Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fan ritual: Lucky ‘Old School’ shirt



Wayne Dedloff/Submitted Photo

We have quite a KU basketball shrine in our game room at home. Below is a partial pic. Every KU basketball Sports Illustrated cover, autographs, signed basketballs, etc

I have a Jayhawk t-shirt that features the 1929 version of the Jayhawk, with the caption "OLD SCHOOL," that has become a must-wear during KU games. It is very special to me since my 12-year-old son Hunter purchased it for my birthday last year using his own allowance money that he had saved.

Two times this season I failed to wear it during KU games. The first time was vs. Missouri during football season, and the second at our loss to Oklahoma St. during basketball season. As a result I can't help but feel partly responsible for those losses. The Missouri loss still haunts me since I will always wonder, "what if I'd worn the shirt?"

My son and I attended the Big 12 tourney this year, and I wore my "OLD SCHOOL" shirt the entire weekend. On Saturday during the KU vs TAMU game, I spilled a large drop of ketchup on the front. I have continued to wear the same shirt, complete with ketchup stain, throughout the NCAA tourney during KU games and much to my wife's chagrin, refuse to wash it until our season is over. I'll even wear it to my office on Tuesday, (for the last time with ketchup stain), if we win Monday night.

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