Saturday, April 22, 2006

6 Questions with Muna Lee

Advertisement had the chance to ask Olympic finalist and Kansas City native Muna Lee a few questions when she came back for the 2006 Kansas Relays and GOLDZONE II.

1. What's it like to come back so close to your hometown as an Olympic finalist and World Champion and compete in front of all your family and friends?

I'm excited. I always run my best around my family. I dont really get to see my family and friends much so it's always fun to come back and be around them. As far as the olympic and world champion thing goes? I'm still the shadow pretty much anywhere I go.

2. Recently you left LSU to train with Bobby Kersee in L.A.? What's your practice regimen and new lifestyle been like?

The training out here is alot harder. I think my training at LSU was good for college. Now that I'm here and under Bobby, the LSU training is not even close. I have to be alot more focused because I'm the baby in the group. Everyone in the group here knows what it takes to win.

3. Considering that you train alongside Allyson Felix, do you think it will be weird to compete against her in the 100-meters at the Relays? Is there any rivalry there, or are you two pretty good friends?

It was kind of weird at first but now that I have been around her it's kinda fun. She's very talented and training together has helped us both out.

4. Being so slender, you don't seem to have a typical sprinter's body. Do you spend more time in the weight room than people think? Could you let us in on any of your exercise secrets?

I can't help it that I'm skinny. I do spend alot of time in the weight room but I can never imagine myself with alot of muscles. I know it would help but I think i can win a championship without it. It's more of a mental and confidence thing with me.

5. Since this is a non-championship year, what are some of the goals that you set for yourself this season? Is training that much different than an Olympic or World Championship year?

I'm mainly focusing on getting stronger and also better my conditioning. I have a very hard time recovering after a long run. In the weight room I had very bad technique with everything. Now that I'm getting the attention everything seems to be coming along well. By the olympic year I should be where I need to be. I would say this is my freshman yeah all over again.

6. What do you remember most about last year's Kansas Relays? Are you excited about your second go-round in the GOLDZONE?

I remember how everyone was so excited to see Mo Greene and when i had to speak to the crowd after I ran and the main thing everyone heard was me saying something about my main goal was to graduate. All the parents thanked me for saying that.


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