Monday, August 11, 2008

KU back leaving program

Boyd-Anderson gone; position getting thin

Kansas running back Carmon Boyd-Anderson scrambles after his fumble in the 2008 spring game. Boyd-Anderson notified Jayhawks coach Mark Mangino of his plans to leave KU and is now waiting to hear from the university whether he'll be released from his scholarship.

Kansas running back Carmon Boyd-Anderson scrambles after his fumble in the 2008 spring game. Boyd-Anderson notified Jayhawks coach Mark Mangino of his plans to leave KU and is now waiting to hear from the university whether he'll be released from his scholarship.


Boyd-Anderson leaving KU football team

Kansas coach Mark Mangino's backfield got a little thinner on Monday after running back Carmon Boyd-Anderson announced he is leaving the team.

While things atop the Kansas University football team's running-back depth chart appear to be in fine shape, the list of reserves has thinned considerably.

Sunday, sophomore running back Carmon Boyd-Anderson notified Jayhawks coach Mark Mangino of his plans to leave KU and is now waiting to hear from the university whether he'll be released from his scholarship.

"We had a brief meeting today, and I just let him know what my intentions were and how I felt about the situation," Boyd-Anderson said.

Assuming the remaining paperwork goes through, the 6-foot-1, 204-pound Jacksonville, Texas, native intends to move to Bolivar, Mo., in the coming days, where his brother, Welton Boyd, is a freshman football player for Southwest Baptist University. Another brother is a graduate of Southwest Baptist, as well.

Boyd-Anderson said Sunday night that he likely would enroll at a junior college while exploring his options.

"I'm still in a scramble trying to find out what my next step's going to be," he said. "But it's a moment that, once I get settled in and get all the information, it should be a pretty good situation for me."

As a true freshman last season, Boyd-Anderson played in four games, rushing 24 times for 91 yards and a touchdown, compiling a season-high 54 yards in a 62-0 victory over Southeastern Louisiana before sitting out the team's final nine games.

Entering the 2008 season, however, the outlook appeared grim for the former three-star recruit out of Jacksonville High. Juniors Jake Sharp and Jocques Crawford, the national junior-college offensive player of the year in 2007, are expected to garner the majority of the team's carries this season, while fellow junior Angus Quigley was also listed ahead of Boyd-Anderson on the depth chart.

"I've been thinking about it the past year, been discussing it with my parents," Boyd-Anderson said. "It's absolutely nothing against the coaches, they gave me all kinds of reasons to stay. It's nothing against the university - they help you as far as schooling goes; I was getting a good education. It just wasn't really my liking."

Mangino also said that freshman running back Sean Ransburg, a 6-foot-1, 195-pound graduate of Harrisonville (Mo.) High School, will not be in the football program until January at the earliest.

Ransburg was not cleared to play by the NCAA Clearinghouse, although coaches are hopeful that he will be able to join the program in January.

As a high school senior in 2007, Ransburg threw for 2,556 yards and 29 touchdowns while compiling 1,677 yards and 29 touchdowns on the ground, picking up all-state and Class 3A player-of-the-year honors.

He also led Harrisonville to four straight state title games - three of which resulted in Class 3A championships - and was the first player from the Class of 2008 to commit to Kansas.

The two absences leaves the Jayhawks with five players at the running back/tailback position: Crawford, Sharp and Quigley, Donte Bean and the recently repositioned Rell Lewis.


sdoyel 14 years, 4 months ago

Without reading a word in this article, I'm going to say we have a selfish kid who's not buying into the team concept. If you want to get carries, then work hard in practice and earn the job....

GoBadgers 14 years, 4 months ago

You can't blame him. Who wouldn't want to leave the state of kansas?

justanotherfan 14 years, 4 months ago

jhawk4life1976: read again. I was translating what the football team has done into basketball terms. I know very well what we have done in hoops. My post was a comparison of what we have done in football into basketball terminology, so people will understand how ridiculous it sounds for them to trumpet us as a powerhouse in football right now.

