Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Aldrich plays big

Jayhawks’ sophomore pivotal to victory over Huskies

Kansas center Cole Aldrich throws down a dunk before during the second half against Washington in the CBE Classic Monday, Nov. 24, 2008 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.

Kansas center Cole Aldrich throws down a dunk before during the second half against Washington in the CBE Classic Monday, Nov. 24, 2008 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.


By the numbers

29.2 — Washington's shooting percentage (19 for 65)

50.0 — KU's shooting percentage (28 for 56)

10 — Washington's first-half three-point shooting percentage (1 for 10)

54.5 — Washington's second-half three-point shooting percentage (6 for 11)

24 — Points by which KU outscored the Huskies in the paint

30 — Rebounds by Washington's three starting forwards (of 43 total)

34 — Rebounds by all the Jayhawks

9:15 — Tipoff time for KU's CBE title-game meeting with Syracuse

Audio clips

2008 KU-Washington basketball

— One of the best big men in the Pacific-10 Conference found out what the best pivot in the ACC learned last season.

Specifically: “Cole is a monster,” Kansas University freshman point guard Tyshawn Taylor said.

Taylor was speaking after watching 6-foot-11, 245-pound KU sophomore Cole Aldrich scored a career-high 16 points and blocked a career-best six shots while grabbing nine rebounds in the Jayhawks’ 73-54 victory over Jon Brockman’s Washington Huskies in a CBE Classic semifinal on Monday night at Sprint Center. It propelled KU into tonight’s 9:15 p.m. final against Syracuse.

Aldrich, who had at least half of those blocks in KU’s surprisingly effective 2-3 zone, passed his previous high of four blocks set against North Carolina’s Tyler Hansbrough last postseason.

Brockman, a 6-7, 255-pound senior power forward — he plays bigger than his listed height — finished with 18 rebounds, but scored just seven points off 2-of-9 shooting.

“I love blocking shots,” Aldrich said, giving an assist to KU video coordinator Kyle Keller, who suggested Aldrich “have some fun” and go for as many blocks as possible in practice and games this season. “That’s one of the things I always enjoy.”

Aldrich was just two blocks shy of the KU record of eight set by Greg Ostertag (twice) and Rick Suttle. He was one off Eric Chenowith’s sophomore record of seven rejections in a game.

“I thought I was close to that tonight,” Aldrich said, not realizing he had six blocks until he glanced at the stat sheet after a postgame interview session. “It’s one of those things you have a lucky game where you get six.”

He was not gloating about his effort against Brockman.

“Brockman showed he’s a beast on the glass. He got 18 tonight. We were fortunate enough to play great defense on him and hold him to just seven points, which will not happen often throughout the season,” Aldrich said.

His effort and the performance of Sherron Collins (18 points, five assists) helped the Jayhawks devour the Huskies, who hit just 29.2 percent of their shots.

“I thought our two returning (rotation) guys totally controlled the game,” KU coach Bill Self said, only unhappy with the rebounding. KU was outboarded 43-34 overall — 28-13 the first half. The Jayhawks did, however, lead, 32-22, at intermission.

“I thought Cole was great. It was by far his best game, and he missed a couple bunnies (in hitting six of 12 shots overall). The thing I thought was really impressive about him was he played defense without fouling. Now, the zone protected him, but he challenged shots without fouling.”

The Jayhawks enjoyed playing the zone for most of the game.

“It gave us a sneak attack,” Aldrich said. “I don’t know if Washington saw it coming.”

“Coach put it in two days ago because Washington hasn’t shot that well this year,” noted freshman guard Taylor, who had 10 points, including a layup to close the first-half scoring. He also had the play of the game — a vicious block of guard Isaiah Thomas on a breakaway.

“I don’t think Washington expected us to play zone,” Taylor added.

Tonight, KU plays Syracuse, an 89-83 winner over Florida. The consolation between Florida and Washington will start at 6:45 p.m.

“They might play some zone,” Self joked of the Orange, who have perfected the 2-3 under veteran coach Jim Boeheim.


Brad Avery 14 years ago

Cole's not a monster, just the second coming of Bill Walton.

jhawk4life1976 14 years ago

So does that mean Cole is going to be a bad, annoying commentator? :-p

John Mueller 14 years ago

Speaking of analysts, I thought Bob Knight was terrific. He's no history major, (Don't think James Naismith is a graduate), but otherwise it was like a free coaching clinic.I really think he adds a dimension, and I just really love his gruff personality. In a PC world, Bob Knight is a breath of fresh air.Plus a vacation from Dick Vitale, who despite his popularity, is Howard Cosell with a big smile.Bob Knight provides insight, Vitale is a 40 minute promo for tomorrow nights game.First look at the new team. Obviously Cole and Collins were terrific. Liked Taylor and the twins in a few spots. Reed's shot was flat all night (not good).Where are the juco guys?

