We'll all chip in.

What the heck! Stack the deck!!! Take a chance With Lance.

Increase the odds Pack the gods Orton's next, Cousins defects

KU rules All the schools That play ball Come on Wall

Who needs rides Aid abides Phog remains Legacy reigns

jhawk_pirate 13 years ago


I cannot even imagine the endless combinations we can have on the floor at any given moment … we can even go 5-6 deep off the bench!

starters: Collins, Taylor, X. Henry, Mc.Morris, Aldrich rotation: Johnson, Robinson, Withey, Morningstar, Little, Mk Morris

And we still have Reed and Releford plus the walk-ons (Teahan, Buford, Juenemann and CJ Henry).

Good grief!!! Can i graduate next year instead?? LOL … Rock Chalk JHawk!

kkoenig 13 years ago

Here's what the Memphis Commercial Appeal said about C. J. Henry's "recruitment" back in August 2008:

"Here's how good of a recruiting day it was for the University of Memphis basketball program.

The Tigers got a verbal commitment from a player they didn't actively recruit. Who happens to play at a position of need. Who is talented enough potentially to help the Tigers get back to the Final Four this year. Whose younger brother is arguably the top recruit in the country.

And best of all, Memphis didn't even need to use a scholarship to get him.

All of that happened in a swift and surprising way Tuesday when C.J. Henry, a 22-year old minor-league baseball player in the New York Yankees organization, told The Commercial Appeal that he will enroll at Memphis today to resurrect the promising basketball career he left behind in 2005."

tstanlick1909 13 years ago

Great day to be a Jayhawk

Welcome to Kansas Xavier, hopefully by the end of the season everyone in America will know how to pronounce your name

Also, is everyone aware that Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington have entered the draft

Cant wait till practice starts

Rock Chalk

wyansas 13 years ago

i'm with HCBS... let's get this party started!

jhawklifer 13 years ago

kkoenig, that's good stuff. I see now why the Henry's think they can win the NCAA appeal RE CJ's immediate eligibility.

jncarlsbad 13 years ago

jayhawk09 - All your showing is that you are jealous of KU by posting here. Why would a UNC fan go out of his way to post on a KU board. Your funny Jayhawk09.

100 13 years ago

Paging John Wall...

Do you like Gold Rings with Diamonds?

We do


KU is kinda coo'

Unlike UK (uck) or Duke (fluke)...

Who don't like rings

And one perhaps, uck,

Might not even

Make it to the 64 team ring...

Come get a ring with us John Wall, We really like to play round ball, Come get a Ring with us John Wall, We even have a campus that's not small, Come get a ring with us John Wall, You can even wear it at Naismith Hall

Come get a ring with us John Wall, Wouldn't wanna be at that juco campus at all, Come get a ring with us John Wall [beat] You're-gonna-win-it-with-some-fellas-that-are-really-tall....

tkramer 13 years ago

I like some of what I'm reading in the article from AI. It helps clear up some things, like why go to Memphis then switch to KU when Cal bolts?

(His mom speaking) "I think it's great. I know Xavier's heart was with Kansas as well when he chose Memphis," she said. "It was just that ... he wanted the opportunity to play with his brother for once in his life. He's always loved Kansas, so to me it's no surprise."

I also liked this bit: One decision that will have to wait is whether Xavier Henry's first season at Kansas also will be his last before heading to the NBA.

"If it happens, it happens, but I just want to concentrate on winning the national championship next year," Xavier Henry said. "There's nothing more I like than winning, and winning the right way. I want to try my hardest to win and help my team win."

tkramer 13 years ago

I like some of what I'm reading in the article from SI. It helps clear up some things, like why go to Memphis then switch to KU when Cal bolts?

(His mom speaking) "I think it's great. I know Xavier's heart was with Kansas as well when he chose Memphis," she said. "It was just that ... he wanted the opportunity to play with his brother for once in his life. He's always loved Kansas, so to me it's no surprise."

I also liked this bit:

One decision that will have to wait is whether Xavier Henry's first season at Kansas also will be his last before heading to the NBA.

