Thursday, December 4, 2008

Take that, guys!

Taylor slams critics

Kansas guard Tyshawn Taylor pumps his fist after a bucket against New Mexico State during the second half Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2008 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas guard Tyshawn Taylor pumps his fist after a bucket against New Mexico State during the second half Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2008 at Allen Fieldhouse.


Crammed schedule doesn't phase Jayhawks

The Jayhawks crush visiting New Mexico State.

Tyshawn Taylor figured he’d hear it from his Kansas University basketball teammates after missing a dunk — and getting hung up on the rim — in Monday’s rout of Kent State in Allen Fieldhouse.

He figured right.

Who ribbed him the most?

“Everybody,” Taylor exclaimed. “Coach (Danny) Manning was teasing me. Coach (Joe) Dooley. Coach T (Kurtis Townsend). All my teammates.

“Mario … he just kept teasing me,” Taylor added of junior Mario Little. “He was giving me a little crap at practice telling me I couldn’t dunk it. I said I’d show him today.”

The 6-foot-3 freshman indeed proved he could slam Wednesday — ripping home his first three dunks of the season en route to scoring a career-high 23 points in an 100-79 rout of New Mexico State in Allen Fieldhouse.

Taylor downed a two-handed slam just four seconds into the game on a driving layup off the opening tap. He had another two-hander to make it 77-57 with 7:08 left.

His finest dunk was a vicious one-hander following an in-bounds pass from Sherron Collins to make it 85-63 at 3:43.

“I felt I had to prove myself today because of what happened the other day,” said Taylor, who made sure to point in the direction of Little, who was grinning on the KU bench, after his second jam.

Taylor’s roommate — Quintrell Thomas, who also had a big game with a career-high 10 points and a career-high-tying seven rebounds — smiled when asked how much grief Taylor had taken since Monday.

“A lot. That one looked bad. We all know he can jump. Anybody who gets hung on the top of the rim ... not cool,” said Thomas, who had two dunks of his own.

Taylor hit eight of 14 shots and seven of eight free throws and surpassed his previous collegiate high of 17 points attained in the Jayhawks’ overtime loss to Syracuse on Nov. 25. He once had 21 points playing at St. Anthony High in Jersey City, N.J.

“I thought Tyshawn played very, very well,” said KU coach Bill Self, not thrilled with the Jayhawks’ defense allowing 79 points, which tied for fourth most allowed in a home game in his six seasons at KU.

“If you want to nitpick, he has to have more than three assists in a game where we score 100 points. When your 2-guard (Sherron Collins) has 11 assists and point guard has three assists ... he has to be able to get Sherron and Cole (Aldrich, 13 points, 13 rebounds) shots. We can watch film to help him with that.”

Collins finished with a career-high number of assists to go with 15 points in notching his first career double-double.

Also, Tyrel Reed hit four of six threes and scored 12 points. He and Collins each hit a three and Thomas two off a dunk as KU scored eight straight points in a one-minute span out of a timeout, expanding a 58-51 lead to 66-51 with 11:19 left.

“Tyrel got in a nice rhythm the second half,” Self said, noting the performance should help the sophomore guard’s confidence.

KU won going away on a night Aldrich picked up his second foul with 13:20 left in the half and Marcus Morris his second with 9:30 left in the half. Markieff Morris was called for an intentional foul, his second, with 8:34 left in the half.

“If I was playing us, I’d say I’d try to get Cole out of the game,” Self said. “His first one was a late hedge on a ball screen. He has to let it go. The second one, somebody else didn’t pay attention to the scouting report and put him in harm’s way. We’ve got to figure a way to get another big guy to play next to him that doesn’t do that. I don’t think we’ve gotten the importance yet of having Cole in the game. We’re so much better with him in the game. We are all guilty, all our big guys.”