14 years, 4 months ago

justanotherfan - where did you find that cool football to basketball season conversion chart? I have been looking all over for it on the internet but Google seems to be slacking these days... ;)

jayhawkinATL 14 years, 4 months ago

I hear ya, quigley. Five-deep sounds pretty good to me.

railer1122 14 years, 4 months ago

We have DeShaun Sands and I'm sure with another successful season we will have some good running backs as well. We should be fine, he was 4th string anyway.

KGphoto 14 years, 4 months ago

He should definitely go to Wisconsin. I know that sounds like I hate Carmen, but I just think he deserves to be a starter.Sands is going to be really good. He looks a lot like Darren Sproles. He should be the starting punt returner and will take over Sharps role as the speed guy in a couple of years. Super tough for a small guy too.Have you guys noticed that the 2009 class has already started reflecting the success and new facilities. Prinz Kande is a 4 star guy. Other guys have us listed as finalists that we never would've had a shot at before. Our secondary is going to be stacked for a long time.

Carter Patterson 14 years, 4 months ago

This simply means that Boyd-Anderson knew he wasn't good enough to get the snaps. He'll transfer to a school where there is less talent so that he can excel. I'm sure Wisconsin will welcome him with open arms.

justanotherfan 14 years, 4 months ago

I think thin in this article refers to underclass depth. We have three good backs, all of whom are juniors, then two unproven guys, one of whom just switched positions. We lose our best young back from last year, plus we won't have our top incoming freshman back until next season. That means Fall of 2010, we have, uh, Rell Lewis I guess. Ransburg maybe. There isn't a whole lot of underclass depth to this group. That's what I saw in the article, at least.

kranny 14 years, 4 months ago

I think the KU coaches would take a smart, athletic, and hardworking recruit over a prima donna five star recruit any day.

quigley 14 years, 4 months ago

The title of the article suggests that the position is getting thin, then gives the list of three talented running backs ahead of him. Am I missing something???

jhawk4life1976 14 years, 4 months ago

bigjay83-You're pretty brave hurling insults from behind a computer huh?

troutsee 14 years, 4 months ago

Obviously Mangino did not have the confidence that Boyd-Anderson could do the job or he would not have worked so hard at recruiting Crawford. Still, Boyd-Anderson had talent and should have taken a red shirt year. He would have then had three years of eligibility left and two years of eligibility after Sharp and Crawford graduate. Maybe there were other "personal" reasons. I think Quigley runs very hard and should be given a realistic shot.

sdoyel 14 years, 4 months ago

Without reading a word in this article, I'm going to say we have a selfish kid who's not buying into the team concept. If you want to get carries, then work hard in practice and earn the job....

Dyrk Dugan 14 years, 4 months ago

Mr. Boyd-Anderson saw the handwriting on the wall, and decided to leave. it doesn't seem too complicated. he didn't play much last year....and once Quigley was healthy, he was out of the mix altogether. I still think we have a good shot at Bryce Brown this year...and he would provide a pretty good future for sure.

bigjay83 14 years, 4 months ago

jhawk4life1976,Wow. Chewing gum and walking is probably a pretty difficult task for you, huh?Try actually reading the comment next time as opposed to pressing your face against your monitor hoping it will soak in through osmosis. The former works much better.Here's your sign..........

railer1122 14 years, 4 months ago

Yeah but we need to start getting some 5 stars. If Colorado can do it, why not us?

troutsee 14 years, 4 months ago

Justanotherfan, what the heck, let us pump ourselves up. We don't need a reality check of the paucity of our past football accomplishments. This is a different era of KU football. Many of us feel it in our bones Most of us are looking forward to another great season and probably great seasons to come. I am the eternal optimist. Think big and accomplish big.

justanotherfan 14 years, 4 months ago

Bryce Brown is almost guaranteed to follow his brother to Miami. He's already verballed. That's where losing that battle hurts the most. If we get Arthur, then Bryce is almost sure to follow him to Lawrence (especially since they play different positions). Losing Arthur means we lose the top prep in Kansas two straight years.

Brad Avery 14 years, 4 months ago

That's too bad; he is a talented running back. KU over-recruited the position. Transfers are inevitable.