"If it happens, it happens, but I just want to concentrate on winning the national championship next year," Xavier Henry said. "There's nothing more I like than winning, and winning the right way. I want to try my hardest to win and help my team win."

kufaninidaho 13 years ago

Indeed it is a great day to be a Jayhawk fan! Nothing quite like an embarrassment of riches. However, the youngsters have to learn to share and HCBS is just the man to teach them. If they don't learn this could be a repeat of the '97 and '98 seasons. If they do learn this could be one of the greatest teams since UCLA stockpiled players from '67 through '75.

jayhawk09 13 years ago

tkramer... who gives a crap at least Xavier commited to KU!

Kent Wells 13 years ago

You anal dwelling butt monkeys that critisize the LJW, did you read the freaking disclaimer before you clicked on the link? Damn. I swear, you need to be taken behind the woodshed for a caning.

Welcome to KU, H2. Congrats to Coach Self for putting his team in an outstanding position for something very special next year, and potentially for several years to come with the last couple of recruiting years.

Now, will CJ be as old as Norris Coleman was at Kitty Cat State? Bonus points for anyone remembering this guy or his age. I see Jaybate now on google...

Now lets manufacture a scholarship and get Mr. Stevenson in the fold!

Rock Chalk!

Steve Brown 13 years ago

Have coaches wear Championship 08 T shirts with San Antonio on them every day at practice and inform the team that when they get to final four, they will take off those old T shirts and wear shirts honoring this group.

When is Late NIGHT?

This talented group will have to learn to play as a TEAM not individuals. Teams that play tough defense and unselfishly can accomplish great things.

KUPROUD 13 years ago

I love X's comments in the SI article and_one posted above. "I've always dreamed of going to Kansas and I've always wanted to, but I took a step back for my brother at Memphis, and now that he's cleared to play anywhere, I'll get my chance to play at Kansas," Xavier Henry said. It is good to have him state himself that he has always wanted to come to KU, but felt loyalty to his brother who was at Memphis.

and_one 13 years ago

There was once a hooper called Wall for a ring he wanted to ball. Self said "look at this dream, join this team, with you we'll win it all"

bballpurist 13 years ago


Congrats to KU for winning the 2010 championship on paper. Now the guys have to actually go out and play and win it all. Anything less is a disappointment...

Rick Arnoldy 13 years ago

"Sarge" was 25 when he played for the Mildcats. I seem to remember him only playing a year or two, though. I will have to google that part.

Rick Arnoldy 13 years ago

Why would a OAD come to a team so stacked? Because you’ll be playing against a second team in practice every day that could be ranked in the Top 25 on their own. What better preparation for the next level?

Kyle Helmer 13 years ago


Anal dwelling butt monkeys? That is phenomenal! That will now become part of my vocabulary, and I will cite you as the source. I hope you don't mind if I borrow.

Rock Chalk! B-Ball and football will be awesome this year.

Joel Hood 13 years ago

kuwells - I remember Norris Coleman. He was ex-military when he played at KSU. I think he was about 45 when he played (jk). He infamously missed 2 free throws that could have ended the KU win streak in Manhattan in the late 1980's. But his choke was our win and part of the legendary streak.
God, I'm so old...

KU1992 13 years ago

Wow we would be stacked the year before i go to KU, and can get student tickets.... oh well i guess i can live with it. Champs 2010!

and_one 13 years ago

jayhawkerjoel - some of us may be old, but we know the game. I listened to Seattle U games with Elgin Baylor on the RADIO!

Kent Wells 13 years ago

khelm9: Dude, I sole from Jim Carey in Bruce Almighty. But, ignore that and feel free to cite me. Use it freely and often!

jayhawkerjoel: Damn! You are old! I think he was at least 28, but I forget some with my advanced years (Class of '86). What is the second thing that goes? Anyway, that was a special moment when Sarge missed those throws. BTW, with this class, and for years to come, there will be a new streak. Is this even a rival any more?

Can someone blast the LJW for this page taking so long to load? WTF. (Sarcasm)

d_prowess 13 years ago

I think this effectively means that Lance is no longer a recruit for us, but I would love to see a story about him in the coming weeks to get more of his side of how things went down.
What exactly did Self say to him once the possibility opened up for X again? Does Lance have any ill will towards KU now that everything seems to have played out this way? And I guess how did everything play out with his recruiting? I have some ideas but they are just speculations so i would love to hear from him.

