Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bye before Showdown could favor KU


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'Fine' time to break loose for KU football TE

Jayhawk TE Derek Fine caught 7 passes for 70 yards and 1 TD in Kansas' 55-3 win over Florida International.

B-Mac bounces back for KU

After two uncharacteristic fumbles in Florida International territory for Brandon McAnderson, the senior Jayhawk RB bounced back to his usual form to help trounce FIU 55-3 last Saturday.

Kansas University's football team is trying to downplay the whole scenario. But history presents repeated evidence that the Jayhawks are benefiting from a fortunate scheduling quirk yet again.

Kansas has this week off before playing rival Kansas State on Oct. 6 in Manhattan. K-State, meanwhile, has a little distraction this Saturday called the Texas Longhorns.

The Oct. 6 Sunflower Showdown will kick off at 11 a.m. from Bill Snyder Family Stadium, it was announced Monday. It will be televised by Fox Sports Net (Sunflower Broadband channel 36).

But here's an interesting stat that plays into this year's game: In the last 20 years, there have been five instances where the Kansas State-Kansas game was played with one of the teams coming off a bye week. The team with an extra week to prepare won all five times.

Kansas State prevailed in 1991, '93 and '96 with an extra week. KU was victorious in 1992 and 2006 under the same circumstances.

KU coach Mark Mangino said the timing of the bye week was irrelevant to him, though he did concede Monday that it could be a productive week of work with no game to worry about.

"Fundamentally, it's a good time for us to work on the little nuances," Mangino said. "The techniques and fundamentals sometimes get lost in the game-planning."

Still, the Jayhawks didn't lobby for a week off before the start of the Big 12 Conference schedule. The bye week actually was the result of Kansas and Missouri agreeing to move their annual game to Thanksgiving weekend. The 2006 and '07 Border War games happened to be scheduled a week before the Kansas-Kansas State game before they were moved.

Mangino said his staff would start breaking down Kansas State film Monday. KU players had Monday off like they normally do, but will return to the practice field today to start the grind again.

"A bye week's a bye week," tight end Derek Fine said. "Regardless of when it is, we're still going to go out and work and do the things we need to do. That's really it.

"The bye week is not an off week or a relax week. We're still out there working, getting ready for the next game."

The Jayhawks will practice today through Friday before taking Saturday off. Many of the KU players probably will watch the Kansas State-Texas game Saturday, which kicks off at 2:30 p.m. and will be televised by ABC.

After this weekend's action, Kansas and Missouri will be the only two Big 12 teams yet to play a conference game. And if the players are any indication, it will be an impatient wait to get to the meat of the schedule.

"I think we're ready to go," cornerback Aqib Talib said. "We had a real good nonconference as far as defense and offense. We're ready. We're ready to go on the road and get a good test in a couple of weeks."


sevenyearhawk 15 years ago

How I sincerely hope that that game at Arrowhead is for all the marbles!!!

Beak 'em, Hawks!

Drew Alan 15 years ago

well... the most marbles that arrowhead game can count for is the northern half of the big XII's marbles... and the winner "earns" a matchup with the winner of the OU-Texas matchup in two weeks... and while I doubt this will happen (because I think KU and Mizzou both have great shots of being "in it" for the north title at the end) I REALLY hope that the arrowhead game is a total failure. College football games should be played on college campuses in college towns. Pro football stadiums are for bowl games... and this is not a bowl game.

Dyrk Dugan 15 years ago

The Arrowhead game is not just should have been delayed a year. We have all these easy non con games....and then it's Baylor and ISU. Only Nebraska is a "name" home opponent...that's it! Plus the fact that Chase Daniel, as a starting QB, will never have to face a hostile Memorial Stadium crowd. That's too bad, and my displeasure in an email to the KU Athletic Dept. was turned around with the obligatory money, money and more money angle...(we have to compete and all of that.) Let's just get them 'Cats, and then we'll worry about Thanksgiving much later.

Kevin Long 15 years ago

I think its about time KU wins in Manhattan. They are due. And when they do, there are gonna be tears all over the little craple! There will then be a new football school in Kansas. Then all they will have is their debate team! lol so sad!