Jordan Brown 14 years ago

First long paragraph.... bad writing. Should be scored and blocked... shouldn't bother me, but it does.Nice game Cole.

Benjamin Clay Jones 14 years ago

All that time, effort & money spent on a Web redesign and we can't have a box score? Would you think of stiffing your newspaper readers on a box score?

Blake Post 14 years ago

I do not like the new ljw online format. It is far less colorful and exciting than the old one. The Topeka paper did the same thing some time back...I don't read it anymore.

stephku24 14 years ago

How the he do you print any articles on this new @!??!! format?

Chicago_JHawk 14 years ago

I also though Bob Knight was fantastic. Lots of insight that you never get with Vitale, who is calling the final tonight...too bad.Cole was terrific...I like some things from Marcus and Taylor. Markieff needs to keep his emotions in check a little better! Morningstar was a mixed bag, as was Reed.I know Little has been hurt, but what's up with Appleton only getting garbage time. Quintrell had low minutes, too. I haven't heard much as to why? Are they just not showing it in practice yet?

jchief40 14 years ago

Like I said... gone after this year. What's up now people?

KUPROUD 14 years ago

I admire Bill Self's ability to mix and match his players to create good team chemistry. I look at the bench sometimes and think there are a couple of players sitting who are better than a couple who are starting. But after years of watching Self coach, it is clear that he can put the pieces together to create a masterpiece. I can't help it, I'm beginning to get some "unrealistic" expectations for this group, just like I had last year.

FSUJHAWK 14 years ago

I think tonight will be the first real test for KU. Washington was over-rated coming into the game and overmatched in personnel and coaching.Cole and Sherron were great. I can see these guys becoming All Americans next year - if they stay. Let's pray that they do. The fans were also great. Tonight's game should be a nail-biter and a better litmus test for this very young team.RCJH!!!

jchief40 14 years ago

Chicago_Jhawk: "I know Little has been hurt, but what's up with Appleton only getting garbage time. Quintrell had low minutes, too. I haven't heard much as to why? Are they just not showing it in practice yet?" -- Well I would say that's anything wrong with Appleton other than the fact that others in front of him are better. Quintrell is "ahead of Darnell" at this stage, as they say, but that also means that he isn't a starter for quite some time. That's why. That was easy.. Morningstar and Reed a mixed bag? Dude they played solid for most of the game. They aren't the athletic stars of say Taylor or the Morris' but Self thinks they are doing what he wants them to do - get the ball to the Playmakers and take the open shot if it comes.

keith horinek 14 years ago

I was totally impressed with the game last night! KU looked much better than the previous 2 games. I really believe this team has great potential this year. Everybody played well considering this is only the third game of the season and this team is further along than the young team of three years ago playing in Hawaii. Awsome job guys and good luck tonight agains Syracuse. I was hoping we would play Forida though but it looks like Syracuse might be a better game anyway.

Michael Ales 14 years ago

Were getting it together Hawks. Chemistry is what great teams are all about. I agree about Bob Knight, he was great as an analyst. Loked very uncomfortable with the Game Day crew. Didn't seem to understand why they were laughing all the time, but then neither do I.

John Strayer 14 years ago

"Taylor was speaking after watching 6-foot-11, 245-pound KU sophomore Cole Aldrich score a career-high 16 points and block a career-best six shots while grabbing nine rebounds in the Jayhawks’ 73-54 victory over Jon Brockman’s Washington Huskies in a CBE Classic semifinal on Monday night at Sprint Center. It propelled KU into tonight’s 9:15 p.m. final against Syracuse"What's wrong with this paragraph? "Taylor was speaking after watching... Aldrich score ....and block.... You think "watching ... Aldrich scored...and blocked..."sounds better? I certainly hope you are not finished with your English classes.

jchief40 14 years ago

ESPN really pissed me off during their half-time report. Not one good thing to say about KU - about the fact we have so much talent after losing ALL FIVE starters. They just talked about Washington, Washington, Washington. No credit. They are on my sh-t list. I will say that we just looked great moving the ball around, good defense, fast, long, athletic - and.. it's only game 3 of the regular season! Hehe - I am excited to see how well this completely different team does. And another thing, credit Bill Self for coaching another great game!!