Kent Wells 13 years ago

and_one: What the heck is a RADIO?

Tony Bandle 13 years ago

This calls for a VICTORY HAIKU!!!!


Championship bound brothers

Hawks everywhere

Joel Hood 13 years ago


Elgin Baylor – you got me beat. I camped at AFH to watch Danny play – if that is any clue as to how old I am.

I just heard HCBS on the radio. He said that “he thought” recruiting was done for this year and they were ready to start working with the young guys now. It didn’t really sound like he was going after Stephenson or Wall – but he didn’t absolutely shut the door on it either.

mikehawk 13 years ago

There are going to be some very serious practices next year. If you think that some of the current guys that know the system are going to role over and play dead, the new guys should forget about that. Everyone brings it next year, and Coach goes with effort.

100 13 years ago

KU's newcomers next year: (starting lineup on most other teams)

  1. Jeff Withey
  2. Thomas Robinson
  3. The "Chromasomal X Factor" (DNA)
  4. Elijah Johnson
  5. CJ (H2)

There's no way in the world that's not the #1 class in the nation!

  • Bring on John Wall!

JayhawkPurist 13 years ago

One of the reasons Coach Self has been so successful at KU is his subtle mastery of the media. I won't believe the door is shut on Lance until Lance commits elsewhere.

and_one 13 years ago

kuwells - before Sirus and XM pay-for radio, there was actually a free service known as broadcast radio. I understand that some people these days have their i Pods or cells phones working while they drive, but there is a RADIO in your car. FREE entertainment. What a novel concept! Elgin Baylor and Hugh McElhenny were my heroes while growing up in a small town in WA.

Theutus 13 years ago

khelm9 if your going to cite a source, you should probably cite the correct one....

It's from the movie Bruce Almighty.

Kent Wells 13 years ago

and_one: What a novel concept indeed! (I grew up listening to Chick Hearn and Elgin Baylor on the RADIO! - toward the end of his career mind you...)

Where in WA? I was born on Whidbey Island. Small world!

Lin Rahardja 13 years ago

Imagine this rotation: - Center: Alridge, Whitey - PF: Mc Morris, Robinson, Mk Morris - SG: X, Morningstar, Little, Releford - PG: Collins, Taylor, EJ, Reed, CJ

It will be extremely tough to break into the regular rotation next year... so much talent, so little time to share. Efficiency will be the key to these contributing players. I hope these players understand what it takes to sacrifice for the better of the team, this means less playing time for some while allowing the team to have the best chance to win.

Go Hawks!!!

Lin Rahardja 13 years ago

We still have Mario Little to fit in at SG. Wow!

and_one 13 years ago

alyoung5 - thanks for the link - sounds like CJ is in the bag

kuwells - Chick Hearn - what a GREAT announcer!! I grew up in Aberdeen, hooked up with a KU grad ~15 years ago, and she said that it was a deal breaker if I did not become a Jayhawk fan..... so I have my PAC-10 allegiance in the darkest recesses of the closet now.... I am KU all the way now (until a divorce?)

FairgroveJayhawk 13 years ago

I tried to find the 09-10 schedule today to start a count down until the first exhibition game next season but could not find it. Anyone want to help out?

Steve Gantz 13 years ago

Wow greatest team in history? Wow, better than UCLA that won all those NC's in a row? Better than UNC in 82 with Jordan, Worthy, and Perkins? Better than Indiana in 76? Back to back Duke in 90-91?

Hey people, we'll be good. But you're setting yourselves up for a big letdown if they don't win it all. And remember we've seen one of the greatest teams in history, KU in '97 not come close to winning it all.

And for everyone complaining about the streaming, I'll tell you what they said. I'm coming to KU.

Kent Wells 13 years ago

and_one: I am sure you mean a great announcer, second only to MAX. (But who can deny that "this game's in the refrigerator, the door is closed, the lights are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter's getting hard, and the Jell-O's jiggling" isn't a great call.)