Michael Leiker 15 years ago

Somebody posted yesterday about how they are so glad it is an early game and i agree completely. Lots of rub it in their face time. I'm just worried about what kind of luck I'll have with the bartenders all day if I have my 3 jersy on after a Hawk victory.

sevenyearhawk 15 years ago

klong, the last time KU won there was 20 years ago, I believe ...

leikness, i'd keep an eye on what goes in your drink!

let's face it folks, this IS war ... think back to the history of conflict between Kansas and Missouri ...

Oregon/Oregon St still calls their matchup "the Civil War" ... so why can't this be the "Border War" since, ours grew out of, in fact, a real war!

Kevin Long 15 years ago

Knowing KSU fans like I do, growing up by Manhattan, they will want to fight. You see the thing is, the men out number the women like 50 to 1 so they already have testosterone overload in that town. This game will set them off. I say when we win you young spry college kids get out there and tear down their goal post and return the favor!

jayhawkarmy 15 years ago

Remember last year when k-state beat Texas and went into the Ku game with a big head and wooped there butts im kinda think i want k-state to win again hmmmmm......

justanotherfan 15 years ago

Why are we talking Border War already? I know its a bye week, but I am focused on the Kansas State Wildcats. Its the first real challenge of the season. This is a huge game for us, a game that could vault us into the national conscience. This game could position us for a run to a Big XII north title. Mizzou at Arrowhead will take care of itself when the time comes. Right now we have to focus on pounding K-State.

sevenyearhawk 15 years ago

the Pussycats are just going to be a purple roadbump ...

i guess it's my fault because i picked up on the last graf of the story: KU and Mizzou the only teams that haven't played a conference game ... my fault, sorry!

Alan Halvorsen 15 years ago

When we win in Manhattan on Oct. 6th that will be the 13th year anniversary of when K-state tore down our goal posts in LAWRENCE in '94....

What do you guys say that we return the favor?

seattlehawk_78 15 years ago

I like having two weeks to prepare. Gives you a chance to get healthy. Although I believe we sustained more injuries in practice than during the four games played.

If there is one thing that concerns me it's the turnovers in games 3 and 4.

bmcmich1 15 years ago

I agree seattle, that is a concern--better teams will most definitely take more advantage of them than Toledo and FIU did, respectively. Due to those teams not taking advantage of turnovers, it can easily hide the severity of them. However, b-mac looked truly upset with himself after the two fumbles, which are uncharacteristic of him anyway. I think he was just trying to do too much against an inferior opponent against FIU; he's too smart a player to let that happen against better competition. Plus, Reesing's INT was a bit of a fluke in that he threw a good ball but it got a bad bounce after Talib was hammered. The ball was well thrown, and he didn't throw into triple coverage or anything Rex Grossman style. So, you can rationalize those turnovers that way if you wish (and I do). I think any of those type problems are best corrected during a bye week--couldn't have come at a better time!

William James 15 years ago

The last time we won in Manhattan was 1989. Including myself, I plan on celebrating with a crew of 5 guys that should average out to around 225 lbs. each. Im ready for anything, and so what if I get my butt kicked, it'll make a great story to tell the rest of my life. Anyone that dosent have tickets to the game should watch the game in Aggieville and help us celebrate afterward or drive up after the game ends around 2:30. If we win Aggieville will be ours for the first time in 18 years!

Bryan Summers 15 years ago

I spent four years in the KU Marching Band way back when. I (and many others) did it to support our team and our University. We had a few great wins and a whole bunch of bad losses. I learned to hate Cornh0ler fans for kicking and tripping band members during "run-in" and KSUck and Misery fans, well, just because. Don't confuse big with good; 350 in-breads carrying daddy's cornet from his high school days doesn't make an excellent band. The KU band was voted the best MB in America in the late 70's by CBS Sports, received the Sudler Award in 1989 - the top award given to college marching bands, 1994 voted by Sports Illustrated as one of top ten college bands! The staff is composed of some of the top educators, musicians and composers in the country. Maybe things are going through a change, but I doubt that a second-rate music department like KSUck compares in quality to KU's.