KU next will meet Jackson State at 1 p.m. Saturday in Allen.


kusayzone 14 years ago

Dunks!!! That one action can reveal alot about the character of a team. A dunk is a force to be dealt with. It is a sign of dominance, control and athleticism. Other teams will watch the film and see this game and it will change attitudes. We may get everyone's A-game now, but we know what the big prize is in March. Watch out now, these Hawks now have their savvy, and its all because of the power of a dunk!

KUPROUD 14 years ago

Fun game, and finally we got to see Thomas get involved and show some of what he can do. I know the rotation probably won't allow him much time soon, but he has a good future here. Offensively we did some nice things, but there is no way we should have allowed 79 points and so many open 3 pointers. Lots of good coaching material for today.

ku_phanatik 14 years ago

Turn overs are a concern later in the bigger games.

jchief40 14 years ago

I am getting pretty annoyed with the Morris' BOTH being pushed around and not dunking or at least going up strong around the rim. I have lost count of the numerous misses right UNDER THE BASKET!! Common you two!

omng392 14 years ago

Was anyone watching the game besides me, when Gurly was asked who Aldrich reminded him of? He said Ostertag and Pollard, but really Aldrich reminds me more of Collison than either of those two guys. Am I just walking around drinking the Kool-Aid, or am I right?Does Tyshawn remind you of Chamlers or what? Love this kid. This is what I felt Rush should have done from day one, when he came to KU. Man, is fun to watch these guys or what

OldRick 14 years ago

I am sure this team will be unpredictable but making free throws in a nice unexpected plus.

Robert Greenwood 14 years ago

Yes when Gurly was asked that question, I was thinking Collison too. Aldrich is a lot more mobile than Ostertag and I think more assertive than Pollard.

BCRavenJHawkfan 14 years ago

I tend to agree with jchief. To correct this, Kleinmann should be put under the basket for 2 hour practice sessions a day to allow the Morris twins to dunk on. This should continue everyday until after the Christmas break. After all this, if they still have fewer dunks than Morningstar, then go out and find some Red Ball Jets (for those not old enough those were THE shoe back in the day), or vintage Chuck Taylor Converse.

KUbsee69 14 years ago

Anyone else notice that the imbedded videos have gone back to QuickTime today?WHY!!!!!!!Please don't do that!

ChicagoJHawk 14 years ago

Agreed KUbsee69,I know a lot of people don't like this new format but I definitely do, especially since we can watch those videos, without having to deal with Quicktime. No more Quicktime videos please!

Timmay97 14 years ago

BCRaven......I like your fix for the Morris twins agressiveness problem. As I have said in a previous post.......someone needs to be in their ear. I don't want to hear excuses that they don't have their legs, etc.....etc......Are you tellin' me that you can't jump out of the gym on pure adrenaline? Note to the twins: Try throwing one down on someone, even if it means taking a charge, and see what kind of reaction you get from the Fieldhouse crowd. I guarantee you next time you have the opportunity, your legs WON'T be tired. Cudos to Quintrell for his game last night and his aggressiveness. He played hard and flushed anything he had near the basket. Great job!Anyone notice that Marcus only played 9 minutes last night? Coach is sending a message.

Kevin Millikan 14 years ago

Self is intense this year, I'm really impressed with how far along the coaches have gotten these young kids.

BCRavenJHawkfan 14 years ago

Has anyone read the Bill Self book "At Home in the Phog"?I was considering asking Santa to include it as a stocking stuffer for Christmas.

brooksmd 14 years ago

omng392....yep I agree, Cole is the second coming of Nick. I still say if anyone has any doubts about Cole they should talk to Hansbrough. And I'm right there with you on Tyshawn. Love watching that kid.

jchief40 14 years ago

Timmay I agree: Quintrell got the message and promptly slammed those down when close to the rim. I noticed Q got some boards too. I haven't been paying attention to him as much though. If he can D up then I'd have no problem with the Morris' riding the pine more to send a message. I can't wait until we see more of Little as well. That kid, you can tell, has a great attitude. Wish I could say the same about the Morris'. Kids need to throw a shoulder, force people off, and go up and stuff it. They are just kids, I know. But they aren't babies. So they need to quit playing like that.