As long as you don't have PAC-10 ties with Arizona, Arizona State, Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Cal, USC, or UCLA, I am sure you are pretty cool. :) If it wasn't for a woman, you coulda been a lost soul forever!

jayhawkerCO 13 years ago

fairgrovejayhawk: it's not released yet

Chris Teegarden 13 years ago


Acording to my NCAA basketball 2009 our next game is on November 6th agianst Pitt (which I think is odd) and that would mean 196 days until the first game. My guess is that Pitt is the wrong team but the date is probably right.

Kent Wells 13 years ago

That is probably an exhibition game against Pitt STATE. So, the reference is probably right. As I remember, those games are on a cycle. As for the schedule, too much TV crap up in the air right now to solidify. But, here is one date to circle:

April 5!

Rock Chalk

Redlandsjhawk 13 years ago

Next year should be one heck of a ride for football and basketball. I'm looking forward to going to another bowl game and another final four appearance. I'm sure we will all enjoy watching and posting. BTW not to date myself but when I was at KU I watched Dave Robisch, Bud Stallworth and Aubrey Nash.

Gerard Martinez 13 years ago

Welcome Xavier! Once again KU comes out on top. Just like last years championship game against Memphis. You made the right choice Xavier!

FairgroveJayhawk 13 years ago

Thanks, I'll mark it on my calendar. Pitt State is the first of many.

We also have a home winning streak intact. I feel reasonably stable in hopes it stays intact next year. Oh the endless possibilities of numbers, statistics and records to break.

My greatest desire is to see everyone gel so the team can be a team and do what great teams do.

Rock Chalk

Redlandsjhawk 13 years ago

KUwells Don't forget "Bunny hop in the pea patch"

Kent Wells 13 years ago

Shame on me! I had forgotten that one. Things that sound dirty that aren't! Probably couldn't say that in 2009...

And, at least you didn't say that you didn't say you grew up watching Charlie Black or changing out peach baskets for Naismith!

BabyJay2009 13 years ago

Lance - we would love to have you join the "Dream team"!!

Seriously, we have to believe that Lance, his family and other close/trusted advisors are all logical people like us. They make rational decisions that maximize their goal: win a NC ring next year AND also be with the right coach that WILL prepare him for the NBA.

Again, assuming that these 2 objectives are paramount in Lance's analysis as he makes his next move, it would make more sense and more advantageous to him to go w/ KU. The only "cost" (if you want to call it that) to L is that he'll have to be a team player and share. Ok, last time I check, the NBA is ALL about team chemistry and team goals and reaching those goals as a team. I don't see any other costs other than this. If this is all we can think of for the cost for L to go to KU, it just seems to me that it is an extremely weak one and totally contrary to his desire to prepare for the big League!

Keep in mind, many fans/analysts would appear to agree at this point that X is a locked-in OAD. L is more likely back for 2nd yr (more likely than X??). This means, L, would have all the "spotlight" his 2nd yr.

Lance, com'on over to KU. Fear not. Think it through. Be rational. You'll be a great team player @ KU. Coach of the Year Bill Self and his staff will more than prepare you for success in the NBA!

Seth Peattie 13 years ago

would you idiots quit whining about the audio stream? sound like a bunch of old hens. jesus. X makes next year's team (potentially) the best we've had and you're running around the internet moaning like whres about an audio stream.

Lance Hobson 13 years ago

Sweet! Finally! Now, you guys complaining about not being able to hear the press conference need to get a life. Who cares what this 18-year-old has to say other than knowing he's coming to KU.

truefan 13 years ago

Today was awesome...Briscoe was reinstated, X and CJ are coming home, and there was a nice article about the baseball team crushing Mizzou at the K yesterday. It's like I died and went to heaven, but they said it wasn't my time, so they sent me back to

emillasap 13 years ago

First, Everyone stop with the "bring on Wall/Stephenson" bs. Not happening.

Second, Jaybate what's with the Orton reference? He is with UK and why would KU want him for now or the future having Withey/Robinson/Kieff and future classes.

Third, Mark my words: Marcus will split time at the three with Little/Releford(If Travis doesn't redshirt, not likely in my opinion).