With that said, I can't wait for the game...and it will be aired (Fox) in Oregon!!! Do you know what it's like to watch a web-footed Jayhawk-wanna-be football team every week?

Rock Chalk!

Rivethead 15 years ago

Who the hell would WANT Aggieville?

killabees 15 years ago

Number 18 in the foxsports team rankings this week

We finally cracked the top 25 somewhere. Keep it up guys.

killabees 15 years ago

Here's what they say:

  1. Kansas (4-0) W, 55-3, Florida International next game: at Kansas State (Oct. 6)

The Ranking Should Be Higher Because ... it's fourth in the nation in total offense, fourth in total defense, and fifth in scoring defense. The return game is among the best in America, the pass rush has been phenomenal, and all the parts are working offensively.

The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... Central Michigan, SE Louisiana, Toledo, Florida International. Again, Central Michigan, SE Louisiana, Toledo, Florida International.

sevenyearhawk 15 years ago

yeah ... yeah, so we played nobodies, but we beat them SOUNDLY!

Texas struggled against Arkansas St and UCF,

Nebraska almost lost at Wake Forest and gave up 600 yards at home to Ball St, a MAC squad ...

Iowa State lost AT HOME to Kent State and Northern Iowa (I-AA) ...

We look so sharp and confident ... I'm standing pat on my prediction of KU by 14+

I just wonder what would be better or worse for us, K-State winning or losing in Austin ...


William James 15 years ago

It would probably be better if they won. They won last year against Texas and it didnt bother us so I dont see why this year would be different. Also, a win over Texas gets them a national ranking. Which would kill the whole weak schedule thoery. No matter what, I hope they at least keep it close so they have to play a full 4 quarters and best case scenario would be multiple overtimes.

sevenyearhawk 15 years ago


close game, so their #1s are in the whole time, OTs even better ...

but also, if we beat a team that gets waxed at Texas, that detracts from our perception!

bmcmich1 15 years ago

The question of whether K-suck winning or losing on Sat. making any difference in our game is a great topic for debate, however I don't think it will make one bit of difference for two reasons. 1) They are playing a game, we are not. Regardless of whether it's a tough one for them or not, we will still be more rested, and 2) This is more important, and something I firmly believe: we are a better team! I truly think that the only way we go to Mancrappan and lose is if we beat ourselves, and with a bye week that is less and less probable.

My point? Regardless of what happens this Saturday, we STILL kick their butts on 10/6!

Michael Leiker 15 years ago

My only concern is that with the weak pre-season schedule, the week off might be a detractor. I am concerned that KSU will be ready to go right off the bat and it might take us 5 minutes to get into the swing of things. If that happens, the question is how will this team repond if they are not the team to strike the first blow.

justanotherfan 15 years ago

I don't think K-State's result this weekend matters. Last year they were giddy about beating Texas. This year, Prince will work to ensure that doesn't happen again if they win. If they lose, they are still going to come in fired up for a rivalry game. They are trying to get to a bowl just like we are. I'm sure at the beginning of the season they looked at this game as one they should win, just as we did. The big thing this weekend is to watch for any of their regulars getting injured. That has more to do with how they will play Oct. 6 than beating Texas or not.

Dirk Medema 15 years ago

KSU has tricked their way into a few victories, including Texas last year, but you can only do so much with smoke and mirrors. Texas will be awake for this game, unlike sleep walking thru the preseason, will remember vividly being embarrased last year, and will pound the kittycats. That doesn't help KU's cred's, but there are many games left to worry about that. Let the beatdowns continue on 10/6.

As for the article, were the '91, '92, '93 victories a rsult of off weeks or home field advantage?

norsk_reporter 15 years ago

Man, you guys are dilusional. Last year you played us with most of our top starters, including receivers (who you can thank for several of the turnovers) out from injury. Freeman had 6 turnovers, which he won't this year. You gave up 4 sacks to Toledo. Freeman=62 % pass completion, Reesing=56 % Your best receiver, Talib, will be in the secondary most of the time. Our defense will dominate and thrash you. Good luck.

