Thursday, June 26, 2008

Self confident five Jayhawks will be drafted


Kansas University basketball coach Bill Self - and a bunch of NBA analysts - are certain three Jayhawks will be selected in the first round of tonight's draft at New York's Madison Square Garden.

Where Darrell Arthur, Mario Chalmers and Brandon Rush are tapped, however, is anybody's guess.

"It is an inexact science," Self said. "Based on the reports I've received, there's a great chance Mario could be one of the surprise picks of the first round. I'm guessing he would be in that range from 15 (overall) to 25, 26.

"Brandon ... maybe 13 to 22. For 'Shady' (Arthur), I'd say anywhere from 10 to 17. They could all go in or out of that range," Self added.

Self has one wish for all three first-rounders.

"I think an ideal situation is go to a place they can learn, where they don't have the pressure on them but can still get minutes," he said. "Julian (Wright, New Orleans) last year went to the perfect spot that fits him, running, jumping, playing fast with an unbelievable point guard (Chris Paul). As he got confident, they eased him into the deal."

KU also could be represented tonight in the 30-pick Round Two with Sasha Kaun and Darnell Jackson and perhaps Russell Robinson.

"I think we'll have five players drafted," Self said. "Darnell, based on what I've been told, has had great workouts. Sasha (who has signed 3-year deal with CSKA Moscow) has a great chance. Russell is one of those guys late second round somebody may say, 'Hey I want to draft somebody dependable who can be a third guard.' Russell could be your man in that regard.

"I think all these guys will be drafted higher because we won (national title). Winning has helped their status immensely."

¢ Rush would take Beasley: Rush said if he had a vote, he'd take Michael Beasley of Kansas State as No. 1 tonight.

"He's the best player I've seen in college, since I've been in college," Rush told the Associated Press. Remember, he also competed against Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant. "I would go with Beasley because he makes things look so much easier. He just looks effortless out there. He had 39 on us in our own house."

¢ Rush lauds Blazers: Rush told Real GM on Wednesday the Portland Trail Blazers impressed him the most.

"They are a young team, and they are looking for some players," Rush said.

¢ This, that: The most KU players taken in a single draft is three. It occurred in 1969, '71, '81 and '86. ... Since 2002, Kansas has had five first-round picks (Drew Gooden in 2002, Nick Collison and Kirk Hinrich in 2003, Wayne Simien in 2005 and Julian Wright in 2007).


d_prowess 14 years, 3 months ago

It is a pretty special moment when history can be made at a place as historic as KU. I can't wait to watch everyone get drafted tonight.

kansaspike 14 years, 3 months ago

Would love to see Rush out here in Portland!Word is that Pritchard may move up for DJ Augustin instead though.I know everyone is rooting for D-Jax to get paid....fingers crossed.Good luck tonight Champs!

jaybate 14 years, 3 months ago

I forgot Arthur. I still think he's overrated, but I think he's less overrated than all the other bigs being talked about ahead of him. His stock will fall, because the NBA GMs and Coaches realized he can't shoot the NBA trey. He can't, not yet anyway. He's this year's Julian, but without the passing and a much better 17 footer. Arthur and Julian just need Kareems to be the next James Worthy's. Alas, there aren't any great centers right now to optimize their talents as complimentary forwards. And James could shoot better than either of our guys. Still, Darrell lead a national champion in scoring and rebounding and tended to play to the level of his competition; that's tough not to draft pretty high. And he seems like a smart guy, too, who is still trying to learn how to get in control of his own head. When/if he does, there could be a major improvement.

RckChalkJeff 14 years, 3 months ago

wow.... I stopped reading these comments for a long time because of idiot wanna-be journalists getting their need for attention filled by writing 2000 word comments. I guess I'm back to stopping at the bottoms of the articles....