Best Lineup as I stated at the beginning of the X leaving Memphis Saga:

1 Sherron 2 X (Assuming he has the handles) 3 Marcus 4 Kief/Robinson 5 Cole

With fouls to give and the ability to switch 2's, 3's and 4's this line up WILL happen at some point. Someone tell me how ANY team can match up? I think Kansas is just going to throttle many opponents next year. I don't have time to get into the possibilities with the bench. 1 to 1.5 odds on an NC.

ku_foaf 13 years ago

jayhawkerjoel and kuwells ....

I remember how old Norris Coleman was when playing, because he is my age. His last season was 1988, I believe, and he would have been 27.

Kent Wells 13 years ago

ku_foaf: Awesome on the Norris Coleman trivia! If anyone cares:

Also, glad I wasn't the only one that snapped regarding the pissing and moaning about the press conference. Although I am partial to anal dewlling butt monkeys (ADBMs - since it was my idea!), I do like LAJayhawk5's idiot whining whores (IWWs). Perhaps the LJW could construct a poll and have users select a preference? We do know the poll function works on the webside (OK, that was bad, sorry).

Finally, can anyone tell me what she is saying? I see the lips move (oh, those lips), but I cannot focus on the words:;_ylt=AmhOixOG52oIkDbcYqgxFx7evbYF

jayhawker_97 13 years ago

awesome news!!! many thanks to.... Coach Calipari for teaching us 'what money can buy', UK for 'lacking of experience in basketball' and Memphis for 'simply having no money'!! welcome the Henrys!!

is there a possibility that John Wall picks KU, too? that would be even awesomer!! i can't wait..cant' wait.!!! rock chalk!!!!

Joseph Kuebel 13 years ago

EmillAsaP shut up and check your sources before you post YOUR BS, you tool... Word is that Self flew to NY today to talk with Lance...

Lone_salina_kufan 13 years ago

CaliHawk33, ease up on Emill, that also could be Self doing the classy thing to a kid that bent over backwards for the program to tell him face to face "thanks for it all, but it would be best for you to move on." I really am intrigued to see Lance's side of this all.

I don't want John Wall. EJ I think will be better, and its stupid to have 3 or 4 point guards (depending if CJ plays the point or not). The only way I would hope Lance would come is if someone else transfers out. Sad to say, as much as I like him, I think that would most likely be Releford.

It all looks great to have an embarassment of riches on paper, but I would honestly be a little concerned if Self brought in anybody else. What makes Self great is his ability to attract talent and then mold it into a TEAM. Pieces have to fit together. Too many high profile kids unhappy about playing time could really disrupt what has truly become a beautiful thing to watch in the family environment Self has created.

High hopes for next year. We have the greatest coach on the planet! He'll do whats right

Bee Bee 13 years ago

A shuttle can circle the earth but no audio on today's stream. Welcome, "X" and CJ.

2010 National Champions

rges 13 years ago

I am very happy about both of the Henrys' are coming. What i did not understand is it took this long im guessing because both of them wanted to play toegether? If CJ transfers he cannot play the first year anyway. From what i have seen and from what all of the experts are saying Xavier is going to be a "one and done" player. But i am very happy and looking foward to watching both of these guys get us a National Title. What do you guys think this will do to Brady Morningstar and Tyrel Reed's "PT?"

Kent Wells 13 years ago

danno 1313: There have also been two shuttle disasters that have killed 14 crew members.

Translation: Nothing is accomplished without setbacks or adversity.

Brandon Hull 13 years ago


If you read the 170 existing comments on this article, along with the 150 at another one, and the 120 at another one, all on this site, you'll have the full depth and breadth of peoples' opinions about how having Xavier and C.J. will affect Reed's and Morningstar's playing time...not to mention why it took them this long to decide...not to mention the opinions on whether Xavier is a one-and-done.

Why do people scroll past all the comments, and then ask questions or ask for opinions on well-covered territory? Seriously, everyone, take a few extra minutes and read the comments along with the article, you'll get a pretty good vibe for what passionate KU fans think. You'll even get bonus content like projected starting lineups, how to spell our own players' last names, whether we should still pursue other recruits, whether existing players should redshirt, if certain players could play different positions. It's all here! Just read the stuff that's already posted before commenting.

Just a pet peeve of mine.

Kent Wells 13 years ago

Brandonh: So what do you really think??? Could you at least played the ADBM or IWW card?