jasonsgill 14 years ago

Re: The twins.If you listen to Cole's postgame press conference he mentions that he thinks the twins are explosive players, and if you saw how high one of them got on that missed alley oop I think you have to believe him, but then he made the point that they just don't go all out all the time. I think he nailed it, I mean those guys are out there jogging and trying little hook shots in traffic rather than playing with real authority. I'm not sure what Self can/will do to turn that around, maybe just have them watch tape of Q throwing it down and flying in for boards our of nowhere and they'll step it up.

angusmcpherr 14 years ago

Speaking of dunks, did anyone see the hammer slam that Cole put down after Sherron got called for traveling? Sure, it didn't count, but it was a great highlight.

CLARKKENT 14 years ago


Marcia Parsons 14 years ago

Maybe with the type of competition they used to have there was never a need to go all out all the time. Once they break that habit they'll be okay. As I remember D Arthur was a lot like that.

tennesseest 14 years ago

Tyshawn is definitely the best freshman, plus I couldn't agree more that the Morris twins dog it up and down the floor(see sherron's pass flying under the basket with Marcus 3 steps behind). This team is going to be fine though, I think Sweet 16, maybe Elite 8 is a good goal.I think the biggest problem this season thus far has been the Student Section. I am I alone on this or has our student section been extremely weak? Every game it's about 60% full. This can be expected for exhibition games, but please, can anyone remember the student section being this empty in December?

dwill33 14 years ago

hey for all the people who were talking about gurley's comment...He said he reminded him of ostertag not because of his game but because there was a play where cole was dribbling in the open court and made aa semi athletic play. This can draw comparisons to a play by the big O when he dribbled down the court and did a behind the back for a layup. I am almost 100% certain that is the reason for Gurley's quote. If u dont believe me go back and watch the game film from about 15 seconds before the comment was made. It cam right after cole was dribbling down the court. And yes i can see cole as more of a collison but not quite as coordinated and good of a ball handler. Collison had some stuff that cole has pulled out yet, though cole is young. He may get there but it is hard for a big 6' 11'' guy to have moves like collison did.

mbmerriman 14 years ago

would people please stop jumping on the morris twins, no they arent darrell arthur yet! what did you expect? for them to jump in and be awesome from day one. college basketball is a learning process, they are 6 games into their careers theyll learn, and riding the pine would be the worst thing to do right now

jncarlsbad 14 years ago

First off, I'm brand new to the forum and missed last night's game since I live in Carlsbad, CA. However, I've seen enough games this season and I love where this team is going! What this team needs is composure (Syracuse game) which is understandable right now since they are really young.This is where i think the offense is at:1. Cole is getting better every time he plays. Very exciting to watch, he's a real threat to anyone driving the lane. And guess what, he can shoot foul shots. I'm still scared on his fouling when we play a real team with big guys that can crash the boards. 2. Taylor has surprised me a lot and I think he's more of a threat than Collins. I want Taylor to dribble the ball down the court and run the offense. Collins gets a little crazy when he's dribbling the ball, remember when he tripped handing the ball off to Mario during the Championship game. Collins is CLUTCH and i like the possible shooting gurard combo of him, Taylor, and Little.3. The twins will be just fine. Give them time, they are games behind the rest of the team. Self will get them straightened out if they aren't prepared to put in the work. These two are going to be crucial to our success when Cole is out of the game.4. Reed and Morningstar are great shooter's and when Cole kicks it back to them for the 3, they will sink them! The defense: Well, everyone needs to get better. We will really see where this team is at when we play Tennessee and Michigan State. Defense wins championships and SELF is a true believer in it. This team will be ready for the Big 12 tourney!I'm so glad Self is still here!

hawkfanatic 14 years ago

I'm new to the board so just wanted to say hi to my fellow jayhawk fans! Second...anybody else think Releford will transfer after this year besides me???