KUPROUD 14 years ago

To the Morningstar naysayers, he is the type of player Self relies on to make the other pieces work.“To me, Brady was the unsung hero,” Self said, adding that Morningstar (five assists, no turnovers) also “did a great job feeding the post.”

Jeremy LeMaster 14 years ago

I think this young team is showing showing some great things. I am wondering a little bit about Releford. I thought he would be in the rotation at the three guard spot. He is only getting mop up minutes. That is disappointing. In hindsight, I think they should have redshirted him this year if they were only going to put him in the game to mop up. This kid, I think, has some potential wants he learns the speed of the game and how to play with a team. Coach Knight last night made a comment about these kids coming in as leading scorers from their high school teams and having to make the adjustments to not being "the guy". I think that was abundantly clear with Relefords first possession in that he got it on the wing and tried to make a play one on one. Perhaps that is just because the comment was made a minute before that and it was in my head, but it stuck out like a sore thumb. I always wished that Darnell would have redshirted a year early on. He was so great late in his career that I would have loved to have him one more year.It would have been ok to redshirt a couple of these kids this year. Releford and Q come to mind. They are not really making a huge impact but they could be excellent in a few years. I would not redshirt the likes of Taylor as he is contributing this year on a young team... all I am saying, is think about redshirting some of these kids with a bigger upside. The bright side is that you can take it off if you end up needing to use them. If Cole comes back next year (which I think he should), think about redshirting Q or possible a twin or two since Robinson is coming in. Coach always says he likes a limited rotation of about 8 guys... perfect time to do so to make the future brighter.Of course this is just my two cents. I remember the way I felt during Chalmers, Wright and Rush's freshman year... this year is a little tougher since we are coming off of the National Championship!!!!! Rock Chalk

Chris Shaw 14 years ago

springtxhawk: I also thought Bob Knight did a terrific job calling the game last night. He gives a totally different angle (One that I prefer) when talking about the game. I just wish he could get rid of that "War Shing ton" talk though. That was annoying, but you're not going to change :"The General".

Ann Oneill 14 years ago

I've got to wonder if Releford will transfer after this season.

Philip Garver 14 years ago

Someone other than Collins had better start hitting some outside shots. If they don't tonight, the Syracuse zone will limit Aldrich's game and it could get ugly.

justanotherfan 14 years ago

Cole had the type of game that I think he will continue to have all year, although I would like to see him finish around the rim better (i.e. DUNK!). He missed a couple in close that I think would be far more effective if he finished like a 6-11 guy instead of a 6-2 guy.I am baffled by Releford's lack of minutes. He doesn't look like he has played poorly when he has gotten time. He's given a high effort. But he seems to not get off the bench in the first half. Just baffled. I guess he's not doing it in practice, or Brady and Tyrel are doing it that much better. One last note about last night's game - the officials seemed to be insistent on calling charges when guys slid over under the basket. I hope this is not a trend for the year. At least three times last night (twice against us, once against Washington) the referees called an offensive foul when the defensive player slid over very close to the bucket. That's not defense. That's hoping that you draw a cheap call. Brockman did it a couple times in the first half, drawing cheap fouls on Marcus and Tyshawn. I was disappointed that Brady did that in the second half rather than meet the ball handler further out away from the bucket. I hate that call personally. Our guys need to recognize that if players are going to slide over that late, they have to punish them by dunking over them. Cole tried that in the second half, but missed the dunk and got called for the offensive foul, which I am okay with since a missed dunk leads you to believe he was out of control. Still, I hope everybody saw that last night and realizes that referees are giving that late help call to the defense, and I hope they respond by dunking on people's chests.

frompekka2sasha 14 years ago

Are you guys all smoking the crack? No one is talking about Taylor enough (oh this is a Cole article) and this guy is a friggin' stud. He is about as smooth a freshman as I've ever seen play at KU and, yes, that includes the mistakes. I know he wasn't a major scorer in high school but this guy could go for 20 every night if he decides he "wants" 20.

Marcia Parsons 14 years ago

I wondered about Releford also, especially since he is from the KC area. It is possible Self was saving him for tonight since they play two nights in a row?

Robert Brock 14 years ago

I think that Releford will be fine. He just needs to work hard to earn PT.

Robert Brock 14 years ago

P.S. Releford will play tonight. No way can Morningstar match up with the bruisers from 'Cuse.

BCRavenJHawkfan 14 years ago

This was my first game this season to actually watch and I am encouraged by what I saw. As to Cole "the reject machine" Aldrich, what a force inside. Someone earlier compared him to Ostertag, he is, but times 100. That performance against psycho-T last year help his confidence. Physically he looked better than last year, quicker and more athletic. Thank goodness Collins is still there. Morningstar gets my Christian Moody award.Got to improve on the rebounding, we were fortunate the put backs did not go for Washington.I know there were a high number of charging calls, but I don't see conference play being officiated like that.Nice start, let's see a quick learning curve and steady improvement right into conference play.