Michael Leiker 15 years ago

Norsk....have you seen KU's offense this year? Been to a game? If not, you have absolutely no idea what you are in for. GL to you all this weekend. Hopefully there will be a minimum # of stretchers brought onto the field so you will have no excuses come Monday the 8th.

sevenyearhawk 15 years ago

K-State is going to get toasted ... plain and simple!

actorman 15 years ago

I'm so glad willie chimed in. I really needed a good laugh. The puddytats are going to score 31 points??? Really??? With THAT offense, against THAT defense??? Maybe he got confused and meant KSUck would score 31 over their next three games combined.

Now let's try a more realistic prediction, say KU winning 34-16. That sounds about right.

Alan Halvorsen 15 years ago

That completion percentage doesn't sound right at all....but because I'm too lazy and know who the better qb is, i'm not going to waste my time. How do you figure that freeman won't have MORE than 6 turnovers. He has proven that he is careless with the ball. Also what if....Freeman gets hurt, then what? You guys can't run the ball...that might explain your 60+ passes a game. Both your lines are the worst in the B12. Sorry to say it but if you look at Freemans numbers from last year and again this year. He is possibly the most overrated QB in the country. Even our own Kerry Meier had better numbers than Freeman last year. Watch out dude, watch out for your goal posts too.....cause they are mine!

JBurtin 15 years ago

My fiance was a band geek at one of the best high school bands in Kansas, Topeka West (actually I was being modest, they are by far the best). They are lead by a KU grad by the name of Barry Evans. They have been winning high school band competitions all over the country for years, and regularly get the invite to participate as part of bowl game festivities.

She went on to participate in the band at Washburn where she was a music major for a time before deciding to make music her hobby and pursue a more lucrative career choice.

Now I'm no marching band expert, but she sure as hell is.

She knows what to look and listen for and regularly praises the bands of teams like Purdue, Texas A&M, and the Blue Devils. Included on her list of elite bands are our very own Marching Jayhawks. They may not be the biggest band in America, but they are very sharp on the field and the difficulty of the music they play is second to none.

In short, it's not the quantity of band members that matters, it's the quality.

As for K-State, call their band an elite band in her presence and she'd laugh in your face.

On the other hand, it is becoming aparent that KU needs to add members to its band in order for them to be heard in front of large home field crowds. The problem is that KU does many specific tradtional marches that take a very specific number of people to do. I think that perhaps they could add more total band members and simply have the freshmen not march, or else have students earn a spot on the field. This way KU keeps it's traditional pregame show, but we can hear the band better during gametime.

bmcmich1 15 years ago

What the k-sucker failed to mention was free(wo)man has a line of 2TD vs. 4INT for an overall QB rating of 114.

Hot Toddy has a line of 11TD vs. 1INT for a rating of 166.

He probably hasn't put those numbers up against the best opponents, but Joshie has only gone up against one.

ebizzle 15 years ago

He also forgot to mention that the freeman only throws 3 yard pass plays and has the lowest yards per catch in the league. Hell, if Reesing just dinked and dunked all day he would have a 80% completion rate. Dude you better roll in here with more than completion rate stats. Wait.... that's all you have at this point.

seattlehawk_78 15 years ago

Posted on December 8 at 7:33 p.m. by norsk_reporter

"Next year, without the senior O-linemen or John Cornish: 4-7. Mark MY words."

JBurtin 15 years ago

What a tard,

Let's break this down

For starters, learn how to speak english so that your "thoughts" are salient enough for me to argue with them.

Second, this isn't last year.

We're better than we were last year. We returned nearly every starter from last year's team, and vastly improved our weak points. Our pass rush is better, our linebackers are much better at coverage to keep the tight ends and slot receivers in check, and we have developed several options this year for guys that are much better than Anthony Webb at cornerback.

Meanwhile K-State's biggest weakness last year was their offensive line. They lost three guys from that line who either quit the team or transferred during the offseason. The result is that this is arguably the weakest line that KU has gone against this year (they have a starting tackle that weighs in at 271 and the other is 286). In addition they lost their fastest receiver and 2 talented senior linebackers.

JBurtin 15 years ago

Third, Toledo knew that their only chance to hang with KU was for them to blitz every down. KU did much the same thing last year because we knew that our secondary was overmatched against most Big Twelve teams. The result was that we got a ton of sacks, but still gave up too many yards because you can't rely on getting a sack every play. Toledo had 4 sacks from bringing blitzes, but gave up 557 yards of offense.

