Monday, November 26, 2007

Kansas basketball notebook


Hawks survive OT scare, 76-72

Amidst all the Border Showdown hype, the Kansas basketball team was at home tonight with the always dangerous Arizona Wildcats.

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2007-08 Nov. 25 KU-Arizona Basketball

Reed hurts ankle: Kansas University freshman guard Tyrel Reed had one assist and no points in seven minutes. He didn't play the second half after spraining his ankle on the last play of the first half.

"I think when he went to challenge the shot (of Jerryd Bayless on baseline) at the end, Darnell (Jackson) landed on his ankle. He just rolled his ankle, rolled the inside of his ankle," coach Bill Self said.

Self said he figured Reed's status would be day-to-day. The Jayhawks have off today, then will practice Tuesday in preparation for Wednesday's 7 p.m. home game against Florida Atlantic.

KU freshman center Cole Aldrich played just a minute the first half and none the second. His reduced minutes were Self's decision with no injury involved.


Praise for Rush: Arizona's players were impressed with Brandon Rush, who had 17 points and eight rebounds in 36 minutes.

"Knowing him, he did kind of favor that knee a little bit," Chase Budinger said. "But he looks good. He was attacking the basket very hard. I really saw that he wasn't concentrating on his knee at all, so that's a very good sign, and he's a great player."

Said Kirk Walters: "It's really amazing these days what doctors can do. I know my sister has torn her ACL twice, and it was pretty much a year where she was just done for. He's already out there running around, looks like he's jumping good and moving good. It's amazing that doctors can get that kind of stuff done."

Arizona interim coach Kevin O'Neill said, "I wasn't paying attention to Brandon that much. I wasn't sitting there saying, 'Boy, that guy looks like he's recovering pretty well.' I didn't even know he had an ACL, to be honest with you."


Stubborn play: Self said the Jayhawks played "stubborn" on Sunday.

"It's very frustrating," Self said.

"We know what we should do, but there's inside of us, 'Well, yeah, but I can do this myself,''' Self said. "It doesn't work. It didn't work tonight."

Also disappointing: "Our big guys don't rebound," Self said.


Thousand-point club: Rush scored 17 points, which gives him 1,000 for his career. He's the 49th player to score 1,000 or more in his career.


Faces in crowd: Ex-Jayhawks Greg Ostertag (retired NBA player) and Milt Newton (director of player personnel, Washington Wizards) attended. : Philadelphia Phillies slugger Ryan Howard, brother of KU associate AD Chris Howard, attended.


Students fail to show: The northwest corner of the fieldhouse was empty until fans from more crowded sections of the arena ventured over to the section. Many KU students who had tickets elected to not attend, despite the strong opponent.


Stats, facts: KU is 7-3 all-time against Arizona including a 2-1 mark at Allen. : KU has won four straight OT games and is 24-14 in OT at Allen. : Sophomore Darrell Arthur's 20 points were a season-high. It marked Arthur's first game with 20-plus points since he scored a career-high 26 against Towson on Nov. 19, 2006. : Sasha Kaun matched a career high with three steals. : Mario Chalmers' seven assists set a season-high and were one away from his career high of eight, which he has matched four times. : Rodrick Stewart had a season-high 13 points, best mark as a Jayhawk. He had 14 twice at USC. : Russell Robinson had three steals and passed Jerod Haase to move into a tie for ninth place on KU's all-time list (with Alonzo Jamison).


Kyle Rohde 15 years, 2 months ago

Now when students start complaining they don't have enough seats, remember the bullet point above. That's disappointing, especially since they were all back in town from the break and the opponent was big.

Rick Arnoldy 15 years, 2 months ago

That is dissapointing about the empty seats. The TV announcers were talking about it so it didn't go unnoticed.

KUColBond 15 years, 2 months ago

Don't cheat the students out of seats on Saturday then complain about them not showing up Sunday.

JayCeph 15 years, 2 months ago

What's disappointing is the poor free throw shooting. This team needs a clinic or something. We can't continue to give up points at the stripe.

Rush looked great last night and Chalmers, aside from a few times when he turned into a whirling Dervish, looked awesome as well. He was the star at the end of regulation and Rush was the King of overtime.

That Budinger kid on Arizona's team was really fun to watch... I just hated watching him play against KU. Maybe we can steal him away from Lute for next season...

Happy Thanks-blah blah~

okjhok 15 years, 2 months ago

That's a pretty ridiculous comment to make. So, because some students didn't get lower-level seats at Arrowhead they should take it out on the basketball team by not supporting them against arguably our biggest noncon rival? Here's the deal...KU didn't get more good tickets to Arrowhead because it hasn't shown in the past that its fans can traditionally support the football team. When we start selling out Memorial every week, then the Chiefs will supply more tickets.