Matt Kenton 14 years ago

Guys, we're only 3 games into the season.Releford will be fine, he's just not quite ready to be on the floor during long key stretches yet. You can tell the kid is as smooth as they come, especially around the basket, but the college game hasn't slowed down for him yet. Be patient. By league play, Reed and Morningstar will not be seeing these kinds of minutes anymore.

justanotherfan 14 years ago

A note about Morningstar He played well last night, no doubt. He does a lot of little things that help you win. He moves the ball, doesn't turn it over, gets the ball to the creators and the scorers. Also, he doesn't take bad shots because he understands his game at this stage of his career. The steal and basket he made off the FT miss was a classic heads up play. That's good.Unfortunately, he also gives away a lot athletically. Notice that Washington got about 20 offensive rebounds last night. Did you see how often Morningstar simply could not establish and hold position to prevent his man from keeping the ball alive? Only once last night was he able to establish position and draw a foul. The other times he just got moved out by a stronger guy, or beaten by a quicker guy. The tough thing is that we have to play Brady with two other quick guys to handle the other teams quicker players, so we can't go big with him on the floor at the 2. That's what worries me about Brady. Its not that he takes anything off the table. He doesn't. It's just that he doesn't bring much to the table, either. He's kind of like Christian Moody in that way. He's okay provided he stays within his game, but if he is put in a position where he has to make plays on either end, he will get us in trouble not because he will do too much, but rather because he won't be able to do enough. Think about this - when we play Texas who does he guard? What about when we face OU? Baylor has a ton of quick athletic guards. Who does he match up with? Against Missouri where do we put him? Those are the teams we have to compete with. That is my concern.

msthompson37 14 years ago

Not to be rude I'm sure Brady Morningstar is the next rudy but we must remember RUDY and MORNINGSTAR dont' have the talent! I saw him miss a great pass from Markeif Morris. Got the ball stolen at will from the other guards. I don't know how much money his dad is giving to booster club but Tyshawn Taylor should be starting over him. That will have to happen if were gonna make a run. Seriously he is not good. Hard worker but not good. Kinda ridiculous he is STARTING. Ok done with my rant....

Marcia Parsons 14 years ago

Someone farther up the line from this post was wondering why Quintrell didn't play more minutes. My guess is that it's because every time he went in he committed a foul. I think he had three in six minutes. He just isn't ready yet.

cklarock 14 years ago

Couldn't agree more with the poster praising Knight's commentary. It was startlingly refreshing to have a color guy who can add insight rather than blather a la Vitale. I usually mute most of these games, but I kept Knight on.Still wouldn't want him for a neighbor or boss, but love having him as a color commentator. I really appreciated his insights into what was happening on the court.

jaybate 14 years ago

BigDaddyJayhawk,Agree on the Trinities vs. 'Cuse. It could be a long night without them. Zones cause young teams trouble and Basset Hound Boeheim ONLY coaches that damn 2-3 match up. Also, 'Cuse has a top notch guard and that will give us chance to see if Sherronatron can still score, while he is having to do a lot of D. Scoring AND defending an excellent player is the true test of manhood in the game. I think Sherronatron can do it, but, if he has a cold night outside its a long-nighter. On the other hand, we've got lots of BIGS and penetrators (Collins, Taylor and Releford if the last gets on the floor) and designated kickouts (Morningstar and Reed). This combination can cause zones fits.Sherron is VERY hard on a zone, if he's got two Bigs inside who can finish a dish, and a legitimate kick out option (or two) standing in trinityland. One of his strengths is driving seams, going up against bigs and either drawing fouls or dishing. And all the bigs are learning the Manning Jump Hook, so they are threats after a dish to either jam, or jump hook. And of course once a zone collapses first on Sherron, then on a big, it is ideal position for a back pick by the other big and a kick out to the trinity man. This is as old fashioned as basketball gets, but it never ceases to work. Which brings us back to Trinity shooting and your original bulls eye remark: no trinities against a zone mean a looooooooooooooooong night.

frid22 14 years ago

texspringhwk, actually interestingly enough, Bob Knight was a history major at Ohio State. But i think i got the point

FGarza45 14 years ago

You see that in the background of the picture of Cole dunking.......I love to see teammates cheer one another on like that. KU has been fortunate to have these kinds of players over the years.

