Friday, February 9, 2007

Beginning to click


Kansas University's offense was clicking in Wednesday's 27-point rout of Kansas State.

Brandon Rush knows one reason why.

"The emphasis in practice has been setting good screens. We had a lot of players setting a lot of good screens," said Rush, who hit five of eight shots the first half, including three of four threes, in helping the Jayhawks to a 47-35 halftime lead. He finished with 18 points off 6-of-11 shooting, including four of seven threes, in a 97-70 victory.

"The pick and roll, everything was open," Rush added.

Of course, it also helped that KU outrebounded the Wildcats, 46-24, and had its running game going off defensive rebounds. Yet it's undeniable the Jayhawk players worked to get their teammates open perhaps better than they have all season.

Five players finished in double figures for the first time in nine Big 12 games - the first time since the Winston-Salem State game on Dec. 19.

"Our inside guys played well. We shot it well from the outside," Rush said.

Big men Darrell Arthur and Darnell Jackson had 14 and 13 points respectively, while guards Mario Chalmers and Sherron Collins had 11 apiece.

The balance tells Rush it may not be a big deal the squad does not have what is termed a "go-to guy."

"I think every team needs a go-to guy," Rush said, "but our team ... we have so much balance anybody can be the go-to guy. Like Sherron against Texas A&M;, he was our go-to guy (with 18 points in Saturday's loss)."

Collins on Wednesday played a season-high tying 28 minutes, most minutes since the Texas Tech game on Jan. 20.

"He's getting better all the time," KU coach Bill Self said of the 5-foot-11 Collins, who hit five of 10 shots versus the Cats after making 6 of 9 versus A&M.;

"He is pretty good off the bounce. He can get to where he wants to go. He doesn't need much space. You've heard the saying, 'Your performance is a direct reflection of your attitude?' He's had a fabulous attitude. Even when he was struggling, he kept grinding and grinding.

"He is reaping the benefits of being a sponge and wanting to be coached, understanding the big picture," Self added.

¢Players classier than fans?: KU's basketball players did not say anything after the game to inflame the Wildcats, who will be seeking revenge in a rematch on Feb. 19 in Manhattan.

"It was just one of those nights. We know when we go to K-State it'll be a different game," Rush said.

Coach Bill Self added: "As difficult as it was for K-State to win here, it will be a very difficult game for us when we go to Bramlage. There's definitely a different attitude, interest and enthusiasm with what's going on there. We know how hard it'll be."

KU's fans probably didn't help the cause, however, with some questionable behavior.

The fans chanted, "DUI, DUI," at KSU coach Huggins the second half. Students in the north and south end zones also held up copies of Wednesday's student newspaper which had an illustration of Huggins behind bars and the words "Hugs and Thugs."

Also, a KU fan and Huggins had a brief shouting match after the game as the Wildcats headed to their locker room.

KU athletic director Lew Perkins phoned KSU AD Tim Weiser on Thursday to apologize for the fan behavior in the fieldhouse.

"Our students make Allen Fieldhouse what it is. They can do it without crossing the line," KU associate AD Jim Marchiony said on Thursday. "Last night at times they crossed the line.

"For example," Marchiony said, "chanting 'Just like Football,' was great. It is the students being enthusiastic," he added of the fans referring to the Jayhawks stopping KSU in both football and hoops this seaosn. "Some of the other chants and the newspaper ... there's no reason to get personal like that."

Marchiony said the incident with the fan and Huggins was not a big deal. The fan supposedly shouted, "Nice game, Huggins," at the first-year Wildcat coach, who responded with words of his own.

"Our fan should not have said that," Marchiony said. "This is a highly emotional sport. Two teams laid it on the line for more than two hours. He (Huggins) had to listen to what, at times, were inappropriate comments (from crowd), and when you confront somebody after a game like that, you get a reaction sometimes. That was over very quickly and should not be overblown."

Marchiony thinks, however, the fans in Allen should cease chants such as "DUI, DUI," poking fun at Huggins' run-in with the law a couple years ago.

"The student newspaper centerfold was embarrassing to the university and athletic department as well as the newspaper itself," Marchiony said. "Several chants were embarrassing to the university. There's no place for that in college athletics.

"We hope the behavior of our fans will reflect the class with which our players play on the court. We want the behavior of our fans to reflect how they would want to be treated.