KU 14 years, 4 months ago

railer1122......Five stars mean nothing to Mangino and his staff, not to mention Jake Sharpe. If you are saying we need to continue improving our athleticism, I agree. But those recruiting services can't measure heart.If Bryce Brown wants to play in Thugville for an unproven head coach, he probably doesn't have the common sense and intelligence to fit in at KU anyway.

Kevin Kelly 14 years, 4 months ago

Look who wrote the article and judge for yourself why words like 'thin' are used.

littlerichard 14 years, 4 months ago

"Without reading a word in this article, I'm going to say..." "Without knowing a damn thing about it, I'm going to open my mouth and make an ass of myself."

justanotherfan 14 years, 4 months ago

Ladies and gentlemen,Let's get ahold of ourselves here. I've been reading a lot of the comments on football articles since last season, and people are talking like we have been one of the dominant teams for the last decade or so. This time last year we were coming off a 6-6 season, just hoping to get to a bowl. Two years ago we were coming off a win in the Forth Worth Bowl. Five years ago we were counting the days until Late Night. Let's not get all heady because we went to ONE BCS game. One year does not make a program.Let's translate our last few years of football into basketball terms.2003 - 6-7, lost in Tangarine Bowl = 18-14, lost in second round of NIT2004 - 4-7, no bowl = 13-20, lost in first round of conference tournament, no post season2005 - 7-6, won Fort Worth Bowl = 21-12, lost in first round of NCAA tournament as 9 seed2006 - 6-6, no bowl = 18-15, lost in first round of NIT2007 - 12-1, won Orange Bowl = 31-3, advanced to Final Four.In hoops terms, we have, over the past 5 seasons, gone to the NIT twice, advancing only once past the 1st round, the NCAA tournament twice, only once getting out of the first round, and completely missed the post-season once. Yes, our most recent season was our best, but that doesn't mean we are a powerhouse. Not yet, anyway. Let's go to 4 or 5 bowls IN A ROW before we start talking about being a powerhouse. In the meantime, let's let Coach Mangino and staff build the program.

KU 14 years, 4 months ago

The UDK is reporting that Donte Bean is transferring to Washburn. It's obvious that despite Bean and Boyd-Anderson's high recruiting ratings, they weren't cut out for D-1 football. Just goes to show that recruiting services can't measure the heart of a championship football player when they are in high school.The coaching staff probably wasn't thrilled with Bean and Boyd-Anderson, so that's probably why they brought Rell Lewis over from another position in the off-season.

jhawk4life1976 14 years, 4 months ago

justanotherfan: You don't know what the heck you are talking about when it comes to the baskeball team. Since the 2003-04 seasons they have had 1 NC, 2 Elite Eights and were elminated in the 1st round twice. KU doesn't go to the NIT.

stravinsky 14 years, 4 months ago

Wow, chill out dudes. It was a decent analogy. We're getting better. After another solid year (lets hope double digit wins, but it'll be tough) we'll be getting even more athletic recruits. And I think Mangino will just get better and better at turning these athletes into great football players.

jhawk4life1976 14 years, 4 months ago

Sorry I didn't show your "conversion chart" the proper respect.

KGphoto 14 years, 4 months ago

Sounds like a couple of you think Mangino doesn't want any 5 star recruits. Mangino would take 5 star talent in a heartbeat. Not if they were a head case, But 5 stars sometimes means they're athletic and smart or have great technique. Parish would've been 5 stars if he had better technique. Mangino saw that, and got what he could.As far as Colorado getting the #1 running back. I've been in Boulder for 8 years, if you ever spend a week out here in the spring or summer, you'll see a recruiting advantage immediately. You are living in sort of a fantasy land. Both with the beauty of the mountains that rise directly over the campus, and with the way you're treated as a football player. The football players are always getting in trouble out here because they believe they are god. A feeling fully supported by the lemmings that attend the frat-driven school. Beautiful campus, ignorant average students. Spend enough time around it, and you see how really twisted it is. But when a high school kid comes to Boulder, sees the mountains, then believes he will be god. Well. That's how the football program gets 'em.