Can you not see Coach Self in the wee hours of the morning, scrolling the 3 million posts on kusports, with notebook and pencil in hand, sporting some serious wood, thinking: Holy dog turds, Batman, I hadn't though of that lineup. That guy is a freaking genius. I'm going to trace his IP address and give him a job."

Apparently the stress of Xavier day has gotten to us. Perhaps there is a class action lawsuit we can file for all of the stress and anxiety this day has caused us. I know there are a ton load of basketball coaches that contribute to these posts, but any attorneys out there??? I think 5 visits to some type of counserlor would do the trick for most of us.

What else pisses y'all off? I know I've contributed rarely, but this has been pretty exciting. It is awesome to think of next year and the possibilities. Could we focus on that and representing the university as fans that potential recruits would be scared the hell out of??? We need a guest colum from Dr. Phil.

Rock Chalk

Brandon Hull 13 years ago

Yeah, kuwells, I think I've posted here about 5 times total, give or take. But I take it all in. I'm not really bugged, just surprised no one reads stuff, but then asks for that same stuff they didn't read. And I pray to the high heavens that Self doesn't waste his time reading all this. That would be some weird prioritization on his part.

But I will say this: the team is loaded next year. They'll be extremely hard to prepare for, when opposing coaches also have our off-the-bench guys to worry about, not just Cole and Collins.

mjlindsm 13 years ago

Why would Taylor start over Morningstar at the 2? There's a reason Brady played much more minutes than Taylor last year. He plays far better defense, and with the scoring we'll have from Collins, Henry, and Aldrich, a good defender/three point shooter/good decision maker (except when he lost his confidence against MSU) more than a driver who isn't a terribly good shooter or decision maker.

Morningstar would basically be a role player that fits perfectly with all the talent, ala Lee Humphrey at the 2 spot on Florida's championship teams.

Tony Bandle 13 years ago


I totally agree with you on bringing Lance into would be beneficial for all

I totally [and respectfully] disagree with you about the NBA...TEAM BALL...ain't no stinkin' team ball up there.

It's clear out one side, put your best big man and your best guard on a pick and role and let the other guys watch!!! Each year it gets rougher and's become a game of rugby with hoops.

I digress...great day for KU

the78phoenix 13 years ago

Jaybate, why would we red-shirt Tyshawn?..... He's only going to come back a much improved player, after being on the All Big 12 Freshman team.

Anyway, we are going to be stacked next year and a few guys are not going to get the time they want. That's why I think we should shirt red-shirt Releford. I think he could be a solid player down the road, but I don't think he'll be able to crack Bill's 8-9 man rotation that he usually establishes once we get into the conference play. This way we'll have him come back as only a Soph. in '11, and he will have had a little extra time to develop his shot as well as other parts of his game.

jayhawkboogeyman 13 years ago

I don't know why people on here are so hot on Morningstar. Tyshawn is clearly better. Brady cannot create his own shot, cannot dribble into the lane, is a streaky shooter, lacks confidence to shoot in big situations, causes a ton of turnovers by picking up his dribble, especially in full-court press situations like the last 3 minutes of the MU game in which he caused a number of turnovers by picking up the ball on the wrong side of the halfcourt line.
Tyshawn was responsible for a number of turnovers on his own, admittedly, but he is more athletic beyond compare and showed in numerous games that he can get to the rim and finish when we need a big basket. Morningstar quite frankly played as well as he possibly can last year whereas Tyshawn, like Russell and Mario before him, will show tremendous improvement from year to year. And maybe you are seeing something I'm not, but Brady is not that great a defender. He got torched in the Tech game, and that was just one time when he was undersized and overmatched. You have to be high on cake fumes to think KU is at its best with Morningstar playing big minutes over Tyshawn, Elijah, and CJ.

quill_46 13 years ago

i dont know why everyone is complaining about the stream,for heaven sakes the henrys are comming to KU who cares about the stream not working although it worked fine for me i didnt have any troublw with it. It came in clear on my end.

FairgroveJayhawk 13 years ago

Boogeyman - I like cake fumes.

Morningstar is consistent, more so than Tyshawn his freshman year, more so than Elijah will be as a freshman and CJ as ... a 23 y/o sophmore? He is the guy that Self can ask to do anything and you know it will be done consistently. He did have bad games. He is collegiate athlete. But more times than not he had good and consistent games which played a large role in KU's success this past season.

