Friday, November 16, 2007

Rush returns in rout of Ichabods

Kansas University guards Brandon Rush, left, and Sherron Collins bust out laughing while watching fellow guard Rodrick Stewart stumble after a tomahawk dunk in the second half of KU's 92-60 rout of Washburn. Rush made his season debut Thursday at Allen Fieldhouse, while Collins sat out his first game after undergoing foot surgery.

Kansas University guards Brandon Rush, left, and Sherron Collins bust out laughing while watching fellow guard Rodrick Stewart stumble after a tomahawk dunk in the second half of KU's 92-60 rout of Washburn. Rush made his season debut Thursday at Allen Fieldhouse, while Collins sat out his first game after undergoing foot surgery.


Brandon Rush returns in victory over Ichabods

Brandon Rush scored seven points and had three rebounds sparking a slow-starting KU team to a 92-60 victory over the NCAA Div. II Ichabods.

B-Rush is back

Five and a half months after surgery to repair a torn ACL, Jayhawk junior guard made his 2007 KU debut this evening against Washburn University.

Hawks face third Kansas opponent

The Hawks play yet another small Kansas school tonight at Allen Fieldhouse. Kevin Romary has more from the hardwood.

Useless trivia with DJ

Useless fieldhouse trivia with DJ Whetter and Kevin Romary.

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2007-08 Nov. 15 KU-Washburn Basketball

Fans behind Kansas University's basketball bench started clapping as Brandon Rush stood and headed to the scorer's table 3 minutes, 20 seconds into Thursday's mismatch against Washburn at Allen Fieldhouse.

Cheers spread to all corners of the building as the 6-foot-6 Kansas Citian sat still, waiting for a stoppage in play.

Finally, upon being waved onto the court by the refs at the 16:17 mark, most of the 16,300 fans were on their feet, applauding the return of the junior guard who had right ACL surgery on June 1.

"I got chills all through my body," Rush said.

He scored seven points and had three rebounds - in a 12-minute stint - sparking a slow-starting KU team to a 92-60 victory over the NCAA Div. II Ichabods.

"It felt really good. I was really excited about it," Rush added of the warm greeting.

KU and Washburn fans alike recognized the hard work of Rush, who obeyed all the orders of KU's doctors and trainers during long months of rehab.

"I think it was the whole thing, my dedication to rehab, me going in every day, two times a day. It came out pretty good," said Rush, who said he learned he'd be making his season debut on Monday.

"We tried to keep it a little secret, well a big secret," he said. "We wanted to keep it under wraps so there wouldn't be so much media (interest leading to game)."

Rush - he told his mother, AAU coach and teammates of his impending return - deemed himself "85, 90 percent" of his old self.

"I don't have my full explosiveness back yet. My first step is slow," Rush said. "It'll come back in time."

Rush showed some rustiness, misfiring badly on a 3-pointer just seconds after taking the floor.

"It was a brick : brick, brick," Rush repeated. "It was a 3 off the backboard - brick. I thought the shot clock was going down."

KU's leading scorer the past two years hit a one-hander in the lane at 12:14, giving KU a 10-9 lead. He swished a 3 from the corner at 7:47, upping a slim margin to 20-13.

Then perhaps in the most significant play of his return game, he went crashing to the floor after getting hammered by Moriba DeCoteau. Rush hopped up quickly, proving he could take a hit.

"I've been hit hard at practice," shrugged Rush, who has been practicing with contact since Nov. 2. "I try to play worry-free. If you bump into that knee brace (which he will wear two more months), they are going to be hurting, not me. That knee brace is all metal."

KU coach Bill Self said he didn't hold his breath after Rush hit the deck on two occasions.

"Not really, because he's been knocked down in practice," Self said, "but he needed to get knocked down (in a game). When he came out I asked him, 'Did that feel good?' He said, 'Yeah, that felt good.' He needed somebody to knock him on his can and get right back up."

Rush played 12 minutes the first half and helped steady the ship as KU, which missed eight of its first 10 free throws and eight of 16 the first half, took a 34-18 lead into the break.

That was it for Rush, who removed his knee brace and sat next to the injured Sherron Collins at the end of the bench the second 20 minutes as KU rolled, 58-42, the second half.

"In his mind, he could have played 25 minutes tonight. They (medical staff) cut me off," Self said. "I thought I had 10-15 minutes. My trainer told me I only had 10. I got two more out of him than I should."

As to why he used up all the minutes the first half, Self said: "I thought, 'Why play him five the first half and rest him all that time for five the second half?' I thought, 'Get him loose and let him play and not sit 20 minutes (at half)."

Rush had no complaints.

"I would like to have played a lot more, but the doctor and trainers said I could play only 12-15 minutes. I used all that the first half," Rush said. "We weren't playing that well. Coach said, 'What the heck,' I guess."

Self said there were no immediate plans to move Rush into the starting lineup. He said he wasn't sure how many minutes Rush would play Wednesday against Northern Arizona.

Could he go 20?

"I don't know. I hope so," Rush said. "I probably will not start. I hope by December I'm back in the starting lineup."