Fourth, if Freeman's pass completion percentage is so high, then why hasn't K-State blown out anyone with D-1A Status? I'll tell you exactly why. K-State knows they don't have an offensive line that is talented enough to throw a real pass, they've been sticking to the horizontal screen passes over and over much like KU had to do when we didn't have a line a few years ago. The result is an overbloated completion percentage, but a terrible yardage per completion average.

Fifth, You're right, Talib will be in the secondary most of the time, and he is an incredible receiver. However I notice you fail to mention that KU has four other options to throw to that are all 6-3 or taller, and have 4.4 or below speed, plus our leading receiver from last year Dexton Fields is back, Raimond Pendleton is very shifty in punt returns and gives us even more depth, then there's Tertavian Ingram with his 4.4 speed. In other words, you mentioned one great guy, but failed to realize that this years KU team has one of the most loaded corps of wide receivers in the nation, and Talib is an extra special treat that we can throw in just to screw with you.

Finally, let's talk about defense. You gave up 23 to an Auburn team that lost their next 2 games to South Florida and Mississippi State before finally finding a New Mexico state team that was bad enough for them to get another win.

Then you gave up 14 against a San Jose State team that was only able to muster 3 points against Arizona State, 0 against Stanford, and put up a whopping 23 against powerhouse Utah State.

Then in your biggest victory to date you allowed a 1AA squad coached by Terry Allen of all people to score 10 points on you. Sure, you did score 61 on them, but even Missouri-Rolla was able to score 17 on them, Tennessee-Martin scored 44, and Central Arkansas scored 38.

What do you think's gonna happen when you actually have to play someone with offense?

Michael Leiker 15 years ago

Actually....screw what I said about hoping there's not too many stretchers down in Austin this weekend.

I hope Freeman gets a Riddell imprint on the side of his GD knee.

ebizzle 15 years ago

Well that explains it. The Norsk is dyslexic.

Since you get your numbers turned around here are a few important ones to remember.

Overall Series: KU 63-36

Last Year: KU 39 KState 20

This year we will be at least 7-4.

Hope that helps.

William James 15 years ago

4-7 Huh? I guess well see..... It would take too long to find it, but around December last year I predicted the 2007 Hawks would win at least 8 games and have a great shot at breaking into the Top 25 and winning the north division. As you can probably guess, Im gonna stick with my prediction.

actorman 15 years ago

Thanks JBurtin, now I feel more confident than ever. You also forgot to mention another one of our receiving/running weapons: Kerry Meier.

I think the history of results from one team having a bye doesn't say much, because it seems like the better team and/or home team won every one of those games. But logic would still dictate that it's better to come in rested than to come in after going against a very tough team.

Can't stand having to wait another week!

JBurtin 15 years ago

Even if the roles were reversed (KU playing Texas while K-State had the week off), I'd still make the same prediction. K-State is simply overmatched by superior talent.

sevenyearhawk 15 years ago

the only thing that bothers me about Meier as a receiver is his being prone to injury ... so who's our third string QB, is it Tyler Lawrence from SM West?

I about ran off the road when I heard them say BOTH quaterbacks were on at the same time, but I'm just a wee bit scared of both our stellar QBs gettings injured ...

seattlehawk_78 15 years ago

Gee, I feel like a snitch. At least the guy behaves like a guest.

sevenyearhawk 15 years ago

seattle, data & info can be a powerful thing!

williex2 15 years ago

geez, chicken hawks........take a deep breath and take your meds. i can appreciate your enthusiasm but it won't change the outcome of the game: the CATS will win 31-10.

mangino is making the same mistake that synder made: he used to schedule 4 patsies at home and then go to nebraska for the first away game and we'd get our butts kicked. finally, he changed the schedule and got some away games under our belt before we went to lincoln or before they came to manhattan.

you guys are going to fold the first time you make a mistake and k-state scores. the crowd noise, the BIG ksu marching band..........everything will come crashing down around you. and your team will be nervous and edgy for a whole host of reasons.