You pull up the MU turnovers in the last three minutes, how about how many times Self asked Morningstar to inbound the ball against Tennessee's half court pressure and with success he did exceedingly well. Self played him for a reason.

Morningstar finished the season with a pretty steady stat line from shooting percentage; 3pt 42%, from the field 42%, and free throw 79%. He had more steals than anyone on the team with 43, Assist to Turn ratio of 2:1 and he was our fourth leading rebounder.

I agree with you that Taylor has some great natural ability and I hope he taps into it and we see gains from him as you predict. From what I've seen of Elijah on highlight clips, he looks pretty damn good. Morningstar doesn't seem to have their flash or capacity to sky but he does have consistency that Self will reward regularly. From his performance last season he will act as an equalizer to make Tyshawn tighten up and Elijah conform to Self Basketball.

I firmly believe he will see a fair portion of playing time. I compare him to RussRob of last years team, but he shoots a whole lot better.

Andrew Moore 13 years ago

Morningstar is a great defender, the only guy who averaged more minutes than morningstar last season was Sherron. Morningstar lacked that killer instinct, and he was basically seeing his first real PT just like Taylor and the freshmen. Brady was the ground of the team. He was the constant, the control. He fell into a slump at the end of the season, a bit of a funk. I think he lost his confidence, thus losing that killer instinct. Brady proved last season that he is not a guy you want to overlook. Tyshawn will improve greatly, but don't count Morningstar out. I think everyone will improve, Brady and Tyshawn will get big minutes. But I think Reed's will be snatched up by either Elijah or CJ. It will be a great season regardless, the competition for PT will make everyone better.

My projected depth chart, run 9-10 deep.

Sherron, Tyshawn, Brady, Elijah Xavier Henry, Mario Little Mc Morris, T Robinson/Withey Cole Aldrich, Mk Morris

Brady Elijah and Tyshawn will be interchangeable in the rotation around Collins. I think Mario may spend some time at the 4 depending on who we're playing. We have such a versatile set of players. Think about what we have around Cole and Sherron. for Big lineups play X at the 2 and Marcus at the 3. so its Collins, Xavier, Mc Morris, Mk Morris, and Cole. For small ball we'd have Collins, Tyshawn, Elijah, Xavier/Little, Cole.

So many possibilities. Its gonna be a great year.

exiledhawkfan 13 years ago

gotta say jayhawkboogeyman, i tend to agree with you on your take regarding the Tyshawn/Morningstar debate...

emillasap 13 years ago

Lol. Call me a "tool" when I did not attack any person, just stating the obvious. NO MORE SCHOLLIES.

Joel Hood 13 years ago

Brady will play a lot next year. He is a terriffic defender - if you don't know why then you don't know basketball. His defensive vision is extraordinary, he sees the angles, gets thru screens, and is almost always there to get in the guy's grill. Does he get tons of steals like Mario Chalmers? No. He is a different type of defender - one who gets less steals, but makes life miserable for the other team's best backcourt scorer. Brady would also out hustle many other guys downcourt to get back on D. Remember, unlike Roy, if you can't defend, you won't play for HCBS.

Having said that, Brady does need a lot of time to get square to hit the deep ball. If Cole, Marcus, Markieff, etc., are not scoring inside, opponents' defense can cheat out more and not give Brady that wide open look. So if ALL out bigs are legit inside threats next year, Brady will be a great scoring threat from the outside in our set offense. Especially now that we have a serious scoring wing in Xavier.

emillasap 13 years ago

P.S. Funny how Calihawk avoided the basic problem of scholarships, not to mention the fact that Lance no longer fits. Same with Wall. Those guys are Alpha dogs NOT back ups.

