Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Gary Bedore’s KU basketball notebook


Wright falling?: Maybe it's because he has been slowed by a sprained ankle and not shot the ball especially well in workouts for NBA teams. Whatever the reason, former Kansas University forward Julian Wright is one player whose stock is said to be dropping just days before Thursday's NBA Draft.

ESPN's Andy Katz says that "after talking to a number of teams Monday, the consensus was that the biggest slider in the first round could be Kansas' Julian Wright, who could fall to Washington at No. 16."

ESPN's Chad Ford has Wright the last lottery pick, going 14th to the Los Angeles Clippers.

For what it's worth ... every year, a player or two is said to be dropping in the eyes of NBA scouts, only to appear in the lottery after all.

Wright will work out today in Philadelphia for the 76ers, who have the No. 12 pick.

Wright, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, had balked at coming to Philadelphia in earlier requests, but that has changed now.

"I thought it would work out in the long run," Sixers general manager Billy King said.

Wright will work out with UCLA's Arron Afflalo.

¢ Recruiting: Willie Warren, a 6-foot-3 senior from Fort Worth, Texas, says he definitely wants to attend the same school as Rotnei Clark, a 6-foot sharpshooter from Claremore, Okla.

"We are very close friends and have decided to play at the same school," Warren told

He said Kansas, Kentucky and Oklahoma were the only schools recruiting both players.


hometownhawk 15 years ago

Bill really hasn't recruited a pure shooter yet to KU. If Clarke is legit, unlike a certain other "great shooter" from the OK prep ranks, this would be a great deal. Man it would also be great to land Monroe, the top big in that class.

Nutflush21 15 years ago

Man it would be great to get another package deal done. Clarke and Warren would be great additions to the 08 class.

KEITHMILES05 15 years ago

Is Clark really that good? No need to waste a schollie just to get a friend.

jayhawkinATL 15 years ago

I agree KEITHMILES05. But the last one (i.e., Miles and Lee) didn't work out too bad for us.

Eliott Reeder 15 years ago

Are you kidding? Willie Warren is the #1 rated shooting guard, Rotnei Clarke is the #11 rated point in 2008 according to Rivals. Either one of these players would be a good grab. I know nothing about their personalities/ work ethic/ egos/ etc. But judging from raw ability alone, with those rankings, having both of them join the Jayhawk nation would be fantastic...

Robert Brock 15 years ago

You guys obviously have not watched Team Texas. Clarke may be the best shooter in the entire class. He is a hard worker and his all-around game is getting better. The only problems he would pose would be bad match-ups on defense. He wouldn't be a wasted scholarship - he would be instant offense off the bench (something that Case was supposed to provide but couldn't).


KEITHMILES05 15 years ago

I'll defer to those who have seen him play. We all know about Warren but Clarke has been kinda in the background.

Joe Ross 15 years ago


still dont know why you use a sign-off....

KU 15 years ago

I thought Rotnei Clark gave KU a verbal commitment 2 or 3 months ago??

Robert Brock 15 years ago

Clarke visited KU but gave no verbal. Look up the basketball report on per the April 13 edition. It even mentioned that he and Warren might be a "package deal".


Jaminrawk 15 years ago

Warren, Clarke, Liggins and Monroe added to Relaford, that would be awesome.

bmkjayhawk 15 years ago

Not that Clarke is going to turn out to be the exact same player, but Lee Humphrey was the #81 overall recruit in 2003, and as everyone knows he could shoot. It would be a nice complement to the bigs if there was a shooter like that looming on the perimeter. I'll take him, especially if it means we'd get Warren too.

KURUSH1530 15 years ago

Yeah yeah..we've heard the talk before about the greatest shooter anyone's ever seen, who's to say this kid can translate it from the practice court to game days, ala jeremy case. Get Liggins, tell Warren to grow up and stay in touch with Clark, then we need BIG MEN! Those that will be gone next year: Kaun, Jackson, Robinson, Rush, Arthur, Stewart. So are big men after that will be Aldrich and Kleinnmann? Wow.

Eliott Reeder 15 years ago

We've got plenty of schollies to go around.

rockchalkjayhawk4ku11 15 years ago

I talked to Willie Warrens coach who also is Rotnei Clarks coach. He said that when Willie and Rotnei work together great things happen so I am very excited!

Jaydub 15 years ago

We do need some big men, but picking up both Warren and Clark would be huge. After reading the kusports April 13th edition Clark sounds legit. Self would still have some extra schollies to pick up some bigs.

Dan Cook 15 years ago

Clarke can play. With all our scholarships, this package could happen, but I think it hinges on DeAndre Liggins. If Liggins continues to fall in love with whoever he visits last, then Memphis is positioned well. If he ends up heading to KU, I wouldn't look for Warren to follow. If Liggins goes to UK, then I'd have to think our chances improve with Warren. Right now, I'd think UK leads for Warren based more on his transfer to Oak Hill than anything else.

kcmostwanted 15 years ago

I don't think the transfer to Oak Hill translate as UK being the leader for Willie's Services... I think it's more of a publicity deal. Look at all the highschool players that they've been putting out lately and the publicity those kids are getting in highschool... Even ESPN shows a few of the Oak Hill vs ??? games....If we can get them as a package deal that'll be great... Especailly players like Willie and Travis can both play the combo gaurd positions... let's keep our fingers crossed..

Dan Cook 15 years ago

Monroe won't sign until late. I think that helps KU's chances, but I'd still say best case there's a 20% chance he becomes a Hawk. Liggins' commitment to UK, in my opinion, makes it a bit less likely they sign both Warren and Clarke. On the oter hand, these alleged "package deals" don't always come to fruition. By the time it's done, I still feel we'll sign a Top 5 class.

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