The man who started for Rush, Rodrick Stewart, said he was thrilled to see No. 25 back on the floor.

"He worked his tail off the whole summer," Stewart said. "He did a great job. I feel like he's 100 percent."


jaybate 15 years ago



KU's starting substitute center Kaun closes in on being a 12/7 man vs. D2 comp: Gets 10/7 vs. 'Bods in only 12 minutes. Kaun yet to get 10/7 vs. D1 this season. Can he?

Arthur and Jackson continue to develop, though neither player gives any indication of being able to beast a la Julian.

Aldrich inefficient in 15 minute stint. Cole gets 15 minutes even though Washburn lacks a 7 footer to match him up with. Could it be that his absense vs. UMKC was not really attributable to bad match-ups? Gee, no kidding.

Kleinmann goose egs in three minutes. How can Coach Self get the K-Man out of his doldrums?

okjhok 15 years ago

You nailed it, Jaybate. Like I stated in another comment, it's still early, but Kaun is by far the biggest dissapointment so far. It appears he hasn't developed at all offensively over the summer, and looks like DJax has passed him in terms of overall value. If Kaun doesn't wake up soon, I wouldn't be shocked to see his minutes take another hit like they did last year during the conference season. His (lack of) FT shooting is a killer.

kc_wildfire 15 years ago

In my opinion I wouldn't classify Kaun as a disappointment. You can't be a disappointment when nothing is expected of you.

I have never been amongst those who see potential in Kaun. He has terrible hands, rushes his shots and his career free throw percentage is respectable...only if you comapre it to Bush's approval ratings. Plus, as at 6'11, he is a below average rebounder.

Lack of a productive big man (offensively and defensively) will be our weakness this year.

ChicagoJHawk 15 years ago

kcwildfire, nothing is expected of him?? He's 6'11"!! I don't know why more 7 footers in general aren't getting 15-20 points a game, not just Sasha. I agree he has terrible hands & rushes his shots but his free throw percentage is terrible. Our team overall has bad free thow percentages. On a few different plays in the 2nd half Sasha was aggresive and did a good job but he definitely has room to improve. On a more positive note it's good to see B Rush back again I am definitely glad for the win!

kc_wildfire 15 years ago


In my opinion nothing is expected of him. I know a lot of people feel differently about him but for me any production we get out of him is a bonus.

ku98 15 years ago

Wow! Everyone is in a really good mood this morning, huh?
I'll take last night's win for what it's worth, i.e. a win. It could have been worse... see Kentucky vs. Gardner Webb. Rock Chalk!

KUFan90 15 years ago

I must have been watching a different game. I thought Kaun had a nice 2nd half (granted vs. D2). I think Aldrich has played very well for a freshman big man, including last night. Here's a unique suggestion : how about the fans of this team show some realistic support for the players given that we are only 3 games into the season?

ChicagoJHawk 15 years ago

Yeah, I hear ya kcwildfire. Sad to say I do agree that any production we get out of him is a bonus but it shouldn't be that way. After looking @ the stats I see that he did have 10 points & 7 rebounds so that's not too bad, almost a double double. Arthur was pretty solid on free throws, 6 out of 8. Also, it was good to see some of our new guys doing well (Tyrel Reed, Connor Teahan)!

tomlinss90 15 years ago

You guy's are way to hard on these kids..

Kaun..agreed, not all that good. I was cussing him badly in the 1st half. But he did come back in the second half and play some good ball, made his free throws and all around looked very solid. I do think he needs to come off the bench though, Jackson should be starting.

DA - I don't know.. he just doesnt seem confident out there, we all know he has the skills, and he started playing good..(like he should from that start)later in the game. He better start picking it up now as we are gonna need him down the stretch. I think he will

Cole - Comeone man..this guy is going to be awsome, anyone who doesnt like the way he plays is either an idiot or hasnt really watched him play. He will prove to be huge for us later in the year once he gets some more college experiance,

Jackson - I think he is the most improved big man from last year, he has been hitting his shots and his free throws. He fights for that ball like nobody else. He brings allot of energy to the team. He deserves to be the starter in place of Sasha.

JayViking 15 years ago

No way KUFan90. FIRE SELF!!!! UNREAL!!!! THIS TEAM IS NOT ALLEY-HOOPING EVERY PLAY. FIRE SELF!!!!! HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JayViking 15 years ago

Jackson has deserved to start for over a year now. He plays BIGGER than he is and is just a beast.

Tuoc Le 15 years ago


where is your thousand words comment?

ChicagoJHawk 15 years ago

JayViking, if we fire Self who the hell else are we going to get to replace him??? Yeah that sucks that we had a couple first round losses but we went 33-5 last year, made it to the elite eight & lost to UCLA, that's nothing to be ashamed of if you asked me. Besides, look @ the recruits we're getting now! We haven't lost a game yet, in fact we won last nights game by about 30 points. I agree we could have played a little better but I'm not sure what you're so fired up about.