kvskubball 14 years ago

oldalum and brock,I agree. I will be surprised if TRel doesn't play more tonight. I think he will earn minutes over time. I trust Coach. TRel must be adjusting a little slower to the college game than all of us couch-potato-coaches realize.Having said that, I expect him to play more in tonight's game, for two reasons: His ability to penetrate is better than Brady's and this being the second game in two nights. For this one night (At least) this team looked to be way ahead of where I expected them to be as a team. However, let's see if they can do it two games in a row, on back to back nights no less, before we anoint them the best thing since sliced bread. Remember that this is a very young team, so as good as they looked last night, they may play some klunker games too.But boy it was fun to watch the effort they put into last night's game!RCJH

KUChiefs2703 14 years ago

Actually Cole did have 7 blocks. You can go watch the game again if you don't believe me. he was at 4 and then he got a little piece of a long shot from the top of the key. The shot fell about 4 feet short of the rim. Even Knight said that he got a piece of it. That would have put him at 5 and then he got his last 2 right in a row. That makes 7. Yes, he is a monster.

KUChiefs2703 14 years ago

FGarza, I don't think that I've ever seen a team just sit there and not cheer when someone on there team gets a dunk. Even if they are down by 20 they still cheer. Poeple need to stop read too much into certain things. I was more interested in how well the D was. If you get out rebounded on the Offensive boards 17 to 1 in the first half and still lead by 10 that is some pretty good D. That is no surprise though with a Bill Self team.

Timmay97 14 years ago

I can't for the life of me figure out why Releford doesn't play more. He's got size and can play defense. He seems like a gifted athlete. Is he doing something wrong in practice? Is Self playing Reed and Morningstar because he feels they are more mature? It just doesn't make sense to me. What is Self going to do when Little is healthy? I just feel it's strange that Reed and Morningstar are playing over Releford. You can't tell me that Releford wouldn't be a better rebounder.

KUChiefs2703 14 years ago

Timmay97, I think they are playing over Rel because they shoot much better than he does. With Collins and Taylor on the floor they have 2 guys who can get to the basket. It doesn't make much since to put in a 3rd guy on the floor to do that if he can't hit an open jump shot. Taylor isn't a very good shooter either, but he is faster and plays well with Collins. If you put Rel in the starting lineup the only person on the floor who can shoot is Collins. That isn't a very good idea.

rockchalkin54 14 years ago

msthompson37, Tyshawn Taylor did start. And Brady Morningstar is getting the ball to guys who can score. He already has 12 assists this season. He won't start once Mario Little gets healthy and the freshmen get completely comfortable with Self's system and the college level.

jaybate 14 years ago

msthompson37,I was down on Morningstar early, but as I said in another post, they guy's a player. He's just still inexperienced and making a few of the mistakes you mention. But you are not crediting what he is doing for the team. He's playing the role the RR played last year. On offense, he's the second pass man (what Self calls the guy who feeds the post) and not just any guy can do this. Its like any skill. Some guys can do it and other guys can't. If Little, or Releford, could do it, then they probably would be starting ahead of Morningstar, because both are taller and stronger and could probably be lock down defenders.But here's another problem with Little and Releford. Whoever plays the second pass man has to be a viable threat from three--not a top three point shooter, but just a viable threat who can also defend. RR was not a great trinity man, but he was a 35-38 percent guy from three and he could defend like nobody's business. It is almost certain that Releford is not playing, because he he's a weak outside shooter and hasn't got the second pass knack...yet. Self has already said Releford's defense is pretty good already. Little on the other hand is injured and so we can't say whether he can pot the the three and feed the post. I'm guessing Little will be given a chance to prove he can feed the post in order to get his reputedly great defense and rebounding involved. And I'm guessing he can't pot the three nearly as consistly as Morningstar, if asked, but Self is clearly saying with Morningstar so far that no one playing the second pass man has to pot the three yet. So Little is going to get his time in the sun to prove he can feed the post, but again there are going to be games down the road when Self is going to want a lock down like Little and other times when he is going to want that potential shooter from three. Why is the potential three shooter so important, if we need defense and post feeding so much? Well, that's because with such wonderful scorers for bigs, we the post feeder to be a guy who can keep his man from sagging off on the post man as he is defending Brady, Little, or Releford. Give Cole, Kieff and Marcus room to work and they are two points. Brady now, and even after Little gets back, is apt to be the guy most able to keep his man from sagging off on the post man.