joepattern 14 years, 4 months ago

Well, justanother fan, I can definitely see your point. I don't think we are dominant or anywhere close to it, but I also say there is nothing wrong with getting excited about your team. Who cares if some of it is over the top? Who cares if it was just one year? Like you said.. it's a Final Four birth, which may not "make a program," but it can have a lasting effect on one. I'll use your analogy for MBB.We're Gonzaga. (Yeah, I realize we're in a BCS conference) Meaning that we just came out of nowhere (in the nation's eyes) and got deeper into the tourney than anyone expected. You might have expected them to go away after just one year or so.. but Mr. Few has managed to turn that success into a good program. We have the same thing building here. Let's not predict NCs or proclaim our dominance or anything, but we shouldn't be ashamed of it either. I'm damn proud.

railer1122 14 years, 4 months ago

Every player in college football is a hard worker with a chip on their shoulder. I think 5 star recruits would work just as hard as a 2 star because Mangino wouldn't let anyone slack. We need to update our speed and strength. Next year's team will struggle so we need some help right away.

truefan 14 years, 4 months ago

I don't think anyone was really getting ahead of themselves in any of the previous comments. The only comment that was even questionable was when railer asked why we haven't been getting 5 star recruits. Although I agree that we probably shouldn't be getting looked at by 5 stars just yet, I do understand where he is coming from. Colorado has definitely had some great years in the past, but they have been floundering in recent years with controversy, poor fan attendance, and awful play. Yes, they have a new coach that should get things done, but with all the recent trouble how are they able to recruit blue chippers as if nothing ever happened? It's just frustrating that recruits forgive so quickly a traditional program and look past an up and comer like KU as if an Orange Bowl victory over the #3 team in the nation meant nothing. The only way to fix this situation is to have another great year this year and become more of a traditional program and lose the up and comer tag. It'll take time pull 5 stars, but I'll take unwarranted optimism over the usual pessimistic views that still circle our program more often than not.

DSommersby 14 years, 4 months ago

Best of luck to CBA. Hope things work out great for him in the future. Heard he was a good guy on and off the field and wish him well.

bigjay83 14 years, 4 months ago

jhawk4life1976,Yep.AND I can read. I'm a duel threat. They call me the drain-o in the Ted Steven's "series of tubes"... I clean out the crap.By they way, I realize that analogy is way above your head. Don't worry. As Ted Knight would say, the world needs ditch diggers too.oregonjhawk, thanks.

justanotherfan 14 years, 4 months ago

Colorado also has an advantage that Missouri and Nebraska enjoy that KU doesn't - being the only school in their state in a BCS conference. If you are a kid from the coast, and wanted to come to the state to play football, there isn't much difference between Manhattan and Lawrence. You're 1500 miles from home either way. At that point, it comes down to everything else in recruiting, but we still have an instate rival in our conference that can offer many of the same opportunities. Colorado, Nebraska and Missouri don't have that concern. Colorado State has been solid, but since they aren't in a BCS conference, any big time recruit from the state of Colorado is probably going to look past them in favor of the Buffs. Any big time recruit in New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Nevada or Idaho, if they want to play in a BCS conference, has to look toward Colorado or the Pac-10 if they want to stay anywhere near home. That's a huge recruiting advantage. Not to say that we can't make it up. If we keep beating Colorado, we can make that up, and convince kids to come to Lawrence instead.As for my analogy yesterday, the Gonzaga comparison is somewhat accurate. If you recall, Gonzaga started getting more national respect after they made three straight deep tournament runs. After their coach (Monson I think) left to take another job, most thought Gonzaga would fall off. It wasn't until Few took them to two more Sweet Sixteens that people said Gonzaga was a strong program. That's kind of where we are at in football. We have had a strong year. Now, we need to follow it up with a couple more "deep runs" to show people we aren't just a one year wonder. Five years ago, everyone said Maryland was an up and comer. Then they had a couple poor seasons in a row. Now they are at a crossroads. No one is saying they are a powerhouse anymore. My point is, if we go 6-6 this year, everyone - recruits, media, coaches, pundits - will say last year was a fluke. We aren't OU or Texas or Miami or Florida or USC, where they can get recruits based on name. They can walk a kid down the hall, show him a national title, a Heisman, a BCS Bowl trophy and tell him he can be a part of getting back there. A down year or two or three won't hurt them, because of their tradition, just like a down year in basketball won't hurt us like it would hurt a school like Baylor or Texas Tech, because we can walk a kid down the hall, show them national titles, player of the year awards, all-americans, etc. and tell them they can be a part of that.