"This is not exclusive to the University of Kansas. Many of us have spent decades in collegiate athletics and never been to an event where somebody (in crowd) doesn't say or do something. We think we have great fans and would hope they continue to represent themselves and the university well in the future."

¢Next up: KU will travel to Missouri for a 2:30 p.m. tipoff Saturday.

"We're going to start running today in preparation for that game," KU's Rush said. "That '40 minutes of hell' (style of coach Mike Anderson) can be tough. We know it'll be a tough game."

KU tripped the Tigers, 80-77, on Jan. 15, in Allen.

¢Ostertag supportive: Former Utah Jazz center John Amaechi, who has become the first professional basketball player to openly identify himself as a homosexual, had praise for former teammate Greg Ostertag, who played his college ball at Kansas.

ESPN quotes Amaechi as saying Ostertag was the only Jazz player to ever ask him if he was gay.

"You have nothing to worry about, Greg," Amaechi was quoted as saying. He said he felt Ostertag and Jazz forward Andrei Kirilenko were both accepting of his lifestyle.


John Strayer 15 years, 3 months ago

To Huggins: If you can't stand the "heat" of being in a high profile profession, get out. These coaches make their living in the "limelight" of college basketball. Gotta' take the good with the bad.

jackhawk 15 years, 3 months ago

There was some "crossing the line" at the A&M game which I attended (and enjoyed despite the loss--great game). There has always been good natured booing, etc. when fans of the opposition are spotted heading for their seats. That's fun and great, but there were things said and done which were well past having fun in that A&M game, and many of us were embarrassed by it. KU has always had the "class act" of college basketball and there is no reason to change. Saying that "others do worse" is somewhat childish.

justinryman 15 years, 3 months ago

Maybe Marchiony should go to a Duke game and listen to the chants of the Cameron Crazies, or even a Maryland game. Im not saying I think its ok, but cmon in college today, you mess up and the fans, the students are going to let yuo hear about it. Kids will be kids, no matter the program.

KEITHMILES05 15 years, 3 months ago

This AD and company are so PR minded they could care less about KU and the tradition. Marchiony is nothing but a butt head and high minded bitch. If you ever see him walking around he has an attitude about him which is not what we are at KU. Such a twit.

quigley 15 years, 3 months ago

Are you kidding?? Those comments are "G" rated compared to what our hawks will hear on Sat. in Missouri. Give me a break.

mlbowers 15 years, 3 months ago

this is a difficult situation for kansas. it is true that we are precieved, for now, as a school with class and yet we want to continue to have the best venue in college basketball.

all i have got to say is that as a die hard kansas fan, it seems to me that a lot of attention could be directed at our coach and team for dropping off in the first round over the past two years.

now this should not be the focus of the season. the focus of the season should be on winning the confrence and going to the final four. kansas has class and there will always be jerks in the stands, we need to direct our attention to what is important at this point...winning. there is a seperation between the team and the fans, schools know that...coaches know that. time to get focused for mu.

rock chalk jayhawk...go ku!

jayhawk0507 15 years, 3 months ago

I think that KU fans need to be a little more respectful in the way that they cheer. Lowering ourselves to the standards of MU, KSU and Duke is only going to diminish the atmosphere in Allen Fieldhouse and why would we want to do that. If the students want to cheer like the students at these other school then why don't they go there and do just that?

I also agree with Lebowski about the DUI. I would be really interested to know how many of the students involved in the chant also had a DUI or had at least driven drunk at sometime (even if they weren't caught). I would be willing to say that a high percentage of the students would fall into one of those catagroies. There is no reason to bring up something that happened in the past and is over and done with. Get over it and enjoy the beatin that KU was puttin on KSU.

With that said Rock Chalk baby!!

Nutflush21 15 years, 3 months ago

Huggins has brought this on himself. It's not the fans fault that he received a highly publicized DUI, in which the video shows he could barely walk. He is also the one who is notorious for recruiting the scum of the earth. Huggins deserves EVERYTHING he gets. K-State knew about all the baggage Huggins brings SO DEAL WITH IT!

rhagg 15 years, 3 months ago

Now there was some crossing the line. KSU is the ONLY school to disrespect the Rock ChalK Chant. I was at the game with a group of people, one of which a MU fan, and he said that he couldn't believe that ANY school would disrecpect the Chant.