just enjoy your 4 wins against teams from the little sisters of the poor league and look forward to your remaining 2 wins---iowa state and baylor.

williex2 15 years ago

and speaking of college marching bands, is the ku band any bigger and better than it was just a few years ago? the last time that i went to the k-state game in lawrence, it was like a home game for the CATS. the ku band was sooooooooo small and paltry that it sounded like a poor hs band, if you could hear it at all.

by contrast, the k-state band is 350 strong and is awesome before, during, and after the game. it's the 3rd biggest band in the big 12, after ut and a&m.

will the ku band even bother to come to manhattan for this year's game??

seattlehawk_78 15 years ago

Willie, we haven't heard from you in about a week which means that you either made bail or the trailer park finally got the generator working.

By the way, even in the post Tom Osborne era, you are not Nebraska, so don't flatter yourself.

sevenyearhawk 15 years ago

well look who crawled out from under their rock, everyone!

first women's volleyball, now marching bands ... wow, what's next the debate team?

be sure to come back next week willie after K-State gets pounded by the Longhorns ...

Michael Leiker 15 years ago

Hate to say it, but KUs marching band is pretty weak. OSU is the best I've heard in quite a while and KSU has a solid one too. I've said for about 5 years now that if I won the lottery, my 2nd donation would go to the KU marching band.

Given that, willie, just wait to see how many KU fans make this game. It'll be a little different atmosphere in Manhattan than years past. If KU strikes first, KSU might get a little taste of their own medicine from 2000/2002.

JBurtin 15 years ago


I notice willie doesn't bother to give us any good reason why his team is more talented than ours. He is holding out hope that our good team will get nervous and allow his crappy team to win.

One cool thing about this new offense, it doesn't require the team to be able to hear the quarterback, everyone gets the signal from the sideline. Not everybody runs it because it requires a team to be smart enough to pull it off. If you look at our recent recruiting classes, they are full of players that not only excelled on the field, but many of them have GPA's above 4.0 and are in the mid twenties on the ACT!

It's going to be awesome for us to go on the road and not have to worry about crowd noise. Warriner just took other team's twelth man off the field!

P.S. Seattlehawk nailed it (though I think he meant to say in the Callahan era) wittle willie, you aren't Nebraska even on your best year, and you sure as hell aren't up to par with the mid-ninties Nebraska teams that were winning national championships.

killabees 15 years ago


I gotta say, not the most cogent posts I've seen you do. For one, I never understood the value of downplaying an opponent's ability before a game. Doesn't that devalue a win against said team? Doesn't make that a loss that much worse?

I for one would like to see the Big XII teams win out non-con because it makes the conference that much more respected (rising tide raises all ships). I would also like to see the North start winning more games against the South. So knocking our wins doesn't accomplish a whole lot.

And the whole marching band tangent was a complete non sequitur.

(also can we strike "meds" and "kool-aid" from the internet?)

seattlehawk_78 15 years ago

7year, you forget hog calling competition. Let's give credit where credit is due.

K-State, where men are men and livestock are nervous.

sevenyearhawk 15 years ago

when you haven't consistently gone to Bowl games, what can you expect?

All those other programs have larger bands because of that, after the football program gets established, you'll see the effects.

So way back when I was in college, I remember quite the fervor of K-State's Marching band change from the on the shoulder tubas (contras) to the silver sousaphones they have today ... why the switch? To look more "professional" like ... that's right the Kansas Marching Jayhawks!

So there you have it, K-State can't come up with ANYTHING on their own, even the Powerkitty looks like the Iowa Hawkeye ...

sevenyearhawk 15 years ago

I'm all about the "Crimson Kool-Aid" I'm having some right now, belly up to the bar everyone ...

Oh seattle, you are quite right, and don't forget sheep shearing, watch out for razor burn willie - baaaa!

/I always preferred to think of hogcalling as more of a Nebraska activity ...

William James 15 years ago

great job rockchalkjayhawk81. I have lived to see the day that a Nebraska journalist picked Kansas to win the North. WOW

bmkjayhawk 15 years ago

I am not convinced that the KSU marching band is at 350. They do have a good band, but I am also not sure how this is relevant.