Kyle Cornish 14 years, 4 months ago

Actually, yes, 5 RB's is getting thin. Most SEC and big time schools have 8-10. You need enough to go at least 4 deep on your first and second team. Then you need another 3 or 4 AT LEAST to run scout team. If we are really down to 4 or 5, we better pray for no injuries.

JBurtin 14 years, 4 months ago

I tend to look at things differently when it comes to this program.If you measure things only by wins and losses then the earlier analogy could hold up pretty well, but football is a very different sport. Very seldom in basketball do you have good offense with no defense, one usually creates the other. And very seldom in basketball do you have a situation where a lack of a good player at any single position insures that your team won't play well.What I've seen over the last few years is a team that found its future in offense in 2003, but didn't have the personnel to make it happen on defense. Then found its defensive identity in 2004 and 2005, but didn't have the QB to lead the team on offense. 2006 was simply a young year, but one that showed me a ton of promise. Everybody has to go through a mediocre season every once in a while when you are replacing great players with young ones. The basketball team is likely to have some issues with that this year, though they defintely have a ton more games to figure it out.The way I see it, KU didn't just start playing good football last year. That's what everybody else thinks simply because they weren't watching. A program improving that much in a single year would be ludicrous. The truth is that anybody with a decent football IQ and an insiders view of the program would have seen that having a great year like 2007 would be inevitable if we could just get a year with the stellar offense and defense all at once. I wasn't predicting 12 wins last year or anything because I felt that the team would still have confidence issues when playing on the road, but I didn't think Anthony Collin's prediction of 10 or 11 wins was as outlandish as many people thought either.2003's offense + 2004's (or 2005's) defense = 12 wins

oregonjhawk 14 years, 4 months ago

bigj83......hilarious, I rolled after reading your comment.What's the need for the "position's getting thin" tag anyway?? With the very last point in the article being that we're 5 deep, it seems like Arnett's trying to fill space in the sub-headline. Odd...

jhawk4life1976 14 years, 4 months ago

...and I'm sure you're just as tough in person.

JBurtin 14 years, 4 months ago

On another note, worrying about whether or not we land five star recruits is like allowing ESPN to simply predict the season on paper and not bother to play the games. The truth is the "experts" don't know any more than we do about these kids. There are simply too many of them to accurately rate how well they will do at the D1 level.Somehow I doubt that Mangino is in his office right now looking up who Rivals thinks is good and recruiting based on their star rating. It doesn't matter how many years of success he has coaching here, he's going to recruit in exactly the same way that just lead us to a twelve win season. Keep winning games and soon the recruiting sites will start to assume that if a great talent evaluator like Mark Mangino is recruiting somebody, then he must be a five star talent. Suddenly guys that were three stars will get bumped up to five when they sign with us and voila, a high rated recruiting class that is probably very similar talent-wise to any of our other recruiting classes.The average star rating of your class is more of an indicator of how your program is perceived nationally then an indicator of how good the players actually are. Most of the kids get their ratings "prediction" after they've already signed with a team.Hmm, I'm looking into my crystal ball and I see that a running back has recently signed with USC. Judging by the size of their line and the fact that their coach finds a way to put up double digit wins every year I "predict" that he must be a five star running back.Pretty tough prediction.

Andy Hess 14 years, 4 months ago

5 RBs = "getting thin"?you suck, Doogie.

KGphoto 14 years, 4 months ago

You'll notice that CU is quite proud of always being in the top 5 or 10 party schools in the nation, if not #1. That's really why most students come here. Top football recruits are seriously party hungry. I've friends from Ohio State say the same thing, "partying is what college is about". I'm sure Florida is no different, etc.That's the cool thing about Kansas, and why Mangino fits in so perfectly here. It's about education and overall growth as a person and player. He's not allergic to 5 star recruits. He'll take them. but they have to fit our system at Kansas. And like Crawford, they'll have to work/win their way into a starting spot.

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