DJKC- Give me a break. Lew Perkins is an outstanding AD who not only keeps his coaches happy, but keeps the players happy to play at this type of school. Would you rather have Bob back in that position. I am so sick of hearing all of these "KU" fans calling for Self's job if he doesn't win, or when he does win it wasn't by enough. Or if Perkins tries to keep our school at the pinnacle of class people think thats terrible. What happened to supporting KU? That is what this is about.

BigTamale 15 years, 3 months ago

Ditto on your post Quigley...

When I think of the Mizzou fans, I think of...

Cross-Dressers with horns and antlers A sea of Black Obscenities and "F" bombs at the opposition Classless fans and criminal records

Where have I seen that before? Oh, right the Oakland Raiders fans!

I don't know about you guys, but Mizzou fans remind me a lot of the Raiders fans.

r1ck_jayhawk 15 years, 3 months ago

I agree that we shouldn't be happy to just be better than fans at MU, KSU and Duke. We should be the best fans in college basketball. I think we are definitely close. It is very hard to be as adamant about the sport as KU fans are without sometimes crossing the line. Sometimes it is difficult not to cross into the negative and not be perceived as "soft". Tempering reactions in split second decisions can be very difficult.

All that being said, I would rather have the raucous student section leading the cheering than the alumni who sit close to the floor on both the east and west sides of the court. If they were leading the cheers it would sound like an 8th grade girls basketball crowd (no offense meant to the fans of 8th grade girls basketball). The alumni tend to want to protect their wallets a little too much by sitting on them. KU students ARE the atmosphere in Allen. If they get a little out of line, let them, because they are the reason that people have such a hard time in our house.

Just to illustrate how this isn't a big deal... I was a member of the Marching Jayhawks and of the Men's and Women's Basketball Bands during my tenure at KU. Every year that KSU was playing football in our house, we had Silo-tech fans trying to trip us while doing run-in at the beginning of football pre-game. One year we found ourselves as the unfortunate recipients of a "PowerBar" fight. Back when KU handed stuff out at Football games (like that would ever happen now under Perkins. Give something away, "are you kidding"). Anyway, they handed out PowerBars (that tasted horrible, so nobody ate them) and after KSU beat us in our house and their fans stormed the field in OUR HOUSE, they wadded up the PowerBars and threw them at the KU student section. Unfortunately, the band was between the KState fans and the KU students. There were several bumps and bruises and one girl had her nose broken. In the late 90's, KU took the entire Marching Band to Mizzou for a football game and as the band lined up on the sidelines before halftime, we were perfect targets for half full Cokes, whiskey bottles, beer cans and whatever else that wasn't bolted down.

In the bigger scheme of things, chanting "DUI, DUI" isn't going to ruffle my feathers.

Rock Chalk forever!

chitownjayhawk 15 years, 3 months ago

I don't think anyone can control what fans will do or say, amd let's be real here, it is not like Allen Fieldhouse became the Palace at Auburn Hills for one night. There was no fighting, no beer throwing, so let's not blow this thing out of proportion. In my prior life, I used to drive up and down ACC country to attend games and I can tell you that what happened on Wednesday night at home is not worse than anywhere else. Fans in Durham and Chapel Hill can act inappropriately too, and I am not even talking about in College Park, MD. Fans are REALLY bad there.
Bottom line, I am more worried about seeing us play consistently well than about what fellow fans do to a visiting team and coach. Rock Chalk!

hometownhawk 15 years, 3 months ago

Amen on the students being the atmosphere at Allen. It takes a miracle play and a whole lot of prodding from the students just to get the cash-cows to stand up and cheer for a series or two. Also, when the KSU fans chanted during the pre-game rock chalk chant, the rock chalk got about twice as loud, simply because the rich folks decided to join in. I'm not trying to be too negative, but come on... show some energy every once in a while!

rhagg 15 years, 3 months ago

keep hating on the cash cows...thats the ticket. Just don't enjoy the renovations, the great court, the new museum, the video boards, he grea new lighting, oh yeah, and the rich endowment program. I am sure all of those things could have been done completely relying on the amount of STUDENT TICKET packages bought.

Trent Smith 15 years, 3 months ago

I don't want to be compared at all with MU fans. KU fans are widely known for being classy and intelligent about basketball. Getting personal like that with the KSU coach was over the line.