I want a KU victory soooo badly. Maybe not as badly as KSU basketball fans want one over KU in Manhattan, but it would be so sweet and could set the tone for the rest of the season. 251+ hours....

Kevin Long 15 years ago

There you see, KSU goes again. Thinking they are some great program. I don't think willie realizes that k-state hasn't beaten us that bad for a long time. Even when KU had no offense, we still hung in there, what was it like 13-6? They don't have the team to blow us out. We are way better this year and they may have improved some, but it won't be 31-10. I expect a good game that could go either way. Willie is straight out of a KSU stereotype magazine. I used to have to put up with it all the time when I lived in Wamego. P.S. Who cares about the bands and who is better???? please!!!!

sevenyearhawk 15 years ago

just adds to my belief that he's a plant by the Web site to stir things up ... like the thread discussing the student section and obscenity wasn't enough?!?

Larry Smith 15 years ago

First I will start by saying that I HAD tickets to the K-State game, but had to give them to a friend because the time of the game conflicts with prior commitments.

Secondly, I will say that I think it is terrible that this is one of the biggest games since the 10-2 season and KU SENT BACK 275 TICKETS OF OUR ALLOTMENTMENT THAT DID NOT SELL. WTH... where are all of our supporters? Where are all of you who complain that games must remain on college campuses? We couldn't even sell our allotment? Maybe I am overreacting but this really bothers me.

William James 15 years ago

Heck, I bought 6 tickets. I would of bought more if I would have known that. Your right Jayhawk 86. How many of those people whining about the game being in Arrowhead are gonna be sitting at home on their damn couches. I bet after we win in Manhattan, everyone will jump on the bandwagon and the 3 home games will sell out. KU has the worst fairweather fans.

sevenyearhawk 15 years ago

that's horrible about not selling out the only other chance to see the Hawks that is IN STATE!!!

I'm surprised that more Western Kansas Jayhawks didn't step up to the plate, I know there was a TON of them in Boulder a couple years ago ...

fabio, I don't know about fairweather, I'd say it is more about a change in philosophy toward football ...

Unfortunately, most outsiders and fans alike still regard KU as just a basketball school ... for the change to happen for myself it took living in a Florida where college football reigned supreme (and now THEY have two hoops titles)

I certainly expect KU to win in Manhattan, enter the polls, and for the bandwagon to swell ... I've already noticed more people posting on these boards that did not before - AND I CERTAINLY WELCOME IT!!!!!! :D

seattlehawk_78 15 years ago

When Mangino was hired he said in his press conference that the talk around the league was, why isn't KU a better football program. They have all the elements in place to succeed but are not putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I think some of it has to do with fan attitude. We take basketball very seriously but tend to have a casual interest in football. We lose a game against ORU and think the world is coming to an end. We lose a football game and its, oh well, we're not supposed to win anyways.

I have to confess, in my day KU football seemed more like a social event. Sure we wanted to win but it wasn't the end of the world if we lost. It really was a win or lose we booze mentality. Before, during and after the game.

I don't know how to market interest in the football program but before Snyder arrived at KSU, they didn't even know what football was. A single conference win was considered a successful season. If this sport can fly in Manhattan it can fly anywhere.

CasperCorps 15 years ago

I agree finally the PC crap is over. Border War is back!!

MitchumMan 15 years ago

I want to know how many Jayhawks are planning on making the trip to KSUcks next week? I say we all try to get together and have one massive tailgate before the game. Hell, maybe we could all get together afterwards and celebrate a Hawk victory as well. I know the game is at 11 a.m. but my Jayhawk friends, "This is what Saturdays were made for!"

downwiththechickenhawks 15 years ago

How bout them Wildcats? Impressive win over a top ten team in a hostile enviornment. Nice! Almost as impressive as 4 wins over teams NOBODY has heard of. Way to go fellas. Do the hawks have a chance next week? I'm is gonna be a good game...but I don't forsee good things for the red and blue (or crimson for you fashion conscious divas). I came to this site just to see what the buzz is like in happy town ...disappointed. You people are delusional and not very bright. I'm definitely gonna watch my step on the way out so I don't step in anything...losers.

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