Robronco07 15 years, 2 months ago

Yeah I wasn't able to get a ticket for the Arizona game "Sold Out" when I picked up my first game package. That is why so many seats were open.

nelson 15 years, 2 months ago

Hey okjhok what a joke of a comment you made. So are you saying we did not sell out Memorial?? Try going to a few games. What a terrible expierince at Arrowhead parking, drunks the whole game, no college environment. Unsweet Lou get a clue stop the whorring out of our University. Give to the fans and the fans ALWAYS give back.$$$$$$$$$

tdub 15 years, 2 months ago

I'm with you nelson. For a KU "home game", there was a hell of an MU presence. In fact, that 60/40 KU fan advantage was non-existent. We whored out our biggest game ever so MU could feel more at home. We own them at Memorial, and I'm sure the outcome would have been different.

okjhok 15 years, 2 months ago

Hey, dude, call it what you want, but it's the truth and you know it. Also, you have no idea if I go to the games or not, so don't speculate. Can you tell me what percentage of games have sold out at Memorial the last ten years? It's not very high. Lew is doing his job, and he's doing a damn good job of it. This isn't 1980 KU anymore. Get out of dreamland. I'd take an Arrowhead game for a consistently top-25 team any day. If you say you wouldn't, you're either lying or an idiot.

KFoz 15 years, 2 months ago

Arrowhead had the feel of a bowl game except it was better because it was sold out. That was the best KU football game environment I have experienced, minus the security pat down getting into the stadium. The US might not be able to secure our southern border, but no one was getting into Arrowhead.

When MU scored their first touchdown, KU fans sat on their hands and did not make the noise MU fans did. It seemed there was a nervous tension throughout the KU sections. I thought it was a great atmosphere and wished the Jayhawk nation would have matched our opponent's enthusiasm. For a border war matchup, it was almost perfect as at first glance it looked like the north half of the stadium was red, white, and blue while the southern was black and gold. Ironic how that played out.

Last night in Allen Fieldhouse was inexcusable. It was, frankly, an embarrassment. And when the school starts to think about moving a high profile game like this to the Sprint Center, they will point out "support" like this as the reason. And then I will read on these message boards how everyone is getting jobbed and we are chasing the all mighty dollar.

I say job well done Lew and keep it up. KU is on the march to becoming more of a player on the national scene year round. We can play our rival game on a stage for the entire country every year; it is good for the program, recruiting, etc. But I also think our team will be bowl ready. When we play for Big 12 championships in the future and receive major bowl bids, we will not be awestruck since we just finished playing in a pre-bowl atmosphere.

nelson 15 years, 2 months ago

I guess they wouldn't have had the stage at Memorial, and the game would not have been seen nationaly? Get real this isn't Texas, bigger doesn't mean better. That is why Allen is so cool. Thats why people love it. We don't have to be like everyone. Like Wiiliam Wallace said when asked what to do in a big fight What do we do now? "Just be yourselves"

smitty33 15 years, 2 months ago

KFoz, the athletic dept. has been raping students of ticket opportunities for years. I'd also like to see a seating charts to see how our student sections compare to others like UNC, UK, and Duke. An embarassment? Were you there? It looked fine to me on TV.

As for embarassing, that's Arrowhead stadium. The state of Missery can't do anything right. Their roads, schools, and stadiums all suck! I appreciate the hx of Arrowhead, but it needs to go. They need a new stadium in Kansas by Legends. Yes, I think it would have been very nice to play the game in Lawrence and it would have been a nice advantage, but we have no excuse for not winning in KC.

FYI - Did you know Julian is averaging 1.6 ppg in the NBA. Can you name his team?? I had to look too. The NBA sucks.

KFoz 15 years, 2 months ago

Yea, I was there. And I have been there for over 20 years. I have never seen anything like it. And I hope I never see it again.

I have always argued the students should be sitting in the lower level bowl around the court in Allen. It never has happened and it never will.

I cannot disagree with anything you said about Missouri, but the fact remains there is nowhere in KS similar to Arrowhead. I would be opposed to playing the game at the Speedway; it's for NASCAR.

JayCeph 15 years, 2 months ago

NASCAR rhymes with 'ass car' for a reason...

ravenjayhawk 15 years, 2 months ago

Charge Card Ad for MU Tickets for MU-KU game $40.00 Parking for MU-KU game $22.00 Beer for MU-KU game $7.00

Kansas Athletic Dept. board moving their home field advantage to Arrowhead - priceless

rockchalkAZ 15 years, 2 months ago

i can't believe the fieldhouse wasn't packed last night. i've been to one home KU game, and it was amazing. the way everyone describes the atmosphere last night, that's too bad. especially against an opponent like arizona, it sucks that the fans weren't completely pumped.

rockchalkAZ 15 years, 2 months ago

and about ku giving up their home field advantage.....mizzou is going to do it next year, so what's the big deal? if ku would have been having this kind of season next year, everyone would say perkins made a great move in agreeing to have the series at arrowhead.