I would like to see coach Self do something about that. I always respected the way that Roy would motion to the fans to stop doing some offensive chant and the fans (usually student section) would respond respectfully. I always though that was pretty cool. Coach Self, I think you could do the same.

argentinehawk 15 years, 3 months ago

Well BigTamale, the mizzou fans remind me of a cross between the oakland fans and broncos fans. A bunch of classless thugs (oakland) that always complain when they think they should have gotten a call (broncos, shanahan) I can't stand those mizzou fans. If KU were to only win 2 games a year, I would want them to be against mu!!!!!!!! I hope KU can get up for this game and play a complete 40 min. like they did Wednesday. If KU does that, it's going to be 40 min. of hell for mu.

Craig Lang 15 years, 3 months ago

Gary, thank you for that insight on Ostertag. I had heard some buzzing about Amaechi on sports radio lately, and I was surprised by some of the responses by intolerant fans. Personally, I can't see how the sexual orientation of a player makes any difference as to how he plays and supports his team on the court. I certainly had issues with Ostertag when he was a player at KU, but I am always surprised to learn about how nice of a person he was off the court.

cklarock 15 years, 3 months ago

Hahahaha, the "cash cows" bleed Crimson and Blue just like the students, but you know what? They're old. Give the alum a break. 95% of current students won't be jumping up and down or yelling themselves hoarse when they're 40+ either.

But you will be giving big bucks to the school, so we'll still love you anyway.

I don't think the fans crossed the lines with any chants, myself-- while I'd shudder to think we were ever as stupid as the Antlers, lines like "just like football" are classic.

And on another note, the more I know, the more I'm convinced that Ostertag is a flat-out great guy. I'll never forget the Final Four game where he rocked Montross, or any of his battles against Big Country. Great guy, great memories.

Michael Leiker 15 years, 3 months ago

First I'd heard about the Just Like Football chant. That makes me happy.

BigTamale 15 years, 3 months ago


You are 100% right on the Broncos comparison...when I think of Mizzou fans, visions of Mike Shanahan come to mind and his constant complaining, moaning, and bickering.

The Mizzou Tigers are the AFC west Rivalries in a bottle!

rhagg 15 years, 3 months ago

my above comment was all in a VERY sarcastic tone. I am 28. I sit in chairbacks and enjoy all the games. The alumni around me are VERY into the game. The students need to realize that.

Jayhawktriplegrad 15 years, 3 months ago

Boo-hoo our athletic dept is so embarrassed. Maybe as embarrassed as shoving Phog Allen's descendants out of their fieldhouse seats?

Get these Connecticut idiots out of town! Let's chant something at Lew.

JayCeph 15 years, 3 months ago

I think I'd rather focus on kicking the snot out of Mizzunk than trying to defend a handful of fans' antics. Did someone say something about cheers and chants and yelling at Huggins? Who cares?

How's the team coming along? Are they getting better or was Wednesday night an anomoly?

Collins is the go-to guy. 'nuff said

Don Johnson 15 years, 3 months ago

I think Perkins and the athletic department staff are trying to be proactive. They want to stop it while the problems are small.

true_fan 15 years, 3 months ago

Those of you who use other less-than-respectable fans as an "excuse" for KU fans to be classless must still be under 21 and clueless about life. What a pitiful rationale. Do you have any idea what the KU tradition is all about? Did you hear the reverence in the interviews with the Game Day crew for what the fieldhouse and OUR traditions mean to the world of basketball? Foul-mouthed juvenile idiocy does absolutely nothing to further our position or tradtion, but rather tarnishes it. And to use the excuse that "everybody does it" is, well, embarrassing doesn't come close to how it feels. We should be setting the standard and maintaining it, despite how the rest of the world deteriorates. It's part of what sets us apart. Get a freakin' clue.

And I agree wholeheartedly with the comment about Coach Self making a statement. Love, hate or don't give a rip about Coach Williams, one thing you KNEW he would ALWAYS do was to stand up for the tradition and maintain RESPECT for himself, the team AND THE UNIVERSITY. And if that meant coming down on some fans for over exuberance, then so be it. I'll never forget a game being stopped because some fans threw objects on the court, and Coach Williams got on the PA system and chastised the offenders saying "We don't do that crap at Kansas". I believe he received a standing ovation for his efforts, and there was certainly no more of that behavior.

Get a clue. Learn what the tradition means. Be a part of it, revel in it, or move to Oakland. We don't need your kind in the Phog.