Rick Arnoldy 15 years ago

Man, the fishin's good this time of year.

okjhok 15 years ago

To those that are freakin' out because some of us are constructively criticizing players, take it easy bros. I can't speak for others, but I'm a fan, and for me, part of being a fan is being able to talk about who's playing well and who's not. This is a message board that's good for discussing such topics. I love the Jayhawks win or lose, and always will. Yeah, I know they're good. They're good every year.

tdub 15 years ago

Uhh, I think jayviking was being incredibly sarcastic...

jaybate 15 years ago


You made an excellent case about Kaun. I'm going to have to revise my thinking, or at least reconsider. Thanks for the light bulb.

JayCeph 15 years ago

Kaun did fine. I really liked how he turned things around after half time. His positioning and moves in the lane were superb. Even his free throws got better.

As for Washburn being the giant caveat everyone is making exceptions for (D2), why was it they were leading in the game at the 12 minute mark? I'm not saying they're giant killers but they are respectable team from a storied program at a solid school in a strong conference. They have an awesome coach (Bob Chipman) and they know how to play the game in ways that take away their opponents' strengths... at times. They just couldn't keep it up with all the fire power that KU has. Eventually, KU was going to pull away, but for a while, Washburn showed why they shouldn't be overlooked... D2 or otherwise.

Rush had a nice 12 minutes. Good to see him back on the court.

kufan1975 15 years ago

enough of the fire bill self crap.....get over it ol' roy is gone....quit pining for the old days....i am sick of so called ku fans and their b*tching about the aren't fans you are idiots who think ku is entitled to winning the nc every year....whether you want admit it or not...the players we have on this team are because bill self is the head coach....julian wright would not have been at kansas if bill self is not coaching ku....neither would mario, russell, darrell, darnel, sherron, or brandon...the fact is roy did not go to the east coast or to chicago for the reason the he thought they didn't want to or would not want to because of unc or duke or uconn...bill self has made ku a national player in recruiting which roy never so called ku fans enough of the idiodic comments about bill self....especially from someone like jayviking who know nothing about basketball.

malkerz 15 years ago

Kaun had a dismal first half and a brilliant second half. I thought Coach Self lit a fire under his ass by benching him. Rush came in the game was tied, he came out we had a comfortable lead. GJ HCBS.

tips his hat to coach

JayViking 15 years ago

<p> Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite This Source - Share This sarcasm /&&char114&*& sÉrkÃ:zÉm/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[sahr-kaz-uhm] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation noun 1. harsh or bitter derision or irony. 2. a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: a review full of sarcasms. [Origin: 157080; < LL sarcasmus < Gk sarkasmós, deriv. of sarkázein to rend (flesh), sneer; see sarco-]

Tuoc Le 15 years ago

We need to give Arthur more playing time.

soapboxstew 15 years ago

Aurthur just needed to calm down a bit before he regained control. When he is under control, he is the best player on the court. Thats the good news; the bad news is if he is not under control against the 'Bods, then how is he going to be under control in the Final 4? When the spotlight is at its biggest....will he perform? We saw him do it against FLA last year in Vegas (in front of 100 scouts). But he was coming off of the bench that year. Now the pressure is on as a starter, and he needs to slow the game down in his own mind to open a game. Last night we all saw what he does when he is calm, cool, and collected. BTW- Is anybody else as happy as me about the current situation? We have two major minute men with injurys, and DA is still recovering from his stress fracture from this summer, but our team looks so good. In my opinion, it is great that the bench type guys this year are getting quality playing time early in the year. That helps at the end of the year when all the players feel like they were a part of the season. Go team!

kosovojayhawk 15 years ago

Seems like DA is just trying to get comfortable with all the expectations placed on himthis year. Now that B-Rush is back, he can take over the leadership role of the team and take some of that pressure off of DA. I think that is when DA will really start to shine.

bmkjayhawk 15 years ago

1) KU is going to be just fine. 2) Willie Warren to OU, kind of sucks, but again, KU will be just fine. 3) This season is going to be fun. 4) I'm not saying I'm fine with playing poorly and/or losing a few games in November/December, but last year the team kind of started to come together (big-time) as the season went on. I know it ended with a loss, but they put themselves in a position to play very well at the end of the season and make a run in the NCAAs. This team will do the same. 5) A friend of mine said that he was not impressed with Allen Fieldhouse after he went to the KU/KSU game last year "because Bramlage isn't that great, and it's louder than AFH." I said that you can only cheer so much for a blowout and that it does in fact get loud if the game is relatively close (and 27 points is not close). 6) Kaun is not all that great but he's a big body and if (if) he can start to rebound and make a little noise down low, then I think we've gotten some good out of him. I support him. 7) I also support Bill Self.

I'm done. Everyone have a great weekend, and (football related) BEAT ISU!!

kc_wildfire 15 years ago

I'll toss this out there in regards to Kaun.

After three games played (one against a DII school)...

40 players in the Big XII have scored more than him 46 other centers in DI have scored more than him 1009 players in DI have scored more than him

20 players in the Big XII have outrebounded him 74 other centers in DI have outrebounded him 631 players in DI have outrebounded him

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