jaybate 14 years ago

So: I'm not saying Brady can defend like RR, or Little, or Relefordd, for that matter, but he's apparently closed the gap so much on defense that his potential from three can now be used as a force to keep defenses from sagging on our bigs and this just creates huge opportunities for everyone else. With Brady in, we can start Tyshawn, and get the bennies of his quantum moves and occassional freelancing, and his ability to feed the post, even though Tyshawn maybe can't pot the trey. With Brady in we can legitimately feed the post from all three perimeter positions. This is so HUUUUGE, when you have bigs who can score like these guys. We're really not used to having three natural scorers in the paint. This means we can have two in at any time and this means we can play pick and roll on BOTH sides of the floor after a quick ball rotation from either side. For Little's to take split time with Brady, he has to feed the post as well; then his superior defense is all advantage and rebounding can kick in. For Little to almost completely displace Brady, KU's bigs have to prove more or less unable to control the boards without Little, as was in part the case last night. Against Washington, a smaller team of good rebounders, they could not keep Grant, Pondexter or Brockman off Washington's offensive glass and, frankly, our guys absolutely sucked rebounding on our own offensive boards. There are contributing reasons that may have made our rebounding look somewhat worse that it did statistically, but bottom line, in the heat of battle, the young bigs were just not able to score AND rebound. And what's more, Tyshawn and Sherron and Brady betrayed that where Self's guards fall most painfully short of last years great ones is they DON'T rebound even a little on offense, and only a little on defense. For perspective, last year's perimeter players often out rebounded our bigs!! Now the problem with bringing Little in to replace Brady for more rebounding from our perimeter guys is that Brady is the only one of them rebounding now!! He got four, which is about two shy of what would be ideal from that position. Little would definitely pull six reebs just because he's a natural rebounder. But he would probably not be a threat to pot the trey and it remains to be seen whether he can be the second pass man and feed the post well, while keeping the D honest doing it. So Little has his work cut out for him trying to win the position back. If KU's bigs can learn to rebound without Little, and Brady can keep getting four reebs and defend the small 3's that he will come up against, then he's almost certain to keep getting a lot of minutes, because once he gets used to the action (he's basically a freshman in terms of game experience), he will be a DEADLY Trinity man and that means no sagging on the bigs on his side.

jaybate 14 years ago

Against big threes, Little seems the man no matter what, because of Little's muscle, but people forget: a) big threes are few these days; and b) Brady has an excellent vertical leap, probably as good or better than any of our other perimeter players save Taylor. Further, unlike Releford, Brady's height is in his body and not in his neck, as was the case with RR and Chalmers.Now, you say, yeah, but why isn't Releford, who is obviously a blue chipper, not playing big minutes instead of either Brady or Little?This sort of thing happens every once in awhile. Releford is a GREAT slasher and if he were on a team that needed a slasher, he would be playing. Regardless, if he can pot the three, feed the post AND slash, he is a future great player, because Self says he can also defend, but...The last thing this team needs on offense right now is another slasher. Sherron and Tyshawn can give you all the penetration you need. And with so many bigs who can score off the dish from a driving Sherron/Tyshawn, or a post feed from Brady, Sherron and Tyshawn, a slasher would just clutter things up in the paint and get lesser percentage shots.The ideal three position player for this team, as presently constituted, would of course be a deadly trinity shooter AND a strong rebounder, who also had the prerequisites of defense and feeding the post. But this is never an ideal world.Brady on this team blessed with lots of bigs who can score, and guards like Taylor and Collins makes this team-puzzle fit together pretty well regardless; that's why he's playing now.A Mario Little who can feed the post and pot the trey, relegates him to the bench quickly. But if Little could do all that already, he probably would not have been in a JUCO, grades or not.An injury to any of the three scoring bigs would also turn this into a team desparately in need of a slashing three.Lastly, if Brady starts getting hopelessly eaten alive, Little and Releford will move to the fore.Releford could possibly sit all year, as RR did as a frosh, but potentially excellent players like him sooner or later are favored by fate and their talent. Don't pine for Releford. His time will come,

Nick Cole 14 years ago

So, why did no one on here actually GO TO THE GAME??? If you are not within an hour or so driving distance, I guess I understand but tickets were buy 1 get 1 free at one point. Under $20 to see out Jayhawks play some good ball in a nice arena in a fun area and nobody was there to enjoy it. Well I was and you all should be ashamed of yourselves for not going if you live anywhere close to KC. Yeah, I know it is a Monday and Tuesday night event, and the games were later in the evening, but that means that nobody should have been in class or at work for these games. All the more reason to go. So you will get a few less hours of sleep, big deal. It is always worth it to see the Hawks play basketball. I thought it was a great game to be at, plus I got to see the Gators lose to the Orange. AND, since the arena wasn't full, a guy who worked there came by our seats and gave us tickets that were about 10 rows up from floor seats. $20 for near court side seats to watch KU bball and you all missed out. What a shame.