Jacobpaul81 15 years, 3 months ago

Right On True Fan. To play, to coach, and to watch basketball in the Phog is a privledge, and players and fans alike, must respect that privledge. Places like Cameron lack history and tradition. Places like Missouri have forever been thought of as the home of really nasty fans. Kansas is known for tradition, respect, knowledge, and a flair that other schools lack.

Don't bring Kansas down to the level of lesser schools.

Joe Ross 15 years, 3 months ago


I gotta agree with you on this one.

I think basketball should be raucous, loud, boisterous, and slightly insulting.

I dont think it should be irreverent.

The fact is when we display behavior like what we did against KSU's coach Bob Huggins, we tarnish our own image more than his (and dont mistake it: I hate KSU more than ANYONE). I remember Roy's rant well. And he was right to call fans out on it.

Ive seen comparisons made to Duke, Mizzou, and other schools and fans. The fact is we are BETTER than those people. We shouldnt crawl down in the pit right with em just cause they have no class.

Having said that, I think you still want to the crowd to stoke the competitive fires. For example, the three-syllable chant "SIT DOWN NORM" was a far better example of esprit de corps than the recent "DUI". There's no question but that both were intensely personal...but one was clearly outside the realm of basketball. I even like the "Muck Fizzou" t-shirts but again, these are within the realm of competition and relevant to the game being played.

Im glad Eddie Sutton didn't get the "substance abuse" treatment when he visited Allen. I was very proud of how hospitable AFH was to him despite his personal struggles. In fact, as I think about it. I can put my finger on what it is that garners our respect for Sutton: HE MADE BASKETBALL COMPETITIVE.

I think KSU will become competitive under Huggins, and that is actually a good thing for KU. The north division of the Big XII has had its share of cupcakes: KSU, Colorado, Nebraska, and Mizzou under Quin Snyder. Running through cupcakes and then facing the heat of the NCAA tournament is not desirable, better to be prepared!

I think Huggins can do that at KSU. I think if he does he will ultimately gain our "respect" (albeit our personal sentiment will obviously be reserved) and the crowds at Allen will see him as a worthy opponent. In the meantime, I agree that some lines shouldnt be crossed with the fans.

JayCeph 15 years, 3 months ago

There was a quote in a movie I saw not too long ago (shame I can't remember which one...) that said something to this regard:

"Your feelings only matter to you. No one else. However, it is what you DO as a result of those feelings that impact those around you."

A true measure of character is what one does when no one is looking. It is easy to be big and generous and selfless when the spotlight is on. It is an entirely different matter to be those things when there is no expected glory from it.

Try to remember that class and character and integrity are traits that are achieved over time and with sincerity. Without them, we are no better than those we castigate and chastise.

"Rock Chalk" is, and should always be, a death knell for the mediocre and baseless.

Now, does anyone want to discuss tomorrow's game?

pjdeanwag 15 years, 3 months ago

Coach Williams also nipped the "bull sh_t!" chant in the bud. I always respected him for that, (even though I'm certainly not a big Williams fan now.)

I cringe every time I hear that chant on t.v. from the AFH fans. I wish that Bill Self would be more proactive in this matter, and stop it during the games. He seems to be the only person who can really make a difference. We can argue about it till we're blue in the face...probably won't change much.

Fans at K.U. have always been the most creative in college basketball. Remember "Pants on backwards!"? Nothin' remotely creative about DUI. The students will stop, they just need a little motivation from the head man.

Rick Arnoldy 15 years, 3 months ago

Stating that KSU, Mizzou, and Duke fans are worse shouldn't be taken to mean you have room to lower yourself before it's a problem. Poor sportsmanship is a problem regardless if someone else is worse.

justanotherfan 15 years, 3 months ago

The reason some venues are tough is not because fans chant derogatory or personal things at opposing players. It's because its loud, raucous and other teams know that when they go in there, not only is the home team tough, but every ON COURT miscue will be greeted with appropriate mockery. The off court stuff should be left outside. End of discussion.

BTW, expect a war tomorrow at Missouri. We will learn a lot about this teams toughness in this game.

tdub 15 years, 3 months ago

rhagg, even in your sarcasm you were way off the mark. The university really gets its $$$ from the hundreds of millions in tuition and fees poured in by the STUDENTS. And the "cash cows" only donate after leaving KU because they too were students at one time. hometownhawk wasn't complaining about the lack of jumping and general chaos from these folks, they were just reiterating that they are generally not a factor in the overall AFH atmoshphere other than filling space. I could count on one hand the number of times these folks actually stood up to cheer during the KSU game (and I would hope most are physically able to do so). Haven't you ever noticed which sections seem to be the most likely to leave with 6:00 left in the 2nd half? I certainly don't see too many students taking off early (instead having to chant "game's not over"). The STUDENTS create the aura of AFH, not the cash cows.