Daniel Cummings 13 years ago

Could this be any better day for dear ol' KU? Not only do we get X but also some of Steinbrenner's $$$!

spankyhawk 13 years ago

Hey exiledh really had me in your corner till the MCD comment. I even opened an accout to respond to your ignorant rant! Please check out our stock price and unless you made substantially more than my 6 figure income as a "burger flipper" last year then you may want to use your profession as the example of a loser job next time. I hope I can scrounge together a few bills to watch x and the rest of those hawk studs at the afh next year!

jayhawkerCO 13 years ago

spanky, you must have heard the mcdonald's insults before. shouldn't you be immune?

mlubyRN 13 years ago

Brady, Tyrel, Tyshawn and Travis will all lose playing time next year. Remember people, when not if KU wins the '10 NCAA tournament, Xavier and Elijah will be gone. They are both NBA ready right now. Then the year after next, there will be more room for those guys to come back and have another year of experience with KU under their belts. Jaybate, Your posts are funny as hell but right on the mark. You are one crazy guy.

Spencer Goff 13 years ago

It's late, just sitting here thinking about this lineup next year. And I just cannot help but think it, Bill Self is the MAN.

Look at these names. Brady Morningstar, Mario Little, Marcus Morris, Tyrel Reed, Elijah Johnson, Thomas Robinson. At least one of the Morris twins. I have left names out, obviously, but most of these guys will be coming off the bench.

With how coach gets players going, he could make a starting five out of those players alone and compete for a Big 12 title. Are you kidding me? Damn this team is deep.

Are you diggin' the koolaid I am mixin?

jayhawkerCO 13 years ago

i bet we can take some scrub NBA teams hahaha

mjlindsm 13 years ago

I'm a Jayhawk fan all the way, but... Does anybody else think that Mike Anderson would be more of a sure-thing for a National Championship with this squad than Self? In general, I think Self is a better coach. But with this kind of depth, Anderson's style would be so perfect. Self is a better recruiter and better coach with the kind of talent most really good teams could expect, but KU's great strength will be its depth, which may not play perfectly with Self's style. Ugh, I feel dirty admitting that.

Anyway, the only thing Tyshawn has on Brady is confidence. Other than that, Brady is a better player. He played horribly against Texas Tech and Michigan State, but Tyshawn played poorly much more often. Brady's defense and 3-point shooting fits much better with this lineup than Tyshawn's driving ability.

As for Brady's defensive abilities versus Tyshawn's, I'd say it's a poor man's Rush vs. a poor man's Chalmers. Chalmers got much more steals, but Brandon shut his man down. There's a reason Brandon was on Jamal Tatum in the final possesion in '07 and on Curry on the final possesion in '08 in the tournament. A lockdown defender is better than a gambling defender who has some trouble when his man has the ball and is trying to score one-on-one. That's why those opponents tried so hard to pick their go-to guy free to the point they got a lousy shot; we had Brandon on them. Brady is that type of defender, though admittedly not as good as Brandon.

Is it just me, or is it an outright shame that Brandon Rush was not named Big XII defensive player of the year in 06-07 and 07-08?

Eric Schneider 13 years ago

jchief40 I'm sorry your life is so pathetic that the only way you can get your rocks off is to blast somebody on spelling. Don't worry next April while I'm sitting in Lucas Oil Stadium (20 minutes from where I am now sitting) I won't think about you once. Come to think about it 2 seconds after I post this I won't think about you again.

Where do people get the idea that Brady Morningstar is a better player than Tyshawn Taylor. Brady is a very solid player. He is a good shooter and an above average to good defender. He still has way too much trouble getting through/around screens. He is also in his early twenties. Remember, he went to a college prep school after his fourth year of HS. Then he redshirted in 2007-2008. So the biggest difference you saw last year was someone a lot more mature than Taylor. Don't get me wrong. I love Brady as a player. I actually think he will be more effective this year with a lot less minutes. Especially in March. But Tyshawn is an incredible player who just needs experience. Brandon wasn't a really good defender when he got here either. Tyshawn will play in the NBA. His shooting is imroving. If he can develop a decent mid-range game and learn to go straight up when he drives he will be nearly unguardable.

Dan Pawlowski 13 years ago

and_one, I am one of those with an ipod in their car because radio today sucks. The music sucks, talk radio sucks , for the most part national sports shows suck (there are a few exceptions). The only thing decent on the radio is local sports and public radio. Since I can get free podcasts of a lot of entertaining and educational shows, not to mention there a plenty of free new music podcasts and I can play my own music, there is not much need for "free radio".

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