Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kansas University men’s basketball team earns ESPY nomination

Best team award among those to be determined by fans

The Kansas Jayhawks go wild after their 2008 NCAA National Championship win over Memphis at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

The Kansas Jayhawks go wild after their 2008 NCAA National Championship win over Memphis at the Alamodome in San Antonio.


Jayhawks up for ESPY honors

The honors continue to pile up for the National Champion Jayhawks. Tuesday afternoon, ESPN announced that the 'Hawks are nominated for the Sports Team of the Year at the annual ESPY Awards.


Self-made Champions

The Lawrence Journal-World looks back at the men's basketball season of 2007-2008, in which the Jayhawks claimed the NCAA championship title for the first time in 20 years and its third ever.

— The honors just keep pouring in for Kansas University's men's basketball team.

ESPN announced Tuesday that the Jayhawks are up for sports team of the year honors in the annual ESPY Awards.

KU is up against the Boston Red Sox, New York Giants, Boston Celtics, Detroit Red Wings and Tennessee women's basketball team for the honor.

KU head coach Bill Self and guard Mario Chalmers from the 2008 NCAA national championship team will represent KU at the ESPYs in Los Angeles.

The Kansas-Memphis men's basketball national championship contest - which KU won 75-68 in overtime - is nominated as the best game along with the Super Bowl's Giants over Patriots and the NBA Finals Game 4, Celtics over Lakers. In KU's contest, Chalmers made a three-pointer with 2.1 seconds remaining to send the game into overtime.

Fans determine the winners in 37 categories by voting online or with mobile phones.

The sports awards show will air July 20 on ESPN.

Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez are the contenders for best male athlete. Golfer Lorena Ochoa, basketball player Candace Parker, auto racer Danica Patrick and skier Lindsey Vonn are the finalists for best female athlete.

The ESPYs will be hosted by Justin Timberlake, who will be joined by an all-star lineup of top athletes and entertainers to celebrate the best sports stories of the year.


JayCeph 14 years ago

I liked the best sports movie category... Semi-Pro! tee hee hee

jayhawkinATL 14 years ago

Yep...already voted for them in the two categories.

LAJayhawk 14 years ago

Wow, great honor.I think it's a quite a long shot that we would win this, but I'll do my part and vote. We'll see what happens.

bmkjayhawk 14 years ago

Completely off the topic, but does anyone know if I can still buy an L-J World from the day after the national championship game? If so, is there a link someone could provide?Thanks.

14 years ago

Thanks for the link, OPJayhawk. Got my votes in. I bet we at least have a good shot at the Best Game.

LAJayhawk 14 years ago

I agree with the sentiment regarding the Giants, but that's the problem with fan voting. The Giants aren't the "best team."

fundamental 14 years ago

KU also got nominated (sort of) for the Best Game category. They chose the NCAA Championship game; kind of a no brainer there.VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!!!!!

jayhawkinATL 14 years ago

I agree, txrockchalk. I'm guessing the country goes for the Giants in the other category.

imnotpaulpierce 14 years ago

Where is the link to go vote? Or can we not yet?

Marcia Parsons 14 years ago

bmkjayhawk: So far as I know you can still get one for $1 at You may have to search for "Championship newspaper"

Chris Weaver 14 years ago

it's the volunteers trophy to loose. i mean, they had that one girl and the other one too. i don't see how manny, paul, eli, and the nba hawks can compete with that.

14 years ago

Now having seen the list of nominees, I must say you have a good point jayhawkinatl. First, the NFL is probably the most watched sport in the US. Second, all we heard about all season long was how great the Patriots were, their unbeaten streak, and how they were going to go 19-0. I think a ton of people were cheering against them in the Super Bowl, so to have the Giants beat them and appease those folks, they may likely win the Best Team category.

14 years ago

This is very cool.You are probably right, Lebowski. The Celtics have had a longer championship drought than any of the other nominees. With fan voting though, anything is possible.

actorman 14 years ago

I agree about the Giants being the pick, given that they're from NY and all. Unfortunately, I also think the Super Bowl is likely to win best game, as it was a classic. (Of course ours was a classic too, but a classic that wasn't watched by nearly as many people and didn't involve an East Coast team.)

tis4tim 14 years ago

Good stuff on the nominations. I might have even watched the Espy's if the ubiquitous Justin Timberlake weren't hosting it. Must this guy be in every conceivable mass media project?

brooksmd 14 years ago

Puggy...I can throw, catch and kick a football, but that doesn't make me an athlete. I can throw, catch and hit a baseball, but that doesn't make me an athlete. I can even kick a soccer ball, but that doesn't make me an athlete. I have driven the autobahn in Germany at over 100 mph, but that doesn't make me a race driver.I would like to see you strap your butt in a 3400 lb stockcar and TRY to keep up with the back markers (slower cars) at Daytona in July. Or 500 laps around Bristol. Most drivers today have a physical fitness program that you probably couldn't even handle.

Lindsey Buscher 14 years ago

I like to drive fast...doesn't make me an athlete.Danica Patrick is not an athlete. What about a category for best Model or Spokesperson for a sport?

milehighhawker 14 years ago

Puggy,I am not a racing fan at all. However, I do understand the strain that it takes on your body. These guy/girls sit in a seat for 6-8 hours at a time going 180mph. You don't think you have to have good reflexes for that, especially when your body is drained and dehydrated. Heck, some of these people have done 2 races in the same day. I will never be a racing fan, because I get bored watching them go around and around, but I do have a respect for what they do. I know none of us on this board could jump into a car and even finish a race, let alone compete. Especially being a woman succeeding in a man's sport. I give props to Danica!

gregncw 14 years ago

BUYERS BEWARE:I ordered the championship DVD from the CBS store because it's advertised at the end of these web articles. Unfortunately, the DVD has been horribly edited, leaving out significant minutes of the semifinal game with UNC, at least 8 minutes in the first half alone, when KU was dominating UNC. THE CBS STORE DOES NOT SAY THIS IN THEIR AD COPY WHEN ORDERING!!!!

100 13 years, 12 months ago

8 NEW jayhawks (who have at least worn the jersey 4 a year) have signed with the NBA this summer/ or a 3 year contract. This list does not include Miles, Simeon, Langford who have also freshly signed, nor does it include the 9 or so Jayhawks already in the NBA, but this updated list by ESPN does include Padget and Giddens. It seems certain that great recruits like Kyle Singler who chose Duke over KU, and Tyler Hansborough, who did the same except at UNC, weren't fully aware of the big picture at KU (national championship, ESPY awards, 100,000 at parade, white house, NBA etc). I guess future recruits are starting to fully grasp why a great young ballplayer, with a brain, would choose Naismith's and Chamberlain's town over Chapel Hill, Durham and Westwood. I truly feel bad for Singler: he wanted to join forces with KU so bad, but at the last minute, got pulled into the Duke old coach vortex of doom. One must listen to the force.

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