Also, anyone find it interesting that much of the blame for the newspaper insert debacle is being placed on the students and being diverted away from the newspaper writers and editors that allowed it to happen?

CasperCorps 15 years, 3 months ago

FAN atic!!!!!!........... Just watch your mouth round the youngsters...

Martin Shupert 15 years, 3 months ago

Getting personal? To paraphrase Henry Fonda in The Oxbow Incident, "DUI is everyone's business." I take it personally when some idiot drives drunk. We all have a right to tell him how much of an idiot he was. Youngsters get killed by drunks every day and every night, but we crossed the line? How many times did Huggins literally cross the line that night? I'm talking about the yellow dotted line here. Give me a break! And to see this guy go off on a student for saying "Nice game"... Bobby Knight doesn't deserve the feeding frenzied press that dog him anywhere near as much as Huggins... Knight, after all, is interested in getting kids to graduate. Let's all mark our calendars. Two years from now, there will be investigations of player payoffs at K State and Indiana too, for that matter.

The biggest embarrassment to KU is the mass exodus with 6 minutes left... The place is beginning to look like a Dodger baseball crowd after the 7th inning stretch. Stay in your seats or give your ticket to a real fan. (stepping down off the soap box)

Robin Smith 15 years, 3 months ago

good points.

and I second that sentiment about leaving early. I would love to have your tickets. I loathe missing a single dribble and rewatch the games too. there may be traffic but it's only lawrence traffic. I mean, c'mon, have you ever been to a city? It does look pathetic on television.

borat 15 years, 3 months ago

What's more classless?

Chanting D-U-I, or driving under the influence?

scootja32 15 years, 3 months ago

Beginning to Click??? Didn't we just lose??

Joe Ross 15 years, 3 months ago

Driving under the influence is MORE classless.

Chanting DUI is still classless.

Seth Peattie 15 years, 3 months ago

Thank you for the lecture, Ohioburg. Here's the deal: 18-21 year old kids are going to do things (crazy things) like chant "DUI" at a coach who has exibited less class than just about any in the profession. Agree/disagree/whatever. They're young kids and they're going to do things like this.

I'm guessing KSU fans are not going to be chanting "Beak 'Em Hawks" at us when we play there. Road teams get heckled, even at Kansas.

Joe Ross 15 years, 3 months ago

18-21 year old kids are just gonna do drugs too. That doesnt make it defensible. (Im not saying drugs arent worse, Im working on the principle here, which holds true regardless of the severity of the infraction.) You seem to be relying heavily on the fact that "kids are just doing things like this". At least it appears this way to ME. You also seem to insinuate that the insult is deserved because of his reputation.

I dont care how ripe the target is for criticism, there are things that are classless, LA. The irony is that if you (or someone else if not you) say there is no out-of-bounds for hecklers when criticism is deserved, then you would open up the very same AFH fans to duly-deserved criticism of their own for classless behavior.

The ol' pot callin' the kettle black...

reisenmaui 15 years, 3 months ago

We are huge KU Basketball fans, and are fortunate to have a son who was graduated from KU. However, I am a graduate of the Univ of Cincinnati, and as such am grateful for the way Bob Huggins revitalized UC's basketball program and returned it to national prominence. His problems with a new, elitist University President, will be Kansas State's gain. We were much disturbed by the repugnant behavior of the KU fans during the K-State game Wed night, and hopeful it was not representative of the majority. Further we are hopeful Coach Self will emphatically, and quite publicly, express his displeasure with such behavior. As a closing aside, KU fans should not be too smug about the Kansas State basketball program's future.

RalkChalk 15 years, 3 months ago


Go back to Ohio you Thuggins-loving idiot! AND GET OUT OF OUR POST!

If you like the way that Huggins "revitalized" the UC program, then you are going to love the way that Silo-Tech is going to be on probation in 3 years! You should really be purchasing season tickets to the KSU games. I am sure there are still some to be had!

Go put on your purple sweater vest and cheer for your Power Kittens!

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