86finalfour 14 years ago

I am just not a fan of this new site -- it looks so generic. I thought the original had a fun layout that made it easy to pick out articles and the photos stood out more. Listen, I'm all for progress and I've really tried to give it a shot. I work in the graphics/photography industry and I'll tell you that LJ sold out to some syndicated web design company. Oh well, the jayhawks look amazing so far, and that's what matters the most. But I do think I"ll be checking this site less than before.

jchief40 14 years ago

Man a lot of people here are worried about Releford. Somebody even suggested he might transfer?? Releford isn't going anywhere. He will get more than mop up duty soon enough. Don't be surprised if you see him in the game tonight playing more minutes. If not, it won't be long.

Chris Teegarden 14 years ago

BleedCandB You must not be an adult with responsoblities and a real life. The rest of us still bleed crimson and blue we just have lives that don't stop every time we want them to. I live in Des Moines IA which is definetly close to KC. It's a three hour drive. By the time the game got over and I got out of the Sprint Center and back on I 35 it would of been about midnight and then about 3 am before I got home. Then I would of had to be up for work at Six. Now if this means that I'm not a Hawk to you then odviesly you have no idea what your talking about.

Nick Cole 14 years ago

firket, if you took the time to read the second sentence of my post you will feel like an idiot. And since when was being a full time student with a job not qualify as a "real" life? An adult would know that they should read and properly interpret someone's comment in it's entirety before they rush to make improper assumptions about what it is that comment is truly insinuating. I would hardly consider Des Monies in the KC area. I was simply referring to the many fans on this site who do live in the KC area. The arena was nowhere near full and with all the fans KU has within an hours drive of downtown KC, it should have been a lot more full than it was. I can only hope that tonight will be different.

Chris Teegarden 14 years ago

I've got to say BleedCandB that being a full time student and haveing a part time job has never been a real life. I've done that and I've had to grow up to. Once you get out of school and see the real world you'll understand. If you don't consider DSM to be neer KC that's fine, I do. What I was trying to point out that you so missed is that lots of us have comitments that have to be met. It's not a simple to just say I'm not going to work today as it is to say I'm not going to class.

Jimbo77 14 years ago

What is up with the Twins? I think either they are scared or not aggressive enough. DO THEY EVEN KNOW HOW TO DUNK BEING THAT TALL??? They look like couple of tall random guys just trying to put lay ups in the basket (and they miss that too). DUNKING is absolutely very important for fans to get rowdy and boost your players ego. For example: When Cole dunks fans go CRAZY and makes the game look fun. I think coach Self needs to let them tall non-aggressive kids know what's up! "This is Kansas basketball and we need presence of an authority under the post"

Jimbo77 14 years ago

Aldrich is a monster. Tyler Hansborough has nothing on him. This guy is going to be multimillion dollar man by next year.

Ian Brown 14 years ago

msthompson37 says Morningstar "Got the ball stolen at will from the other guards."I'm not really sure what that means, but the way I interpret it is that Morningstar had the ball stolen from him a lot of times last night. However, I find that extremely hard to believe for two reasons: 1.) I watched the entire game and did not see a single guard take the ball from him. Though he did, however, have two steals for himself. And 2.) The box scores and countless articles I've read this morning clearly point out that Morningstar had zero turnovers. Furthermore, he had six assists and zero turnovers in last weeks game as well. That I believe, equals an 11:0 assist to turnover ratio in the last two games--not bad in my opinion. I think I will trust Self's judgement and say that he is the right guy to have out there right now. And to say that Morningstar is not good is absurd. Sure he isn't the prototypical 5 star Kansas recruit, but he was recruited by other major and mid-major universities such as Tennessee, West Virginia, Wichita St., TCU, and others. Like many others have said, all you naysayers need to give the kid a break. He's doing exactly as he's told; he's showing great effort, he's playing good defense, he's not turning the ball over, and he's feeding the big men down low. Moreover, he was one of few players on our team who actually made an attempt at boxing out, and more often than not, he was forced to block out against the much larger Pondexter.