APB 14 years ago

I have never seen so many people get jacked up over a dunk. Heck, even women can dunk. Considering the soft schedule the jayhawks have been playing, I guess anything excites some of you. As for the Morris twins, a couple of lazy bums so far. They must think therere still in high school. By the way, whats up with the soft non-conference schedule? You think thats going to prepare you for Michigan St. and Tennessee. Get real boys. Youve only played one decent team so far, Syracuse, and we see what they did to you. Im sure youve got an excuse for that loss though. I`ll give you the real reason, their better and have more heart.

jasonsgill 14 years ago

Lebowski-I was talking about the one from Sherron to Markieff. I have to disagree, I'm pretty sure he would have brought it down if he didn't get fouled. And whether or not he got high enough or whatever, is secondary to the fact that his elbows were at the rim. That is plenty explosive enough to dunk on a regular basis. He (they) just don't seem to utilize that explosion on a regular basis. I think this is what Cole was referring to.

Nick Cole 14 years ago

APB needs to find something better to do with his/her time...

APB 14 years ago

BleedCandB,Truth hurts doesn`t it?

mbmerriman 14 years ago

were playing a weak noncon schedule like everyone else in the nation...i have met releford and i know that he has been dreaming of going to kansas since he was very small i would be VERY suprised if he transferred...just look at brady morningstar no one would have thought he would be starting this year but he took a year to get better and now he a solid D-1 player

Jack Wilson 14 years ago

APD -- the Morris twins a couple of lazy bums? Soft non-conference?It is truly amazing the level of pure ignorance. Glad you're not a KU fan. And I'm sure whatever team you support would take the Morris twins in a heartbeat. I'll stick with them.That soft non-conference you refer to includes the Tennessee and Michigan St. games you mentioned, plus Arizona, plus Syracuse .. and UMass. Kent State is good team, and we have Temple. That's 7 solid in the non-con. And are Siena, Coppin St., and Washington wastes of time? Again, ignorant. Regardless, kiss the ring my friend.

caddie733 14 years ago

Love Tyshawn, but I would agree with Coach Self, that at this point, he is a bit of a ball stop. He seems a little more interested in "getting his" rather than distributing the ball (took the most shots the other night). A lot of times on fast breaks, it seemed like he was going up with the ball and not even thinking of teammates (like dumping it to the trailer for an easy 2)...hopefully, he will learn to distribute a bit better because he won't be able to use sheer athleticism against top competition.

jaybate 14 years ago

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jaybate 14 years ago

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Underdog777 14 years ago

Releford on the court situation is starting to look similar to Micah Down's freshman year. Both are productive given playing time but Bill Self likes his other options better. It appears Micah is doing well for Gonzaga. Everytime I check to box scores or catch a game he is scoring 20 points and playing over 25 minutes a game. Gonzaga is loaded so he is fighting to get his minutes. The only problem for Releford he is from the KC area and his other b-ball options are a major step down. It would be foolish to transfer to another Big 12 school since you lose a year of playing career. Missouri Valley and Big 12 schools are weak and boring respectfully. I put some of the blame for this situation on coach Self. He knew Releford's playing style when he heavily recruited him now that playing style has him sitting behind Conner T & Morningstar. Releford can play plenty of minutes for another D1 team just like Micah is doing. Does anyone believe the same for Morningstar and Conner T? I hope for Releford's sake he gets more playing time soon. We should not blame Releford one bit if he decides to unhitch his wagon and head for greener pastures.

Underdog777 14 years ago

Sorry I meant Missouri Valley and Big 10 schools on my earlier post.

kubasketball0809 14 years ago

Tyshawn Throwing it down.... Nothing better

milehighhawk 14 years ago

I've got an idea: how about everybody stops their idle (not to mention baseless) speculation about who may or may not transfer after this season?Enjoy this season, now.

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