LugNut914 15 years, 2 months ago

I am a big JayHawk fan from SoCal and I am glad to be on the chatosphere. I have deep family roots in Lawrence and try to make it back once a year for a game.

Some thoughts.

-Russell. What was the deal with him last night?
-Why does Kaun start? He is a big strong kid, but he has very little skills in the post and fouls too much. Start Jackson. -Collins. Why operate? I'm sure if they cut into anyone of these guys they will find 'stress fractures.' For Phogs sake, they are basketball players. -Play more Reid. -Play more Cole. -It was very evident last night that Collins is a huge loss. Mario can penetrate but does carelessly 1/2 the time.

70 and sunny in San Diego has the weather in Lawrence?

nelson 15 years, 2 months ago

I know lets move the KU MU b-ball game to KC I bet we could get a big pay day for those games. Show me the money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ This isn't the NFL or NBA!!!!!

JayCeph 15 years, 2 months ago

LugNut, the weather is perfect (for a midwest Autumn day). I think the high is supposed to be around 45 degrees. Sunny, crisp, clear... the leaves on the trees are turning/turned and the air tastes like winter. Perfect!

It's basketball season!!!

ohjayhawk 15 years, 2 months ago

Posted by KUColBond (anonymous) on November 26, 2007 at 8:46 a.m. (Suggest removal)

Don't cheat the students out of seats on Saturday then complain about them not showing up Sunday.

Just keep in mind that if students stop filling their allotted seats for home basketball games on a regular basis, that will give the Athletic Department reason to take student seats away in the future. Not to mention what happened with the student ticket situation at Arrowhead is not the fault of the basketball team in any way. They still deserve student support.

smitty33 15 years, 2 months ago

Great Points LugNuts - I have no idea why Jackson isn't starting. How many times do we have to watch Kaun have the ball bounce off his hands!!! Jackson is THE KEY to our team this year.

JayCeph 15 years, 2 months ago

Kaun was superb! He ate up a ton of space, forced the other team to try and work around him or over him which, in turn, worked out in KU's favor since he had a career high in steals. His numbers for blocked shots don't always show how many shots he altered or, better yet, forced the other team to pass back out to the periphery as they must begin to reset a new offensive play.

He moves well, is fast for his size and does make a lot of his shots when he is under the basket. Look at DArthur... he was wide open late in the game, had a great feed from a guard and then tossed the ball up into the rafters as he hurried his shot. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone's hands can turn to stone once in a while.

Kaun's only real weakness right now, as far as I can tell, just so happens to be the same thing that is biting the whole team... free throws.

If his free throw percentage increases, people will begin to soften their criticism of his other skills.

eastTXjayhawk 15 years, 2 months ago

ETXjayhawk made it in for both games this weekend, and even though we lost the border war, it was fantastic to enjoy such a great two days of hawktivity. I must admit if we had lost the basketball game too, I may have never been allowed beyond the TX border again!

Anyway, agree on free throws, and it seemed worse during the game, but didn't we actually shoot 73% this game? If we had shot our usual crappy percentage we would have lost....I'm not willing to stay satisfied with 73%, but it does show improvement.


kc_wildfire 15 years, 2 months ago

Kaun was superb?

He had two rebounds in 25 minutes! Completely unacceptable.

LugNut914 15 years, 2 months ago

"Hey, man I'm taking a bath..." Dude? Great point Lebowski.
Who's on the floor at the game is what counts.

I really like Chalmers, but in big games (sorry to go back to UCLA) he gets careless penetrating in the paint. Last night I saw that same carelessness. But do agree, he can get it done driving to the hole. (Sure makes me miss Collins though)

Self is good at working his team into tourney shape. I think he does a great job of priming his team for March. With that said, you can't lose games in November against lesser opponents and get a great seed.

Too early to speak of, really early, but #1 seed is so important this year. There are so many strong teams this year with great young players that if you don't get #1 seed you really open yourself to a potential early round upset. We all know a Final four and beyond is doable this year.

I am just getting over KU's seeding last year. They basically got seeded with another #1, the strongest #2 seed last year in UCLA in their backyard.
On a side note, Pac 10 is going to beat the crap out of each other this year, which will hopefully lessen UCLA's chance of a number one seed.

I'll be Rock Chalkn at the SC KU game, should be a good one.

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