Jaminrawk 14 years ago

We are only 3 games in. Relaford will get his time . Self makes players earn it. Currently, we are guard heavy. Collins isn't going anywhere, Taylor has been dynamite, and Morningstar has taken care of the ball. Morningstar and Reed will be the odd men out by the end of the year. Relaford will get the "swaingman" spot. By tourney time, my guess is that the lineup will actually be two lineups based on the competition.Standard:PG - CollinsSG - TaylorC - AldrichSF - MC MorrisPF - MK MorrisLittle and Relaford first off the bench.3-Guard Lineup:PG - CollinsSG - TaylorSG - RelafordC - AldrichPF MC MorrisMK Morris and Little first off the bench

Lance Hobson 14 years ago

I just saw Iowa State lose to Hawaii last night. Don't expect any issues with them this year...

Nick Cole 14 years ago

Alright firket, since you can't seem to understand what it is that the original comment was saying, allow me to spell it out for you. If you live within ONE HOUR of Kansas City (i.e. the KC METRO AREA and surrounding cities) and HAD THE ABILITY to go to the game without it causing and MAJOR inconveniences in you daily routine, you SHOULD have been there. I understand that you live three hours away. I would not consider that to be far from KC, but I would also not consider it to be CLOSE enough to drop anything for one night of basketball. That is why I have said TWICE that if you live within ONE HOUR (now three times) of KC and could have been there, you should have gone instead of watching it on TV. That's all I am saying. I don't know how much more simple I can make it for you to understand. I am not saying you should have been there. I am saying there are a lot of people on this site that could have been there yet chose not to go, and that is disappointing being that we are talking about KU basketball. I can only hope tonight is better because we are going to need that home court advantage. Sorry if I offended you in any way, but I was not knocking you for not going. It is totally understandable to not want to drive 6+ hours round trip on a Monday night for a basketball game. But three hours away from KC is a lot different than one hour. If you can go tonight, please go. The team wants you there. That's all.

KU 14 years ago

That lineup with 3 guards with Morningstar playing on the back line say the least. I have been pleased with the defense so far this year. These guys may not be the purest defenders, but they know how to "muddy it up", as Self likes to say. That shows a lot of awareness for such a young team.

kvskubball 14 years ago

Taylor is a great athlete. Very few college players can dribble from left to right and jump into the air while still moving his body across the lane i.s.o. towards the basket, and flush shots. He has done this several times this year already. WOW! It is rare that a (young) player doesn't have to be facing the basket or jumping straight up, with his feet set to shoot good shots. TT is going to be really good. Rush developed this ability over three years. Paul Pierce could do it before he left campus, and of course two great pros were known for this: Mighty Mike and Dr. J.Now I'm not saying that TT has the game that any of those four have, but as a freshman in college, he is showing a very rare ability! I think he will become a very good player if he puts in the time and effort to polish his game, that those four did!What a great serendipitous (Happy accident) recruit!Sheron looks to be one of the best shooting PG's at KU in quite a while!Cole has such an array of moves for a big man! 18 footers, no problem. Running dunks on the outlet, no problem. Nifty fake to either side and quick move to the other shoulder, no problem. Free throws (Quirky release and all), no problem. Passing from the double-team, no problem. The only thing that he has shown difficulty with is an up-and-under turn around shot...but then that shot has a degree of difficulty of about a 10 for a big man! Oh, and he is so concious of fouling that he will occasionally take his eye off the basket in close and miss bunnies (What the h-ll is a bunnie in bball? Oh well, it rates right up there with schollies)We have a very good group of young players...I'm having fun watching them.Heads Up everyone and don't be surprised if we play a little flat tonight (I hope not, but it often happens, even in the Pros). It is tough on young teams to play back-to-back games. Last year's group of players had the dangedest time doing it for two years before they put it all together last year.RCJH

JHawk74 14 years ago

Why is everyone banging on Reed and Morningstar for their playing time? Reed and Morningstar are obviously out playing the freshman at this point in practice since they are starting. I believe Reed is a legimate starting guard on this team this year. Morningstar will probably loose playing time as season goes on since Taylor, Releford and Little will get more time. But we need Reed and Morningstar to play well they are very good outside threats. Besides Collins and Taylor we don't have an outside threat on the team if Reed and Morningstar don't play. Taylor and Teahan can shoot the three but they have not been consistent at this point. Releford needs time to adjust and learn the system before he will get playing time. The starting five and bench players as conference schedule comes around is:G - CollinsG - ReedG - TaylorF - MF MorrisC - Alridge6th Man - G/F- Little7th Man - F - MC Morris8th Man - G - Releford9th Man - F - Thomas10th Man - G - Morningstar11th Man - G - Appleton12th Man - G/F - Teahan

RICHARD143 14 years ago

I sure like the play of T.Reed. Hoping his PT stays at a high level. His 3 pt shot is as good as we have at this time, besides SC. Rock Chalk tonight in the 03 rematch game.

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