Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Emotional night at the Phog as legend says goodbye


The final home game of the season is over for four Jayhawk seniors, and it was the last to be called by local legend Max Falkenstien.

Max Falkenstien last game senior


oregondave 16 years, 3 months ago

In 1993, I moved to a town in rural Arizona, leaving my connections to Lawrence and circle of KU friends in Colorado. Max Falkenstein helped keep me connected to the 'Hawks, if in a slightly pathetic fashion. In 1993, my 14.4 kbs modem wouldn't have been helpful, even if Jayhawks games had been available on the Net. Instead, I would charge up my cordless phone Friday night as best I could, then call KLZR at game time. "Thanks for calling the Lazer," the helpful reception guy would answer. "How can I help you?" "You can put me on hold," I would reply. He would almost always comply, but every fifteen minutes or so, he'd check in. "You O.K. there? Can I help you?" You bet I was O.K. And, no, don't help. Just put me back on hold. Thanks. Like most radio stations, "hold music" was the Lazer's music. And, at game time, Max and the 'Hawks were certainly music to my ears. I probably paid more in a month of KU games in telephone charges than I have since then in ESPN+ packages, Sirius subscriptions and, now and inexplicably, yet another new forced buy the ATT "All-Access" package. (KU going to buy back all our Sirius equipment, Mr. A.D.? Got any hot new delivery vehicles in mind for '07? Should I invest in sat phones or: but I digress. Sigh. It's not cheap following the Jayhawks from afar.) Anyway, thanks, Max, for the memories. You and I spent a lot of hours sitting on a sunny front porch, talking Jayhawk basketball. I'll miss them.

Dave Price J'91 Lincoln City, Oregon

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