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KU’s Taylor gets mixed review

Freshman’s performance panned despite double-double


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Though Tyshawn Taylor had 10 points, 11 assists and two steals against Jackson State on Saturday, he still had a head coach wishing for a bit more.

“I think this is the best stat line that Ty maybe has had and probably the worst that he’s played,” Kansas University coach Bill Self said after KU’s 86-62 victory over the Tigers. “He didn’t have a very good game today, but he did get a lot of assists. And he’d be the first to tell you he wasn’t a factor defensively like he has been.”

Let’s start with the good news: Taylor recorded his first double-double. His 11 assists were a career-high and the most by a freshman since Aaron Miles had 15 against Texas Tech on March 9, 2002.

Perhaps most importantly, though, it showed Taylor’s willingness to adapt his game to Self’s wishes. After KU’s 100-79 victory over New Mexico State on Wednesday, Self critiqued Taylor’s 23-point effort, saying “he has to have more than three assists in a game where we score 100 points.”

Taylor admitted he was focused on making extra passes Saturday.

“I was more observant of the court, looking to my teammates, driving to the lane and kicking it on fast breaks,” Taylor said. “I hit Sherron (Collins) a couple times, and it led to good things. I see what (coach Self) is talking about.”

At times, Taylor said it was still difficult to try to become a prototypical, pass-first point guard.

“My mentality is still scoring. That’s just how it’s always been,” Taylor said. “I can take the challenge. It’s not hard for me to pass the ball. I just, when I get it, I feel like I need to score, make something happen.

“That’s my mind-set. I’ve just got to switch that a little bit.”

Now the bad news: Taylor had four turnovers. He also wasn’t as active on defense as Self would like him to be.

“Speaking for myself, I was kind of out of it today,” Taylor said. “I didn’t do a lot of things I should have done.”

One factor might have been the early start. It was the first afternoon game for the Jayhawks, which changed up the pregame schedule.

“It kind of did mess with my routine. We did a lot of things different,” Taylor said. “We woke up real early and had breakfast and stuff. It was a lot different, but that shouldn’t have changed how we played. We didn’t play good at all.”

Even with a 24-point victory, Taylor wasn’t happy with the Jayhawks’ effort.

“I don’t think we played really well,” Taylor said. “Not taking anything from them (Jackson State), but I feel like if they catch us on a better night, we would play a lot better.”


KEITHMILES05 13 years, 10 months ago

Taylor was the only bright spot the entire game. If it wasn't for him busting his butt the rest of the team would have faded off into their deep sleep. Self should have been commending him highly and chastising the rest of the team. The fist half Collins and Aldrich were nothing short of disaster. The shorter and faster post players made Aldrich look like a girl. Why Self didn't keep him out is beyond me.

jaybate 13 years, 10 months ago

10 pts + 22 assist pts - 4 TO pts* = 28 effective pts. * 4 TOs x 2 pts/TO on conversion x .5 conversion ratio = 4At 28 effective points, Quantum T was smoking offensively.Self's just in a crabby mood, because he didn't get after it defensively. and he's trying to keep the Photon Fella from getting OC (overconfident).,

jaybate 13 years, 10 months ago

Taken together, the twins exploded for 21pts and 8 rebounds. When was the last time we had a freshman big, or pair of bigs, that averaged what these two have been averaging sharing time? They are really doing an amazing job, even if they do have problems, as Self says, with finishing and meanness.This kind of output from two guys is way better than this kind of output from one guy, because our Morris Twin composite has ten fouls to give and offers diversified injury risk. If one gets sick or injured, we don't lose all 21/8, just a part.It is time to start scouting twins for the future very heavily.

Tony Bandle 13 years, 10 months ago

I'm pretty sure the Olsen twins have retained their eligibility. All kidding aside, the ideal situation would be to have exact twins with one being right-handed and one being left-handed. In the blurr of action, I am pretty sure you could get some open looks from confused defenses.

jdgriff12 13 years, 10 months ago

Jaybate? Seriously? Here's a better question: When was the last time a freshman big, or pair of bigs, has the had opportunity to play the kind of minutes these guys have been getting in order to pull those kinds of averages? Quit ooohing and aaahing over numbers and use a little logic. If Cole had been given those minutes last year, his numbers would've been comparable, likely superior. Yeah, they're twins, but their games are pretty different. If we lose one of them, we lose something that the other can't offer. Marcus is a far better rebounder and has better offensive post moves. Markieff can hit the outside shot. For commenting on nearly every article posted on this site, I'd think you'd know that. But based upon those posts... I could have deduced that you don't know much. For example, this article... two posts... 5 hours apart. Did it take you 5 hours to produce that brilliant second post?

d_prowess 13 years, 10 months ago

How on earth can anyone say that Cole's numbers would have been comparable or superior to the 21pts and 8 rebounds that the twins are putting up now?!? He isn't even doing that now, but you're right, I am sure he would have as a freshman since he must be regressing as a player. Now, I agree with you that the twins have different parts of their games that they excel at and are not simply interchangeable, but your statements about Cole need to be dialed back a bit.

jaybate 13 years, 9 months ago

jdgriff12,What d_prowess said! Actually, its hard to take your post seriously, but i'll do my best. First, I was kidding about recruiting twins, okay?Next...let me try to get my mind around the following comment."But based upon those posts... I could have deduced that you don't know much."Well, then, why DIDN'T you deduce that, if you could have? Is your deducing neural net not quite sufficiently burned in? What gives? You seem to think I am a moron. Say what you mean. No one's going to hurt you.Further, did you even mean deduce? Here are definitions of deduce:1: to determine by deduction ; specifically : to infer from a general principle2: to trace the course of Let's try them out, shall we?1. "But based upon those posts... I could have [inferred from a general principle] that you don't know much."Exactly what general principle are you inferring from?Oh, I see, you weren't using the primary definition of deduce. Well, then maybe you were using the secondary definition.2. "But based upon those posts... I could have [traced the course of] that you don't know much."Huh? Not the first definition. Not the second definition.I've done my duty. Time to move on.

jdgriff12 13 years, 9 months ago

d_prowess,I'm not saying that Cole, his freshman year, is as good as the twins combined, but, rather, individually. MC puts up 8.8 pts and 6.5 boards. MK adds 5.9 pts and 5.6 boards. So I'll say it again, "If Cole had been given those minutes last year, his numbers would've been comparable, likely superior."Jaybate,You're a moron.Let's try the less specific part of the primary definition:"But based upon those posts... I could have [determined by deduction] that you don't know much."Definition of deduction, in terms of logic:"A process of reasoning in which a conclusion follows necessarily from the premises presented, so that the conclusion cannot be false if the premises are true."Have a great day Jaybate!

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