jaybate 14 years, 3 months ago

RR definitely gets drafted after long being overlooked. Vaughn can't shoot a lick and can't defend nearly as well as RR and he's hung around forever. Every team in the NBA needs a good defensive back up at guard with a low salary. And GMs always sand bag about who is a second rounder, because they are trying to sneak a guy like RR by the other teams. Self kept RR at the very center of KU basketball for 3 seasons despite having a lot of talent at guard. RR could easily have averaged double figures at any other school his last two years. I think RR goes mid second round. So I'm optimistic on RR--maybe overly. But Self knows what's he's talking about and the NBA guys know he knows. Self says the longer you see RR the more you see he fits into the puzzle of a winning team. Half the NBA owners don't give a whit about championships. They're just trying not to stink and play the franchise appreciation game. They won't take RR. But some outfit that's trying to change its culture and build a winner will.They tried to sand bag on DBlock hoping to steal him in the second round, but he practiced so well no one is sand bagging any more. He goes late first or early second.Sasha? He will be drafted by any GM with a 4-5 year time horizon in a rebuilding program. Does Donnie Walsh of the Knicks ring a bell? You'd have to be crazy not to take him with a low second round choice if you've already got a few aging bigs. A project post man who can already defend the post and who is going to get paid by someone else to develop into a top flight backup big? You'd have to be crazy NOT to take this guy in the second round, if you're an organization, say, Larry Bird, or Kevin McHale, or Ainge. The only question is do you take him higher in the second round, or not. Probably not unless you've already got salary constraints and enough bigs who can play 3-4 more seasons. And if you got that many bigs, you'ver probably got salary constraints.

14 years, 3 months ago

Keep your posts coming, jaybate. As long as you aren't talking conspiracy theory surrounding Coach Self's contract, your thoughts are a pleasure to read.Couple of favorites:1) Right before 2007 NCAA Tournament, your dream about Allen Fieldhouse; & KU playing UNC for the National Championship2) Your Jazz Basketball Team

jaybate 14 years, 3 months ago

The NBA GMs and coaches have had just as hard of a time adjusting to Bill Ball and what it does to players stats as other teams and the college hoops media have had. How could they draft any of them high when they all averaged so little and played so few minutes so much of the time? But then they saw these guys in the flesh doing what they can do and after a couple viewings, seeing is believing. The NBA is swinging back to defenders who can run. The big bad Shaq is done. The race horses are now as strong as the prison body slugs used to be. If you're still seduced by Danny Fortsons and Kenyon Martins, and scorers who can't defend, you're so first first half last decade. Bill Ballers are now where its at. They have the NBA tools now on the rise.Rush? No brainer mid first and maybe a top ten. Where else you gonna get 6'7" SG who shoots 42% from trey, locks down on defense, creates match up problems half the time, and is ready to play out of the box?Chalmers? It was ridiculous that this guy was ever not considered a third quarter first rounder. Can Rose, Mayo and Bayless play as good of defense? NO! Can Rose, Mayo, or Bayless shoot 47% from trey? NO! Did Rose, Mayo, and Bayless play on teams with so many PGs they could afford to move them to SG? NO! Can Rose, Mayo and Bayless apply as much pressure on defense? NO! Have Rose, Mayo and Bayless ever improved any aspect of their games as much as Mario improved his trey shooting? NO! Being able to greatly improve an aspect after aspect of your game is the greatest of all abilities. Look at John Havlicek. Look at Magic Johnson and outside shooting. Look at Steve Nash. The eventual great ones have this ability. Chalmers has it. Really, the only guard I'd rather have than Mario out of the box in the NBA is the Indiana's Gordon, though I know down stream Rose, Mayo and Bayless have more inches and more years and might get better.

ramsrevenge 14 years, 3 months ago

I'm with you RckChalk, when someones comments are longer than the actual story...that's bad. Take it easy Jaybate!

Drew Bender 14 years, 3 months ago

You have got to be kidding me... Sasha, DJ and RR all going early to mid 2nd Round... I would love to see that but for now I must assume that you are off your meds today

Lance Hobson 14 years, 3 months ago

Jaybate, try to disill to the essence of what you want to say. Perhaps losing the rhetorical questions would help. Other than that, I feel you dawg. But you're dreaming if you think RR is going to be drafted. I love your loyalty, though.

JayCeph 14 years, 3 months ago

For those of you that have an attention span longer than a gnat, jaybate's post(s) have been erudite to say the least. Pay attention and you just might learn something.For those that can't think past the next commercial break... um, what was I saying; what were you reading?Nice post jaybate. Keep 'em coming.

d_prowess 14 years, 3 months ago

I agree with a lot of the positives listed here for Russ Rob, but I still think he doesn't get his named called tonight. There are just too many players out there with the "potential" tag. But, I bet we will read something tomorrow about him playing on some NBA summer teams. And he may be able to play himself into a free agent contract by the start of next season. Hopefully...

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